Arsenal make most of Liverpool collapse, but squad issues are very worrying

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Arsenal dropped yet more points in what is proving to be pretty average December so far. The game was crazy. I’m quite used to being depressed sitting in the stands, but I’m not normally that flatlined by a performance, only to witness us turn it around so quickly.

The first half really was utterly drab. The team had no real shape and they struggled to contain a Liverpool I felt were playing in 3rd gear. Their pressing was strategic, but it wasn’t as intense as I’ve seen them go before. Perhaps wary of expending too much energy early on.

Arsenal did manage to scrape past 20 minutes without conceding, which was impressive considering how we’ve faired on that front this season, however, you could see the chinks in our armour being opened up. Maitland-Niles was being actively targeted down the left. Liverpool testing his positioning, nerve and aerial ability. He certainly wasn’t winning, and down the left is where the first goal came from.

Salah was played in on the counter, MN was nowhere, Koscielny jockeyed well, but the cross ricocheted off his leg allowing Coutinho to follow up and nod the ball over Petr Cech for his first ever headed goal. The extra frustrating thing about that move was that Coutinho started his run from behind MN. If you’re out of position, you should be working harder than that to make it back.

Moving forward, Arsenal had nothing. I’m not sure we registered a single shot on target, we didn’t look a threat and Lacazette was being eaten by Liverpool’s defence. The crowd aggressively booed off the home side and it was fully deserved.

The second half was a bit more interesting. Firstly, look at the absolute state of our defence for what is essentially a 2 vs 4 situation.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 11.04.18

For starters, Salah started the move himself, speeding past 5 Arsenal players (across the field). Firmino somehow managed to pull 3 Arsenal defenders out of play finding Salah, who passes into the bottom corner, albeit with a deflection. Absolutely atrocious, and what many had thought was game over.

Cue the Liverpool collapse. Our first goal came from a rare gem of a cross from Bellerin who found Sanchez on the back post with a simple header. I’ve no idea why Joe Gomez tried to clear with a half-arsed bicycle kick, but I’ll be honest, I was glad he did it.

Our second goal came from two rare moments, the first was an Iwobi assist, the second was from a Xhaka 35 yard screamer on target. What a strike! Again, thankful for the customary shoddy keeping from Mignolet.

At that point the wind was in our sales and you could feel something coming, and it did. Mesut Ozil made a surging run, he found Lacazette, the Frenchman backheeled the ball into his path with the German gently chipping the ball over the keeper. What a turnaround. Liverpool had gifted a 2 goal lead in 16 minutes.

Could we hold onto our lead? Don’t be ridiculous. Alexis Sanchez, a player who was atrocious all game, gave the ball away when he slipped on a counter attack, Salah picked up play, ending in Firmino rifling a shot at Cech who palmed the ball into his own net. A really flat way to end the game.

So, what did we learn?

Not a lot. Arsenal are still having a rough time against the top teams in the table, we’ve only beaten Spurs so far this season. When it comes down to big thinking, Wenger struggles. Aside from it being hilarious that Liverpool can throwaway games like that, you have to remember that the result was gifted through individual errors. I’m not sure we were worth the point out there. Liverpool look a few shrewd signings away from being a menace in the league.

Arsenal lacked shape and purpose. It’s like the players hadn’t been coached on what Liverpool were about. They had no answer to their press, we had no purpose moving forward and we really lacked any sort of aggression or bite.

Petr Cech is over. It’s not that he’s a bad keeper. It’s that keeping has passed him by. Hoofing it to the little man who is being dominated isn’t smart. How can a keeper so experienced not pick up on the fact his kicks aren’t meeting their target? We need one of the new breed who can play with their feet and break a press, like Navas or Ederson. They exist as well, Lazio’s Greek keeper Strakosha is tall, athletic and great on the ball.

We also have to be honest with our defence, it’s not good enough. I’m not just talking about the players, I’m talking about the system. We had no pace in our midfield yesterday and we struggled. Look at how pedestrian Jack and Xhaka are for that last goal. Look at the same two for the second goal. For the first goal even. They’re nowhere. You need to be mobile in the Premier League and those two aren’t, and we suffer.

Even at the back, Laurent Koscielny appears to be fading. He was lucky not to give a goal away with a mistake in the second half. If we’re dropping Kolasinac for a kid, you’d have to say that maybe my thoughts about him not being the full ticket had some credence. Being big doesn’t mean you’re good. Then you look at the age and quality we have elsewhere. Per is retiring, Monreal is no spring chicken and Mustafi still has the jury out on him. Chambers and Holding are probably not going to cut it.

Even up top, we all love Lacazette, but his lack of pace and physicality hurts us. You’re only getting away with being small if you’re faster than everyone else. He’s a good finisher, I’m not quite sure he’s the game changer we hoped for. Alexis needs to go, it’s like he’s being paid to give the ball away. He doesn’t want to be here and he gifted the points to Liverpool. Iwobi also needs to be taken out of the action, he was so, so poor. Get WELBZ in there.

The club needs a rethink this summer. They also need to have a long think about whether Arsene is the architect of the makeover because it’s clear to the world he shouldn’t be. Why not cut our losses early and move him on? Give the baton to the next man and start a new chapter.

Right, that’s me done, see you on the other side!


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  1. TitsMcGee

    It’s amazing how a player like Kolasinac starts off so promisingly and then half way through the season he’s nowhere to be seen.

    Same thing happened with Mustafi when he first started. Coincidence?

  2. Dream10

    Our lack of athleticism is evident when we play the better sides. We’ve never been a compact side of who hide the physical deficiencies of players.

  3. grooveydaddy

    I just watched Benzema MISS a header…

    I don’t care who starts for the French NT. He’s still better than the 2 we’ve got.

  4. Masterstroke

    Let’s see an end to this Maitland-Niles as left sided defender/wing back and play him where Wenger even said he’s most suited. If that means displacing Wilshere or even Ramsey then do it. We have a couple of easier games coming up so please, please Arsene give it a try.
    Not sure what the problem with Kolasinac is (passing a little erratic), but he’s got to come back in to a back four and do away with this three at the back nonsense until we get three class central defenders.

  5. Mark S

    Pedro-I’d rather see what a “new” manager could do with our “current” players than our “old” manager ruin more “new” signings. I don’t think the squad is that bad, but as has been mentioned time and time again….it is all too predictable.

  6. Wallace

    Kolasinac will come again. Pretty much every new player to the PL experiences a drop off in performance at some point.

  7. London gunner


    Amen! He is like a sniper!

    Even when he seems like he is having a quiet game and not making much impact with that in his arsenal he is always a threat.

  8. Globalgunner

    New players will never solve the problems at Arsenal with Wenger still at the helm. Best not waste the money. We will finish outside the top 4 this season. New players or not.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Can we all agree that Lacazette is complete and utter drivel. This was a really stupid £55m spent on someone who couldn’t shift the horrible Giroud from the French team. Seriously.

    Sell the bastard to Athletico.

    As for Kolasinac…pants. Sorry but he may have had some stats in Germany but why wasn’t he on everyone’s shopping list? Because he’s shit, that’s why.

    The troubling issue with the league is although city are walking it, the rest of the chasers are bullshit. We will get fourth and that will no doubt signal another contract for the dictator.

    Someone needs to get Wenger out ASAP. The team/squad needs gutting and the club needs a total rebrand.

    I find it troubling that people actually still go and watch Arsenal. Why? Instead of blowing cash on an Arsenal game, go to B and Q, pick up a paintbrush and some trade emulsion, paint a wall and watch it dry. Total cost £20. Cheaper than Arsenal and you get the same result.

  10. alexanderhenry

    I am not a fan of that kind of arsenal performance. It’s exciting, yes, but for most of the game we played like school boys.
    I really don’t see us doing anything this season.

    The entire team and setup need a massive overhaul.

  11. Mark

    From yesterday’s post

    Come in #9, your padded cell is ready. You’ve such a hard on for Bamford, you seem to Jizz in your y-fronts every time he posts.
    At least he makes points based on the football and doesn’t just label people wankers or cunts.How you can gloat after a performance like that is ridiculous. A shit first half where on any other day,( regardless of how Shit Pool are defensively) they should have been 4-0 up.
    Yet you sit there on your high horse saying should have waited till the game was over.
    We were fucking LUCKY !!
    So I wouldn’t be shouting down others as if it was some great performance. Even when we went 3-2 up , Wenger had no clue as to instruct the team on how to see the game out.
    You don’t have to be a self proclaimed expert to see this.
    If we keep getting it wrong on le Grove, you must think your naked emperor is getting it right, then?

  12. Number9

    Mark you mug it was bollocks the first time you posted it, it’s even more embarrassing that you’ve posted it twice.

  13. Number9


    ‘Remember those dickheads who tried to argue here that Klopp was no better a manager than Wenger? Look at how these two teams play collectively, look at how they are organized. It isn’t even close. Wenger is such a joke.’

    Hahaha the only joke is you.

    When will you ever learnt to control your premature ejaculations?

    Should at least wait until the game has finished, suppose that’s just a Le grove thing, so many self proclaimed experts getting it so wrong so often.

    Try not to jizz in your pants this afternoon when you’re watching some ‘pretty soccer’. Wanker.

  14. Number9


    Dry your eyes mark. No one is gloating you fucking pleb.

    Banford talks shit and labels people and as such deserves everything he gets.

    As for you mark who the fuck are you?

    Nobody is interested in what you’re saying and your amazing analysis is akin to what a 5 year old would produce when they’re arguing with themselves.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    If they get the sense Pochettino is available, or someone like Jardim, Sarri or Allegri even I think they will move him on. The fans there are unforgiving and will press for change.

    I can see Bale going like you, possibly to United in the summer. It may be Aubameyang finally gets his Madrid move this summer, or someone like Icardi perhaps, would they go for Kane?

  16. TitsMcGee

    Kolasinac will come again. Pretty much every new player to the PL experiences a drop off in performance at some point.”

    Like Mustafi?

  17. TitsMcGee

    So farcical that Zidane might be on chopping block despite winning UCL but Wenger carries on because he beats Huddersfield 5-0.

  18. Carts

    Kolasinac hasn’t quite set the world alight since his arrival. IMO, he strikes me as a safety first player. Nothing wrong with that.

    I’m unsure what performance had him dropped; and irrespective of how AMN played, playing him over a natural LB is just bizarre.

  19. UTarse

    Arsenal are a joke and the fans an even bigger joke. All this to’ing and fro’ing between AKBs and WOBs. 6th here we come, a new low for the fraudster and his “fans”. The only hope for anyone who genuinely wants wengunt out is for us to finish 6th or maybe lower. Fuck the neutral wank fest on a 3-3 draw you imbeciles.

  20. steve

    Number9December 23, 2017 14:14:06
    Mark you mug it was bollocks the first time you posted it, it’s even more embarrassing that you’ve posted it twice.


    You mean the same way you posted your drivel twice. Pathetic cunt.

  21. Bamford10

    Number 9

    Wenger is a joke. There is no question about this. That Arsenal came back to score three goals changes nothing. That first half was a disgrace, as have been a thousand halves under Wenger. You should try making an argument rather than slinging around empty insults. No one here thinks you know what you are talking about.

  22. TR7

    Adam Joseph Verified account @AdamJosephSport Dec 20

    Peptide “PED” Guardiola & the secrets of Tiki Taka. A thread on Pep’s historical habit of doping & performance enhancing drugs, his links to other cheats, suspicious doctors & the ongoing rumours that surround him to this day.

    In 2001 playing for Brescia, Pep had tested positive twice against Piacenza & Lazio. Both samples showed levels of the anabolic steroid nandrolone. Nandrolone improves athletes ability to train harder, recovery faster & help the body build muscle by producing extra protein.

    Guardiola tested six times the legal limit. In the corrupt world of Italian football (at the time), he was given a 4 month ban & €50,000 fine. Naturally Pep was insistent of his innocence. “A machine says I have taken nandrolone, but I know I didn’t,” he said.

    “Before Piacenza I only took the multivitamins that Dr. Ramon Segura, my trusted physiologist, has prepared for me for six or seven years.” That brings us to Ramon Segura, who also represented Frank De Boer, who tested 5 times the limit to Nandrolone 7 months before Guardiola.

    Segura claimed the supplements were contaminated & the cause of the positive test. Investigations found this wasn’t possible. Segura joined Guardiola at Barcelona in 2009. In 2010 the club were fined €30,000 for failing to provide accurate details of their players’ whereabouts.

    Unfortunately, in European Sports where doping is rife these things are largely ignored. But despite the coach’s brilliant training methods which are undoubted, maybe here’s a secret to how his plays get stronger, bigger, & running faster & further than ever before

    Oh I forgot to mention Luis Garcia del Moral – who was 1 of the 3 doctors banned for life following Lance Armstrong’s life ban. He provided riders with EPO, blood transfusions & masking agents. Where was he also a medical advisor? FC Barcelona.

    Cyclist Floyd Landis says he paid del Moral to work with him to execute successful blood tranfusions for the 2005 Tour de France. Del Moral is the third doctor (Segura & Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes are the others) with links to doping to be associated with FC Barcelona.

    It doesn’t appear coincidence that there were less links to doping during Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich stint – was it perhaps that Pep’s Peptides & PED’s weren’t allowed in Bavaria? Let’s not forget his feud with the medical staff & that four doctors walked out on him in 2015.

  23. Ishola70

    It’s a shame that some folks are implying that Man City are cheating.

    It’s more likely that the EPL is just very over-rated and Pep has completely tamed it in his second season.

  24. HillWood

    Kalashnikov has probably been Wengerised
    It’s a debilitating disease spread by the rat infestation at Emirates Stadium a

  25. TR7

    For the record, I don’t personally believe in doping theory as I have no idea what goes behind the scenes. Posted these tweets just to give a sense of some of the rumors floating around Pep’s doping stuff.

  26. Bamford10

    “I’m never surprised at what Wenger says anymore, but him saying we defended well last night has to be the most laughable comment he’s ever made, this is why we will never move forward with him, he just cannot see the problems that everyone else can!” – @MrDtAFC

  27. TitsMcGee

    It’s totally English that Pep/City is accused of cheating. It must be some reason why he just bosses the “best league in the world” right?

  28. TitsMcGee

    Trying to figure out how PEDs would benefit a football player. If you can’t strike/pass a ball there is nothing that would save you.

  29. Jim Lahey

    @TR7 – I’ve heard those rumours over the years also, football is a pretty corrupt sport, it wouldn’t shock me if it was true.

  30. Jim Lahey

    @Tits –

    “Trying to figure out how PEDs would benefit a football player.”

    “Nandrolone improves athletes ability to train harder, recovery faster & help the body build muscle by producing extra protein.”

  31. TonyD

    My son asked me what I thought Wenger was saying to our player (Sanchez?) during the first half because he said Wenger never tells players what to do during a game?

    I told him he was asking him if the team wanted orange or apple juice at half time?

  32. raptora

    Dele Alli has to be one of the most disgusting football players I’ve seen. Another dive for a serial cheater. Funny how refs still fall for it btw. I mean he is Dele Alli and not Oumar Niasse so obviously he will get away with it. FA are as bad as him.

  33. TonyD

    Did anyone really expect anything different to the game yesterday?

    Chelsea we’re poor against Everton today. Maybe home of getting a result in the cup or EPL against them, but not in both.

    City 4:0 win was not surprising either.

    Will be interesting to see if Burnley can come back from being 1:0 down and United should turn Leicester over.

    I’d be happy to have Kasper S as our first choice keeper or even give Macy a run.

    Felt sorry for AM-N being thrown under the bus by Wenger yesterday and always thought the same as CA about Sead.

    Our sorry state isn’t about to improve any time soon under Wenger.

    Great post Pedro

  34. TitsMcGee

    Nandrolone improves athletes ability to train harder, recovery faster & help the body build muscle by producing extra protein”

    Yet can’t help with your touch, shooting, football intelligence, strategy, instinct etc.

    Welbeck could take all the drugs in the world and wouldn’t be any different at bungling in goals.

  35. TR7


    ‘Dele Alli has to be one of the most disgusting football players I’ve seen. Another dive for a serial cheater.’

    The only thing he is good at.

  36. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Madrid will look at Pochettino possibly?’

    Yes, I’m sure Real Madrid are the type of team that will consider signing a loser who has to leave a blank space for achievements in his CV.

  37. Elmo

    6th at Christmas, then.

    About right for what we are right now under Wenger’s continuing tenure, and what many of us predicted pre-season.

    The key variable is whether Wenger is staying another year. If he is, just forget about 4th place and focus all resources on the UEFA Cup push. If he’s going at the end of the season, a strategic decision has to be made by Gazidis and Sanllehi as to whether to spread resources around various tournaments and try to get away with as much as possible, whether to focus fully on 4th place in order to hand that advantage to a new manager, or whether the UEFA offers our best chance at both glory for the fans / prestige of the club and CL qualification for a new manager.

  38. graham62

    Number 9

    Remember, it’s Christmas!

    Banter/ disagreements are fine. Obnoxious, nauseating ‘gutter’ language, is not necessary.

    We can all tolerate constructive criticism, but don’t overstep the mark.

    Tone it down or belt up!


  39. TitsMcGee

    Yes, I’m sure Real Madrid are the type of team that will consider signing a loser who has to leave a blank space for achievements in his CV.”

    Lol you sound bitter af.

  40. TitsMcGee

    All football players cheat at some point. All of them . Even our players.

    Everytime a player barely gets touched but rolls around on the ground like he just got shot it’s cheating.

    Blame Fifa/Uefa/FA for allowing it to continue unaddressed for decades.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Well I’m more thinking sign a manager who has turned Spurs into a credible force and actually finished above Madrid in the UCL group stages on a tiny portion of their budget and wage bill and has developed a host of players and implemented a fearsome system with far more limited resources than all of his top six rivals and most top UCL teams.

    I would not want you as a CEO not appointing Pochettino because he has not won a League Cup or FA Cup or something. By your logic Wenger would be a better appointment for Madrid than Pochettino which should see you laughed out of every building ever built in the history mankind.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    I’m not saying he is the best manager going but both Madrid and United would take him in a heartbeat if they sacked Zidane or Mourinho.

    He is in the list of exciting managerial talents along with Sarri and Jardim.

    Would be a massive blow for Spurs to lose him as well.

  43. Ishola70

    Well he’s favourite with the bookies to take over at Real Madrid at 2/1.

    Now 2/1 in that market doesn’t mean that much but for him to be installed as fav to take over is contrary to those that don’t rate him because he hasn’t won a secondary domestic cup.

  44. TitsMcGee

    City will shatter goals scored record at this rate along with total points at this rate. Have to think they’ll stumble at some point though but impressive stuff from them.

    Last season Arsenal won the EPL: 2003/04. In the 13 seasons since he’s finished 14 pts behind on average(highest being 24, lowest being 4)

    2017/2018: 21 pts behind at Christmas

    Sackable numbers.

  45. TR7

    I fail to see the hype about Pogba. How can someone who rarely makes right decisions on the pitch be considered a top player? Besides, he fails to pull off fancy things he tries and ends up look silly.

  46. Carts


    No doubt, it was only a matter of time before Kolasinac lost his touch I guess.

    Wenger is utterly clueless in anything he does. Ad-hoc approach with everything

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s fundamental weakness as a team over many seasons is not in the offensive department of our game but in defence.

    What has been apparent this season is that our defence whether a back three
    centre back combination or flat back four is poorly organised and deficient of

    That was patently obvious in both matches against Liverpool and also in games against Man City, Man United and Leicester.

    Last season we conceded ten goals in two legs against Bayern Munich, which we are now being told was the reason Sanchez changed his mind about signing a new contract at Arsenal.

    What this tells you is that Arsenal Teams under stewardship of Wenger are
    incapable of defending properly and this is despite having on his books a coach such as Steve Bould who was a solid defender in his playing career.

    The problem is not the basic skills and talent of individual players, but how the
    players are operating as a collective and complementing each other.

    If you have five solid defensive players in your team with a mobile defensive
    midfielder controlling the midfield it allows your offensive players to play
    freely up front.

    Wenger’s neglect of this department and unwillingness to invest in top players unless they can be acquired on Bosmans e.g. Campbell is precisely why we
    have struggled in recent years.

    Teams who win the EPL Title seldom concede more than 20-25 goals in a season. Arsenal have already conceded that number with still one match to go in
    first half of season.

  48. Ishola70

    Well if Man Utd win this they will be 10 points clear of Arsenal themselves.

    A few on here were suggesting that it was Man City and the next three spots were up for grabs including Pedro I think.

    Seems that’s not the case at all and can’t see Arsenal finishing ahead of Chelsea.

    Reality is fourth place is Wenger’s optimum and when there are two capable clubs fighting for the fourth place it does not bode well for Wenger. Wenger used to fend off one decent/capable club for fourth place but two? Another season out of the CL looks like it is beckoning unless he can do a Mourinho of last season and win the Europa which also has to be seen as beyond him.

  49. Ishola70

    lol Leicester equalise in injury time with ten men.

    Wenger of course is still not going to finish ahead of Man United this season.

    And Man United are no great shakes at all.

    Puts into perspective where Wenger’s Arsenal are atm.

  50. raptora

    Seeing mouninho suck a big one gives me pleasure like few things do. Might be hateful on my part but I don’t like the fellow at all. Schmeichel tried to lose the game for his team with that weak FK going in but then terrible misses from United led to a well deserved point for Leicester. Lukaku btw had top game especially in the second half, did all the things that Lacazette had to do vs Liverpool but couldn’t.

  51. HillWood

    I m struggling to understand Wengers
    latest strategy of only playing in one half of the match
    I really can’t see it catching on

  52. loyika

    Once again all this Arsenal won’t finish in the Top 4 stuff?

    Does it actually make a difference where we end up? Anything below Citeh is a fight by the “Also Rans” and it will come down to priorities for each clubs after the transfer window closes.

    Clubs and Managers will look at what they would want to priorities and will push their squads accordingly…

    3 teams are about guarrantteed to progress in the round of 16 in the UCL with Chelsea and Spurs games up for grabs. Chelsea and Arsenal might see a place in the League Cup final as something to go for and there will be the FAC.

    Injuries, rotation and stuff will also play a big part as well.

    Frankly bar Citeh no one can really tell how the other teams in the bunch will end up come season’s end such is the inconsistent nature of the teams below Citeh.

    And secondly even finishing out of the Top 4 will ultimately make no difference with Arsene’s situation especially if he puts all his effort in getting a Cup as compensation.

    Fact of the matter is every team below Citeh this season are a disgrace and makes the EPL a laughing stock as Citeh just look like they don’t belong here with the so called competition playing footie like amateurs.

    Citeh are just in cruise control and not really breaking a sweat. Not impressed with any other team after them. I mean Citeh are double digits ahead of 2nd!?

  53. loyika

    For example if Jose sees a chance to get United to the UCL final i doubt he would care if United were 2nd or 10th, same as Conte.

    EPL race is over, the supporting cast are all just going through the motions.

  54. Ishola70

    Loyika if Wenger fails to get into CL for a second season running it is notable.

    You may wish to dress it up another way and just put out that the others are just as bad as Arsenal bar Man City but at the end of the season the teams will be ranked of their capabilities by their finishing position.

    Arsenal were seconds away tonight from being ten points behind Man United by Christmas. As it is now it stands at eight points. I agree with you that these teams below Man City are not covering themselves with glory and are pretty average but again what does this say about Arsenal?

    Arsenal are not going to finish in second place. They are unlikely to finish third.

    I and others have not forgotten overnight that one of Wenger’s claims to fame was his qualification for CL. Again if he fails to gain this two seasons running it is notable even if you do not want to look at it that way. It rubber stamps his decline and this club and man need every reminder that he is done.

  55. Redtruth

    loyika September 18, 2017 17:05:16
    “But the reality is that Arsene is here for 2 more years (and i said i am ready to wager a bet with anyone that he completes those years). If he would have walked it would have been last season, but the fact he choose to sign up with all that went on shows he is digging his heels in and ready for whatever the fan base can muster or throw at him.”

    Lol lol lol

  56. shaun ellis

    Arsenal are a joke ; can you imagine playing like they did in the first half after everyone has been talking about the beating they took at Anfield .Know pride what so ever niles or what ever his name is rubbish and Iwobi would not get in the Charlton team .but the funniest thing is your paying Walcott and Welbeck over 100k a week to watch Iwobi ,Seriously this wenger fool can’t get any more hillarious than this but is was a great game by wengers account

  57. graham62


    There is absolutely no point in analysing Arsenal’s frailties, as they have been evident to us all for ten years.

    Infact, an eight year old, with absolutely no interest in Football, would be able to comprehend Arsenal’s ‘fundamental weaknesses”

    What we must ask ourselves is how and why we, as fans, have allowed these failings to manifest without doing ####all to stop it.

    I am ashamed to be associated with a club that has such a gutless and fearful fanbase.


    A change of tack.

    1. Who booed AOC last night and for what reason?

    2. Who left their seats with ten minutes left and for what reason?

    As I said, shameful and embarrassing.

  58. shaun ellis

    Honestly whats most worrying is that fool thinks that is was arsenal fans want to see . the dude is way past dementia

  59. Jay

    I blame the supporters. At no other ‘big’ club would this shambles be tolerated. Kronke and we#@ger should have been protested and boycotted out of this club a long time ago, just like Hicks and Gillette. Yet here we are, hell, the dumb cunts still chant ‘one arsene wenger’.
    You couldn’t make it up. Its all on these so called supporters, you get the club you deserve.

  60. Frankie Coffeecakes

    You are so off on Cech, Pedro. He’s not off but rather Arsenal’s woeful and enemic defense makes him look off. Seriously, but you are always one episode off you are. Get with the time zone, pretty boy.

  61. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Let’s face it, Arsenal are always one step off. A direct reflection of their one step off manager. Why are you all so hard on the boys? They always reflect the leadership they represent. Did you expect anything different?

  62. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I try to be fair with you, Pedro. But you are so damn erratic with your posts, you don’t deserve fairness. Sit on the fence or don’t, make up your mind already!!!

  63. TonyD


    “Once again all this Arsenal won’t finish in the Top 4 stuff?”

    That’s been my stand point for a very long time; other than financials it means nothing at all until we can mount a realistic challenge past the last 16.

    The only reason Top 4 could be good for us right now is as was pointed out here is if Wenger is going to be sent packing at the end of the season, which I seriously doubt.

    Happy Xmas to you and your family bro


    “There is absolutely no point in analysing Arsenal’s frailties, as they have been evident to us all for ten years.

    In fact, an eight year old, with absolutely no interest in Football, would be able to comprehend Arsenal’s ‘fundamental weaknesses’ ”

    My son is 9 and is testament to that.

    Totally agree to points 1 & 2 as well.

    Ox did the best under an idiot manager (Wenger) and was wasting his career being consistently played out of his best position. I’m not a big fan of Ox, but have the sense to see what he can do at Liverpool before castigating the lad.

    As for the fans leaving they have my sympathy for having to pay to watch that kind of kamikaze, headless-chicken football, but it made no sense to leave at 3:3.

    Happy Xmas your posts have always given me something to smile about. Hope the new hip works out ok.

    I’ve always rated Poch on this blog and nothing has changed that. It’s never been a Spuds big up thing, just that I rated him at Southampton and he’s continually improved since then in player development and player acquisition on a brown ale budget.

    Happy Xmas mate equally always enjoyed your posts.

    Happy Xmas guys it’s been fun since joining this blog this year. Looking forward to 2018 to the banter and your interesting points of view.

    Happy Xmas you’re another poster who pretty much always makes me smile.

    Wallace & Pierre

    Acronyms, blind optimism and futile Wenger support not withstanding Happy Xmas guys

  64. TonyD

    Thanks for all the work you do with this blog and bringing us all together.

    Not saying I support all your views, which flip flop from time to time, and you must get a sore arse sitting on the fence as much as you do, but this community wouldn’t happen without you, so it’s much appreciated.

    Shame this isn’t the late 70s because you would have loved Studio 54; it was the best club to go to in the world where we on tour music industry people of the time were lucky to enjoy.

    If you go to Berlin there is a modern day equivalent that people often go to from work Fridays through to Monday mornings where they go straight to work from being in the club all weekend. I haven’t been yet, but I have an American CEO friend residing in Germany who I’ll hopefully visit in 2018 and go with him.

    Happy Xmas and wishing you a successful 2018

  65. graham62


    By booing and slagging off The Ox, fans (yeh right!) were showing their love of, and trust in, Wenger.

    You don’t have to be called Albert to understand that one.

    It was music to Wenger’s ears.


    Merry Xmas and a happy 2018.

  66. graham62

    The Culprits

    By leaving early(at a boring 3-3 in the 80th min) you are not only a dipstick, you are also a brain-dead moron, with no comprehension of what supporting your team is all about.

    So you missed your connection or didn’t want to get caught in the traffic and chaos.

    So ####### what!!

  67. peanuts&monkeys

    Hopeless LeLosers, you don’t deserve winning a sinle game. Sanchez knows how hopeless this clib is who has loser fans and an evil management. Whether or notWenger dies a dog’s death, this club is destined to thw dogs in 1.5 years’ time. OMG! You poor Arsenal faithfuls. God help you guys. God will eventually turn you into AKBs like Pedro… pray that.

  68. graham62

    Leicester give each of their fans a mince pie and a blue Santa hat. Nice touch LCFC.

    Arsenal give their fans Mr Arsene Wenger in a clowns costume.

    Cheers AFC!!


  69. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal supporters are perhaps the worst in the world. They are scum. So long i thought their being AKBs was the only badge of id of being the most pathetic football fans. But now after this recent spate of booing its old players like Ox, Nasri, RvP and even Cesc. Just imagine they booed Fabregas! A guy who had carried Arsenal to win after win in those darj days of 2008 – 2010. ArsenaLosers, what kind of humans are you??? Don’t you enjoy anythjng else except blowjo##ing Wenger??

  70. graham62

    p & m

    What’s a “clib”?

    Actually, it works for me…………..ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLIB…… sounds about right.

    Nice touch.

  71. useroz

    How could Eboue be cleaned up like it is in 2017?? Wouldn’t it b worse case 50/50 split of assets with the wife and may b to pay for living, education, etc?

    Can’t believe Eboue lost almost 100%. He earned 8m euros so another 10m nett @Afc (say, 40k pw avg for 7 yrs). That’s a shit load to lose by 34. If he sent most to his wife as he claimed, he’s an idiot.

    Wenger with his millions could hire Eboue to clean his house, boots, and chauffeur him around at minimum wages like he pays the groundsmen…..

  72. Colin

    Most people would use toilet paper to wipe their arse after a shit and most of us would wash our hands after,but to me it’s funny how many of us run to the toilet of the emirates to watch that shit,and even more funny are the ones who never want to wash their hands of Wegner. Oh and by the way these are the ones who told us to be careful what we wished for . Wegner out.

  73. Mark

    @Number 9

    The fact you are asking who I am, shows your self delusions of grandeur, Who do I need to be to challenge the crap that spews from your pea brain ? ???

    You just proved my point that you talk shit and talk even more Shit about others. LP
    How Bamford talks shit and it’s your job to make sure you the football ‘Messiah’ tells us so .
    Well you can carry on with your head up Wenger’s arse, cos if you think that coming back to 3-3 against Liverpool, is some vindication for Wenger , just shows what an AKB pussy you are!

    If you think I & everyone else watching jumped the gun on how poor that 1st half was, and should have waited till the end, then who’s the bigger Mug?

    Most other teams don’t defend as badly as us an Pool, so the next time we go two down early in a game, you watch what happens with our tipi tapi crab football! That don’t seem to be able to break down any teams that sit deep.
    Even If you waited until the final whistle, I guarantee you won’t see another crazy 5 mins like that again .
    So back in the padded cell mate.

  74. Mark


    If my posts are like a 5 year olds, how come you still have trouble comprehending what’s actually being said? I was trying to keep it simple just for you.