Wenger finally talks Sumo + Mental burnout in December

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So much LOL that I get hate mail and Jezza Corbyn and Ivan Gazidis are CC’d in.

Imagine hating a football blogger.

Anyway, let’s crack right into laughter. How much laughing is acceptable when you have thin walls? Like, if every other sentence is laughter, is that worthy of calling in a complaint to your building manager? My next door neighbour, a drummer, who had sex 4 times on Sunday between the hours of 8 and 10, laughs too much. It’s like living next door to Beavis and Butthead. What could be so funny?

Maybe it’s a weed and Rick and Morty combo. Maybe his equally loud girlfriend is just so damn hilarious. Or maybe, and this is more likely, he is an unfunny man who laughs at his own jokes to give the impression everyone is having a great time.

I really fucking hate this guy.

The Mike Riley of neighbours.

So, Arsenal are preparing a last-ditch attempt at luring Ozil into staying with Arsenal on a forever contract. I mean, if Barca are interested, you’d have to find us shitty option. If United want in, I’d be kind of surprised he’d kick on with them. Paul Pogba’s hair dye all over the changing room, Jose Mourinho calling you names, probably benching you just to make a point that he is the king. Fuck that.

I’m hoping that Sven can find a new creative hero in the middle of the park. However, it must be hard to work out what Wenger needs because his approach is so confused. It’s so amusing to read around the web with fans saying that the manager – who is 5 points worse off now than he was the season he finished 5th – is doing a good job. We’re 17 points behind City at the start of December. Sure, we’re closer to United in second on 6 points. But look, we’re not here to finish second. We want to finish in the top 1. If we fell 6 points back, we’d be in 8th.

What makes our position even more frustrating is our players have the Liverpool / Leicester / Chelsea advantages of seasons past when they’ve done something. One game per week, with totally rested players, and we’re still not pushing City. It’s really not great. We can’t keep on setting lower expectations because there are better teams. We’re never the better team, Wenger’s not been the better team since 2004. It’ll be 2018 in a month!

Will a League Cup cover Wenger’s shame?

Will an FA Cup win cloud your clarity?

What about a courageous semifinal run at the Europa League?

What is going to hook Wenger out of a hole this year, because there will be something.

Interesting to hear Wenger being influenced by the fancy people around him, then using their knowledge to make an excuse.

“Today the players considering that 20, 30 years ago the players have better surrounding on the scientific, medical controls.

“We have more scientists around the team that protect them but there is a mental burnout too.

“The players are under huge pressure today and the resistance to stress is a big part of it.

“It’s a mental burnout a lot of the time. They lose confidence and have problems dealing with the competition.”

I can buy mental burnout. But not on one game a week. The best way to avoid mental burnout is to let players have time off in the downtime. I think people forget that players struggle the same way you do with long hours. You get annoyed with being on a plane all the time. You get really hacked off with the people you’re working with. You miss your family.

Wenger hasn’t helped that traditionally. He didn’t let them go on breaks in the past because he feared they’d fu*k off to Dubai and get up to mischief. Fair shout, but if that’s what keeps them fresh, let them be.

The manager also took a scientific approach to analysing the United game.

“I felt that the goals we conceded at Southampton was the consequence of Manchester United.

“We were apprehensive and not confidence going into the game.”

Hmmm… Per Mertesacker, who didn’t play against United, had United on the brain? It’s a tough reach for me. How do you solve for that?

‘Guys, don’t think about it’

Hardly filling me full of confidence heading into West Ham. Especially after they just upset Chelsea. Though it will be a lighter team and a bit Europa-ish.

Final comment was about Sumo and the United post-game fracas.

“It is part of the intensity. It can go overboard. It happened to us. It happened to us. Hopefully you commit 100% to the pitch and are an angel after.

“I don’t know what happened really. It is difficult to take to see the 100 per cent celebration on the other side. It is an experience that’s a little bit offensive.

“That’s why I admired sumo in Japan because the guy who wins does not show his happiness out his respect for his opponent.

“Is it something we can copy? I don’t think so. It’s not part of our culture.”

Can’t knock that comment. We need more Sumo in football. I’ve been saying it for years.

Right, that’s me done. I’m going to be in Houston lapping up 25 degrees and clear skies very shortly.

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  1. raptora

    Good luck beating teams that sit deep in their own half by having a single person in their box. If your supposedly wing/forwards are always sideways passing and waiting for the ball to come at their feet just so they could do the same thing again. Meanwhile Lacazette (or Giroud) is the only person in the box versus 3-4 of the opponent players. Ramsey is the only player in our team who positions himself in the dangerous places, providing any kind of threat and putting that extra body in the opponent box, and in the end he’s probably the most hated Arsenal player. Speaks a ton of our fan base if Ramsey who is forced to do absolutely everything from defending (most stolen balls in the opponent half in the league), to assisting and scoring, covers an insane amount of the pitch and has a partner the top “regista” that we are all too primitive to evaluate properly. Fans deserve the club that we have been become.

  2. Pierre

    Graham and Utarse
    I’m Just saying it how it is regarding fans reaction .

    Around Last Feb Bamford was trying to organise an on line protest , nothing happened. There were all sorts of protest being organised on different web sites ,and what happened……a couple of hundred fans staged a protest outside the ground….and Kronke still awarded Wenger a new contract..

    Utarse can scream and shout all he likes about what he’s going to do but in reality they are just meaningless words with no substance.

    Only one person can dislodge Wenger and that’s Kronke and he dosnt give a toss about the fan base.

  3. HighburyLegend

    After last night’s result, we’re still in the race for the 4th spot ==>> Lacazette and kim jong are sooooooooo pleased.

  4. Leedsgunner

    Our away record is awful. Whose fault is that?

    Remember a couple of seasons ago when Wenger blamed the home fans for creating a negative atmosphere? Is he going to blame the away fans now? The fans that travel all over the country whatever the weather? Is it their fault?

    All this talk of November hoodoo being vanquished was premature wasn’t? It wasn’t banished it just decided to take a winter break in December.

    In any case, this talk of hoodoo in November, December (name any month) is irritating. There’s no such thing. The “hoodoo” is another word for excuse, looking for something to blame because those who should be blamed doesn’t want to take responsibility.

    Hoodoo is just a toleration of mediocrity.

  5. UTarse


    “Supporters may stomach the club’s lack of success in EPL, but what they will
    not tolerate is a lack of entertainment value particularly if they have to pay”

    With the greatest respect ES, our supporters have been tolerating a tree branch with the bark left on being inserted into their arses and they seem to enjoy it. Our fans are the problem, NO OTHER “big club” fans would take it like a good old loyal Arsenal fan.

  6. Bob

    What has English Wilshire done to have so much hype around him? He didn’t do anything special last night beside missing thr best chance from 8yards out. 1 goal in over 2years but this English carp gets special praise for no reason

  7. UTarse


    You are a defeatist and frankly I’m embarrassed to have anything in common with you and with any other “fan” like you. Unfortunately, the club is inundated with fans like you.

    And BTW, I am already “doing” something unlike you.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Wenger talks of mental burnout? For what? Have we been in contention for the title when we weren’t looking?

    Where’s all this mental strength that Wenger continually boasts of his players having?

  9. Bob

    Futher flop England manager Eddie Howe even rejected Jack Wilshire. £18mil ake and Jack the lad got the boot. Bournemouth reject

  10. TitsMcGee

    Newcastle may provide his next “fix”. I fully expect it to with a typical get-out-of-jail card for wenger on a 3-0 win.”

    Yep. Then the fan-boys will sing Wenger lovely songs lol

  11. Bob

    Just because Wilshire is English the British media need him to play. English cunt presenter said on Sunday arsenal scored with Wilshire on the pitch. Wilshire didn’t have anything to do with the goal.

  12. Marko

    Oh Pierre… so it’s not that we’re totally shit and have an atrocious manager who’s responsible for that but it’s because teams park the bus that’s why we’re so bad. You’re pathetic mate. Averaging about 30 odd attempts the last couple games… parking the bus isn’t the problem

  13. UTarse


    Honestly mate, don’t waste your energy having any animosity against a player or the press for bigging him up. Channel your energy into tackling the real problems, WENGUNT and the Arsenal fans who help keeping him here.

  14. Bob

    Ok jack Wilshire can win the world cup for England in 2018 just like the way he did in Euro 2016. Yea jack Wilshire let’s go to the pub now

  15. Leftsidesanch

    Mind boggling, what exactly is the cause for the mental burnout? The only reason I can see is that the players are tired of Wenger so they don’t perform. We have used a largely different XL for the European games so how can our current performances and standing in the league be justified?

    The guy is woefully under performing, we’ve seen better manager’s jobs come up for scrutiny for far less than Wenger is doing, he is impregnable in his position.

  16. Bob

    Jack Wilshire has 6 month left on he’s contract beside West ham who else has shown interest in him? No one want english crap in the team it’s only becuse of the fa rule.

  17. Leftsidesanch

    People talked up David De Gea as the best thing since sliced bread after his performance v us but ignored that we are completely limp in front of goal. The players will forsake a good opportunity to pass their way into the box and the move in ruined. It’s all so predictable.

    Going into the season, everybody could see what was going to happen with the uncertainty surrounding the club, the lack of preparation except for one man who sees it but swears blind he sees something else. I hope Newcastle get something out of the game before bang average Liverpool come and beat us and then we go to Selhurst park and lose.

  18. Leftsidesanch

    “You go through periods where the finishing is not right, but I’m not worried about a lack of ruthlessness. That will come back”.

    How many shots in our last three games and how many goals scored..how can you not be worried and most importantly, what is being done to rectify the situation? The guy doesn’t do anything differently but sit there hoping the universe corrects him and his teams deficiencies because we have “values” and deserve it more than the managers and team who work hard and take pride in their fans and themselves.

  19. Pierre

    As you know, I never said that..

    I said the Premier league will lose it’s Appeal around the world because half the clubs Park the bus home and away because of their fear of being relegated.

    Previously teams would always attack when they were at home but not now.

    These clubs are happy as long as they don’t get hammered.. The refuse to come out even if they go behind.
    To them, a 2-0 defeat is a decent result.

  20. Pierre

    Would I fuck

    I’ll use your 2 tickets for the game at the weekend if that’s OK… Wouldn’t like to see them go to waste.

  21. Carts

    So Come January we’ll be forced to accept a maximum of £50m,combined, for both Ozil and Sanchez.

    With the likelihood of no Champions league football and the likes of Wilshere and one or two other also in heir last year, next summer should be fun.

  22. UTarse


    Ofocurse you wouldn’t contribute , you are happy with him staying you mug.

    I’d rather platt my own shit than give you my tickets Pierre.

  23. HighburyLegend

    Pierre, are you Pierre ??

    kim jong talking about ze mental burnout ??
    January is coming, what did you expect ?? lol

  24. Bob

    Win lose or draw things never change at arsenal. Iwobi,Coquelin,Elneny,Wilshire,Walcott,Ramsay,holding,giroud
    With crap like that in the team you have no chance in any league

  25. raptora

    Well De Gea did deserve the praise after that sublime game he had vs us. He’s won another MotM last night vs B’mouth. Interesting stat right here:

    GK Saves Goals Against Saves %

    De Gea 66 11 86%
    Courtois 37 14 73%
    Ederson 27 11 71%
    Lloris 31 14 69%
    Cech 36 20 64%
    Mignolet 26 20 57%

    Bar the obvious that us and Pool are equally shitty in defence, one might say that with any other keeper United would have certainly been with less points than us. De Gea is virtually keeping mouninho at his job so nothing wrong with talking him up. Dude’s carrying them hard.

  26. Leftsidesanch

    Raptora – good points, but I still feel with something like 30+ on goal if your attack is worth writing home about you should be scoring more than 1 goal. That game was just about how poor we are at finishing as how good of a shot stopper he is.

  27. steve

    Wenger is so lucky Newcastle is next on the schedule. That’s three free points so Wenger can buy himself some more time.

  28. Leftsidesanch

    Jack may get criticism from people but what about people like Iwobi. he can’t be more than 20 years old, when questioned with why Wenger should stay his justification was that we always get 4th.

    So young, and any ambition he had already beaten out of him by Wenger. I get the impression if Jack doesn’t get the game time he desires he would seek pastures new. Iwobi is just happy to live off the good name Arsenal use to have like a lot of those millionaire freeloaders at the club.

  29. TitsMcGee

    You guys mean to tell me that Wenger didn’t /couldn’t just flip a switch and make us a contender this season? You mean all his promises about being reinvigorated was just hogwash?

    Say it ain’t so.

  30. graham62


    The discussions regarding these two players have consumed most of us on Le Grove over the past few months. The fact that they continue to pull on the Arsenal shirts shows everyone what a weak ansd feeble mindset exits at the club and typifies the negativeness that is suffocating the life out of us all.

    FACT: Sanchez should not be playing. He promoted his intentions months back. By playing him Wenger is showing how weak and feeble he is. Sanchez doesn’t care and, in a way, I understand where he’s coming from on this. However, it is the affect he is having on all the other players that confirms to me that Wenger is not fit for purpose.

    No other manager would be doing what Wenger does. Why would any of these players want to play for Wenger under these circumstances.

    As for Ozil, to even think of giving him 300k per week is a joke. No one wants him and if Wenger and the board cave in to his obvious demands, it will be another kick in the teeth to those who have the good of the club at heart. The problem we have is that no top players want to come to the club whilst this regime is in operation. So what do we do?

    Drop Sanchez and Ozil, play some of the youngsters. Start with Lacazette and Giroud(!!) and take the consequences. Of course, Wenger will not do this as his superior intelligence and managerial skills(and ego) would never permit it.

    Most experienced managers(not just in football) would have allowed things to get to this stage.

    Wenger should be sacked now. There is no alternative.

  31. Pierre


    It’s you who is paying Wengers wages with the 4 grand you pay for season tickets.

    How does that make you feel that it’s your hard earned money that is going into Wengers pocket every year.

    And you think I’m deluded.

  32. Micheal

    Graham and just about everyone else on this blog are 100% correct that Wenger should be removed from his post. The stagnation at Arsenal is utterly appalling and will only deteriorate further in three weeks time when Ozil, Sanchez and Jack are allowed to speak to interested clubs -that’s £100m + down the drain because the contarcts were not wrapped up a year ago. Even worse, who wants to come to a club in obvious decline.
    But does anyone out there have any confidence that Ivan Gazidis is the right man to select a proper, experienced and ambitious new manager ? I don’t.

  33. Bob

    Please don’t put Jack Wilshire with in the same bracket as Sanchez and ozil. Both played for barcelona and real madrid and the other is a Bournemouth reject. Wilshire don’t love arsenal he loves the money that no one else will pay for English dog poo.

  34. graham62


    To be honest, I would accept finishing 10th, getting dumped out of the EL/domestic cup competitions, if it meant no more Wenger.

  35. Micheal

    Please don’t put Jack Wilshire with in the same bracket as Sanchez and ozil.

    I was not commenting on ability. I was illustrating the colossal loss of money by allowing players to run down their contracts, which will reduce our scope to make adequate replacements.

  36. TR7

    One person who doesn’t get his due credit for the run City have had so far is their keeper – Ederson. The guy is so good with the ball on his feet, deals nonchalantly with opposition forwards pressing him high and still makes very few mistakes. Without him City would have dropped points from silly mistakes like they did last year with Bravo in charge. De Gea makes unbelievable saves and is rightly hailed as the best GK in the league but Ederson is also terrific for what he brings to the City side.

  37. Carts


    Couldn’t agree more, with you. Ederson is a whole upgrade on Bravo, and that was for double the price.

    Surprisingly he’s #2 to Allison (Roma #1) , but there’s no doubt in my mind that Ederson is an all round better GK.

    To think Wenger overlooked the goalkeeping aspect for so long really is incredible.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    All the fans screaming about Wenger really only have themselves to blame, look after we beat Spurs ‘one Wenger’ rings out, look at the AGM where Sir Chips etc got a pasting and yet Wenger gets a huge applause after his speech.

    Said it many times, Arsenal fans get the club they deserve, around half our fan base put the interests of one old, deluded, cowardly, egotistical man ahead of an entire club with well over one hundred years of history.

    The patience for him is at zero right now and apathy is rampant, but just wait, look how many fans after the Spurs result and Huddersfield result where all chirpy and starting to become deluded again.

    Wenger is the weakest, Wenger is the first that needs to go but he won’t with this fan base.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    So many exciting managers out there right now.

    We have done well to bring in people like Mislintat and Sanllehi but we really should be looking at the likes of Jardim, Sarri, Allegri etc.

    We are injuring our future by sticking with Wenger.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Kozz seems like he is really falling apart as a player this season.

    The work to be done on this team is scary, basically a couple of new defenders, and entirely new midfield and then we are going to have to replace what we lose in attack.

    Wenger at the helm for that work.


  41. Carts


    Even with our recent technical appointments, I think the biggest challenge is convincing top players to player under Wenger – seeing as we won’t have either Ozil or Sanchez or champions league football

  42. Cesc Appeal



    He is busted, has been for years but it is getting worse.

    Bellerin looked a top talent a couple of seasons ago, couple of years under Wenger’s ‘direction’ and look at him, and you can see it across the field.

    In our starting eleven right now the only player you can point to and say Wenger really brought him on was Kozz but even that is a CB who relies on his physical abilities (such as pace) instead of having a great understanding of the game and is now falling apart in front of our eyes.

    Whoever we buy under Wenger will end up ruined, he cannot develop what we do have, he cannot do tactics, its been over a decade and he has not worked out how you beat a parked bus despite the fact all top teams face it, we fall apart in the same way every year, we fail in the same way every year and nothing ever changes under him.

    What is he actually good for? I’m struggling to see what his managerial abilities are aside from beating how teams we totally outmatch resource wise and then getting the odd result that saves him over a season.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    United are flat if they really do want Ozil sell him for a premium considering his contract situation in January.

    Same with Sanchez.

    Both should have gone in the summer, but sell them and bank for the money for a new manager in the summer.

    Its time this club took itself out of this self-imposed hiatus.

  44. TitsMcGee

    It’s funny how talented players come here and the bottom falls out a year or two in.

    Tells you all you need to know. They either weren’t very good or they were but just became Wengerized. Either way there is a herd of pink elephants in the room.

  45. Bob

    Sky sports:
    Jack Wilshere says Arsenal are yet to offer him a new contract, despite Arsene Wenger saying talks would begin this month. All over the media what has he done to get a new contract?

  46. Bamford10

    Our best hope at the moment is that this season goes so poorly that Wenger decides to step aside at season end. Martin Keown floated this idea last night, and supporters should do what they can to encourage Wenger in this direction.

  47. Leftsidesanch

    Sanchez will most likely leave in the summer and it will look a bad decision turning down that £60m for him last summer. I can’t recall who but there was someone saying that we all thought too much of him in terms of him reproducing the form he showed last season. He’s been demotivated and lacking in quality and I can’t blame him. I blame Wenger for keeping him on.

    I blame Wenger for persisting with Xhaka too, who in my view has to go down as perhaps his worst buy considering the outlay on him and who else was available at the time.

  48. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    When/if Wenger replaces Sanchez and Ozil he’s going to spout the usual ‘they will need 3 to 6 months to bed in’ shit.

  49. OleGunner


    Tough one to happen.
    Wenger has at least half the fan base eating out the palm of his hand.

    There will never be unified effort to get him out even if results go awry all the way till seasons end.

  50. TR7

    Last season Wenger had 3 get out of the jail cards – FA Cup, “uncertainty around my own future led to instability at the club” and “we finished with higher no of points (75) than when we finished 2nd in the league”.

    What will he come up with this season when we fail to get top 4 yet again ? My guess is he will blame poor atmosphere in the dressing room due to Alexis/Ozil sagas.

  51. UTarse


    Your attempts at witty or cutting comebacks are so weak. Your brain tank is empty, my 4k a year is paying wenger’s wages eh ?

    What a numpty you are.

  52. Bamford10


    Right, but you don’t need the entire fan base shouting him to the door. You simply need a 6th or 7th place finish, an audible and visible “Wenger out” contingent, prominent voices saying it’s time and no redeeming achievements, e.g., a UEL or FAC title. A few departing players saying what a joke his methods are would help as well.

  53. S Asoa

    City on the run with 15 wins.
    The only consistent spoiler could be Arsenal where the record goes off.
    Only team to beat Leicester twice
    Arsene is the onion up the arse

  54. UTarse


    “Wenger decides to step aside at season end. Martin Keown floated this idea last night, and supporters should do what they can to encourage Wenger in this direction.”

    You and I both know that in the main, Arsenal “supporters” are way too pussy and apathetic to do such a thing. What needs to happen is the hardcore WOBs need to raise some funds ands start another campaign of publicising our feelings.

    And this time, it needs to be done with the gloves off, forget this whole “thanks for the memories but its time to move on” bollocks. It needs to be filled with vitriol. That’s what the senile c*nt deserves. ZERO respect.

  55. HighburyLegend

    “he will blame poor atmosphere in the dressing room due to Alexis/Ozil”

    What about the poor atmosphere in ze beautiful stadium that HE has build ?!?

  56. graham62

    Just wanted to say it was great seeing JW do a few things last night that only he is capable of(and I’m not talking about the missed chance). If Lacazette had been on from the start and with the way Jack was playing, I’m convinced Arsenal would have won the game.

    If he stayed injury free things would look far better. The trouble is, is it really worth him staying on at the club? If contractual issues are not being discussed, as seems to be the case, I feel it would be in his best interests to leave and start afresh elsewhere.

    If the Wenger reign self implodes(and we should all be wishing for this to happen),he may be tempted to stay.

  57. WengerEagle

    It’s all about self-preservation for Wenger, he’ll point the finger at literally everybody else before he admits that he’s the only constant with our failure season after season despite the merry-go-round of players transfers.

  58. graham62

    It’s funny, when we(the majority) come on to voice our anger and frustrations, all the AKB’s waddle off into the sunset.

    Where do they all go?

    Please tell.

  59. David Smith

    Not long to go now.
    The club stated this summer they believed they could compete for the title. Amusing how thats turning out. Ok we dont believe all they say, but
    Then, we have Players Wenger insisted on keeping rather than replacing, who will leaving for nothing.
    New staff in place, or will be come Feb. A top manager available and on the doorstep. An able assistant learning from Pep
    A serious doubt of CL football next year
    There is no competitive, financial or business decision for Wenger to be here next season, I am sure if he carries on failing,there will be clauses, and he will be cheaper to be rid of than his annual salary , especially if no CL.
    No logic for him being here, only sentiment, American billionaires ultimately only have so much sentiment, especially, if, as reported, Wenger really did convince him he would challenge for the title
    It just remains to be seen whether Wenger goes quietly, or it gets nasty, suspect the latter with this man, may damage the team this season, but the damage wont be long lasting if the club act as they should, and I believe will if this continues

  60. TR7

    Imagine Wenger making way for Pep when he was available. The guy would have completely transformed our club. Granted he wouldn’t have at his disposal the players he has now at City but I bet we would be at the very least competing for the league if not winning it. The man is a fucking genius.

  61. E54_

    Bloody hell some of you.. seriously. You can’t see how he plays with the fanbase over and over again. Ok remember last season. We just came off a WengerOut campaign. He signed a new contract so the fans began to panic and demand we sign players. That ozil and sanchez get offered new deals and that we should REJECT ANY bids that come in.. especially for sanchez? Yes, the fanbase actually preferred to have some sort of morale victory over PSG and CITY by turning their offers down??!
    Anyway, so what did Wenger do. He put his cronies to work, john cross ect all these stories of who we’re bidding for floating all over the net. Then we sign Lacazette, and just like that, all is rosey in the garden. Last day of TW. Arsenal have no money, last hour of the TW Arsenal have money again, bid for Sanchez is accepted, 92M bid for Lemar made
    (ha! 92M for Lemar is fine but 89M for pogba is crazy??!) Lemar bid rejected, Sanchez deal collapses, and all is rosey in the garden.

  62. WengerEagle


    He’s brought the best out of his players available, David Silva, Sterling, De Bruyne, Aguero, Stones, Delph, Otamendi are all playing their best football particularly Silva and Sterling and he’s bought really well in Sane, Ederson, Jesus and has them all playing at a world class level.

    It’s absolutely fair to say that he would have transformed the club, even if we did not spend the amount that Citeh have.

  63. graham62

    Any AKB, please answer this.

    Since 2006, what has been the turnover of members and STH’s at the club. Ignoring deaths, marriages, births, the occasional sex change and those people lost at sea, exactly HOW MANY ARSENAL SUPPORTERS HAVE VACATED THE PREMISES SINCE THIS TIME?

    I can tell you this, it’s far more than attend the Emirates every other week.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Self preservation is the key phrase with Wenger.

    Hold on to total power but blame everyone and everything else for your failures.

    How people still support Wenger when he has treated this club the way he has particularly over the last year or so is totally beyond me.

    You do have to question those people’s care for the club because he threw it under the bus to get the deal he wanted, actively held off change, embarrassed us again and flipped the finger to the fans while doing it all.

  65. TR7


    Yes, Pep was absolutely magnificent at Barca but his stint at Bayern was a bit underwhelming leading to a few doubt his genius, me included. But man what a show he has put on here at City. He has got them playing absolutely top notch football and more importantly the way he wants his teams to play. I thought Stones and Otemandi CB pairing would be Citeh’s achilles heel but even they look mighty comfortable against all teams. I bet we have better defenders that those two but even a team like Southampton ripped us apart at will a week ago. Of course he has got Silva, Sterling etc. playing at a level I didn’t expect them to . And Sane is just mustard, loved the way he was slowly bedded in.

  66. graham62

    All AKB’s are incapable of having instinctive and logical thoughts. They would rather analyse and review excrement that they have stepped in, contemplating it’s many benefits and advantages, rather than admit it’s a load of ####### shit!

    My goodness, are they all this stupid?


  67. UTarse


    Nothing wrong with wishing Arsenal to lose under wengunt. It’s the only way he leaves or gets kicked out. Many on here secretly wish it but won’t say it for fear of abuse. Well bring it on, I’m happy to hold my head high and say I wish them to lose and fall in the table till the c*nt goes. What satisfaction does it give you to see Arsenal win under wengunt ?

  68. graham62

    Pierre/ Wallace/Number9(K9) etc

    I sincerely wish you all a joyful and triumphant festive season.

    If Rudolph and the gang knock you over in the street, don’t concern yourselves too much.

    Remember, it’s all harmless fun.

    Keep up the facade.

  69. UTarse

    In the good old days, a defeat would hurt, I wouldn’t even watch MOTD, I’d want to erase the memory. A win would have me buzzing, no matter what kind of day or week I’d had. I would hide from mates who supported other clubs if we lost and couldn’t wait to see them if we’d won. ALL THAT HAS GONE.

    Now, I couldn’t give a fucking monkeys. Le fraud has taken all the enjoyment and love out of following my beloved Arsenal.

  70. Ishola70

    If people really want to see the end of Arsene FC then it is not just Wenger that needs to exit.

    Certain aspects of the club that are associated with Wenger need to be ditched as well.

    If Wenger goes but aspects linked to him remain in reality Arsene FC. His strain still deeply embedded in the club.

    Just replacing Wenger but not addressing other issues will see the club perhaps improving but not enough consistently or in the real long run.

    Arsene FC must be completely buried. This means as well as the departure of Wenger a new owner needs to come in that will splash the cash and compete at the top end of the transfer market promising a new dawn for the club. Self sustainability must be ditched and abandoned. It has proved a wrong move and the decision was a wrong and naive one in regards to FFP. The club should aim to compete at the highest levels and not be run like some thrifty housewife counting every penny that is coming in or out of the house.

    Next to address is so-called playing style. Arsenal need to bring in a manager that is strong in certain aspects. These aspects should be a focus on defence and tactics that are geared towards making the side more defensively sound. This is needed to counterbalance all these years of Wenger’s negligence to these matters and his laissez-faire attitude to them.

    So the end of Arsene FC just does not mean the exit of the man himself. Those other issues at the club need to be addressed as well.

  71. Paulinho

    Guardiola and Klopp are by a distance the best two managers at getting their teams to play a high consistently high level of possession football with menace.

    Both have a tendency to drop, or look like dropping, points against some incredibly average teams, but their level of ball retention is top draw. Liverpool’s first half an hour at City earlier on in the season showed how good they are. Their base level is very impressive.

    Problem with both his efficiency, and due to exceptional consistency in a technical sense, their teams are often found wanting when it comes to spark and ruthlessness in the knockout ties. Happened consistently to Munich under Guardiola. It’s like their high intensity approach leaves them flat and fatigued later on in the season.

  72. WengerEagle

    Agree to an extent on Klopp but there is no doubt that he treats the defensive part of the game with at best underestimation and at worst total negligence/disinterest.

    Not sure how any gaffer with funds availabela and is remotely serious about the art of defending can go into a season with defenders in Moreno, Lovren, Klavan that wouldn’t get into most mid-table sides.

    Going forward Liverpool look breathtaking but like you say, they have too many games where they gas and drop silly points like last night, generally against sides that they should be beating.

    Difference with Citeh is that they just have so much offensive firepower that they can rely on 5-6 players to come up big and win any match that they are on the brink of chucking, Silva and Sterling have been huge for them in recent weeks when they haven’t looked so destructive going forward.

    Liverpool’s attack is great but they don’t have Citeh’s depth and Firmino-Salah-Mane-Coutinho play a match every 3 days.

  73. Paulinho

    I also think Guardiola last season would’ve without question chose Sanchez over Sterling, a move that does not improve City at all, and he’s still lukewarm over Aguero, despite him showing once what an incisive and clinical striker he is.

    So Guardiola is doing a great job, but he has been fortunate in some respects as well, and like Klopp, can make some daft decisions that can undo his general excellency at preparing teams to play a certain way.

  74. TitsMcGee

    WEYes, Pep was absolutely magnificent at Barca but his stint at Bayern was a bit underwhelming leading to a few doubt his genius, me included”

    He won the league every season and got to the semis every season in the UCL (if memory serves).

    He’s a victim of his own success I. E if he doesn’t win both the league title and the UCL the season is considered a disappointment by his standards but he hardly “underwhelmed ” at Bayern based on any realistic scale.

    If I remember he lost each semi to either the eventual UCL champions or UCL final runner up.

  75. Pierre

    “Your attempts at witty or cutting comebacks are so weak. Your brain tank is empty, my 4k a year is paying wenger’s wages eh ?”

    You may as well cut out the middle men and go straight to Wengers house in totteridge and give the 4 grand directly to him..

  76. TitsMcGee

    You don’t need 50% of the fans to protest. 1/3 would do the trick if done consistently before every home game. That would turn enough heads . His position would be untenable and make waves in the media.

  77. WengerEagle

    Yeah I don’t think that Pep really fancies Aguero either, he’s just too damn clinical not to have as a useful option though, arguably the most lethal finisher the league has ever seen.

    Jesus fits in better with the all-round game that he is steering Citeh towards, he’s still raw himself but his ceiling is sky high.

    Aguero is a weird one, he’s had a great career without ever really imposing himself as the best striker on the planet or even ‘the guy’ in that Citeh title winning sides, I’d argue that Silva was their main man in 2011/12 and Yaya was in 2013/14.

    For Atletico Madrid he was sensational, as big a talent as M’Bappe.

  78. WengerEagle

    Agree Tits, he was more a victim of Heynckes’ success though who had just overseen the perfect season, a feat that was never going to be replicated in reality, not even by he himself which is why he retired at the perfect time to solidify legend status.

    Robben and others are qupted as saying that Pep took Bayern’s technical level of play to new heights, even their training sessions sounded like seminars from all accounts.

    No doubt that Pep is great.

  79. alexanderhenry


    ‘This means as well as the departure of Wenger a new owner needs to come in that will splash the cash and compete at the top end of the transfer market promising a new dawn for the club. Self sustainability must be ditched and abandoned. It has proved a wrong move and the decision was a wrong and naive one in regards to FFP. The club should aim to compete at the highest levels and not be run like some thrifty housewife counting every penny that is coming in or out of the house.’

    Amen to that

  80. Paulinho

    “There technical level of play wasn’t good enough to see them lift the Champions league under Guardiola”

    That’s the thing though: There is always a weakness for every strength. Their philosophy/playing style left them vulnerable to being almost morally ‘cheap shotted’ by cynical, clever teams in the latter stages, who couldn’t hold a candle to the them in a technical sense. Inter did the same to his Barca team back in 2010. Guardiola can be left looking a bit naive and idealistic. Of course nowhere near as much as a certain Frenchman,and at least he is not a fraud in terms of playing style.

  81. alexanderhenry

    Arsenal are a right old mess at the moment.
    I actually think things could come to a head in January. The decision to keep Sanchez and Ozil is staggeringly incompetent- insane even, and most un arsenal like.
    We’ve always cashed in on players in the past but this time it’s the opposite. Not even Chelsea or City would allow players of that value to just walk away.

    Stan must be aware of this, surely. In summer he’s facing no CL football, which puts the club down by at least £30 million plus two players worth roughly £90 to £100 million leaving for nothing.

  82. alexanderhenry


    So, tell us what your grand plan of action is ? What are you going to do to get Wenger fired?

    I’ve got an idea actually. Why not stop supporting arsenal all together? You’ll be a happier person for it.

  83. Paulinho

    Redtruth – I am agreeing.

    When people were waxing lyrical over Bayern every season in the group stage I predicted they would get knocked out as soon as they came across and a tactically astute team with bit of quality and every year Bayern fluffed their lines.

    Be interesting to see what happens this year in Europe with City. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the same thing happen.

  84. TR7


    As Red said for that Bayern team to not win the UCL even once in 3 years was underwhelming. Bayern would win league title even under your stewardship, so that’s kind of irrelevant. That said he is a brilliant manager in every sense of the word.

  85. alexanderhenry


    So, what are you going to do about it? Insulting me on Le Grove is going to work , is it Ruthie?
    You abuse people for not taking action. What action are you going to take?

  86. TR7

    Tottenaham is going to be the biggest test for this City team in the league. All the hype around Manchester derby not withstanding, we all knew it would be a damp squib , a one sided game.

  87. Elmo

    So Wenger stated last month that the intention was to have Wilshere’s future sorted by the end of December.

    It’s mid-December, with a busy schedule for the players for the rest of the year, and Wilshere has announced that the club have not even approached him yet regarding his situation at the club, despite him being able to sign a pre-contract with a non-English team on January 1st.

    Regardless of whether you want to offer him a new contract, why would you just let this roll out of your control? If you want him to stay, sign him up before a Sevilla, Monaco or Milan come in with an unexpected offer on New Year’s Day. If you are looking to sell him in January, let the player’s agent know that they should start soliciting interest from English clubs, ready to pay a transfer fee in January.

    I just can’t understand why Arsenal voluntarily let everything drift out of their control. It’s like the club have done everything in their power to get Sanchez, Ozil and Wilshere to leave for nothing. The fact that NOTHING has been done with Ramsey, Walcott and Welbeck’s contracts (all of whom enter the final year in 6 months, along with several 30+ year olds in Giroud, Monreal, Cech, Debuchy) shows that the club are happy to play Russian Roulette once again with expensive assets.

  88. alexanderhenry


    I can’t understand it either. Before we used to flog off our best players, all too happy to cash in, but now it’s as if the club is financially self harming.

  89. DaleDaGooner

    All for the Wenger bashing, man deserves it….but the fan base is ridiculous, especially the irrational ones!

    We’ve gotten to the point where some fans are continually looking for other fans to bitch and moan about unnecessarily, it’s that bad now aye?

    One season we sell RvP to United, they bitch, one season we hold on to Sanchez and Ozil, they still bitch.

    Live and let live, if you don’t like other people supporting Arsenal as-is, then stop following all together!1 Jeeze! bunch of entitled cunts here. Why do you have to insult others cause you’re not getting your own way or you just need a place or person to moan at????

  90. DaleDaGooner

    Wilshere has not done anything to warrant sitting down to talk about his contract…he had a whole season at Bournemouth to show he deserved a new contract or move on. All this blame on the club is a waste. Wilshere, for me, hasn’t proven anything!