5 burning issues that Arsenal need to resolve

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Happy good morning to you ALL.

I hope you unwrapped some joy, drank some beer, and drank some more beer.

But onto things of a more important nature, such as Boxing Day football of which we’re not a part of. Which is a bit of a shame really, even worse when you consider we’re not part of New Years day games either. I feel swizzed.

Games that could see an upset… Spurs vs Southampton, United vs Burnley. Outside that, there’s not too much that I can see going well for our top 4 push

Onto our game versus the mighty Crystal Palace. I’m very interested to see how Wenger takes on his squad rotation policy. We’ve already heard Mourinho complain about his side picking up ‘December injuries’, but we’re in pretty good shape. Notably because we are resting well in the Europa League, but maybe because of the Burgess influence?

Anyway, will the manager bring Kolasinac back into the fold? AMN had a pretty good appearance considering he was totally exposed by Alexis against Liverpool. That game opened up a few interesting questions for now, and moving forward:

Jack Wilshere:

He’s back in the mixer, he’s looking solid, and he actually wants to be at the club. Will Wenger continue to play safe with the Englishman, or will he land himself an extended run in the side.


I’m not sure how many poor games he needs to have before we realise he’s not quite the full package. His customary mistakes are one issue, his lack of mobility is a more pressing one for me. I wonder if Wenger is looking at AMN and wondering if he could be the answer to our DM worries? The kid has the most outrageous recovery pace I’ve seen since Hector broke onto the scene, he’s great with both feet, and he’s played the DM role before. I’d rather take a chance on someone right for the side, than flog a dead horse of a player who can only play under certain conditions. We have an all action DM for years, this kid looks like he could develop into a Naby Keita/Denis Zakaria style player.


It’s clear the player isn’t mature enough to see out the final year of his deal. The only thing keeping him at the club is Wenger going full on short-termism mode, hoping he can kick us into the top 4 like he might have in seasons past. He needs to give up that dream, move him on, and take the plunge with Julian Draxler who has only managed 10 starts in the league this year. He’ll want the World Cup nod he won’t get staying where he is.


Because Alexis has been so overtly uninterested in Arsenal this season, it’s kind of overshadowed the poor form of Hector who also pushed for a move last summer. He’s been dismal, and I don’t think it’s beyond the pale to suggest that maybe Debuchy should be given more of a chance.

Moving Forward:

I am very excited about having new people working contracts behind the scenes. The great thing about this summer, or really, this next quarter, is the Huss, Sahnelli and Mislintat are all going to be working in tandem on a professional approach to player recruitment and retention.

We have a lot of players heading into the last year of their deals next season. The club will no doubt be looking at a whole host of attributes when deciding whether or not to sign players up, or sell them on. They’ll look at market value, injury record, training records, statistics compared to players around Europe, what’s on the market, and how do the team want to play moving forward.

We might decide to offer Jack a deal to stay on but on lower money with the promise of more first team action. We might look at Aaron, decide he’s not really managed to form a decent partnership with anyone, and flog him on for a player with better fitness and on less money than £200k a week.

Whatever happens, we have the full circle required. Recruitment, market knowledge, and a process to understand the numbers behind doing deals.

No more socialist wage structure. No more Wenger dominance.

Finally, I think the rumours of Wenger walking are off the mark. It’s a dream, not a reality. The man never breaks a contract, and he’s not going to find a better £10m a year job, even one where he’s lost a chunk of his power. But at least there won’t be a new deal after that one. No way all these fancy staffers are joining for another half decade of Wengerball.

Right, that’s me done. See you on the other side. x

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  1. loyika

    @ Pierre

    Lol at Spurs and Liverpool having better seasons, even Chelsea and United.

    Guess League positions determines what constitues a “better season” for most, having said that Wenger himself also preached from the Bullpit of “4th is a trophy” so by his own words they are, as they are all currently above us in the league (we see where we end up come season’s end) And the fans lapped that up when it suited us so we can’t now turn around and say it doesn’t matter.

    Like you I feel winning trophies is what it boils down to at the end of a campaign (domestic or otherwise) and rightly Jose feels that way as well, but we can’t deny league positions come paramount especially with the money and prestige (somewhat) that comes with that.

  2. loyika

    @ Mark

    I guess in the end we will see when Arsene is gone.

    All in all I helieve the BoS have it all to do to make things right once Arsene is let go off, appointment of a good Manager to take over would be a start, however if they go the United route I won’t have my hopes up.

    Lets all hope for the best and soon because all this AKB vs WOB stuff is frankly childish, silly and corny as fcuk.

  3. Mark

    “consensus of opinion on here and the media is that, compared to Arsenal, spurs and Liverpool have much better teams, play much better football and have much better managers and are having a much better season.”

    That’s your take on it.
    The consensus as I see it is that Arsenal are inconsistent, you never know who will turn up. The manager fails to prepare or motivate his team properly and is not able to get the best out of the players he has.

    Frequently labelled as flat track bullies we are not completely shit and would expect to beat a certain amount of teams over the course of a season. We can score goals but have a poorly organised defence.

    All the above coupled by the fact that apart from City, none of the others are having a great season, could explain why we are where we are.

  4. Pierre

    I have never really been into the 4th place is a trophy crap.
    We will see if Wenger has given up on the 4th place is a trophy rhetoric when we come to the league cup semi v Chelsea..
    Will he pick his strongest side in the league cup and then a weakened team in the league at the weekend.

    I have a feeling it is now Pochettino who values top 4 above winning trophies..
    To me, his priority is finishing also rans in the title race than winning any of the cups (bar champions league).

  5. graham62


    It is your prerogative to say that “many of the issues of the fan base have nothing to do with Wenger”, but, the reality is, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Wenger has not only failed to adapt to the many changes “in the nature of football” more significantly, he has failed to respect and understand those of us, the supporters, who deserve far better.

    I would personally love to be given the opportunity to confront Wenger. I would communicate constructively and passionately and would not be intimidated or fazed in the slightest, as so many within the club/ media industry have been and,continue to be.

    Blogging is different to sitting in a Boardroom/Management meeting, we all know and understand that. However, the reason Wenger is still doing what he does is because those around him are all in it for their own personal benefits and financial gain (The Owner/Board members/The Coaches/Staff/Players and the The Media).

    As a fan, I am not in it for financial and personal gain, I’m in it because I love my club. Wenger has destroyed this LOVE……………….It’s as simple as that.

    Given the opportunity, I could/would make Wenger realise exactly where I stand as a fan and, more significantly, how he systematically has ruined it for us all, both AKB’s and WOB’s.

    If this is considered to be blowing my own trumpet, so be it.

  6. loyika

    I see he is now on the “Kane is on the same level as Messi or Ronaldo!?” shyte.

    Well if you have to say it Poch then he isn’t.

    Reminds me of the Hazard is as good as Messi and Ronaldo stuff Jose spewed way back when, whatever happened to that train of thought.

    As for Arsene and team selections for the cup or league, my thoughts are that he will play the 2nd string for the 1st leg of the cup and depending on how that goes will play the first team in the return leg.

    My gut tells me he doesn’t want to finish outside the Top 4 for a second season and doesn’t trust the squad (or himself) to win the Europa as a means to qualification.

    Could be wrong though as we never can predict what that Old Man is thinking.

  7. Pierre


    “The consensus as I see it is that Arsenal are inconsistent, you never know who will turn up. The manager fails to prepare or motivate his team properly .”

    I agree with the above and I have been frustrated and disappointed by our league form.
    Kosielny and Sanchez have probably been our 2 most influential players over the last 3 years but this season they have been poor.
    Taking that into account and the supposedly great form of the spurs and Liverpool attack, and their managers superb football brains and Wengers supposed tactical weaknesses.. how are we keeping pace with them and in a semi..

  8. TitsMcGee

    Is it down to the managers, are Pochettino and klopp really as good as many on here and the media suggest or is it Wenger is not as bad… Which is it…”


    Spurs and Liverpool don’t have our budget. They also don’t have a manager that has gone 14 years without winning the EPL and they would never anyway since they aspire to be better.

    It’s comical listening to you and your ilk spin Wenger’s failings and try to make light of them by comparing this Stat or that Stat to clubs/managers that have smaller budgets than us.

    Would Wenger be able to do better than Klopp /Pochettino at their respective clubs? I think deep down you know the answer to that question even if you wouldn’t admit it.

  9. Mark

    I think what I find particularly soul destroying is our performance in the transfer windows. I used to feel excited and look to see who’s available etc. But it just keeps on disappointing me and serves as a source of greater frustration.

    As I watch other teams strengthen or buy players I see who could improve us. To top it off we either buy very poorly (Xaka,to expensive especially when Kante was around & others) or dither and don’t buy at all ( Lemar )
    Unable to make & carry out a sensible plan to move on unwanted players. Etc
    Wenger has already mentioned that he may not be buying anyone in Jan.
    Such is the delusion of the man, but it’s more likely cos we have to sell before buying.
    Not sure when the new staff will have any input around transfers but it really couldn’t come soon enough for me.

  10. Pierre

    We have Sunday forest (fa cup), Wednesday Chelsea (semi league cup) and Sunday Bournemouth (league).

    I am hoping we play 2nd string v forest.. Strongest eleven v Chelsea and a mixture v Bournemouth.

  11. Buckhurst Gun

    ‘Taking that into account and the supposedly great form of the spurs and Liverpool attack, and their managers superb football brains and Wengers supposed tactical weaknesses.. how are we keeping pace with them and in a semi..’

    They are just as prone to implosion as we are – Klopp is wenger 2.0 and poch is well , just a decent manager , that’s how we’re keeping pace – but when you look at a real manager you see we are 56 billion points away from Man City – the liverpool spurs hype train fools a lot of people and I don’t know why ? I’m more impressed with dyche than Klopp or poch – let’s not get it twisted – wenger is tactically inept to the highest degree – it wasn’t tactics that got us back into the game against pool , it was their implosion , if Wenger had all the tactics he could replicate the Chelsea game and tweak it here and there for different games but he can’t becuase it was the once in a blue moon worldy performance that we’re capable of plus Chelsea probs though ‘ah it’s only Arsenal ‘ we got this …. but yeh all in all , WENGER OUT

  12. Pierre

    Buckhurst gun
    Wengers biggest asset is being able to fall in a barrel of shit and coming out smelling of roses as per the Liverpool game

  13. Pierre

    “Spurs and Liverpool don’t have our budget.”
    So, you are saying that despite having the most potent strikers in the league that the reason they are no better off than arsenal is because they don’t have our budget.