The Arsenal Opinion: A better shade of bad?

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Two posts in a day? Lucky you.

We woke up super early to bring you a treat for your journey home.

  • We discussed Arsene Wenger, his prematch mind games and his selection
  • We spoke about what went right and questioned the consistent big game f*ck ups of Laurent Koscielny
  • We spoke about Alexis and whether he gets a pass for giving the ball away because he used to score goals
  • We also spoke about the elephant in the room. Arsenal lost another big game, and there is only one person who has been consistently there for our top 6 failings.

Enjoy, and if you get the chance, drop us a little review. That’d be amazing. A NICE ONE PLEASE.

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58 Responses to “The Arsenal Opinion: A better shade of bad?”

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  1. Jamie

    The podcast isn’t great today.

    “I thought we played well”

    “Positive performance”

    “The game gave me hope”

    What the actual fuck. We attacked constantly because Utd sat back. They scored 2 super quick goals, then defended and absorbed the pressure. When the opportunity arose to counter, they took it and scored a 3rd.

    We only got one back and couldn’t score against 10 men at home.

    De Gea’s best save probably came against one of his own players (I think it was Young). Look at the rest of the shots he saved. Most were straight at him, but he did save them to his credit. Cech basically got nutmegged for our 1st goal. Shows the difference in class right there.

    We were taught a lesson in defending and clinical counter-attacking.

    I’d be hauling all our forwards into training the next morning for intensive finishing training.

    Watch the game again. We were a shambles in front of goal. The panic running through the squad was palpable.

    Positives from a 3-1 loss at home with their best outfield player set off.. Laughable.

  2. E54_

    HighburyLegendDecember 4, 2017    16:08:41

    “We discussed Arsene Wenger, his prematch mind games and his selection”

    What’s the point ??
    Hahahhah Mr Magoo and his “mind games”. Hilarious!

  3. E54_

    You know one thing this game has exposed. Something all Arsenal fans have known for years. We don’t really care about defending. We never have. It has always been Wengers undoing. On the odd occasion (because you know, 3 in 21 is as odd as it gets) the attack is so good, and the defence is decent, you can win a League playing the ‘Wenger way’.

    Lets be honest, we as a fanbase complain about the defence but lets be honest, when we’re scoring great goals (Scorpion Flick) and alot of goals (Huddersfield) we could give two shits about the defence. As if that style of football could ever bring long term success in the Premier League.

    3 in 21 years. We are not winning the Premier League next year, Wengers last year of his current deal, so it’ll be 3 League titles in 22 years.


  4. Samesong

    Haha Jamie

    I like your post. Real talk. I can’t speak for the podcast as I hardly listen to them
    I have recently started reading Pedro’s post. Usually it’s a skip straight to comments section.

    With teams like United its only ever about the result not how good we played against them.

    So what happens when we play a lower team are we gonna keep up those same levels? 33 shots on target lol

    or go down to the lower teams level?

  5. Bay Area Gooner

    Careless mistakes in the beginning was our undoing. Going down 2 in 15 mins allowed Man U to play a counter attacking style. Their first 2 goals were not counter attacking…. they came at us.

    Interesting comment about LK. He does lose his shit in big games. Dissapointing defending for sure. Credit to DeGea. we did pepper their goal.

    Agree with the bad shots however. Our attack outside the box was slow, and cracking through the bus was hard. Wish we had more dynamic attackers to mix things up in the final third. Alexis is easy to mark and push off the ball. Just try and stay in front of him and it usually does the trick. When he is running at you with space its a little harder.

    I would like to see Ozil try to get behind the defence more. He enjoys being the final ball giver in those stagnant attacking situations. We need to do something about this lack of trickery and movement against the parked bus situations.

    The one positive I can think of is that we didnt quit and kept trying. In the past, we would hang out heads and basically quit.

    I think if we had made it 2-2, we would have seen a very different man u. Alas it did not happen

  6. Colin

    it’s so easy to criticize after any loss, but this game more than most highlights what most of us who contribute on this page already know and that is ,every big team knows what to expect from arsenal ,but arsenal never seem to be prepared , once again another season under the deluded one where even hope is lost and with every season under Wenger it gets more and more painful watching football that ultimately leads to failure.

  7. HillWood

    Totally agree
    If Koscielny hadn’t made that suicid pass and Mustafi played a simple pass back to Cech it would not have been played out as was.
    But IF your granny had bollocks she’d be your grandad

  8. Pierre

    Anyone think it’s strange that at the weekend Welbeck gets tripped in the box, nothing given… Lacazette gets hauled to the ground in the box by rojo in the first half just as he’s about to score from 2 yards, which would also have resulted in a red card.. But nothing given.
    Yet against city and Watford 2 of the softest penalties of the season are given against us…. Very strange.

  9. graham62


    What is really strange is that you keep coming up with all this ####### garbage. What a tosser you are!

    I bet you’re one of those conspiracy theorists who saw the moon landing as an elaborate hoax and 9/11 as a US govt set up?

  10. Pierre

    Who mentioned conspiracy ..not me …just said it was strange and when you listen to clattenburgs comments on the debacle at Stamford bridge you realise why the refereeing in this country is so appalling appears that any referee has the licence to referee any game how they want without any retribution…

  11. Pierre

    Get var in now that’s what I say then the refs can’t go into a game with a game plan as Jamie said…..clattenburgs comments is proof that the game is bent at the highest level ..

    clattenburg saying he didn’t send off 3/4 spurs players because he wanted them to self destruct …bullshit bullshit

  12. Pierre

    “Everyone knows the only ref cuntish enough to ‘have a game plan’ is Mark clattencunt”

    Wrong, he is the only one to admit it ..

  13. Pierre

    “What is really strange is that you keep coming up with all this ####### garbage. What a tosser you are!”

    No need for childish name calling is there especially as both incidences were penalties .
    Now, if I had said they wasn’t penalties then you would be right to say I was coming out with garbage.

  14. UTarse


    You only seem to pipe up when these “strange” things happen against us, yet never for us….” it all evens out” is the old adage and on balance it does in my opinion.

    And I think Monreal foul on sterling WAS a pen… it was rash and risky to do what he did…. can we stop going on about the penalties against us as being an injustice !
    If your theme is that we are unlucky then maybe when we are good we’ll get more luck….

  15. Denisk Birdkampf

    Didnt realise there was a new post.
    I think its harsh to suggest we didn’t deserve a better result from how we played on Sat, and United were very fortunate to be gifted 2 goals from individual errors, and to suggest this was down to poor tactics or bad planning from Wenger is cynical in the extreme, but i guess to be expected.
    Anyway, Sanchez, was terrible and has been terrible for some time, he is so unbelievably greedy and just spends too long on the ball, doesnt look up, and even if he does just ignores teammates, sure he has always been a bit like this, but at least he was delivering before, as Pedro says, terrible stats so far. Should have certainly gone in the summer.

  16. Elmo

    Will be interesting to see how Big Weng rotates the squad come January / February when the FA Cup and EL R32 come along.

    We’ve been drawn against Forest away in the FA Cup 3rd round, which is not far from the standard of a Red Star Belgrade or Koln. Recent matches in the EL groups show that there is no way we can get away with playing the reserves in the EL R32+, or in the FA Cup against any Championship or PL opposition.

    The manager is really going to have to prioritise what to go for, or hope for an improbably lucky sequence of dud draws against the likes of Sutton etc.

    I hope we get a tough EL R32 tie, so he’s forced to start fielding the first teamers in that competition early, and that way we might just take a serious run at trying to win it.

  17. grooveydaddy


    ‘Attacking with intent’ counts for nothing if you don’t beat the keeper. Outside of that terrific double save, the rest of DeGea’s stops were pretty routine.

    Similarly, defending well for 89 minutes counts for nought if you switch off 3 times in the other minute and concede 3.

    We didn’t get it done on the business ends of the pitch when it mattered. We deserved nothing from this game.

    Saying that, I’m not sure United did either. We gifted them 3 points, which I’m sure they were more than happy go back to Old Trafford with.

  18. TonyD

    I’ve been away on business so have only had time to scan through the posts. Back home now and just read this DM article.

    Has Untold and our AKB contingent been directing their venom at the MOTD pundits?

    Funny. Wrighty was wrong to demean Gooners from around the world but reading this piece does shad light on why he said what he did. Problem is that although Wrighty was and still is an Arsenal legend, his brains have always been in his boots.

    “Match of the Day bias row erupts as furious Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Ian Wright hit out on Twitter at Arsenal fans unhappy with their punditry: ‘No polite way to say it ‘F*** off’.”

  19. TonyD

    Our loss to United has been pretty much covered by all the acronyms from Le Grove.

    It’s been interesting reading and many have acknowledged our failings as to why we lost.

    The Huddersfield game was a good indicator to what the United game outcome was going to be and also Burnley before it where we couldn’t find the net except for a penalty.

    Our friendly Little P was, I think, first to highlight here our defensive errors in defense and defensive midfield against both teams but more against Huddersfield, which most of us realists concurred that this could, in no way shape or form, happen against United.

    Any manager from any division including from pub football & schoolboy leagues would recognise that there was a lot of work to do to get the defensive tactics right for the United game even though there were only 3 days between matches.

    I blame Bould just as much as Wenger, and both are 100% to blame for our defeat by Jose.

    It’s about time Bould stood up to Wenger and insisted he start drilling the defense and defensive midfield. If there is all this change about to happen, I’m sure Gazidis would stop Wenger from firing Bould for what Wenger would see as insubordination.

    It wasn’t a case of if Kos and Mustafi were going to make game changing mistakes, it was just the case of in which minute they were going to lose the game for us?

    Posters here and Pedro say Wenger was tactically correct in his setting up the team for the game.

    That couldn’t be further from the truth. Wenger and Bould collectively sent our boys out with zero game plan tactics.

    We know what Jose is going to do, so our game plan should have been to keep everything tight at the back and in midfield, and make sure no sloppy passes or being caught in possession could give United the ascendency, which is exactly what happened.

    The message should have been in training that our tactical plan would be, if in doubt, send the ball to row Z or send a long ball up for Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette to chase and then put pressure on the United full backs.

    Then we should have defended from the front as we did against the Spuds forcing United to bypass their midfield and in turn nullifying Pogba and Lingard.

    Simple enough tactics, right? If, as some say, the case is that Kos and Mustafi panicked or lost focus, then they shouldn’t be playing for us because they are not the level of player who should be paid their extortionate wages to wear The Arsenal shirt.

    That is down to Wenger and no one else.

    The team selection, in my mind, was wrong. No way should Xhaka have started.

    In fact Xhaka has shown that he is only good enough to play against minnow teams. He should never have been bought in the first place. Let’s hope our 2 new back room professionals will see that we never buy players like Xhaka again.

    Jack should have started. Ramsey should have dropped deeper to use his energy to keep the midfield tight while Jack tried to link quick play to our front 3.

    The rest of the first half was just like schoolboy football with everyone trying to fix the problem and score and inevitably got in each others way. Can’t fault the desire and passion to level the score, but it was pretty much headless chicken stuff. Great for the neutrals to enjoy, but not the way to win the game as was proved.

    At half time, Wenger had 15 minutes to settle the team down and consider his tactics for the next 45 minutes.

    Did we see Wenger during the first half direct play from the touchline or write notes on the changes he wanted the players to bring to their play, as we see competent managers do? No, nada , nothing!

    The second half was a repeat of the first half. His substitution of using Giroud was like nailing the coffin shut.

    I don’t need to go on further because it’s done and Wenger has lost us another game against Jose.

    In sum, we needed better tactics and a game plan to stifle United from the off with a play-it-safe directive to our defense and defensive midfield.

    When you look at the passion and drive in the way we played, we could have won the game had we set our game plan out more carefully and cleverly.

    I could be very wrong but I think Pep will give Jose a lesson in football and show us all how to beat United.

  20. TonyD

    Ozil & Sanchez
    I’ve had mixed feelings about Ozil recently, and he’s obviously been playing shop-window football in recent matches. In saying that Ozil has proved he can play well in all games.

    I’d say keep him on this showing, but no way would I give him a long contract. I’d offer Ozil the £300k a week he wants for 2017/ 2018 only, and set conditions for repeating those wages in the following season. In other words, you want £300k per week for the following season, go out and earn it.

    Ozil is talented, but he lacks maturity in his motivation. It’s this that has to be managed not his ability.

    As for Sanchez. I don’t subscribe to Pedro’s point of view, but I feel he’s finished with us. He should have been sold last summer: I’ve always said that.

    He should definitely be sold in January whether or not we can find a suitable replacement.

    Most of all we need to fire Wenger and get a forward thinking manager who can build a team with our new contract & DoF boys.

    Ancellotti would do as an interim manager as he was for Chelsea.

    Question is whether we should keep Bould? For his lack of input and just collecting his salary I would fire him too.

    Let the new manager bring in his 2nd and backroom team, would be my thinking.

    Right or wrong that’s my 10 pence worth and onto the next game.

    By the way, this is interesting as to who could join us in our quest for Euro glory: who do you guys think could join us?

  21. E54_


    I’d say keep him on this showing, but no way would I give him a long contract. I’d offer Ozil the £300k a week he wants for 2017/ 2018 only, and set conditions for repeating those wages in the following season. In other words, you want £300k per week for the following season, go out and earn it.
    Unfortunately that ship has sailed. We have Zero power and influence in this situation. Ozil and Sanchez’s Reps have played a blinder, using Wengers ego against him. We don’t get to decide to ‘just keep them’ or ‘just sell them’ they don’t have to accept an offer from us or another team in Jan. All they have to do is run their current deals down, then when they do decide where they’re going, Ozil and Sanchez will be two of the highest paid players in the world due to the ‘new’ club not having to spend any Transfer money. Arsenal will get Zero pounds/Euros for both. That is the price we decided to pay when we kept them even though they haven’t signed whatever new deals Arsenal offered.
    We would be LUCKY to sell either one in January.
    This is one of the biggest piles of shyte Wenger has ever dumped on Arsenal.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    You are not going to keep Ozil at this stage of his career unless we provide him with a secure three season contract at very least.

    Ozil and his agent are now in the driving seat in contract negotiations, because
    there will be several options to buy him if he leaves this summer on Bosman.
    Paying him £300 K pw on a 3 year contract is chicken feed for most major clubs without transfer fee.

    Ozil is the type of player if motivated who can maintain his career at top level
    well into his mid 30s.

    Personally I believe that Arsenal could keep Ozil, because he is the type of player who likes the cosmopolitan lifestyle of living in London. My instinct
    tells me that it is Arsenal who are resisting paying his wage demands, because
    of the likely consequences. They will not want to open up a can of worms and
    create wage inflation at the club.

  23. Rocko

    United were good enough to take advantage of Arsenal’s weaknesses.

    Arsenal were not good enough to take advantage of United’s weaknesses.

  24. TonyD

    E54 & Emirates
    Agree with both your posts.

    My post was what I’d offer Ozil on a take it or leave it basis.

    If we feel we’d want him to stay, just offer what we are prepared to offer, and if he and his agent don’t accept, then fine let’s al move on to what we respectively need to do that’s in our best interests.

  25. Pierre

    The conversation of the day on here should be about clattenburgs comments after he admitted how a referee can decide the outcome of a game and still be in a job.

    All premiership sides should be deeply worried about these comments and demand VAR now.

    This is not about a conspiracy against arsenal this is about honesty in the game.
    A referee should never go in to a game with a pre determined idea of how he will referee the game.. Never.
    A free kick is a free kick… A red card is a red card… A yellow is a yellow… A penalty is a penalty… You should never have different rules for different games.. Never.

    It’s obvious these simple rules are not adhered to and premiership referees make it up as they go along without fear of retribution… Mainly because Mike Riley used to use his own rules when he refereed.
    Proof of that is man u v arsenal 2004… Look it up on YouTube if you don’t believe me.

  26. Samesong

    The conversation of the day on here should be about clattenburgs comments after he admitted how a referee can decide the outcome of a game and still be in a job.

    Pierre please no. I guarantee you even VAR will probably be disputed also. It will be the 4th ref didn’t see it on the screen after various replays.

    Just like cricket a decision has to be made.

  27. Samesong

    This is not about a conspiracy against arsenal this is about honesty in the game.

    Honesty in the game? What about those players that try and con refs by diving is that part of the game?

    VAR will not be able to stamp that all out.

    I don’t know where your going with this Pierre seriously??

  28. Pierre

    I’ll tell you where I’m going, and it’s quit simple.
    If we have var then refs would have to follow proper guidelines.. Clattenburg would not have been able to use his own set of rules as he would have been found out, it would have made him look incompetent and there is no way any referee would want to be perceived as incompetent so he would have to referee the game within these guidelines.
    Surely every football fan would want the man in charge to be consistent and not make up his own rules, why wouldn’t you.

    As for players diving, cheating etc, of course you will never eradicate all of it but I will gaurantee that VAR will make them have second thoughts about about trying to con the referee.

    Just out of interest, does anyone think that clattenburgs comments were OK and that refs should be able to referee a game within their own rules.

  29. Pierre

    Clattenburg has actually speeded up the process with his comments. There should now be an overhaul of the refereeing in this country and a decision should be made on the best way forward.
    Chelsea football club should demand an enquiry as they were on the wrong end of clattenburgs refereeing as Chelsea would have no doubt go on to win the game playing against 7/8 men. This has cost Chelsea football club 1.2 million pounds as they would have finished higher up the league without clattenburgs interpretation of the laws.

  30. Pierre

    I have given my argument as to why VAR should be introduced ASAP, I will be happy to hear an alternative view as to why we should remain in this country with the same standard of refereeing for the foreseeable future.

    I believe it will now be in place for the start of next season and we can thank clattenburg for that..
    It will bring back my enjoyment watching football knowing that the result cannot be pre determined by a referee… Hallel Fucking.. Lujah..

  31. TitsMcGee

    Reading comments by Pierre reminds me of those documentaries when they interview survivors of the Jonestown Massacre.

    “Why did hundreds of people drink the kool-aid?”

    “Because Arsene, uh, I mean Jim told them to”.

  32. shaun ellis

    all this talk of refree’s is hillarious Arsenal are done under Wenger everybody knows that his teams can’t compete physically for one and they just don’t have the discipline required two major major failing that idiot refuses to address so arsenal will never win anything major with Wenger that has to be clear as day to anyone who thinks they are of sound mind ………………….there are obviously those we know are blatantly mad as hatters “we played well ” clearly brainwashed we were two down in the first ten minutes and these were self inflicted mistakes by two of Wengers more experienced and trusted defenders , who by the way are just not good enough at the top level ….kos should have been replaced two seasons ago and is done at the top level ….don’t fool yourselves the idiot of a manger is waiting on Santi for gods sake as his savior …..poor santi looks like a shark took a bite out of his ankle and yet Wenger is still waiting on him ….Kos will have to come out with a walking stick before the fool thinks about replacing him

  33. TitsMcGee

    The Newcastle legend said: ‘It’s pretty simple. 33 shots & 1 goal is a terrible return. Your forwards were not good enough. Conceded 3 goals at home. Your defence & keeper had a very bad day. Still you’re saying how great Arsenal were. Do me a favour man! No bias. Fact.’

    Responding to another fan who said Shearer was an ‘absolute state’, Shearer used the fan’s own tweets to point out a number of Arsenal’s flaws: ‘Absolute state of you,’ wrote Shearer. ”’Shambolic defending. Can’t say anything else.” “We have conceded 19 goals. Swansea who are BOTTOM have conceded 18 goals.” Man Utd scored 3, hit the post, missed a one-on-one. You had a lot of possession though. Who needs Specsavers?’

  34. loyika

    Funny that…thanking Alan Shearer for putting fellow Arsenal fans in their place!?

    You might not agree with every Arsenal fans on how they view things (don’t even have to) but describing other supporters of the same club you support as “numbskulls” for having a different view about a particular game?

    As for Shearer and MOTD, see nothing wrong in how they viewed the game as it’s their opinion based on what they saw and how they decided to report on how they saw the game as pundits, and they are entitled to have those views (thats why its an opinion show)

    Besides that, Shearer has always confessed to not being a big fan of Arsenal FC so beyond his comments on this game he has always had his views on Arsenal FC as a whole, same could be said for Micheal Owen and Phil Neville. Just comes with the territory and shouldn’t be something any fan should be getting worked up about.

    Its like when folks get worked up about stuff that Gary Lineker says!? I believe only Leicester and Spurs supporters actually like Lineker.

    We played a game and lost. Every thing that needs to be said has been, most have moved on.

    Game on Thursday (dead rubber) and Saints over the weekend? Charlie Austin and Shane Long show (that’s another one that does love him a goal against us).

    Will Ozil be Ill once again me wonders?