Mesut Ozil: The yin and yang to him signing da ting

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I drank beer in a real pub yesterday. I was rained on. I ate real bacon, not that streaky tosh they sell in America.

I mean, I even enjoyed the deep toilet… no one needs the pan shape. However, there’s a real lack of auto-flush over here, sorry about that mum. Real sorry.

So what have we this morning? Well, Mr Wenger’s contract strategy with wantaway players appears to be paying off. The manager is convinced Mesut is going to sign on.

“I believe he wants to stay, he is not to be convinced”

“You want nobody to leave and you see where we stand on that. But at the moment, it’s very difficult.

“Until the end of the season we know what it is, but after that, I cannot tell you.”

I mean, I’m no clearer after reading that, but when you’re desperate, you’ll take anything as a sign. Alfred from the pod always points out that when Wenger is under pressure, his perfect English turns into a series of riddles… so who knows. It’s also not worth taking the manager at his word, whether it’s Cesc, Samir, or Robin… the manager always thinks his players want to stay.

My thing with Ozil is I feel we’re screwed both ways. If he leaves and goes to United, we lose a player who could blow up under better management. If he stays, what does that say about his character? What does that say about European interest in our best players? Dan from the comments made a good point, could we swap him out for Mikki at United?

I also worry we’re seeing a bit of the Theo’s in him this year (Remember we actually had an internet meme called ‘sign da ting’ for that guy?). He’s turning it on because Arsenal wouldn’t talk to him this summer, nor would any of the big clubs he might fancy in Europe. The only club that really put their hand up was Besiktas. What happens when he’s signed into his last deal? Does he slink off again? I also have concerns about the German’s ability to be effective in the back half of a season. His numbers almost always dip, how are they going to look in a World Cup year that could be his last?

This would all make so much more sense if Wenger was leaving. I’d fancy a Mesut if I knew there was a new fancy manager coming in with a visionary plan. Imagine what he’d do under Sarri, Jardim or Allegri?

As for Alexis, I’m kind of hoping Wenger doesn’t let him go in January. If his form continues to stink, how many clubs are going to want to pay mega money to him at the end of the year? I mean, does anyone understand why Manchester City need him in that squad at the moment? I certainly don’t.

Finally, let’s finish on the blackface stuff going around the cesspit of Twitters ‘RIGHT TO OFFEND’ brigade who are notoriously sensitive when the shoe is on the other foot. Griezmann of Atleti had a howler after dropping a picture of himself being ‘blacked up’ on Twitter last night, and there’s some grotty betting firm that showed off a darts fan dressed up as Dianne Abbot (blacked up, again). Standard uproar on Twitter from people dismayed at political correctness gone barmy. Here’s an idea, just don’t do it? If you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past 180 years, then please accept my apologies. But if you haven’t, and you know the historical references to blackface, then you really have no reason to defend this sort of carry on as acceptable in 2017.

If you’re a white person and you’re really up for exploring your freedom to offend. Go to the darts dressed as a Nazi, go as Ian Huntley, or maybe Jimmy Saville?

My guess, those folk wouldn’t do it. Why? Because they’d not have buy-in of those around them. They might get attacked, they’d possibly lose their job if their image was flashed on TV, and no one would defend them. It’s only safe to do that sort of thing if it’s marginalizing a smaller group. If you’re really into exploring political correctness gone barmy, take the offence to the masses. Go big. Let’s see how many retweets and sympathy articles you land in the right-winging press when you go full throttle on something proper.

Offending people isn’t a right normal people want to explore. Just be nice.

Anyway, my two pennies.


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  1. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Diane Abbott is black. It’s not a parody of Diane Abbott with a white face.

    Personally I would have no problem if a black person done a parody of Trump with a white face – after all Trump is white.

    Sell Ozil. He is not going to be the player we want him to be under Wengers guidance – or lack of.

  2. HighburyLegend

    “If he stays, what does that say about his character?”

    That he has been wengerized.
    (not the first, not the last)

  3. UTarse


    No C*nt will buy him when he’s free in 6 months. We are in a lose lose situation thanks to our piss poor management and ownership.

  4. UTarse


    Hence the lose lose. what a fucking shit show. It’s gotten to the point where professionals in the game are dismayed and concerned even at what’s happening at our club, let alone the (minority of) fans.

  5. Danny S

    We are the only club that will give Ozil anywhere near what he wants wages wise, but we wont be offering him champs league football anytime soon. I imagine if he signs or goes, the decision will be made when we see our final league position.

  6. Masterstroke

    What would be the reaction to a black guy (or girl) ‘blacking up’ for a laugh? Or some people doing a Black & White Minstrels type parody, and at the end washing their make up off to reveal a group of black fellas? That would shut the bleeding hearts down completely.

  7. Bob

    Feb 2017:Next Arsenal manager odds: Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe second favourite to replace Arsene Wenger

    Very funny English media dream lol

  8. Bob

    Jack Wilshere is ‘world class’ and Bournemouth move is great for his career, says best mate Benik Afobe.

    I wonder how many goal assist wilshere got for best friend afobe at Bournemouth??

  9. graham62

    As I said yesterday, can’t wait to see how things unfold regarding Sanchez/Ozil/Wilshere.

    Sanchez is playing shit to get his own back on Wenger. Ozil has uped his work ethic, maybe to get his own back on Wenger. Jack has started to blossom, to get his own ………………………………………You get the idea!

    JW openly highlighted last week that there had been no progress in contract negotiations. A kick in the teeth for General Wenger. Then Hey Presto, talks will commence by the end of the month.

    In their own ways they are all pissed off with Wenger. It will be interesting to see how much shit hits the fan come the transfer window.

    The players show their distrust of Wenger in different ways.

    The Ox got the ball rolling, now maybe the others will follow suit.

  10. Pierre

    “Sanchez is playing shit to get his own back on Wenger. Ozil has upped his work ethic, maybe to get his own back on Wenger. Jack has started to blossom, to get his own ………………………………………You get the idea!”

    Superb and logical reasoning

  11. Bob

    Jack Wilshere
    Club Arsenal Position Midfielder
    Follow Jack Wilshere

    Premier League Record
    Appearances 153
    Goals 7
    Assists 15

    Club Apps(Subs) Goals
    Arsenal 7(5) 0
    Bournemouth (Loan) 27(5) 0
    Arsenal 2(2) 0
    Arsenal 3(2) 0
    Arsenal 14(5) 2
    Arsenal 24(5) 3
    Arsenal 25(5) 0
    Arsenal 0(0) 0
    Arsenal 35(4) 1
    Bolton (Loan) 14(1) 1
    Arsenal 1(1) 0
    Arsenal 1(1) 0

    Yes I no lots of ZERO at the end lol

  12. graham62

    From previous post.

    Those with half a brain must be well aware that playing under the modern day AW, is detremental to a players career progression.It is also patently obvious that attracting top quality players to the Emirates these days has become almost an impossibilty, as Wenger’s hold on the club intensifies.

    I find it astounding that so many fans find comfort in ridiculing and abusing players who decide to leave the club, or, should I say, jump ship? Rather than slag them off, we should be applauding them for making a decision that most other people, who want to progress in life, would make.

    Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain left Arsenal for several reasons, but primarily it was because he was stale/fed up/demotivated and disallusioned by Wenger’s methods. He was(is) an exceptionally talented individual who has systematically been mismanaged by Wenger(a la Walcott and a fair few others). After six years he came to the realisation that if he stood any chance of fulfilling his potential, he had to move on.

    Money, as we all know, was not the driving force. The Ox wanted to go to a club where he could start afresh and work under a dynamic manager that could encourage and motivate him to develop. The ‘Wenger System’ nullified OC, as it seems to nullify and suffocate many others(including the fans).

    I wish him the best of luck and, from what I have seen in recent Liverpool games, he is starting to show some signs of progression, as well as a tactical improvement in his game.

    It’s amazing what can happen when you. are coached properly and work in a positive environment.

    The question we should now be asking is, will Klopp play him on Friday night?
    If he does, will The Ox come back to bite us in the ‘ARSE’?

    Watch this space.

  13. Bob

    Jack wilshere primer league
    Appearances 153
    Goals 7
    Assists 15

    After all that arsenal still yet to offer Jack the lad a brand new contract

  14. Bob

    Wilshere Discipline record
    Yellow Cards 29
    Red Cards 2
    Fouls 150
    Offsides 9

    So he has picked more yellow cards then assist not bad for a guy who can pick out a pass.

    More offisedes then goals that’s great for a no.10 playmaker

  15. Pierre

    You’re getting a little carried away with your ox love in.
    He has played one half decent game which he received the mom award even though it was obvious that Coutinho was the best player on the pitch but he played well nonetheless, as he showed at arsenal last season that he is a decent player.

    His main problem at arsenal was injuries which stalled his career time and again though I do agree that Wenger did him no favours by messing him about positionally but I wouldn’t say ox covered himself in glory on the pitch.

    Sadly, I think ox will be just a bit part player at Liverpool as the competition is high in his position, lallana is also back now but you never know, he may prove to be a better player than salah or mane out wide or lallana or emre can in midfield.

    You always get the feeling with ox that there is an injury just round the corner, similar to Ramsey, Walcott and Wilshere.

  16. GoonerDave

    One of the few constants in football is the ability of different managers to get the best out of different players. With AW coming to the end of his reign, wouldn’t it be more prudent to try and keep our most talented players like Ozil?
    I’d prefer to see us sell Walcott or Welbeck and give Ozil what a top player deserves.
    Knowing how cheap (classy) our club is, these dwindling contracts could be a money-saver. Ozil with a rise of 100K a week last year would have cost 5 million extra by now. We really are that cheap. And there were reports that he has yet to receive an offer from Arsenal.

  17. ArseneisaFraud


    To answer your question from the last post re Bouldy’s salary: it was £1.5 million pa, and that is based off numbers in 2015 (From Arsenal Truth).

  18. Bob

    Didn’t Jack wilshere miss from 8yards again against Newcastle. but let’s give him a new contract and go down the pub.

  19. Masterstroke

    ‘Didn’t Jack wilshere miss from 8yards again against Newcastle. but let’s give him a new contract and go down the pub.’
    To be fair, Wilshere hit the ball well & with his right foot.
    Give some credit for a good effort.

  20. GuNZ

    I could not help but notice, during Arsène Wenger’s excellent video piece on the esteemed BBC website – entitled ‘Ozil’s goal was a gem’ (and one wonders why the umlaut over the O was omitted) – that the Arsenal Manager has a very low forehead. Wonderful hairline, but very low forehead. So I did some exhaustive research by typing in ‘People with low foreheads’ into google, and this is what, after endless hours of online fingers-doing-walking, it appears to boil down to:

    ‘ If broad forehead people are highly intelligent, this does not make people with narrow foreheads stupid. Not at all, but one of their most ostensible personality characteristics is that these people are very emotional. They listen to their hearts most of the time and forget to use their rational mind. ‘

    I believe, dear friends of Le Grove, that I have finally cracked the mystery that has been baffling us all: Why is such a massive cunt still in charge of the team?

    I am nothing if not diligent and so, in the spirit of academic enquiry, I took it further still and the evidence is shocking and damning.

    Not only is Strasbourg (Arsène’s birthplace) not too far from the Neander Valley, but Neanderthal remains have been found in the immediate vicinity of Strasbourg itself. The genes of this sub-species of humanity, who are now widely held to have interbred with homo sapiens sapiens rather than to have become entirely extinct as was previously thought (a bit, I suppose, like a Millwall supporter shagging a drunk bird from the local posh North London convent behind the bins outside the Emirates), have come all the way down the line and resurfaced in HIs Wengership. Obviously, he hasn’t got the build (he’s inherited that from a coat-hanger somewhere in his ancestry), and the flabby-lips make him at least part mollusc, but the lack of rationality is, for me the clincher.

    There. I have finally unravalled the mystery.

  21. GuNZ

    Oh, and if you are looking for Arsène’s piece on the BBC, you’ll find it a few rows underneath the hilariously comic article: ‘I can do any job in the world – Moyes’. I actually thought I was reading the letters page from Viz for a moment there.

  22. GuNZ

    Mesut Özil said to me
    My genes come here from far Turkey
    I love kebabs, I am no Kraut
    So why that fucking dumb umlaut?

    (As a half-Austrian, I am allowed these comments – GuNZ)

    I would also, at this stage, like to recommend the kebab and fish-and-chip shop to the right of Bermondsey tube station as you come out, as it was an absolute life-saver the last time I stayed in London. I can honestly say that, were it not for said ultra-fine, late-night establishment, I might still be the sex slave of a bunch of Millwall louts, dressed as Neanderthals, taking it in turns at my raw and bleeding botty in one of those brick arches underneath the railway line that runs south of London Bridge.

  23. GuNZ

    Oh, and I finally got to go to that Katzenjammers (thanks for the recommendation Wallace – you probably won’t remember it but you gave me the tip some time ago). What a meat market that place is! Drunken girlies everywhere. Good job I am a married man of staunch morality. A man can get himself into trouble in a place like that.

    OK, anyway. Arsenal 4 West Ham 3 in the chocolate bar cup (or whatever it’s called this year).

  24. Emmanuel Nwaneri

    Good points here people. Mesut ‘Missing’ Ozil is surely doing a Theo this season to land a big contract somewhere. He’s been stealing a living all his career, just like Martin Keown rightly once pointed out. He’s a bottler; always has been; always will be.
    Also kudos to AOC for fleeing Wenger to save his career. The man just destroys players with his meaningless style. Look at Bellerin, poor Gabriel, Walcott, Elneny, Chambers, Ospina, Gibbs, etc. Now he is also doing same to young Maitland-Niles by playing him as a leftback!!!

  25. Wallace


    “Oh, and I finally got to go to that Katzenjammers (thanks for the recommendation Wallace – you probably won’t remember it but you gave me the tip some time ago).”

    nein, it was Zeitgeist – near Vauxhall – that I was recommending. never been to Katzenjammers. although German beer is German beer wherever, I guess 🙂

  26. graham62


    No “love in”, just facts.

    Also, if you know anything about Sport, injuries often occur through lack of preperation/physical conditioning and physical/mental fatigue.

    It’s not surprising then that Arsenal amass so many injuries.

    Let’s see how many injuries The Ox picks up at Liverpool.

  27. graham62


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Jesus, so nearly 30G a week for sitting like a stuffed prune. Are you sure?

    Wenger does the same and he’s getting paid 9m a year!

    Might as well put the tea ladies at pitch side for all the good they do.

  28. Elmo

    Lol Telegraph reporting that Arteta has been lined up to succeed Big Weng, operating as first team coach, alongside Sanllehi as DoF.

  29. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Arsenal lethargy = 59 posts in 22 hours on a match day. That’s an average of 2.7 posts per hour.

  30. UTarse


    I thought that ! but lets be honest, what else can we say that hasn’t been said ? We have Wenger fatigue…. hopefully that will transform to people not going to matches, we need an empty stadium

  31. Emiratesstroller


    There is an interesting article in today’s Daily Telegraph suggesting that Arteta
    could be Arsenal’s next Manager once Wenger has completed current contract
    and retires. Like Henry he has completed his UEFA Pro Licence in September.

    He will be 37 if Wenger retires at end of September and is rated one of the smartest footballers to enter coaching. He is not only rated by Guardiola but also apparently by Pochettino as well who was a team mate at PSG and has suggested that he will make an “exceptional coach”.

    The article goes onto say that he is also known from his Barcelona days by Sanhelli the ex Football Director who has been recruited by Arsenal.

    Last season I made the case that Arsenal have a strong tradition since the era
    of Herbert Chapman to recruit Managers from within their own ranks or ex
    Arsenal players. There have been only three Managers in the last 90 years who did not come through that route one of whom is Wenger. The other two
    were a disaster.

    The only other potential candidate could be Vieira, but somehow I don’t think
    that Arsenal will recruit him. Dennis Bergkamp seems unlikely to take on top
    Manager job because of his phobia with air travel and Thierry Henry does not
    seem committed to full-time coaching. Adams I would suggest has blotted his
    copy book because of recent comments about club and Wenger and in any event has not proven to be a great coach.

  32. Pierre

    The Cardboard cup tickets are only on sale to Arsenal fans who are members, not on sale to general public.
    This, I would think, is to minimise the risk of potential of crowd trouble from West ham fans buying tickets in the arsenal fans area.
    This may have an effect on the attendance but I would still expect a 50/55,000 plus crowd at the match and I expect the atmosphere to be pretty good as there will be very few season ticket holders at the game so the fans that attend the match tonight will be going to enjoy the game and support the team instead of the usual season ticket mentality of negativity.

    My opinion is formed by reading comments of season ticket holders on Le Grove… Stroller (you need to cheer up mate) , you are old enough to know what shit football we fans have endured for a large percentage of time in the 40 years Wenger arrived. Its becoming more and more depressing reading your posts.

    Ufraud… Why bother.. Must be a nightmare sitting in front of you at the games Listening to you whinge for 90 minutes.
    Oh and by the way….. Enjoy the game Friday.

    I can’t see this post going down well with Le grovellers.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    That would be my first worry about the competence of our new set up if Arteta really is one of the people we are considering.

    Based on what managerial achievement? Being one of Guardiola’s team for a little while?

    He needs to go and actually manage a side and prove his worth there in terms of setting the regime for this team, tactics, transfers, coaches etc.

    For us we go big like Allegri, or exciting like Sarri or Jardim.

    This seems like lazy journalism to me, fingers crossed.

  34. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I thought that ! but lets be honest, what else can we say that hasn’t been said ?

    Wenger pineapple hat stand unicorn.

  35. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I thought that ! but lets be honest, what else can we say that hasn’t been said ?
    Wenger pineapple hat stand unicorn.
    My mistake. I recall Pierre saying that last week.