Merry Christmas from Le Grove x

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Merry Christmas one and all!

Just here thinking about all the religions out there that don’t have this amazing day to shower gifts on those they love. The absolute inconvenience of it all. I’m also thinking about the hypocritical atheists using the birthday of Jesus to acquire Nando’s gift cards. Shocking.

Anyway, a bit of Christmas cheer from Turkey… not the bird, the country. Apparently Eboue has been offered a coaching role at Gala, and they’re going to take care of him. That’s very sweet in such a short space of time. I was no fan of him as a right back or a winger, but as a person, he dressed up as a tiger to make the team LOL. Elite class clownage.

There’s also hope with Alexis, who apparently decided he hated Arsenal when we were tanked by Bayern. The Chilean wide man showed the kids how well he can hold onto the ball when he’s not trying to engineer a move away from the club.

Very sweet. It just shows, that even when you’re a rich footballer, giving a free pass to a bunch of kids is not acceptable. Picture that scene… now imagine that on Mario Cart later when I’m trashing 3 six year olds. No mercy, Alexis told me.

Finally, massive shout out to Romesh Ranganathan on some Sky round-up of hilarious football capers. His takedown of Stevie G slipping was hilarious. No mercy. Totally ruthless, like Giroud bearing down on goal against a bottom half of the table team when we’re 4-0 up at home.

Double finally, thank you so much for playing along with the site this year, I’m always thankful for your continued readership and occasional kind words. We’re heading into the final days of Arsene Wenger, everything we’ve ever dreamed of / campaigned for is coming soon. That’s the greatest gift of all.

BIG LOVE, see you tomorrow when we can put this family shit to one side and crack into something really interesting.

Pedro, Matt and Alfred x

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  1. Bankz

    Back to back Tr4phies.
    I’m becoming the Pep Guardiola of Legrove.

    Merry Christmas everyone.
    Hope Wenger won’t still be our manager come this time next year.
    That is my only Christmas wish. Hope Santa sees this.


    Thanks for the blog guys. I check it out everyday and love your analytical style mixed up with a humorous start. I have never felt more more optimistic about The Arsenal’s future. Get the change of manager right and we are very definitely onwards and upwards. All the best for 2018 – and DON’T EVEN THINK about giving the blog up otherwise I’ll turn into your worst nightmare stalker!! Well, perhaps that’s going a bit far. I’ll be cheesed off, that’s for sure 🙂

  3. TonyD

    Last post
    Nice try Pierre but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

    My son is in a ‘gifted’ class at his private school. He’s never less than 90% for his mid terms and final exams. So you’re right about him being smart.

    He speaks THAI and English fluently as well as reading and writing both languages and is well on his way learning Cantonese.

    He’s also a red/black belt in Tae Kwon Do and brown belt in jujitsu as well as playing football for the under 11 city team.

    He has his own mind and sees and understands what is so bad about Arsenal. Something you obviously fail miserably at comprehending.

    As you can imagine he makes his mind up with what he sees and not what my views are, which I mostly keep to myself and this blog.

    I’ve always maintained I have little interest in domestic cup silverware or rhetoric; I want to see us make realistic challenges for top honors, such as the EPL and CL on a regular basis.

    Having stated that many times it’s very apparent you’re still not getting it and probably never will.

  4. gonsterous

    wtf is sanchez doing in that video. lmfao, just no mercy to the kids. it’s like he’s that one kid in the park who owns the ball and it’s time to go home but the other kids don’t wanna listen. he has to push and pull to get to his ball to take home with…

  5. Colin

    Only a few hours left ,yes,then back to the football,anyway as bad as it is at Arsenal,let’s not forget that there are many more important things to concern ourselves with in this crazy world we live in,and so to all of you all the very best for the new year and of course that includes Wegner out.

  6. JJ

    I am so sick of watching Alexis losing the ball in games, I was hoping one of those kids would put a filthy slide tackle on him!

  7. foreverinourshadows

    When le fraud leaves and we ditch the pathetic tippy tappy gutless football, then I will rejoice, when we can defend as an unit instead of the debacle that is Kos,Bellerin and Mustafi, then I will rejoice, have a great Christmas everyone except the dire board and the hapless Wenger. Dear Santa grant me my wish Wenger out

  8. Gunner2301

    Merry Christmas guys. Hpoe you all have a good 2018. Pedro thanks for all the posts wherever you are in the world that’s dedication to the cause. You think you could mentor Arsene?

    Wenger Out!

  9. graham62


    Your son sounds a really special and sensible young man.

    My son, who I am immensely proud of, is coming up to 24 and has been an ardent and passionate supporter of the club since 2000, when at the age of six I took him to Highbury for the first time.

    Although holding a membership, he has not been to a game at the Emirates for nearly 4 years. He couldn’t take any more of the “persistent tripe”- as he put it- dished up by Wenger and flatly refuses to apply for tickets until Le Fraud has left the building.

    He is studying to be a dental surgeon and has an analogy of what it’s like following Arsenal, which I think is brilliant. He sees it as being equivalent to having a long and painful tooth extraction, with some occasional doses of Nitrous oxide thrown in for amusement.

    I think many of us on Le Grove can concur with this.

  10. TonyD

    Thanks Graham he is someone we are very proud of especially as he has ADHD .

    We’ve taught him to use it as a gift rather than see it as a condition, and it’s mainly his focus he’s affected by; however, it’s slowly showing signs of slowing down and he may well grow out of it in his teen years.

    Your son sounds like a real character and that’s a brilliant analogy. I can imagining Wenger checking out a dentist before he chooses one. Could be a very painful experience.

    We also have a 19 year old daughter in her 1st year of a double international degree here in Thailand, and then in Melbourne for the final 2 years. She’s studying Aerospace Engineering and supporting it with a 2nd business degree. It’s a 5 year intense program, but like your son, it should set her up for a great life.

    Have a good one buddy and see you here in 2018 for more fun and games.

  11. TonyD

    You really couldn’t make this up. Latest being reported on the Sanchez saga. Like Wenger and Gazidis have just worked it out that Sanchez was never going to be committed in his last year: priceless!!!!

    Even better the price we’re asking for him when he can leave on a free in 7 months.

    Still that’s Arsenal always trying for the ridiculous to start negotiations, which in truth will tell a skilled negotiator we will accept anything.

    “Arsenal will listen to bids in-excess of £35 million for Alexis Sanchez amid growing concerns from players and staff over his commitment to the club”

    Read more:

  12. TonyD

    I wouldn’t want player with that amount of petulance and negativity coming to my club, especially at that age and with his poor stats in BIG games. Still he’s probably won the trophy for the player most losing the ball and running incircles.

    No doubt Pierre will find some massaged stats to try to prove differently.

    Over to you Little Pee……..

  13. TonyD

    I fail to see what Wenger was complaining about recently with Festive game congestion.

    We play Thursday, Sunday and Wednesday where our last game was last Friday.

    First 2 opponents are Palace in 16th & West Brom in 19th place respectively, where the only difficult tie is against Chelsea at home.

    Maybe it’s because we are away for the first 2 games and our away record this season is completely shite!

  14. Rambo Ramsey

    Tony, perhaps you should spend time with your family on Christmas rather than writing essays about them for random strangers to read on the internet.

  15. graham62

    Let’s be perfectly clear here, Sanchez made it clear to everyone LAST SEASON, that he wanted to leave.

    The fact that our own expert negotiators are only realising this now, just beggars belief. Bunch of gormless buffoons!

    Ah well, it could be worse. We could be playing an ‘unpriviliged’ festive schedule of matches. Maybe Mourinho is right.

  16. Pierre

    Get me the sick bucket…. Nothing worse than reading about how amazing the geriatric goons (g62&td) offspring are.

    Next it will be “How incredibly rich we are”.. With our ten cars in the garage and beautiful young wife who is so wonderful and intelligent and can speak 200 languages who’s father is the king of singapore blah blah blah.

  17. Mark

    Pee-ear ,

    I seem to remember you brought up Tony’s son in your previous post, so a bit rich you’re now trying to have a go for him merely responding.

    Nothing wrong with someone being proud of what their kids are achieving or have turned out.
    You & Rambo just make yourself sound a bit jaded and jealous.

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    One of the rare occasions I’m in agreement with Hotpie. Its annoying enough to listen to some folks bragging endlessly about their jobs and kids. We all have such people in our circle.

    Writing essays sharing all these personal details on an anonymoys blog on the internet though? Tony D- does D stand for dumbass?

  19. TonyD

    First it’s none of your business, and secondly I live in Thailand, which is a Buddhist country where they do not celebrate Xmas only the New Year.

    The New Year celebrations do not start until this Saturday the the country pretty much closes down for 4 days.

    That being said, I refer you back to the first point for I care less what you think.

  20. Mark

    “The fact that our own expert negotiators are only realising this now, just beggars belief. Bunch of gormless buffoons!”

    Another Wenger cock up!! £60m in his hand and pissed it down the toilet. Any other manager would have taken the cash and got rid of the bad influence.
    Not Wenger tho, no he’ll stay and play his best football….
    This whole contract shitstorm , shows just how far away from reality he is.

    What makes it even worse is they try to make out like they’re in a position to start negotiations in a strong position. Upwards of £35m !!!! Just priced themselves out of another sale. Like we did with Gibbs only to accept a pittance for him.

    Pep will say no thanks we’ll take him for free in the summer. Sanchez will say F*CK you to any other move, and sleepwalk till then.
    Wenger will continue to play him poor form or not , hoping he’ll change his mind, or just to show he’s boss. It’s so amateurish and embarrassing.
    Let’s hope it really isn’t that long before these ridiculous goings-on are a thing of the past for AFC.

    Wenger out .

  21. loyika

    @ Mark

    Wrong, we can force a play, but it would require the Manager to be strong. (Its in these kinds of situations that Jose trumps Arsene)

    We could offer money to PSG for Draxler with Sanchez to boot as part of the deal, if he doesn’t take it then bench him or relegate him to the reserves. He might think Pep and PSG really want him? Well for free they might, but doubt Pep needs or will see him as a major improvement on what he has already (even in the summer)

    Alexis is 29+ so doesn’t have that much in terms of “Footie Years” to produce and he can definately adapt his game to play a midfield role like say Rooney has.

    So let him sulk all he wants, just shows how unprofessional he is. There are players in different clubs that didn’t all get moves to whereever (so he is and will not be the first or last) and depending on their attitude he should be dealt with accordingly.

    Conte put Costa in his place (Only issue is Chelsea didn’t support him fully in getting the replacement target he wanted) and is doing the same with David Luiz. Pep to Toure and so on.

    Arsene should apply the same treatment to Sanchez if he is not ready to be professional. Alexis right now is not indispensible.

  22. graham62


    Who’s moaning now?

    You’re like a dog( a wee Jack Russel) on a bone. Even at Christmas your personal jabs just keep on coming.

    If you are as mature as you say and think you are, you’d understand what being respectful and sincere is all about, especially at a time of year when you should be trying to show goodwill to all men.

    A belated Merry Xmas and a healthy and prosperous 2018.


  23. graham62


    It became obvious to us all after the 3-3 draw at Bournmouth back in January, when Sanchez reacted to the other players who sat back and gloated after getting an 86th minute equaliser against 10 men.

    “So Arsene, what was your interpretation of Sanchez’s reactions at the end of the game”

    “Well Er…… where he comes from people react differently than other nationalities”

    “You mean, he wears his heart on his sleeve because he was born in Chile?”


    “So don’t think at the end of the game, he was thinking like 7 billion other people on this planet were thinking, which was……..I’ve had enough of this shit, I’m getting out of here!”

    “NON NON! He was merely showing his passion to win. Remember, he’s from Chile”

    “Ok Arsene……Oh wise and great leader”

  24. TonyD

    What’s the thinking for the next 3 matches? 3 to 4 points max?

    Then we have the January window to enjoy.

    Will Sven be a star or will it be the usual farce?

    Guess we’ll just have to ride it out like last summer and before.

    Still the 6 nations is coming in February, so something good to look forward to.

    Oh yes let’s not forget the cups so Pierre has something to cling onto.