Tomas Rosicky has me pining for 2008 ‘nearly’ dreams

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Mobile telephonic devices are horrendous, I constantly feel compelled to respond to anything and everything. My life has been well served because of such behaviour, but I know it’s bad for your soul… it’s like a weird, really crappy comic book tale of good versus evil. I need the phone to survive, but it’s making me ill. I heard someone talking about a philosopher who wrote something like, ‘at the end of your life, when you look back at it, it’s just a collection of the things you paid attention to’… responding to work e-mails, and duelling with Twitter trolls isn’t what I want to be thinking about when I’m having a heart attack over Arsene Wenger finally leaving the club.

RIGHT, what do we have in football news?

Tomas Rosicky. He’s retired. To be honest, I didn’t realise he was still playing, but he was, and now he’s not.

I think everyone had a lot of love for the cheeky Czech. He came with much promise, a steal right out of the bargain bucket from Dortmund back in the day. He headed to us as the replacement for Robert Pires. He had quick feet, always moved the ball forward, and he had an eye for a screamer. In fact, I remember seeing him at the World Cup just before he joined us crash home from 30 yards.

So much expectation.

He didn’t really deliver on it though. If the first half of Wenger’s career was part highlighted by his ability to take crocks and make them fit (Kanu / Overmars), the backend was the point in which it all went to shite. I think Tomas was likely the most talented of the fitness failures, which has to be a consolation. I also think he was the most ruthless killer of all our players. Tell me another man, with a girlfriend, who can go out to the press with a ‘clear conscious’ after being caught in a hotel room with 6 hookers. Unreal.

Football wise, it never quite clicked for him. He spent so much time on Colin Lewin’s medical table, people started spreading rumours he was a massive coke addict and Wenger was just covering for him whilst he was in rehab.

The season that really got away, in fact, the team that really got away was that 07-08 year. We had a midfield of Cesc, Flamini with Hleb and Rosicky as the wide players. The Czech dropped a whopping 15 appearances in the league, landing 6 goals, before the whole team fell apart, notably, Eduardo losing his leg in that horror injury we’d all rather forget.

But damn, that side was so good. Adebayor on absolute FIRE. The year Jens handed over to the MIGHTY Almunia. The year Lord Bendtner banged in 5. Cesc Fabregas just being a hero. Flamini looking so good Milan signed him.

I miss nearly competing. What a time that was. Imagine, pining for 2008?!

Now we’re heading into our new reality, that is 2018:

The League Cup would be a really big deal for us. We play Chelsea in the semi-finals, and likely Manchester City in the final because United shit the bed against Bristol with a very good team. Absolutely hilarious. Are we once again seeing that Jose Mourinho has lost his spark? Sure he’s moved United on. But look, I could move United on if I had spent that sort of money.

We’re a point off the top 4. People are celebrating that like it’s progress. Which, sadly, it is. However, the real thing you need to be tracking is how well teams our size usually do in the absence of CL. We really haven’t taken advantage of the weekly one game routine like Liverpool, Chelsea and, errr, Leicester did in seasons past.

We’re struggling against top teams again. Beaten by United, City, Liverpool. We drew against Chelsea. However, we did take back our crown as NLD heroes with a lovely 2-0 win. If we want to push for top 4, we’re going to have to make a good go of our next 5 games to set up a cushion for when we revert back to 1 game a week. Liverpool tomorrow is a good place to start.

We have a new scout, and he’s recommending players that feel very Arsenal of old already. Abdou Diallo, the French U21 captain who plays at Mainz, is TOP of his list for bulking the defence. That’s a great piece of news. I like how the papers say he tipped off Arsenal. Do you tip off people who pay you £1.8m and have you under contract, or do you just instruct? One thing is for sure, 2018 is going to have to be an incredible power play from Sven and Raul. There are going to have to be rapid decisions made on players running down their deals, and there’s going to have to be a rapid signing spree to plug the holes left by the names leaving.

At worst, we’ll have an exciting summer, at best, we could see the new Arsenal reshape in front of our eyes!

Right, on that note, I’m ducking out to brave the Christmas shopping.

Don’t e-mail me, BECAUSE I won’t READ IT. xx

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  1. alexanderhenry


    ‘Arsenal should be competing in the EPL whether or not we match the spending of Man City. Man Utd or Chelsea. That should be the ambition of the senior management.’

    I think you’re being a little unrealistic.

    I’m not sure exactly why a lot of fans on here seem to expect arsenal to find a manager who can perform miracles. it’s possible of course- ranieri did it at Leicester – but hugely unlikely.

    A brief look at the current squad shows one thing; the club need to invest heavily on players, regardless of who the manager is. Without serious and sustained investment I can only see arsenal slipping further behind.
    It’s really that simple.

    What we have done in the past year is the opposite. Making a profit of £18 million in the transfer window and allowing your best two players to run down their contracts and leave for nothing ain’t going to win you trophies.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Like the idea of this new scouting and potential new approach to the transfer window with Mislintat and Sanllehi making the old egotists impact lesser.

    But what is so important is that when these new buys come in they have a good manager and good coaching staff to develop them and drill them. It has become a bit of a joke now the whole ‘Wenger effect’ on new arrivals, but it really does mean you are wasting money because you never maximise a player.

    They always regress.

  3. Carts

    “Tell me another man, with a girlfriend, who can go out to the press with a ‘clear conscious’ after being caught in a hotel room with 6 hookers. Unreal.”

    How did this escape me? Lol

  4. Carts

    Maureen had one job: dispatch Bristol to set up a blockbuster semi-final – The South v The North.

    Managed to catch the highlights and what was evident, as it has been in previous games, is that Utd struggle to control the game in the middle third.

    Bristol, obviously, running on adrenaline, looked way to comfortable against a full strength Utd.

    Mourinho’s cv speak for itself, but he come with way too much baggage. He’s a PR nightmare. It’s wont win the league and I can’t see that getting past the semi’s of the CL.

  5. HighburyLegend

    “The League Cup would be a really big deal for us”

    lol, the Arsènal “standards” are so high nowadays.

  6. Dissenter

    This was a very good post
    Great job Pedro.

    I really think the two back room signings wont make that much of a difference until Wenger leaves.
    Sanhelli and Mislintat cannot determine the players that have to leave – only Wenger will do that.
    They might have more sway as to who we bring in but so many players have to be pushed out first. Our squat is already over-bloated.

  7. Micheal

    in that order of likelihood.

    What we would all like to see happen and what actually happens are two entirely different things. I suspect lots of huffing and puffing, agent-fueled rumours and Le Grove posters combing through every hint and denial for something positive.

    But come February 1, it will be still the same shit-show we have today.

  8. Dissenter

    I never liked Elneny when he was signed and I like him a lot less now.
    He’s the type of player whop is just happy to hang around the club and play a couple of games. He’s not hungry enough to make a break-out. He just plods along making sideways passes.
    Players like him need to be ditched.
    I want players that push to make the first sixteen players on the team sheet and leave if they can’t.

  9. HighburyLegend

    “He’s the type of player whop is just happy to hang around the club and play a couple of games. ”

    Another Arsène FC players trademark.

  10. Dissenter

    “Ajax have sacked Denis Bergkamp.”

    He still has that profound phobia for flying, tight?
    If so, then he has no business at Arsenal or any major club.
    Coaches have to fly to assess players that are being scouted, for pre-season tours and for competitive games.
    If he can fly, then what;s the point of having him as a coach?

  11. HighburyLegend

    “a 14-month investigation that uncovered high mouse activity in the stadium perimeter”
    “The health and safety of our supporters has always been our priority, so we were very disturbed to know about the problem in October 2016”
    “Once we received the report, we took a series of measurements in the area. We are confident in what we have undertaken and we continue to work with experts to ensure that we are moving in the right direction”

    Arsenal, The Eternal Joke…

  12. Redtruth

    He still has that profound phobia for flying, tight?
    If so, then he has no business at Arsenal or any major club.
    Coaches have to fly to assess players that are being scouted, for pre-season tours and for competitive games.
    If he can fly, then what;s the point of having him as a coach?”

    A non flying Betgkamp would garner better results in Europe than a flying Wenger.

  13. Dissenter

    “Anyone got thoughts on the game tomorrow?”
    We get beaten by ‘pool..easily
    It will be the second consecutive season of them doing the double over us.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    High scoring draw for me.

    No way we keep Liverpool out, no way they keep us out.

    Whether we lose will come down to our reaction when we concede I think.

    Neither team can defend though.

  15. Bamford10


    Where to begin? One, a manager wouldn’t need to be a “miracle worker” to contend for titles at Arsenal. We may not be able to spend what City or United do, but we’re not so far behind them that competing with them on the football pitch is an impossibility. You talk as if we’re some tiny club that spends £10m a year on wages. This is nonsense.

    Two, Dortmund, Atletico and Juventus have all produced title-winning sides good enough to win the PL and have done so with budgets smaller than or comparable to ours. Thinking we could do something similar is not unreasonable; your position is.

    Three, you lament the state of our squad and say that if the club approaches player signings/sales like it has in recent years, there’s no way we can rebuild / build a proper squad. OK, but whatever the club has done in recent years, one thing it hasn’t done is limit what Wenger can spend. Wenger has spent £35m on a Mustafi, £35m on a Xhaka and £55m on a Lacazette, for example. These are not tiny sums. Yet in many ways, not one of these players has looked like the kind of player who can help us contend for
    titles. The problem isn’t how much money is being spent; the problem is who is spending the money: Arsene Wenger.

    Finally, you also lament how the contract situations of Ozil and Sanchez have been handled. Interestingly, though, your take seems to be that the biggest problem with how these two have handled is that we didn’t receive big sums for them last summer. While I agree in general that you’re better off selling a player if he doesn’t want to stay, I find it amusing that you would have had us do precisely what Kroenke would have done if he cared only about money. Allowing Wenger to keep these two, after all, has cost the club tens of milllions of pounds. Apparently, then, you’re more focused on money than Kroenke is, because he was willing to let Wenger hold on to these two so that he could try to compete in the PL, whereas you would’ve been more about the bottom line.

  16. graham62

    I see it along similar lines as last season.

    Counter attack v counter attack. If Lacazette starts,I see him scoring(at least 1).

    Unfortunately, I also see Liverpool scoring a few.

    As it’s Christmas, I’ll go for 3-3!

  17. Bamford10

    Let’s see, we’re without Ramsey, we might as well be without Alexis the way he is playing, and Xhaka is likely to start: my money is on Liverpool. 2-1 or 3-1, them.

  18. Ishola70

    “and Xhaka is likely to start”

    Didn’t you have Xhaka in your best possible XI the other day?

    What was all that about?

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    Arsenal may not have the budget of Man City and Man Utd, but they were more than capable of spending £100 million annually if they had operated a sensible buying and selling policy.

    For the record that is more than the annual spend of Bayern Munich or Juventus who are spending below that level.

    Arsenal could have bought Lemar last season for less than half than what they
    offered on last day of transfer market if they had bought him early in window.

    Similarly we could have bought Higuain for a sensible transfer fee significantly less than we offered for Suarez had we not faffed around.

    Last week we learned that Griezmann wanted to come to Arsenal, but we never pursued our initial interest. Now he would not be interested in coming to us
    because we messed him around.

    This has been the story with Wenger for years. He is the arch ditherer who cannot make up his mind quickly when he needs to make a decision.

    Arsenal have always been a popular club to come to, because of its location and also its stability, but I think that in recent times most players have learned
    that Wenger’s personal judgment and methods have been in decline.

    Once he has gone I think that the club will become once again a magnet for
    good players. Hill-Wood when he was Chairman acknowledged that we could
    not buy the cream of the crop like Ronald and Messi, but we were able to buy
    more or less any other players.

    I think that is still the situation today, but not under Wenger.

  20. graham62

    OK, between now and Jan 02nd, I will not say one bad word against Wenger.

    I will also not react to other posters in my customary manner. I will respect all views and input from each and everyone of you and accept that we are all different and yet, in our own ways, have the good of ‘OUR’ club at heart.

    As this is the season of goodwill to all men, I will ensure that I do not overstep the mark in any shape or form.

    A Merry Xmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to all.

  21. TitsMcGee

    Regarding competing for the EPL etc it’s tougher for us but with right manager we’d be competing a lot closer than we have been the last 10+ years.

    Pedro mentions 2008 with fond memories. That was the only season in the last 12 where we were within touching distance of the title i. e competing.(4 points)

    Not even competing is what is criminal for one of the biggest clubs in the world. We are massively underachieving under Le Joke.

  22. TitsMcGee

    TitsArsenal’s league campaign effectively was over in March 2008 which is hardly what i would call competing.”

    Well there you go 😉

    Underachieving 🙂

  23. alexanderhenry


    Yes, I don’t entirely disagree with you.
    As I said, it is possible that arsenal manage to get a coach good enough to win the PL, despite having less to spend and pursuing self sustainability.

    The problem is this. I have no faith in the ownership of arsenal to make the right decisions for the club. They are in my opinion, unconcerned with success and instead see arsenal as a safe investment, nothing more.
    Still, I hope they surprise me.

    Also, I agree with you on Wenger’s big signings and I’d actually add ozil to your list, a great player but not the player we actually needed at the time and too inconsistent for me. I think you’re being harsh on mustafi. He’s decent, just not worth £35 million. Jury’s still out on lacazette but so far he doesn’t look like a £50 million striker.
    Xhaka is the worst signing by far, also chambers is up there.

    On sanchez’ and ozil’s contracts, it goes beyond money. Any club which allows players to play out their final year in the hope that they’ll still be committed, is plain nuts.

    Everyone knew that sanchez and ozil would take it easy and that’s what they’ve done.
    It really beggars belief.

  24. Redtruth

    “The problem is this. I have no faith in the ownership of arsenal to make the right decisions for the club. They are in my opinion, unconcerned with success and instead see arsenal as a safe investment, nothing more.
    Still, I hope they surprise me.”

    I have no faith in the fans to push the club forward.

  25. Pierre

    It seems to me like its its sort of all or nothing for Liverpool going by recent results.

    If they get their tails up they can go on to score 4/5 or more but struggle if they don’t get an early lead.

    You never know which side is going to turn up, similar to Arsenal.
    In their big away games Spurs put 4 past them and city 5.
    We need to start off on the front foot, first goal could be vital.

  26. Bamford10

    Those are lovely sentiments, Graham62. Peace on Earth; goodwill to all. I heartily agree.

    However, I myself exclude Wenger from that goodwill, as he has done a variety of things to warrant such exclusion, in my opinion.

    I personally think you should feel free to continue to criticize Wenger even in this season of peace and goodwill – be more polite about it, maybe – but your resolution is, of course, your resolution.


  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s a no from me
    As predicted is a shocking buy

    A mixture of Park allidere sunu kaba diawara chamkah simpson

    But they didn’t cost that much

  28. graham62


    Beg to differ. Lacazette will score you goals, given the right service.

    He needs quick delivery,not all this tippy tappy stuff.

    I sense that tomorrow night he will deliver.

  29. Colin

    I’m sorry if my opinion offends ,but I have to be honest ,it’s got to the point where I can’t listen to Wegner without finding fault and as much as I try to believe things are going to change for the better ,deep in me I know it won’t until he’s gone ,so for that reason I can’t see nothing but a Liverpool win, and even if we do manage a good result ,I won’t change my view of Wegner. Wegner out.

  30. ArseneisaFraud


    He is the arch ditherer who cannot make up his mind quickly when he needs to make a decision.

    I think it is worst that…. as much he is a ditherer, this is mostly due to his fear of having someone contradict him. He hates being wrong. He thus chooses players who have a docile nature. This has become his weakness. His choice of players is not solely based on talent, but on how submissive they are.

    And this is how AW built the team with the weakest mindset in “elite” (but where we should be as a Club) football!

    Love The Arsenal!!! Hate Wenger!

  31. Rare Admirall

    Very true ArseneIsAFraud.You said it well by your alias! He says this to mean something else. I have never got my mind round to the fact that he is paid what he is paid notwithstanding the state-of-the-art facilities that The Arse have and yet year on year he repeats the same dross regarding team performance in the EPL and the UCL and then tops it up with his own original concocted bullshit about how we could’ve been better than blah blah blah.Mister please…Wenger Out for me till he’ gone..

  32. UTarse

    It is Groundhog Day again on Le Grove.

    Everyone here agrees on wenger out but no one feels any responsibility to do anything. Either through apathy or fatigue or lack of care. In a recent “disagreement” it was proposed that maybe we can delay entry into the ground for a home prem game by 15 minutes as a protest, so let’s see how receptive people are (ES has already excluded himself).

    Chelsea game 3rd of Jan, who is IN on such a protest ?

  33. UTarse

    Maybe any of you attending tonight’s game who support the idea can put it to fellow supporters for the Chelsea game and see if we can do it in significant numbers,

    Marc, you said you’re in the north bank, will you ?

  34. Bamford10


    A delayed-entry type protest won’t even be noticed, IMO. If you or others want to start a protest movement again, your message must be clearly seen and/or heard. That is, banners, signs, songs. “Thanks for everything, Arsene, but please leave in the summer.” That kind of thing.

  35. Bamford10

    The Guardian’s world top 100 footballers, 2017 edition—

    Two initial observations: one, Mesut Ozil in the top ten? Really?

    Two, Leroy Sane is a better player, IMO, than a number of players they have above him, including Paul Pogba, Dele Alli, Sadio Mane & Romelu Lukaku.

    I’d be interested to hear what others think.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool are eyeing up Lemar it seems, likely one that will only happen if Coutinho was to be bought by Barcelona in January. Those would be two big money January moves.

    PSG still seem to have an interest in Sanchez as well, City want to wait until the summer but might move if PSG do. Might be a chance for us there to actually get some money in for him and give the funds to the new manager.

  37. Pierre

    Oh well, it looks like it will be Ufraud and his 4 cronies standing outside the Emirates with their placards making fools of themselves…

    Only joking.. Good luck.. Stick to your principles…