Wooooah, manager suggests successor? | Köln preview

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Woah, woah, woah… I will not have anyone piss on my #CatalystForChange chips this week.

Daily Star, back in your damn box with this tripe…

‘Starsport can reveal Wenger sees Van Bronckhorst, 42, as a top candidate, along with Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe, who is three years younger.’

Now, we would usually be able to write off a paper with such little credibility, but as you’ll know, Peter Hillwood was on speed dial back in the red wine years… so occasionally, they land a sniff of something exclusive.

However, I simply refuse to believe Wenger will have any say over who succeeds him. The club won’t make the same horrendous mistake United made when they let a legend choose his own successor.

Let’s keep it real here, Wenger is not going out with a bang. He’s going out on a whimper. If he knew what made a good manager in the modern game, he’d be competing with the said modern manager. Wenger couldn’t pick a decent successor if it slapped him in the face shouting about counter-pressing strategem. He’s given up understanding the modern game, and it’s pretty clear he doesn’t pay attention to much of what goes on at the major clubs that regularly tank him on the biggest stage.

Gio might be an incredible manager. Eddie Howe might be the next level. For me though, I don’t see how you can take those names seriously when you have talent like Allegri, Sarri and Jardim on the scene. We need next level vision, not one of Wenger’s pets disguised as an inspired parting gift.

Tonight, Arsenal take on Köln. A team whose fans infiltrated the home tickets and you know, generally behaved like enthused fans. They’re not to be trusted and I hope we exact revenge by singing really loud, maybe letting off an illegal flare.

The bad news is this: Theo is not available. He’s ill.

The good news? David Ospina is available. The patron saint of world-class keeping. Can’t wait to see some of his moves.

We’ll also get to see Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck. Arsene keen to pump the latter’s chances of making the World Cup

“Danny has the potential to go. If he’s fit, he will go, I’m convinced of that,” said Wenger.

“I’ve known players who’ve won the World Cup who in November had no chance to go to the World Cup. I remember Emmanuel Petit in 1998, he made it in March, April, May, and was one of main players at the World Cup.

“Danny has gone through very difficult periods in last three years, and personally I’m very happy that he’s back.”

I’d love to see Danny at the World Cup, especially after such a rough two years. Only thing I worry about is the state he’ll come back in. He’ll need a 4month break and that’s not good.

I expect to see a start from Reiss Nelson and Maitland-Niles. Maybe we’ll get the chance to see a late sub appearance of EDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE?

Should be an easy win, the Germans are bottom of the Bundesliga. However, we need to be sharp, these guys beat Spurs 8-0 at their gaff in the Intertoto Cup in 1995.

Stay focused, have fun if you’re there, see you on the other side!

P.S. Listen to the podcast, because I’d listen to yours.

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  1. Bankz

    That’s how you outsmart the amateur opposition with experience.
    Sorry guys but I planned and locked down the Tr4phy today.
    Play on boys….I will be back tomorrow to claim the Tr4phy again

  2. Bankz

    Pedro is back on screaming “catalyst for change..,catalyst for change”.
    You know quite well, nothing changes till Wenger leaves and that could be 2019 or 2029.
    Just report or write on our current games and state and stop this “catalyst” talk.
    You’ve been saying it since 2014 and I for one hasn’t seen anything to suggest you’ve been right….instead we’ve progressively gotten worse since 2014.

  3. Zoran

    One portuguese please, Jardim or Silva, egual.

    They are great tactitians, force young players and could make world class players out of Nketiah, Riess Nelson or Wilock. Before that they go into forgetness under Wenger, like all of the such great talents who where given great future and are now nowhere to find.

    Specially Jardim. Dont need to mention what he has done with teenagers at Monaco. And is still doing, not in Europe though, but in France, without more than a half of stars who left the Club. With fees that Wenger can only dream to produce.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger may be consulted “out of politeness” when Arsenal recruit finally a successor, but I would hope and like to think that the club will recruit someone with better credentials than Van Bronckhurst and Howe.

    If Arsenal are going to get back on track then they need to start having a “big club mentality”.

    Personally I would be reluctant to recruit Van Bronckhurst, because Dutch Managers have not been exactly a great success in EPL in recent times.

    If there is anyone in Holland that I would bring in to work on coaching staff it
    would be Dennis Bergkamp. Sadly he could not be Manager, because of his travel phobia.

  5. raptora

    In before Wenger actually wanted to show that enough is enough, he’s had his career, it’s time to someone new so he wanted to leave on a high this summer, but he was asked to stay for 2 more seasons to oversee the free flowing modernization of the club. Maybe some governing personas thought that a new manager with new DoF, Head of Recruitment, Fitness Coach, Assistant Coach, Youth Coach and god knows how many new positions have been and are about to be given, was going to be too shocking of a change just for one summer, so they wanted some stability in the face of Wenger as a manager.

    Of course this modernization taking place now, is something the club and Wenger, had to take a long time ago. So as the huge factor in ruling this club that Wenger has, he is hugely responsible for what it is, and what has been neglected in the last decade.

    He could though, for a change, have a good role in this because if the club slowly, methodically changes to a new, modern looking club, while the positions of the team on the football pitch is kept at a reasonable, stable level, involving a return to the UCL one way or another, it could set the foundation of a better tomorrow.

    Too much dreaming – yes. But it does sound like it could be the case.

  6. Dream10

    Ralph Hasenhüttl of Leipzig should be near the top of the list to replace AW. His team have performed very well in the Bundesliga & have a good chance to advance to the Round of 16 in the CL. His team presses well off the ball. He’s done a quality job of improving young players with raw material. He’s a significantly better option than either van Bronckhorst or Howe. Not a fan of Howe particularly, as many of the players he’s signed for big money recently have not had an impact. Very poor defensively as well.

  7. S Asoa

    In our quest for managerial substitute the comparison should be people who can handle big clubs. Arsenal is big , beaten into submission by Le Fraud.
    Getting into top 16 of CL should not be the ceiling

  8. Number9

    It’s really strange that after a decent victory, Le Grove’s Arsenal ‘supporters’ are nowhere to be seen.

    Guys we actually have a game tonight over in Germany? Is anyone interested? Or are you only interested when we’ve lost or drawn the game before?

  9. HighburyLegend

    lol Number9 thinks that a victory will make us forget the fact that our club is still running by a bunch of incompetent fools.

  10. grooveydaddy

    It’s hard not to think that suggesting underwhelming successors is a cynical, reverse-psychology ploy by Wenger to get people clamouring for him to stay on…

  11. Pierre

    Good thinking..

    Wenger is thinking that he will Follow the Alex Ferguson model by naming his successor and choose someone who is obviously not up to the job..
    By doing this, Wenger will no doubt increase his popularity with the fans and they will probably be protesting for him to stay.

  12. grooveydaddy


    I dunno man. I cant stand Wenger, but I think I’d be a lot less enthusiastic about him finally being shown the door if I knew Eddie Howe would be the one coming in.

  13. UTarse

    Purrrrrlease Number 9, enough with the Them vs US split in the fanbase that you keep stoking ! We have had 10+ years of stagnation under Wenger…this isn’t just about a win lose or draw here or there

  14. Duzie

    Howdy Grovers.

    It has been a while. I do not think that the club will allow Wenger to choose his successor. Gazidis (assumably) has learnt from the past, and the way things are taking shape, may not give Arsene any ounce of power. I am gladly counting down the days, if truly we are bringing Michael Zorc as a club exec.

  15. kristoman

    It has been a while. I do not think that the club will allow Wenger to choose his successor. Gazidis (assumably) has learnt from the past, and the way things are taking shape, may not give Arsene any ounce of power. I am gladly counting down the days, if truly we are bringing Michael Zorc as a club exec.

    really, after all these years with wenger, fans still think Ivan has power to override wenger. my God we are really gullible

  16. alexanderhenry

    What we’re seeing here is the beginning of genuine change at arsenal. At best, wenger has a season and a half to go.
    When he leaves he will leave a power vacuum the size of a small black hole at arsenal. Expect constant and feverish speculation for the next year at least.

  17. Shaun

    The bad news is Walcott is unwell. Did you not see him in his last Europe league start and the Norwich game, he was absolute crap. Perhaps Wenger will now Start Nelson in his correct position rather than as a wing back

  18. HighburyLegend

    “What we’re seeing here is the beginning of genuine change at arsenal. At best, wenger has a season and a half to go.”

    Quote of the decade so far.

  19. Pierre

    Hopefully the arsenal board have learnt from the mistakes of United and take it upon themselves to choose the successor to Wenger.
    Eddie Howe could possibly be a manager for the future but he Shouldn’t be on the short list.
    Allegri is probably my first choice though I do like the style of football that brendon rogers teams play. I thought he did an excellent job at Liverpool and now at celtic. He’s not everyones cup of tea, I do understand that but I feel he is underated as a coach.. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him on the short list.

  20. kristoman

    see what am talking about, wenger has really wengerize the fan so much they think like him.
    in this modern era where you are not the top dog around. you want a manager that go gong ho style football I.e a coach that think like wenger take over. well what do I know

  21. UTarse

    Brendan Rogers ?!….shows you how much our expectations have taken a beating….

    Pierre, do you think BR can get a job at Citeh or Manure or Chels ?… I very much doubt it……set your sights higher man.

  22. Leedsgunner

    AF chose his successor at Man United — and how did that work out?

    Arsene must not be allowed to hand point his successor… why doesn’t the club set up an independent panel to choose what is best for the club.

    If Gazidas wants to chair it fine.

    1. 2 Former club captains
    2. 1 fan under 30
    3. 1 fan between 30-50
    4. ! fan over 50
    5. 2 reps from our two of our biggest sponsor
    6. 1 rep from other significant shareholders in the club.

    Let them draw up a list of potential candidates.

    Then send a ballot paper to each season ticket holder…

    Have a vote 6 months before Wenger is due to retire to allow the new manager a chance to bed in at the club and a chance to identify targets for the summer.

    I know it won’t happen but it would be a good way of getting the fans involved again in the real direction of the club.

    (I’m not a season ticket holder btw, but I think it is right and proper that people who have paid a great investment get something back from the club.)

    Other people who weren’t ticket holders would be allowed to vote if they were willing to pay for the voting rights at the cost of a season ticket.

    This way you keep it fair, and you deter fans of other clubs trying to hijack the vote… plus if enough people voted you would have a sizeable fee that could be used to support the work of the Arsenal foundation.

    Just a thought…

  23. Pierre

    “Pierre, do you think BR can get a job at Citeh or Manure or Chels ?… I very much doubt it……set your sights higher man.”

    I didn’t say he was my first choice but I happen to think he has the making of a top manager /coach..

  24. Buckhurst Gun

    Wenger doing his best to make fans hate him even more – he saw the mess that unfolded at Man U – the players need an inspiring managerial appointment- if you’re sitting there and van bronkhorst walks in that’s the complete opposite of inspiring

    Unfortunately this board has zero connection with what the fans want or reality for that matter , so they are more than likely to hire exactly who wenger says to hire

    I’m sorry but Dutch football is no measure of a manager and neither is keeping Bournemouth ticking over in the prem

  25. GoonerInNY

    Pedro, I wish you were right about what will happen with Wenger. But if you dispassionately look at how Stan has run Arsenal, that is not the way it is going to go.

    The evidence points to Wenger staying on as long as he likes, and then he will move into a DOF-like position where he will hire a Gio or Howe or other weak manager he can control.

    Optimism is wishful thinking.

  26. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Wenger in May 2017:
    “No, director of football, I don’t know what it means, Is it someone who stands on the road and directs the players left and right? I never understand what it means, director of football.”

    May 2019
    Wenger will be appointed Arsenal FC Director of Football

  27. Pierre

    “Wenger doing his best to make fans hate him even more – he saw the mess that unfolded at Man U – the players need an inspiring managerial appointment- if you’re sitting there and van bronkhorst walks in that’s the complete opposite of inspiring”

    You are making the fatal error of believing all you read …no one knows who or what are making the choice(if anyone atm) of his successor so fans should save their hate for when its justified .

  28. alexanderhenry


    Wenger has a season and a half left at arsenal. Arsenal won’t offer a 70 year old a new contract.

    There will be a new manager of arsenal after the end of next season.

  29. Bamford10

    Number 9 also seems not to realize that we’re a rather boring and uninteresting team these days. What is there to talk about? Very little that is interesting.

  30. Bamford10

    Can’t find a good stream, but have already seen several tweets saying this is a very drab and boring affair. Number 9 finds it riveting, I’m sure. If anyone has a stream, please post.

  31. Elmo

    Anyone hear the pre-game VT with Big Weng? Was asked whether he was desperate to finally win a European trophy. He replied that he’s no longer so focused on his own personal achievements and reputation, and now his only concern is the interests of the club.

    Obviously likely just another meaningless soundbite that can be interpreted any way, but I’d like to hope that it reflects his acceptance of the transition at the club, with his power structures beig eroded and new specialists brought in.

  32. Mark

    Everyone notice how Monkey nuts peanut brain seemed a little muted since the Spurs loss. LOL.p
    He’s only posted ” le losers ” twice now. Usually he wants or say how rubbish we are. Almost as if as he’s typing it he realises his team got their ass spanked by le losers! So what does it say about them.
    Les Bottlers !!!

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Oh what a bore!

    Pedestrian game with the usual square and back passing whenever Elneny is introduced into the game.

    I would take out Elneny and bring Wilshire back into central midfield and play Iwobi in attacking midfield role.

    Also I would prefer to play Nelson in place of Chambers. We know that Chambers is not remotely a full/wing back.

  34. kel

    This is the same wilshire we have been crying out for
    I stand by my statement that jack wilshire is a next overrated english player

  35. Danny

    Elneny attempted to cross the ball at least 12 times (including corners, free kicks etc) and not once did he find a team mate. Complete shit.
    At least Niles looked good and of course Nelson for his 25 minutes.

  36. Dolomite

    Emirates Stroller I hate Elnenys type of fooyball with a passion, square cowardly and very pedestrian.

    Paired with Coquelin its a midfield devoid of common sense

  37. Emiratesstroller

    As usual Arsenal come into this game playing one pace football with too many square and back passes.

    Too much overelaborate football. This team wants to walk the ball into the net.

    The gulf in class between first and second teams is obvious for all to see. The only player who comes out of this game with any credit was Maitland-Niles who showed some hunger.

    Arsenal will need to make a massive overhaul of their squad this summer when you see how some of the squad players perform.

    For a start we need to replace all the midfield players who turned out tonight.

  38. loyika

    Shyte game and shyte performance.

    Arsenal FC (2nd Stringers) definition of “Pedestrain Football”

    Total possesion but doing fcuk all with it.

    As usual, only picking up the pace when we go a gaol down. (predictable)

  39. Dolomite

    In all honesty I dont think were capable of winning this competition.

    Too many bad decision making players within one team

  40. loyika

    Generally its not about the loss itself as every football team will lose a game at any time, its the manner of the loss that irks.

    You would think some of these players would be busting a gut to make themselves available choices for the first 11, but nah, fcuk that!! They just seems to be going through the motions.

    Funny thing is don’t they know that when we get to the latter stages of the comp most of them would be dropped to make was for the senior players?

    Oh well, guess they also have the early stages of the League and FA Cups to make do with.

    And by jove do we actually practice crosses into the box and corner kicks? Never seem to be able to beat the first man.

  41. Relieable Sauce

    Likely teams joining from CL

    B. Dortmund
    Porto/RB Leipzig
    Shakhtar Donetsk
    Spartak Moscow
    Sporting Lisbon/Juve
    Ath Madrid
    CSKA Moscow/Basel

    And the bookies had/have Arsene-al as favourites…!?!?!?….Fools and their money are easily parted and they know an easy banker.

  42. Redtruth

    CLB. Dortmund
    Porto/RB Leipzig
    Shakhtar Donetsk
    Spartak Moscow
    Sporting Lisbon/Juve
    Ath Madrid
    CSKA Moscow/Basel

    You can omit all those teams and Arsenal would still have no chance of winning the Europa league.

  43. Thorough

    I think the final nail will soon be in girouds coffin…he will be gone in january.

    Amen to that. All our good moves died at his feet. I’m 100% sure Nketiah would have done far better.

  44. Leedsgunner

    Normally I would come down hard when we lose to a poor side like this but tonight, I want to moderate my criticism by saying

    1. We had chances and possession a plenty we just failed to onvert them.
    2. Their goal keeper had a very good game.
    3. The penalty granted was very very soft.

    Jack was trying out there but he can’t do it on his own… and we need to be capitalising on our set pieces and making them count. We needed people like Kolasinac who were willing to attack the final ball from set pieces more.

  45. Pierre

    Better to have a soft pen against us tonight than the weekend.
    The penalties v watford, city and cologne all very similar.

  46. TonyD

    Time zone here makes it too late to watch the game (2:45am) and, to be honest I never saw us winning this cup, so why bother watching it when you know how we are going to play?

    From the posts here seems I am vindicated in my thoughts.

    Will it be the same for Burnley Sunday? Hope not.

    At least it’s at a watchable hour for me.

  47. Pierre

    It was a game that suited its purpose..it gave players coming back from injury like welbeck,chambers ,ospina and giroud valuable game time.
    Result was unimportant and means nothing in the context of the competition as we have already won the group.
    Poor performance ,though we should have won comfortably.
    If you think the result v cologne vindicates your thoughts on arsenal not winning it then so be it but to me the result means and matters zilch.

  48. TonyD

    It only vindicated my thoughts for not staying up to watch or bothering to record.

    I still don’t believe we can win the cup anyway. That’s just my opinion as much as I know we can’t win the EPL.

    Other than for the financials, top 4 means nothing until we have a new manager.

    Not much to be excited for other than to enjoy the wins in the EPL as they come, such as the NLD.

    Let’s see what happens at Burnley.

  49. TonyD

    Having said that, you’d think we could beat a Koln side who haven’t won a league game all season. The match reports are dire.

    England RU play Samoa tomorrow and you can bet that nothing more than a convincing win will keep Eddie Jone and the team happy.

  50. Pierre

    Apologies, I read it as vindicating not winning the cup.

    Of course we can win it. The teams coming down from champions league are, by and large, teams we normally deal with fairly well in the champions league group stages.
    Our problem has always been against the elite sides, namely bayern and barca with one bad defeat to Monaco.
    Though we were poor last night if you look at the highlights you will see we dominated but struggled in front of goal and the least said about the penalty decision the better.

    The result or performance has no bearing on our season.