CEO lands major blow to Wenger power grip with huge backroom signing

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Arsenal confirmed the signing of a brand new scout who goes by the name of Sven Mislintat, he’s coming in as Head of Recruitment, and he’s taking the baton from Steve Rowley.

Steve has been a great servant to the club over the years, and no doubt made some great signings along the way, but the time had come. He was a regressive force behind the scenes and his eye for a world-class player wasn’t sharp, not to mention he had a lack of interest in utilising tech to support decisions on players.

Not so with Sven. This is a guy who has unearthed gems in all sorts of weird places you wouldn’t expect, and has the smarts to move fast. He has a confidence and authority we lack. Dembele, Pulisic, Guerriero, Lewandowski, Auba and Kagawa to name just a few!

This is a man in his prime looking to prove himself. This is a guy who is only leaving Dortmund because my boy Thomas Tuchel was such a brat to him last season.

Bravo to him.

I was thinking about Ivan getting his backside tanned in front of the world last summer, then I read this quote put forward by Churchill in his book, citing Niccolo Machiavelli.

‘Men ought either to be caressed or trampled out, seeing that small injuries may be avenged, whereas great ones destroy the possibility of retaliation’

You feel that Ivan took a wet towel from Wenger in the changing rooms this summer (when Stan did a deal behind his back) and it was humiliating. He could have left. He could have slinked out (we called for it). But he stayed and exacted his revenge in the coldest manner possible. He’s been slowly taking out Wenger’s henchmen. We’ve lost Dick Law. We’ve lost Rowley. We’re probably going to the see the back of more people as the season wears on. Ivan is peppering in Per Mertesackers and Jens Lehmans. He’s brought in Darren Burgess in performance, which is still a weird signing to my mind, but it’s additional smart brains on the project.

The Telegraph pointed out that Sven is an Ivan signing. If we land a football operations guy like Raul Sahnelli, that’ll be Ivan’s man. If we land Michael Zorc (which would be incredible) in a double Dortmund swoop, that’ll be his man.

This is how a professional club should be run and organised.

The power of operations should not sit in the hands of the manager, it should sit with the CEO.

That way, when the manager leaves, you keep the stability of the club going by maintaining the infrastructure.

You avoid nepotism.You also focus accountability. It’s easier to pinpoint where things are going wrong. It’s easier to make changes without politics and drama.

Wenger’s days are numbered. He knows that. There can’t be another failure this year, because he’ll likely be chopped, and there will be an infrastructure and a plan in place to replace him.

That’s great news for Arsenal.

It’s also great news in the sense that the club might extract more focus and agression from Wenger. He might lean on the new help coming in to make his job easier and his tenure a little longer.

Guys and gals, the old regime is dying. A new Arsenal has sprung. We’re an operations guys and a sporting director away from a world-class backroom setup.

We’ll then be only a top class manager away from actually competing.


All the things we’ve been talking about are going to happen inside the next two years.

I’m so fucking happy.

Now listen to the damn podcast. No slacking, it’s a great listen.

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  1. raptora

    Can any of you believe that Zaza, the West Ham flop, the creator of that redicilous penalty kick, is in the ideal XI of La Liga?! Nine goals for Valencia and leads the attack of the ideal La Liga team next to Messi LoL.

  2. Samesong

    Nine goals for Valencia and leads the attack of the ideal La Liga team next to Messi LoL.

    fair play to him. Scored some bangers too.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    After everyone praising Madrid for the amount of great young talent coming through it seems Perez is reverting to type and is looming at bringing in four or five superstars likely for eye watering sums.

  4. Pierre

    “With VAR Arsenal would never have won.last seasons FA Cup”

    I think it should read “with VAR we possibly may not have won the FA Cup”

    On the other hand, with VAR we would have won the league in 2015\16 season going by the sun’s prediction of the final league table taking into account all the wrong refereeing decisions for all teams that season.

  5. Pierre

    Revealed: Real Premier League table shows Arsenal should be champions and Leicester runners-up
    Newcastle also would have avoided relegation had officials done their jobs properly
    23rd May 2016, 7:20 am
    Updated: 27th May 2016, 1:36 pm
    ARSENAL fans took plenty of stick last week for their celebrations after
    overtaking rivals Spurs on the final weekend of the season.

    But the Gunners
    should have been applauded as CHAMPIONS if officials had done their
    jobs properly.

    SunSport’s panel of experts have looked at every game over the course of the
    campaign to bring you the Premier League table as it should have looked.

  6. Pierre

    And it goes on.

    “We have analysed all 380 matches to determine the goals that should not have
    counted, the ones wrongly ruled out and the key penalty-box calls that went
    for and against teams.”

    “In a table that puts a lie to the frequent claim mistakes even themselves out
    over the course of a season, we can reveal things should have looked very
    different this term.”

  7. Gooner63

    Barkley lol how bad are we becoming

    can you imagine losing ozil n alexis and replacing them with barkley and zaha

    just replace mustafi with lovren and it would be a triple joker

  8. TonyD

    I’ve wanted VAR since the technology was available to keep the game honest.

    But no good looking back to what could have been.

    Past glories, past poor decisions, past this and past that what’s the point?

    It’s now and the future that matters and affects our happiness and love of the club.

    History is just that: History.

  9. TonyD

    I’ve been saying that Jose is not the manager he was, and last night’s defeat brings it more into light.

    Couldn’t be happier for Manure 🙂

  10. TonyD

    Not really just looking forward to seeing what Pep can do tactically against what looks to be a side (PSG) with far superior talent

  11. Pierre

    “Past glories, past poor decisions, past this and past that what’s the point?”

    Maybe you should tell Ruth that as he brought up the subject of VAR and the FA Cup..
    I just thought it was my duty to remind him that we would have won the league 2 years ago according to a panel of experts who analysed every game.

  12. gonsterous

    I wouldn’t worry about city or United. they hAve showed time and time again that they are willing to do anything to win the league..
    Arsenal on the other hand have been in the same spot for the last 10 years with no sign of improving. and Pierre trying to tell us we could have won the league is just pathetic and clutching at straws. there is no conspiracy against us by the officials or the league. the conspiracy lies within the club…

  13. Redtruth

    Analysing past games is futile…
    Did the analysis take in to account penalties not given which may have not been scored anyway.
    Arsenal’s criminal yet predictable record against the top sides
    Wenger’s inept approach to games which can lead to dodgy decisions…No .so shut the fuck up Pierre.

  14. Pierre

    You’re right, it is futile.. So why mention that “with VAR Arsenal would never have won the FA Cup last season”

  15. TT

    Arsene Untold regulars still touting refereeing decisions being the reason for Arsenal not winning the title.

    Strange they don’t mention Pires dive for a penalty which guaranteed the unbeaten season.

    The fact is that these things even them self’s out and no way has Arsenal ever been robbed of a title because of referees. Grow up and accept your messiah is the cause we have’nt won a title since 2004. Such has his regression been.

  16. Pierre

    I have only quoted verbatim what was analysed by a panel of experts on all 380 games for that season and the conclusion was that Arsenal should have been league champions.
    So I presume you think the panel of experts are “pathetic and clutching at straws”…

  17. Pierre

    I am Just trying to give balance to your futile Comment.

    Your ire should be aimed at the experts who produced the analysis of every premier-league game that season…

    These are not necessarily my views though I wouldn’t doubt the results as the analysis was so detailed.