Sanchez rumbles greasing the PR wheels for an exit

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One day, we’ll all look back on the internet circa the mid-noughties and laugh at how bizarre it all was. The tribalism, the nastiness, the petty bitching. I mean, I’m not even talking about football here. I thought fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m reading sad old shock-journo’s picking on the people of Grenfell Tower, which is bad enough, but then you rummage through the comments and you have perfectly normal looking people nodding along championing being a c*nt like its some sort of enlightened political movement.

When did people get so mean? Who will heal the internet? SOME STEP UP AND SAVE US.

I’m hoping it’s just phase, it’ll pass, the internet is in confused teenager phase and one day it’ll grow up and right the wrongs.

Right, now onto some slagging of Arsene Wenger.

The main news story that carried through from the Palace game was the visible disunity in the squad that was present when no one would celebrate with Alexis. I don’t understand why it’s all been such a shock? You’ve played Sunday league with someone who didn’t go to bed, now imagine that across a season. The players have every right not to be interested. To be honest, Alexis had a bit of a cheek complaining about it.

I think some of the commentary around Thierry Henry and his disdain for Reyes was pointed, he was hardly a standup guy when it came to giving it to his teammates. Remember the daggers he used to shoot Adebayor when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted? Those were dark times. We all saw it.

Anyway, storm in a teacup. Though you can bet your bottom dollar the PR team are loving this, it’ll smooth his exit perfectly.


We have Alan Pardew to contend with tomorrow when we take on WBA away from him. It’s amusing how all the old guard are back in place. Pulis at Boro, Hodgson at Palace, Moyes at West Ham, Allardyce at Everton. The bland gang out in absolute force.

I think we’re in relatively good shape heading into this one. WBA played on the 23rd and lost to Stoke, they drew against Everton on Boxing day, and they have a more winnable game against West Ham on Tuesday. If we score early, it should be game over as they’ll try to conserve energy in the legs of squad that doesn’t normally play so many games in quick succession.

I’m also excited that Jonny Evans is once again being linked to all and sundry, maybe his mind won’t be there. City are the latest club to put their name into the ring. It’s incredible how highly rated he is in the game. I mean, we could probably do with him considering our frailties. We’re playing Chambers at the moment, and that’s not exactly a moment to savour. I like that lad, but he half gets flustered easy. Great on the ball, shaky at the back. I really hope moving forward we prioritise pace in all our players. How we landed a centre back that young and didn’t check how fast he is I’ll never know.

We might see a bit of rotation, though I’m not sure who drops out? Jack Wilshere playing 5 games on the bounce in a thick set of games doesn’t sound like a good idea, but who is the alternative? It’s likely going to be the same with Aaron Ramsey still out. Maybe we’ll see a start for Welbz? Maybe some AMN? Who knows.

WBA will defend deep and try and hit us on the break, hopefully we’ll have the key to unlock them and I really hope we have the big game performances dropping in from the big names.

Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow you little beauties. x

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  1. SuperSwede

    Exciting to see if we play a 433 or a 343 today. Based on the success at Palace I assume Wenger might stick with the same line up. Hopefully we can kill them off early to give Walcott and Welbz a breeze

  2. Dissenter

    City is running out gas
    They really should have lost this game had Palace taken that penalty.
    They did lose two crucial players to injury.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    I think United’s side is good enough, Mourinho looks as if he is on his way out as a manager and I don’t think United will stick beside a busted manager for as long as we have. Hovering around 4th place will not be enough for them.

    If I had United’s wealth I would be looking at maybe grabbing someone like Pjanic to play in the midfield with Matic and Pogba, maybe someone like Fekir to play up top with Lukaku and Martial. Certainly a LB as well.

    But really it just seems they don’t have a clear direction aside from try to stay tight which in all honesty they don’t actually do that well against Arsenal, against City, against Leicester, against Burnley. For a defensive side they don’t actually defend that well and rely far too much on De Gea.

    With a whole load of exciting managers out there I don’t think Mourinho will be given that long, fans are already starting to turn.

    That is a real football club as well you have to remember.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    10th December 2017, Southampton 1 Arsenal 1
    13th December 2017, Southampton 1 Leicester 4

    If you want to be a twat and play the fixtures versus results game.

    As an Arsenal fan you would think one could appreciate the fluctuations in performances, the league table rarely lies come season end, and it has rarely lied for the last decade.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Did not watch the game but if City are blowing a bit that might provide a spark to spend £35 Million on Sanchez who has been in second gear all season long and yet is still our joint top scorer right?

  6. Dissenter

    There’s a lot of hoopla about Sanchez.
    His current form and attitude was 100% foreseeable in the summer.
    The problem is that gooners [Including many on site] have been acculturated to being second best. Most of the people here were saying that Sanchez wouldn’t drop his tools “because he loves the game so much”. Pedro stated that Sanchez wasn’t smart enough to put up an attitude.

    I think Sanchez is trying to hard to do everything because he doesn’t trust his team mates and his team mates do not trust him either.

    You make a good point though. Guardiola brought on Yaya Toure because City are down tonsure bones. He could do with Sanchez right now.
    City are more likely to get Sanchez in the winter but there’s a lot of bad blood between the two clubs.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Sanchez is playing for himself without doubt and it is clear he does not want to be here and he does not want to managed by Wenger. Keeping him was just a classic Wenger decision that smacks of laziness and cowardice.

    All I am keeping my fingers crossed on is that City end up parting with a decent amount of money for him and we keep it stored for Sanllehi and a new manager.

    A decision on Wenger’s contract has to be made this summer, if the club allow last season to repeat itself then there are no words left to describe that fucking idiocy of this club.

    If he gets a new deal I really think it will be the end for a lot of supporters in terms of any interest at all in the club, the Mislintat and Sanllehi appointments stoked some interest in a tomorrow for the club without Wenger, but a year extension or something completely destroys that.

    Would be like buying a Ferrari and then limiting it to 40mph and country roads if you keep Wenger with the new head scout and DoF.

  8. Marc


    Mourinho’s definitely on a his way out as a “top” manager. Since his complete meltdown with Chelsea a couple of seasons ago he’s turned into someone who blames his players for any loss and takes the all credit for any win. Not something that inspires people.

  9. Cesc Appeal



    I see the parallels with Wenger, which is something that would make Mourinho’s blood boil, in that his interviews etc don’t make sense a lot now and just sound bitter and strange.

    Fingers crossed United take Pochettino off of Spurs.

  10. Dissenter

    I will rather have Sanchez losing the ball several times in a game, knowing that he might sill have 1-2 moments of magic that have headless Danny Welbeck on the field.

  11. Pierre

    Financially I would think Jesus injury is good news if we were to sell sanchez in January to city.
    City were in the driving seat before Jesus injury, now Arsenal can up the price by 10/15 million as City could become desperate, especially with the debruyne injury plus they have a heavy fixture list coming up so more injuries are inevitable as pep has not rotated much even in the league cup so a tiredness factor will come into play.
    Personally, I would rather keep sanchez as I feel his form and confidence are slowly returning.

  12. Dissenter

    Am I the only one that thinks Liverpool are quietly building a title winning squad right under our noses.
    They have a very good scouting and player acquisition set-up and have proven they can live with the biggest clubs with dealing.
    They identified a target and stayed with that target through thick and thin.

  13. Pierre

    It’s true what pep is saying about leg breaking tackles and refs protecting the players.
    It is a well known phrase in football that we have all heard over the years that the only way to stop arsenal is to kick them and be over physical… Now it is city who are being targeted without protection from the refs.

    Go back 2 weeks to the Potentially leg breaking “tackles” By kane and Alli for evidence of the weakness of referees.

    Arsenal have had to endure this kind of provocation for years without protection… Let’s see if city become protected now that pep has spoken as whenever Wenger brought up the subject he was ridiculed.

  14. Dissenter

    “Personally, I would rather keep sanchez as I feel his form and confidence are slowly returning.”

    The dude has 6 months left on his contract.
    Don’t you people ever learn from your mistakes.
    That’s what you said all summer. Sell him and be done with it.
    I’t not like we are going to be anywhere in the top-4 with or without Sanchez.

    Your brand of short-termism is limiting this club.

  15. Wallace

    “If you want to be a twat and play the fixtures versus results game.”

    the fact you apparently watch this stuff every week and still think away games in the PL should be easy was the f*ckwittedness I was highlighting.

  16. TR7


    Liverpool attack is as good as that of City. Keita will join them next summer. If they get Goretzka as well then they will have a midfield as good as any team in the league.

    But I think there is plenty of work to be done in defense, at the very least a top GK and probably one more CB.

  17. Pierre

    You may be right about Liverpool but first they need to win a trophy, any trophy, to give them confidence as a club.
    Despite what people think on here, it is not easy to win a trophy, Liverpool will probably have more chance of winning the champions league than the Prem in the future as their strike force is a match for anyone.. they lack consistency to win the league but I suppose if they carry on building a stronger squad that could change though if they lose Coutinho it will be a massive blow.

  18. TR7

    Regarding Dele Alli, I have always said he had a purple patch last season but he does not have enough quality to be a consistent performer. If a silly club is willing to pay a fortune for him, Spurs should bite their hands off. For me, Ross Barkely has a higher ceiling but he probably doesn’t have the same level of application that Dele has.

  19. Dissenter

    City dish out as many rough tackles as they get.
    Did you even watch the Palace vs City game.
    City have bruisers all over the field. They aren’t the Wenger-pussies type of team.
    Kompany, Fernadinho, Kyle Walker, Otamendi and even Aguero have been guilty of some of the worst tackles this season.
    You’re resorting to stereotypes that don’t quite fit.

  20. Pierre

    “I’t not like we are going to be anywhere in the top-4 with or without Sanchez.”

    A bit of a stupid thing to say really but if that’s your opinion then so be it.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    You keep on keeping on with the narrative of hard done by Arsenal and Wenger.

    You’re like that Japanese soldier in the jungle who just will not admit the war is over.

  22. Dissenter

    “But I think there is plenty of work to be done in defense, at the very least a top GK and probably one more CB”

    They need a goal keeper but really the defensive lapses are more from poor organization which is derived from poor coaching/ management.
    Klopp needs to work on that part of his management.

  23. Pierre

    “City have bruisers all over the field. They aren’t the Wenger-pussies type of team.”

    Another stupid thing to say (you’re doing well).
    Lets go back to Man united being allowed to kick us off the pitch to end our 49 game unbeaten run.
    Was that team full of Wenger pussies.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    No one is really convincing at the moment aside from City which may be what saves Wenger for the top four.

    Chelsea look as if they are starting to get it together, though when the UCL kicks in again they might struggle unless they plan on doing some buying in January which Conte has hinted at.

    Spurs as well need something to spark them a bit in terms of playmaking and invention, they seem to be looking to buy.

    United seem to be going nowhere fast under Mourinho though you do expect them to go through a run of fixtures where they get it together.

    Liverpool are a mess at the back, their chances depend on the impact Van Dijk can have.

  25. Elmo


    We’ve seen that promise from Liverpool in the past before they collapse after making terrible mistakes in the transfer market.

    I’d much rather be in Liverpool’s position than ours, though; they are playing the best attacking football in the league along with City, can beat any of the top 6 on their day (top of the mini-league last season), and actually sell their star players for huge amounts (Torres, Suarez, soon Coutinho etc) and just need to get the re-investment right (which looks much better now with Salah, Mane, VVD, Keita).

    The whole Sanchez / Ozil leaving for nothing affair is going to hamstring us for years. Remove Sanchez, Ozil and Coutinho and Liverpool’s front line is far better than ours. Add Keita to their MF and their MF is better than ours. Add VVD to their defence and they are at least on a par with ours. Only our GK is better, and thats elderly Cech.

    By keeping Sanchez and Ozil the club will literally have to spend £150m+ to keep up just with the chase for 4th place, and once you factor in the ageing members of the first XI and second group of short-contract players, you’re talking 8 players being needed over two summers at £150m+ each summer. I just can’t see that happening under Kroenke.

  26. Dissenter

    TOP 4 teams;
    United….very likely based on the league table
    Chelsea…highly certain based on last year’s league form.
    Liverpool…Their offense will power them past smaller teams.

    Spuds…may challenge due to having an elite goal scorer.
    Arsenal…out team isn’t good enough in all departments. Our forwards, midfield and defense isn’t good enough. These contract situations are taking their toll already. The club’s PR is most likely fueling media rumors about active players.

    Pierre disagrees with this obviously. I respect his opinion so we’ll leave it there.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    There is no Ozil, on his way out or has he picked up yet another ‘illness’.

    Never seen a player who needs so much rest.

  28. Marko

    You keep on keeping on with the narrative of hard done by Arsenal and Wenger.

    He sure does. He’s the kind of fan who points out we recently beat Crystal Palace while City could only draw and points to progress and all is well while completely ignoring the fact we’re 20+ points behind City in December. We concede goals with such regularity but he’ll tell you that it’s because we’re such an attacking force. Oh and we don’t need defensive signings we’re fine with a back 3. With fans like these who needs enemies

  29. Wallace


    “He sure does. He’s the kind of fan who points out we recently beat Crystal Palace while City could only draw and points to progress and all is well …”

    I am? where did I do this?

  30. Cesc Appeal


    You really wondered how far their heads are up their arses for the extraction to take this amount of time.

    I get that some people don’t like saying negative things about Wenger but to still be trying to craft that narrative or to deflect from issues now is just baffling.

  31. Micheal

    Cech, Chambers, Koscielny, Mustafi, Wilshere, Xhaka, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Sanchez, Lacazette
    Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck

  32. Dissenter

    At the brisk off directing a comment to you and being called “stupid” because you got called out.
    Any casual observer of arsenal will agree that Wenger’s teams pre-2004/2006 could stand up to physical challenges. There are voluminous banks of anecdotal evidence in interviews and autobiographies of Arsenal players as well as opposition players. This is indisputable.
    You chose to use the 2005 teal with Vierra, Campbell, Gilberto Silva and Lauren.

    We lost that game to poor officiating not because we were kicked out. Reyes got some rough punishment that was uncalled by the referee because he had a reputation for diving. It was so bad that even his team mates disliked him for it.

  33. Wallace


    “We lost that game to poor officiating not because we were kicked out. Reyes got some rough punishment that was uncalled by the referee because he had a reputation for diving. It was so bad that even his team mates disliked him for it.”

    Reyes didn’t have a rep for diving. all that happened after that game was that he had a rep for being able to be kicked out of a game.

  34. Marko

    I get that some people don’t like saying negative things about Wenger but to still be trying to craft that narrative or to deflect from issues now is just baffling.

    The leader is good the leader is great…

  35. TheBayingMob

    Look at the old clown in his pre-match interview.. Basking in this 811 game nonsense ignoring that he’s become almost irrelevant in the game, but that doesn’t matter to the narcissistic old cunt, as long as it’s all about him and no one questions him. What about your 1000th game Arsene? I wonder if he is able to make himself believe that was just a dream and didn’t happen? Clown. Luckily he’s facing an even bigger clown in Pardew. I expect nothing less then a win …

  36. Dissenter

    Very well
    I remember one moment that season after he joined in the winter break
    He flopped to waste time, realized that his sorry ass has mistakenly flopped outside the field the rolled back in to the field to continue his pretend injury.

    As much as I want to defend everything Arsenal, I cannot say with good conscience that Reyes was anything but a very poor diving c*nt. To be fair him, he just came before the golden era of diving since everyone is diving these days.

  37. Leftsidesanch

    Surely Welbeck must be worth a shot instead of Iwobi. Iwobi did praise Wenger saying he should stay cos he gets 4th = way to secure yourself in the team regardless of form.

  38. Elmo

    Shouldn’t we be in for Arthur from Gremio if Barca don’t buy him this window?

    Gremio reporting that only Inter are formally in negotiation with them.

    Tim Vickery has described Arthur as being a replacement for Iniesta and being one of the very few Brazilian exports (along with the likes of Gabriel Jesus) who could immediately and seamlessly start contributing in top level European football.

    Marca reported that Gremio want EUR 30m for him, so well within our budget if looking to replace Santi.

  39. Elmo

    Oh – looks like EUR 50m for Arthur.

    From Football Italia:
    “Gremio confirm they “only had formal contact with Inter” for €50m-rated midfielder Arthur, despite Chelsea and Real Madrid interest.

    The 21-year-old has been one of the most impressive talents in South America this year, earning links with numerous top clubs.

    “Arthur has only recently signed a new contract with Gremio and it has a release clause worth €50m,” Vice-President Odorico Roman told Cadena Cope.

    “If a club arrives, let’s say, with an offer worth €25-30m, Arthur will not leave. I read in the media that Chelsea and Real Madrid are interested, but I can confirm the only club we had formal contact with for Arthur was Inter.””

  40. Bamford10

    Wenger on Alexis: “I don’t know what is going on in his head and whether he is with us short-term or long-term. From Monday he is free to go where he wants if it’s a foreign club, but that’s not my problem.”

    Is this guy for real? He has no idea what is going on in the mind of one of his best players? Wenger’s indifference here is stunning.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Thank goodness no Goretzka to Liverpool.

    Wonder what is going to happen at Munich now in terms of their midfield with Tolisso and Thiago?

  42. Elmo

    It’s a total joke, isn’t it Bamford.

    He claimed in August that it was an ideal situation that his stars were in their final year because they would play better. Now he’s saying it’s understandable that a player’s efforts might not be focused on helping the team, and that as manager it has nothing to do with him.

    Total shambles of a club.

  43. Elmo


    According to Honigstein, if Goretzka is going in, Vidal is being moved out.

    Vidal will be 31 at the end of the season. Is it worth bringing him in as a stop gap to solidify the MF? Haven’t seen him this season so don’t know how he’s performing.

  44. N'gambo

    “Pulis at Boro, Hodgson at Palace, Moyes at West Ham, Allardyce at Everton” shows what a joke the EPL is, and you can add Mark Hughes at Stoke and Dracula Benitez (still un-dead) at Newcastle, and of course His Glorious Majesty Arsene Wenger still at Arsenal – the 4th richest club in the world – without a league win in 14 fucking years. Total joke.

  45. Dissenter

    “10 Santa’s on the pitch with a massive gnome in the net.”

    Put a patent on that. That’s a headline for tomorrow’s back pages.

  46. Samesong


    I know the games going but you said earlier this should be a stroll in the park. I don’t see that at the moment.

  47. Samesong


    I know its early in the game but you said earlier this should be a stroll in the park. I don’t see that at the moment.

  48. Samesong

    Iwobi’s first touch has way of turning counter-attacks into nothing.


    And Bellerin crossing technique is a joke

  49. Dissenter

    Paging England
    You have massive goal keeping problem. All the candidates for the starting GK’s job are all average and are in poor form.

  50. Carts

    No Ozil? my guess is that we’ve been offered a figure substantial enough for us to agree to him not being in the squad.

    £30m is my guess.

    Sanchez, is playing till a concrete deal is lodged. My guess is that Sanchez joking City or PSG is now dependent on how long Jesus and KDB are out for…

    PSG, could be holding out for a similar figure for what they’ll be prepared to pay for Sanchez.

    Cavani back to Napoli? Milik is probably out for the season now. And if they’re to win the league they literally need to hope Mertens, Insigne and Callejon avoid lengthy injuries..

    Cavani to Real? Benzema looks like his Real employment is slowly running out of juice. Perez has been talking a lot of smack about both Bale & Benzema.

    Could be an interesting month

  51. Jamie

    5 at the back and there’s no creativity in the opposition half. Our wingbacks don’t offer much going forward..

    We should be playing 4231, imo.

  52. Marko

    Goretska would be a massive missed opportunity for most clubs considering his situation but given our problems in midfield and his absolute quality it’s a massive missed opportunity for us. He’s someone we should be looking to build our team around he’s that good. But we simply don’t compete for good players so we’ll probably not even bother trying. Lack of ambition really

  53. Dissenter

    “Except Alexis and Jack, everyone else is either a sideways or backward passer.”

    [whispering] doing tell Paulinho that. He’s convinced that Sanchez is a synonym for rotten potatoes 🙂

    Sanchez tries too hard to change games. That’s why he tends to lose the ball so often.

  54. useroz

    Thought Sead was strong as a rock?

    AMN probably good enough…Sead hadn’t lighted up the pitch these days after he got to know Wenger a bit more.

  55. Carts

    I’m waiting for the deluge of players winding down their contract as Mystic Wenger predicted a few months ago.

    Cos all I’m seeing is playing getting their deals extended with more than 3 years to go.

    I mean, City just gave new deals to KDB, Silva, Jesus and Otamendi, ffs. What stands out is that those players are getting new deals based on hitting KPIs.

    We’re about to give Wilshere a new deal because….ermm he’s…British…potential? Fuck it, I don’t even know why.

    Everything about Wenger is shambolic from start to finish.

  56. Dissenter

    Another worrying trend is the timing of our transfers. A successful January transfer is best if it is done very early.
    If Ozil is gone…which I suspect who’s lined up too replace him.
    Please don’t even mention internal solutions.

  57. Guns of Hackney

    This. Is. A. Stink. Fest.

    Our kit looks fucking terrible. The players are pub level at best. Our £56m forward already looks bored.

    Utter drivel. Turgid.

  58. Marko

    Utterly shite as an attacking force here. And one of the biggest gripes I have about us and our generally awful midfield is we make bad teams who struggle offensively look decent we give them opportunities instead of dominating them and winning it back in midfield

  59. Guns of Hackney

    When Robson-Kanu can dribble through your defence…it’s time to turn the light off and lock up. The administrators are coming around in the morning.

  60. Dissenter

    If we offered Iwobi out for loans.
    I don’t think any other premier league club will have him in their first 23. This is another Denislon situation.

  61. Marko

    Another worrying trend is the timing of our transfers. A successful January transfer is best if it is done very early.
    If Ozil is gone…which I suspect who’s lined up too replace him.
    Please don’t even mention internal solutions.

    This manager leaves everything to the end of the window he’s that clueless. The only reason Sanchez and Ozil are still here is not because we were ambitious keeping them but because we absolutely didn’t have a plan in place for them leaving because of the manager. We only planned for Sanchez leaving on the last day when we tried and failed to get Lemar. Which is quite something when you consider Alexis was rejecting contracts for over a year

  62. Carts


    Unlike in the past where There was a genuine possibility of acquiring players like Leon.G, that boat has now sailed.

    You see, where Wenger was doing an amazing deflection job by blaming Chelsea for financial doping, we were still turning down players like David Silva and the other dozen player who make our Almost XI.

    Wenger put unbelievable trust in Denilson, Flamini, Chamakh, Diaby, Gibbs, Park, Jenkison in hope of what exactly? Pulling a Leicester City then remind the media how we did it with unknown/ young players!

    Arthur, Goretska et al, have no interest pkayif under Wenger. Unless these players are happy to take a cheque on a 4 year deal knowing they’ll get a bigger move, then we may as well forget it while Wenger is still coaching

  63. alexanderhenry

    Really poor first half.
    No pace in our play and absolutely no width in the side at all.
    We’re so narrow every attack ends up in a bottle neck. Perfect, one touch, eye of a needle type football is a very difficult way of trying to score a goal

    When it works it looks impressive but you need better players and we’re missing ozil today.. It isn’t working for arsenal.

    Bring on wellbeck or even Walcott.

  64. Guns of Hackney

    Our powderpuff attack couldn’t score against a visually impaired 11.

    We couldn’t score against a team of seeing eye dogs.

    The great thing about watching Arsenal, is it makes Eastenders look like a laugh riot.

  65. Ishola70

    Nothing match so far.

    Lil’ Jack has given the ball away cheaply a few times in the middle so far which is surprising considering he is the new messiah lol.

    Mustafi has a few times worryingly reverted to type with some rash fouls on the edge of the box resulting in a couple of freekicks. Dangerous although if Brunt is kept given the freekicks they are not likely to hit the target.

  66. Dream10

    No cutting edge. Not sure on comment form if Iwobi would start for any other top half PL side. He’s a five a side player with no running or stamina

  67. Elmo

    No Ozil today; take Sanchez out (the only player taking risks to create something) and we’re a mid-table team.

    Sounds an exaggeration but we’re 6th WITH Ozil and Sanchez. Remove those two at the end of the season and replace one of them with a £40m average buy and we’re no stronger than Leicester in terms of personnel.

  68. Ishola70

    Goretzka was always going to Bayern Munich.

    Although there was denials from the player they tapped him up to join a year ago.

  69. Jamie

    Agree with Carts, Wenger was obsessed with trying to win the league with sub-standard players just to that he could gloat about how it ‘should be done’ to the press at the end of the season.

    I don’t think we’re nearly as cash rich as we were, nor will we be for the foreseeable. We’ll sign 1 decent attacking player in the summer for big money (50-80m) to replace Ozil and Alexis), and my guess is that there won’t be anything to get excited about come the end of August. Wilshere like a new signing, plenty of ‘internal solutions’.

    We’re the new Liverpool, but without the European Cup victories on which to dine out.

    I wish I could stop watching this garbage every week. Can’t though. It’s a curse.

    Wenger out.

  70. Dissenter

    It’s no wonder the Bundesliga just lost it’s third best league status to Serie A.
    Bayern hardly ever play top dollar for the league’s best players. They seem to get them on free transfers.

  71. Carts

    Does anyone know what Iwobi does in training to gas up Wenger, so much so that he thinks Iwobi is good enough to start for us?

    But then, I’ll contradict myself (with a caveat£: could another manager develop Iwobi?

  72. Wenker-wanger

    Sanchez is going to take the flak when he finally goes probably for nothing. He will certainly will be costing the club big money we could’ve earned on his transfer.
    But is that fair?
    The blame lies with Wenger and his choice of where sanchez goes(abroad) and a quality replacement purchased.
    Wenger has placed conditions on sanchez s movement that the Chilean finds unacceptable. Sanchez wants city and city want him. However city can wait till the summer and seemingly sanchez will wait and go on a free.
    The only loser?…arsenal fc, the club built by its self-proclaimed king arsene wenger.
    If sanchez goes for nothing, this unbelievably foolish incompetent idiot should be sacked for this alone. Seems Wenger’s pride in footballing financial housekeeping is insignificant compared to his bloody-minded arrogant posturing that he is in charge….no-one comes close.
    A cnut of epic proportions.

  73. raptora

    Goal threat potential in our team is so low. Lacazette doesn’t offer much yet again. Ramsey is the dangerous player that always fancies it when things get tough. Jacky boy, Iwobi and Xhaka are as dangerous as a toothpaste.

    I what Chambers is showing though. Deffo better than Per and Holding.

  74. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are making it look like they are playing with a hand grenade.

    A good team on a good day and we could lose 10-0 every game.

    We’re not a genuine football club anymore.