Can Arsenal win the league?

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The podcast today centres on the madness of winning games, being an Arsenal fan and computing that with the potential to deliver on the league title.

An absurd notion, or is it?

If United were grinding out wins and wracking up points like El Chapo wracked up… errr… orrr… like a talk show host banged out pop culture points. They’d be title contenders. Why aren’t Arsenal considered elite league winning material?

We also talk Ozil and his mysterious illnesses. Is he faking it, or is he just a sensitive soul that should start washing his vegetables and stop licking his hands after being on the tube. Do we even need him?

There’s a discussion about the run in, we fawn over Manchester City whilst erring hard on the side of hope and caution.

We also talk the very average shirt number of 34.

So much to jump into. Don’t be weak like Ozil’s immune system. Be a hero and indulge (back in the afternoon for a blog).

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  1. Dream10


    I’m not sure Watford will beat Utd. Utd struggled to break down a very well drilled Brighton side. Although Watford are good going forward, their CBs are slow and not well drilled defensively.

  2. S Asoa

    Your Comment Here
    ” The podcast today centres on the madness of winning games, being an Arsenal fan and computing that with the potential to deliver on the league title.

    An absurd notion, or is it? ”
    – NO
    But seriously how floppy – flappy can we be .After 7 years of Wenger who will not go do we have to lose our focus about what is 1 and first thing to trigger a change from this ELITE MEDIOCRITY ?
    et tu Pedro !

  3. S Asoa

    Your Comment Here

    Wenger Spores ” want you to stay ”
    Go there , heard their welcome ?

  4. Boomslang

    If anything, sycophantic, unconditional support for the crooked fief, makes the other side “Wenger obsessives”.

  5. UTarse

    That’s pierre’s take on anyone slating wenger or anyone who may disagree with a fan that supports the French reich !

  6. Bamford10


    I take it you’re joking — hence the Wenger photo — but why even ask? No, we cannot win the league title this season, and this because Arsene Wenger has not built a proper squad. Once again.

  7. Boomslang

    Pierre is one creative AKB. From “le grovellers” to “Wenger obsessives”, the possibilities are endless with that guy.

  8. Bamford10


    One can get behind the team without getting behind the manager. This is a simple point that you and others seem to miss.

    If Wenger wants to be a smarter manager, though, more tactical, more thoughtful, more ambitious, I welcome it. Sincerely. However, we will not contend for anything this season, regardless, because of his failure to build a proper squad. And he can fuck off for the past ten seasons of inadequacy and failure, which is all entirely on him.

  9. Bamford10


    You are confusing two things: being “happy,” and being “rational” about Arsenal. Your positive ilk may be “happier” with Arsenal, but in no way, shape or form is your approach to Arsenal “rational”.

    You lot lie to yourselves daily about what Arsenal are and about what Arsene Wenger is. “Arsenal are a great team,” you think and say. “Arsene Wenger is a great manager,” you add.

    Complete horseshit. And not a rational perspective given the facts.

    We may be critical, we may be pessimistic, and we may be less “happy” with things; but there is no question we are the more rational bunch. None.

  10. Leedsgunner

    Does the above question even have to asked?

    We all know the answer don’t we?

    It’s the hope that kills you.

    The real question we need to ask the Board is:

    Why did they offered Wenger a new contract if they were serious about winning the title?

    When will we hire a manager who is?

  11. Skinnywill

    Can we win the league this year? No Man City are a cut above

    Can we finish best of the rest? Definitely if the hunger and desire shown in the last two games is maintained (problem is we all know it wont be)

  12. Skinnywill

    I am pleased to see that Gazidas is delivering on his “Catalyst for change” promises.

    Youth Set Up – I think Mertesacker will prove a good appointment
    Contracts – We strengthen our team with the guy from Team Sky
    Fitness / Conditioning – Recent appointments have seen a real improvement
    Scouting – A long overdue change and the new guy comes with a great track record
    Coaching – I like his character and hopefully he will prove to be a good addition
    DOF – Reports are the guy from Barcelona is imminent
    We have a world class stadium and world class training facilities

    We are finally beginning to act like a super-club so Wenger now has no excuses, it is time to deliver. The question is will he embrace all these changes.

  13. alexanderhenry


    No chance of the league.

    However if the reports of sanchez and ozil staying are true, we have a very good hence of top four and a cup.

  14. N5

    “We are finally beginning to act like a super-club”

    Slow down will, a super club wouldn’t let a single man have any say in the points you listed. So saying the right thing and doing it might be a world apart currently!

  15. N5

    Alex what reports are these? So far I’ve only seen an interview with Wenger who said he thinks they’ll stay! Has there been other stuff since?

    I think Ozil will but not Alexis.

  16. Skinnywill

    Agreed N5 but we are on the foothills and definitely making progress. The new scout and the guy from Barcelona would not be coming in unless they have been promised they will not be marginalised.

    Hopefully this will encourage Ozil to stay, Alexis is a lost cause and actually out of the two would be the one I think we can replace.

  17. Skinnywill

    HighburyLegend do you not think these appointments are taking the club in the right direction and are something to be excited about. We all know we ultimately need a change of manager but it seems the board are beginning to make changes.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Frankly if we want Özil and Sanchez to stay the best way of going about it is to make two big big signings in January. If we do that it’s a strategic win win.

    Two big big able like for like signings able to replace Özil and Sanchez shows ambition. It demonstrates to Alexis and Mesut that, finally they can win the best and biggest trophies with Arsenal. It might be enough for them to reconsider… and would certainly buoy up the rest of the squad… and encourage others with contract issues coming up to renew wit the squad.

    Furthermore, it is a sign of strength. It tells them both that they are not indispensible and that the club will be fine without them.

    We need to plan for their departure and act sensibly and not just react like if their departure is a complete surprise.

    We have to stop being reactive and start being proactive.

  19. Skinnywill

    Leedsgunner I do agree but the problem is we already have squad players who can deputise for Ozil and Sanchez so buying replacements is only really necessary if they leave and players with the necessary quality are unlikely to be available in January (perhaps Lemar aside). Where I would like to see a big signing is in the middle of the park. We also need back up at wing backs on both sides.

    In the summer we need a new keeper to put pressure on Cech

  20. Alex Cutter

    “We all know we ultimately need a change of manager…”

    Do “we”?

    Because that’s the first time you mentioned it in your six posts on this thread.

    And what the fuck does “ultimately” even mean?

    In fact, the only time you even referenced Wenger was “Wenger now has no excuses, it is time to deliver.”

  21. UTarse

    If I may add my 2 pennies worth to this “will they won’t they” debate re Ozil and Sanchez……

    All the soundbites we get in the press from Le fraud are PR crap, Sanchez is done and leaving and Ozil appears to be struggling to find a club he thinks is worthy of his services…..

    Net net who cares ? A club of our stature “should” be able to replace these gods…..except no players that good would be worth their weight in salt to join Arsenal in its current state with wenger at its helm. It’s that simple really… no big conspiracy.

    What would be the point of spending 60,70, 80 million on a player if we are planning to get rid of wenger ? A new manager may decide he’s not the type of player that fits into his plans so all this talk of lemar et all is futile.

  22. loyika

    Hmmmm,,, Just passing through.

    Seem that ya’ll are having fun though.

    Interesting games tonight.

    Watford vs United? I believe Mr Cojones is back in contention for this one? Hope Lukaku has his “kicking Boots” on tonight as well.

    Leicester vs “The Despicables” Really hope The Foxes get their groove back for this game (Vardy here’s looking at you mate)

    P.S. Funny reading about the Royal Rumble happening with the Talkshyte Radio Crew. Just too bad our lovely fella Adrian Dumbo wasn’t involved in the spat.

    Oh yeah, can Arsenal win the league? Well I guess if Trump can be President anything on this God’s green Earth is possible.

  23. Samesong


    I think Spurs will be too much for foxes tonight
    exciting game 4-2 to spurs

    Watford to beat United tonight. Wishful thinking but they can do it.

    Palace to record there 2nd victory of the season against a brilliant Brighton. Just got a feeling the confidence has been raised.

  24. loyika

    @ UTarse

    Seems you all seem to forget that Footballers do not think the way we fans do.

    There are only a number of clubs that can get the so called “Worldies” and they can’t all buy them all up, so our usual assertion that players will not come is rubbish/bollocks.

    Where that holds true is if there was competition for said player between Arsenal and another big club. Lemar would not have thought twice about coming if Arsene had not dithered. Ox choose Liverpool over The Champs, Danny Rose sees his future away from “The Genius”

    Even Costa was prepared to go to China to get away from Conte (eventually went back to AM)

    Football players make their decision based on differing factors, if our football recruitment was smart we would get the players we need regardless of whom was manager.

    Is the Barca team full of stars!? Juve? Bayern?

    I would say only Madrid, PSG and Citeh have whats close to a “Star studded” team and even they have players that would need/decide to leave to get playing time.

    I do believe one of us here put up a list of top class players also in their last year of contracts at their various clubs?

    I can bet you that if we actually moved in for 1 or 2 of them they would come over (with no hassles) as long as they were guaranteed first team appearances regardless of if Arsene was the Manager or not.

  25. loyika

    @ Samesong

    If it were at Wembley I would agree that Spurs would murder them from the off, but have a feeling that Leicester will press and hit them on the break constantly tonight.

    Watford and United will be an ultimate scrap fest though, can see it going either ways. Won’t be surprised if there weren’t some red cards dished out by the Ref for that game.

    Funny enough, the result for United tonight will affect their mindset for our game with them over the weekend.

    As for Palace? Don’t really have any feelings for them. Those players are a disgrace (in my opinion) for not lifting their game when De Boer was their Gaffer, same as the Everton players.

  26. TR7


    Watford are a very good attacking team. Against City and Liverpool, Jose can park the bus and grind out a draw but he can’t do the same against Watford for obvious reasons. And that’s where I hope Watford will capitalize. Watford’s pace and quick combination play will be a test for United.

  27. Samesong

    If it were at Wembley I would agree that Spurs would murder them from the off, but have a feeling that Leicester will press and hit them on the break constantly tonight.


    I think the mighty Poch lol will be ready for Leicester tonight. Kane et al to get them over the finish line. Mahrez sulked off last game. Maybe things are not all what they seem in the camp? Is Puyel weak? alot will depend on if Mahrez wants to play tonight big game for them.

  28. UTarse


    I don’t dispute the general theme in your opinion re “worldies” however if that were the case then why does Sanchez want to leave given that we were prepared to offer him £300k a week ? He plays every week too ….. it must be because Sanchez wants to compete for the top accolades of the game and showcase his talents in the worlds top arenas… champs league etc. Plus maybe actually standing a realistic chance of winning such trophys ?

    Or am I wrong and we can assemble a PSG, RM or City even with wenger as our manager if we were prepared to spend £500mm ?!

    Somehow I doubt it….

  29. Skinnywill

    Alex Cutter I am not really sure what point you are making. I was talking about the things that the club has done not specifically talking about the manager. By “we” I meant the vast majority who voice opinions on this site, of course that does not include everyone. By “ultimately” it is my opinion for all the changes to be effective the club needs a change of manager but Wenger has 18 months left on his contract and I don’t see him leaving before then.