Wet, a mild wind, and kind of cold: Can Arsenal hack it at Turf Moor?

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Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche

Big test today, it’s going to be cold (5 degrees), windy-ish (7mph westerly breeze) and raining… and it’s oop Norf. Arsenal have the opportunity to take advantage of Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool all dropping points in a day that really worked out quite nicely for us.

Yes people, we have the chance to move into 4th position.

Our home.

Our place in life.

The spot that is rightly ours.

We also have the chance to move above Spurs and start talking about the gap. Even though there’s not a gap. But still, we can talk about scoring more goals than them. We can talk about their demise, collapse and impending terrible season. We can basically brag a little because dropping points at WBA is embarrassing and table is life.

BUT, it’s only embarrassing to the scum if we beat Burnley.

So what do we need?

We need patience. Burnley are going to defend as a unit and they’ll make it really tough for us. We’re going to need Ozil and Aaron to run the show. We’re going to need to offer up a bombardment of sorts. Olivier Giroud might be useful at some point, I’m not sure pace is really going to be an advantage, and if we were daring, we might go with two up front and lean on the finishing of Lacazette and the size of the Frenchman. Unlikely, but having a threat from the bench will be advantageous regardless.

We’re also going to have to be smart in defence. Burnley know how to counter and they know how to make a lot out of very little possession-wise.

“They have won games with 25 per cent or 30 per cent possession, that means they are calm, they know what to do and they are patient with that killing instinct of a snake. They put you to their face and then they bite you.”

It’d be very easy to get snake bitten (animal kingdom version of sucker punched) tomorrow so it’s imperative we don’t get rattled by a slithery Burnley goal when the weather is throwing a hissy fit.

I’m confident though. Pushing into the Champions League is a strong motivation for a team of players who lost their bonus in the summer.

There are some stories going around that Barca are now interested in Mesut Ozil, possibly even in January.

“No deal has been done. All these people have agents who can talk to anybody. That doesn’t disturb people, that happens all through their career.”

I mean, I can’t help but think Barcelona chasing you is not what it once was. They’re opting first choice for Coutinho, who is massively overrated, or Mesut, who is a talent for sure, but I’m not sure he’s the future of anything. They’re top of the league at the moment, but they’ve looked far from at their peak over the past year or so… so unless they have some magic plan, I’m struggling to pay that move off.

Still, we’re in a good phase with Mesut. He’s had a really big game and proved that he can be that player English fans have always wanted, so let’s see how he does tomorrow. Also, if Jack wants out, we can totally give Mesut his shirt number.

Enjoy the game, see you on Monday!

P.S. Hearing and reading lots of positive things about this guy. Looks like the guy Wenger hoped he’d signed from BMG. 6ft3, looks the real deal!

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  1. Danny

    November 26, 2017 15:53:30
    That was a pressure penalty
    True but the goalkeeper should’ve saved it

  2. raptora

    The ball coming to Ramsey’s head, defender pushes him with both hands on his back, ref has THE perfect view on it. How is that a cheap pen, how can you be an Arsenal fan and not enjoy a last minute win?! In a ultra hard place to grind a result. One answer – you are not a fan.

  3. Bamford10


    No one. But if referees were biased against Arsenal, we wouldn’t get that call. I am simply pointing out the stupidity of that narrative.

  4. nepGunner

    It was not an easy game today…they clearly played for 0-0, but that’s what happens to such teams..don’t care if it was penalty or not..got the 3 points and that’s what counts.

    But it was a god damn piss poor boring game…and our play contributed to that as well…Lets how we deal Huddersfield & Manure next week before gloating on the 4th.


  5. Pedro

    Nice to land a decision out there today. Bamford, I think it’s a pretty strong narrative to say we don’t get the decisions other big teams get. Even today Brady got away with the clearest of penalty shouts.

    Massive three points there… didn’t realise we went clearly above Spurs

  6. Number9


    ‘Late penalty. Yeah, referees totally have it out for Arsenal’

    You’ve followed arsenal for about 2 minutes, your frame of reference means you don’t even deserve an opinion.

  7. Wenker-wanger

    Not happy that Wenger has another match win under his belt and therefore more reason to think he is the best man to manage arsenal. He falls way short of the talent that our great club requires, but he himself ignores his own clear performance demise.

  8. Elmo

    Wilshere looked OK; definitely more effective than Iwobi.

    Too much of the ball was bypassing the advanced MFers, leading to us expecting the CB who pushed up to play the defence splitting ball. Xhaka or Wilshere should have been playing that ball, not Kosc or Mustafi.

    One thing that is noticeable is that Xhaka stays deep, and the CB who steps out advances beyond him; probably a tactical decision to cover Xhaka’s lack of mobility, which might be the right thing to do. Still think in games where the opposition are parking the bus that we need to be more positive and add an extra attacker and risk two at the back. We nicked the points today, but we weren’t creating real goalscoring chances and a draw would have been a fair result.

  9. raptora

    Didn’t mean you. But even you… Arsenal gets a last min pen in a tough, tough place to go. You are not hyped up about it. You demonstrate no joy in the first comment you have after the ref gives it. All you care about is to say that whatever someone was claiming was bs. You can think about it – yes, but first reaction has to be joy. Joy that your team has a chance to win the game. That’s my take on it. Anyone can see it the way they want. With all my respect that is.

  10. Moray

    Thanks for the stream, Samesong. That was fucking great the whole match.

    Have to say I’m enjoying this season so far. Next summer will be critical but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the fight for fourth.

  11. Buckhurst Gun

    ‘The goal keeper should have saved it ‘ hahahahaha so what’s your point ? It doesn’t really count or ?? Are people genuinely upset that we got the pen or what fucking hell – we all want wenger out but Jesus Christ

  12. Danny

    Buckhurst Gun
    November 26, 2017 16:04:14
    No I’m not upset but did you see it? Obviously not.

  13. Sanmi


    Burnley is a tough place to go and also a tough team to beat.
    They beat chelsea, drew liverpool and spurs.
    Only lost to arsenal and city.

  14. Paulinho

    Notice Ramsey’s positioning for the penalty.

    Again comes from him being positive and not standing like a coward outside the box.

  15. Leftsidesanch

    You get comments from ppl saying that its Arsenal above Wenger but make every comment about the old fool. Its boring.

  16. raptora

    What Buck said ^.

    In other words, vs teams defending well and with numbers, you need your wing backs to be dangerous and dribble their way in to the box. For 3 months Sead has been giving the best example of how you can be super dangerous playing the WB position. He was dangerous today again. On the other side the 40 mil Bellerin has been a huge disappointment in my eyes. He has absolutely no creativity, dribbling skills, shooting, crossing. He has no attacking skills. Zero. Shocking how he has been making absolutely zero progress on that front, when he simply needs to have it in his arsenal. Or he will stay average the way he is at this moment. Not only in offence but in defence. He needs to progress. If Kolasinac can come and make instant attacking impact in couple of months, then Bellerin is not as good as we all thought he is. And if we don’t get points in games like today’s it is on the wing backs as much as it is on the forwards, if not more.

  17. Buckhurst Gun

    Yes I did see it , power , no chance simple – Buffon wouldn’t have saved it – I just don’t see the point in saying the keeper should have saved it like it makes any difference whatsoever – it was a massive pressure pen in every context

  18. Leftsidesanch

    But cant be ignored how poor the performance was, they do themselves no favours as everybody saw this coming following last weeks derby.

  19. Wenker-wanger

    Like I said before arsenal can up their game and for short periods in a game out play any opposition. They also possess very skilfull players that can turn a game.
    But what’s lacking is the motivation and desire to be outright winners.
    Arsenal under this nonentity of a manager now see 4th place as their target. All dreams of winning the prem do not get a realistic consideration. That’s the disgusting truth of Wenger’s philosophy….4th is a trophy! What a cnut.

  20. Dissenter

    it was the right call but the referee was gutsy to call it.
    Most referees would have walked away out of cowardice.
    It just goes to show the character of these officials. They had to escort the officials into the dressing room. The turf moor dressing room placement is still in the 1950’s.

  21. raptora

    Lacazette has been under par. Not impressed with his outcome thus far. Saw him playing for the NT of France vs Bulgaria where he started. Was one of the bad performers in the game. I am pretty sure he will not give us what we need. Certainly very limited in certain aspects of the game, while his other qualities do not compensate enough.

  22. Sanmi

    If you can’t see what lacazette brings to the table, then you don’t see. He brings everything welbeck brings but with a better control and finishing. He was superb against spurs and average against burnley. Virtually everyone was average.

  23. Dissenter

    “Is it me? Xhaka seems faster”

    Of course it’s you. You probably think a hermit crab in a gooner jersey is fast too.
    Direct the question to Ishola, he’s the resident Xhaka-logist.

  24. Bamford10


    Whether I feel joy depends on the context. Nothing in that game for me. I’ll let you know when an Arsenal goal or win gives me joy.


    Well one, that’s a different narrative than the one we hear here occasionally (“refs are biased against Arsenal”). Two, I don’t buy your narrative either. We simply don’t create as many chances in the box, and we have fewer dribblers, than a City or Chelsea.

  25. TonyD

    Better 2nd half but still poor and unimaginative from us.

    We missed Ozil if he could have put in a NLD performance.

    We need players who can get passed players at speed into the box ala Hazard or Salah. Until then our play will continue to be boring and one dimensional.

    Happy with the win but bored with the game.

  26. Bamford10

    Lacazette is a good scorer and he could be quite good in the right set-up, but I don’t think he is going to be the transformative CF we need/ed.

    Xhaka is average, and he plays the ball sideways even when he can play it forward. Not the CDM we needed.

  27. Number9


    ‘Whether I feel joy depends on the context. Nothing in that game for me. I’ll let you know when an Arsenal goal or win gives me joy.’

    Getting a injury time winner at a tough northern shithole and it doesn’t give you any joy?

    Why do you even watch football?

  28. Sanmi

    Man city will still probably win this, but they are struggling as much as arsenal struggled against Burnley. But I bet you’d still twist it like city is battering them

  29. Bamford10

    “Burnley are class. Dyche is great. Solid defence and they actually play alright football. But I love robbing them in the 90th minute because their fans are weird, moany cunts.” – @vieirapaddy

  30. Bamford10


    Are you really trying to suggest that our football is comparable to the football City are playing?

    That’s a joke.

    Arsenal are very, very ordinary.

  31. Bamford10


    I think you mean, why do I even watch Arsenal?

    Answer being: because I support Arsenal and watch them even when doing so brings me no joy.

    As for why I watch football, because I love the game immensely and have been watching it religiously for thirty years.

    Thanks for your interest in my affairs.

  32. Dissenter

    Bamford’s comment about city was 1-2 seasons too early.

    We can all agree that this city squad is indeed a class above the rest.
    Lest see how they react to adversity. They had several chances in the first half.

  33. Redtruth

    “A wins is a win”…..lol

    I’ve been saying that for years only to be shouted down by AKB’s who up until the recent FA Cup success, have been more bothered over performances than actually winning…..lol

  34. Pierre

    I thought arsenal’s tactics were spot on in the 2nd half.
    It was obvious that in the first half the atmosphere was hostile, the tackles were flying in and Arsenal needed to react to this and that’s exactly what they did.

    It was clear that the plan for the 2nd half half was to quieten the crowd down and the way to do that was to dominate the ball and not to give away cheap possession.
    Arsenal totally dominated the 2nd half without looking too threatening in front of goal.
    I say well played to the arsenal as Burnley are here to stay whilst the manager is at the club… Very difficult team to play against.

  35. Dissenter

    Your comment was made in 2015/2016 season.
    It is more fitting for this season. They are the best team in the league and may even win the CL if they keep their players healthy.
    Apart from PSG, I cant think of a better team in Europe.

  36. Number9


    What I deduce from your sad attempt to validate yourself is that you are a buffoon.

    You got no joy, from the team you claim to support, winning a game at a tough place to play in the last minute. You’re a parody of a supporter.

    There’s no helping you.

  37. Paulinho

    What I like about Sterling. Looks to penetrate into the box with his dribbling and incisive movement, and he can do it throughout the ninety minutes. Doesn’t skirt around the edges of the box like Rashford and do pointless step overs without really threatening a team’s core.

  38. Up 4 grabs now

    Not a great performance but will take the three points.
    Definite pen and should have had one as well when bellerin was taken out.

    Considering Burnleys home record the last 18 months and the team’s they beat that’s a great Three points.

    Iwobi looked like he was trying to hard, Jack looked better when he came on and was trying to push forward, compared to Mr sideways. you need to score and he leaves Xhaka on.
    Why not go two up top? Be adventurous. It might not be a big team but at least we won oop north.

    Three points Wednesday then wipe the smug smile of maureens face.

    Oh and Wenger out!

    Thanks for popping in.

  39. Redtruth

    January 30th 2016
    FA Cup 4th round:
    Arsenal 2 Burnley 1

    PREMIER LEAGUE 2016-17
    Burnley 0 Arsenal 1
    Arsenal 2 Burnley 1

    PREMIER LEAGUE 2017-18
    Burnley 0 Arsenal 1

    Burnley are Arsenal’s bogey team….lol lol lol

  40. Samesong

    Sterling scored 8 goals in 11 games (3) as sub. He highest goal scoring tally is 9. He has improved and can only get better.

  41. TheBayingMob

    To be honest, that was the right result for all good thinking football folk against all northern cunts who think their team should be allowed to kick and punch their way to a win. Fuck off you FUCKING northern cunts.

  42. Wenker-wanger

    The game today is of no consequence to many of us. Win lose or draw against Burnley and it’s “so fckin what”….
    It does nothing really significant. Burnley are a fairly decent team so if we lost its not that big a deal. Winning just perpetuates the disgusting continuation of the selfish mugabesque regime of Wenger.
    We are heading for 4th or close to it. Wenger will hint at another extension to fuel his addiction to power. Meanwhile us fans that he spits on just wait even longer for this deluded clown to finally decide to call it a day.

  43. raptora

    Burnley at some point like February I remember reading an article saying how they have the 3-rd best home record in the league thus far that season. Only Chelsea and spuds had more points at home. How is this not a tough, tough away game only rt knows. His logic is above what anyone would consider normal.

  44. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The two handed push is a foul outside the box, so you have to call it inside the box, despite Ramsay doing his best Suarez. Take the 3 and run for dear life, cause Arsene will never speak ill of it, the dear prick.

    Bamford, you truly are your own worst enemy. Can never fault anyone for going after you, you miserable so and so. Go ahead and seek me out for a ban, it’s what you always do, you miserable so and so.

  45. Redtruth

    There are a lot of dodgy people on this site.
    Burnley are useless, they lost 20 Premier league games last season!!!!
    Far from being tough they’re a soft touch.
    Wake up you clowns….

  46. alexanderhenry

    1-0 to the Arsenal and I called it . Why didn’t I put a tenner on that?

    Never mind.

    We have regained our rightful place – 4th. I don’t see us finishing higher but we have an advantage over Spurs and Liverpool with not having to play CL and not having to play home games at Wembley.
    Therefore, despite everything, this may turn out to be an acceptable season for arsenal. We have a real shout at the Europa league as well- Wenger will introduce the first string if we progress to the quarters or beyond.

    It all hinges on what happens in January of course.

  47. UTarse

    “Our rightful place…..4th”…… wenger has brainwashed you to champion mediocrity aswell has many others like you.

  48. Redtruth

    Alexanderhenry is a joker, he said Wenger would leave last season and he didn’t. Blames the owner for lack of ambition and now says finishing 4th would be an acceptable season…Alex bog off

  49. Thorough

    Kept telling my mate “One jammy goal at the death”. Glad we won. Maybe getting us back to 4th will make Wenger wanna leave. We live in hope. While people have been creaming themselves about AOL I’ve been craving the WAL. I hope we get it next match as I think Lacazete enjoys playing with Welbeck. And for people dissing Lacazete I question your football eyes, he’s practically playing playmaker/support striker/center forward. When we become a better team and he gets to concentrate only on scoring there won’t be a single doubter. Onward and upwards. And at this stage I won’t mind Debuchy for Bellerin – the young man is getting a free pass despite playing zilch.

  50. Wallace


    “And for people dissing Lacazete I question your football eyes, he’s practically playing playmaker/support striker/center forward.”

    yes, I’m liking him a lot. excellent signing.

    two home games this week. win them both and we’re right in the thick of the battle to finish 2nd to City.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    It is just over 4 weeks before the transfer window opens and some very difficult decisions need to be made by the club management.

    There are 3 players at the club namely Sanchez, Ozil and Wilshere who can leave on Bosmans in the summer and the question is do you sell them in January for relatively low transfer fees or let them go in summer for nothing?

    Complicating the situation is that Arsenal NEED to qualify for Champions League in the Summer if they have any prospect of attracting top quality players for next season. Two seasons out of that competition will diminish that

    Sanchez could be sold in January. However, the chances of getting a decent
    transfer fee is not promising. I doubt that you will get more than £20 million,
    which makes any decision to sell marginal if you factor in revenue loss for
    not qualifying for CL or the ability to find a comparable replacement in January.

    The sale of Ozil is less likely. He wants a massive wage hike, which impacts on
    the willingness of any major club paying a transfer fee as well. My guess is that
    Ozil will see out this season and decide whether to move in Summer. I still think that he might stay at Arsenal if we qualify for CL.

    Wilshire is unlikely to become a first team regular this season on the evidence of current form. The question is not so much what he wants, but rather
    are Arsenal prepared to hold onto him and allow him to leave on a freebie?

    There are going to be several clubs in EPL who might be interested in buying
    him in January. For a start I could see clubs like West Ham and Newcastle who
    are under threat of relegation coming in with offer.

    Personally I would sell him if we get an offer of £18-20 million + particularly if
    Cazorla is match fit and can act as understudy for Ramsey.

    Whatever the outcome Arsenal will need to make a massive investment buying at least 4-5 quality players in next two transfer windows just to maintain
    current level.

  52. Redtruth

    Champions league football has no bearing on the type of players we sign.
    Lacazette would not of signed if he was interested only in Champions league football..

  53. Thorough

    Thanks. I have a lot of people around me who judge him purely on number of goals scored. it’s sickening.

    I’ll rephrase. “When we buy better midfielders and he gets to concentrate only on scoring there won’t be a single doubter.”
    Or do you think he’ll still be starved of service if we have a midfield of say Gorretzka, Lemar and Ramsey/Xhaka?

  54. Pierre

    I doubt if any of the 3 will be sold in the transfer window.
    It is speculation to say that özil is after a massive wage hike, 325 grand a week is being mentioned. So I would take it with a pinch of salt.
    Hopefully, if özil is still out against Huddersfield, then Wilshere should get a start. If he doesn’t start in that game then it’s obvious that Wenger has lost trust in him and might as well sell him. Personally I still think he has a lot to offer.
    Sanchez is not playing that brilliant at the moment but we should keep him as I feel his best is yet to come this season.
    At the end of the season there are bosman deals to picked up such as Kolasinac as well as losing players on a bosman though I am not in any way saying their contract situations have been handled well.

  55. steve

    “Therefore, despite everything, this may turn out to be an acceptable season for arsenal.”

    Yep if you’re an akb loser.

  56. Pierre

    Lacazette’s goals per minute ratio this season are probably up there with the rest/best.
    His link up play is good, his strength on the ball is good and he will prove to be clinical in front of goal. He showed in the game v Burnley that he is more than capable of playing in tough away games so their is no reason for Wenger to try and protect him.
    The problem this season is that our front 3 of özil, lacazette and Sanchez have only played together 3 times this season, so it is still to reach its potential. In those games that they played together v Everton, Tottenham and Bournemouth the link up play and understanding was clear to see so hopefully the busy Christmas schedule will enable them to build their understanding.

  57. Pierre

    “Lacazette would not of signed if he was interested only in Champions league football..”


    The same could be said of aguero, silva, toure, company, pogba, di Maria, mata, ibrahimovic as neither City or united were in the champions league at the time.
    The same could be said of majority of spurs or Liverpool players as they were not in champions league when they signed.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    First of all Arsenal need in starting lineup at least two goalscoring options. You
    cannot rely on just one player these days to score all the goals.

    Sanchez and Lacazette are currently the two options now that both Giroud and
    Walcott are at best bench players. Sanchez is going to leave whatever offer
    Arsenal makes. The only question is whether Arsenal can replace him with a
    goalscoring option in January. If not I would keep him until the summer.

    Ozil is different. I think that he likes living in London, which is why he has just spent £10 million + on a house in Highgate. If Arsenal qualify for Champions League and match offers made elsewhere for his services I would not be surprised that he stays. What I am sure is that no-one is going to offer a transfer
    fee in January. Ozil will also know that at clubs like Barcelona and Man Utd he
    is not guaranteed a starting place in team.

    Wilshire has shown absolutely nothing sofar this season to justify renewing his contract at £100K+ Pw. My view is that there will be clubs in England who
    will be prepared to buy him in January such as West Ham and Newcastle.

    Arsenal will have to make a decision do you hold onto him and then land up
    with the player leaving on a Bosman? The way he is playing at the moment I
    see plenty of options in transfer market who are better, less injury prone and
    likely to demand lower wages.

    Yes the issue has been mismanagement of our contract negotiations. This is
    why Arsenal have recruited new people to manage these matters. Wenger may still have some say in who the club buy, but not in the contract negotiations. I think that has now been taken out of his hands.

  59. Pierre

    You could be right there, I think aguero signed in the summer just after they qualified.
    I was basically pointing out that many top players have signed for clubs irrespective of whether that club were in champions league or not.
    If you offer a player enough money they will sign, champions league or no champions league.

  60. Pierre

    “Wilshire has shown absolutely nothing so far this season”

    Don’t let Don here you say that.

    I am in disagreement with you there. Some of Wilshere’s play has been superb though admittedly against inferior opposition though you could also say that he was playing with inferior team mates.
    I am sure if he gets to link up with Lacazette, özil and Sanchez he will show his true worth.
    I would say Ramsey is keeping Wilshere out of the side. Ramsey never quite seems on the same wavelength as our front 3 which continually leaves them frustrated. Ramsey will give you more strength and energy than Wilshere but ability wise and football brain Wilshere is way ahead.

    I suppose it’s getting the balance right in side and maybe Wenger feels that Ramsey gives the side better balance though I am not so sure myself though he is at long last showing some discipline in his game.
    Nothing wrong in him pushing forward as at the weekend to try and get the winner.