Arsenal leak Arteta stories. Wenger on notice?

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via @Arsenal Instagram


The Telegraph have run with an ‘Arteta to Arsenal’ story, packaging it up as yet another sign that the club is moving with the times and thinking about the future. Le Grove first the revealed that the Spaniard had refused the overtures of Spurs boss Pochettino because he was intent on rejoining the club in the future in May. To add more fuel to the fire, it’s clear Stan K has a new found taste for being a wild one, he signed the youngest coach in NFL history for his LA Rams team and he’s actually seeing some success. According to rumours, he can’t stop telling people how excited he is about that behind the scenes.

Arteta makes a lot of sense if you follow the path of elite managers and how they come about in the game. The notion of signing a tried and tested Koeman style manager comes with a false notion of stability, and it’s generally regressive. Then there’s the idea of signing up a winner to take the club forward, and again, I think we’re seeing at Liverpool that unless big names develop their ideas, they don’t kick on.

That’s why signing up someone like Arteta might be a smart move. He’s affable, speaks 5 languages, has played in 4 different leagues and he’s a thinker. I can’t tell you how highly rated he is by anyone that comes into the contact with him, I mean, come on, Pep G tapped him up and he’s the greatest on the planet.

A lot of top managers came out of La Masia, touching Cruyff and Bobby Robson along the way. I think you’ll see the same thing happen off the back of Pep Guardiola moving forward. The master thinker, tinkerer and innovator. If you want to take the game by storm, you have to bring something new to the table people haven’t seen before. Signing Arteta makes sense if he has something new to bring to the game. There’s no point in Pep MKII, you need a new type of manager, someone who can eclipse him.

Jose Mourinho was at his best when he was fresh blood on the scene. Diego Simeone had a huge amount of success at the start of his tenure. Zinedine Zidane was a king when he started out. Even Luis Enrique when he took over the football at Barcelona.

You need fresh ideas. There’s no point in reaching for the establishment, because how many of the establishment have been winning of late? Carlo is finished. Jose Mourinho is done. I think Klopp is probably over. I truly believe the club would be making a terrible mistake if they hired a big name. I think the setup will lend itself to someone looking to cut a blaze of fire. We should be kingmakers, just like we were with Arsene Wenger.

When you hire like that, there’s more a willingness to partake in shared decision making, and it’s more likely the new person will lean in on experience like Sven Mislintat and his coaches (Thierry Henry for sure!)

I like that the idea is different. I like that I’ve been hearing amazing things about Arteta for years. I love the idea that we’re going balls out like Madrid and Barca have been.

Let’s hope this move is more Guardiola than Villa Boas!

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Leedsgunner


    I echo your sentiments on Rosicky. I loved his energy, his eye for goal and his enthusiasm.

    Since he has now hung up his boots I would love to bring him back as a coach… both him and Cazorla would have excellent skills to offer as coaches. What they could pass on in technique would be priceless to our next generation of youngsters.

    Bring him back Per!

    Super Super Tom, Super Super Tom, Super Super Tom, Super Tom Rosicky!!!

  2. Cesc Appeal


    I was saying yesterday that it does not make sense Kroenke giving the old egotist a deal and total power in June for him to botch yet another f*****g summer worse than ever before then botch another season before finally signing off on infrastructure changes that Gazidis wanted.


  3. Cesc Appeal

    Maybe though, fingers crossed, Wenger’s allure is wearing off on Kroenke now.

    Not just in terms of sport but in terms of finances Wenger is busted now.

    McVay at the LA Rams, Sanchez and Ozil, another disappointing season and a CEO rebelling from inside might finally have pushed Kroenke to do something. His son, Kroenke Jr, apparently is not a massive fan of Wenger either.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    I genuinely think Rosicky could have been one of the most gifted midfield players to have ever played if injuries had not ruined his career. He is a genuine case of injuries ruining what would otherwise have been a top career, not like Wilshere.

    Real shame. Absolute gentleman as well.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Billy Beane, the inventor of Moneyball that Kronke loves so much, is joining Barnsley’s Board with a Chinese billionaire’s takeover of the club.

    Here’s hoping against hope Stan sees this and decides to ditch Arsenal, sell up to Usmanov (*other ambitious billionaires can apply) and buy into the dream at Barnsley…. LOL.

    With Kronke gone, Wenger will have no one to protect him at the club.

  6. TR7

    I thought Rosicky was underutilized by Wenger in his last 2 years at Arsenal. He had a lot to offer even then but Wenger preferred rank average players over him for God knows what reasons.

  7. graham62


    Wenger has “underutilized” many players over the past decade.

    TR was a gem of a player who, if it were not for injuries, could have played a major part in pushing the club forward.

    Wenger could have played him more, but chose not to.

    Another reason why Le imbecile has become a liabilty.

  8. Wenker-wanger

    Arteta for wenger is a fantastic replacement. Mind you Wenger for a Sunday league manager would be OK by me. Such is my complete disdain for the incompetent goon.
    Arteta seems to have the right qualities by all accounts, so here’s hoping.