Wenger rambles because his sporting values are all about himself

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via @Arsenal Instagram

via @Arsenal Instagram

Bloody hell, you know Arsene is hurt when he starts with his amateur assessments of the ills of society, not so subtly disguised as giant flying kippers to the faces of anyone who has dared have an opinion on his expertise. This December, he’s trying to draw parallels to Michael Gove’s embarrassing attack on ‘experts’ and his own rapid decline in popularity amongst fans.

“What has changed, is the society.”

“We live in a society that is more demanding, that is more opinionated. The overall problem in Europe is that the respect for basic things has been lost, or is less strong that it was 20 years ago. As well you have positive things: people are better informed, people are better educated. People have more knowledge of the game. You have to think of balance.”

Now, on the face of it, you’d find it very tough to argue with those points. As a society, we’re better informed, drawing from more pools of information than ever before. Even the way we watch has changed, fan obsession back in the day was one game a week on the television, nowadays, I can sit in bed from 0630 till 1400 and I can watch every major game in Europe.

You could literally take the lads from BTL (a Twitter handle and site) and put them in a room with the old batch of Arsenal scouts and I reckon they’d know most of the players the scouts know. I’m not saying they have the experience to work that information into something tangible that could hit a Premier League managers desk, but I’m saying that these young guys are able to scout Europe, pull together comp videos and engage millions of fans with great insights from their bedrooms.

Wenger is upset that not only is he being challenged every day by fans like us, he’s upset that the fans are right. What does he do when he’s under pressure? Falls back on values… which is a dog whistle for:


Here is the full ramble.

“I am questioned more, of course,”

“That means society is less stable. At the end of the day, it is still about values. And the carrier of the values is the manager, and if you have no stability, these values are questioned.”

“I believe I stayed here because I am at a club where I can identify with the values that I am in this game for. The values are more important than all the rest.”

“The ultimate goal is to make people happy. The proudest thing you can have is to make people happy. Unfortunately you don’t always manage to do it, but you try to do it.”

See, the values of the fans and the manager don’t allign anymore.

The fans don’t care for stability, because it’s been proven over and over again that stability isn’t productive in a game that moves as fast as ours.

The fans aren’t really sure what the values at Arsenal are these days, because most of the ones we celebrate aren’t sporting values, they’re the niceties around Arsenal in the Community and some of the delights the club involve themselves in, like, say, helping Kenny Samson or Emmanuel Eboue out. Or taking the players to see the sick kids at Christmas.

At the core of it, what the fans have wanted for years has been crystal clear. A roadmap for success and improvement. Someone who can address our problems. A sporting entity that truly believes in winning and would eek out every last drop of energy and resource to attain greatness.

We just don’t have that under Arsene Wenger. Sporting values to our club centre around self-preservation. A doctrine of absolute control and allegiance to the regime. The faux prioritisation of fiscal to cushion for a cheaper failure. The public defiance of the future, becuase of a hotline to the owner. A dedication to the reframing of success. A complete lack of accountability to real progression.

Those are not sporting values, they are Arsene values.

However, it must be said, this last paragraph was a sweet way to end a prezzer.

“The second thing I believe, what is the most important thing that people never talk about, is to believe in human beings. Despite all this, when you’re such a long time in the job, you’re not naïve. You know all the strengths and weaknesses, and how sometimes people can be selfish or mean. But you still have to believe that there is a light in every human being that you can get out.”

So damn Disney.

Onto the football today, we take on Crystal Palace, who are rejuvenated under Roy Hodgson. We’ll be dealing with their wingers today, with Wilfried Zaha in MASSIVE FORM, it’ll be a busy day for our defence. Will Kolasinac play?

“He [Kolasinac] is highly suited for a wing-back role, for a more offensive role,”

“I think he will play again and I gave him a breather as well.

“He is working hard and I think he will play in a back four, as well.”

So, not too sure. Sounds like Wenger is rotating him, I’m not so sure if he’d be doing that against Liverpool unless there was a deeper reason. But we’ll see. Could be another chance for AMN to shine. Playing against bully boy tactics will be a baptism of fire.

Our injury news is no Nacho, Giroud or Ramsey.

I really would be interested to see AMN through the middle with Jack Wilshere. Liverpool absolutely trounced us for pace, our centre mids were roasted for all three of the goals. We need some energy in the middle of the park in the absence of our flying Welshman, and I really doubt AMN could make more than the 2 customary mega mistakes a game we get from Xhaka.

Up top, we have to be starting Danny Welbeck over Iwobi. I hate to see Sanchez in there, but there’s no chance Wenger will drop him. The rest of the team picks itself from there. It’ll be very interesting to see what sort of performance we turn in. Crystal Palace away is loud, it’s crap and our players don’t need much of an excuse to switch off.

Finally, Liverpool dropped £75m on a mega signing bringing VVD into the club. It’s a huge name, it’s an outrageous fee, and when you factor in that they already signed Keita for next season, you have to applaud the work Klopp is doing on that squad. High octane, immensely powerful and technically sound. He has a roadmap. An actual plan. They’ll be tough next season.

For me, I’m kind of hoping that Arsenal can find those sort of names before they cost £75m. What’s the point in bringing in a fancy new scout if you’re spending that sort of cash? I mean, don’t get me wrong, when the need occurs, do it, but you’d hope we can build a production line that spots that sort of player early so we can do more with our cash, or keep the powder dry for the elite cherry on top. Maybe Abdou Diallo is that guy, or the impressive Salif Sané? Maybe our Naby Keita is Denis Zakaria?

I just cannot wait for our next manager to start so we can start losing our minds to a new project. I’m very much over ours.

Anyway, minds on Palace. HAVE A BLINDER. Matt from the podcast flew in especially. Good luck!


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  1. Leftsidesanch

    You reckon they’ll ask that old fool why he made such a stupid sub? Invited needless pressure in a game that was comfortable at that point

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Made hard work of that, Palace were really poor but could easily have grabbed a point from that.

    Sanchez and Wilshere had good games, Sanchez especially was playing like he wanted to make someone bid for him in January.

  3. Marc


    Not sure you can get too much on Sachez’s back on away form against the top teams – it’s not as if anyone covers themselves in glory.

  4. Dissenter

    Guardiola is the same manager who’s blowing up the league, destroying red=cords every week.

    He convinced his management that Sanchez was worth 60 million with one year left on his contract.
    I will take his word over any of the people who single out Sanchez for blame and ignore all the shenanigans that preceded the season.

  5. London gunner

    “It was predictable that Sanchez’ form was going to deteriorate after the last minute botched move to city and Chile’s exit from the world cup.
    The hysteria and scapegoating of Sanchez has been pathetic to stay the least.
    He’s been trying too hard to do too much. He doesn’t trust his team mates enough which is understandable since he spent the summer trying to get away from them.
    He’s 100% class which was why a club was ready to pay 60 million for the last year of his contract.“

    Amen! Superb comment I had to post it again.

    What annoys me more is the fact even le
    Grovers semi critical humans really did get manipulated by the Arsenal PR machine.

    Sanchez situation is akin to being told your getting a promotion, pay rise and moving to a top top company with prospects of great rewards. Then being told just before you start actually your old employee have written a dodgy reference then somehow being left at the old company and being left to stew… that’s going to go down badly. Specially for a player who wants to be st the top of game and isn’t happy lapping up runner up hard work good sports men medals like the rest of the arsenal dross in the team

  6. thank you and goodnight

    I’ve long accepted we’re only a top 8 team and have zero chance to win the league under the 3 stooges. So I will take pleasure in saying Well done Arsenal, great game.

  7. Samesong

    I can Sanchez playing up central for City ahead of Aguero and Jesus.

    He’s an elite player he won’t be going to City to sit on bench so someone going to have to give way.

  8. London gunner

    No point debating with Paulinho About Sanchez he thinks Ramsey is a better football player.

    Ramsey has had two good seasons in his entire career loool

    And even Ramsey at his best Sanchez shits over him from a distance.

  9. Jim Lahey

    Garbage manager. Takes off a striker, sticks on a DM and invites pressure on for the last 20 minutes. There is why he never won like Ferguson, 3-1 against a weak side a Ferguson team would have smelled blood and went for the kill.

  10. DaleDaGooner

    A lot of people piping up about Jack Wilshere Wilshere, he’s good, and it’s not Elneny or Xhaka you should be comparing to, it’s Ramsey. Jack did more than Ramsey would have had he not been injured, I think we can see Ramsey should not get into the first team at the moment

  11. London gunner

    I will critize Sanchez though for not making enough runs in behind. He has the pace to beat defenders and his touch is good .

    He used to make them runs at Barcelona.. maybe he trusted the delivery more.

    That Wilshere quarter back pass to Sanchez is maybe something they are trying to training?

  12. Wallace

    good victory. we look better going forward with Wilshere alongside Xhaka, but lose some defensive solidity. what little of it there is.

    Chambers started strongly but looked increasingly edgy after that. Mustafi was very good.

  13. TR7

    ‘I can Sanchez playing up central for City ahead of Aguero and Jesus.’

    He never stays in CF position, always drops deep to pick the ball up. We have seen how that movie plays. Why would Pep prefer a winger as a CF over Kun and Jesus??

  14. Paulinho

    Marc – In four years – at those venues – he has been absolute shit. Hasn’t even had a decent shot on goal or created anything.

    And I actually predicted that before he even played for us. Said he was the type that would go missing in those matches after analysing his game and character. He gets away with it being cowardly in those matches because it contrasts so much for general perception of him as some crazy, fearless Chilean.

    What’s unreal is London piping up after he scores a few against Palace, when he should be doing the opposite: admitting I was absolutely spot on. He never learns though. Stays quiet all season and pipes the odd time a year Sanchez does something away from home against crap teams.

  15. London gunner


    I think Jesus is great prospect, but I still don’t think he is at the level people actually think he is at yet.

    He has all ingredients but isn’t quite hitting WC form for me but he is a young lad.

    Great around the box but unlike aguero doesn’t have any impact outside of it.

    Very much a poacher at this point would like him to expand his game abit

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Or a player who has got wind that he is up for sale at the right price and knows Guardiola is not that big on Aguero.

    Might sense his chance. I do think Sanchez gives City more physicality up front over Aguero and certainly feeds into their pressing from the front style, he put that on show in a big way tonight.

  17. Jim Lahey

    @Relieable Sauce –

    “Mustafi has already scored as many goals as Ramsey did all of last season.”

    Yeah… but where are the flicks?!!

  18. WengerEagle


    Agree to an extent, he’s first class alright and his touch/finishing combined with his pace/movement is out of this world but yes, he needs to improve his all-round package. He’s a kid so it’s expected, not everyone is the finished package as a teen like M’Bappe is, he’s a freak like Ronaldo9.

    Pep loves him for a reason is all I’ll say.

  19. Paulinho

    Ramsey remains consistent regardless of opposition or venue.

    At Anfield when we were getting battered he stepped up and made a run to make it 1–1 about three years ago.

    It’s tougher away from home, so it tests your core strengths and we see how they hold up in hostile environments. Both Ozil and Sanchez continually get found wanting in those situations.

  20. London gunner


    He is no worse than any other arsenal player against top teams? Or do you expect him to win us the game single handily? Bit unrealistic.

    Plus he has scored against Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, man united, Real Madrid, atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

    No one else on the team has scored against as many quality teams as him. Your arguments shit mate.

  21. WengerEagle

    Bold claim Sanchez over Aguero, the latter drips class, has done it all in the league for City and has always delivered in clutch moments not to mention against top teams.

    He’s also played great under Pep, he just isn’t as good a target man as Jesus is.

  22. Samesong


    There’s every possibility he will play CF for them.

    He’s proven he can score goals from that position.

    He doesn’t have to work as hard.

  23. Paulinho

    London – Still haven’t grasped the difference between playing at home and playing away from home.

    You’re just dense. I’ve said to you before there is no point with these exchanges because you don’t even understand what you are arguing against.

  24. Marc


    No I’d look to go somewhere where I’d know I’d be starting at least 75% of matches when fit – at City he’ll be on the bench 50% of the time. Rumour was his agent was in Paris the other week.

  25. Leftsidesanch

    Thierry brought up a good point in regards to Alexis first goal. He was complaining to Laca about some of the players not celebrating.

  26. London gunner


    Consistently shit you mean?

    Ramsey’s been bang average for
    Most of his career shit for the other half and good for a fraction.

    You are talking about a match three years ago to highlight Ramey’s quality ffs.

    Sanchez is a clearly a better player they aren’t in comparable leagues.

  27. WengerEagle


    He doesn’t like to play off the shoulder though, he looks to come deep towards the ball which is a problem when you have KDB and Silva occupying those positions.

    Jesus and Aguero are pure strikers, they always look to get in behind and in 1 vs 1 situations with the GK, both finish better than Sanchez does.

  28. WengerEagle

    Aguero to Real Madrid ship has sailed IMO, if it happened it would have been in his physical prime about 2-3 years ago.

    Benzema will definitely be sold if PSG dump them out of Europe cause they aren’t winning the league.

  29. Samesong


    I agree. Sanchez doesn’t seem to be a player that likes to sit on the bench. I can’t see him going there to be a benchwarmer.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    John Lahey

    I agree 100% with you. Why bring on Coquelin to replace Lacazette? Utter madness and as usual added unnecessary pressure.

    The fact is that Arsenal cannot absorb pressure even when we have eleven players behind the ball.

    Defensively we are poor on flanks and of course at set pieces.

    Nevertheless this was a decent result in the circumstances. It is the first game that Crystal Palace have lost in three months at home.

  31. WengerEagle

    Kane to Real Madrid isn’t a crazy thing to predict, don’t think that it’ll happen personally as I still think that he’ll find his way to Manchester United at some point, along with Bale.

    Neymar to Real Madrid will happen imo, his dream club as a kid. PSG sandwiched in between softens the blow and allows him the opportunity to assert himself as the alpha-dog while Ronaldo and Messi still reign supreme.

  32. Relieable Sauce

    Sanchez’s pressing, workrate, fitness, durability, speed, strength, winning mentality and goals, must appeal to any manager with designs to win the PL.

    Lets have a team full of Wilshires, Rosickys and Cazorlas, play lovely football and leave competing to the others.
    Style over substance is a value many Gooner hold dear.

  33. Pierre

    Some bright spark said this at half time..

    “Plain to see that sanchez prefers playing with Kolasinac.
    If sanchez stays until the end of the season he will definitely get his form back..the goals and assists will return..”

  34. Marc


    Wouldn’t go that far but he’s looking more and more like the player we thought he’d be at 16 and definitely worth a new contract.


    I wouldn’t bet against seeing that happen over the course of the next 2- 4 transfer windows.

  35. London gunner


    You’ve opened a can worms of friends.

    Draxler is a le grove favourite despite never really making a consistent impact, being hot and cold his career and not really achieving anything in the game.

    Draxler is the hipsters footballer. Let’s be honest PSG might be one of the bigger teams these days but Draxler hasn’t made it there.

    You can say Sanchez didn’t make it Barcelona but Barcelona is literally the biggest team in the world and had one of the best teams of all time, so we can forgive Sanchez that one I think.

  36. Paulinho

    But there is no winning mentality from Sanchez away from home against top sides, or goals for that matter.

    He doesn’t rise up above the dross around him. He actually drops below them.

    Going to City though is a bit like Chamberlain going to Liverpool. So pampered with class around and in front of him that he doesn’t even have to do much most of the time. But will be in those key matches where he gets found out; which is what happened at Barca. Only three of four matches a season, but that’s the standard at those clubs.

  37. TR7

    Sorry tiff with Neymar I meant. Lot of rumors abound Neymar wants Alexis at PSG and wants to see Cavani sold off. If that’s the case Neymar will get his way.

  38. WengerEagle

    The whole Neymar-Cavani feud is likely just an exaggerated media story, they have assisted each other (7 times) more than any other two players in Europe so clearly there is chemistry there.

    Cavani is also averaging PSG a goal a game, no way he’s being sold short of him shagging Neymar’s sister.

  39. Paulinho

    Cavani is incredible. He would absolutely beast the premier league.

    I would offer PSG £40 million and throw in Sanchez for him.

  40. Bob

    Danny Murphy singled out Jack Wilshere for special praise for his role in Arsenal’s 3-1 Premier League victory over Crystal Palace on Thursday night.

    When is this over hype crap going to stop

  41. Bob

    As I said both the game about player rating

    Wilshere 8/10 | Stunning pass to assist Sanchez for his second goal and ran the show for much of the game. Great overall performance.

    Ozil gets 7/10
    Sanchez gets 8.5/10

    And yes xhaka gets 6/10

  42. E54_

    If sanchez is having a shit season. The 2nd top goal scorer. Then please enlighten us as to what kind of a season Iwobi, Walcott, Ozil, Giroud, Welbeck and any other Attacking player is having?

    What constitutes as shit for Sanchez, anything less than that must be absolute dog shit bollocks?

    Is Giroud having an absolute dog shit bollocks season? Iwobi? Ozil? Sanchez in his worst season is only 1 goal less than Lacazette?


  43. Bob

    mustafi has scored more goals then Jack wilshere in the last 2years.

    England are crazy if they think Jack wilshere is going to save the ass kicking they going to receive in the world cup.

  44. Wengaball

    “If sanchez is having a shit season. The 2nd top goal scorer. Then please enlighten us as to what kind of a season Iwobi, Walcott, Ozil, Giroud, Welbeck and any other Attacking player is having?”

    None of the others are giving the ball away 32 times a game, helping opposition start the counter attacks.

    Jack Wilshere: the dude needs to stop holding the ball that much. Slows down attacks, and many a times loses the ball trying to do too much when a quick, sharp pass will do.

    The same is the issue with Bellerin.

  45. Paulinho

    Sanchez is just being Sanchez. Poorer than the first part of last season but pretty much identical to the couple of seasons before that.

  46. Wengaball

    This Arsenal team also needs to learn that a sharp, quick backward pass is one of the best weapons to beat the press instead of trying to turn under pressure.

    But that means players behind the one under pressure need to make themselves available.

    Overall, this set does not move the ball quick enough. The norm with this Arsenal team is about 5 to 7 touches before they pass.

    That’s never going to compete against the half-touch Guardiola school where players are taught to make their decision before they receive the ball.

    I’d love to see some Opta stats on average no. of touches by players before they release the ball for each club. My bet is City are way ahead, followed by Liverpool.

    Arsenal have become dawdlers.

  47. E54_

    None of the others are giving the ball away 32 times a game, helping opposition start the counter attacks.
    So what you’re saying is. Not giving the ball away is more important than scoring goals? Can YOU enlighten us as to how many goals we conceded DIRECTLY from Sanchez losing the ball? Was it more than the amount of goals he scored?

  48. Redtruth

    thank you and good
    “I’ve long accepted we’re only a top 8 team and have zero chance to win the league under the 3 stooges. So I will take pleasure in saying Well done Arsenal, great game.”

    What a pathetic post…we don’t need fans like you stooping to Wenger’s level of ambition and competence

  49. David Smith

    Come the end of Jan, we could be without our three top scorers of recent seasons, Theo sold, Alexis sold, Giroud injured.
    If that happens, wonder what Wenger will do, apart from nothing that is
    On another note, Liverpool intriguing me, American owners, not behaving like American owners, unless of course someone big is being sold. The Glaziers take money out, but let the club spend a lot of money and will sack the underperforming eventually, the much maligned owners of Villa and even Sunderland have at least invested their own money, the former has sold and the latter would if he could.
    We have an owner who won’t sack anyone important, puts none of his money in and won’t sell. We have the American owner from hell.

  50. Wengaball

    “Not giving the ball away is more important than scoring goals? Can YOU enlighten us as to how many goals we conceded DIRECTLY from Sanchez losing the ball? Was it more than the amount of goals he scored?”

    He’s not even scoring goals. Scored what 6 in the season so far. And that’s NOT OKAY just because others are not scoring. He’s supposed to be the world class one, ain’t he? Too big for Arsenal. Score more than others then. Heck, the way he believes in his hype, score at least three times the others!

    Losing the ball:

    1) shows bad attitude – I am okay with being careless, because you know what, I DON’T really CARE for this bunch of losers. I am the dude. I am bigger than this sh!thole of a club.

    2) attacking opportunity lost

    3) defensive situation created

    But mostly, no. 1.

  51. Bob

    Mirror English paper
    Arsenal player ratings as Jack Wilshere takes control in win over Crystal Palace

    9 MotM. Ran the game from midfield, picked his passes and set the tempo.
    Jack wilshere was the man of the match???

    Ozil got 7 Sanchez got 7

  52. Relieable Sauce

    from F365.

    ARSENAL – Ozil/Sanchez replacements
    Over the past three seasons, Arsene Wenger has rarely dipped into his Christmas funds in the New Year. Cohen Bramall arrived for peanuts last winter, Mohamed Elneny joined the mid-season prior, and in 2014/15 the manager made it his resolution to make two game-changing signings in Krystian Bielik and Gabriel Paulista. But January signings are rarely top of Wenger’s wish list.

    This campaign might be a little different. The futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez remain uncertain, and while unlikely, Wenger could choose to gamble and try to bed in replacements for either or both in the final months of the season. Heck, a sizeable purchase could even persuade them to stay. If only wage bills weren’t a thing.

  53. peanuts&monkeys

    @Reliable Sauce: Super comment that. Worthy of a thousand reTweets: “Sanchez’s pressing, workrate, fitness, durability, speed, strength, winning mentality and goals, must appeal to any manager with designs to win the PL.Lets have a team full of Wilshires, Rosickys and Cazorlas, play lovely football and leave competing to the others.
    Style over substance is a value many Gooner hold dear.“

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    So, there is a right back vacancy at A top 10 EPL team and the club does not realize that. What a fucking joke! Only possiblebat ArseneFC.
    Not sure how old Cabaye is, but he is the right fit there: french, cheap and experienced.

  55. Wallace

    “I probably feel better than I did last year. I feel fitter, and am getting better each game. I spoke to the boss [about contract talks] and he said he will speak to me. I’m sure it will get done.”

    – Wilshere

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting report on this morning’s BBC News. Vincent Kompany has just obtained a MBA [Masters in Business Administration] from Manchester University. This is one of the toughest postgraduate degree courses.

    In his interview he reveals that his thesis was based on identifying how to secure home advantage in football matches. The basis of that topic was to make
    games more affordable.

    Kompany when interviewed spoke eloquently about the importance of footballers continuing with education during their football careers.

    Frankly I would not be surprised that in future we will see more footballers
    coming from Independent and Grammar Schools. Several leading schools are
    now linked with the Football Academies of clubs like Chelsea and that has
    been progressed further with the recent joint venture between Tottenham Hotspur providing the finance and Highgate School providing the academic
    expertise for a new free sixth form school the London Academy of Excellence
    in Tottenham.

    In the past most good footballers at these schools would have been persuaded
    not to pursue a football career, because of the risk and lack of financial security. That is probably no longer the case.

    For the record Frank Lampard went to Brentwood School and he has been rated as having a Mensa IQ of 150. So clearly having brains as well as brawn is not a disadvantage to playing football as it might have been in past.

  57. E54_

    The reason Sanchez is no longer scoring as many as last season, and the reason he has a low return this season by his own standards is because he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal anymore. He bust his gut scoring goals left right and center last season. He fought, he cared…and we still finished 5th.
    It doesn’t take high intelligence to figure out, that this team is not good enough no matter how hard he ‘individually’ tries so he decided he has to leave. Remember this, the whole reason and intention behind all of this is Trophies. Thats all its about. Nothing else. For a Chilean coming from the slums, he has been earning good money since udinese. Its not about money, he has money. Its about trophies. Now imagine Sanchez logged onto Legrove and asked you 1 question. How would you answer him.

    Sanchez ” I want to win League Trophies and the UCL before i retire. I’m 29. Where will I most likely be able to achieve this? a) Arsenal or b) Man City”

  58. E54_

    Looks like the shit happy with fourth leeching for years players don’t get along with the recent additions, the non-wengerized ambitious players who are not content with just picking up a cheque.

    Oh Arsene.. what have you done..smh

  59. graham62

    This has nothing to do with Sanchez, it’s all about Wenger.

    Wenger doesn’t prioritize winning, Sanchez does.
    Wenger tolerates failure, Sanchez doesn’t.
    Wenger is blind to reality, Sanchez is not.
    Wenger accepts the status quo, Sanchez wants to move forward.
    Wenger is in total denial, whereas Sanchez is not.

    I commend Sanchez and blame him for nothing. Infact I thank him for highlighting what we all feel.

    End of.

  60. ArseneisaFraud

    Hear, hear graham62. I personnally believe that the environment has become really toxic for Sanchez as I am sure he really hates his working environment and some of the players he has to play with (the “shit happy with fourth leeching for years players” as E54 kindly puts it).

    Having recently been in a situation where my work environment was very negative due to one person in management, I know for a fact that this does impact your working abilites. The moment the source of negativity was removed, my whole working environment became more enjoyable and my productivity returned to what I knew I was capable of doing.

  61. graham62


    At last, someone applying life’s experiences and basic common sense.

    Who, on here, actually blames Sanchez?

    If you love your club, NOBODY!


  62. goonerboy

    Poor defending again sadly but at least a win. anyone who thinks we can afford to get rid of Sanchez because he gats fucked off at the games we don’t win because of bad defending is a total dickhead Sanchez is the best player we have had since Henry. Who cares if he is not Mr Arsenal? He is the best player at the club.

  63. graham62

    My personal loathing of Wenger sunk to new depths last season(if that was possible) after his refusal to communicate his intentions to stay or go.

    He put his own personal gain and interests, above those of the clubs.

    Despicable/ Selfish/Arrogant/ Manipulative/Shameful//Disruptive/Ignorant/Counterproductive/Disloyal/ Condescending/Patronizing………………a total Liability and a complete and utter embarrassment.

    Oh yeh…………..WENGER OUT!

  64. peanuts&monkeys

    “graham62 December 29, 2017 09:02:20

    This has nothing to do with Sanchez, it’s all about Wenger.Wenger doesn’t prioritize winning, Sanchez does.
    Wenger tolerates failure, Sanchez doesn’t.
    Wenger is blind to reality, Sanchez is not.
    Wenger accepts the status quo, Sanchez wants to move forward.
    Wenger is in total denial, whereas Sanchez is not.

    WENGER IS 100% WRONG, SANCHEZ IS 100% RIGHT.I commend Sanchez and blame him for nothing. Infact I thank him for highlighting what we all feel.End of.”

    Yes yes yes yes yes

  65. Colin

    Just imagine the losers in the team has a problem with the one player who has a winning mentality and to those who complain about the amount of times he loses the ball ,well I say this to you please take a close look at your own high expectations for the club and how after years under Wegner,you no longer have expectations but dreams,if you are a winner and you are surrounded by losers eventually your standards drop,because if the losers and that includes the manager had half the fight ,desire,drive and technical ability he has ,guaranteed we’d be much better for it.Wegner out