Sanchez rumbles greasing the PR wheels for an exit

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One day, we’ll all look back on the internet circa the mid-noughties and laugh at how bizarre it all was. The tribalism, the nastiness, the petty bitching. I mean, I’m not even talking about football here. I thought fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m reading sad old shock-journo’s picking on the people of Grenfell Tower, which is bad enough, but then you rummage through the comments and you have perfectly normal looking people nodding along championing being a c*nt like its some sort of enlightened political movement.

When did people get so mean? Who will heal the internet? SOME STEP UP AND SAVE US.

I’m hoping it’s just phase, it’ll pass, the internet is in confused teenager phase and one day it’ll grow up and right the wrongs.

Right, now onto some slagging of Arsene Wenger.

The main news story that carried through from the Palace game was the visible disunity in the squad that was present when no one would celebrate with Alexis. I don’t understand why it’s all been such a shock? You’ve played Sunday league with someone who didn’t go to bed, now imagine that across a season. The players have every right not to be interested. To be honest, Alexis had a bit of a cheek complaining about it.

I think some of the commentary around Thierry Henry and his disdain for Reyes was pointed, he was hardly a standup guy when it came to giving it to his teammates. Remember the daggers he used to shoot Adebayor when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted? Those were dark times. We all saw it.

Anyway, storm in a teacup. Though you can bet your bottom dollar the PR team are loving this, it’ll smooth his exit perfectly.


We have Alan Pardew to contend with tomorrow when we take on WBA away from him. It’s amusing how all the old guard are back in place. Pulis at Boro, Hodgson at Palace, Moyes at West Ham, Allardyce at Everton. The bland gang out in absolute force.

I think we’re in relatively good shape heading into this one. WBA played on the 23rd and lost to Stoke, they drew against Everton on Boxing day, and they have a more winnable game against West Ham on Tuesday. If we score early, it should be game over as they’ll try to conserve energy in the legs of squad that doesn’t normally play so many games in quick succession.

I’m also excited that Jonny Evans is once again being linked to all and sundry, maybe his mind won’t be there. City are the latest club to put their name into the ring. It’s incredible how highly rated he is in the game. I mean, we could probably do with him considering our frailties. We’re playing Chambers at the moment, and that’s not exactly a moment to savour. I like that lad, but he half gets flustered easy. Great on the ball, shaky at the back. I really hope moving forward we prioritise pace in all our players. How we landed a centre back that young and didn’t check how fast he is I’ll never know.

We might see a bit of rotation, though I’m not sure who drops out? Jack Wilshere playing 5 games on the bounce in a thick set of games doesn’t sound like a good idea, but who is the alternative? It’s likely going to be the same with Aaron Ramsey still out. Maybe we’ll see a start for Welbz? Maybe some AMN? Who knows.

WBA will defend deep and try and hit us on the break, hopefully we’ll have the key to unlock them and I really hope we have the big game performances dropping in from the big names.

Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow you little beauties. x

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  1. Wallace

    “I thought fans were in a league of our own when it came to weird behaviour, but we’re not. I’m reading sad old shock-journo’s picking on the people of Grenfell Tower, which is bad enough, but then you rummage through the comments and you have perfectly normal looking people nodding along championing being a c*nt like its some sort of enlightened political movement.”

    yeah, saw that. baffling, but f*cked if I know what you do about it. are there just far more c*nts around than anyone knew, or does the anonymity of the internet encourage it(being a c*nt)?

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Should be a straightforward win, but then Palace should have as well. I guess an Arsenal style straightforward win which means you come away simultaneously thinking you deserve to win, but it could have been a draw and could also have been a loss.

    If we can get £35 Million or more for Sanchez then we have done okay in clearing up Wenger’s f**k up from the summer in setting fire to £60 Million that could have improved us long term. People talking about the deadline day dealing as justification are being disingenuous, we knew all summer he was not signing on and he made it very clear he wanted a move all summer long. Classic lazy and cowardly Wenger.

    If we could raise £50 Million or something from selling Sanchez and Walcott that would not be too bad, bank it and leave it for Sanllehi and the new manager.

    Wenger should not be allowed near any spending.

    The club would do well though to talk to Goretzka and Barkley and see if a free deal can be done for the summer, that would go a little way to pulling us out of the hole we are in with Sanchez and Ozil going for free or at drastically reduced prices.

  3. Pierre

    The question is, will arsenal learn from the mistakes that were obvious in the Palace game. Namely our problem defensively on the right hand side.
    I am sure Pardew would have Watched the game and noticed a Potentially weak spot and will overload that area when they attack.
    The options for Wenger are, drop Bellerin and bring in debouchy but will that solve the problem as it seemed to me that Palace regularly had an extra player on that side of the pitch. Bellerin didn’t play well but he also didn’t receive a lot of support from a) Chambers who was on the right of the central defenders b) xhaka or Wilshere could have edged across to cover the space c) özil could have dropped deeper at times.

    Rectify that area and we will win comfortably, chances will be created and the goals will flow.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    The gap behind Bellerin and the wide player putting a ball in toward the edge of the box where Palace had an extra player worked again and again.

    Arsenal cannot defend calmly. But obviously that is never going to be solved long term currently.

  5. Guns of Hackney

    Ironic that posters on here are slagging of another poster somewhere else for using anonymity as a shield to spew vile abuse at victims of a tragedy…says the anonymous people on here threatening others, wishing death on others/Wenger etc. Hypocritical bastards.

    Arsenal are the turd at the top table of a wedding. Wenger out.

  6. kelsey

    You try running a blog about Arsenal on a daily basis without going over the same things every day. Then you get total twats like Bankz playing childish number games.Effing idiot of the first degree.

  7. GoonerDave

    We cannot compete financially with City, Chelsea or United. We have no choice but to squeeze every drop out of our resources.
    The scouting and recruitment appointments could help us a lot. We have a great youth setup, but should produce more players.
    Perhaps an overachieving manager is our only hope, but this may result in boring football – I’d like to think that with some more astute appointments, we could continue to play attacking football but in a more responsible way.

    Excellent article, I think the Sanchez thing was over-hyped, very conveniently for our PR department. Yes he gives the ball away, yes he’s a bit of a b1tch at times, but Alexis is a loss whether now or at the end of the season.
    Completely underwhelmed that Zaha is being named as a possible replacement.

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Rather interesting that Pedro opens up about people being total a-holes on the internet, especially on a serious topic – and then you get cemented proof with the likes of the infantile Bankz, who cant even muster up any response other than showing everyone that he continues to have the same life that Wenger has, none.

  9. Jim Lahey

    “I think some of the commentary around Thierry Henry and his disdain for Reyes was pointed”

    Ah the days when a player like Reyes struggled to make the starting 11….

    Reyes was the last player whose name I put on the back of a shirt, after he left, never again!!

  10. Jim Lahey

    @grooveydaddy –

    So it seems! Looks like we can no longer compete with Liverpool! Although Wenger already has 5 world class central midfielders! 😉

  11. Cesc Appeal

    If Liverpool get Goretzka.

    Van Dijk, Keita and Goretzka added to their side at the start of next season, different team.

  12. Jim Lahey

    Our central midfielders:

    Aaron Ramsey
    Jack Wilshere
    Granit Xhaka
    Francis Coquelin
    Mohamed Elneny

    Garbage…. the lot of them.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Keita, Henderson, Goretzka as a midfield three looks a lot better, though they would still be served by bringing in a CDM and they could do considering they would get Goretzka for free.

    A really good, reasonably pacey CDM would go a long way to helping out with Klopp’s defensive issues as well.

    I rightfully give Klopp a lot of stick but at least he is reacting to his teams issues.

  14. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Van Dijk, Keita and Goretzka added to their side at the start of next season, different team.”

    Klopp will use some of that German magic to bring him in. Don’t worry though, Wenger will use those French connections to bring in that young French superstar… wait.. when was the last time we brought in a young French Superstar? I mean look at the current crop of French players, our famous French connections saw none of those as worthy of picking up??!

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I have been banging the drum about our s**t midfield for years now.

    I would honestly sweep the lot of them out and start again.

    There was no thought behind their assembly so there is no balance and no strategy you can employ with them, as Wenger always does just a random set of players he collects.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hey yyyyy Arsene Wenger
    Ooh ahh
    We wanna know
    When your gonna go

    Hey yyyyy Arsene Wenger
    Ooh ahh
    We wanna know
    When your gonna go

    Fade till end

  17. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “I would honestly sweep the lot of them out and start again.”

    Same, would any of those get into a team in the top 4?? This has to be the worst midfield we have had under Wenger, the Song/Denilson days at least has Cesc in the mix.

  18. Me

    Cannot compete or will not compete?
    Regardless of the official word from the club and remembering the book balancing of last summer I honestly don’t believe they want to even try to compete.
    Two billionaire owners, massive TV revenue and a 61000 capacity stadium and they cannot compete?
    The supporters are not asking for Neymar just sensible investment and some ambition – you know, make us believe that they are not there to leach every penny out of the club…

  19. Jim Lahey

    Aaron Ramsey – Wants to play as a second striker, leaves our midfield bare and allows breaks against the slowest midfielder in the league (Xhaka). The man plays for himself not the team.

    Jack Wilshere – Made of glass, only a matter of time before he breaks down again. Even when fully fit, still not good enough to start for a team with the ambitious a club like Arsenal should have.

    Granit Xhaka – Slow, gives the ball away, can’t tackle… honestly don’t know what his purpose is.

    Francis Coquelin – Championship level player, thats all he is.

    Mohamed Elneny – Every bit the £5m we paid for him. A bit better than Coquelin, could probably get into some of the teams struggling at the bottom.

  20. Jim Lahey

    @Me –

    “Cannot compete or will not compete?”

    Why would we want Goretzka?! We already have 5 top top quality players in that position! I am suuuuuuuure Wenger will bring someone in if he can find a better player than what we already have, and thats a big IF….

  21. S. Asoa

    Mourinho and his exabherated neurosis is beginning to push good players away . So unlikely Goretza going to ManUre .
    United is reaching Arsenal with Le Joke in charge, that can get only players no one is in for.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Looks as if Sturridge might go in January, though Liverpool are not going to look at loaning him.

    Shame in a way, Sturridge on his day is a great ST but is just so injury prone. A fully fit and firing Sturridge with two of Mane, Salah or Firmino up top with him would be something.

  23. Jim Lahey

    I wonder how much Coutinho will go for this Jan? Easy for Liverpool to drop £75m in a defender if they know the fee that is coming in for Coutinho!

    I’m gonna guess its a lot…

  24. graham62


    I’m in agreement. Can’t fathom the childish mindset of Bankz, who seems to get so much pleasure out of a stupid little game.

    What’s the effing point?

    Pretty pathetic really.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    With the January prices Coutinho could go for well over £100 Million. But I think he will go in the summer.

    Still, if Liverpool land Goretzka they are looking good, still need key players at CDM and GK, but they are really starting to shape up.

  26. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    Our midfield is an abomination at the moment I am afraid.

    In defence I think we have the personnel to create a good solid back line but I think the way they are being asked to play is not conducive to clean sheets.

    Ozil is an enigma, the best footballer at the club (after Santi..) but far too inconsistent. We have all seen what he can do especially in the German team, it just seems like he doesn’t want to reproduce it week in/week out… is that a motivation problem maybe??

  27. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    One of the hardest things at the moment of being an Arsenal supporter is looking at teams like Liverpool and Spurs and seeing there is a plan in place for progress. While we just stagnate.. all because one man is too proud to know when its time to leave.

  28. graham62

    Pedro (cc: Bankz)

    Maybe Bankz is considered a legend on here but isn’t about time you posted an article on those bloggers who are really wasting everyone’s time

    Bankz, speak, or get a life.

    The option is yours

  29. Pierre

    It’s all about balance in midfield.. Our best balanced midfield over recent years is cazorla, coquelin at the base of midfield with özil in front.. They complemented eachother..
    At the moment the xhaka, Ramsey partnership rarely works as Ramsey lacks the discipline and football brain to play centre mid, although I will say that he has shown improvement this season in certain games.
    We do look better balanced with Wilshere in there but there is still something lacking, especially defensively.
    I think Wilshere can play the cazorla role so maybe Wenger should try a coquelin /Wilshere partnership at the base as coquelin is definitely better defensively than xhaka and is more mobile around the pitch… Wenger seems reluctant to leave either xhaka or Ramsey out of the starting line up when fit so until he finally realises that the partnership doesn’t work or gets lucky and they both are injured, then we are stuck with them.

  30. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    I agree that balance in midfield is a necessity. However those 5 core players in any sort of combination are both as individuals or as a collective not good enough for a team like Arsenal. Everton/ Southampton sure, but not Arsenal.

    As CA was saying earlier, its time to wipe the slate clean and start again in regards to our midfield, mistakes have been made and its time for them to be rectified.

  31. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    “At the moment the xhaka, Ramsey partnership rarely works as Ramsey lacks the discipline and football brain to play centre mid”

    Agree completely.

    What we have seen this season has been madness, and something that I haven’t seen too many people speak about. We all know Xhaka’s limitations, and being partnered with Ramsey has done nothing but highlight those weaknesses.

    Xhaka is slow and is a poor tackler. We all know this we have all seen it. So why on earth is Ramsey playing as a second striker? How many times this season have we seen a break from the opposition with only Xhaka left in the midfield and Ramsey up level or beyond Laca?! It makes no sense.

    People then speak about Ramsey comparing him to Lampard. From what I remember from Frank Lampard he was a player that would make deep runs into the box and arrive at the end of a move, not sit up front and wait for a ball to fall for him.

  32. graham62

    @Pierre/ @ Jim Lahey

    We can go about our weaknesses in midfield but, for me, the main problems stems from a lack of a constructive structure(coaching) and a psychological brittleness amongst the players.

    Wenger will never change his ways and the players know this. It must be sole destroying working/playing in such an environment.

    A new manager, with an ounce of intelligence, would sort all these problems out.

  33. Jim Lahey

    @graham62 –

    I think at this point, it goes without saying.. our problems stem from Wenger, but to be honest I am sick to death of talking about the man. At this point I would rather talk about things like tactics or the pros and cons of playing players in specific positions.

    I don’t think there is anyone left at this point who would argue against you regarding Wenger, I’m tired of Wenger and I am tired of talking about him.

  34. graham62

    If Walcott leaves, good luck to him.

    Maybe two/three years too late.

    No negatives from my side. Nevertheless, a wasted commodity.

    Totally mismanaged by our wonderful manager.

  35. Don

    Just like to point out Pedro
    You made a point about Jack Wilshere in your last post
    How you had your doubts
    You didn’t
    You called him dross, said he couldn’t cut it at Bournemouth and to get rid as quickly as possible
    You me footballing foresight is shit Pedro. It really is. You might get a hard on for back room staff Pedro but your assessments of what a quality player truly is or can be is lacking.
    Keep talking of beasts. Beast this. Beast that. You have no eye for a footballer. Another yuppie pretending to be a football man.

  36. Jim Lahey

    @graham62 –

    “No negatives from my side. Nevertheless, a wasted commodity.

    Totally mismanaged by our wonderful manager.”

    Honest question, would you say the same for Ozil?

  37. Wallace

    speaking to a friend, a Liverpool fan, the other day after they signed van Dijk and he was saying there were rumours of another big one incoming.

  38. SuperSwede

    Reading through the comments and you start wondering why some people support anything in their lives. Congratulation Bankz – long time since someone was on a proper run. And for the one’s complaining – FFS! Have a long look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself when you actually enjoyed your life? Good luck on that btw! Seriously – might be a life saving event both for you and the people that still loves you!

    The signs were there before the Palace game but we start to have a proper midfield again after such a long time struggling. Jack and Xhaka in a CM pivot looks very interesting going forward. Both Xhaka and Jack had their best games of the season and you could see the effect of both Sanchez and Özil (almost) staying in the position and not go and get the ball from a deeper position. It made everything click and the overall team performance was the best in a (long) while. Jack is truly needed in the team, that’s quite obvious to see. He’s not there quite yet but he adds intelligence, structure and leadership to a team that has missed that since Cazorla. It will be obvious for all to see during the spring if Wenger doesn’t blow this up by giving him an embarrassing contract offering.

  39. Jim Lahey

    @TR7 –

    Never questioned Jacks ability as a footballer, personally would put him in 3rd after Santi and Ozil, said he was made of glass and not a starter for a team wanting to win leagues and champions leagues, don’t think that is too controversial!

  40. Wallace


    “Jack and Xhaka in a CM pivot looks very interesting going forward. Both Xhaka and Jack had their best games of the season and you could see the effect of both Sanchez and Özil (almost) staying in the position and not go and get the ball from a deeper position. It made everything click and the overall team performance was the best in a (long) while.”

    yes, agreed. when we have the ball it’s a very interesting midfield & attack.

  41. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @SuperSwede – Seriously? The only thing that Banks brings week in and week out is an ability to count. Who wants to read through 50 odd posts of a count up before actually reading a true comment? It’s a blog, not a personal game!

    And as for enjoying life, try getting one for starters.

  42. Bamford10

    Sanchez has been a pouty, self-absorbed dickhead. While I sympathize with him re his frustrations with Arsenal, Koscielny has just as much will to win as Sanchez does. If Koscielny has turned on Sanchez — which seems to be the case — then I pin all blame on Sanchez for the rift in the team.

  43. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I’m all for a Jack and Ramsey midfield pairing. One has a propensity for moving forward whilst the other is content to stay back. Can’t be any worse than the lousy pairings that have been on display all season. Then again, any pairing is ultimately doomed under the oversight of tactic less Wenger.

  44. Bamford10

    Jack Wilshere may look good here or there, but he is crocked. He’ll never be mobile or agile enough to be a great player again, IMO, though I’d love to be proven wrong on this point.

    As for Walcott, he should have been sold years ago.

  45. Don


    Shut up you knob
    Still lying about attending Harvard and playing soccer ball for them?
    Or benteke being better than Giroud?
    Kane being shit
    You’ve made some of your own.
    Biggest sociopath and narcissist on social media you are and that’s saying something

  46. Bamford10

    Worst type of poster is the guy who complains about the harmless fun some have trying to be the first post. How does this harm anyone? It doesn’t. Relax.

  47. Wallace


    “Jack Wilshere may look good here or there, but he is crocked. He’ll never be mobile or agile enough to be a great player again, IMO, though I’d love to be proven wrong on this point.”

    he doesn’t seem to have lost anything, and he’s still going in hard on the 50-50s. injury prone is probably a more accurate description than ‘crocked’.

  48. Don

    Have to say though, I’m so shocked at city. I really couldn’t see that midfield and defence working in the league let alone dominating it. My hat is off to pep for that.

  49. Bamford10


    If you think he hasn’t lost anything, you clearly haven’t watched him run/waddle. He looks like he’s held together by screws. He used to be far more mobile and agile.

  50. Bob

    If Walcott had any ambition why would he accept being on the beach for the last 2years? Would ozil or Sanchez accept being on the beach for 2years? Even with first team football they don’t want to stay.

    They don’t have to do anything they just get new deals without doing anything on the pitch.

  51. Wallace


    “If you think he hasn’t lost anything, you clearly haven’t watched him run/waddle. He looks like he’s held together by screws. He used to be far more mobile and agile.”

    he always ran funny, it’s exaggerated these days because he’s put on about 70lbs of muscle. mostly on his thighs.

  52. Bamford10


    Well, whether it’s the added muscle or the underlying broken-ness, he is now lumbering, slow, awkward. No way he can be a top CM moving like that.

  53. Jim Lahey

    @Bamford –

    “Don is just angry that you said Jack — his favorite player — is “made of glass”.”

    Yeah I guessed so! I understand too, I get super pissy when people criticise Santi so I don’t really have a leg to stand on there!

  54. SuperSwede

    Jack’s played more games since 2016 than any Arsenal midfielder except Xhaka. He’s not crocked and he’s not made out of glass. You need to update your narrative if you think that. He needs to improve his defensive game further but you could see in the game against Palace how he balanced the midfield and gave Xhaka the partnership he so desperately been looking for. Ramsey is a player I’d prefer in front of them in a three man midfield

  55. Pierre

    Re Ramsey

    It’s all about timing, some players time their runs into the box perfectly, not arriving too early.
    The masters of this over the years were probably lampard, bryan robson and platini maybe scholes at his best.
    Very rarely were these players caught out of position as they had the instinct of knowing when to go and when to stay.
    Sadly, Ramsey doesn’t have that instinct, that’s why you always see him chasing back behind the play struggling to get back in position.
    Ideally you would think Ramsey would play at the head of a 3 man midfield with 2 sitting behind him but sadly Ramsey hasn’t the touch or ability to play the playmaker role.

  56. Bob

    May 2017

    Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe says he is identifying transfer targets for next season – and is unlikely to re-sign England midfielder Jack Wilshere

  57. Bob

    Mirror April 2017

    Wilshere has played 27 times for the Cherries without scoring and provided only two assists. The club would have to smash their wage structure for a player on £100,000-a-week at the Gunners.

  58. Jim Lahey

    @Pierre –

    I agree 100%. I have no problem with players making those runs into the box like you said! I feel the way we are set up to play at the moment isn’t suited for those type of runs, we tend to (try to..) pin teams down and play across their box, its slow and methodical and doesn’t allow for runs from deep.

  59. Bamford10


    He was playing for Bournemouth and did little to nothing in those matches. He has had a couple of good moments here and there, but the moron that he’s back to being the player he was in 2010-11 or that he is one of the world’s top CMs is ridiculous.

  60. Globalgunner

    Freudian slip by Bamford i guess. probably typing what he thought about people who think Wilshere is the new Pirlo.

  61. Bob

    Bournemouth had to put Jack wilshere on the bench to save them from relegation. The season got saved once wilshere got injured

  62. Marc


    I think the issue with Wilshere is pure sentimentalism – at 16 he looked like he was going to be a top player plus his attachment to the club means many fans have tinted glasses and are basing the view of the contract negotiations on what could have been.

    I’d like to know Sanllehi’s view.

  63. Bob

    Look the English media are desperate for wilshere to stay at arsenal because no other top club wants or needs him. England’s best midfielder cant be playing for a bottom half team.
    Check the ratings on any English media outlet wilshere will always get a high rating and xhaka is allways going to made look stupid just to make wilshere look good.

  64. Marc


    You’re over complicating the media’s view. If he leaves they have another stick to beat the club with – can’t keep any of our players, if we give him another big money deal it’ll be – throwing money at a player who can’t keep fit.

  65. E54_

    Now alot of people say Pep isn’t battle tested. He can only win when he has unlimited funds. Jose too, they give him a pass for his success at Porto but at all the other clubs, people say ‘Jose is a fraud because he needs a cheque book to win’

    Ok so the basic premise is that,
    Coach A needs XYZ to win.
    If Coach A doesn’t have XYZ, then he wouldn’t win.

    Ok so how is Wenger any different? If success is longevity, Wenger at any other club would have been fired or hounded out years ago. The fact that no Manager in the history of football has been given the absolute power that Wenger has been given regardless of results is proof in itself. There have been Managers who have been 3x more succesful than Wenger at different clubs and still been fired. Whos next? Zidane? Madness.
    Smitten Owner, disinterested board and cult like fanbase. Without these 3 major factors, Wenger would never survive anywhere. As proven by his stint at Monaco. As proven by the average career of a Manager (Wengers peers). As proven by no other club ever giving absolute power to any coach. These 3 essentials don’t exist anywhere in football and never have before. Some of the grestest managers in football have been fired. Every coach at some point gets fired or steps down by mutual consent, due to not being able to meet the clubs historical targets, or the fanbases targets.
    My point is, if Pep and Jose NEED money to win, well then i say Wenger is even worse, because he needs 1. Kroenke (Absent owner) 2.This board (Silent bosses) and 3. Brainwashed fans (Zombie customers) in order to succeed.

    Again, these 3 factors/essentials have been impossible to find anywhere in football except for Arsenal. So My challenge would be. Pep, if you’re really a great manager, go do it without a cheque book.
    Wenger if you’re really a great manager, go do it without Kroenke this board and these fans. Or even less than that. Go survive 3-5 years at a top 6 club without Kroenke.

  66. Elmo

    On Jonny Evans, there is ongoing demand from him from a host of top clubs because they’ve all repeatedly wasted large sums on dud, overrated CBs. Evans is a fairly competent traditional CB, which is what many clubs desperately grasp around for after wasting £30m+ on a vaunted foreign ball-playing defender who doesn’t work out in the PL.

    Re stopping people being unpleasant on the internet, that’s not going to happen unless you submit to an arrangement akin to China’s forthcoming Social Credit System (mandatory from 2020 for 1.3bn people), where you’ll risk being uneligible for a mortgage or be de-prioritised for medical treatment if you’ve slagged someone off online, routinely bought too much unhealthy food, favour unorthodox activity like hitting the gym late at night, or even are friends with people who are unreliable. Offence being taken by those on the internet, and demands for government to legislate to stop feelings being hurt, is what will spur something similar being eventually adopted in the West.