Mega Barcelona signing signals the end of the Arsenal banter era

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Raul, ordering pizza (or maybe a right back)

Raul, ordering pizza (or maybe a right back)

I burned myself on the inside of my wrist cooking. It’s gone a weird colour. Everyone looks at it like there’s some sort of active tropical disease releasing spores into the office. Not a great, like everyone, stop wrist shaming me.

ANYWAY, this is not the day to be talking about wrist burns.

It’s another Christmas stocking filler for Le Grove. We’ve hired Raul Sahnelli, the transfer fixer of Barcelona. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

After backing Ivan Gs #CatalystForChange last year on solid intel – and being well and truly disappointed… I wavered. But damn, he’s come right back into the good books. What a performance he’s had over the past 6 months. The Wenger deal clearly came with the caveats we’d hoped for.

The Brief as I see it: Fill the power vacuum at the club that’s damaging Arsenal’s ability to compete

The club has been Arsene FC for years. Once David Dein left, and Wenger stepped in, the board has given him more and more power. Like anyone with a control freak persona, the manager hasn’t always used it wisely. He built a fortress, he only hired people when he could be kingmaker. He shut out ideas, when things got bad, he hunkered down and leant on yes men.

No longer. The club is hiring big hitters. Raul Sanllehi is a major deal. He’s a prominent transfer fixer, he has a very good reputation, he knows how to make big deals, with big players, and he knows how to go the extra mile when needed. He helped oversee one of the most successful periods in Barcelona’s history. He signed Neymar *cough* and it was all above board as far as he was concerned.

We bring his knowledge of the markets. We bring his understanding of working at one of the greatest super clubs. We bring his contacts. We bring his ruthless elite mentality.

This guy is more than a Dick Law. He’ll have a deep knowledge of what a great player looks like. He’ll know what modern value means. He’ll make Arsenal a serious entity in Europe. I’ve no doubt he’ll shift our view on dealing with super agents because you don’t sign elite players when you cut out the best representatives.

The things I’m looking forward to the most is watching Wenger work with these guys. He doesn’t have the ace in the pack anymore.There’s no mythical ‘Arsene knows’ to deal with. Arsenal didn’t pay all this money for new talent if the plan was to make them subservient to a manager everyone at Arsenal knows isn’t cutting it anymore. The manager will have to work in a democracy because the club is in a terrible state at the moment.

Contracts are in a total mess. The wage bill is massively inflated with average players earning too much. We have a real imbalance of talent. We have superstars leaving on free transfers. We have another batch of first-teamers heading into the final year of their deals.

I’m just over the moon we have Sven Minslatat and Raul Sanllehi overseeing the next round of contract negotiations. Hopefully they won’t make terrible mistakes, like giving ok players mega deals for good PR. Hopefully, they’ll go to work immediately on what is going to happen next summer.

Guys and gals, I think this could be the end of the banter era.

What is even more tantalising is this… you know their biggest task is the find the next manager of Arsenal football club. An historic signing. One that could come sooner than you think.

You know what else is glorious?

Ivan has hired a Director of Football with a Barca mindset. He’s hired a scout that’s overseen some of the most exciting Dortmund teams.

He is making sure he maintains the brand of exciting football Wenger brought to Arsenal.

Right, that’s me done, too much positivity, I’m making myself feel sick.

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote earlier this morning the appointment of Sanllehi is a clear indication of regime change at the club.

    Since the start of the season we have seen the appointment of Per Mertesacker to Manage the Academy, a lawyer to conduct transfer negotiations, last week a new head of scouting and now effectively a Director of Football who
    has previously worked in that role at Barcelona.

    These are all “heavyweight” appointments and I think makes it clear that the club will be less likely to roll over in transfer market and contract negotiations.

    I made also the point this morning that Arsenal had not finalised any contracts in the past 12 months. This suggests to me that Arsenal were prioritising
    the management changes before making decisions on player personnel.

    This morning Wenger has also announced that Ozil and Sanchez will not be leaving the club in January. This suggests to me that Arsenal will now embark
    on serious negotiations with their agents over the next month as well as perhaps recruit some new players in January.

    What is clear is that Wenger is no longer in control of transfer and contract negotiations.

    My instinct tells me that he is likely to leave at the end of the season, although it is possible that he is offered a seat on Board.

    Personally I like the way that matters have been handled. It shows that the club have been preparing for regime change without being forced into unplanned outcomes like so many other clubs in EPL have done.

  2. TonyD

    Hope your optimism is well founded Pedro and something good happens in the January window.

    I’ll reserve judgment until we see things happening. We’ve had too many false flags over the last 13 years.

    Your “hopefully they won’t make mistakes” comment doesn’t sound like you’re convinced either.

    Time will tell.

  3. Rambo Ramsey

    Head of football relations – what does this even mean? And why does he start working in February after the window is shut?

  4. TonyD

    Personally I’d be happy to see Sanchez go in January. I’m 50/50 on Ozil, he’s too inconsistent and not worth £300+K a week.

  5. David Smith

    Great news, and congratulations to Ivan and anyone else involved, which I guess includes at least one named Kroenke.
    Wengers era of absolute power, is over, if he is not leaving already this summer, and I think that’s a big IF, he is going to have to accept a few things we all know he is incapable of accepting.
    Brilliant day

  6. TonyD

    When Wenger leaves I’d want him as far away from the club as humanly possible.

    China would be perfect.

    What could Wenger possibly offer as a director? I can’t think of anything positive.

  7. loyika

    @ DS

    If Arsene accepted those “caveats” to sign a new contract then he will be here till his contract expires.

    My thoughts as before is that Arsene was asked to stay on till these changes were put in place, and as alluded unless someone like Carlo is being lined up to take over I believe next season will become the season to get a Managerial replacement.

    Can’t see the club making so many “In House” changes all in one swoop. But hey!! This is football, so we never know.

    But Ivan is finally earning his pay/stripes and also big up to Stan K for letting these deals scale through. Ultimately he might not end up being the owner from hell as we sometimes like to paint him.

    Lets see how it goes/pans out though.

  8. Redtruth

    Catalyst for change yet the main obstacle for change is still at the helm…lol

    You don’t need this Spanish clown to find us a manager when all what’s required is a Will for change….

  9. loyika

    @ Tony D

    I think Stan K might still want him around the club in some capacity as he trusts Arsene alot.

    Doubt Ivan would be chuffed to still have him around though. But at least you must agree that even Arsene would do a better job than Sir Chips (Lolz)

    Only saving grace is Arsene still wants to Manage a team

  10. TonyD

    I would imagine the Samaritans are going to be busy saving the AKBs and Untold when Wenger leaves.

    Hope Pierre survives lol

  11. TonyD

    I hear you.

    Wenger could stay on to design new anoraks with Velcro fastenings then go knowing he got something right.

  12. Chris

    It’s just great to see actual evidence of changes bei made in the operations of the club.

    It’s hard to question that this means there is a managerial change happening either in the summer or the following season and knowing that is really invigorating. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter!

  13. Dissenter

    These backroom staffing changes just shows how much Wenger stymied the club by arrogating too much power to himself.
    He destroyed his legacy by staying 5-10 years too tale, the recent FA cups notwithstanding.

  14. UTarse

    I’d love to be as excited as most seem to be on here regarding the new changes but I will keep the champagne on ice till the occupier in chief has finally f*cked off.

  15. UTarse

    If only Moshiri was brave enough to make a cheeky bid for wenger ….. Everton would be perfect for him. But I am now in La La Land.

  16. Bay Area gooner

    The timing of Raul is interesting and coincides with Wengers Alexis and Ozil are staying. Will Raul be the factor that makes them stay at Arsenal? May be something is brewing behind the scenes? Maybe is a a smoke screen, since AW also said they would stay unless something remarkable happens.

    BTW this is a perfect definition of Trump:

    “Like anyone with a control freak persona, the manager hasn’t always used it wisely. He built a fortress, he only hired people when he could be kingmaker. He shut out ideas, when things got bad, he hunkered down and leant on yes men.”

  17. Bay Area gooner

    I would seriously be worried that AW will tear a piece of our Raul and the other guys backside asap. Gazidis better protect these guys from leaving at the end of the season if this shit goes down

  18. Bay Area gooner


    I dont know who to trust anymore. There does not seem any “trustworthy” folks at AFC. The way they have mocked, demeaned and taken the fans for granted speaks volumes

  19. UTarse

    Like any dicatator the only way to get rid is through aggressive means and whilst I can understand some getting excited by this supposed Gazidis initiative …. it will need to get far bloodier to move the occupier in chief

  20. Bay Area gooner

    AW is trying to create a smokescreen to drive the prices up for Ozil and Sanchez. by making statements as such, he is trying to get suitors more anxious and thus offer more $ for these 2. Got to give it to this wily old fuckface.

  21. Guns of Hackney

    Nice post.

    Wenger is still manager though, right? For at least this and another season…yes?

    So…I guess if these guys haven’t ditched, we may see a different Arsenal in 2019/2020.

    …I also assume that Stan still loooooves the Weng Man. And if that’s the case…we still have a mad, tactically inept, quivering old dodderer at the helm.

    Surely we’re the same as always until Wenger gets a stake through the heart, no?

  22. Bay Area gooner

    UT Arse

    Yes many fans are duped and brainwashed. Its entertainment to them. to us, its much more. The club comes first. For the more passionate fans, the tenure of AW and the state of the team in the past decade has been demoralizing, sprinkled with little pieces of joy here and there. ultimately, I think most of us are opimistically cautious about the new changes being put into place. In order for them to work, AW needs to step back and let them have the autonomy to do their hard work. Back the F UP!

  23. Bob N16

    Potentially great news….Dortmund scout, Barcelona top exec. Whoever takes over will have a team set up to support him and Wenger’s power is being eroded.
    Only the troll Red Ruth states that it’s a negative and we’re all mugs for feeling positive – why does he bother?

  24. Chris

    Red Truth

    Rude. I asked you first.

    That being because usually you offer nothing but snide remarks and utter negativity. And with nothing to back any of it up. I have even seen you slating the Invincibles and the 89 team on here. Why do you even bother?

    Wenger has stated on more than one occasion that he would not tolerate a director of football. This role can have many titles, as Pedro says his yes men are being culled and proven entities from top European clubs are being brought in. Nobody knows for sure if this is with his blessing, but goIng off past form it is hard to see how he is happy with it.

    This is evidence of the club actually preparing for life after Wenger, closer than one might think.

    But I guess you’d find something to moan about even if you won the lottery.

  25. Chris


    That’s the type of response you normally seek from your posts.

    No denying slating the Invincibles though. Are you actually an Arsenal fan?

  26. alexanderhenry

    Definite signs of change at arsenal. The two new recruits have impressive credentials so fans should feel optimistic.

    I say arsenal fans of course- not Redruth then, who seems to be having some kind of mental break down.

  27. Buckhurst Gun

    Redtruth must be taking part in ‘no fap’ – it’s the only way to explain his constant weird aggression

    Google it …..

  28. Hitman

    Taxi for Theo, Jack, Debuchy, Coq, Ospina, Chambers, Iwobi, OG
    Any other deadwood that need to go to make space for elite signed and global domination?
    Yes nearly forgot, AW.

  29. Do One Gambon

    I don’t see Wenger on the board, but maybe a role like bobby Charlton and now red nose at yoonited?/ambassador isn’t it?

    I also noted some comments on international management last month, for the first time ever Wenger actually said he could be interested in the future.

    Possibly ambassador position for us whilst keeping his fingers in the coaching pie by managing part time for international team?

  30. UTarse

    Taxi for 65% of this squad that Le fraud has “assembled” hitman, the koln game showed just how poor the 2nd string are….

  31. Sanmi

    That’s the end of legrove’s darling, Pochettino.
    He’s won nothing and he’s been heralded here as a better coach than wenger!


  32. Bamford10


    “The things I’m looking forward to the most is watching Wenger work with these guys.”

    Huh? With respect to Wenger, the only thing anyone should be looking forward is watching him fuck off into retirement.

    You have a bad habit, IMO, Pedro, of going back and forth on Wenger.

  33. seniorgooner

    The backroom staff looks like the end wengers total control no w lets start the winter transfer going get Mahrez for 35 million and let Sanchez go for around the same.

    complete dictat

  34. Bamford10

    Not everyone here was frothing over Pocchetino or Spurs. Only some. In no way was that somehow the “Le Grove view”.

  35. alexanderhenry

    David smith

    It’s been an odd season so far. It started as a complete shambles but I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic- not to win the league, but top four and a realistic chance of a Europa league or an FA cup.

  36. David Smith

    Know what you mean AH, of course we can implode at any moment, but some of those seem to be coming into view.
    Of course we should aim higher, but being back in the CL will help our new recruits do their jobs player wise

  37. Little mozart

    I thought Pochettino does tactics, but he surely handed Leicester 3 points by setting his team to play a high line against Vardy.

  38. DaveB666

    So against Huddersfield boys lets make “Mind the Gap” matter at the end. I want 4 points between us and the Spuds!!!!

  39. Bay Area gooner


    We have to be up for it! This is crunch time where we lose points and drop in the season. Winter is not good for Arsenal. We need to embrace the season, cold and rain and just fucking win !

  40. Redtruth

    “It’s been an odd season so far. It started as a complete shambles but I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic”

    It’s been a typical season mirroring previous shambolic starts Aston Villa West Ham Liverpoo………bog off moron…even your links have given up on you…l

  41. E54_

    RedtruthNovember 28, 2017    18:00:48

    Raul Sanllehi is leaving Barcelona because he’s washed up..he failed to prevent Neymar leaving for PSG so he’s been shown the door


    I’m surprised so many fans haven’t realized this. Depending on how old you are, Arsenal are a retirement home or a crèche.

  42. E54_

    hold up wait wait wait. Are we really being fooled into thinking Neymar ect. went to barca because of raul-sanllehi? really!!

    Nothing to do with the fact it’s BARCELONA??? Hello!! anybody home, think mcfly think!

    So What do we think the next big superstar player will come because
    “oh well you know that guy that signed and lost neymar..hmm yeah him he’s at Arsenal so Arsenals the place to be”
    as Ozil and Sanchez are walking out the door.

    Arsenal fans, Wenger has made us so desperate it’s embarrassing.

  43. jasongms

    100% agree, Red. No one leaves Barca for the Arsenal if they aren’t pushed, It’s a bit like leaving Porsche to go work for Fiat.
    And apparently, he starts in February, coincidentally after the Jan window has closed, but it’s ok because we have Arsene and his 2000 sub’s working around the clock for your benefit and for the sake of the club. What a relief :/

  44. Bay Area gooner


    Neymar left Barca as he did not want to play 2nd or third fiddle to Messi. His stock is at an all time high and be capitalized on that. This has nothing to do with Raul. Sure who wouldnt want to play with Messi, etc, but at the end of the day, he made sure Neymar signed for Barca. Reports are that the family did not want to deal with anyone else but him. This indicates to me a good willingness to listen, support and bring a human touch to these negotiations with young men, and their families. You cannot put a $ on being a good relationship maker with potential clients! The bottom line to all you negative folks is that the club is actually trying to shake things up, make new high level signings to help the club compete on the upper level with other clubs.

    We cannot judge now, until these guys have come in and do the work. This means being patient and giving them at least a season to get their feet wet and make a difference.

    AW is not going to wield all power. Yes some, perhaps a lot but having others with the acumen to show him that his way might not be the best is great news for me.

  45. jasongms

    @Bay Area gooner

    Smoke and mirrors, As long as Arsene is still at the helm, absolutely zero will ever change and there’s very little evidence that the two latest appointments are going to make any difference at all. If they were serious about the position, they’d have Sanllehi working on January transfers as of yesterday.

    Just more nonsense for the average fan to get all jittery over.

  46. Dissenter

    Wenger speaking about the new back room changes [Culled from the Guardian] “You have Dick Law who retires, and has gone back to the States. He is still with us for a while, but we look for somebody as well who has experience in negotiations. We have Huss, who is top drawer, but has just joined us, but is doing an excellent job. I rate him highly. There is still a need.”
    Wenger said yesterday that his vast managerial experience means he can identify the most able personnel on the continent, including both Mislintat and Sanllehí. “I know them all because I’ve been in the game before them,” he said. “So of course I know everybody in every club in Europe, basically I know them all.”

    This is still Wenger’s show. He still calls the shots. These people weren’t signed behind him and they will still kiss the golden ring of Lord Wenger.
    Wenger identified Tham and probably persuaded them to come on board.
    Pedro is convinced otherwise.

  47. Dissenter

    These backroom staff changes are only happening with Wenger’s blessings.
    When Wenger was asked in his press conference about if Mislintat would work with himself and chief executive Gazidis on transfers, the Frenchman replied: ‘With me. Ivan has nothing to do with buying players.
    ‘Today we have a structure in England, we know everybody. We have taken somebody who has international experience and that is why we made that decision.’

    Pedro will be sorely upset that this changes aren’t an exercise to just replace Wenger.

  48. TonyD

    So here’s our answer from Wenger about Ivan and his new backroom “Team”.

    Make of it what you will. I see nothing changing from these comments.

    Pedro? Your thoughts?

    “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists chief executive Ivan Gazidis has ‘nothing to do’ with buying players”

    Arsenal have made two major backroom signings over the past week

    Borussia Dortmund chief scout Sven Mislintat appointed as head of recruitment

    He has been joined by Raul Sanllehi in the role of head of football relations

    Wenger says Ivan Gazidis will not work with Mislintat on transfers

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger insists chief executive Ivan Gazidis has ‘nothing to do’ with buying players at the club.

    The Gunners have made two major backroom signings in the past week with former Borussia Dortmund chief scout Sven Mislintat, appointed as head of recruitment, now joined by Raul Sanllehi in the role of head of football relations.

    Sanllehi left his job as director of football at Barcelona on Monday and will take up his new post with Arsenal in February, while Mislintat will begin his role next month.

    Mislintat worked at Dortmund for a decade and has been credited with helping the Bundesliga club bring through the likes of Shinji Kagawa, Ousmane Dembele and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

    His new job at Arsenal will cover both first-team and academy recruitment and Wenger has said he will work closely with Mislintat but that Gazidis will not be involved in the recruitment process.

    When Wenger was asked if Mislintat would work with himself and chief executive Gazidis on transfers, the Frenchman replied: ‘With me. Ivan has nothing to do with buying players.

    ‘Today we have a structure in England, we know everybody. We have taken somebody who has international experience and that is why we made that decision.’

    Sanllehi worked at the Nou Camp for 14 years and comes in as Dick Law, Arsenal’s chief transfer fixer, prepares to leave his role.

    ‘Dick Law has retired and has gone back to the States,’ Wenger explained ahead of the announcement of Sanllehi’s role.

    ‘He is still with us for a while, but we look for somebody as well who has experience in negotiations. Dick is still working with us on cases where we need to do.

    ‘We have Huss (Fahmy), who is top drawer, but has just joined us one year ago, but is doing an excellent job, I rate him highly. There is still a need.’

    Wenger, whose side host Huddersfield on Wednesday night looking to keep their place in the Premier League’s top four, reckons his longevity as Arsenal boss – he has just surpassed 21 years in charge – has helped him find the best backroom talent in Europe.

    ‘I know them all because I’ve been in the game before them,’ he added. So of course I know everybody in every club in Europe, basically I know them all.’

    Read more:

  49. TonyD

    So a CEO has nothing to do with buying or approving the buying of assets for a company?

    Bet Ivan was chuffed to read Wenger’s comments.

    Seems Pedro has been premature again with his ……….

  50. Pedro

    Tony, Wenger is right, Ivan has nothing to do with transfers. That’s why he just hired two of the best in the world to deal with that side of things.

  51. Pedro

    … and actually, I think a lot of you should apologise to me.

    I was right about Ivan. He’s showing his teeth and hiring the smart guys.

    … no, thank you.

  52. Pedro

    Especially you Dissenter.

    I called it

    The changes are brilliant

    Wenger is fighting perception, not reality

    Follow the bread crumbs… he’s been talking about his future, he’s spoken about the review… now it’s clear, he knew this was coming.

    Wenger is done after this deal.

  53. Pedro

    Pretty hard to stop someone leaving a club when there’s a buyout clause. Hardly the fault of the transfer fixer.

    Neymar left to be a star. Same reason Kyrie left the Cavs.

  54. TonyD

    Wenger also had these words for the Telegraph yesterday.

    I’d say there are tough times ahead for both Sanllehi & Mislintat where Wenger will try to undermine them at every step as Wenger has done and continues to do with Gazidis.

    All the time Wenger has Kroenke’s unequivocal support Wenger will do whatever he wants.

    Until that changes, we will have nothing to get excited.

    How Wenger now works with Sanllehi, Mislintat, Fahmy and chief executive Ivan Gazidis, however, will clearly shape his longer-term future and Arsenal have been quite open about their need to begin planning for his eventual departure.

    Wenger, who is 68 and will break Sir Alex Ferguson’s record for Premier League games this season, has always remained all-powerful as manager and taken on an unusually broad range of responsibilities.

    Significantly, he retains the absolute support of majority owner Stan Kroenke, who has also encouraged Gazidis to invest in strengthening the football support staff.

    Wenger said last night that Mislintat’s “international experience” was key to his appointment and that he would work directly with him rather than Gazidis.

    The manager also stressed that Sanllehi was someone he knew well.

    “I know them all because I’ve been in the game before them,” he said. “We looked for somebody who has experience in negotiations. We have Huss [Fahmy], who is top drawer. I rate him highly but there was still a need.”

  55. TonyD

    Any CEO especially a CEO of a multimillion pound company has to have a say in the buying of its most important assets, which is what players are to a football club. Without a team, Arsenal or any club will not get the required sponsorships they need as well as TV revenue.

    In fact all revenue streams are intrinsically derived from a club’s team of players.

    That’s a CEO’s job.

    What you’re suggesting is that Gazidis has never had a say in buying players, which makes no sense on any level. Didn’t he buy Ashavin?

    Presumably Gazidis has added Sanllehi & Mislintat to stop the contract damage Wenger has caused.

    However, although Gazidis won’t be involved in the nuts & bolts of negotiations, he has to approve signings and their final negotiated packages.

    If this isn’t the case and Wenger still has the final say on who to bring into the club then nothing is changing and Wenger still has complete autonomy at the club and will have for the rest of his managerial tenure at the club.

    This then begs the question, what is there to be excited about with Sanllehi & Mislintat joining Arsenal?

    Are you saying Wenger is just blowing hot air in a face saving exercise?

    I’ll sit back and reserve judgement on this until I see something tangible happening to improve the team and ergo the club.

    The January window will be the first signs of anything good but I’m not holding my breath.

    I still say sell both Ozil & Sanchez in the January window. I wasn’t sure about Ozil going but I’m convinced now we will be terrified off with both of them being sold in the long run.

    Sell them and blood youth for the rest of the season, and then we’ll have a good idea of whether they can step up to the first team or not and, if not, who we need to buy in the summer window.

    I’m not knocking your positivity Pedro, but it’s not as if you haven’t been wrong before with Gazidis.

  56. TonyD

    I know they are but they both allude to Wenger saying he’s still in total control and Gazidis is still Wenger’s puppet.

  57. TonyD

    At the end of the day what you and I have expressed are our opinions. We both want what’s best for our club and rightly or wrongly our opinions espouse just that.

    After 12 years of the Wenger & BoD BS many of us find it hard to believe that Wenger will be leaving any time soon or years to come.

    I guess skepticism is all we have right now other than hope and love of the club – but not the manager, BoD and Kroenke.

    I say Kroenke because he has kept Wenger at the club for his own financial ambitions.

    Someone asked me if I thought it better to have Wenger as a director than Chips Keswick.

    That’s an easy question to answer.

    Keswick is just an old belligerent idiot when it come to all matters football. There’s not much he can do to hurt the club other than to poor scorn on its fans and get irate when factually challenged.

    We’ve all seen what Wenger can do to destroy our great club in the last 13 years, save that of a few cups that kept him in the job. Wenger will always be a hinderance to the club in whatever capacity in which he is kept on. For the simple reason that Wenger sees himself as bigger than the club and always will.

    It’s a no brainer – keep that old fool Keswick.

  58. TonyD

    My last thoughts on Gazidis is this is the guy who gave us his matrix on our over achieving at the last AGM.

    Hardly gives us that warm fuzzy feeling Gazidis is someone we can believe or can trust to make our club great again, right?

  59. Rambo Ramsey

    Why don’t I hear much from the resident Spud fangirls these days? You know who you are. Go on then, make a comment.

  60. Chika

    I remember the ITK moron on here who said Poch has given Spuds a backbone; then he goes on to list it as one of Poch’s many ACHIEVEMENTS.

  61. Pierre

    Wenger began the demise of pochettino when we beat Tottenham 2-0 …I said at the time the fans and media will turn on him very quickly .
    The only thing keeping his head above the water is the fact they are still in champions league . Tottenham are starting to implode .

  62. Dissenter

    We are living in dystopian times.
    A time when Sam Allardyce is considered as a safe pair of hands at the age of 63 years. A time when crappy managers like Alan Pardew are still considered for a West Brom.

    Don’t quite Wenger out yet, Pedro.
    He still has a pulse and has Kroenke’s ear.
    There’s an alternate theory to these appointments. They were made only with Wenger’s blessing and could be there to help extend Wenger’s tenure, not to hasten his departure.

    Consider this alternative possibility before you start basking in self adulation, demanding for thank yous like Donald Trump.
    Wenger is still publicly slapping down Gazidis. Lest wait and see.

    These appointments may be replacing Gazidis himself.

  63. TonyD

    As you say we have to see.

    Although these guys have good pedegrees neither had a future with their respective clubs. They needed to move on.

    We’ll know more in February and have a clear picture next August.

    Until then it’s all speculation.

  64. Number9

    Wenger is staying the duration of his 2years.

    Fuck the Spuds and fuck Pochettino, he’ll jump ship at the very first opportunity a big club comes calling.

  65. Pierre

    Would be interesting to hear your opinion of Pochettino and spurs now, after you spent the 2 weeks prior to the Arsenal game telling us how wonderful he is.

    Come on, give us all a laugh..

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger, whose side host Huddersfield on Wednesday night looking to keep their place in the Premier League’s top four, reckons his longevity as Arsenal boss – he has just surpassed 21 years in charge – has helped him find the best backroom talent in Europe.

    I know them all because I’ve been in the game before them,’ he added. So of course I know everybody in every club in Europe, basically I know them all.’

    When ego self boosts go horribly wrong.

    One Arsene Wenger.

  67. Pierre

    Another classic comment from tonyd before the spurs game

    “Whatever midfield we put out I see Son, Erikson et al running amok.’

  68. Pierre

    Number 9
    “Tonyd’s predictions are far worse than Mersons and that takes some doing.”

    Tony’s prediction of Chelsea 5-1 arsenal for the fa cup final wasn’t the best exactly his finest hour was it.
    His comments are always good for a laugh though.

  69. Dissenter

    Pochettino got arrogant (or showed his true colors) when he started talking about “small trophies”. For a man who has not won anything yet that was really stupid.
    They are having a dip, let’s wait to see how they react to adversity.
    I still insist he’s a good manager who’s going trough his growing pains.

  70. Dissenter

    You don’t think you’re over reacting to one game?
    One would think we were in city’s position given the chest thumping that you’ve been doing for the past week.

  71. Pierre

    Fans are allowed to celebrate winning football matches you know.

    Just because City are leading the Prem it doesn’t mean they are the only Ones who can celebrate a victory.

    UTARSE said the same thing yesterday when he was criticising arsenal fans for celebrating a last minute winner v Burnley.
    But said its OK for city to celebrate their Las minute winner v Huddersfield as they are top of the league.

  72. Dissenter

    Wenger’s first decade was world class. His second decade is …meh.
    Even Blind squirrels survive the winter because they find enough nuts to feed on.
    Poch is an up and coming manager. Wenger is yesterday’s man, he will still have some spurts from time to time like th last gasps of the dying.

  73. Wengaball

    Agree with him or not, Wenger is right about DoF being a misnomer.

    There is only one person who ‘most directs’ football at any club, and that’s the manager. That’s why managers get credit when the football works, and carry the can when it doesn’t.

    Director of Football relations in that sense is more accurate. Wenger’s obstinacy may have unwittingly let to a better title for the role.

  74. TonyD

    As your playground buddy Number 9 (or is it Puma 9) said Pochttino will probably jump ship when the big clubs comer calling: therefore , Pochettino is seen by number 9 as a class manager and good enough to go to a big club.

    I don’t deny he’s having a tough time, and I did think Spuds would beat us, but they characteristically bottled it much to my happiness.

    You see I was over the moon with the win, and in the way we won the game.

    For all Pochettino’s problems, I still feel he will go on to be a top manager. Unlike Wenger, Poch has budget limitation for both squad purchases and salaries. He’s done well with what he’s had at his disposal, but he was never going to win the league and he’s now in a scrap for a top 4 finish and CL qualification.

    He’s still in the CL so let’s see how he does. For me it’s not about Spuds
    winning, but how he does as a manager.

    It will be interesting to see if he can get things back on track, but as long as we finish above Spuds I don’t really care where Spuds end up.

    Revel all you like in the recent wins as you should.

    As far as I’m concerned all I want is Wenger gone and a manager who can get us back to where we should be for being the 6 or 7th richest club in football. By that I mean realistically challenging for the top honours, such as EPL and CL cup each year. Something we haven’t done for 12+ years.

    As a side note, I’ve always hated Manure but I respected Cantona as a great player – ditto Ronaldo. In sum I appreciate talent even if I hate or dislike the team.

    I’ve had people work for me I didn’t like because they could achieve their goals and therefore earn high incomes and make money for my businesses.

    As for my predictions they are just opinions. Like many others including you I get them wrong. That’s football isn’t it? One can never really be sure of a result.

    What are you and number 9’s predictions for Huddlesfield and Manure? Do tell.

  75. UTarse


    You do lack focus on reading other people’s posts. I did not criticise Arsenal fans for celebrating a last minute win at Burnley, I was merely pointing out the overwhelming positivity was not warranted as it was just a win at Burnley, surely a club we should expect to be beating. You then compared it to city winning at Huddersfield and I’m guessing you must be on their fans blog as you intimated their fans celebrated the win with the same positivity.

    Stop being a fool and get off your high horse, you lack humility.

  76. UTarse


    You need to update yourself with the modern game and a modern dynamic well run football club. Arsenal is not one of the above and needs to become one pretty sharpish otherwise we will get left behind. There needs to be a “team” effort off the pitch as well as on it, Wenger believes HE IS the team. DoF is another decision maker in a chain of a management team that is a must in today’s game at big clubs. It’s a corporate democracy, not a communist autocracy as Wenger insists on.

  77. Number9


    You’re just a massive contradiction pal who probably just needs give this football this a rest.

    ‘Pochettino is seen by number 9 as a class manager and good enough to go to a big club.’

    No I didn’t say he was a class manager, I said he would be off the moment a big club came in for him….if that ever happens.

    ‘Unlike Wenger, Poch has budget limitation for both squad purchases and salaries.’

    Lol how long have you been following arsenal? We’ve always had budget limitations, and no matter who is the manager that’ll always be the case and it’ll always be significantly lower than the big players .

    ‘For me it’s not about Spuds
    winning, but how he does as a manager’

    This is hilarious. So it doesn’t matter if they don’t win anything but as long as they play good football?! So if they’re not winning how would be doing as a manager?

    ‘What are you and number 9’s predictions for Huddlesfield and Manure? Do tell.’

    Two home wins.

  78. Don

    I’m back!!!
    Who wants it?
    Well nervous man. Put in a tender today for a project that will be a game changer. Hope to Christ I get it. Big big step. Dunno why I’m sharing this with le grove and not a mate but, fuck I can’t let them see me wanting and desiring things. They’ll think I’m gay.

  79. Don

    Not that being gay is a bad thing Pedro. I don’t mean gay men n the true sense of the word but the new meaning. The not very masculine interpretation