Familiar lack of focus infects second stringers in away leg shocker

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Look, look, look… leave my second stringers be. You know the deal. They’re the foot soldiers protecting our title charge. They’ve already qualified for the Europa League next round. The job is done.

Sure, we should be beating Köln with our under 19s. There’s no excuse for losing away from home against a team more bereft of confidence than the Tory front bench. Especially when you dominate in a first half with such swagger.

But therein lies the problem with Arsene Wenger teams. They don’t have the discipline, motivation or guts to drill out the results when the pressure is off. For every Spurs game, there’s a Köln away. That’s why we don’t hit the heights. Wenger isn’t a ruthless killer, he’s a socialist playboy who is happy with mediocre. He doesn’t have the guts to keep his players on edge, and there will be no repercussions after an embarrassingly soft performance from players who should be busting a gut to prove they have what it takes.

Arsenal will do enough to survive this season. We’ll likely make it to the quarter-finals of this joke of a competition, and then we’ll face a proper team, and we’ll likely cave despite financial superiority and having better players.

That’s the personality of the club these days. That’s the ebb and predictable flow of Arsene Wenger.

We still have one game to go in this competition against Bate Borisov, and after that drab showing, I hope Wenger goes all out with the kids. Give Reiss a go in a position he can cause damage. Start Eddie. Go full-on Carling Cup circa 2007.

Don’t feel downbeat about last night, just be thankful the club is working hard to make sure there’s a system in place moving forward to protect us against ever having a manager in charge who can defy the guillotine for so long in the face of such consistent football criminality.

It’s a short one today, America has this major holiday called Black Friday where you celebrate independence or some shit. I’m knee-deep in flatscreen TVs for the foreseeable.

Have a good one!


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51 Responses to “Familiar lack of focus infects second stringers in away leg shocker”

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  1. chris

    FFS I am as anti Wenger as anyone. But we’ve come top with our reserves. Last night the oppos hardly ever threatened to score and did not deserve the penalty. It was a dull professional job with the group already won. Several players were just back from injury and well below par. It is hard to attack fluently when you have such a slow, immobile front man as Giroud – who has not been injured recently. Blame Wenger for the last 10 years – not for last night.

  2. UTarse

    Really Chris ? you’re as anti Wenger as anyone yet you don’t deem it fair to blame him for last night ? how so ? like I’ve said before, it appears our expectations have dropped so far that we ignore a very mediocre and dull performance failed to beat one of the weakest teams in their respective (weaker than EPL) league…. ho hum, we are top and “did what we needed to do”….. play shite and lose !

    I bet the rest of Europe is quaking in their boots…..

  3. HighburyLegend

    ” just be thankful the club is working hard to make sure there’s a system in place moving forward to protect us”

    Priceless quote.

  4. Dissenter

    Daily Mail; “Lionel Messi urges Barcelona to sign Philippe Coutinho over Mesut Ozil due to concerns over the Arsenal playmaker’s inconsistency”

    I’m glad that everyone else has noticed the Ozil inconsistencies. The only things consistent about Ozil are his inconsistencies.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Madrid seem to have entered the running for Sanchez.

    Maybe they are thinking with Benzema stuttering and Bale always injured that Sanchez can add some energy and threat to their front line.

    May be a chance to actually make some decent money from Sanchez still given Madrid’s potential desperation.

  6. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Koln in the Bundesliga
    Played: 12
    Won: 0
    Drawn: 2
    Lost: 10
    Goals for: 4
    Goals against: 23
    Goal difference: -19
    Points: 2

  7. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Pedro rightly slags off Wenger and all his weakness and then asks us not to ‘feel downbeat about last night, just be thankful the club is working hard to make sure there’s a system in place moving forward’.

    This endless positivity is as annoying as the gimps over at Untold.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I’m more thinking about actually using it to better the team or to add additional resources.

    But likely either way, whether we sell him and bank £20 – 30 Million or we keep him and lose him for free we will be hearing why spending is not the answer and why Nelson is the answer.

  9. Elmo

    What the last two EL games have made clear is that the reserves will get beaten by ANYONE still left in the competition after the group stages. They have done their job in qualifying, but something very close to the first team will have to play in the following rounds.

    I’d like to win this competition and I fear Wenger is going to show the usual arrogance with regard to the opposition and field the reserves with maybe a first team addition or two against a side like Atalanta, and we’ll get thrashed so badly in the first leg that it’s too much to overcome in the second, when he is forced to play a full strength XI.

  10. Bamford10

    Please sell Alexis to Madrid for a decent sum in January. That would be excellent. I’ve read Madrid’s main target is Icardi, though.

    As for Europa, I will only become interested when we face a team that is capable of winning it. That’s when it gets interesting, and that’s when we likely get knocked out. If the opposition is serious.

    Otherwise the question is, can we finish top four? At the moment, I’m doubtful.

  11. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil ‘wants £330,000-a-week contract at Barcelona'”

    There’s only one Mesut Ozil!!

  12. Carts

    Said it before, Ozil will blag a big move in this window or the next.

    Him buying a home in Hertfordshire got a few people excited when in fact it was him doing a bit of sensible investment.

  13. Pierre

    “. It is hard to attack fluently when you have such a slow, immobile front man as Giroud – who has not been injured recently. Blame Wenger for the last 10 years – not for last night.”

    I know this may seem simplistic but who bought Giroud…. Who has kept Giroud as our number one striker(up until this season) for the last 4 years.. Who chose him to play last night…

    If the answer to these questions is Wenger then of course he is to blame for last night.

  14. TonyD

    Brilliant from Arseblog.

    but midway through the second half Sehrou Guirassy took a dive in the box, the referee bought it and pointed to the spot.

    The Frenchman dusted himself off and made it 1-0. David Ospina showed solidarity with Petr Cech by leaping out of the way of the ball.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Do you think if Wenger won Europa (haha) he would actually class it as a European trophy and f**k off finally?

    In which case I will go round to the hotels of the opposition and put something in their dinners and breakfasts to make sure of it, I am willing to risk that.

  16. Do One Gambon


    No chance

    Wenger would stay to have another crack at the champions league.

    Next year could be his year….

    Arsene Wenge, the Liverpool of managers.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Do One Gambon

    You are probably right.

    I don’t see us lasting very long anyway in the knockouts if we draw even a half decent side.

    Some bag of shit team then we might well progress.

  18. Do One Gambon


    True, if a Dortmund get over their slump they’ll probably smash us.
    Aren’t atletico kicking around the europa pots too? Wouldn’t fancy them.

    Probably best way to rid of wenger would be to miss out on Europe altogether

  19. useroz

    Poor performance not showing hunger, pace, sharpness, skills. Utterly boring. Most aren’t first team material barring some kids, considering how poor the opponent.

    Wilshere, Iwobi, Elneny, Welbeck should all be sold asap. Not good enough for their positions. Iwobi turnovers and passes like Sanchez but he ain’t Sanchez! Wilshere tries; but none have half decent shots.

    Don’t mention Elneny,shocking delivery and shows why he costed 5m; NONE of 10+ crosses cleared the first Koln player… and Ramsey like hollywoord passes (some more ok than Ramsey).

    AMN, Nelson and Eddie may be potential. Need to rid of the lax attitude like rest of these second stringers. Few yard square and back passes are just awful without purposes.

    What Nelson did in the last 10 mins should become the norm. Iwobi go watch a clip. Eddie had couple of smart turns but ffs give him at least 10 mins, not 6…

    Holding’s positioning still sucks at times; keep learning from Mert. Chamber is hopeless in that position.

    Giroud better joins France full time.

    Mert still good… positioning: intercepts; headers all fine ,as long as not run at.

    All in all, another game to forget.

  20. TonyD

    Thinking about Burnley tomorrow and came to this opinion.

    If the NLD team turns up with he same attitude, then I see a 3:0 win for us.

    If it’s normal service is resumed then we lose 1:0

  21. Samesong

    Tony D

    I see a very close game and not a 3-0 mauling. Burnley are disciplined and will be dangerous on set pieces, and in the air. They are also level in points so goes to show they have had a good start to the league.

    I like their manager. They got some good players.

  22. TonyD

    Agreed Samesong. Was just think if we replicated the NLD form and desire we can put 3 past anyone.

    I think we’ll be back to the struggling tacticless team and will lose by one goal.

    I want to win, so living in hope the former is true.

    Burnley’s manager is doing a solid job on a limited budget like Watford’s manager.

    We’ll see tomorrow.

  23. alexanderhenry


    To quote you:

    the club is working hard to make sure there’s a system in place moving forward to protect us against ever having a manager in charge who can defy the guillotine for so long in the face of such consistent football criminality’.

    Is it?

    Wenger’s leaving in a season and a half so there’s bound to be manoeuvres going on.

    However, fundamentally the club is ‘working hard’ to make sure arsenal are profitable, or

  24. Cesc Appeal

    City are moving over to Puma for around £50 Million a year, still not as much as Chelsea at £60 Million and United at £75 Million.

    We really need to make the most out of our commercial opportunities next time around, like most things at the club our commercials are decent enough that people can excuse them but they are not really hitting their full potential.

    We need to get at least £50 Million a season from our kit supplier next time.

    Do not give Emirates the stadium and shirts for £30 Million or whatever it is, Stadium should be £30 Million, the kit sponsor should be £30 Million or thereabouts as well.

    For goodness sake do not allow anyone to lock out sleeve sponsorship either, that could be another £7 Million a season.

    Then find a sponsor for the training ground, could be worth £10 – 20 Million a season and for the training kits which could be worth the same, could be a connected deal with a single sponsor.

    Our commercials would go through the roof and fingers crossed by that time Wenger will have f****d off and we will have a DoF in along with a new ambitious manager to utilise our increased resources.

    The deal with Puma is average, the deal with the Emirates in poor when you half it, no sleeves, no training ground, no training kits. We are not, as always, doing the best we can.

  25. useroz

    People excuse the poor commercials to funding need during the build of the stadium but there should be opportunities to renegotiate and the team just isn’t good enough.

    Before a ticket is sold, we are already down 100m pa compared with Manure in commercials. That’s two Ozil I suppose.

  26. HighburyLegend

    Burnley tomorrow ??
    At least we won’t heard the away fans singing “we want you to stay”…
    The burnley fans maybe ?? lol

  27. Bamford10

    “Borussia Dortmund 4-0 Schalke HT: Dortmund rampant in the first half, scoring more goals than they had managed in their previous three meetings with Schalke combined.” – WhoScored

    I was thinking we might be able to beat Dortmund in the EL given their recent form, but given the above, maybe not.