FK Ostersunds English coach and how his style has delivered so much success

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Nothing more beautiful than getting an alert for a terrorist attack on your mobile and reading the only person injured was the terrorist. Imagine how embarrassed he’s going to be? Pipe bomb making skills so poor, he couldn’t even blow himself up. All his virgin mates hitting him up on his Infidel Telegram group ripping into him, ‘No Virgins for your bro, just experienced lifers tanking your sweet ‘pipe’ every night at Rikers Island’… enjoy your 400-year sentence, you absolute coward.

I totally get off on that shit. Fucking melts.

You know what else I get off on? The magic of the Europa League, as they say. We’re playing FK Ostersunds in the next round. The away fans land 500 tickets. It should be a fun game and it should be a shoo-in for the last 16 when things will no doubt heat up. However, worth noting they nicked a draw at Bilbao. We’ll get the lowdown on the team from resident Swede Alfred when he stops messing around in San Fran.

It’s worth taking a bit of time out to read up on their manager, he’s taken them as a relegated 4th tier Swedish side, to the last 32 of the Europa League. One of his key attributes as a manager is emotional intelligence, and his ability to revitalise players who’ve gone off the rails. His sweet spot is picking up discarded talent from around Europe, he understands that not being a complete person at 21 is normal, so he works with them to build their person, and develop their raw talent at the same time. Quite the read here, crazy that none of the Premier League clubs has paid attention.

This is what I mean when I say Arsenal don’t need a manager with BIG trophies under their belt. You need a coach with a unique vision or approach to the game. There are very few big names who reinvent themselves, so you either shoot for the ones that can, like Pep G… or you shoot for someone who is doing something new that’ll take a while to suss (Conte / Tuchel). A manager who can reviatlise players with shite attitudes would work wonders at a West Ham. Instead, they opted for David Moyes who has been garbage at his last 4 clubs.

I’m not saying we should hire him, I’m just saying Gazidis needs to look at his squad, our resources, the personalities, and the style of play the fans demand… and make a hire built around that. Versus hiring a stable name like Mourinho, Koeman or Big Sam.

Anyway, back to Arsenal. Our Feb could look pretty mean if things go well.

  • Everton H
  • Spurs A
  • Östersunds A
  • FA Cup 5th Round TBC
  • Östersunds H
  • Man City H
  • Carabao Cup Final TBC

The great thing here is unless things go really bad, we’re not dropping out of 3 competitions in one month like we have done traditionally.

There’s talk that Juventus are eyeing up Hector Bellerin this summer. It’d be hard to say the young right-back has progressed in the last two years. His delivery is still poor and some of his decision making is really bad. I think he needs to be properly coached, and sadly, it seems we’re letting one of the most exciting prospects in the world slip into a dank hole of averageness.

I don’t want to keep hammering away here, but yet another reason for Arsenal to bring in a new coach. We’re struggling to attract top-tier talent, and more importantly, we’re having a issues developing it. A lot of people pointing to Aaron Ramsey actually being the issue in our midfield this weekend, because he gets crowded out and it isolates Ozil. I think Aaron is having a good season this year, but you have to look at his record. He’s struggled to form a partnership with anyone over the last 5 years and we tend to always blame the partner.

I just wish we had a manager who you knew had given all his thinking to making him a better player, versus one that just throws him out there and tells him to play like Roy of the Rovers.

Still, have to say, it was great to see Chamberlain is still utter garbage. Watching him play those stupid outside of the boot cross-field balls behind players was a warm fuzzy feeling… the equivalent of a terrorist injuring only himself. Seeing him over hit crosses under zero pressure. Watching him saunter back like he’s kicking up a brisk job to catch a bus. Marvellous.

That said, I was kind of upset that we’re keeping players like Theo at the club when there are names like Salah moving around Europe for £37m. What a superstar he’s been, that goal against Everton was world class. So much power and composure. The guy looks so casual as well, a real asset.

Right, game over for today, I’m flying to Houston tomorrow, so I might not be around to blog. Or I might be lying and secretly struggling with the Cheggers news, is that ok? Sheesh… what a ledge. Gone too soon.


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  1. graham62

    FK Ostersunds were formed the year Wenger arrived at Arsenal.

    I sense a potential banana skin on the cards, especially if Wenger plays the second string.

  2. Chris

    A nice read regarding Graham Potter.

    I think we need to pay him and them the respect they deserve. To have made it this far means they are no mugs and the away leg could well be in sub zero conditions.

    It’s fine to play the kids or reserves in the group stage but now any team who has made it to the knock outs is potentially dangerous and if we want to win the thing let’s play full strength.

  3. Chris


    If we are still in all comps (in terms of the league the race for top four) by the time the Ostersund tie comes around we would almost certainly see rotation for it.

    In a way I hope we are out of the domestic cups so we can really make a go of the Europa. I would dearly love to win it. Arsenal needs more European prestige.

  4. Elmo

    Ostersunds finished 5th or 6th in the Swedish league last season, but qualified for Europe by winning the cup. They got that draw at Bilbao (who are struggling in La Liga) in the group stages, and knocked out Galatasaray in qualifying.

    It should be a straightforward tie, but if Wenger does show arrogance and fields the reserves which lost to Koln and drew with Red Star, it wouldn’t be surprising if we lost the first leg by a goal or two and then have to field the first XI on a desperate Thursday night before playing City on the Sunday.

    I would play a strong XI in the first leg, hope to return with a sound result, then rotate the team for the FA Cup 5th round regardless of opponent (except if its Spuds). As a club with limited European success, there’s more glory in winning the UEFA Cup than looking for another FA Cup.

  5. Waldo

    Chelsea fans now know what it is like to be an Arsenal fan by going into the round of 16 and facing Barca…

    Welcome to our world

  6. WengerEagle

    You have to laugh at the Spuds drawing Juventus as well, the arguable toughest 2nd placed team in draw along with Bayern Munich, better than half of the teams that topped their groups.

    I for one celebrate their woeful luck, think that Juventus will definitely out-smart them over 2 legs.

  7. WengerEagle

    Unbelievable that PSG also drew Real Madrid, that was potentially the Final being played out in the last 16.

    Bayern must be laughing their heads off drawing Besiktas for finishing 2nd.

    3 Cracking ties in there between Real-PSG, Juventus-Spuds and Chavs-Barcelona.

  8. E54_

    Who was it that predicted we’d be behind the league leaders double digits by December? . He/she was laughed off LeGrove, scoffed at, as if one uttered words of blasphemy. Is there any accountability on Legrove or is it lacking like it’s lacking at Arsenal F.C?

  9. ArseneisaFraud

    It was Jo.e, who has been banned, who predicted this.

    Too think of it: we are probably as predictable as AW own predictable senile routine that he has built around himself at OUR club.

  10. Bamford10

    It will be fun to see Messi & Co. play against Chelsea. While the former are not the team they were in 2010-11, it will be interesting to see how much better they are than a good PL team. Madrid-PSG and Juventus-Spurs should be great as well, but my money is on PSG and Juventus to advance. Should all be really fun to watch.

  11. Carts

    Haha – Pedro, was ox that shit? I always said he’d never realise his “potential” at Arsenal.

    Glad you’ve finally seen how ordinary he is. I mean, his stats for arsenal, and as recent as January where he’d only completed 20 odd full games – was pony.

    Interesting CL draw. Some real show stoppers there. PSG x Real as mouth watering as it gets. I think PSG will bottle it unless that utterly wallop Real at the Parc de Prince. Even then it, as we saw last season, doesn’t really stand for much if you have incompetent officials taking charge.

    Hard to predict there’s outcome but I have a feeling we’ll see the away goals rule playing a massive part

  12. Carts


    AH MAAAN. Reem’s head nearly came away from his neck. Nasty viewing lol

    What about Holloway putting another clinic on Aldo

  13. WengerEagle


    Lol, guy has those Cameroonian/Blackfrican genes innit, only thing known to man more powerful than Anabolic Steroids, dude was HOMELESS when Jonny Bones won the Light Heavyweight title for the 1st time ffs.

    They’ll market him as the Tyson of the UFC and so they should, scariest man to set foot in the Octagon, love me some Stipe but don’t think that he survives against Francis past the early rounds.

    And yes, Holloway looked fantastic again, no joke breaking a beast in Aldo’s body down and besting him in a war TWICE, McGregor’s was a flash KO that can happen to anyone but Max proved that he’s the most improved fighter in the UFC by battering the featherweight GOAT twice in almost identical fashion.

  14. useroz

    Can’t be talking about talent until Wenger fucks off.

    If we had Salah he’d no doubt be doing back passes and standing around routines we see week in week out. Not the power run and shooting he’d do at the L’pool.

    Just look at Sead’s first 5 games and these days… sad story really

  15. E54_

    ArseneisaFraudDecember 11, 2017 21:32:10

    It was Jo.e, who has been banned, who predicted this.

    Too think of it: we are probably as predictable as AW own predictable senile routine that he has built around himself at OUR club
    Cheers, hey everyone, serious set of questions. Do we even want top 4? I mean do the fans even care? What difference does it make to us as fans to be in the UCL. We get stuffed at least once in the group stage, qualify, draw bayern or barca then get stuffed again.
    Do we need it really? 20 years of it hasn’t done much for us. As fans yeah.. forget the bank balance ect, we don’t see any of those benefits individually and we don’t spend the money on the very best players anyway.. Are we just happy to see a big european team turn up at the Emirates now and again. Get knocked out, then repeat the same shyte next year.

    I know its a strange way to think because Arsene F.C have programmed us to never ask this question but, why is qualifying for the UCL so important to us. I mean really look at the last 20 years, what have we benefitted? Money?…. Is that it?

  16. Elmo


    Depends whether Big Weng is going or not. We need CL football to attract a quality manager and ambitious players, but if Weng makes the top 4 he certainly won’t be going anywhere.

    I’d like to win the UEFA Cup this season and then see what Mislintat and Sanllehi can do to creatively replace Sanchez and Ozil with a CL budget, hopefully without interference from KJW. If their hands are tied by KJW and it’s just going to be more of the same disorganised nonsense, then I don’t really care about qualifying for the CL and starting to build critical mass, and would rather look to have nice cup runs in the UEFA.

  17. E54_

    ElmoDecember 12, 2017    01:45:42


    Depends whether Big Weng is going or not. We need CL football to attract a quality manager and ambitious players, but if Weng makes the top 4 he certainly won’t be going anywhere.
    Yh man. Im just talking from the point of view that Weng isn’t leaving for the next 2 years. If he did leave, then definitely UCL is important and everything that comes with it, however with Wenger in charge, he never utilises the benefits of UCL PARTICIPATION so im just asking, whats the point?

  18. E54_

    If we get top 4. On the last day we will celebrate, but isn’t anyone going to stop and think. Hold on.. why are we celebrating? I can definitely understand celebrating an FA Cup win, whatever it is, small or irrelevant its still a trophy. But top4 isnt a trophy. Remember when we beat spurs and qualified for top4 like we won the league… selfies and stuff. Henry had to save our shame by saying, “they cant be celebrating 4th, they must be happy to have beaten spurs thats my only explanation” Well what did we do in the TW and the UCL the following season?

  19. jasongms

    J.o.e was a personal fav if he wasn’t banned for something outlandishly racist, then Pedro is just your typical party pooper. Of which I have suspected for some time 🙂

  20. jasongms

    Actually banned the name J.O.e haha and yet he has the Arsene Wenger self-styled cult followers stinking up the place 24/7, go figure :/

  21. Pierre

    A question to you from the last post as
    I’m curious to know as you obviously love the club but hate Wenger but you said you don’t attend the games to protest but also I’m sure you said that you are not going to attend the games in the future until Wenger leaves.

    Are you a fan who will celebrate winning an FA cup, Europa cup or league cup or does your hatred for Wenger not allow you to as it may prolong his stay.
    Do you and your son go to every home game and support the team and are desperate for arsenal to win or is it just 90 minutes of venom towards Wenger.
    I’m just curious to know why someone would spend so much money and time on something that you probably don’t get much enjoyment out of because, as you said, we should be winning the title or thereabouts every season…

  22. Emiratesstroller

    The attendance for last week’s game in Europa Cup was an “all time low” for a
    game where season ticket holders are paying for matches. I include myself in
    the absences. Both my seats were empty for this game.

    The significance of the size of the attendance should not be lost on the Board,
    because season tickets cover the EPL, Europe and FA Cup, but not league cup

    There has to be concern at Board level with the ongoing decline in attendances even if season ticket holders like myself have paid for seats. The current apathy can easily translate into “non renewal of season tickets”.

    My guess is that if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League next season and Wenger and current coaching team stay at club there is likely to be
    departure not just of Sanchez and Ozil, but many of the season ticket holders
    as well.

    When you see how Arsenal lost games against Liverpool, Man City and Man
    United this season you know that it is time for regime change. The performance against Southampton in first quarter only confirmed this.

    The way Arsenal are playing at moment is devoid of any gameplan. We are
    defensively weak and in decline, the midfield mediocre and our offensive players play like they want to leave the club.

    What is blindingly obvious to me is that whether Wenger and coaching staff
    turn up at games at the moment makes absolutely no impact on games, His
    input is ZERO.

    Bluntly I doubt that there is a single player in first team squad who would be
    particularly concerned whether Wenger left the club at end of this season.
    His influence and more importantly the loyalty of players to his cause is non

    The club has made some important changes “offield”, but unless they address the core problem at the club it will be for nothing. The club needs to change
    the Manager and Coaching staff and this has to be done at end of this season
    if not earlier.

    The club and players need to be reenergised and it is blindingly obvious that
    is not going to happen whilst Wenger is at the club.

  23. TonyD

    So Wenger lucks out again getting lowly Euro opposition.

    Now I’m getting very confused. I’ve always said that Ozil is not worth £300K per week because that would be like paying him something like £1+million for every decent performance over a season considering how many games he goes missing.

    The we’ve been told that great things are going to happen with the Sven & Raul show, and now The Mail is reporting we are offering Ozil £300k a week to stay.

    So much for the amazing changes for now then.

    “Arsenal make last attempt to sign Mesut Ozil to new deal as Manchester United and Barcelona circle midfielder”

    Read more:

  24. Pierre

    “So Wenger lucks out again getting lowly Euro opposition”

    Yeah, we have been really lucky every season in Europe in the knockout stages..

    Please don’t allow your obsession with Wenger cloud your judgement and make ridiculous comments.

  25. Pierre

    I regard most of what goes on off the field in football as bullshit.
    Managers press conferences are pointless.

    Wenger spouts a pile of garbage most of the time. He is forever contradicting himself about transfers, contracts etc. As I said, its all bullshit.

    But me personally, I still enjoy going to the games, though I don’t go as much as I used to as I don’t live in London anymore.
    It just intrigues me to know why someone would still pay good money to watch arsenal every week when they know a win and another trophy only prolongs Wengers stay at the club….where’s the enjoyment in that unless the enjoyment comes from seeing Wenger lose but that means you are spending thousands of pounds a year wanting arsenal to lose… You might as well stay at home and save yourself a few bob, and its warm..

  26. UTarse


    What do you fail to understand about me reiterating that I DO NOT ATTEND GAMES IN PROTEST. So why say in one sentence that you know this then in following paragraph ask if I go to home games and spue vitriol towards wengunt ??

    We haven’t won the Europa league nor league cup so I presume you are talking of last seasons FA cup win, yes I celebrated because I support the club, not wengunt. Although sure, I did it with the fear of knowing that the fraud will use it to justify an extension.

    The reason I spend “so much money” is because I’m not giving up my season tickets which I waited 5 years for because of that senile fraud and thankfully I can afford to do so even though I don’t attend games.

    That enough for you little P ?

    That concludes the morning session of today’s Q&A with little P.

    Question for you little P, do you attend games ?

  27. Pierre

    Ah right, it didn’t quite read like that in my little p mind… I thought you meant you still attend games but don’t attend the games to protest…fair enough..

    As for me attending games, I go occasionally, not as much as I’d like.. Maybe I could use your season tickets for a few games if you don’t mind as you don’t attend.

  28. Buckhurst Gun

    We don’t need champs league to attract a quality manager …. there’s plenty out there who would come in a heartbeat so don’t be fooled just because wenger is running a shit show , think of all the managers that watch us and think they could do a better job

  29. UTarse


    If maybe the “Wenger out” crowd consisted of enough ST holders in significant numbers then a simple protest of 2-3 games of a sparsely populated attendance for prem games would, in my mind, really send a potent message. Especially if it was picked up by the media and the “movement” advertised it as such.

    Problem is as Highbury legend points out, I suspect even a big portion of wenger out ST holders are too “Akb pussy” to do it.

    Maybe Le grove can petition such a notion ?

  30. UTarse


    100% agree, the Arsenal job is a big one like an AC Milan, and any manager worth his weight in salt would love to pit his skill set tackling such a job to showcase how good he is. It’s called ambition, something the spuds have with poch, at least they are trying to become a bigger more successful club. Albeit I think they will fail because they have no pedigree.

    Arsenal at present possess neither.

  31. Pierre

    Though there are probably thousands of seriously pissed off st holders It won’t work, especially if arsenal are winning enough games and still in cup competitions. Enough fans will still go or sell on their ticket for fans who don’t get the chance to go every week.

    It would need Arsenal to go out of all cup competitions by the end of February and be almost out of competition for a champions league spot and then maybe enough fans will boycott the games.
    Getting 30,000 for the borisov game was actually not a bad attendance in my opinion considering who we were playing, the weather and the fact it was a meaningless game.

    The vast majority of Fans are similar to me, in that they want Wenger to go but don’t hate him but just wish that he would call it a day so the club will hopefully move forward, though that’s not guaranteed.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    As a season ticket holder I am not in the camp of those who post on Le Grove
    suggesting that I should not attend games as a protest.

    If I don’t go to games it is because frankly I have something better to do with my time. At the moment that is an easy choice to make!

    Nevertheless there is clear evidence amongst other season ticket holders around me that there is general dissatisfaction at the way the football side of the club is being run. If that continues next season then the club could find a
    large drop out rate in season ticket renewals.

    The team is not playing well and there seems to be very little input from manager and coaching staff. You sense when you watch games that Wenger is no
    longer in control and the playing personnel know that.

    Personally I feel that this could be Wenger’s last season at club. The decisions made recently suggest to me that the club are now preparing for his departure
    and no significant transfer decisions will be made until summer even if it means that Sanchez, Ozil and Wilshire leave on freebies.

  33. Micheal

    The most important point in considering a boycott of the stadium is simpole – is anyone listening or watching ?

    This is a serious question because we know that Kroenke does not give a toss about football and the results and overall poor performances on the field are meaningless. He will only become interested if we get relegated.

    We also know that Gazidis is toothless, ineffective and carries no clout at the club. He pours the gin & tonics in the bar after the game.

    And Wenger ? He is pulling down £8 m – £10 m a year and is accountable only to Kroenke – who does not give a fuck in the first place.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    A so-called boycott is frankly meaningless. Season Ticket Holders have ‘paid’
    for their tickets so it is not going to impact on revenue.

    As I said what will have impact is if we fail to qualify for CL for a second year
    AND season ticket holders decide not to renew.

    Also a continued decline in playing performance could impact on the club’s sponsorship. Emirates have already announced that they are not renewing shirt sponsorship and I seem to recall that Puma wrote into sponsorship contract that failure to qualify for CL could result in reduction in sponsorship revenue.

  35. Micheal


    I definitely agree that season ticket holders have paid up front and impact on revenue this season is meaningless. It might help symbolically but – as I said – is anyone watching or listening. I have my doubts.

    Falling out of the CL for another season will clearly hit revenue. But the new Premier League deal will bring a massive increase in funds and lessen the impact.

    I guess the big unknown is whether the “waiting list” for season tickets would replace those who leave in protest at the shambles unfolding before our eyes. Impossible to judge until it happens.

  36. graham62

    Actually couldn’t believe it when Ostersund came out of the hat.

    Whilst working in Denmark in 1983-84, went to visit Ostersund for a weekend with some friends. Great city festival at end of July but take your thermals if your planning to go in February.

    Remember watching some amateur team playing who, I think, later amalgamated with Ostersund and another local team. The fact that FK Ostersund were formed in 1996 makes this game even more special and I’m actually excited about the whole thing in ways that some of you won’t agree with.

    It’s surreal to think that Arsenal FC will be visiting this small northern outlet of Sweden. In a way, it shows exactly how far Arsenal have sunk (no disrespect to FK Ostersund )under Wenger. Is this my Deja Vu moment? Will this be Wenger’s final humiliation?

    Don’t assume this is going to be an easy passage for Arsenal and if any of the players decide to go out and sample any of the local brews, we’ve definitely had it! They knocked out Galatasaray and qualified alongside Athletic Bilbao, eliminating Hertha Berlin in the process, to get to this stage.

    ‘From Barcelona in 2006 to Ostersund in 2017- Wenger’s demise’. What a great title for his autobiography.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear the failure to qualify for Champions League is not unique to Arsenal.

    It has happened in recent years to Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea. Liverpool and Spurs have failed to qualify for CL more often than not.

    So there needs to be a sense of proportion as to what happened this season and playing in Sweden will be good experience for our U23 and B Team Members.

    What is of more concern is if Arsenal fail to qualify for CL for a second consecutive season. That will be viewed more of a trend.

    Arsenal know already that Sanchez is leaving the club. The only uncertainty is
    whether he leaves in January or June. My guess is that if Arsenal gets a large
    offer in January and we are able to buy a top quality younger replacement Sanchez will leave in January.

    Ozil is a different situation. I still think that Arsenal will try to hold onto him.
    However if he also leaves then Arsenal are going to have to spend £100 million+ to replace both of them.

    That leaves very little money to spend on central midfield, defence and a
    goalkeeper, which are now also in urgent need of revision.

  38. Steveyg87

    “That’s a relief. Ramsey is out injured unfortunately Wenger said it’s only a small one.”

    Admittedly not one of Ramseys biggest fans, but the lad has been doing good so far this season, bar fucking up a golden chance for Giroud right at the end vs Southampton when his arse shouldve been off the field. Im hoping we give Jack a go but i reckon Wenger will opt for Iwobi who doesnt really excite me, the guy needs a loan deal asap

  39. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    While Ramsey has been pushing further up field he has left gaping holes behind him. I think Xhaka is crap but I feel a little sorry for him having Ramsey asa central midfield partner.

    We used to play a back four with one or two holding midfielders. Now we play with a man less in defence and only one holding midfielder.

    Ramsey has a massive ego and it’s clear by the body language that a lot of the players think he’s a twat.

  40. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If you combine the talents of my nan and Stephen Hawking you would have a better player than Sanogo.

  41. alexanderhenry


    A boycott from non ST holders would be a big statement.

    Also, if we fail to qualify for the CL and fail to win a trophy, would you consider giving up your season ticket?

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Why you getting to sound like Red?

    Stroller n his ST is his business
    If he wants to jack he will when he is ready .
    I had mine 30 years plus n just gave back.

    People bullying an peer pressure trying to get someone tondo something they ain’t got the bollocks to do themselves .

    If he wants to go it’s his choice.

  43. UTarse


    I have to disagree with you. It WOULD make a difference, it’s not about the money that we as ST holders have already paid, it’s about the negative press it would create and sponsors would come knocking on the door as it would be blatantly obvious that we are a club in disarray. If 3 prem games attracted crowds of 30k, and I’m guessing you would in that crowd, the fact the stadium is HALF EMPTY would ring major alarm bells with all stakeholders.

    FFS, when will the majority of fans say enough is enough and actually DO something about it rather than just giving an opinion ?

  44. UTarse

    As for not renewing, that’s futile, there’s an 8 year waiting list…..apparently.

    Also, why should I give up the club I love because of ONE MAN, a very selfish arrogant one of that.

  45. raptora

    Lol at the usual critics towards Ramsey. Since he’s been regularly scoring and assisting and is arguably our most consistent and best performing Arsenal player since the start of the season, alongside Nacho and Cech, no one can say that he is not doing well in attack, probably our most dangerous player bar Lacazette, way more useful than mister “I will lose the ball a million times, while spinning around myself, and eventually something has to turn in to a goal or an assist and people would go wow” Sanchez, and the stat mastermind titan of Mesut “the numero uno goal chance creator in ze football history” Ozil.

    Blame Ramsey that he is an attacking midfielder who has to do absolutely everything from defending to assisting and scoring. He’s having a great season but he will never be a Gerrard or Lampard and they were pretty much the only two who were great in both phases of the game (Lamps being not on Stevie G’s level in defending and Stevie G not on Lamps level of scoring). But he is a similar player to them. One had Mascherano and Xabi Alonso next to him, the other one had mother effin Makelele and Essien. Ramsey has Xhaka.

    It’s all on Wenger of course.

    It’s not Xhaka’s fault that he is pony. It’s Wenger’s for paying 35m and that he keeps playing him. The swiss has been incredibly consistent in his assists, probably number 1 in the league. Just not in our favor. Top talent.

    Ramsey is the problem though. His big ego is out of this world.He keeps passing the ball to Alexis and Ozil, while the other two pass the ball mostly between themselves and often simply refuse to pass to the welsh. Makes him the egoist. Golden logic.

    Coutinho is a midfielder, he just loves to dribble past 5 players, shoot from 40m and do absolutely zero in defense. Ramsey does the basics with making perfect runs in empty dangerous spaces several times per game – egoist.

    What is wrong with people?!

  46. Bamford10

    Giving up one’s season tickets will do nothing. Others will simply buy in and management / ownership won’t notice a thing. If Wenger is to leave early, it will have to be on account of finishing outside of the top four again, fan displeasure/unrest and Wenger himself deciding he has had enough. I continue to think this is more possible than some imagine.

  47. UTarse


    “The vast majority of Fans are similar to me, in that they want Wenger to go but don’t hate him but just wish that he would call it a day so the club will hopefully move forward, though that’s not guaranteed.”

    What evidence is giving you any confidence that he will sail into the wind whilst he has had multiple opportunities to do just that since the Hull cup win and blankly refused to ?

    Please tell me, I’m intrigued that I’m obviously missing something.

    You and the majority like you are deluded zombies hanging on to memories of yester-decade . When will you give up this pathetic notion that wengunt is an honourable man ????

  48. Bamford10


    Agreed. I’ve never been a big fan of Ramsey’s and he has his weaknesses, but he has been one of our better performers of late, is our best midfielder at the moment and is far from our most pressing problem. Put a Goretzka and N’Zonzi behind him and he could actually be quite good.

    Yes, it’s true that he doesn’t always make the best decisions, but this is on Wenger and his laissez-faire, the-game-is-the-best-instructor approach. If he had had a proper manager over the past 5-6 years, he could be quite a player.

  49. Bamford10


    All of the PL teams to advance? Hmmm, I think that’s a bit optimistic, though I think the PL is stronger this season than in the last few seasons.

    City will advance. No question. Liverpool & United probably will as well. Chelsea will not beat Barcelona, though, and Spurs-Juventus is a toss-up, IMO.

  50. Pierre

    “Also, why should I give up the club I love because of ONE MAN”

    That’s sort of my argument with you regarding not going to the games as a protest against Wenger.

    The only person or persons it affects is you and your son. It makes no difference to Wenger or Arsenal whether you go or not.

    If you are not going because of a matter of principle then it’s still pointless as again it only affects you.

    Forget Wenger, forget principles and go to the games. There will still be some cracking games this season. Liverpool, Chelsea and city coming up, league cup semi possibly.. Later stages of the Europa league.
    Maybe it’s not champions league or title deciders but the season still has something to offer.

  51. Pierre

    Me and the “deluded zombies” are realist.

    Firstly, its kronke who has the power to sack Wenger or not to keep renewing his contract its nothing to do with the “deluded zombies”.

    It would be quite easy to call the WOBS the deluded zombies as they are the ones who are deluded to think they have any power to oust Wenger. He’s still manager of the club.. So who’s deluded.

  52. Emiratesstroller


    I have made clear that for the time being I will continue to be a season ticket
    holder, but for the record I have been winding down this season my personal

    This has been done partly because of interest in other things, but also because
    the quality of football and entertainment has not been great this season.

    However, what I am not going to do is “protest”. Bluntly that is the domain of Corbyn and his left wing supporters. Protest rarely has an impact on decision
    making and to be frank Kroenke living in USA is not going to take a blind bit
    of notice.

    What will make a difference is the impact of the team’s performance on the
    balance sheet and sponsorship.

    The changes which have been made in recent weeks suggests to me that Wenger is now on the way out. I could not conceive that the club would recruit a Football Director from Barcelona if Wenger was staying.

    Also there has been a lack of activity in transfer market and contract negotiations and that suggests also that the club are waiting until changes have been

    The fact that FD is arriving in February after transfer window is closed means
    almost certainly that there will be no material changes until he arrives at the club.

    We know already that Sanchez is going to leave. He wants to go and I suspect
    that Arsenal know already that no club is likely to come in and make a serious
    offer in January. If he is going to join Man City they can afford to wait until June. It is not going to make a material difference to their prospects in EPL or

    Ozil’s situation is an entirely different. No-one has come in an made an offer for him and I suspect that it is unlikely that they will do so in January.
    The only unknown is whether he will sign a pre-contract then, which incidentally he is only allowed to do with an overseas club. My guess is that Ozil is
    playing the “long game” of wait and see what offers are being made post the
    World Cup, which takes place in June.

  53. UTarse


    I understand the premise behind your argument and although I would love to agree, I.e that current changes are being introduced to reflect a change of approach and management etc. I just don’t have faith it’s ever going to happen unilaterally, they need a push or helping hand and a half empty stadium will be that push.

    I guess lets see, I hope you’re right.

  54. UTarse


    Not going to Arsenal this season has no effect on me because we are generally average to shit. I do not enjoy watching us and coupled with the fact that I feel the fans need to contribute to expedite wengers exit , I’m more than happy to sit it out.

    You and your attitude are typical of the Arsenal fan of today, helpless.

  55. graham62

    “Deluded zombies”

    WOB’s are not the DZ’s. They have just accepted, based on the facts in hand, that the Wenger regime is destroying the club.

    If you genuinely believe that by continuing to invest in the club you are showing loyalty, that is your perogative. However, by showing such loyalty you are displaying a weakness in mind for the true values of your club. Yes, you are an AKB.

    No one individual is bigger than the club, but by tolerating the status quo you are allowing that individual to dictate his own terms and conditions and control his own selfish destiny.

    Compare it all to the ‘LOVE IT OR HATE IT’ image of Marmite. I know of no one who TOLERATES the spread. If they did, it would only be try and prove to others that they are one of the crowd, one of the lads, similar, in many respects, to smoking a cigarette. I think we can all agree that many take up smoking to create an image, show that they are cool and hip and grown up, when the reality is infact completely different.

    Supporting the lads is supporting Wenger. Rejoicing in a goal is rejoicing in Wenger. Going along to the Emirates is investing in Wengers regime. Accepting that nothing will change until SK acts,or Wenger decides to leave, is defeatist in the extreme.

    If you continue to accept andtolerate the status quo, you are, quite clearly, an AKB. It’s black or white.

    Your denial of this obvious fact, only adds to the frustration of those who have the good of the club at heart.