Mourinho veneer cracks | Horrible Eboue story | VAR refs coming to town

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Well, let’s get the miserable story out the way first. Darren Lewis from The Mirror has penned a horrible interview with Mr Eboue about his financial demise since quitting Galatasaray. It’s a bit of a weird one, because part of the story he’s trying to share sits around the lack of financial management footballers are given, part of it focuses on mental health… a topic I hold dear… but then you land on the guts of his broke-ness and it reads like he’s making a plea for someone to help him with his bitter divorce battle.

He earnt 8million euros, sent 7million back to his wife. Now apparently all his assets are going to the wife, and the reason he’s hiding from bailiffs is because he won’t sign over the house to the judge for judge to divide it up. Buddy, that’s the law, you owe what you owe.

Now, I’m no divorce expert… but if Eboue’s wife has stolen all his money in some illicit scam, I’m sure a man who had pocketed Premier League money would be able to hire someone to help. Divorce judges aren’t in the business of making men literally destitute. So the whole thing reads a bit shallow when his rags story isn’t actually rags, it’s him hiding from paying his debts.

Regardless, if he truly is suffering mental health issues, I hope he can find help. I’ve no doubt Arsenal will look out for him and offer him help if he needs it. I know they were very available to jump in with Kenny S when he was having troubles. So hopefully that offer is still available.

I’m still absolutely amazed that someone who has just finished a mega contract in Gala can be bankrupt already. Such a shame. At 34 years old as well. I’m shocked he’s not still playing to be honest? Anyway, good luck to Mr Eboue this Christmas. xx

Onto a person I care little for, Jose Mourinho.

I feel all Donald Trump, but it’s amusing watching the MSM defend Jose and try and take pot shots at Pep. Most of MSM wanted Pep to fail, claiming his ideas would never translate, now they have, the reason he’s doing so well is because of his spend.

Yes, spending money is a massive help, however, the reason Pep is doing so well is because he has the best ideas in a league that massively overspends. Mourinho pulled together a mean looking squad and his magic trick is making them play like Stoke, it’s a disgrace to watch and it’s coming unpicked, the latest humiliation was against Leicester who nicked a very late draw. Harry Maguire continuing to impress, as is Carls Puel, who is looking like another master managerial hire for the Thai conglomerate who own the club.

So back to the spend story, Pep spent 100m more, but he also recouped a huge amount and his net spend was basically the same as United. Chelsea spent a chunk of money. I mean, 4 clubs spent over 100m this summer, which is staggering.

Anyway, my point being, everyone spends a huge amount of money these days. United have built their success of traditionally being one of two that could do that, the idea that they can bitch about spend when they dropped 90m on Lukaku is beyond the pale. They’re reupping Zlatan’s deal they’re so bereft of ideas.

They need a modern manager. They’re flagging because they hired a dud in Moyes, they hired a manager WAY past it with Van Gaal, then they hired his love child who is also finished at the elite levels of the game. The only reason he exists now is because he can get by spending money. It’s not like he’s bringing anything new to the game, he hasn’t adapted his style, and he’s still the same old brand destroyer he always was. His post game comments slagging off his squad are par the course and exactly the reason he’ll fail… he’s all about himself. He just doesn’t have the hunger these days.

ANYWAY, the absolute banter of this all is Mourinho ‘might’ find himself out of a job before Wenger, and the absolute killer here? Zidane could also find himself out of a job and taking a spanking in El Classico. You can just see the tweets now.

‘Wenger does it again #StrongAndStable’

As you have to keep reiterating to people, this says more about Arsenal’s lack of ambition than it does about anything masterful Wenger has done over the last 10 years.

When things are going badly, make a smart change and keep things fresh. Hire someone who can bring new ideas to the table, someone who can eek an extra percentage point on the pitch, someone who can move the game forward. Wenger hasn’t been doing any of that for years, he’s remained par the course and we’re stagnating. Hopefully this summer will bring a new joy to Arsenal. I mean, what’s the point in hiring all these smart people if you’re going to allow the ship to be steered by someone blind?

Final piece, apparently they’re bringing some of the VAR (Virtual Assistant Ref) action to the Carling Cup semi-finals. I literally can’t wait. Reading around some of the anti-tech people is a little bit like reading commentary from the pro-gun lobby. No one is asking for a perfect tech, no one believes there won’t be mistakes, but what cannot be disputed is this is a brilliant move forward for the game.

The idea that a bad decision gets made quicker than a VAR one is also a misunderstanding of how the game is played. I can’t wait for a goal to be ruled out because of a handball. I can’t wait for justice to happen in a big moment, even if it’s against us. The game should be fair, refs need help, and the game will be better for it.

I also think another move UEFA should consider is having refs on rotation. Reading that Clattenburg article about letting Spurs implode so he wouldn’t get flack is so dodgy. I mean, we all knew that refs carried grudges and care deeply about their personal image. However, it’s clearly not good for the game. We should rotate refs around Europe. Bring in the best Italian ref to officiate the NLD. No bias, no preconceived notions, just fair officiating.

When referees start to see themselves as important actors in the game, or they have to be seen as that because they don’t earn enough to retire without a selling a book, you need to take action. Our officials need to be more accountable, and stories like the above need to be punished, and the league need to do more to stop that sort of thinking.

RIGHT, over and OUT.



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  1. kristoman

    I think you are hurt
    give it a rest. there are two most feared managers in the league and they are the currently in 1 & 2 position. simple as ABC. All
    this drivel you wrote means nothing. get over your hatred for the man for once and you will see your manager is even more despicable than him. at least he is trying to win with united money by investing and here you are slagging him off for being only second best to the man spend more than he did.

  2. graham62


    As I highlighted the other day, JM is a manager I would NEVER want at my club.

    I just love to see him squirm and show his true colours.

    The “brand destroyer” has been found out yet again.

  3. Marc

    Why do we need UEFA to rotate ref’s?

    PL ref’s are now paid circa £70k a year what do ref’s around Europe earn? With all of the money in the PL the only thing stopping us tapping up ref’s from abroad is the British media and FA who all seem to think that having incompetent morons constantly fucking up matches is funny.

  4. graham62


    “The reason Guardiola does so well” is because the players trust him, believe in him and respect him.

    Whereas, at Arsenal, ………………………………………………………

    Simple really.

  5. Thanos

    I don’t feel sorry for eboue one bit anyone who can squander or lose 15m by the time they are 34 does not deserve to have it.

    He has friends and colleagues that have had the right advice and have not lost it.

    We all bring up families and pay mortgages and buy our season tickets without earning million ‘s. He was in a privaledged position and he threw it away.
    Well go and get a job and get on with it.

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Eboue – I’m not buying any of his BS. He’s a deadbeat moron who has brought misery onto himself and now harps the whoa is me story. You blow that kind of money, you are a moron with no one but yourself to blame. Sorry, but I have zero sympathy for professional athletes who want it all and flaunt the high life only to realize later that maybe they should have invested a little money by taking a financial planning course at the local school or bank. That’s just plain old common sense.

    Yup, I’m a Scrooge or Grinch. Merry Christmas one and all!

  7. gonsterous

    poor eboue, I’m not going to bash him about his financial situation, cause I’m not in any position to help him. if you can’t help someone, what’s the point in calling them a mug ??

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Your take on ref rotation is an interesting one, Pedro. Question is, are UEFA and the FA ever going to consider it?

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Gonsteros – Apparently he’s too busy feeling sorry for himself to even help himself. God helps those who help themselves.

  10. Frankie Coffeecakes

    You are funny, Graham. “No, I won’t slag off Wenger during this period”. Then you follow it up with a beautiful veiled shot. Priceless!

    Merry Christmas, Graham!

  11. graham62


    Even in your most sombre and depressed state, surely you can’t be siding with Jose?

    Merry Xmas and thanks for all those one-liners.

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Eboue was a shit player, who as an individual, sums up Arsene Wenger’s tenure at the club. A man who under most circumstances would have never or should never have been a professional footballer. Along with numerous others I could name, Wenger essentially took a few dudes who kicked a ball and made them multi-millionaires.

    Footballers, historically…are a bunch of poorly educated, dumb bastards. Give the aforementioned money and BOOM, you have a rich man-child with no concept of the real world. Zero sympathy. As for his supposed mental health issues…again, he’s in a privileged position to afford the best care so go and get it. Many people with mental health issues are not wealthy and have to make do with the absolutely shocking treatment the overworked and underfunded NHS can give them.

    Eboue had his shot and blew it. Tough. But his “father” will probably open up his arms and welcome him back into Arsenal and give him another unwarranted and overpaid position.

    This has really ground my gears.

  13. loyika

    @ GoH

    A bit harsh there bro…Arsenal as a club have done their bit to help their players and ex players when needed and that needs to be commended don’t you think?

    Case in point, Kenny Samson, Big Tone with his drinking, RVP with his case and so on. No way am I saying we are the only ones that do this and condoning Eboue’s reckless lifestyle but if he does have mental health issues there would be nothing wrong in the club doing their bit to help out. Anotther point, he also made most of his money at Gala and not only from Arsenal.

    As a club we are way back in things like paying good wages to our staff and giving good conditions of service (have some mates that work at the club who barely make ends meet with their pay) so we can improve on that aspect, but we do a lot of good charity work (which you obviously know as a long term supporter going back some years) and help out where we can, which is a good thing.

    As said if Eboue’s health issues are real then I see no biggie in the club rendering help if he seeks it (doesn’t have to be monetary in nature)

    @ Tony D

    Merry Christmas as well to you and yours Bro. Hope you and the Fam are having a blast and restful hols. Lets hope 2018 brings us all joy amd progress (if not with Arsenal FC then in our personal lives and endevours) Top Man.

    @ Pedders

    Merry Christmas mate. This blog community wouldn’t exist without your time and effort (Le Grove has become sort of like a family. spot and thats down to you and your Dad) Cheers Bro.

    Merry Christmas to everyoneelse (WOBs and AKBs alike) Ya’ll are to many to mention. May the Banter (still) be with us in 2018. Stay safe folks and don’t overdo things in excess this holiday season.

    Special shout out though to Redbot (Happy Non Pagan’s celebrating day to you. Lol!) blog wouldn’t be the same without you (altho doubt Stroller shares those same sentiments. Lol!)

  14. HighburyLegend

    “You look at Arsenal against Liverpool and it was an entertaining game. But seriously, you are not going to win anything at all playing like that.”

    Sorry Mr Merson, but kim jong weng totally disagree with your point of view.

  15. Guns of Hackney


    I agree with you to a point but…the players you mentioned have actually provided the club a service. Legends, if you will. Eboue was just a player…a water carrier and not a very good one. Where does a club draw the line? What if Igor Stepanovs falls on hard times? Should we help him? Andre Santos?

    I am in no way making light of mental health issues. I am however saying that people like Eboue are in the 5% who can do anything they want because of the very privileged position they find themselves in.

    To be fair, my beef is with Wenger, not his little experiment, Eboue. I hope Eboue finds the help he needs, but perhaps he should join the queue of all of the other poor people who require assistance with their mental wellbeing.

  16. Don

    You can see it now Wenger announces that Eboue his son is his chosen successor.Thats what dictator’s do pass on power to their kids.Dont believe me? None of our board know anything about football and Wenger will convince them Eboue can do the same job as Zidane.

  17. WengerEagle

    Happy Christmas to everyone on the blog and their families, don’t frequent these parts much anymore but it’s still THE blog let’s get that right!

    Your efforts are always appreciated Pedro, Happy Christmas to you and yours mate.

  18. loyika

    @ GoH

    Fair point, but like i said, the help doesn’t have to be monetary.

    @ WE

    If you think Eboue’s story is strange what would you say about Adebayor’s? Like GoH mentioned in his first post, 90% of these footie players are dim spoilt brats who believe their own hype and would never think their money or playing careers would disappear suddenly. Thats why many run over to do pundit work as that avenue opened up for them to make some dosh on the side.

    Only a hand ful of them invest their money wisely and have good friends, agents, parents, spouses and so on that help them settle into life after football. Sometimes when you see some ex-players and how they look or have turned out, you can’t help but wonder – WTF happened to you homie!?

  19. Guns of Hackney

    Wishing everyone a good whatever it is you do at this time of year.

    Well done, Peter for managing to write content more or less everyday, even though the arsenal record got stuck a decade ago.

    Let’s all try and remember that this is JUST a blog. Opinion and bullshit. Certainly nothing to get too worked up about. Let’s try and remember that before we start resorting to threats of violence, abuse and death threats.

    Wenger out. Eboue in. Arsenal win the CL in the year 3025.

  20. Pierre

    Highbury legend
    ““You look at Arsenal against Liverpool and it was an entertaining game. But seriously, you are not going to win anything at all playing like that.”

    Now, I could have sworn we have won 3 fa cups playing like that.
    Or is it better to play like spurs, Liverpool or city who between them have won one (yes one) league cup in 3 years.

  21. graham62


    You don’t have to be Jose Mourinho to “get Wenger right”

    If Christ was reborn, and believe me the world needs this to happen, his first words would probably be “Where’s that clown they call a specialist in failure?”


  22. Pierre

    “If Christ was reborn, and believe me the world needs this to happen, his first words would probably be “Where’s that clown they call a specialist in failure?”

    And the reply would be” He goes by the name of Graham62″

  23. Pierre

    “Liverpool have won the Champions league which is better than winning 3 FA Cups.”

    So have Aston Villa, forest and red star belgrade…
    Shows what a crap trophy it must be, hardly worth winning if championship sides have won it.

  24. kelsey

    Reading all the comments on here about Eboue I am disgusted but not surprised that none of you understood anything whatsoever about mental health issues and should be ashamed of your various comments.
    Not many people know the wide range of mental health issues and in so many cases it isn’t visible to another person. Praying to God is a common belief in some parts of the world and be it right or wrong that he in all probability didn’t ever understand his wealth he has payed the price with various traumas in his life and I can fully understand that has led to anxiety and depression.He needs help and I hope he gets it.This is something dear to my heart and not always easy to explain.I wouldn’t pinpoint in this.
    case because he is from Africa, many very wealthy people have kept their money and still had major mental issues,Howard Hughes for one.Famous quote:” I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I’m a billionaire.”

    Merry Xmas Pedro and Geoff.

  25. Pierre

    Well said..

    Their ignorant comments can be traced back to their hatred and disrespect for Arsene Wenger.
    Because Wenger bought Eboue and chose Eboue to play for arsenal that means he has a stain on his Character forever in the minds of Le grovellers.
    They believe that if they showed compassion to Eboue it would in some way reduce their disrespect and hatred for Wenger…

    If Eboue had played for any other club there would be, I believe, compassion and understanding shown to him on Le Grove.

  26. london gunner

    Don’t really get the hate for Eboue it seems his only failing was trusting his wag wife.

    She’s stolen all his money and once the relationship soured she took him for everything…

    It’s not like this is the first woman to pull such antics.

    Either way he should have been more interested in what his wife was doing with the money and he should have prenuped up! So many silly rich bastards get duped by there women.

    As for the house situation. I read the article she already was given his mansion… why should she be given his mansion + his house in enfield? Bonkers so many men would expect all the property to be given to his ex wife.. why does she need two houses? Why should he give a share of the profits of his enfield house?

    Why not give the poor sucker the less valuable house out of the two so he can sell it and try and get back on his feet?

  27. Rainman

    Odd that Pierre accuses “le grovellers” as he graciously calls us, of being Wenger obsessed, yet the comments have mainly been about Eboue. Pierre is not the one trying to drag Wenger into this. Think it’s clear you are the one obsessed about Wenger.

  28. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Kelsey – “Pierre, I don’t really see the connection with a hatred and disrespect for AW .“

    There is no connection other than it’s obvious that Pierre is obsessed with said AW.

  29. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Kelsey – it’s called depression, something that can be treated with medication, if one is so inclined to do so. Admitting you have a problem is but the first step.

  30. Redtruth

    European Cup much tougher to win than the Champions league.

    1. Qualification reserved only for domestic title winners.
    2. No seedings
    3. No clubs cherry picking/poaching the best players.
    4. The laws of the game less sympathetic to attacking teams

  31. HillWood

    All I remember of Eboue at Arsenal was he started off ok but then became rubbish
    Strange why it happens so often at Arsenal

  32. Charlie Nick

    The European cup format was ditched after AC drew Real in the first round. The’Champions’ league was designed to head off a breakaway euro super league. As with everything it came down to money. Essentially the champions league is a mash up of the old european cup/uefa cup, with the europa league becoming a hybrid of the cup winners cup and teams that wouldnt have any euro involvement (5th-7th). In my opinion, both competitions have been devalued.
    Happy xmas to all on the site.

  33. Carts

    Merry Xmas Pedro and the rest of LG.

    I’d like to start of by saying that I couldn’t give a flying dog shit about Eboue’s demise. Granted, going from poverty, to a millionaire back to poverty must be awful. But that’s where I draw the line.

    Eboue made a fortune player for arsenal, let alon th €8m he made in Turkey. Now all of a sudden no one told him about being financially responsible; and his wife swindled him to the point where it seems like the local judge was in on the act too.

    Lastly, the only reason he’s not playing is due to fucking over his ex-agent, after being instructed by FIFA to pay up. I mean, what up with that? If he followed FIFA’s orders he’d be picking up a little change at Sunderland.

  34. TonyD

    If anyone should know what mental health issues are about it’s Pierre.

    Why else would he so blindly argue against solid proof that Wenger has been finished for over 13 years?

    Maybe his psychologist tells him to keep remembering the FA cups to keep Pierre on as even keel as possible.

    What did you buy Wenger for Xmas Pierre?

  35. mano'gunner

    @london gunner

    I’m not an expert in divorce law but I suspect it’s something about splitting how much you’ve earned when you were together when getting a divorce. I believe Eboue was married to her before his Gala stint so everything earned after has to be split.

    Also the article mentions his “ill-health”. I remember there being rumours about HIV when he had to quit football because of it. Any updates on that? Is that why his wife is leaving him?

  36. ArseneisaFraud

    Merry Xmas to all: Pedro, LG posters and readers alike! Hope Father Christmas has all brought you what you wanted!

    Wishing you all a great day!

  37. Salvage

    This habit of booing ex players who moved on is pathetic and stupid.

    BOO WENGER and get him out of the club and not players who have given their all but realise at some point that Wenger cant help the fulfill their potentials.

    Stop that nonsense.

    Arsenal Fans are the only fans who do this. It is terrible.

    Misplaced priorities pretty much. The useless pair of Wenger and Steve Bould sit there all match and do nothing but you target players who did their best for the club , then moved on.

  38. Pierre

    “Maybe his psychologist tells him to keep remembering the FA cups to keep Pierre on as even keel as possible.”

    Yes Tony, any silverware is better than no silverware..
    And Tony,
    Just remember to let your 9 year old son enjoy his football and not to brainwash him with your continual Wenger obsession.. Sadly it is probably too late..
    If your son has any sense (which I am sure he has) he will turn his allegiance to a different club as watching an Arsenal game with you must be a pretty depressing experience for him.
    He can then watch his team in peace and think to himself “thank fuck for that, I don’t have to listen to that miserable git anymore, whining on about Wenger for 90 minutes”…

  39. steve


    I agree. It really is embarrassing. Instead of focusing on getting that fraud Wanker out of the club most fans focus on other meaningless and petty things like booing an ex player. Boo hoo he moved on who gives a fuck? If the fanbase had any spine at all Wenger would’ve been out of the door a long time ago.

  40. useroz

    Wenger redefined *trophies” this season… two already half way after 19 games


    8 – Arsenal

    4 – Tottenham

    3 – Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd

    1 – Chelsea


    23 – Arsenal, Liverpool

    18 – Tottenham

    14 – Chelsea, Man Utd

    12 – Man City 

  41. Dissenter

    The Eboue story is just gut wrenching. I want to feel sorry for him but he was so naive to trust anyone with that much responsibility.
    Hope his wife has a merry Christmas because she will need it where she is headed to.
    50-50 would have been great but why strip him off everything?

    Merry Christmas lads. Don’t drink too much and stay safe.

  42. Mark


    Totally agree it’s classless, embarrassing , childish and poor especially coming from a club that has class as one of it’s values.

  43. Kom Ando


    I question the net transfer spend figures for Man City.

    Aaron Mooey sale for example who played for Melbourne FC, which is part of the City Football Group is considered part of the net spend calculation for Man City, which is clearly some clever accounting by the Sheikh team to contravene FFP.

    As for Pep re-inventing football in England, fact is that Pep inherited the best team in the league with players like KDB, Silva, Toure, Kompany, Fernandinho, Aguero who form a strong spine + on top of it he added 11 players worth 430mm EUR in 2 years*, vastly outspending all his competitors (including Mourinho who spent 350mm EUR on 7 players). So Lukaku at 70mm quid is a joke, but Bernando Silva bought for 50mm EUR playing 5 minutes or Claudio Bravo bought for 18mm EUR for 5-6 games is WHAT EXACTLY?

    *Here’s the list:

    John Stones € 55,600,000
    Leroy Sane € 50,000,000
    Gabriel Jesus € 32,000,000
    Ilka Gundogan € 27,000,000
    Nolito € 18,000,000
    Claudio Bravo € 18,000,000
    Total Yr 1 € 200,600,000

    Benjamin Mendy € 57,500,000
    Kyle Walker € 51,000,000
    Bernanrdo Silva € 50,000,000
    Ederson € 40,000,000
    Danilo € 30,000,000
    Total Yr 2 € 228,500,000

    Bought 11 players, outlay €430mm