A better version of failure + Sanchez an utter disgrace again

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via @Arsenal Instagram

via @Arsenal Instagram

I’m normally here after a big loss ranting and raving. However, after the game on Saturday, I took drinking to the next level to numb the pain. I upset my girlfriend, my friends, the waiter and spent all of today on the Justin Bieber apology tour.

‘I’m sooorry’

The United game was a real rarity. A game that we genuinely dominated, yet came away with nothing. Glorious failure is usually tinged with a sarcastic undertone, not yesterday. We were robbed and there’s no way of packaging that result any other way.

Sure, we could talk about Arsene Wenger tanking in the big games, but for me, that result was far beyond his control.

He set the team up perfectly, even playing the first selection mind games I can remember. The introduction of the ‘injured’ Lacazette was a masterstroke. It put the players in a good state of mind and worked wonders for the home fans.

The result boiled down to two very poor individual errors. Laurent Koscielny does not play passes that wild. Mustafi is not usually that terrible on the ball under pressure. Both players are in peak form. Both let themselves down horrendously.

We didn’t cave under the pressure. We were up for the fight. We delivered some exceptional football that thrilled. There were legitimate penalty shouts, we hit the woodwork, we missed chances we’d normally bury and we were totally stitched up by one of the best keeping performances of the season.

One of the major gaps in class came in midfield. Paul Pogba is an outrageous talent. He’s two players. He is the perfect specimen of a Premier League footballer. He has pace, he has rangy telescopic legs and he has brutal strength. Combine that with his intelligence, pace of thought, outrageous skill/vision, and he’s basically unstoppable. He dominated us when he was given possession and he was ultimately the difference for United going forward. £90m well spent.

What can you say for Arsenal? Jody Morris of all people put it perfectly when he said no team has a game plan that allows for 71% possession and 31 attempts on your own goal. Arsenal were utterly dominant, and really, if not for the genius of De Gea, could have come away with 4-5 goals. For all the money United have spent this season, they were embarrassingly poor. They couldn’t live with us.

Arsenal lost, yes, I understand this. But be real – remembering here that I am the most miserable of Arsenal fans – we were excellent and that game cannot simply be chalked up as Arsenal bottling it on the big stage. That was a freak result we didn’t deserve, and I hope the team take the lessons of 100% concentration being a requisite for games like that. We were punished for mistakes from players that don’t normally make them.

Mesut Ozil showed up and proved my pregame worries wrong. Aaron Ramsey was a machine all game and dropped his 7th assist of the season. Xhaka is still struggling to find his groove and was found wanting for the 3rd United goal.

I thought Alexis was a f*cking disgrace. He needs to be packaged up and moved on. Losing the ball 34 times is beyond the pale. He just doesn’t give a fuck. He hasn’t the whole year, he plays for himself like he’s propping up Portsmouth. He’s selfish, wasteful and it’s just not worth the pain and despair (5 goals). Mesut is playing well because there’s no demand for him… Sanchez knows City are coming back, so he’s sauntering round the office, whisky in hand, like he doesn’t have a care in the world. How would yesterday have panned out if he’d been focused like he was in 2015?

… and that’s where I’ll finish. A total contradiction of a post.

As much as I take a lot from that result, it’s hard not to land on it being an amalgamation of failings from the club over the past 10 years. Xhaka continues to keep his place in the side, despite making horrendous errors on the regular. Sanchez has been a liability all season, but Wenger just can’t quit him. We’ve had a problem of individual errors and lapses in concentration for 10 years now.

Today was just a better version of losing.

We need to change the record. Wenger is consistent at not being good enough when it comes to the biggest games. He’s unlikely to ever change that now, and it’s unlikely this side is going to get any better in the second half of the season when players start switching off thinking about preserving their bodies for the World Cup or their next move.

I take a lot of pride in that performance, but I take no pleasure in writing about the same old core issues. We’re simply never going to be good enough under Arsene Wenger. We need a change, and it needs to happen next summer.

We’re recording a podcast this morning, see you a bit later with that!


UPDATE: Podcast below


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  1. emmanuel nwaneri

    Talk of a sucker for pain. Arsene losing to Jose – again! Doesnt the man have no shame? What does it take to walk away since clearly, the Emperor of Ashburton is a bum; a comic; a joke who has lost the plot?

  2. alexanderhenry


    For once i’m going to give arsenal less credit than you have.

    I wasn’t impressed with that performance. The defensive errors – two of them remember- were unforgivable.
    Yes, after that we dominated and made loads of chances but i’m not a fan of that type of madcap, throw the kitchen sink at it football. It maybe entertaining, but it’s all a bit too chaotic and far too risky.

    On Alexis, he is not a ‘disgrace’. He is a player who wants to leave the club and a player we should have sold in summer.

    The decision to keep him is turning out to be one of the worst ideas in the history of football.

  3. George gunner

    Wenger said Arsenal are still in the title race.Well Well.
    If it were Arsenal leading by 8 points maybe the other teams will have a chance.
    Pull your head out of the sand.

  4. Bamford10

    Couldn’t watch the game and am just now watching the highlights. What the fuck was Mustafi doing on their second? Beyond comprehension bad.

  5. shaun ellis

    WENGER talks complete nonsense we all not that. It was not a good performance AS THE DEFENSIVE ERRORS WERE BEYOND POOR and the finishing was poor at best but wenger has lowered all aresnal fans expectation to think an away draw at chelsea is a great result ….this arsenal just stinks the place out period

  6. Bamford10

    Monreal got pulled way out of position on their third. Not so much on him, though, as he is an excellent defender and a tireless worker. His positioning there is down to the fact that we play a 3-4-3 but have never done the work required to drill the three CBs on how to position themselves correctly in all circumstances. This has been obvious for some time.

  7. E54_

    As ļong as Wenger pretends to believe we’re in the title race, his supporters will. No matter how nonsensical his statements are. No matter how against their own logic his action appear. As long as he keeps up this ridiculous rhetoric, they will reject common sence.

    Pedro, again with the Sanchez bashing. You know because you’re in the loop. He told Wenger he wanted to leave and wouldn’t sign “any” new offer. “They know my position”. Now tell me, whos in control of Sanchez’ current deal? Kroenke, Wenger, Sanchez himself or Gazidis?
    Who has the final say on if a contracted player remains or is sold before the end of said contract? Blame that guy!

  8. Golikethis

    Jonathan Wilson/Guardian: ” …as soon as Pogba had been sent off, Mourinho closed the game down….. It was as though Mourinho could have killed the game at any moment, it’s just that, with the chances United were creating on the break, he did not feel it necessary.”
    Simple stuff. Don´t be fooled, Pedro!
    AW out!

  9. Bamford10


    “Sometimes I wonder whether fans understand the kind of person Mourinho is. For Christ sake the man came with a plan: concede the ball to them and defend in numbers. When they make an error from their sideways passes, hit them on the counter very fast because the wingbacks always leave the centre defenders exposed. And it works like a treat every time, even when he was at Chelshit. How Wenger does not see this coming is baffling. You think Mourinho cares for 75% possession or 33 shots on target? For the love of God, he deliberately let us have that possession, because we will do zilch with it.”

    Good post.

  10. George gunner

    For all the money Mu spent,they were embarrassingly poor but they got the
    3 that mattered.I am afraid it sback to the drawing for Wenger on the defence.
    The defence has been a recurrent shambles time and again in the big games.
    Until this improves Arsenal can forget about the epl. Maybe the Fa cup and Europa cup
    are realistic targets but if Arsenal continue to have dominat possession and unleash 30 odd shots without scoring they will be doomed.

  11. Al

    People just need to expect that Xhaka is a liability and at the moment a waste of money.

    He may come good because he does have some qualitities but in a middle two he is just to slow and immobile that it cause teams to stroll through our midfield.

    It constantly happens against Huddersfield and against United it happened again but Man U had the quality to punish us unlike Huddersfield.

  12. Bamford10

    I think you have misinterpreted this one, Pedro. Arsenal’s inadequacies were badly exposed. Everything else is somewhat beside the point. Look at their goals: they’re each a story of a poorly-prepared team.

  13. Bamford10


    “We were robbed and there’s no way of packaging that result any other way.”

    Robbed? No. They scored three good goals from our mistakes and they defended in numbers. No one was robbed; Arsenal were simply beaten by a better-drilled team.

    “Sure, we could talk about Arsene Wenger tanking in the big games, but for me, that result was far beyond his control.”

    Beyond his control? Who is in control of the instruction of his defenders? He is. Who is in control of the instruction of his team in defending the counter? He is. We lost because of what Wenger does not do on the training ground or the classroom, all of which is under his control.

    “He set the team up perfectly, even playing the first selection mind games I can remember. The introduction of the ‘injured’ Lacazette was a masterstroke. It put the players in a good state of mind and worked wonders for the home fans.”

    We lost 3-1. Nothing Wenger did deserves anything even approaching the adjectives above. And what resulted from his “mind-games” or the Lacazette ploy? Zilch. United were up 2-0 just 11 minutes in.

  14. Jamie

    Leave out the ‘heroic failure’ nonsense.

    The reason we attacked in numbers is the same reason they defended in numbers; they took an early 2-goal lead, and sat on it for the next 80 minutes.

    Similar tactics won him the Champs League with Inter in 2010, particularly in the semi against Barca. Chants from the Spaniards in the pub that Mourinho was ‘anti-football’ because he parked the bus. Still won, though, so I don’t think he gives a fuck.

    The fact that we couldn’t convert more than 1 goal out of 33 chances created says everything anyone needs to know about our ruthlessness in front of goal.

    Poor performance, poor result against 10 men at home, and we ultimately gifted them the 3 points.

  15. Leedsgunner

    “Robbed? No. They scored three good goals from our mistakes and they defended in numbers. No one was robbed; Arsenal were simply beaten by a better-drilled team.”

    This is it.

    For the amount of corners we had — it’s an utter disgrace we weren’t able to convert at least one. Ever heard of taking it short?

    We made it easy for them by firing our corners to where their defenders who were taller and more physical than us could get to.

  16. shaun ellis

    mourine is a ….. but wenger is just not good enough to beat him at any time the man should just go …all this talk of a good performance what a load of crap , the game was over after 10 minutes it’s always mistake after mistake with wenger teams as they just can’t defend and are not coached too and they are not much better at the other end 31 attempts and 1 goal … did you really think mourine would miss the chance to end wengers little home record not a chance …any time it matters mourine will win simple as

  17. Leedsgunner

    A good attack wins plaudits. A good defence wins titles and trophies.


    To have been robbed would have been if the referee or the other officials chalked off three good goals of ours in addition to the one Lacazette converted. That would have been robbed…

    It’s self delusion in the extreme to say we were robbed.

    If anything we robbed ourselves by switching off mentally and gifting Man Utd two sloppy goals.

  18. Dplanet

    How could this not be Wenger’s fault. He trains mental fragility into all his teams. The second we come up against half decent opposition, we fall apart.

  19. raptora

    Thing is that we have not really played good football in recent years. Yes, there is the odd top performance like the 3:0 vs United, the 2 Chelsea games last season, Man City last season and the season before that… But recently we’ve been playing some good football.

    Since the Liverpool game all the way back to August, performances have been pretty good in my eyes.

    3 to 0 vs B’mouth. the very good performance at the Bridge, good win vs WBA, good win vs BHA, somewhat dodgy performance vs Watford that would have been a great win if it wasn’t for the ref and Ozil, commanding 2:5 win at Goodison Park, home win vs Swansea, decent performance vs a flying City team that we could have picked some points if it wasn’t for some dodgy decisions and a lot of nervous plays on our side, top, top quality win vs spuds, tough, resilient display and a win at Burnley, demolition vs Huddersfield and this loss to Man United where we deserved way more than we got. All while the reserves have been getting good points in the Europa league.

    I like what I’m seeing. I like how our team charged United with countless attacks and opportunities. In any other day we would have scored at least 5 goals with a display like the one that we had. We could have gone in despair after we conceded two horror goals but we didn’t. I am honestly very enthusiastic about our games lately. It’s all about how the team makes you feel and I felt they gave their absolute all two days ago. Cannot say a bad word if I get the same desire and determination every time they play football. It was a top performance similar to the Chelsea FAC final and I hope the boys keep playing the same way.

    Mistakes are part of football and can happen to anyone. What is important is to forget about them and try to play your game. In my eyes we look like a team for the first time in years, and we are starting to play top football regularly without Cazorla which we haven’t been able to do since the spaniard joined us 5 years ago.

    P.S. Ramsey is in the ideal team of the Season so far in the Fantasy Premier League. Salah, and 3 City midfielders – KdB, Sterling and Sane, are in front of him. Not bad.

  20. Kay

    All the urgency that you attributed came because we were down by 2 goals in no time.
    It was a perfect plan by mourinho like what bamford jamie say above.
    We must be ashamed by the way for not scoring 3 goals in 33 shots.
    For me its the end of this season.

  21. Bamford10


    I get that you enjoy watching us play better football, but as long as we are not properly drilled defensively, it will all be for nought.

    The two are not mutually exclusive, indeed they are not even at odds with one another. The problem is we have a manager who does not do “drilling” of any kind, who does not do organization, who does not really even do instruction.

    Replace Wenger with a good manager and we can play entertaining football and be well-organized and disciplined defensively.

  22. HighburyLegend

    “We need a change.”
    Pierre, Wallace, Lolyika, Alexander and all their akb pals disagree, as they all wants him to stay.

    Back to normality, back to elite purgatory ==> Maureen is so happy!!
    (and he wants him to stay, him too)

  23. TitsMcGee

    For all the money United have spent this season, they were embarrassingly poor. They couldn’t live with us.”

    Arsenal 1
    UTD 3

  24. TitsMcGee

    What’s clear is Arsenal’s flat track bully credentials”

    Amazing but the fans seem to revel in this. Almost like a beaten dog that accepts that things could be worse like he could be in China.

  25. Jamie

    The bar is literally set at the tr4phy again this season.

    Remember the final day of the season a few years back when we clinched the tr4phy at Newcastle (I think). The celebrations after the game and the photos from the changing rooms were nauseating.

    Found them:


    Celebrating mediocrity like they’re champions. Sickening. Look at the progress we’ve made in a few short years. Oh wait..

  26. TitsMcGee

    Think Pedro has been suckered in by our cute little “win streak”.

    We were second best on the day. The problem with that is there are only two teams playing at the same time.

    Arsenal and the majority of the fans are the only ones who celebrate “heroic ” losses in any sport that I am aware of. A loss is a loss especially when it’s been 12 years of losing to better teams.

    15 points behind the EPL leaders which is pretty much about where we finish every season. This is the same Arsenal.

  27. Bamford10

    Ian Wright is such a twat. This dipshit advocated for Wenger last season and is now telling Arsenal fans upset by the United debacle that if they live outside of the UK, they really have no business commenting.

    “Uh oh ! Another million mile away Arsenal fan pipes up! . Do one pal! I’m busy trying to deal with the troops in the trenches! Get back to watching Fargo.”
    – @ianwright0

    See his Twitter feed for more absolute twattery.

    And by the way, I just got my first Twitter suspension because I called Wright a twat, dipshit and cunt in reply to the above. What a silly platform Twitter is becoming.

  28. jasongms

    Just first on the United game, have a look at their first goal, forgetting the missed placed pass that lead to the goal for a sec, Valencia who ultimately scored nutmegged both Monreal and Cech which is extremely fcking lucky. Now parallel that with our first genuine chance where Lacazette struck the ball towards goal only for it to fortuitously hit De Gea on the leg. Those two instances pretty much summed up the whole game.

    On Wenger, Pogba is sent off and instead of bringing on someone like Theo for his pace and width or jack to play just behind the front three, brings on Giroud, the one player that United’s defence would be happy to see as he plays to their strength. What we needed to do was stretch their defence by dragging the back three out of position, making the extra man work to our advantage.  

    This is the reason why most of us criticise Arsene’s tactical prowess because by bringing on Giroud, effectively destroyed the team’s rhythm and narrowed the ground which enabled United to stay compact. Really pivotal sub that Arsene got terribly wrong again.

  29. jasongms

    “FOUR players went towards Pogba for Utd’s first goal…pathetic defending”

    There’s that also.

    That whole sequence of play that led to their first goal, actually pretty much all three goals was typical Arsenal. Really naive positioning and piss poor awareness, example of this was Xhaka’s positioning on their third goal….

  30. S. Asoa

    To the platitudes that might win Wenger a Nknighthood of Disgrace
    Specialist in Failure
    Heroic Failure now

    His arse is only good for sitting on
    Besides probably. .. .

  31. Dan T

    I think we played really well going forward. Against any other keeper we probably score 3 or 4. There is no doubting that was an exceptional performance from De Gea. I thought their defence was and is fairly shambolic, to concede that many chances, a clinical team scores a fair few goals in that game. I can see them getting torn apart in a few games this season if the keeper has a few off days.

    Having said that, they thoroughly deserved the win. If you make stupid errors like Arsenal did and defend like that then you don’t deserve to win. All 3 goals could have been easily avoided. We concede so many goals that just shouldn’t happen with the players we have. Bad coaching and bad tactics at the back. That’s nothing new though.

  32. Ben D

    Good post Pedro. I agree with most of the sentiments you express. How the foul on Welbeck wasn’t given is beyond belief. For once, we lost to Man U and it felt like losing to Stoke in those days. Proves the players we have are not poor, they just need a coach who gives them clear direction

  33. Guns of Hackney

    I’m not sure where to go with this post.

    A loss is a loss is a loss. Sorry but that’s the result. Period.

    We may have been winning on points (boxing analogy) but we got knocked out…and that’s the thing with sport. Unless you can turn domination into actual results, you always risk getting blasted by the punch you didn’t see coming.

    De Gea’s job is to stop shots. He did. Arsenal’s forwards are paid to score goals. They didn’t.

    This wasn’t glorious failure or an heroic last stand, it’s the story of a team who couldn’t get the job done (Arsenal) and one that did (ManU).

    Dress it up any way you want, Arsenal and Arsene just lost another big game.

  34. Davey

    How can anyone defend Arsenal when you give all 3 goals away with amateurish defending like that, same old shite no organization another big game lost!

  35. Trigger

    Sorry pedro, you got this one badly wrong! It’s just the same old arsenal mentally frail like the manager, and no we weren’t robbed mourinho played how he always does, get the goals then shut up shop. It’s so predictably easy for the managers to out smart Wenger cos he only knows one way to play his side!!

  36. Wallace


    “mourinho played how he always does, get the goals then shut up shop.”

    we had 33 shots. 15 on target. 5 of which were classed as ‘big chances’ by the stats guys, where the shooter is expected to score more often than not. that’s not shutting up shop.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    The shooter was indeed expected to score. But they didn’t. And arsenal lost a game they should have won. Because the players couldn’t do what they are expected and paid to do.

    This comes down to a few things:

    1. They are shit.
    2. They aren’t coached well.
    3. Mentally frail.

    Most arsenal players fall into at least two of these categories.

    Wenger buys the players. Wenger coaches the players.

    1+1 should and does always equal 2

  38. Number9


    ‘Ian Wright is such a twat. This dipshit advocated for Wenger last season and is now telling Arsenal fans upset by the United debacle that if they live outside of the UK, they really have no business commenting.’

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, when it comes to pompous cunts like you, he has a point.

    You give foreign fans a bad name.

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright!!! If you didn’t know he’s a club legend that played before you discovered soccerballs

  39. TR7

    Seems Mourinho’s myth is still well and truly alive. We gifted his team a win and still it is made out to be some sort of masterful display of tactical genius from him. We beat ourselves against United as we always do in big games.

  40. useroz

    Said during last 15 minutes Giroud disrupted the attack play that was kind of fluid and fast… but then all of sudden the ‘link up” specialist fucked it up. Yes, rather row the dice with Theo then.

    No robbery; ok a bit of the pen. But seriously if you are down 2 in 12 min, where’s the crime scene?? Wenger’s favourite training ground that is.

  41. steve

    Let’s stop this “we were robbed” bullshit. Fact of the matter is they made some pathetic mistakes and also couldn’t finish worth shit. Bunch of bottlers coached by a specialist in failure.

  42. Frankie Coffeecakes

    In my eyes two things stand out on this one – we made three critical defensive mistakes and got punished severely for them. The second is that we ran into an unreal goaltending performance that even with a hundred shots the result would likely remain. It is what it is.

    Pedro – going to disagree with your evaluation of Sanchez. Taking into account you admitted you made a likely fool of your drunken self, it’s highly doubtful your recall of much of that match touches reality. You simply hate the guy and it shows – for a guy who could do no wrong back in 2015, as you admitted on more than one occasion, he seemingly can do no right now. That’s fine, but he has shown up and continues to put in a shift each and every game – it’s not his fault he’s generally surrounded by mediocre talent most nights. He’s off soon enough and good luck to him. If Wenger hadn’t been such a shit manager of all things football then losing the likes of Sanchez and Ozil wouldn’t be an issue.

  43. TR7


    Klopp and Pep make mince meat of Mou’s ‘tactics’. The bottler in chief Arsene makes him look good far more than he actually is.

  44. E54_

    This is hilarious. Where do some of you get these views from, it’s simple isn’t it? We were shit at the back we were shit at the front. I don’t get this ‘we played well’ narrative. What do you mean exactly, what did we do well?

    We conceded more, we scored less. What am i missing? Who got the 3Pts? Not even 1 point. The aim, intention and ambition of every team in a league match is to win or at least draw. A loss is failure no?

    Can we just accept we lost and move on. Its just one game, more to come.
    I thought we were supposed to be trying to win the league right? A big club like Arsenal, thats our aim every season right?

  45. TitsMcGee

    TitsKlopp and Pep make mince meat of Mou’s ‘tactics’. The bottler in chief Arsene makes him look good far more than he actually is.”

    If Mou knows that he owns Wenger why would he change things up.

    To quote “White men can’t jump” in an Arsenal way “Arsenal rather look good and lose then look bad and win”.

    For all of our free flowing attack UTD have more goals than us this season. 6 more actually having conceded just 9.

  46. loyika

    @ TR7

    Thats the thing, just that Arsene has a hoodoo against Jose, but we all make it as if Jose’s footie is brilliant!? NO ITS NOT!!

    Jose and United have always been a problem for us, so nothing new there. Lets see how the Manchester Derby goes and how United fare.

    We lost the game and nothing can change that but the lads stood up and did put their head down and despite all the shyte performance we had from them at the start of the season, this is a good sign that they are prepared to fight.

    We are still prone to stupid decisions in defence and that has to change, but will take the response despite the loss. Thats what the average fan at least expects.

    We move on. We were always fighting to get back into the UCL and we shouldn’t make it out that anyone expected anything better than that. (most were predicting relegation before the season started)

    So thats where we are, trying to get back into the UCL and win some Cups. Thats the reality and if the lads give their all then that target can be achieved. We are not anywhere at the level of Citeh for the league but can beat them in one off games in Cup Comps, so as long as thw lads keep pushing for the best result possible and as long as the club keep pushing for changes in the back room as they are then I’ll take that as part of the journey on the road to Arsene leaving soonest.

  47. Pedro

    Frankie, he’s not surrounded by mediocre talent… it’s the same talent that made him the hottest prospect in Europe last season.

    His game has descended into farce. If you think there’s anyway of taking a positive view, sober, of a guy who gave the ball away 34 times… I’d like to hear it. Because you didn’t explain it.

    I don’t hate him. But the club don’t need him if he’s going to deliver so little. 5 goals and 3 assists is appalling. Rooney and Vardy have scored more. Embarrassing levels.

  48. graham62

    Is @Number 9 Puma9 in disguise?

    Me thinks so.

    Just because Ian Wright is a legend doesn’t stop him him from being a dipstick.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    Yes this was a game we should have won.

    However, Arsenal created their own rod by conceding two early goals and that
    was down to very poor decision making and defence at the back.

    Let’s be clear Arsenal’s defence is not exactly full of “brain boxes”. We have
    made consistently too many mistakes over the years and not just in this one game.

    Once you concede two goals so early in the game particularly against a team
    like Man Utd under Mourinho it is seriously difficult to change the dynamic.

    The fact that we did take control with 70% + possession and the number of shots is actually a positive. Realistically there were only a couple of goalscoring chances before Lacazette scored our goal.

    We conceded a third goal, which was the killer and that was down once again
    to poor defending.

    My real beef is that there is no strategic planning of how we defend in such games. We have conceded goals in similar fashion over too many seasons and that is down to poor coaching and the frailties of our playing personnel.

    I would remind those who post on Le Grove that we conceded recently three
    penalties in the space of four games and these were the direct result of poor

    When defenders make the same mistakes all the time you have to ask the question whether perhaps we need to bring in either new coaches or playing personnel.

    I do not accept the critique of Sanchez. There is absolutely no evidence that he
    is in a sulk or is not making an effort. What has changed this season is that we
    have recruited Lacazette who is a highly mobile striker and therefore takes up
    similar positions to Sanchez.

    We know that Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal, but unless we find a suitable replacement we should hold onto him until end of the season even if he leaves then on Bosman.

    What Arsenal needs to do now is to find the right replacement for next season.

    My view is that Arsenal should concentrate in January on trying to hold onto
    Ozil and maybe making a serious attempt to recruit Goretzka on a Bosman.

    If that can be achieved it would result in a massive saving in the transfer market and allow us to focus on spending our transfer monies on a replacement for Sanchez and a top quality Centre Back.

  50. Micheal

    Arsenal’s handling of Alexis Sanchez has been a total shambles and it is hardly a surprise he does not give a toss. Expect more of the same.

    Wenger should have decided 12 months ago whether Sanchez was going or staying. Put the contract on the table and say sign here or fuck off. A year ago Sanchez would have fetched £50m – £70m and the funds could have have been re-invested. By the summer, with less than a year to go, his value had dropped. Now he is worth £20m tops.

    More important, his mind is elsewhere and he will be the same until May.

    Why should he give a fuck ? Is Wenger going to sack him ? The handling of Sanchez is a model of how a badly managed football club operates.

  51. UTarse

    Michael, this the Arsenal of today, a shambolic disaster under the guidance of the senile fraudster whom the majority of fans it seems don’t have the will nor guts to remove.

  52. BacaryisGod

    There have been enough comments about the game already, but I tend to agree with those that say Arsenal’s excellent attacking performance only existed because we had no choice but to go after them when we went 2-0 down early.

    Not sure we’ll often see an Arsenal team that we ended that game with again. We had 4 players (Giroud, Lacazette, Welbeck, Alexis) that have all seen significant time in the center forward position, two No.10s (Ozil, Iwobi-slight cheat there) and a very attacking central midfielder (Ramsey). Add to that an attacking right beck/wing back (Bellerin) who spent most of the game camped in the United half, and it amounts to an attacking eleven that may never be seen on the field together again.

    I do agree with Pedro about Alexis though. I think he’s started to believe his own hype. He should remember that his first wife Barca dumped him to clear room for Suarez . Arsenal were the rebound relationship that restored his self-confidence and now he’s looking for his second wife and it’s almost certain to be Man City.

  53. BacaryisGod

    If I’m Alexis, it’ll be tough to see where I fit in at City. There are right now 4 main players standing in his way. Sterling on the right, Sane on the left and Aguero and Gabriel at CF. Of those four players, it is the older Aguero that I can see being moved to make way for Alexis. This way Alexis can be used across the front line. He’ll be fresh (no WC) and motivated to be on a team with a genuine chance of winning the Champions League.

    Aguero has been so brilliant over the last few years, but he might be satisfied with a return to Spain as he moves into his thirties. The Premier League can take a heavy toll on a player’s body and he’s been through enough injuries over the years to know that any substantial time out of the City team might make it almost impossible to get back in next time.

  54. Jamie

    Not sure why city would move for him either, given his form this season.

    Pep would lose his shit if Alexis conceded possession 30 times in a single match at home against a fierce rival.

    Is he really worth more than 20m and 150k a week to City the way he’s playing now?

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Goodness me we need a big change in the summer, getting a sort of DoF type department. But we need to change the manager.

    This is so vomit inducingly boring now, the results, divided fan reaction, the lot.

    Arsenal are the most boring club on the planet.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Guy wonder if you can help

    I have a load of old arsenal,programmes home an away some going back years
    Can anyone recommend a place that takes them ..?

    Much obliged

  57. Frankie Coffeecakes

    What’s wrong with the term, “goaltending”, Pierre? It’s a very common term used in North America, which is where I reside. Goalkeeping, goaltending – tomatoe, tomato – it’s the same.

  58. kel

    Why is everyone blaming Xhaka for the 3rd goal when the player was actually behind him. Xhaka picked up a very good position and it should be Bellerin who gets the blame because he could have seen the whole play and get back in time

  59. Denisk Birdkampf

    I think its harsh to suggest we didn’t deserve a better result from how we played on Sat, and United were very fortunate to be gifted 2 goals from individual errors, and to suggest this was down to poor tactics or bad planning from Wenger is cynical in the extreme, but i guess to be expected.
    Anyway, Sanchez, was terrible and has been terrible for some time, he is so unbelievably greedy and just spends too long on the ball, doesnt look up, and even if he does just ignores teammates, sure he has always been a bit like this, but at least he was delivering before, as Pedro says, terrible stats so far. Should have certainly gone in the summer.

  60. George gunner

    There is no joy in glorious defeat. Though Wenger outplayed Mourno
    he lost because MU scored 3 times and Arsenal once. Wenger can scream for all he wants but the goals win matches.
    Until he realizes he needs to be flexible in his approach ,he will lose again to the top team.This is because these teams will concede possession and let the gunners have 100 a hundred shots but only less goals than the opposition he will lose again
    Wenger can be more angry and go berserk but Mourino wont bother because he has won.