Will new management decide to terminate Wenger contract early?

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Are you shocked Arsenal are dropping points in December? Please. This is par the course. If you were looking at Arsenal stringing results together and thinking there would be a second coming of Wenger, you were wrong.

This is the Arsenal way. Mesut drops some scintillating performances early on in the season, players stay fit, the team clicks for a few games, and we think Wenger has finally cracked it.

He’ll never crack the Premier League nut again. It’s over. Stop doing this to yourself.

The West Ham performance was dismal, but it wasn’t unexpected. We’re a very good squad of players that can’t function consistently under a very average £10m a year manager.

Is top 4 finished? Don’t be silly.

We’ll have a spike of form that’ll put us right back up there.

What is absolutely telling is that the great form we had earlier in the season seems to be very closely correlated to the drop in game numbers (Europa resting). Wenger rests the whole squad between Premier League games. Now the games are coming thick and fast and we’re seeing the real Arsenal. Inconsistent and lacking quality under fatigue. Even Wenger has acknowledged it.

“Maybe if [West Ham] had played on Sunday and we had played on Saturday, it would have been different. They had more physical resources to defend with a lot of decisiveness.”

Really makes you wonder how bad this season would be if we’d finished 4th and had to contend with high-intensity games on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

However, the upshot for me is this… we’ll be winning games again when we land in 2018. If we’re within striking distance of top 4, which we will be, I’ve no doubt the lack of CL games will count and we’ll make a go of it.

The question for the board is this: Can we really afford to let Wenger continue to waste money in the transfer window when it’s clear he can’t make a great squad title challengers in a season where there’s no Champions League?

How long do the club continue to indulge a man who is scaring off our great players, failing to attract top-tier talent, whilst consistently having his arse handed to him by better managers?

I was having dinner with a Gooner friend the other day talking about Le Grove and where it goes over the next few years. My thought was that the site feels a little like UKIP after Brexit. Wenger hasn’t gone, but the 2-year countdown is in action. There’s no argument about Wenger being past it now. The notion of Wenger out is mainstream and accepted.

Fans, and bloggers alike are in this weird footballing purgatory. We’re just waiting for the guillotine to drop and for this stasis to end. Because we know it’s going to be over soon, we don’t get too angry. We’re just apathetic to it all. We’ve seen this story play out so many times before, so we’re totally braced for the beige sludge of the season crescendo.

Wenger is done. The players know it, the fans know it, the opposition fans know it. The question now isn’t will he go, it’s will he go sooner than expected if he has a shocking season under a new management hierarchy?

I really hope so, because I can’t take the boredom any longer.

Also, thanks for bearing with me recently, I’ve been bogged down in a big project at work, so getting to the blog is becoming tough.

HOWEVER, I am flying back tomorrow, so I’ll be at the game at the weekend.


Also, the podcast shall resume next year. We’ve partnered with Audioboom, the team that look after Totally Football. So that’s exciting. Thanks for all the listens this year and all the positive comments. Truly appreciated. We’ll try and bring more people into it next year and make it a truly global affair, so more guests, more fans, and more fun.


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  1. useroz

    Shocking attempt by Laca. Low percentage lob at 1 nil is stupid.

    Iwobi ffs. Sanchez in yards of space and u hook it with your arse facing the goal??

  2. Dissenter

    The home fans are singing “get out of our club, Stan Kroenke”
    Freaking cowards. They won’t sing for Wenger to f**k off.

  3. Bamford10

    Iwobi should play through the middle as a CAM or not at all. The one thing he has going for him is his interest in dribbling at central defensive players and making things happen. He isn’t a world-beater, but deployed as the CAM, he can be decent. Played wide he is totally useless.

  4. useroz

    Can’t fucking shoot wilshere. Whole goal at your mercy and u shot straight in the middle???

    Bloody he’ll do they hone their shooting skills at all?

  5. useroz

    Newcastle is so shit yet we struggle to score a couple of goals.

    Giroud falling after each collision don’t u notice…In every game

  6. Bamford10

    Incredible we’re only up 1-0. This Newcastle team is terrible. That they are making life difficult for us here at the end is embarrassing.

  7. Dissenter

    I just want this pathetic manager to f**kn off .
    Fourth highest wage bill in the league, 10th highest in the world…for this sh*t.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Pochettino is going for it against City with Alli, Eriksen and Son all playing.

    City have got Fernandinho and Gundogan in, is Silva injured or suspended or something?

  9. Ishola70

    That’s two cheap giveaways from Xhaka in the last 5 minutes and he has done fvck all throughout the match.

    Only Wenger knows why he is picked every week

  10. Ishola70

    That’s it Wenger Poos grind those results out lol.

    What to say about that match?

    Nice goal won it that’s about it.

    For the rest pretty turgid.

    Very selfish man Wenger Poos. A million miles away from his pomp of the distant past but still trundles on.

  11. Dolomite

    No positives at all. This is anti Arsenal football, boring sterile and nervy to watch with no hope of anything but sheer luck to win points.


  12. Rambo Ramsey

    Can’t run, can’t defend, can’t attack, passing is supposed to be Xhaka’s one and only saving grace. Yet he can’t even do that properly.

    What an utter Wank of a player.

    Lets be honest here, Coquelin was far superior when was the first choice CDM.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    71% possession, 22 shots, 5 on target.

    Anyone would think they don’t understand that you have to get the little round thing into the big rectangle thing.

  14. Dolomite

    A defence that nearly always gives away corners or freekicks rather than outright clearances

    An attack that gets confused when the simplest option to shoot is on

    An attack that gets into great shooting positions and either make the keeper look like Buffon or simply backpass to him

    A midfield that never wins any 50/50 tackles its either a feeble attempt or a freekick conceeded

    Width that always fails to beat the first defender/man when crossing

    A shambles of a manager once touted as revolutionary


  15. Mark

    Wenger persists with Xaka because anything else is an admission to being wrong and that would never happen. He’s not dropped because Wenger doesn’t want to affect his confidence, as he feels he will have a better chance of coming good.

    Blind faith and a poor gamble. I see another Wenger type problem coming on.

  16. Ishola70

    “Xhaka is Denilson MK II. An absolutely nothing player”

    Others on different forums have picked up on that a while ago citing Denilson.

    There are quite a lot of similarities.

    But the stubborn old dog doesn’t want to admit up to his mistake in signing him and drop him from the team.

  17. TR7

    I know Tottenham have a poor away record but I think if there is one team which can beat City, it’s Spuds. Wouldn’t be surprised if City lost today.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Not sure that Spurs midfield is quite up to it.

    If they had a fit and in form Wanyama I would think they could do it.

  19. Mark

    Please add to your list ;

    Many Players who are unable to complete take ons/dribble past opponents.
    Not comfortable in possession and fold (Crumple more like) under slightest pressure.

    Not watched the game or highlights ,but the trying to shut up shop with Coquelin move is already being mocked. Desperate times eh Arsene ?
    This thing he does with substitutions is soo basic and childlike. Need a Goal throw on all the strikers I can. Vice versa when we’re trying to hang on to a one nil lead.

    Always leads to a nervous ending in which mistakes are more likely to be made by players. Not that ours needs much of an excuse to commit football suicide by ,square cross-field balls across the back line, or rushing forward leaving us exposed.

    Wenger is like the Dinosaur ( more fossil like actually lmfao) that has had a fatal injury and is actually dead, but still thrashing around, cos the message hasn’t yet got through to his tiny brain.

    WENGERISFINISHED ! In a dim corner of his brain there’s a small recognition of this fact. Growing each day.

  20. TR7


    Let’s see !

    Mangala,Otemandi,Delph and Walker – I can see Kane and Son fancying themselves against this back 4. No David Silva either in City 11. Besides, Tottenham have nothing to lose here which can be an advantage for them.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Fingers crossed it is a good game.

    I think having Son in there as well will make Spurs more threatening, Alli and Eriksen have not been great as of late so might mean there is less chance of Kane becoming isolated.

  22. ArseneisaFraud

    Another borefest with a scrappy win against a very scrappy Newcastle United… I take it that we are witnessing The Arsenals’ “new level” promised by AW.

    I think we should have for our next shirt sponsor a sleeping pill brand. It would be well suited.

  23. Carts

    “Keown wanted Arsenal to sign Harry Maguire when he was at Sheffield Utd in the Championship. The club asked him to scout the young CB and was impressed. He was deemed a little slow by club scouts”

    Theeeeeeeen we signed Chambers lol

  24. Cesc Appeal

    City have just been great so far.

    Their attacking is so slick.

    Spurs at sea in defence but I can see them having some joy in attack in this game.

    Sane has Trippier on toast right now though. They seem to have too many bodies in the middle for Spurs right now.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    I think De Bruyne might be my favourite player in the EPL, just top rate and becoming a very well rounded midfield player in every area.