Arsenal boss Spurs, and Twitter + player by player review

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Things we cover:

  • THE EPIC WIN over Spurs this weekend
  • Arsene Wenger showing he’s the boss, with a tactical masterclass
  • We have a total love in with all the player
  • The Arsenal social media team dropping serious banter on a troll journo
  • We talk about Arsenal moving forward

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125 Responses to “Arsenal boss Spurs, and Twitter + player by player review”

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  1. Pierre

    Mesut özil has created the most chances in the prem this season which considering he was out injured for probably about a third of the season, is pretty impressive….

    Considering the amount of constant criticism he receives from the fans and media, those figures show he has belief in himself and his style of play and now at long last its good that we have a striker up front in lacazette who makes good runs to create space for özil to play.

  2. Boomslang

    If only ‘chances created’ was the requirement for winning major trophies. Creating chances without competing for or winning titles only enhances a players stats. Nothing more.

  3. Pierre

    To win a football match you need to score goals.
    To score goals you need someone to create the chances to score the goals.
    The more chances you create, the more chance you have of scoring goals.

    Seems obvious doesn’t it.

  4. Boomslang

    Thank you captain obvious.

    Simply put, Ozil’s playmaking will not lead to Arsenal winning the Premier League. It will only make him look good to potential suitors.

  5. Pierre

    The rest is down to the manager to ensure that the team is set up for the most prolific playmaker (özil) in the league to do what he does best, which is provide assists and create chances for his team mates.

    The problem is, playing Ramsey in midfield creates the problem behind özil in that Ramsey is lacking discipline though he was more disciplined v Tottenham at the weekend and that helped the balance of the team.

  6. Boomslang


    There are very few players with the natural ability that of Ozil. Problem is, which has highlighted extensively on this site, he is too inconsistent and cannot be relied upon on a game to game basis.

    As you stated the team is unbalanced, and Ozil is a specialist that needs to have a team built around his strengths.

  7. Pierre

    “Simply put, Ozil’s playmaking will not lead to Arsenal winning the Premier League”

    Is that özil’s fault.. It’s down to the manager to build a balanced team that will compete for the title…

  8. Boomslang

    Absolutely Pierre

    And that’s why Wenger has to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise we’ll be counting chances, instead of counting major trophies.

  9. Pierre

    “Problem is, which has highlighted extensively on this site, he is too inconsistent”

    Just because something has been highlighted on here doesn’t make it correct.
    Inconsistent is an easy term that could be aimed at most attacking players.
    Sanchez, is he consistent (he consistently gives the ball away)
    Deli Alli, is he consistent (he consistently falls over without being touched)
    Eriksen, consistent.. Not really.
    Pogba.. Not really
    Hazard..he can go missing for weeks in some seasons… But when he is good he’s very good.
    De bruyne…this season, yes, definitely… Previously.. Not really.

    The Inconsistent tag is the one that is put on özil but could easily be applied to others but isn’t.

  10. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil had an excellent game against Spurs, but one good performance does not compensate for the rest where he has been poor.

    The real issue is whether he plans to stay or not. The club needs certainty about its future and there is an overwhelming impression that both he and Sanchez will leave on Bosmans and then negotiate stratospheric wages, which
    Arsenal are clearly not willing to pay.

    The main difference between Sanchez and Ozil is that several clubs are willing
    to pay a transfer fee for his services in January. In case of latter that does not appear to be the case.

  11. TonyD

    “Just because something has been highlighted on here doesn’t make it correct.”

    True of many of your highlights lol

  12. Boomslang


    I understand that. But Ozil’s sometimes apathetic and languid demeanour isn’t going win him a lot of plaudits. The aforementioned players are coached by managers that get the best out of them on a more regular basis. One could argue that Ozil’s downfall is being managed by a clueless manager.

  13. Wallace

    if he pushed himself every week like he did on Saturday Ozil’s up there with De Bruyne & Hazard. but it’s not his natural game, and I think he can only do it when he’s really worked up. it’s just human nature, some players can tap that aggressive streak far easier than others can.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I watched the body language and reaction during and after game of other members of team to both Sanchez and Ozil.

    I detected that Ozil is still popular and considered part of squad. On the other hand you do detect a degree of frostiness within squad towards Sanchez.

    My gut feeling is that Ozil could stay, but that is unlikely to be the case with Sanchez.

  15. Paulinho

    If all the other playmakers in the league shifted responsibility like Ozil then I’m sure their chance creation stat would be off the scale as well. But the likes of De Bruyne and Hazard actually look to score some of the time. Padding that particular stat is of little importance to them, or their teammates, I would imagine.

  16. Pierre

    “Ozil had an excellent game against Spurs, but one good performance does not compensate for the rest where he has been poor.”

    Obviously you don’t understand or appreciate özil’s style of play, which is fair enough… Each to his own I suppose.

    Is it possible to play” poor ” all season but still manage to create more chances than any other player in the league.

  17. Pierre

    “If all the other playmakers in the league shifted responsibility like Ozil then I’m sure their chance creation stat would be off the scale as well”

    So its that easy is it… You walk on the pitch, shift responsibility, whatever that means, and decide to create chance after chance for your team mates…

    I would have thought the responsibility is quite high to be the most important player in the team to be the main creator in the side…

  18. Samesong

    Obviously you don’t understand or appreciate özil’s style of play, which is fair enough… Each to his own I suppose.


    Ozil is quite easy to read on the pitch in terms of whether he wants to play or not I don’t think it comes down to understanding his style of play.

    Winterburn on sky sports was saying the same thing that it depends on when Ozil wants to turn up.

    An indicticaton also that Ozil needs a lot of motivation and really good man management.

    When Ozil wants to play he’s excellent and I’m not just talking about the creation side. The defending tackling etc.

    But when he’s poor he’s like a water carrier.

  19. Paulinho

    Pierre – There isn’t anything creative about consistently teeing someone up from twenty yards. Do that five times a match and voila, another load of chance creation stats to bloat your record. It’s shifting responsibility, knowing that it will later be viewed as altruistic genius.

    All these other players, as mentioned, could spend the whole match drifting wide searching out teammates for shot after shot, but they are more interested in engaging defenders and creating real havoc. That’s real creativity.

    Probably about 30% of those ‘chances created’ by Ozil are actually worth remembering or genuinely gave a teammate a real chance to score,and that’s being generous.

  20. HighburyLegend

    “Arsene Wenger showing he’s the boss, with a tactical masterclass”

    Question to Pedro : how many times exactly will you “change your mind” about kim jong weng ???
    That’s becoming frankly embarassing…

  21. Pierre

    Considering we very rarely shoot from outside the box (as HiGHLIGHTED on here), then özil teeing someone up from 20 yards will hardly increase his chance creation stats.

  22. Pierre

    “All these other players, as mentioned, could spend the whole match drifting wide searching out teammates for shot after shot, but they are more interested in engaging defenders and creating real havoc. That’s real creative type”

    OK, fair enough.. If that’s what you truly believe there is not more I can add.

    “could spend the whole match drifting wide searching out teammates for shot after shot,”… Now that brought a smile to my face… If only football was that easy.

  23. Paulinho

    Pierre – Twenty yards, just inside the eighteen yard box, yes we do shot a lot. Ozil will hug the touchline and tee up our full backs, usually Bellerin, and he will screw the shot wide and out for a goal kick.

    There you go – chance created.

  24. Pierre

    Can see it now.. Özil sitting in the changing room prior to the game thinking to himself.. . “What shall I do today, oh I know, I think I will drift aimlessly out to the wing and tee up my team mates for shot after shot and voila, another load of chance creation stats to bloat my record”..

  25. Paulinho

    Hazard on the other hand will take on the full back, look to skim him and get inside the box, and then his shot might get parried out to a Morata or Pedro and they finish into an empty net.

    Does Hazard get the assist or chance creation for that? Probably not, but obvious to everyone who the real creator is.

  26. Pierre

    Hazzard is a different and a better more explosive than özil…
    Eriksen is probably the most similar player to özil in the league, probably about the sam level as özil but where was the criticism of eriksen after another poor performance in a tough away game.

    De bruyne is the best playmaker around at the moment and that is probably because he is being used correctly by the best manager in the world who builds the team around his strengths.

  27. Paulinho

    Pierre – From the right side of the eighteen yard box, with congestion in front of him…..yeah it is a bit daft really.

    Top players realize the limitations of others around them, and make decisions based on that. Henry would ignore lesser players all the time and know when he needed to be more individual. Ozil is perpetually stuck in robotic ‘assist mode’.

  28. Pierre

    Özil, it seems to me is getting more praise than ever before because he ran back and put his foot in a couple of times… Big deal.

    I would rather he was up the other end of the pitch, in space waiting for someone else to do the donkey work and then give him the ball so he can do the thing he does best, create.

  29. Pierre

    Thierry Henry was the master of just hanging around looking disinterested, waiting for the moment to pounce…

    Personally I am in favour of the best attacking player in the team conserving their energy so they are more explosive when they receive the ball… Messi and ronaldo are a case in point , very rarely do you see them waste energy chasing back.

    Would just like to add that I am not putting özil up there with Henry, Messi and ronaldo but he could be used in a similar way especially as his defending is hopeless.

  30. Dissenter

    Pierre admitting that lord Wenger is useless.
    Pierre admitting that Ozil will be doing better under a better manager like Guardiola.

    Christmas come early.

  31. Paulinho

    Ozil is at his best punishing indecision. If a team doesn’t know whether they are coming or going, he can make them look a silly because he knows all the moves. United two years ago, Chelsea last year, Spurs Sat; all those teams neither defended or attacked with any conviction and were caught in the Ozil trap.

    It’s when he comes up against teams that really know what they are doing, and he has to act outside of his comfort zone/pre-programmed way of playing to impact the game, that he struggles and goes into hiding.

  32. Jamie

    One good performance out of Ozil, which most are rightly praising, and Pierre is at it all morning.

    Give it a rest. Let’s see him repeat that performance a few more times before all his disappearing acts are forgiven.

  33. Elmo


    Then it is incumbent on the manager to build a team around that player to facilitate the ‘hanging around.’

    Wenger will never do that, and yet Wenger chose to buy Ozil, so it’s clear he isn’t the right man for the job, but I think we’ve all agreed to that already.

    The question is: is it worth offering Ozil the £300k pw he wants (i.e £15.6m pa), on a 3 year deal (i.e a commitment to £50m after agents’ fees etc) if Wenger is to remain? If Wenger is to go at the end of this season, is it likely that potential new managers will want a player like Ozil who is undoubtedly hugely talented, but will have to be the focal player in their team that has to be built around?

    It really would have just been easier if Wenger had gone after a final hurrah at the FA Cup final, and then the hugely important decisions over Sanchez and Ozil could have been made by a forward looking DoF and manager, rather than a besieged guy looking no further than a couple of months down the line, desperately trying to hold on.

  34. Wallace

    if Ozil & Alexis both stay the whole season it will be interesting to see how our front three get on. potentially our most exciting/devastating forward line since Henry, Pires etc

  35. Paulinho

    Mustafi and Ramsey two most important players for me.

    Most important aspect of play on Saturday was tempo and we are simply not re-creating it if Mustafi and Ramsey are not available. Mustafi has the same pro-active streak as Ramsey and likes to be on the front foot, which gets the whole team playing higher.

  36. HighburyLegend

    “potentially our most exciting/devastating forward line since Henry, Pires etc”

    you want him to stay!!

  37. Pierre

    My opinion on Wenger and pep has always been the same.

    Pep should have replaced Wenger 4/5 years ago and now we would be competing at the very top.

    Should Wenger have just walked or should kronke have not renewed his contract 4 years ago, that’s a matter of opinion or maybe pep didn’t want to come as we were not willing to invest in the team.. Who knows.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Let’s congratulate Özil for a fantastic performance… let him repeat it versus Man United, Liverpool and Chelsea…. before we start losing our heads.

  39. Pierre

    We definitely see the game differently if you think Ramsey is the most important player… He had a better game (not brilliant) but better because he was more disciplined.. And yes, when he does apply the discipline with his energy then he is a good asset for the team.. I can see the benefit he brings to the side but I do think we could upgrade on him though.

  40. raptora

    Ramsey is one of several players in the main squad who have been in form and consistent this season. The other two being Cech and Monreal. Sead has been solid, also Welbeck before his injuries, and Lacazette has been hit or miss. All the rest have been out of depth for more than the time they have been at it. I don’t think anyone can argue about it.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    I do understand and appreciate Ozil’s style of play, but I do think that he is a
    “sensitive soul” and can on occasions suffer from a motivation problem, which
    impacts on his performance.

    The real concern is that we don’t know whether he wants to stay or leave the club.

    From a personal point of view I would like him to stay, but he would need to
    sign a new contract preferably before January transfer window opens when he
    becomes a free agent.

    Sanchez is a fantastic player, but I don’t think the chemistry with other members of team/squad is there and I think that he will leave. If Man City comes in
    with offer in January I could see Arsenal selling him.

  42. Leedsgunner

    Yes, it is brilliant we won against Spurs but we need to start picking up three points on the road — 1 win away this season is the reason we are outside the top 4 and behind Spurs… lol.

    Our next three away games in the EPL are Burnley, Southampton and West Ham. Nine points against those teams have to be a must.

  43. raptora

    Reporter: Previously against the big teams, you began with Lacazette on the bench. What made you decide to start him today?

    Wenger: Spurs are not a big team.

  44. Bamford10


    “on occasions suffer from a motivation problem”

    On occasion? The majority of the time. Ozil is mentally fragile, is a complete and utter pussy. No bottle (or battle) whatsoever. He shows up when he feels like it, which is maybe 25% of the time.

  45. Bamford10

    Sell Sanchez in January; sign a replacement for him and for Xhaka. Ramsey has his shortcomings, but Xhaka is the real weakness in midfield.

  46. Bamford10

    “Arsenal beat Tottenham to earn derby bragging rights – but will they finish in the top four?” – @Mirror

    I say: probably not.

  47. Bamford10

    “I’d actually describe myself as a fake #10. In other words, a #10 that plays further back. But I do think I’m a two-sided player. I am very confident that I have certain skills in world football but I am also a dedicated fighter.” – Granit Xhaka

  48. Ughelligunner

    Pierre, you champion pep alot which is good. But do you realize worldclass players make tactics easy on the eye? Its not like Debrune and Silva didnt light it up under pellegrini. Money makes it possible. If Klopp had 200m, he would have thrown it at his defence. If Poch had 200m he would prefer creativity to runners (he lost walker to more money). If Wenger had 200m, he would have given 300k/wk to sanchez and ozil and replaced xhaka a year after, although we all wanted xhaka last two summers, we now have him, i dont expect him to be replaced soon.

  49. Dream10

    Our major issue is we don’t have enough starting XI quality players. Chambers, Holding, Per, Coquelin, the Wilsh, Elneny, Walcott, Giroud, Ospina. If two or three of them are forced to start for 10-15 PL matches , we will struggle.

  50. Ughelligunner

    The difference between Pep’s city and the rest of the league is his fantastic first 18 players. Nobody comes close to have the city squad depth, Chelsea used to, but dropped out when they started selling to buy. Man City havent had to sell to buy. Pep isnt doing anything we dont know. Fuck tactics, quality players makes tactics overated. Our front three won the game on saturday, now substitute a player out and play either welbeck, giroud or walcot, we wont have made any impact.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Yesterday’s result proves something I and others have been saying for a long time… if we want to be successful we NEED to be solid at the back… it’s a necessity not an option!

  52. Number9


    ‘Pierre is so clueless.’

    This is absolute banter, are you a parody account?

    You’re the moron who thinks we didn’t use tactics v the Spuds and that Alexis, Ozil and Laca, on Saturday morning, just decided they were going to continuously press the Spuds back 3.

    At least Pierre watched the game and could see what actually happened. It’s probably difficult to see these things on a twitter feed.

  53. Ughelligunner

    At chelsea, we played well but had iwobi, welbeck and lacazet. Two out of those players are inconsitent in front of goal. We ended up scoring nothing. At City, we had coquelin, iwobi making the line up, result? Tactics without quality gives you a bit of luck to grind out results which wont be consistent as compared to having the quality to win consistently. City has the all round quality compared to others in the league, one shouldnt be surprise by their result. Pep had to sell a promising young striker to make way for a better quality because he doesnt have the patience to teach any upcoming player. Having to gestilate on the touchline for 90mins when you have Giroud, Mert, Coq, Walcot wont yield any result against quality opposition, luck might be posible but not always. Those in sports management would understand.

  54. Bamford10


    No, dipshit, what I said was that the decision to press was likely a player decision, just as the decision to sit deep against City was two years back. Do you follow Arsenal? No. You’re just another clueless erstwhile AKB.

    Wenger doesn’t do tactics. He picks an 11 and gives a few words of instruction. Maybe. That’s not doing tactics, and anyone who says Wenger does tactics has not been paying attention for the past 10-20 years (or has no idea what tactics are).

  55. Bamford10


    Wenger has had plenty of money, and all that really matters is your first 13 players. Yes, great players make a team, but City would not be as well-organized, nor would they play the football they do, were Wenger their manager. You’re another one who seems to think all a modern manager does is select an XI. This is utter tosh. It may be what Wenger does, but the best managers do a great deal more than this, much, much more. They give the team its organization, its shape, its minute instructions re where to be when the ball is here or there. They train the team on all of this for 30-45 minutes a day, emphasize shape, positioning, decision-making.

    See DeBruyne’s recent remarks re the combination of positional discipline and freedom Pep assigns to his players.

  56. Bamford10


    Both Atletico and Dortmund were able to beat their bigger-spending rivals to league titles and both made it to CL finals. How is this possible if all that matters is your total spend on your first 18? Do explain.

    Please also tell us how Leicester were able to beat out City, United and Chelsea over 38 matches.

    Because while spending is important, it is not the only factor.

  57. Bamford10


    “Having to gestilate on the touchline for 90mins when you have Giroud, Mert, Coq, Walcott …”

    One, the only reason we have such weak players is because of Arsene Wenger, not because of some supposed money shortfall.

    Two, tactics is primarily what a manger does on the training ground and in the classroom, not what he does in-game from the touch-line.

    Jesus Christ you’re clueless.

  58. Bamford10

    One decent win at home and the AKB army are on the offensive. Hilarious.

    We’re in sixth place, 12 points behind the leaders, yet “One Arsene Wenger!” remains their shout.


  59. Bamford10

    “Arsenal set to appoint highly-rated Borussia Dortmund chief scout Sven Mislintat to head up recruitment. Compensation figure lower than £1.6m suggested. Steve Rowley staying on to the end of the season regardless.”
    – James Olley, Standard

    Thank God. Our scouting has been abysmal for some time now.

  60. raptora

    INCIDENT: Alexandre Lacazette appeared offside in the build-up to their second goal, scored by Sanchez.


    DERMOT SAYS: If you highlight it, his arm is in an offside position but you can’t score with your arm so therefore you can’t give offside. Again, it’s so, so, tight. The assistant has to be convinced he’s offside and he can’t, so he has to keep his flag down.

  61. Boomslang

    “Fuck tactics, quality players makes tactics overated.”

    If it were that simple, the galacticos consisting of Zidane, Ronaldo9, Figo Raul etc should have won a lot more titles.

    Instructing players to just go out there and express themselves will only get a team so far.

  62. Number9


    Now now no need for name calling is there?

    ‘just as the decision to sit deep against City was two years back. Do you follow Arsenal? No.’

    The 2-0 away win I was at you mean? More to the point, do you follow arsenal? Opening up your lap top and preaching deluded opinion as fact doesn’t make you some sort of sage…it just makes you deluded.

    ‘Wenger doesn’t do tactics. He picks an 11 and gives a few words of instruction. Maybe. ’

    What’s your squad number mate? I’ll look you up online. It’s great to finally get a source that’s so close to the squad to give us the real insight into the team meetings and what’s said in them.

    Or you wouldn’t just be guessing would you?

  63. Bamford10


    No, not guessing. The whole world knows Wenger doesn’t do tactics, and this has been covered and said by his own players a thousand times.

    Training today at Arsenal is identical to what it was 10-15 years ago. Didn’t Wright say that? Or was that Henry?

    Hilarious to me that some people have been watching and reading about Arsenal for 20 or more years now and they still have no idea what their manager is about.

    Jesus Christ.

  64. Bamford10


    Sounds to me, then, like it was a judgment call. And if refs were biased against Arsenal, as some silly people here and elsewhere have claimed, then the call would’ve gone against us. But it didn’t, because refs are not in any way biased against Arsenal.

  65. arsene's used sock

    can we just be real about this result?
    it’s great to beat the spurs and all but no one is asking why that front 3 has not been fielded regularly?
    I mean come on now, 3rd game of the season we were asking why that front 3 isn’t playing.

    it’s frankly not acceptable the layered mismanagement that goes on at this club, if you put 3 good players operating in areas of the field that have interplay with each other regularly, well the result is going to be favourable, it’s not rocket science.
    instead we got the Liverpool and city results to chew on when the talent was right there.

    not acceptable in my book, good job the lads on the win though

  66. Number9


    ‘Training today at Arsenal is identical to what it was 10-15 years ago. Didn’t Wright say that? Or was that Henry?’

    You are guessing and it wasn’t Henry that said it. Wright hasn’t been on The Arsenal training ground for years.

    So why don’t you dig out the quote, which won’t be relevant, cos it’ll be probably be from Parlour that’s 5-10 years out of date anyway.

    Why don’t you just change your tired and outdate narrative that we don’t do tactics?

    They may not be to the detail of Pep or Conte but to confidently say we don’t employ any tactics at all just makes you sound like you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    In fact it doesn’t as much make you sound like you’re clueless it actually hammers home the fact you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Why don’t you just accept you are wrong on this occasion and admit the tactics on Saturday were spot on?

    Be truthful you didn’t even watch the game did you? Iv told you a Twitter feed doesn’t do a game justice.

  67. GunnerDNA

    “Two, tactics is primarily what a manger does on the training ground and in the classroom, not what he does in-game from the touch-line.”

    1. Tactics is debatable and can be done in game from the touchline.

    2. Arsenal wins, its endless name calling and fighting. Arsenal loose its the same thing. Its so pointless, why we cannot enjoy beating the enemy. Cannot wait for the club to change manager so we all could unite. Every poster on her make valuable contribution and we can all learn from each other, it pointless whenever we disagree to start online bullying, that’s soft. We are one big arsenal family, lets agree to disagree ffs.

  68. Jamie


    I don’t sneak back onto le-grove under an alias after having been binned, nor do I drop clangers like “I was at that game” as if being there gives any weight to your opinions on tactics/coaching.

    Plus you weren’t at the game, so there’s that too.

  69. Number9


    Why don’t you try adding some value instead of trying to suck me off?

    ‘Plus you weren’t at the game, so there’s that too’

    Ok mate whatever you say. Dont embarrass yourself slating the people that still attend and still support the club.

    That’s the first time we sang mysterious girl for Nacho.

    You should try venturing up north or a game of any description and out of your bedroom some time. You might learn something.

  70. Jamie

    Number9 –

    Not sure where that came from, but I can assure you I have no intention of going anywhere near your genitalia, so insisting won’t work with me. Sorry to disappoint.

    I’m not slating the ‘people who still attend and still support the club’. You’ve been banned from this site, you’re back under an alias, and you think ‘going to games’ gives your assessment of things more leverage. Plenty of children at games, perhaps this increases their understanding of all things Arsenal more than Pedro’s, whose work commitments in the US prevent him from attending? Ok, mate.

    “That’s the first time we sang …”

    Pretty sure that was on Nacho’s Twitter feed after the game.

  71. GoonerDave

    Nothing wrong with enjoying the victory. We lived up to our title of flat track bullies and easily defeated a small little club with delusions of grandeur. Poor little spuddies believed their own hype.
    If we discredit the players and manager after defeat, we must credit them after victory.
    How frustrating though. Why can’t we perform like that more often?

  72. Jamie


    I was at the 1986 World Cup quarter finals. It’s the time we all couldn’t believe they allowed the Maradona’s goal to stand after he punched it in.

    That’s the only proof I have, but it should be sufficient to satisfy all my skeptics.

  73. Number9


    Nice one mate hope you enjoyed it.

    ‘That’s the only proof I have, but it should be sufficient to satisfy all my skeptics.’

    Proof? It’s a blog. Online. You shouldn’t need to seek validation from strangers though, it’s a bit desperate…

  74. Bamford10

    Number 9

    I watched the game, clown. And Wenger doesn’t do tactics. This is a matter of fact, not a narrative. Wenger puts as much stock in tactics as he does “Directors of Football”. The tired narrative is your attempt to rehabilitate Arsene Wenger, a fucking dinosaur who has Arsenal in 6th place.

  75. TonyD

    The best thing to do now is observe the next 10 games tactically ad well as team selections.

    Barring injuries Saturday’s starting 11 should remain the same. We have a 2nd string for the Euro games.

  76. GunnerDNA

    Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund today authorised Sven Mislintat, its Head of Professional Football, to complete a switch to English Premier League side Arsenal with immediate effect.

    “For ten years, Sven Mislintat has been one of my closest colleagues. There’s been a very close trusting relationship between us. He’s done outstanding work at BVB. We took this into account several weeks ago when Sven informed me of his desire to accept Arsenal’s extraordinary offer. We didn’t want to deny him this opportunity,” said Sporting Director Michael Zorc.

    “Sven Mislintat for many years spearheaded a team of excellent workers in equally excellent fashion, initially as Chief Scout and most recently as Head of Professional Football. I’d like to thank him – personally too – for his outstanding work. Everyone at BVB would like to wish Sven Mislintat all the very best for his future,” declared Chief Executive Officer Hans-Joachim Watzke.

    “I’d like to thank my bosses. Aki Watzke and Michael Zorc have stood behind me during all these years. They got me on board when the task arose of organising the BVB scouting department in such a way that it would always operate at a high level regardless of individuals. That was very important for me,” said Mislintat, adding: “I was born and grew up here, have worked for the club since 2006 and am a Black and Yellow through and through. And I will always remain so!”

    Borussia Dortmund announced the restructuring of its scouting team, to be headed by Markus Pilawa, several weeks ago.

  77. Wallace


    “And Wenger doesn’t do tactics. This is a matter of fact, not a narrative. ”

    he’s been one of the most respected coaches in European football for almost 30yrs now. the idea that he doesn’t do tactics at all is a little absurd.

  78. Number9


    ‘And Wenger doesn’t do tactics. This is a matter of fact, not a narrative.’

    You heard here first guys banford says it’s a fact so it must be a fact.

    Where does all your inside information come from? I’m curious how you got into the team meetings.

  79. Number9


    ‘Dixon and Adams have had plenty to say about Wenger’s lack of tactics.’

    Neither have been in team meetings for over 15 years.

    Maybe they should have taken more notice and utilised wengers ‘lack of tactics’ and one wouldn’t be sat next to Roy Keane and the other wouldn’t have been managing in Azerbaijan for the majority of his career.

    Easier to talk a good game than actually one eh?

  80. TR7

    RIP Jana Novotna!

    Women’s tennis was quality back in the late 90’s – Steffi Graph, Hingis, Novotna, William sisters, Monica Seles, Sanchez Vicario, Justin Henin etc. Fond memories!!

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Mislintat seems to be slowly confirming on the internet, and rumours Arsenal want Zorc as well.

    Seems as if things are quite fractured at BvB right now which could be great for us.

    I know Mislintat did not get on with Tuchel, but what about Zorc? If not this is a non-story really.

    Would be the first move in about decade that would legitimately make me happy as leaving Wenger in the rear view mirror of the club.

    No way either of those two, or certainly both come in to have to listen to an old, cowardly, past it manager.

    No doubt they will have had had offers from a lot of sides.

  82. Leedsgunner

    I really hope Wenger is gracious and gives way to progress.

    This Mislintat fellow comes really high recommended… and has a track record second to none.

    For far too long, Wenger’s dithering has cost the club millions in missed targets and lost prestige.

    It’s about time we’ve started converting “I almost signed…” to “Arsenal is happy to announce the signing of…”

  83. Cesc Appeal



    Might be evidence that he would indeed follow him then, or that there was a deal for both.

    That would be the biggest move for Arsenal in memory.

    Fingers crossed.

    Zorc and Mislintat coming in is the start of a new era for Arsenal, neither will allow Wenger to clip their wings and they are ambitious, passionate, experienced football men with opinions.

    Would be great stuff and a genuinely exciting prospect as the gravity at the club would finally be distorted and no longer would everything revolve around Wenger.

    Always said we should be a middle ground between a BvB type and then a side that splashes cash. Splash it occasionally, but make smart buys regularly as well and look to innovate training and tactics.

  84. TR7

    Well, we got excited when Bould was made Arsenal’s no 2 and see how it turned out. Let’s wait to see whether Sven really makes any real difference.

  85. Cesc Appeal

    Fahmy in to work on contracts.
    Sanllehi in to replace Law.
    Mislintat in to replace Rowley.
    Zorc in to be the newly created DoF position.

    That would be massive change at the club and all pointing in the right direction. Best of all, none of them are Wenger men, none of them owe Wenger a thing and will actually be pissed off if he gets in the way of them doing their jobs and getting acclaim.

  86. Cesc Appeal



    Bould was a little different though. These are genuinely people with no connection to Arsenal who have nothing to do with Wenger.

    Really promising that we are being linked to so many DoF and negotiator types, completely undercut and undermine Wenger even if you cannot get rid of him.

    Massive blow to Wenger’s all important ego after his petulant comments about DoF’s etc in the past, basically says he is not doing a good job.

  87. Ash

    I think your assessment in general is agreeable. But like most writer in football, you have that militant stubbornness on popularity and not efficiency of the many aspects of the club’s decision.

    I have been following your writtings on issues of the club management. I often experience the same kind difficulty in taking decisions of the club at their face value. In these, the recent changes and other developments in the club are positive steps.

    However,there are areas that we defeat our own cause by not insisting the same respect and/or professional integrity afforded to other clubs from jurnos, media and most importantly the match officials.

    Hence, I feel that an ecosystem of many jurnos, media personalities, elite players, legends and fans of other clubs have taken advantage of our (fans and club community )discontent to build appaling public appeal to abuse (club mgt as a sort of public enemy) the club.

    Further,I claim the same lack of support has influenced the general publicsphere of EPL refs and authorities from which they weigh opinions to dishout decisions that are questionable and often not challenged and ended up unaccounted.

    These questionable decisons are easily defended later on by the same jurnos and self prophesed opinion leaders who provided the initial conditon, with an out of touch or disconnected reasoning or thrown in to one of the usual scapegoat hit list.

    These could be the lack of sustained title challenge, lack of investment, tactics, archaic stewardship and any other possible mediocrity they could find in the book.

    But the question is; in a normal environment, shouldn’t there be 20 clubs fighting for the trophies? Shouldn’t each deserve a fair play? Shouldn’t each face similar treatments? Shouldn’t each ref be guarded and professional to extent he would be requested to account honestly?

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think refs purposely make decisons that hurt Arsenal. But I also don’t think that they hold back or fear making contriversial calls. Infact, they take a chance at all time to pull as much controversial decisons possible. And that for me is the result of lack of minimal respect for the club and the fan base. That is not problems brought by Arsen wenger’s reign. That is a problem of our own making and perhaps standig in our way to success.

  88. jasongms

    It’s certainly true that Arsene “doesn’t do tactics”. He more so relies on the skill and technique of certain players to organically express themselves on the field.

    Evidence of this is witnessed in the type of player (technically gifted) he continually buys that can execute this style or his idea of how football should be played.

  89. Number9


    I don’t agree with you but even if that was the case wouldn’t buying technically gifted players mean we were buying those player to fit into our way of playing?

    Playing possession football is a tactic in itself.

  90. Number9

    If people seriously watch football and arsenal and maintain we ‘don’t do tactics’ then I’d suggest you watch another sport as this is totally passing you by.

  91. jasongms

    “Playing possession football is a tactic in itself”

    Of course, that’s also true, but I think what the guys are alluding to is that Arsene doesn’t plan for the opposition. In that, there is no real game plan from one team to the next, it’s basically the exact formation/tactic, whether we play home or away, at the moment that happens to be 3 at the back.
    There are exceptions to this, but an exception is not the rule. And the rule with Arsene is for the players to be technical enough to be able to express themselves without the direction from the touchline. It’s also the reason we don’t see Arsene giving instruction s during the match.
    You can disagree with this, but the evidence is overwhelming. It worked with his earlier teams because they had a mix of technique and fight (leadership) that his more recent teams lack, which can also explain why we are so inconsistent.

  92. TR7

    I think it will be too much of a stretch to say Arsene doesn’t do tactics. What I think people really mean is he does not employ tactics to counter the strength of opposition or to take advantage of their specific weaknesses. But my sense is Wenger does work on how we play, movement of our players, the link up play, the extent of pressing etc. Jack Wilshere would not score the kind of goal he scored against Norwich if we didn’t work on our link up play and movement in training and that goal was not a flash in the pan either. Wenger’s teams over the years have scored a few high quality link up play goal almost every season. So yeah, overall Wenger like Guardiola is more obsessed with our own game and unlike Mourinho whose tactics are more designed to stop the opposition. And in football it is easier to decipher or spot a tactic which is aimed at stopping an opposition than the one aimed at improving your own play. That’s why the likes of Mourinho, Benitez and Simeone come across as tactical geniuses while you would have very few people raving about Pep’s tactical genius although the work he does is far more difficult. Wenger is of course not nearly as thorough as Pep is but my sense is he does work on intricate details of our attacking play.