Wenger can’t teach focus

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via @t0wey (instagram)


Arsenal continued their dreary rollercoaster ride of averageness at Southampton. A 1-1 draw away at a team we often struggle against isn’t a disaster on the face of it, but it’s more lost points in the fight for top 4, and yet another nail in the coffin of an Arsene Wenger who just can’t seem to shake this squad into a mindset of winnertivity.

When the game is exciting and has a lot riding on it, you can be sure the players will turn up even if the result isn’t quite what you want. When the game is a little less tantalising, you just don’t know what Arsenal you’re going to stumble upon.

Arsene Wenger gave a cryptic comment about the early goals issue.

“I felt that the Man United game played a bit of a part in the heads of our defenders,”

“They were again a bit apprehensive to start well. That’s why sometimes it’s not too good to talk about a problem because you create an even a bigger one.”

However he dealt with the issue, it didn’t pay off. Going down to a stray Per Mertesacker pass that Charlie Austin made the most of was not an ideal start. It seemed strange that Arsene is having such trouble forcing focus early in games, especially away from home.

Arsenal did find their stride in eventually, but didn’t make possession count right until the end when Olivier Giroud came on and guided a lovely Sanchez cross into the far corner.

1-1 given the context of the game is a nice point, but in the grand scheme of our chase for top 4, it doesn’t look good.

It’s becoming hard to passionately analyse Arsenal. The manager simply isn’t up to the levels he needs to be, and I don’t think he has a very good understanding of how to address decade old problems. If your issue is leaking goals early, it feels like a fairly simply issue to address. I don’t understand how a team of such good professionals can be so disorganised and clueless. Well, I do, the manager isn’t very good at preparation, and since the knowledge of the Invincibles has left the club, a team who could self-manage, he’s never been able to implement strong discipline.

Trouble is, there’s nothing we can do about this. We have a very good starting 11 that has unpredictable focus. We’ll win some games, string a group of results together, and be in striking distance of top 4 all season. What we won’t have is any hope of doing something spectacular.

There is no argument for Wenger staying at Arsenal anymore. The question is now, how long do we have to wait?

The only thing keeping me interested in the club is the excitement going on behind the scenes. Those moves are a recognition that we need to be better, and those moves are a statement of intent for the future, but also, those names are more fuel for the fire come the end of the season when Wenger is reviewed.

Things will be up and down all year, but at least there’s a future being prepared for that moment when Wenger is finally moved on.

I’m bored with the project. Give me something new. Make watching Arsenal exciting again.

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  1. David Smith

    Wengers last season. There is no point in keeping him on beyond the summer unless his contract is extended, or we get a repeat of last season and the uncertainty. And, surely even Stan cannot give wenger a renewal now, as much as I dont rate our owner.
    Hopefully, there is a nice job with the France team this summer, where he doesnt have to manage budgets, enforce values, just let a bunch of talented players play.

  2. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Focus? Malaise? It’s pretty much the same and it’s the same pretty much game in and game out – good call, Pedro.

  3. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And I will take my Top Ten finish, which happens to be the next attainable trophy for Wenger down the road.

  4. Pierre

    Do you know what I find strange, and yes I know we were total crap and deserved nothing from the game and were lucky to get a point, but what I find strange is that Southampton’s goal and whether it was offside or not was never discussed on TV, they didn’t put a line across the pitch to confirm it was onside as it was a very tight decision. My inquisitive mind makes me think it was offside or they would have confirmed that it was onside, I may be wrong but maybe on MOTD they will confirm.
    Its just that when arsenal played spurs recently they must have shown the 2 arsenal goals about 20 times and how parts of their body was offside but the Southampton goal today… Nothing..I would say there was part of the goalscorers body offside but it would have been nice to know one way or the other but they didn’t show it.. Why

  5. Elmo

    “I’m bored with the project. Give me something new.”

    Wenger has inadvertently done just about everything he could have done to put the next manager in a tough spot. Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere leaving for nothing. Ramsey, Welbeck, Walcott etc look like they’ll enter their final year without the club managing to renew with them. Limited money for major signings, as evidenced by the club leaks at the end of the window revealing that no big acquisitions were possible without star players being sold.

    If he had just gone at the end of last season, we could have really kicked on without having to enter a long 3-6 year rebuilding period that is almost certain to be necessary now.

  6. David Smith

    Thats the worry Elmo,you would hope a man who has genuinely loved the club would leave it in the best possible state, however it is possible the vindictive, arrogant, “I built the club” side of him could scorch the earth once he gets wind of the fact there are moves in place designed to make him walk, and I am sure a man as intelligent as he is is well aware of whats going on

  7. HillWood

    Wenger is now blaming the weather
    He has already blamed time wasting and last weeks gifted goals playing on their minds
    He has now become an embarrassment

  8. GunnerDNA

    Good post Pedro,

    Irrespective where this team finishes at the end of the season or whatever we won it has to be the last season for the manager and all of his coaching staff. Its December 10th and we are 17 POINTS behind the leaders. We have a decent team that is not coached properly. Why persist with a formation that you don’t have the players to make work.

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Unless Wenger has something extraordinary in his back pocket, Arsenal will head into the offseason losing arguably their two best players and looking a less attractive place to play for perspective transfer targets.

    As stated by Elmo, the future looks far worse than the present, unless of course Wenger knows something that apparently none of us know???

  10. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Not seeing what you are seeing, Pierre. Austin was onside, close but onside. Let’s not go down that path again, shall we – excuses are wearing. Take the point and run for the hills.

  11. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @HiilWood – “He has now become an embarrassment”. Has now??? He’s been an embarrassment for well over a decade, the old fool.

  12. Elmo


    During the rest of his tenure I’m sure Wenger always held a vague intention to hand over a club in the best health possible to his successor, securing his legacy as a great figurehead of the club. I genuinely believe that at some point last season, under the immense pressure, he mentally checked out from any such commitment, subconsciously accepting that the only thing that mattered to him more than anything else was hanging on in management as long as he possibly could, in order to delay having to face up to a life without plans or commitments. Of course retirement is a major transition for anybody after a long life of work, but from last year Wenger became very brazen in admitting that he believed that he had absolutely nothing outside of the game, and that his experience was that people without purpose died off quickly once retired.

    I don’t believe he will walk away unless already in possession of a very comfortable proposition elsewhere, and even then I no longer think he can be trusted to leave the club in the best shape possible for his successor.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    Hotpie, fuck off back to Untold for discussions regarding conspiracy theories.

    Arsenal are a complete joke among the elite clubs. We have done nothing to create envy or jealousy in others. Get it inside your thick head, you complete nincompoop. In fact, most people actually feel sorry for us, the state we are in.

    Why do others need to conspire against us to bring us down when we work so hard to do that ourselves? I doubt there’s a club out there that shoots itself in the foot as often as we do.

  14. David Smith

    Worrying Elmo if you are correct. Just hope France come calling, doubt if any elite club will.
    Looks like it will be left to those concerned within the club to effectively force him out, looks like at Ivan is at least trying that
    If wenger really has nothing outside, he is even sadder than I already think he is
    France, do your duty

  15. Colin

    Great point you make (same song) the players questions his tactics against united but arsehole Wegner was quick to point out that the final decision rest with him ,there we have it conformation as if wedidn’t already know what he decides is final ,yet still when something goes wrong Wegner along with the akb’s always find other excuses rather than looking at the man who has the final and only decision.

  16. UTarse


    “There is no argument for Wenger staying at Arsenal anymore. The question is now, how long do we have to wait?”

    That’s just it, we DONT and shouldn’t have to wait, some fans tried to oust him last year and now I believe we are getting the opportunity again, the fans should get the fraud out of the club. Arsenal fans seem to just shrug their shoulders and say oh well we tried…. NEVER GIVE UP.


  17. TitsMcGee

    Wenger ain’t going anywhere at the end of the season barring complete and total collapse. We’ll be anywhere from 4th-6th.

    The fans would have to protest in HUGE numbers week in and out but seems like that idea has been deflated.

    This is Arsenal until Wenger leaves. When that will be is embarrassingly up to him sad to say. Arsenal fans have really allowed a man to get bigger than the club. An employee dictating when he choses to leave the job.

  18. UTarse


    I hear you, because we have all seen the last 10 years happen and have become numb to the constant failures. But ffs the fans do have power if they choose to exercise it, fu*king Mugabe has been pushed out !! As well as many others, so why not wengunt ? He wouldn’t be able to fight another coup… not when the the recurrring failures are back……. and how

  19. David Smith

    It’s mainly Stan who has allowed Wenger to become bigger than the club.
    The fans aren’t the ones who keep renewing his contract, apart from niche websites, I don’t know anyone who thinks he should still be in place.
    Most fans are sick of him, clearly a lot of players are as well, several have asked to leave last summer , some of the board clearly wanted him out, but Stan chose to ignore all
    Just hope Stan ” hungrier than ever for trophies” has seen the repercussions of his latest decision. Recent signings of very capable staff who don’t give me the impression of settling for being Wenger yes men provide at least some hope even Stan is on board-with something, whatever it may be. In the past , Wenger would have gone squealing to Stan at the mere mention of a de facto DOF appointment, seems something has changed at least

  20. TitsMcGee

    Blaming the weather really is an embarrassing new low”

    He’s said for years that our squad is “qualitee”. If all of that quality and he can’t even compete for the league then he has to come up with excuses or else the blame rests on his shoulders.

    It’s completely disingenuous of course but that’s what people in over their heads hide behind.

    The pitch, hair pills, conspiring refs, the weather, train rides, unfair scheduling, the horse is dead, the cow is fat.

    The scary part is that the AKBs live to hear those excuses (just see above). To suggest that there is some conspiracy against us is so way out there it really brings into question the intelligence of the IN crowd. Really is “the world is flat” stuff.

  21. TitsMcGee

    But ffs the fans do have power if they choose to exercise it, fu*king Mugabe has been pushed out !! As well as many others, so why not wengunt ? He wouldn’t be able to fight another coup… not when the the recurrring failures are back……. ”

    Yep. If the fans protested in greater numbers consistently Wenger would have to leave. Period. That would be brand suicide for Gazidas/Kroenke to keep him on while battering rams circled the Emirates.

    The problem is that the actual protests while larger than in previous years was still small enough that it could be written off as “a few dissenters”.

  22. UTarse

    I’m a ST holder along with my son and best mate and his son. We refuse to attend another game till wenger is out. If there was a boycott of a big home game (just one !) organised, Stan would get the message. The press did more than notice the sparse crowd at the BATE game so imagine the press attention of a 30,000 crowd for a decent prem game ?

  23. HighburyLegend

    “The question is now, how long do we have to wait?”

    I bet on 2024.
    The dark side of the force is strong with kim jong.

  24. Salvage

    Time to get Bellerin out . Time for Debuchy . Bellerin feels all he has to do to start every game is show up at the dressing room.

    He is terrible at crosses. Just doesnt one to put the effort in to learn . Wastes chances to put in good crosses.

    Ad he just cant defend.

  25. TitsMcGee

    The fans aren’t the ones who keep renewing his contract”

    The fans sing One Arsene Wenger in the stands during a planned protest.

    The lack of significant numbers at these protests indicate that :

    1. If fans are tired of Wenger they can’t be fussed to protest (almost like they feel guilty about it )


    2. The majority of the fans still back Wenger.

    Stan might have the final say but Wenger being loved by the fans(apparent lack of numbers with protests) definitely strengthens his position.

    There is not ONE major football club in the world that has fans more patient than Arsenal fans. Any other club would have deep-sixed his arse about 8 years ago . Why Arsenal fans feel like they owe something to Wenger is beyond me. Madrid, Barca, Chelsea, UTD, Bayern, Spurs the fans would have forced him out.

    He’s been given 12 years of rope and we’re still 17 points behind City before XMas(we finish an avg of 12 points behind EPL winners every season).Behind a manager in year 2 of his build.

  26. HighburyLegend

    “It’s the fanatical fans who have allowed Wenger to become bigger than the club not the owner”

    I believe that there’s a part oh truth in those words.

  27. N'gambo

    Southampton played in different weather conditions to us?


    “Everybody has a little bit of his own analysis — but mine counts!” Arrogant cunt.

  28. David Smith

    Anyone who has been to the Emirates these days will know that the demographics of those inside are not suited to sustained protest.
    As for Mugabe was ousted by the military, albeit with popular support, sadly, we don’t have that option, and he was replaced by a man with as disgusting a track record as his own. It will take something smart to remove Wenger, he is so perversely stubborn, protests against him are more likely to make him stay, they might have done so already, who knows with this man and the guy who keeps him in place. If Wenger is told he should do something, his track record, he suggests does the opposite. He is arrogant, bitter, self entitled, deluded, and worst of all, has been protected beyond reasonable levels for his recent. achievements
    Would love to think the fans could remove him, but just cannot see it, Ivan’s shenanigans are probably our best bet

  29. graham62

    David Smith

    Actually it is the fans who are to blame for all of this, not SK.

    One or two category A/B attendances of 29000 and he would be gone.

    Said all along when you have a deluded manager that is mollycoddled by a deluded Emirates fan base, nothing will change.

    Those that ridicule the WOB fanatics are cowards in my eyes and are solely to blame for this protracted and shambolic state of affairs.

    Wenger is a total and utter disgrace, as are many of our so called loyal and passionate fans.

    Shout it from the roof top ladies and gentlemen……………………WENGER OUT!!

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    My love for the club is faded

    Only wenger walking could inspire me to be bothered ,

    The club will need to hand out olive branches to thousands of fans:

  31. graham62

    Shouting down from the upper tier –

    “Was that two sugars with your coffee Arsene, or one?”……………or

    “Hey Arsene, there’s no bog roll in the toilets on the lower level, clock end”

  32. graham62

    “Hey Arsene, why does it say TWYFORDS on the toilet seats and not Wenger. We were told that you built the stadium”

    That’s it folks. Good Night.

  33. Danish Gooner

    it should be bleeding obvious by now that Wenger cant and never will fix our problems with squads nor tactics The Manure game just reminded me of so many games where we have suffered down the line it just cant not be about luck or unluck anymore there have to be a reason why we keep losing these games but completely dominate posssesion.As soon as the 90 minutes ended at Emirates i went down memory lane and recalled a 2-4 loss at home to Charlton years ago where we dominated possesion just as much as we did against Manure,same flaws differnet set of players,i all of these years Wenger never once sought to countter measure these things never and with a stronger and more tactical PL he is now suffering because every dog knows how to go about it Arsenal and as soon as our players are only on 75 percent his Wengerball simply isnt working.

  34. raptora

    I agree with your posts almost all of the time, but I don’t get why you think that Ozil and Sanchez are so much more above the rest of the team, I mean mainly as a stature, as leaders, as people that the other players look up to when things go south. They don’t.

    Who would you look up to a player that swings in circles and loses the ball 30 times a game or a player who shies away of simple challenge vs Watford (and almost any other team) cause he thinks he’s playing ballet instead of football? No one.

    As much as I lost respect for Cesc and RvP, both played to their very best week in week out with a similar pool of teammates. Both were leaders and top Arsenal players even if they didn’t win us anything. Give me Cesc or RvP to Ozil and Sanchez any day of the week.

    Are we a sad team to watch? Yes. Should we be fine with players that give two effs about our club? No!

    If Ozil and Sanchez are such leaders and factors in the dressing room, make a coup-de-tat. Overthrow Wenger. Chelsea’s leaders did it. Why can’t the two leaders do it?! Middle finger to all players who don’t want to play for us. No excuse for anyone that gives less than 100% for our club. I’d rather watch Ramsey play, than 300-400k pounds a week Ozil.

  35. TonyD

    “We have a very good starting 11 that has unpredictable focus. ”

    Honestly Pedro, you really believe this?

    Sorry but you should read the comments here, especially from your respected posters who have been posting for many years.

    We don’t have a very good starting 11; far from it. Certainly not a starting 11 who could win both the CL or EPL or even mount serious challenges for either.

    We don’t have a very good starting 11 who, even with a brilliant manager and back room team, who potentially could make our starting 11 into a great team who could consistently beat Man City etc.

    Look at this lot of dross, which includes the first 11 bench:

    Kolasniac (maybe)
    Ramsey (maybe)
    Wilshire (maybe)

    These are starting 11/bench players who, other than the maybes, have no right to wear a first 11 shirt. Some in their younger years yes, such as Per and Kos, but seriously Pedro, it seems to me as you’re heading into Wallace’s wonderland.

    Get a grip buddy, we’ve just been turned over by Southampton being very lucky to get a point when we should have lost by at least 2 to 3 goals.

    Dixon said that the Invincibles just went out and played for each other using their own tactics because they were experienced and talented enough to do so.

    This first 11 just do not have the collective ability or tactical/positional nous or mental belief/strength to think for themselves on a football pitch.

    West Ham just beat Chelsea, and they are up next, then Newcastle and finally Liverpool.

    After yesterday’s display I wouldn’t bet on any wins, especially against Liverpool who only dropped points to a very iffy penalty.

    You are 100% spot on about Wenger; try being honest and realistic with yourself about the very poor first 11/bench we have now.

    Let’s face it it’s only going to become a bigger nightmare in the summer regardless of the Sven and Raul show.

    Not only are they going to have to deal with Wenger’s megalomaniac insanity, but it’s world cup time, so if we don’t have our business done very early after the season finishes – we can forget it for the next season once again.

    To be honest I can’t see Sven & Raul making a difference until Wenger has left the building.

    If you know different for sure please enlighten us unhappy souls and bring some joy for the festive season – god knows after the last 13 years we need it.

  36. TonyD

    Pizzagate returns to Old Trafford and it could have happened to a nicer arsehole who knows nothing about respect.

    Just ask Eva Carneiro!

    “Manchester United and Manchester City players and staff clash in tunnel as Jose Mourinho is hit on head by bottle and doused in milk while coach Mikel Arteta is left with a cut to the head and Ederson confronts Portuguese boss”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5165449/Man-Utd-Man-City-players-fight-tunnel-derby.html#ixzz50vEEbKmO

    Poor loser Mourinho isn’t special any more and he knows it.

    Great game for us neutrals and the right result for City.

    Have to admire what Pep is doing but he’s still 2 or 3 players away from an ‘Invincibles’ team/squad.

    Delph is a liability in defense and Kompany is getting older/slower, but they play great football and are not far off having that telepathic connection our Invincibles had on the pitch.

    The league is theirs to lose this season and they can lose the odd game but mental fragility? Just look at how mild mannered Silva went into tackles and it’s easy to see that City are on a collective mission.

    I truly love our club, but you have to admire what’s going on at City.

  37. TonyD

    Mourinho is turning into a Wenger bemoaning not given penalties, but City should have had 2 stone wall penalties in the first half on Otamendi and Jesus.

    VAR will take care of such things in hopefully the not too distant future.

  38. TonyD

    Pedro and my esteemed fellow posters can we please drop this Top Four nonsense chatter.

    Other than group stage extra financials it offers nothing while Wenger is still at the club.

    CL is not going to attract elite or budding elite players to join the next chapter of the Wenger shit show. We’ll just end up being embarrassed in the final 16 stage if we quality and being in the CL just nullifies out EPL challenge.

    Europa is our best bet, and even then our rested, pampered excuses for first 11 players implode playing crab football they don’t believe in.

    OUR COLLECTIVE FOCUS should be on getting Wenger out of our club and rebuilding for the future.

    Only then should we be concerned about qualifying for a CL we can actually stand a chance of winning.

  39. Goobergooner

    Damn it Pierre, you do love your ref conspiracies.

    Austin was onside and it was a great piece of snatch and grab play from Southampton.

    It may have been close, but he was well and truly onside.

  40. Levi

    First off, can we all just acknowledge that Wilshere > Özil right now? Özil looked slow and harmless all fecking game. That’s exactly the opposite of what you want from your CAM. Wilshere was a goddamn revelation. He puts opposition on the back foot almost every time he touches the ball. Hello, Mr. Wenger? How do you not see this?

    Mertesacker was a great CB in his prime, but his time is up. The game has changed. He’s too slow to keep up. Let him ride the bench for the rest of the season. Bring in a new CB pronto.

    Welbeck was a terrible first sub. He takes time to get into a game. He has no spark to light a fire in the team. And his form is luke-warm if I’m being generous.

    Our attacking game is dismal. Teams either rough us up with a high press, or they park the bus and counter-attack. We have no answer for either. This is on Arsene. He *MUST* go at the end of the season!

  41. TonyD

    Looks like you’re getting a few nibbles but no real bites. Need to change the bait Little P.

    Thought your game post in the previous post made sense as it mostly does when you’re not in banter mode.

    What do you reckon Pierre, did Niel Armstrong actually land on the moon? Does Bigfoot exist?

    What’s stance on UFOs?

    Always fun to read your posts.

  42. Wallace

    “The scary part is that the AKBs live to hear those excuses (just see above). To suggest that there is some conspiracy against us is so way out there it really brings into question the intelligence of the IN crowd. Really is “the world is flat” stuff.”

    oh tits, back on his favourite subject. surely there’s a blog for people who aren’t really into football but just want to bitch about other Arsenal fans?

    also, there is a precedent for this, Forest fans never turned on Clough, not even when he took them down.

  43. Colin

    Crazy that Wegner could use the defensive mistakes made against united as an excuse for Mertesacker’s against Southampton,yet after every defeat he reminds everyone of the importance of using the next game to show that we have learned from our mistakes .

  44. Jeff

    Your tenacity and staying power is admirable – all of you – especially Pedro – day after day trying to find something to say that doesn’t involve the elephant in the room. Arsenal has been in stasis for the last 15 years and it’s deliberate. Even the most stupid supporter should have realised by now what the problem is but alas that’s not the case. They are still flogging a dead horse in the hope that it will suddenly spring to life. It’s a complete and utter joke really. What are we expecting Arsenal to do? Win another FA cup maybe? Finish fourth? Will that make us happy? Yes, for a while but it won’t last. Small victories placate some people but it doesn’t really mean anything.

    The last time we won the league – it took (arguably) the best side in Europe to do it and we’ve had no major title since. Was Wenger lucky or was he a genius? I suggest that you zoom out and look at the bigger picture if you are at all in any doubt. We are way, way beyond the idea that we can be critical of this player or that player in any particular game. We’ve been living through surreal times and most people have grown used to it. Even ardent WOBs may find themselves in this situation. People have simply stopped caring. There is nothing left in the tank other than empty hope and passive disdain.

  45. TitsMcGee

    oh tits, back on his favourite subject. surely there’s a blog for people who aren’t really into football but just want to bitch about other Arsenal fans?also, there is a precedent for this, Forest fans never turned on Clough, not even when he took them down.”

    The fans (like you) are the problem. Until it stops being a problem I suggest you worship someone else if the truth hurts 😉

  46. TitsMcGee

    The last time we won the league – it took (arguably) the best side in Europe to do it and we’ve had no major title since. Was Wenger lucky or was he a genius?”

    Looking more and more like luck at the moment. Geniuses don’t stagnate. Geniuses don’t take 12 years to build a squad that is 17 point adrift of the league leaders by Christmas.

  47. TitsMcGee

    what are you suggesting, we all go down with the ship?”

    It’s okay. There’s “precedent ” lol

    It happened with Clough ages ago so it’s okay that it’s happening now lol

    Jesus at him and Pierre.

  48. Pierre

    Nice to know you appreciate my comments though there are many on here that don’t hold the same sentiments.

    As you know, back in october I said the league is done and dusted, pep and city are a class above.. It will forever frustrate me that we didn’t get him when he left barca. This club would be in a completely different position now.
    Who’s to blame, ultimately its the owner but of course Wenger should have done the honourable thing and walked.

    Where we are now is, we are one of the also rans along with Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, man u. We are all in the same boat, we are no better and no worse. We are all dropping points against lower sides, we are all taking points off of one another and we are all being outplayed by city.

    We should Mirror what jose did last season and focus on the cups. I still enjoy a good cup run as do a lot of other fans.

    Who cares about top 4, not me.. It has never meant anything to me finishing in the top 4… Would rather have a couple of good cup runs albeit in inferior competitions.

  49. Pierre

    “Liverpool who only dropped points to a very iffy penalty.”

    That’s one of the things I find strange on here…
    If I mention dodgy decisions against arsenal, I get slaughtered but someone else mentions the fact that Liverpool dropped points due to a dodgy penalty and guess what…….. Nothing

  50. shaun ellis

    we have seen what is required to get Wenger out .The bate game attendance for three or four home games will do it nothing more nothing less .and the message will be clear and also deliver the biggest slap to that arrogant face .people are no longer willing to pay top dollar to see average schoolboy football mistake after mistake

  51. Wenker-wanger

    SK is happy to keep the relic that is Wenger in place. Sk is only interested in money.
    The fans,largely, seem content just to win more than we lose and play the type of football we play , which THEY find interesting and pleasing to watch. I say this following a difficult discussion with one such so-called lifelong supporter. He had no regard for George grahams arsenal. I switched off from his opinions quite quickly..
    I suggest this mentality is prevalent amongst more passionless fans. They identify with their strange perception of Wenger as a purist total football messiah. They believe that Wenger is the only good guy amongst ruthless dodgy managers. So when Wenger gets hammered by klopp, mourinho etc, its because Wenger refuses to adopt impure tactics and gamesmanship.
    It was an Eye-opener just listening to the bizarre garbage spouted by this AKB. its a more psychological issue than I previously thought.

  52. Wallace


    “Wallace, what are you suggesting, we all go down with the ship?”

    no, just that in the only other obvious comparison the Forest fans behaved in the same way as many Arsenal fans are doing now.

  53. Wenker-wanger

    Pierre, havent arsenal had some lucky decisions lately? Spurs for instance? Free kick that never was?
    Its easy to focus on our bad luck/decisions. I believe that over a season good and bad decisions even out.

  54. Wallace

    “Looking more and more like luck at the moment. Geniuses don’t stagnate.”

    there have been very few geniuses. Wenger wasn’t a genius, just really f*ckin’ good for 7-8yrs. Cruyff was a genius, Guardiola might be…

  55. graham62


    OMG! Now your comparing Clough with Wenger. How delusional is that?

    There are several reasons why Forest fans never turned against BC, the main reason being he was a man of the people who respected the loyalty of it’s fanbase and, more signiificantly, turned a second division outfit, on a shoestring budget, into European kings.

    This is something Wenger has never done and will never be able to do.

    Wallace, if you consider yourself as being “into football” then comparing Wenger with Clough proves the complete opposite.

    Cloughie was an icon. Wenger is not!

  56. Pierre

    Wenker – wanger
    Yes, you are right, we did get a soft free kick v Tottenham 40 yards from goal..

    It was highlighted enough times on TV that we did actually receive a soft free kick 40 yards from goal against Tottenham.

  57. Wallace


    “OMG! Now your comparing Clough with Wenger. How delusional is that?”

    they differ in the details, but I think it’s a good comparison. legends who stayed on too long. yes, Clough won the European Cup, but then Wenger did the Double twice and went a season unbeaten.

  58. graham62

    Wenger has little or no regard for any of the fans. For the most part he ignores our support and loyalty. He disrespects, patronizes and treats us with utter contempt.

    He has become an insult to our own intelligence as fans and deserves to suffer the consequences of our wrath.

    My own personal BASHING OF WENGER will only stop when he leaves the club for good.

  59. Wenker-wanger

    The lacazette offside goal against stoke was also highlighted. It was deemed just offside….a tad unlucky…but it was highlighted wasn’t it !
    Untold used to go into detail about stats. They would argue we would get 48% of 50/50 decisions. They would draw graphs of their chosen parameters, ignoring the multi variables that would destroy their flimsy assertion of bias against arsenal.
    There is no bias against arsenal, except that the media seem to purposely avoid running Wenger down….maybe they do hate arsenal and want Wenger in place eh?

  60. steve

    “just really f*ckin’ good for 7-8yrs”


    Erm no he wasn’t. He still massively under performed even during the best years.

  61. Wenker-wanger

    @ graham, same here….its my duty to keep on having a go at Wenger till he leaves.
    Many people read our posts….I’m sure pundits know about legrove…if not they should….Pedro does a fine blog.

  62. graham62


    DON’T YOU GET IT?!?!

    THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON! Were you actually around in the seventies?

    God, you lot are just unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. shaun ellis

    “its a more psychological issue than I previously thought.”

    yeah some fans think Wenger has actually been a good coach but if you really understand what has happened here and you here what other professional footballers who have first hand experience of Wenger say, it is pretty obvious the man is bang average and has never been really good, circumstance and luck have played massive parts in this mans managerial career and the Graham defense was defining for this man make no mistake about that as that was his luck for a life time and then signing Sol another major gem is his managerial career as Sol would demand the same level of defensive discipline as those before him and in doing so made Wenger last longer …..any real success for wenger after our last real worldclass”hardened English” centre back…………………….the man is a fraud and always has been

  64. Pierre

    Apathetic, listless, unenthusiastic, half hearted.( no, it’s not my school report) .. That was arsenal yesterday.
    Someone needs to stick a rocket up their arse sometimes..
    We need a Tony Adams, Roy Keane, Frank Mclintock, instead who we have as captain.. Wasn’t it Walcott the other night, hardly inspiring and mertesacker at the weekend, enough said.

  65. TR7

    “Someone needs to stick a rocket up their arse sometimes..
    We need a Tony Adams, Roy Keane, Frank Mclintock”

    Or may be Arsene can guide players from the touchline or fire a rocket up players’ arse himself instead of looking as perplexed as the players on the pitch.

    City 2-1 up against United, 3-4 minutes to go and I see Pep still directing his players to not waste their time around making sideways passes but rather push forward up the pitch. Wenger spends all his energy moaning at 4th officials than at players.

  66. Wallace


    “Wenger has little or no regard for any of the fans. For the most part he ignores our support and loyalty. He disrespects, patronizes and treats us with utter contempt.”

    never actually physically attacked any of us though, eh?

  67. Wenker-wanger

    @ Shaun,
    Totally agree. That great team he inherited ran itself. He didn’t have to lift a finger.
    Adams took over the on-field power from George graham. Wenger went along for the ride.
    He didn’t have to go out of his way to get henry viera and pires….they asked him if they could play for arsenal.
    Yeah wenger was a lucky btard, in the right place at the right time.

  68. Pierre

    I have always believed that, although you need a top manager to succeed, that you need a figurehead in the changing room to teach new players the value of a club and what is required to succeed.
    I have said it before, over the last 25 years or so the clubs who have lost their figureheads have struggled when they have left the club.
    I am talking about Alan hansen at Liverpool, no titles since he left.

    Ryan giggs, man Utd…. No titles

    Patrick Vieira…. No titles

    And now john Terry has left Chelsea and I believe that unless they replace his influence in the changing room then they will struggle.

    Vincent company is citys figurehead and has a great influence within the club.

    Arsenal need to find someone who will demand /command respect.

  69. Pierre

    Wenker – wanger
    Buying petit, overmars, anelka Vieira was astute business not lucky…
    People shouldn’t let their hatred for him mask his acheivements.

    Though David Dein, I believe, was the master at getting transfers across the line and possibly encouraged Wenger to keep improving the squad with players like kanu, Reyes and wiltord.
    When Dein left a part of Wenger died.

  70. graham62

    Don’t be fooled by @PIERRE’S predictable feedback. It’s only his way of throwing us all off guard, so he can plan his next attack.

    Sorry Pierre, I don’t mean to keep having a go.

    Have a nice day.

  71. Pierre

    You’re talking too much sense for this lot..

    I fully understand where you are coming from regarding a successful manager over staying his welcome.

    Maybe if Wenger had gave a couple of right handers to a few supporters(especially a few on Le Grove) they may respect him a bit more.

  72. Pierre

    Wenker _wanger
    The lacazette offside goal against stoke was also highlighted. It was deemed just offside….a tad unlucky…but it was highlighted wasn’t it !”

    Yes you’re right, they highlighted the fact his little toe was offside.
    Thank you for proving my point (though I don’t think you realise it).

  73. Wenker-wanger

    OK I give you this one and only compliment to wenger.
    He was clued up on nutrition etc and extended the playing careers of the old guard.
    He had an eye for gifted flair players.
    He bought one brilliant defender in Sol Campbell.(one).
    I’m not blind in hatred.
    You hear a lot of negative about wenger BECAUSE there are so many.
    Please don’t talk about wenger slapping anybody…he is probably useless at that as well.
    I would hardly be bothered by him or any of his supporters giving slaps.

  74. graham62


    “never actually physically attacked us though, eh”

    Slightly silly response, BUT, what the heck, I’ll take the bait.

    At least if he had, it would prove he cares. The traits he shows are the worst of the worst. Selfish, arrogant, self absorbing and demeaning to us as fans. The sort of things only the most despicable of human beings show.

    As a fan, when your manager(or any person for that matter) continues to act in this way, you know it’s time to take a stance. By accepthing the status quo you are merely adding fuel to the fire, whilst also showing your own true colours.

    You tolerate the status quo……………………I DON’T!!

  75. Wallace

    Graham was sacked just 3.5yrs after his second league title, with a few domestic cups and the cup winners cup following that, and yet barely anyone was sorry to see him go. in contrast it’s been what, 13yrs since Wenger’s last title? and there are still fans who’d be pretty pissed if you disrespected him.

  76. graham62

    If a colleague at work treated others like Wenger, would you sit and cower in the corner, or act and take the consequences?

    Me thinks we have a few ‘chicken shits’ on here.

  77. graham62


    Wenger earnt our respect, but due to his stubborn and selfish refusal to put the club first, he has lost it.

  78. TheBlaster

    “ since the knowledge of the Invincibles has left the club, a team who could self-manage, he’s never been able to implement strong discipline.”

    This is a perfect summary. Not much else needs saying. To move forward he has to move on.

  79. Pierre

    Wenker _wanger
    “He bought one brilliant defender in Sol Campbell”

    Lauren and toure proved to be exceptional defenders and cost peanuts.

  80. TitsMcGee

    there have been very few geniuses. Wenger wasn’t a genius, just really f*ckin’ good for 7-8yrs. Cruyff was a genius, Guardiola might be…”

    So he was really good for 7-8 years huh? What has changed since then?

    I’ll wait.

  81. UTarse

    Ahhh bless little P finding solace in his mate Wallace.

    So you 2 think we WOBs are bang out of order because we don’t show wengunt respect for his achievements from 13-20 years ago ??

    If that’s your premise behind defending him then so be it, I’m a disrespectful fan who pays £2,000 a ST and want to see a team that challenges for the premier league title and has a realistic chance of winning the champions league.

    How fickle am I eh ?

  82. shaun ellis

    You can be as astute as you like at buying offensive attacking players but more fool you as you fall into exactly the same unrealistic thinking as Wenger and whilst you say some are blinded by there hatred for Wenger ….what about those who still refuse to see that his defensive Inadequacies make him average at best , everyone with half a brain knows with one or two defensive additions in the right place for the last 15 years gets us to within single digits of the title winners or title winners ourselves .the invincible team should have been dominant in Europe ….they were not and that is because Wenger is no where near the tactical level required to be a great coach on the European stage and never will be

  83. UTarse

    Let’s take on the graham62 angle of the work place….

    Since our last prem title, wengunt has “earned” ( ironic no ?) circa at least £106 MILLION in wages alone for the massive return of 3 FA Cups in trophies.

    Think about that for a minute.

    In ANY workplace he would have been fired. ANY, including other “ELITE” for all clubs…. but not the mighty “respectful leave when you want” Arsenal.

  84. Wallace


    “So he was really good for 7-8 years huh? What has changed since then?”

    I think after the undefeated season he lost some of his hunger, and also thought he could win it any way he wanted. the stadium and the financial sacrifices that entailed obviously contributed, but I think it was mostly a case of losing his edge a little bit.

  85. TitsMcGee

    In ANY workplace he would have been fired”

    He’s no closer to winning the league now than he was 12 seasons ago.

    Project youth 1 and 2 and British Core projects have face-planted .

  86. Wallace


    “Since our last prem title, wengunt has “earned” ( ironic no ?) circa at least £106 MILLION in wages alone for the massive return of 3 FA Cups in trophies.”

    12 consecutive seasons of participating in the CL knockout stages = 500m. talking about the numbers in football is kinda pointless. it’s all bonkers.

  87. Leedsgunner

    After every bad result Wenger says the important thing is how they respond.

    Well how did they respond?

    Made silly defensive errors at the beginning of the game against Man United which cost us the game. They made the same mistakes again versus Southampton.

    Why are the players making the same mistakes. why isn’t Wenger doing anything about it?

    Complaceny and lack of accountability is the order of the day at Arsenal.

  88. graham62


    Still found time for his French TV committments and modelling assignments.

    Don’t blame financial constraints on him losing his edge. That’s a lame excuse(and he has many).

    He wants us to believe how hard he works but, at the end of the day, he is only trying to get a sympathy vote.

    The team managed itself on the field of play for many years(not Wenger). He has been found out and whatever he does from now on will not make the slightest bit of constructive difference to the clubs fortunes, unless he leaves that is.


    Fancy 4 English clubs to progress(including Spuds). Chelsea have a chance but alot will depend on Hazard.

    Who did Arsenal get in the EL?

  89. S Asoa

    ” There is no argument for Wenger staying at Arsenal anymore. The question is now, how long do we have to wait?”
    Pedro …for a flacid fan ….it is until the next yo-yo win
    And we shall see the hyperbole feeding Wenger in

  90. graham62

    The jist of it all is that the players, like the majority of fans, have little or no trust in Wenger. Sanchez apart, they are also “chicken shits”.

    We can therefore conclude from all of this that…..


  91. UTarse

    Wallace, that’s my whole point !!

    If you think we made 500mm from champs Lge footy for 12 years, is that not enough money to buy a team that can challenge for a title ???when you’re paid £106 million MINIMUM in that period to do just that ?!

    And PURRRRRLEASE do not bring up the stadium !

  92. S Asoa

    Watched the match. Technically our players were much better than the Saints except for defence. Cech was good though.
    What lacked was tactics to get over their packed defence . We were playing high crosses to midget strikers and everything was intercepted. Worked only with Sanchez chip to Giroud that got us the equalizer.
    So Pedro assessment of good starting 11 was correct.
    It was only the DECIMAL POINT OF A MANAGER that reduces everything to a fraction. No intelligent reading of the game and adaptive tactics on the fly.

  93. Ishola70

    S Asoa:
    “What lacked was tactics to get over their packed defence.”

    They only packed their defence in the second half. First half was quite an open match.

    Said on here at half time during the game that the Saints manager should have instructed his players to go for Arsenal in the first 10-15 minutes at the start of the second half as they did at the start of the match as Arsenal were looking vulnerable defensively. But he didn’t. Went conservative and decided to try to shut up shop and sit on the 1-0 lead straight from the second half kick-off. Think it was the wrong decision. Too conservative considering they could have been 3-0 up inside the first 20 minutes of the match.

  94. Redtruth

    “He was clued up on nutrition etc and extended the playing careers of the old guard.”

    No he wasn’t, the whole of Continental Europe were doing it…

  95. Redtruth

    “Lauren and toure proved to be exceptional defenders and cost peanuts.”

    Toure was a nightmare defender and Lauren was a converted midfielder and it showed.

  96. Redtruth

    “I think after the undefeated season he lost some of his hunger, and also thought he could win it any way he wanted. the stadium and the financial sacrifices that entailed obviously contributed, but I think it was mostly a case of losing his edge a little bit.

    Wenger got found out when Abramovich arrived to be a tactical imbecile.

  97. Wallace


    “Toure was a nightmare defender and Lauren was a converted midfielder and it showed.”

    and yet half of our best ever back 4 🙂

  98. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    There is no argument for Wenger staying at Arsenal anymore. The question is now, how long do we have to wait?

    He signed a two year contract until the end of next season. It was well publicised.

  99. Ughelligunner

    Pedro, most of our starting eleven are slated on here, so i wonder what starting eleven you are refering to. Man City hard to wait 2secs to the end of the match to win at home against the saint, and if Arsenal is as poor as everyone on here says we are, then there is no need to cry everyday. Man City spent over 200m on their defence and Pep isnt doing anything different from what Pellegrini and Macini did in the era where others are strugling to beat the smaller sides. Piere, Why do you think pep would have come to Arsenal? And why do you think Kronke would pay him 15m a year and give him 200m a year @ arsenal? If Kronke will do that to win, do you think wenger would still be here? I am gladly waiting to see the aftermat of wenger and i hope we are not disapointed. Pep has never freaked me anyday, give me a manager that can manage a few youth without over spending. Pochentino is good, Jadim too, but sometimes we go overboard with over rating the next best thing.

  100. Wallace

    yeah, but the Invincibles far more suited to the demands of the modern game. all great athletes, comfortable on the ball – Campbell aside – and always looking to attack.

  101. Wallace



    yup. maybe if it was a situation where you’re going to be defending for 85mins I’d take the Adams-led version, but any other scenario and I’d prefer the Invincibles.

  102. graham62

    April 17th 2011. Arsenal draw at home 1-1 with Liverpool following a 103rd minute equalizer from Dirk Kuyt. Wenger confronts Dalglish. A few expletives are exchanged. Daldlish brushes it off in his post match interviews with a ‘wee’ bit of gaelic humour.

    On this same day Liverpool(and the Footballing world) pays respect to those who died in the Hillsborough disaster exactly 22 years earlier.

    All Wenger sees though is his own selfish goals.

    What an embarrassment and what an absolute dickhead!