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@Arsenal Instagram

@Arsenal Instagram

Gotta say, I bloody love the Europa League.

Get me the B team. The likely lads. The hustlers. Let’s score some goals and have us a fun day out.

Arsenal destroyed BATE in a STUNNING 6-0 victory. In this parallel universe of football, players like Theo Walcott can MVP like heroes. They can live out dreams of greatness, playing against, well, not so much greatness.

BATE were horribly pony yesterday. Not as horrible as the empty stadium. That was a pretty big middle finger to the Europa League and a little disappointing. However, when you’re dropping £50 a ticket, and then throwing another £50 on food and booze, you want to be doing so on a great game.


I’m out the loop, so I can’t judge fans, but when I was season ticketing, I’d still go to the rubbish games. I guess 2.5 tedious years on and fans just don’t fancy it.

Still, the next round of the Europa League should draw the crowds, and maybe convince Wenger to put out a better team.


  • AC Milan (ITA)
  • Arsenal (ENG)
  • Atalanta (ITA)
  • Athletic Club (ESP)
  • Atletico Madrid* (ESP)
  • Braga (POR)
  • CSKA Moscow* (RUS)
  • Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
  • Lazio (ITA)
  • RB Leipzig* (GER)
  • Lokomotiv Moscow (RUS)
  • Plzen (CZE)
  • Salzburg (AUT)
  • Sporting CP* (POR)
  • Villarreal (ESP)
  • Zenit (RUS)

Unseeded: AEK Athens (GRE),

  • Astana (KAZ)
  • Celtic* (SCO)
  • Crvena zvezda (SRB)
  • Dortmund* (GER)
  • FCSB (ROU)
  • København (DEN)
  • Ludogorets (BUL)
  • Lyon (FRA)
  • Marseille (FRA)
  • Napoli* (ITA)
  • Nice (FRA)
  • Östersund (SWE)
  • Partizan (SRB)
  • Real Sociedad (ESP)
  • Spartak Moscow* (RUS)

The best CL teams were seeded, the worst dropped into the second pot. Which makes for some interesting potential games. It really is quite a strong suite of teams, so us winning this looks like it could be tough… however, if we maintain our form, make some luck, who knows what could happen.

Exciting times.

Talking of the exact same thing I mentioned literally just one sentence ago… how about Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey maintaining fitness all the way into December?

MASSIVELY helped by Wenger making a strategic decision to use his B team in the Europa League, regardless, I love having those two fit and firing. Ramsey cleared up that the assist for Lacazette against United was purposeful, which I didn’t realise was a debate. He also noted his fitness has improved.

“I know what I’m capable of doing, I just want to stay fit and healthy and let my football take care of itself. I’ve been putting everything out there and hopefully it will continue.”

“I have adapted my body to the load of playing in the Premier League and am building up that fitness gradually. I’ve felt really good so far, and hopefully that’ll continue for a long time to come.”

He’s playing really well this season, and he holds all the cards heading into contract negotiations. If he maintains fitness, he’ll have a whacking great offer from Arsenal, or he’ll have a monster offer from Europe. The good thing is this: We have a Sporting Director who can suss out where he’s head is at and if it’s elsewhere, move him.

Arsenal are back in for Ozil, that’ll be interesting. He’s really putting in a shift this season, I hope it’s not to win a move away, because he clearly loves London and I’m not sure if he’s aware of quickly Manchester gets boring.

Should I tell him?

Write him a letter?

Or a Buzzfeed style listicle that outlines the 10 times you wished you weren’t in Manchester?

I could do.

Anyway, I’m rambling. A great win. I’m very excited about getting over to see Arsenal against Newcastle next week. Then I can say that I’m not a melty plastic, because I’ll be in the stadium snapping selfies and making VLOG content for my new venture called ArsenalSupporterTV. It’s gonna be massive.

See you on the other side.

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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    Just about everybody predicted Lukaku would flop big time. Except Dissenter, he backed Lukaku to hit 40 goals in the season. Lolz

  2. Paulinho

    Dissenter – Mediocre finish.

    His crapness in general play in comparison to City forward players is one of the big reasons they’ve been dominated so far.

    Rashford only scores when the opposition makes a mistake.

  3. Marc

    ManU are just a wealthy Allardyce / Pulis / Hughes team. Mourinho will not survive there for long, the ManU supporters will put up with shit football if they’re winning the league but if their local rivals are not only winning it but doing it with great football they will soon begin to kick off.

  4. Marc

    Lukaku will get a decent number of goals – but his record suggests they’ll be against the lower teams.

    Mourinho tried to get a new Drogba / Costa – not even close.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    City have been much better in this game than they have played lately, as good in terms of tempo in the league as they were against Chelsea.

    Lukaku has done nothing so far, might think about Martial through the middle and bringing someone on to link midfield to attack.

  6. Dissenter

    Mourhino is a top top manager. United just raised his wages again to keep him away from PSG.
    He’s already given United that winning mentality already.
    We all know he’s boring but he’s very effective.

  7. Dissenter

    Sterling is another player that Guardiola has improved so much.
    I didn’t know Sterling was so intelligent but that’s what Pep Guardiola brings to a team.

  8. loyika


    Very wrong assertion there.

    Arsene does actually shout/ dish out instructions during a/every game…….just that he does it to/for the Assistant Refs.

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    People praise Lacazette for his finishing skills, I actually think that’s been his weakest aspect in an Arsenal shirt so far. Been far more impressed with his hold-up-and link-up play.

  10. Marc


    Not so sure – I think Mourinho’s past his sell by date – all top managers have one but he’s just not good enough to outsmart Pep.

  11. Dissenter

    Lukaku has kept Otamendi and Kompany away from joining the attack.
    He has done something, not just enough for a mega transfer fee player in the biggest game of the season.

  12. Dissenter

    Mourhino is actually one of the few managers top outsmart Pep in a full season.
    I hate him as much as you but his record is there for all to see.
    His techniques are pretty to watch but the results are there for all.

  13. Paulinho

    “I didn’t know Sterling was so intelligent but that’s what Pep Guardiola brings to a team”

    He played at this level back on 2013/14 for Liverpool. Even Guardiola had the sense and humility to admit that a couple of weeks ago.

    His intelligence and ability move in-field and dribble has always been underrated.

  14. Leedsgunner

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said his side’s slow start in games is becoming a problem, after they gained a draw against Southampton.”

    Wenger being paid over £10m per annum to state the obvious… 10 years too late.

  15. TR7

    Yes a top top manager who doesn’t take the game on to the opposition (top 6) despite having numerous good attacking players in his team 😛 , he is the Andy Murray of football.

  16. alexanderhenry

    Pep is a great manager but he looks like he’s just stepped out of an H&M menswear catalogue.

    Bring back sheepskin coats.

  17. London gunner

    I would say that lukuka is never going to be top quality.

    A physical specimen but he lacks that class, that top level technique. He can’t finesse he can only just smash unlike drogba who had the power the beast but also the finesse.

    Man united should have gone in harder for griezmann whose ten times the talent.

  18. TitsMcGee

    Have to say, as great as Henry was as a player, as a pundit he is a terrible bore.”

    He’s offering punditry in his second language. Most are boring with their native language.

  19. London gunner

    Lukuka is a good player don’t get me wrong, but he peaked at young age meaning he is rated higher than he actually is.

    His technique isn’t going to improve he won’t add any more facets to his game.

    For me he could have a place in a top side as the striker on the bench (never a 70 million rated striker)

    Think Everton is his level.

  20. Wallace

    City disappearing into the distance. Utd fans not impressed with Mourinho’s tactics. like Wenger his best days are behind him.

  21. TitsMcGee

    Wenger being paid over £10m per annum to state the obvious… 10 years too late.”

    Wenger has no answers. If he did he would have addressed them years ago because that very behavior has been our M.O for over a decade.

    He has fostered a “no problem man” attitude to everything at the club so the players know they can switch off a few times a season and still not get into trouble (partly because the “pass mark” for our season is always incredibly low; too low not to pass).

  22. Ishola70

    Didn’t take Pep long to master the average EPL did it.

    Yes he has thrown the money around but his team are absolutely smashing it this season. Smashing the EPL.

  23. TitsMcGee

    Didn’t take Pep long to master the average EPL did it.”

    It was always funny listening to people last season gloat that Pep was exposed in a “real league”.

    Season two and his squad are Secretariat’ing the league before xmas. I still think that they’ll hit a shaky patch at some point but so far ahead now it’ll take a “we spent X days at top” kind of choke to not be champs this season.

    Kind of highlights how shiiite Wenger is with his “2 decade” strategy for building a squad that can even compete for the league let alone win it.

  24. TitsMcGee

    What’s the league record for most goals scored by a club in a season?

    48 after 16 games and surely they’ll shatter whatever the record is if they keep it up.

  25. Elmo


    How can Wenger claim it is ‘becoming’ a problem?

    Remember last season?
    January: Bournemouth (0-2 down after 20 mins), Preston (0-1 down after 7 mins), Watford (0-2 down after 13 mins). Behind within 20 mins in 43% of games.
    February: Chelsea (0-1 down after 13 mins), Bayern (0-1 down after 11 mins). Behind within 20 mins in 50% of games.
    March: Liverpool (0-1 down after 9 mins), West Brom (0-1 down after 12 mins). Behind within 20 mins in 50% of games.
    April: City (0-1 down after 5 mins), Palace (0-1 down after 17 mins). Behind within 20 mins in 29% of games.

    So in 41% of matches between the start of January and the end of April last season, we were at least 0-1 down within the first 20 minutes. Remove effective non-contests like Sutton and Lincoln and we were behind early in half of matches. There’s nothing new about this at all, and it’s going to keep on happening under Wenger, yet be re-branded by him in press conferences as something surprising and unforeseen.

  26. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal smashed 127 goals in the 30’s or do records only start with the premier league era”

    EPL but I checked it out Chelsea 2009-2010.