Can Wenger strategise a telegraphed game plan? + Mesut to sign on?

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This post has been inspired by a Christmas Jazz playlist. I’m really in the mood for some festive spirit today. I took one on the chin with the West Ham game, now I’m warmed up, the hope is Wenger will turn it on against an increasingly crazed Jurgen Klopp.

If I were to have a major worry heading into this game, it’d be the early goals we’ve conceded against Manchester City and Manchester United. We know Liverpool are going to bring the thunder to the opening 20 minutes, then tire as the half wears on. Wenger needs to see this telegraphed strategy as an opportunity to counter, not to go toe-to-toe. We’ve conceded 3 or more in 3 of our last 4 against them. We need to be more buttoned up today.

All we need to do tonight is deal with the two or three phases of intense pressure, then use our home advantage to destroy a backline that’s far from pretty and kind of awful at dealing with set plays.

The danger men are obvious. Wenger has to give special attention to the sublime Mo Salah. The exChelsea man has been nothing short of world class this season. He’s explosive moving forward, if you go tight he can play through you, if you give him space he can find players or the top corner, he really is a little magician. The other player we have to pay attention to if he lands a start, is the largely anonymous Ox. Not because he’s turned a corner, more because we have a pretty terrible record against explayers. I’m thinking Adebayor, Cesc and Robin Van Persie. Even Nik Anelka gave us issues.

I mean, let’s be real here, there are a lot of worrying players in that Liverpool front line. Coutinho, Firmino, and Lallana are going to be available. So the question really is more about which Liverpool are going to show up, and if the good side turn up, how well equipped are Arsenal to cope with the onslaught?

We’ll be without Olivier Giroud, who pulled a hammy against West Ham during the week. A real problem considering his deadly heading ability in the box, and his super-sub magic. The real loss is going to be the engine of Aaron Ramsey, we could have done with a deep-lying discipline Chelsea like performance from him tonight.

So that leaves our options pretty clear. It’s likely to be a Xhaka / Jack job. We don’t have any other options, especially after Coquelin hobbled off (in the nicest way possible, thank the lord). I have to say, a deeper Jack Wilshere excites me greatly. He has great vision, he can break the lines with his switch of pace and he can’t be bullied. If Xhaka can stay switched on, it’s a pretty clever midfield. I am interested to see how mobile it is against a fast team.

We need a bully boy performance from Mesut Ozil this evening. Rapha Honigstein reckons the rumours of United being in for the German are off the mark, and the German really wants to stay at Arsenal. This is another chance for him to show he can turn up in the big games, and if he plays like he did against Spurs, well, we’re in for a treat.

Alexis is going to play, because Wenger simply can’t resist him, however, I hope someone makes him aware that giving the ball away 34 times today will gift one of the best counter-attacking sides in England at least 2 goals. He needs to stay focused and move away from the idea that he’s the only one who can make it happen this evening.

Our opportunity is to go 4th, our rightful place. This result is very important, it’ll keep us within striking distance of the main prize this season, which will pay serious dividends as 5 teams in the mix for top 4 have to duke it out with the best in Europe in the UCL in February. This game is also important because we have to take on WBA and Palace before Chelsea. The benefit of playing cloggers at this time of the year is their squads can’t handle 3 games a week, so we should demolish them as they look for the easier pickings.

Then it’s Chelsea 3 times in the space of 24 days. Fun.

Right, enjoy the game, have fun, and drink all the festive beer.

See you on the other side. x

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  1. Leedsgunner

    For those of us tempted to celebrate, if we get something out of this game, have a quiet word with yourself.

    You’re missing the point if you do that and celebrating mediocrity.

    The point is we should never concede 3 goals at home.

  2. steve

    Typical Wenger gets away with it again. He will say we showed mental strength to come back from 0-2 and completely ignore that they messed it up.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    I called the high scoring draw.

    Both teams just compromised, cannot defend, do not have good enough keepers and no mentality at all.

    Maitland Niles can leave the pitch with his head held high, decent showing. Fingers crossed he can develop under a new manager.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    the decision making is poor, lacazette’s slow feet cost him a few times. Bellerin had a chance to square it to Lacazette but decided to go for goal.

    Still, after that defensive horror show, this will be talked up as a show of ‘mental strength’ by the fraud rather than us conceding 3 goals at home to a ‘rival’ yet again. More of the same until 2026.

  5. Dissenter

    We are a mid-level Europa league team at the moment.
    I feel sorry for the fans who pay big money to show up for games.

  6. Paulinho

    Impressive from Wilshere in the end. Grew stronger.

    Continually getting worse under Wenger. We used to bottle title games, now it’s against top four contenders.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    and carra referring to a great advert for the prem, this just shows why the prem is so overrated. two of the supposed better sides playing like that? no wonder man city are almost 20 points ahead of both.

  8. Leedsgunner


    Wenger will applaud himself, and he will say he is glad he is providing “entertaining” football but he should be ashamed that he allowed three goals to be conceded.

  9. Rainman

    Who predicted a high scoring draw on here yesterday? Think it was Cesc Appeal, bang on the money! I ought to start betting on the predictions I see in the Le grove comments section, would have made a fortune by now

  10. Cesc Appeal

    I like Klopp, but I do understand how he gets away with how poor Liverpool’s keepers are and the fact that they not so much cannot defend as are just completely comical in defence.

    He spent £40 Million on Oxlade when a GK like Ederson went for just under that, that would have bought you a great CB.

    As good as Coutinho, Mane, Salah and Firmino are, totally pointless with that defence.

    He must start being held to account, scarily like Wenger actually. Was always a fan of his as one of the potential managers to take Wenger’s place but I think we dodged a bullet there.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    The thing that is annoying is both Wenger and Klopp will grin after the game and say what a spectacle it was, they would have liked to have been fans etc but they should both be flogged because that was the same shit you always see from their teams.


    At most I would give Klopp one more summer before I started looking elsewhere for a manager, but he really should have sorted this. At two nil up to concede three in about ten minutes is absolute shocking.

  12. TR7

    So many people were criticizing Jack but he completely bossed the game in 2nd half. Also AMN proved why he is picked ahead of Kolasinac. Everyone else was below par.

  13. Marko

    Maitland Niles can leave the pitch with his head held high, decent showing. Fingers crossed he can develop under a new manager.

    Literally the only positive. Says a lot about this club that year after year after year it takes us being 2 goals down 3-1 down from the first leg whatever before we start to play. Clueless directionless call it whatever you want that’s on one fucking man.

    And how bad was Xhaka again. Honestly every game one looks at him and you’d think you were watching an amateur playing for the first time. He’s so fucking bad and endemic of everything that is wrong with the club. Cause guarantee youhe starts the next game.

  14. Dissenter

    Cesc got the scores right … I admit.
    I predicted a high scored loss for us and was almost proven right. Liverpool has so many chances to go up 4-0 in the first half.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Oh yeah, Wenger on record yesterday saying he doesn’t think he will add to the squad in January. Utter delusion.

    Correction — he doesn’t want to add in January.

    Why? To prove a point… nothing else… a big two fingers to the fans who love the club.

  16. Leftsidesanch

    it was said on here that wenger would blame the 1st half on the man utd game, this guy makes me sick to my stomach everytime he opens his mouth

  17. raptora

    I’m not going to say that every single of our players played better in the second half especially after the madness started, but I kinda will. Every single player bar Lacazette.

    As myself and R.S.P.C.Arsenal have been saying for a while, dude’s not for us.

    No pace, no power, no height, cannot win you first balls, cannot dribble past an opponent, not a good target man, cannot make situations for himself. If you are not tall or super fast you have to be fkin Suarez (or Inzaghi) who has sublime positioning, shooting, passing, dribbling and leadership. Lacazette has been a huge disappointment for me personally. Even in this game if you look at Firmino’s plays, and what our CF did… It’s not comparable.

  18. Redtruth

    “So many people were criticizing Jack but he completely bossed the game in 2nd half. Also AMN proved why he is picked ahead of Kolasinac. Everyone else was below par.”

    Below par…lol…..WTF…..we can’t play better than this

  19. Dissenter

    “Oh yeah, Wenger on record yesterday saying he doesn’t think he will add to the squad in January. Utter delusion.”

    It’s not about adding to the squad .
    It’s about making a goddam decision about who gets to leave before anyone can come in. Wenger loves his babies.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is with the Arsenal players you have to remember they are just running around on a pitch, they are just a player in a position.

    There is not a system or any sort of discernible tactic aside from individualism which is why we are always so shocking on the other side of the ball.

    Same for Liverpool. Wenger has been f*****g up in the same way for over a decade and has to go, but Klopp seriously needs to pull himself together.

    I was sat in my front room when Liverpool scored their second and said ‘but Liverpool cannot defend and if they concede one the gates open’.

  21. Dissenter

    Jack “bossed” the game? lol
    You mean he survived the game with his ankles intact?
    You’ve placed the bar so low for him.

  22. raptora

    Have to admit, and my pal Paulinho should do it as well, during our best period in the game it was Ozil pulling the strings. Top half an hour from him. He looked like the only leader we have. Truth be told Xhaka stood their ground and dispossessed Liverpool a bunch of times. Jacky boy had a whole load of desire but for their second the way that Salah kept running and Jacky boy was left behind him it was pretty pathetic not going to lie. Ozil though, very pleased with what he did. AMN did decently well also.

  23. raptora

    TR7 come on brah, I expect better of you. I can say when Ozil had a good half. Say when Jacky boy made a whole load of errors basically making Xhaka look like the better one of the two. If you got tickled by the 3-4 attempts that Jacky boy did for a 50/50 challenge and he won couple of them and that made you happy with his performance, sure. The couple of times that he won space in midfield was a drop in the ocean for the many bad plays he had during the whole 90 mins. Bossing the game sounds a bit strange to me lol.

  24. Paulinho

    Raptora – Agreed about Ozil.

    But again he needs something to happen to inspire him and then he gets loose and looks quicker. Without that first goal he continues like a ghost for the entire game most likely. Same with Xhaka. Any sort of tension paralyses them and makes them impotent and lifeless.

    Also, I never completely write him off for home games. Biggest issue is always away games when the crowd is not behind him and he has to rouse himself.

  25. Ishola70

    Wenger Poos will bite your hand off for that point and run to the hills with it after being 0-2 down. He’ll take that point every time.

    He may also make a comment that the match was a great advertisement for the EPL.

  26. loyika

    Why us everyone so surprised about Klopp? Was Dortmund any different? All they did was “Gengenpress” and try to out score opponents.

    Worked for a while but soon was found out. The fact Citeh are now interested in Virgil VD puts the cats amongst the Pidgeons.

    Maybe when Keita comes in next season they might improve, but Klopp has never done defence (had good players like Hummels and Subotic and Ikil G at Dortmund) so unless he is backed by the Liverpool board and actually goes out to buy a Defender and Keeper, the Liverpool you see will always be the Liverpool that will be under his reign.

  27. loyika

    Sorry meant to say; “Why is everyone”

    Also like everyone alluded to, big ups to AMN for being thrown to the Wolves and still being able to hold his own. (His “Vida Loco” Mum must be so chuffed)

  28. Goonerbone

    Great news! AW is dead! Unfortunately, he’s still our manager…. Once again, an abysmal tactical display – total lack of game plan – and the lack of confidence that comes with it. Then saved by some inspirational moments by his players. Get the fuck out of our club, you rotting corpse!

  29. Goonerbone

    Great news! AW is dead! Unfortunately, he’s still our manager…. Once again, an abysmal tactical display – total lack of game plan – and the lack of confidence that comes with it. Then saved by some inspirational moments by his players. Get the f**k out of our club, you rotting corpse!

  30. raptora

    9 shots on target for Pool. First and second goal are not saveable. Third one is. Leaves Cech with 6 saves. Firmino header at the far post – quality save. The 1v1 with Salah when Kos slipped – top save. Another Salah chance in the second half – quality save. Mane chance on the volley – quality save. Cannot say that Cech had a bad game. I’d say he was among the players with good quality today. Certainly there are not many of them.

  31. loyika

    @ Samesong

    Cech has been fcuking up since last season. Makes some decent saves but has lost that bit of paxa and instinct he once had.

    We need to move for a Keeper in the summer…Kasper S? Fraizer Foster?

  32. steve

    Wenger completely ignores the embarrassing defensive mistakes and only wants to talk about the offensive. Pathetic manager. No wonder he never learns. Cunt

  33. Paulinho

    Dortmund used to lead us a merry dance and somehow they would wilt and let us back into games. Both Klopp and Guardiola are similar in that sense.

  34. Paulinho

    Raptora – He had his tail up and actually made a run into an area which hurts the opposition, and scored. Again, against a klopp team, at home,in a completely irrelevant match. Not a massive surprise.

    If he showed that sort of attitude and willingness at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridgein a big match then I would be more of a fan.

  35. raptora

    Jeez, Keita yet another midfielder they bought did they. What is Klopp’s obsession with mfs?! Yet paying laughable money for the german GK, Klavan, Moreno, Robertson and the rest. At least our defenders look good on paper like Kos and then Mustafi who was expensive, Chambers who was expensive, Cech who was a top GK. Klopp must be crazy and so are Pool’s fans who forgive him for paying 40m for Ox and who knows how many for Keita instead of buying some quality at the back.

  36. Ishola70

    “Arsenal on the decline, will still finish above Klopp.”

    Quite a big statement considering how shit Arsenal’s midfield is and that they are very fragile now away from home.

    Seems that the conviction that Arsenal will finish top four come the end of the season still very much in place.

  37. Dolomite


    1st goal – 1v1 versus Salah and he fails to stop the cross or even get in a challenge OUTSIDE THE BOX

    3rd goal totally out of position leaving Jack Wilshere to mark HIS man – Firminho

    1st half slip that nearly led to a goal, bailed out by Cech
    Too many stray passes
    No interceptions that lead to good build up play

    We need a good centre half PRONTO

  38. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t know if we will finish above Liverpool to be honest, potentially.

    Klopp is not helping either by trying to squeeze all of Mane, Salah, Firmino and Coutinho in at once. Coutinho in a middle three led to quite an unbalanced midfield for Liverpool

    Coutinho is magic, but if they can get £100 Million or something from Barcelona and invest in a GK a CB or two and a CDM they will look far better for it.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah have to say Kozz looks like he is on his way out as a defender.

    See there are rumours floating about that Mislintat has flagged up Diallo and we are looking at Rugani.

    Kozz and Mert both going, Holding looking his age this season, Chambers seemingly not wanted, going to need a couple of CB’s on top of everything else.

    New central defence, new midfield, new attack. No biggy then.

  40. TitsMcGee

    CA nailed it, although I co-signed lol

    It’ll be looked at as something positive but 1 point out of 6 vs Liverpool this season. 1 point out of 12 going back to last season actually.

    The signs are all there. Just another example of how dead in the water we are. The Titanic headed full steam to its destiny .

  41. raptora

    I do expect Arsenal to finish top 4 but would for no prize or bonus put money on it. If I don’t believe that my team will do well why would I even tune in for any of our games?! No Wenger can stop me watching this team.

    Still upset about Lacazette though. Considering Alexis clearly and Ozil not as much not playing to their maximum, what is Lacazette’s excuse for being shit? We had some nice crosses and chances to kill the game at 3-2 and he was not where he had to be. He could never open some space for himself like a RvP or Henry could. He doesn’t even give what Giroud can offer. He is basically waiting for our team to dominate the game so we can give him chance after chance after chance so he could bag in a couple. Not how it works unfortunately. Look at Aguero, Kane, Jesus, Firmino, even Lukaku and Morata. They all have a strong side, a top trait. Lacazette doesn’t. He is kinda jack of all trades and in the end he is not good at anything. Maybe he has a bunch of people defending him cause he looks like a good lad, but I expected more. Maybe we are not the proper team for him, as he is not the proper striker for us.

  42. TitsMcGee

    Yeah have to say Kozz looks like he is on his way out as a defender.”

    We wait until small issues become major problems before addressing them.

    All of our old guys are gash and all of our young guys are not up to the task yet (for the vast majority of them). Great position to be in. 😉

  43. TitsMcGee

    Arsene just said we were “we were frozen with fear” in the first half.

    This is the manager. This is our supposed leader. The supposed expert thst is untouchable.

  44. Jacko

    Wenger’s post match interview was as nauseating as usual. Trying to dress up a 3-3 as better than 0-0.

    Still means 2 points dropped last time I checked.

    He should just retire to politics. His spin is up there with the best.

  45. London gunner

    Jack wasn’t great – he made mistakes – but he also had moments of pure class.

    With a decent coach I think he’d still be a talent even with glass ankleage

  46. BacaryisGod

    I’m going to go for something a little contrarian as far as Alexis goes.

    To me, it looks like he’s just flat. His body is worn down after too much exertion and too little rest. He’s missing the burst of speed that he had in previous seasons. He still looks willing but is incredibly wasteful (look at his idiotic move that started Liverpool’s 3rd goal).

    Our best player was Wilshere today. Good attitude. Good turn of speed. I think he’s finally getting back to where he needs to be.

  47. graham62

    Predicted 3-3 yesterday.

    Lacazette didn’t score.

    How the #### did Arsenal get a point from that?

    No way will Arsenal finish top 4.

  48. graham62

    It should have been 3-7.

    Keystone cops stuff.

    Headless chickens.

    Crazy 5 minutes papered over numerous cracks.

    Wilshere was probably Arsenal’s best player.

    No structure.

    No discipline.

    Nothing new then!

  49. HighburyLegend

    First game this season which I regret a bit to have missed (apparently that was epic), but that will not stop me from sleeping.
    So, we were playing at home, but we were “frozen with fear” ??

    Ze fear of losing Ze 4th spot trophy ?? Pathetic.

  50. raptora

    I’m with Biggy re Alexis. I think the games he had with Chile proved he is not playing worse for Arsenal on purpose or anything cause he was equally bad for his country. Maybe his all energetic displays finally caught up to him, but he looks a player who will have a terribly hard time to rediscover his form. He will no doubt join a strong team but I do not believe he will replicate his form from last season ever again.

    I’m certainly not with Biggy re Wilshere though.

  51. Ishola70

    “No way will Arsenal finish top 4.”

    Not sure about no way but this complete conviction from some that top four will be achieved or at least very bold confidence is quite amusing.

  52. Ishola70

    “So, we were playing at home, but we were “frozen with fear” ??Ze fear of losing Ze 4th spot trophy ?? Pathetic.”

    lol when put in those terms it does read as quite pathetic doesn’t it.

  53. TitsMcGee

    Not sure about no way but this complete conviction from some that top four will be achieved or at least very bold confidence is quite amusing.”

    It’s down to us and Liverpool on who sucks the least the rest of the season. Tallest Midget stuff.

    It’s amazing 4th place is the benchmark when all finishing 4th does is qualify us for a tournament we get embarrassed in every season once the powder puff teams fall away.

  54. graham62

    Will we finish above Spuds/Liverpool? I fear not.

    Watching tonight you realise how far we have fallen.

    Wenger’s ‘staged’ interview on Sky was embarrassing. JC and GN are just too soft with their questioning.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Our team made as usual too many defensive mistakes. This is the umpteenth game that we have conceded 3+ goals.

    Koscielny is now sadly past his best as well as suffering ligament problems. Monreal is certainly not a CB at this level and Cech is well past his best.

    Wilshire may have some technical ability, but he is seriously lacking in pace,
    which is also the criticism of Xhaka as well. You cannot play this combination
    against mobile counterattacking players. It is also incidentally the problem with Elneny as well when he plays.

    Iwobi on the evidence of recent games is not good enough to play in games against the top teams in league.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Iwobi is certainly one of those to sell while he is still young and has a little bit of value.

    Midfield wise I do not see what some others did with Wilshere, he was okay, but looked good because the rest of our midfield is incapable of even reaching that level of average performance.

    There is an argument to say that Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny and Coq should all be sold and we should start again in midfield.

    Under a new manager obviously.

  57. TitsMcGee

    Elneny and Coq for sure. Xhaka could stay but not be first choice. Ramsey and Wilshere could be better (more consistent ) with structure /actual expectations.

  58. steve

    WallaceDecember 22, 2017 23:38:42
    great game. grew into it after an awful first 45mins. Jack & AM-N the pick of our players, but everyone was trying.


    Lol “great game”. Two teams who can’t defend to save their lives. Very poor game quality wise. Not surprised that you would think it was a great game though.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I honestly just think we need to sweep the midfield clean, I have complained about the midfield for years now and it gets worse and worse.

    Perhaps under a new manager some players could step up. But there are a lot of players out there right now that are interesting and available, Danilo, Carvalho, Jorginho, Rabiot, Kovacic, Carvalho, Golovin etc.

  60. TitsMcGee

    I honestly just think we need to sweep the midfield clean, I have complained about the midfield for years now and it gets worse and worse.”

    I’m all for a reboot believe me. I just think a new manager probably gets enough out of those 3 that they become valuable enough that they are at least 2nd choice.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    This match was always about the 4th place trophy that these teams will probably fight for.
    2 teams with joke defenses makes for an entertaining game, but they are so far from the quality of man city it’s not acceptable.
    Wenger hasn’t a clue, defensive tactics seem to be too complex for him to organise.
    Also why do we only start to play when going behind 2-0 ?….. Something wrong with the pre-match motivation. Perhaps Wenger tells them to just enjoy themselves.
    Whichever way you look back at our recent showings, it’s clearly a fckin horror show.

  62. scotsgooner

    Look – i don’t know why wenger persists in playing iwobi – he is proper shit imo. walcott wouldve been better to start. iwobi passed the ball out the park about 6 times then got subbed eventually.
    We need to start on the front foot against teams like liverpool to rattle them especially at home – in fact can we not just start on the front foot every game?

  63. Danish Gooner

    It is embarrassing how easily we give away silly goals,If we had any knowledge On how to defend UN a proper manner we would be at ledt 10 points better off but Kos and others defending looks finished at a top level.

  64. graham62

    Sorry, but Iwobi is just not good enough. Would have preferred to see Walcott on much earlier.

    I would love to go and see Arsenal’s training sessions. Do they actually work at defensive formations etc. Basic schoolboy stuff. Firmino left totally free for equaliser


    “great game”……………..Yeh right!

    Apart from an amazing 5 minute spell, Arsenal were ripped to shreds.

    If it had finished Arsenal4 Liverpool 8, would you still be saying “great game”?

    With the greatest respect, we were lucky we didn’t get minced.

  65. graham62

    It’s hysterical how some people’s perceptions of the game are just so far off the mark.

    Another thing, at 3-3 with 10 mins to go so many fans left. Who the #### are these people? Obviously not supporters.

  66. GunnerDNA

    It was another horrible game for the Arsenal. Our poor display is down to the manager who failed again to organize the team. After going up 3-2 any sensible manager would have bolster the midfield to add stability and we continue to play like we chasing the game. It makes no sense the club buy any new players or make any other recruitment because with AW as the manager we have no chance. I see fans saying the team deserve credit to come from two nil down but why did we went two nil down in the first place. I’m just watching until we change manager because AW has proven again that he has no clue what he is doing and with him at the helm we just making up numbers. It so frustrating!

  67. TitsMcGee

    After going up 3-2 any sensible manager would have bolster the midfield to add stability and we continue to play like we chasing the game. ”

    Wenger fancies himself as a a football purist. He’s a champagne drinker that can’t fathom how peasants drink beer.

  68. TonyD

    Just watched the game this morning Thai time and then read this and thought it was perfectly summed up in these words:

    “Whatever happens over the next fourteen days of holiday football, it may just be that we have already witnessed the highlight. This was as good as it gets at the Emirates. Raise a glass to the Premier League, it rarely fails us when it really matters.”

    Yes, this game was full of holes and full of imperfections. In the Sky studios, they could have huffed and puffed and pushed gadgets and gizmos sternly around electronic screens all night.

    The defending was lousy, the goalkeeping occasionally even worse and to watch both teams attack was at times like witnessing a lorry careering down the street with the driver asleep at the wheel.

    Read more:

  69. TonyD

    Other worthy highlights of the match report by Ian Ladyman

    “Liverpool should have won it. They were the better team for two-thirds of the game.

    But then, incredibly, Arsenal could have won it on the back of three goals in five breathless second-half minutes.

    In the end, nobody was good enough to win it and that felt about right.

    Neither of these teams are consistently capable to bother the scorers at the very top of the table but on nights like this we could watch them until they turn the floodlights off.

    Neither manager will be particularly happy. How could they be?

    This wasn’t grown-up football. It was straight from the schoolyard. For example, Arsenal’s attempts to close the game down after they somehow scrambled into the lead seemed to consist of piling bodies forward and hoping it would work.

    Unsurprisingly, it didn’t.”

  70. Rambo Ramsey

    Hah Wally Wallace in the house trying to smear lipstick on a pig. You already used this one after the United game, try a different color.

  71. Wallace

    “Roberto Firmino’s powerful finish earned Liverpool a draw in an incredible Premier League encounter that had seen Arsenal score three goals in just five second-half minutes.” – bbc football

    “Sometimes it is better simply to glory in the madness of it all. Arsenal had been abject in the first half. They trailed to Philippe Coutinho’s header and the damage ought to have been heavier. The boos at half-time were loud and angry. Liverpool had been excellent. To say that the game was turned upside down inside five second-half minutes would be the understatement of the season. Out of nowhere Arsenal scored three times… the mood inside the Emirates Stadium went from poisonous to party time. Mesut Özil’s third for Arsenal was a cracker. How had this happened? ” – Guardian

    fan comments below the match report…

    “Entertaining game between two sides who are a pleasure to watch. Mignolet proving a liability again but Bobby Firmino was absolutely superb.”

    “As a neutral, I am failing to find an adjective that describes how freaking entertaining this match was for me, the first half had me rooting for Liverpool, but Arsenal made me a believer in the second, guess no need to watch El clasico tomorrow, my footballing heart just got its fill.”

    “What a fucking game. Viva la football. Merry Christmas yer filthy animals.”

    “Chelsea man here, but what a cracking start to the festive football fixtures o’fun.”

  72. TR7

    I think AMN deserves a chance to start ahead of Xhaka now. For a DM to be thrown in to left back position and do reasonably well against Salah and Firmino speaks volumes about the player.

    I stick with my opinion that Jack was the best player on the pitch in 2nd half. His half turns, passing and constantly changing a defensive situation in to attacking one was very helpful.

  73. Wallace


    yeah, AM-N was very promising. had a very tough opponent, but never looked flustered. would also like to see him get a chance in the middle.

    and after a first 30mins where he looked lost Jack suddenly burst into life and was the one Arsenal player who really took the game to Liverpool. very encouraging performance.

  74. Wallace

    Rambo Ramsey

    I said it was a great game, which you seemed to query, I was just providing evidence that I wasn’t the only one to think that.

    we aren’t winning the league, top 4 is realistic…I’m just going to take my enjoyment where I can this season.

  75. graham62

    Still can’t believe how entertaining anf farcical last nights game was.

    We all know that MC will win the league by a mile and a furlong. MU will, most likely, finish second and Chelski third.

    For the rest, who really knows? Liverpool/Spuds/Arsenal/Burnley(?)/Leicester(?) could all finish top 4.

    Just can’t see it being Arsenal.

  76. loyika

    @ Graham

    Can’t see it being Spurs and Liverpool as well….Burnley (now that would be funny) Leicester? This ain’t 2016..

    4th (and probably 3rd) spot is up for grabs and none of the teams bar Citeh and United have shown any bit of consistency in handling their business. Lets see if these squads (the Also rans) bolster their squads in Jan. That might also have a bearing in how they improve leading into the home stretch.

    Watched the game again- Still a clusterfcuk of a game and not even worthy to be termed entertaining.

    @ UTarse

    Yeah, seems right on Forster, but feel Kasper though not WC can given the right team turn out to be a great keeper, just that The Foxes as a team have been shyte all season.

  77. Vintage Gun

    “Frozen with fear”… – of course they are, there’s a f**ing zombie in the dressing room!”


    And no captain Rick to guide us.
    But seriously, the two things that grated me last night (apart from the performance) was no 1, “Paralysed with fear” nonsense. Why? we’re not even challenging for the title and our home form has been quite solid in terms of results of late so why the gripping fear against a team who have routinely finished below us over the last few decades?

    No2;~ Why the hell does Wenger STILL referring to the home defeat to Man U as a reasoning for our lack of cutting edge SAINTS,WEST HAM (X2), NEWCASTLE, and now LIVERPOOL??? I mean we dominated Man U, didnt take our chances and they took theirs. End of. How Wenger still claims that match still affects us defensively and offensively FIVE unbeaten matches later is way beyond my limited comprehension.

  78. Leftsidesanch


    Wenger will prob bring up the United game when Chelsea beat us at home. He knows that he will go unchallenged by the media so he says what he wants.

    Still, its much better than owning up to not having a clue.

  79. Pierre

    It reminded me of the opening game of the season v Leicester, superb entertainment, edge of the seat stuff.
    What a way to kick off the festive period.

    Fans will criticise arsenal for being too open defensively but go back to Wednesday nights win v West ham and they criticised arsenal for not being creative enough.
    So what do you want, , solid at the back, create few chances but win the game 1-0 or entertaining end to end football..

    Me personally, it seems obvious that we can’t get the balance right under wenger so, this season I would be happy to have open entertaining prem games as we can’t win the league and solid, play to win, performances in all cup competitions and try and progress as far as possible in all 3 cup competitions.

  80. HillWood

    Wenger claiming to be a football coach is laughable .
    I have seen better organised Sunday Morning teams over Hackney Marshes where everyone is still pissed from the night before

  81. Cesc Appeal

    It is the undertones to what Wenger says that really annoy me, he makes out as if he is sacrificing himself and Arsenal’s chances of success to deliver and open ad entertaining football style.

    Please, simply a case of Arsenal blowing in the wind created by the opposition.

    Glad to see Klopp is getting a lot of stick this morning, Liverpool’s defence is so predictably bad. We went two nil down and friends started saying ‘that’s your lot’ and quite right Liverpool should have been up four or five nil at that point, but like I said to them, Liverpool will shit the bed at the some point.

  82. TitsMcGee

    I love how the implication by the usual AKBs that somehow we choose not to play well because it exposes us.

    We played openly because Liverpool is just as bad as defending as we are.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    It was also like Carragher said when Liverpool were leading that it was like a basketball game and that is exactly what you don’t want if you are the team that are leading but Liverpool have no way of stopping that happening.

    Liverpool remind me a lot of us, just with better attackers who more regularly switch it on.

    I do not buy into this narrative at all that Arsenal fans should be pleased with the spectacle, a neutral will have liked it, Liverpool and Arsenal fans should have hated it.

  84. Pierre

    “We all know that MC will win the league by a mile and a furlong. MU will, most likely, finish second and Chelski third.”

    Just because United are 2nd now and Chelsea 3rd then that is how it will finish.

    Jose and conte will become very selective in their team selections. United and Chelsea will select weakened teams in the prem when the champions league comes round plus I can even see the fa cup taking presidence over the Prem by the top sides. Even city may be in a position to play weakened teams in the prem if they are 15\20 points in front come March /April.

  85. Number9


    ‘Remember those dickheads who tried to argue here that Klopp was no better a manager than Wenger? Look at how these two teams play collectively, look at how they are organized. It isn’t even close. Wenger is such a joke.’

    Hahaha the only joke is you.

    When will you ever learnt to control your premature ejaculations?

    Should at least wait until the game has finished, suppose that’s just a Le grove thing, so many self proclaimed experts getting it so wrong so often.

    Try not to jizz in your pants this afternoon when you’re watching some ‘pretty soccer’. Wanker.

  86. Mark

    Come in #9, your padded cell is ready.

    You’ve such a hard on for Bamford, you seem to Jizz in your y-fronts every time he posts.
    At least he makes points based on the football and doesn’t just label people wankers or cunts.

    How you can gloat after a performance like that is ridiculous. A shit first half where on any other day,( regardless of how Shit Pool are defensively) they should have been 4-0 up.
    Yet you sit there on your high horse saying should have waited till the game was over.
    We were fucking LUCKY !!
    So I wouldn’t be shouting down others as if it was some great performance. Even when we went 3-2 up , Wenger had no clue as to instruct the team on how to see the game out.
    You don’t have to be a self proclaimed expert to see this.
    If we keep getting it wrong on le Grove, you must think your naked emperor is getting it right, then?

  87. Number9

    Dry your eyes mark. No one is gloating you fucking pleb.

    Banford talks shit and labels people and as such deserves everything he gets.

    As for you mark who the fuck are you? Nobody is interested in what you’re saying and your amazing analysis is akin to what a 5 year old would produce when they’re arguing with themselves.

  88. graham62

    Number 9

    Your gutter language is becoming repetitive and slightly nauseous. Tone it down, or belt up.

    If you want to disagree or argue the case, do it without using such foul mouthed rhetoric.

    Remember it’s Christmas!