Arsene bosses Pochettino and swipes back the North London crown

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Arsene Wenger slapped the North London crown from the head of Pochettino’s with absolute ease in a thrilling North London Derby. The Spurs manager, who earns ridiculously favourable press considering how little he’s achieved, was well and truly outclassed from start to finish as Arsenal pulled their season back on track with a deserved 2-0 win.

Wenger opted to play his best players in their best positions. He sent them out with fire and passion, an intensity I’ve not seen since the cup final. Everyone put in a shift. The outcome was orchestrated by a forceful Mesut Ozil, he ran, he slid, he shoved and he offered his usual pinpoint accuracy with his sublime range of passing. He was shadowed by the equally immense Aaron Ramsey who put Spurs under pressure all game with a towering exercise in pressing and generally getting in the way of anything the Spurs midfield had up their sleeves.

It was also tough to ignore Granit Xhaka, the Swiss fake #10 opened up play, kept his concentration and maintained a strong discipline we’ve not often seen. No unforced errors, and a glimpse at the player we thought we’d bought.

Mustafi at the back was also a revelation. He was first to everything, he made himself available for the first goal with a towering header and generally played out of his skin. Laurent Koscielny had a bit of a shaky start misjudging some headers, but his desire to snuff out balls that were dropping just in front of defence really did nullify anything Spurs tried to do through the middle

Finally, our best front three gave the performance we’ve been holding out for since the summer. Lacazette landed a start, and though the game didn’t really fall for him, he was in the right positions and he did a good job hustling the ball back from the front. Mesut Ozil was a man-monster all game, dropping 12.6km. Alexis Sanchez, though petulant and childlike at times, really did give his all. His goal for our second showed great endeavour after a clunky first touch. It was amusing watching him throw himself at the floor in frustration at the end because the ball didn’t go his way.

The media are working hard to make the narrative about the Spurs goals. Was it a freekick? Was Mustafi offside? Please. Spurs were second-rate all game, and we were always going to win there. Today was all about Arsenal. Wenger showed he’s still the king. Arsenal showed they’re still a top 4 side.

Question is whether Wenger can inspire that sort of performance more than once every six weeks. As I’ve said all season, Arsenal has the best players between the two clubs, we just don’t have the best manager. Wenger needs to work out the reason his team can fire on all cylinders like that in a Derby game, but not against Stoke away.

If he can get to the crux of that problem, and solve it, we’re sailing the top 4 this season. If he can’t, we’ll be in our usual pool of misery come what May. It is unacceptable that this team of players is not challenging. We’ve just manoeuvred ourselves within striking distance of the top of the table. Now is the time to rally and make it happen.


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  1. Pierre

    F. Coffeecakes
    “It’s actually quite pathetic and more telling of the individual than anything else.”

    So, by you saying to me, and I quote “Shut the fuck up you total muppet!” and “. You are such an unbelievable tool, you useless tool!” is “actually quite pathetic and more telling of the individual than anything else.” wouldn’t you say….

  2. Number9


    ‘Yesterday was expected’

    Literally nobody gave us a chance yesterday which in itself was ridiculous.

    7/5 at home against the Spuds? Don’t mind if I do. Easy fucking money.

  3. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @#9 – I fully expected us to win. I do so with every Spurs match. They are perpetual losers when it comes to the NLD. Easy money indeed and hopefully you did place a wager.

  4. Number9


    Course I did, I’d have had us at evens but that price was outrageous and the general sentiment against us getting anything at all led to it been that way.

    Worrying thing is that the talent is there to win these games but it seems to be more an attitude problem.

    If we set out like that against most teams we’d get a result but bear in mind that’s the 1st time this season we’ve had our proper 1st XI out.

    Pierre’s got some more than valid points it just seems people’s Wenger obsession won’t allow them to see them.

  5. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Very much my feeling as well, #9. The talent has always been there, but the desire to go out and do it week in and week out isn’t. The difference between a champion and just another team is exactly that, showing up and putting in yesterday’s effort. Not sure exactly why it is, but perhaps the country club atmosphere that Wenger has fostered may likely be the culprit, where accountability is only a word.

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Pedro – “If he can get to the crux of that problem, and solve it, we’re sailing the top 4 this season. If he can’t, we’ll be in our usual pool of misery come what May.”

    I think you already know the answer to this one. It’s the same scripted trainwreck that will play out as it has for 14 years now. Same director of the same production.

  7. loyika

    @ Tony D

    Now you are just being silly (and you know I respect you as a poster a lot)

    I find it strange as someone who has been following Arsenal for so long to get revisionist all of a sudden.

    Yes I follow it game by game and if you read my brief match commentary on yesterday’s posts you will see what I said.

    Truthfully I didn’t expect us to win this game but also knew we would not lose to those lot if we played well (and not this FAC shyte stuff we keep spouting to justify every win by the team) We made Spurs look ordinary, so folks going on that Spurs had an off day can please do one.

    Does this mean we will play the same way against Burnley? Who fcuking knows, do you? All we do here mate is speculate from previous memory but we really don’t know you keep saying – Focus on the present and the future – well the past is we lost to Citeh and the present is we beat Spurs (I give two fvuks on how thier day was or if Poch will learn from this (now that made me laugh) the future is to see how we do against Burnley, but all in all regardless we will not be winning the league (and neither will Spurs) best we can hope for is top 4 and thats it.

    Let me state for the last time – We will probably not be winning the league ever again with Wenger at the helm in the future and neither the UCL but you of all people should not be acting petulant and twisting things. GG was not only sacked because he had his hands in the till, that was the final straw, he was sacked by a combo of issues, also key was our league places/form and the fact we had lost our way towards the tail end of his reign (like Arsene’ s Arsenal right now) he also fell out with some members of the BoD and some senior players (Also reminds you of someone close?).

    Arsene inherited a good team and basically like GG will be leaving a team that can be pushed to the next level. If you say AW inherited a great team, what the fcuk did Pep inherit at Barca? Or at Citeh? Does that lessen what Pep is clearly doing (or did) to the team? What did Conte inherit at Chelsea? Arsene took what he got from GG before him and rolled with it (both are legends in their own way) we can only hope that the next Manager will push us beyond what we have seen with all Arsenal Managers (both sucessful or not) before them.

    See you all can wax skippy over the opposition team and manager as you wish and make whatever excuses for them when they lose (to us or others) but then to claim the high ground of objectivity is a bit rich isn’t it? We are all subjective in our views (I repeat WE ARE ALL) and this – were you singing “we want you to stay” shyte is really beneath the kind of character/person i thought you were (altho we have no idea who we both are but from previous interactions) I realise like Graham (Prison Break. Lolz) your hatred for Arsene is clouding your judgement and analysis on the team, there must alwayd be a reason we win a game like this? There must always be a reason a team like Spurs (skipping the fact they haven’t really been the shyte after the game against Madrid, the same game everyone kept pointing to as their moment of arrival as an Elite club) or Chelsea lose to us? Why?

    Whatever happened to the fact that the lads just played how we want them to play and did the basics and won? Not saying you didn’t give credit because you did, but the extra bit about Spurs not being at the races or Poch learning from this? Jeez are we now feeling sorry for the Spuds? (or any opposition for that matter) Or teaching Poch how to beat us? Are you now Arsene II, giving Spurs advice on how to win trophies?

    At Leeds said yesterday, some of us need to have a look at ourselves, when hatred gets to a stage where it begins to cloud our minds and affect the way we look at things i believe one should decides to go the way of Izzo or Graham (slightly) and give things a miss for a while till their love comes back.

    We should not be over the top to the lads for doing what we expect them to do, but we shouldn’t also then make excuses for the fcuking opposition thereby reducing what they did to the opposition not showing up? That’s just lame. That insults the work and effort they put in before and during the game (to make the opposition look ordinary) Yes we expect them to put this effort as a minimun, but I am proud that the Stadium was rocking and able to put their differenxes aside and push the lads on and let Spurs know that no matter what they will always be shyte to us!! And that helped the lads to perform and put presurre on Mike Dean that he would not have been under if we played this at Wembley. I am proud that despite it all the vast majority of Arsenal supporters can put Wenger aside to for 90 mins to let Spurs and Poch know they are not special and hopefully will never be. I am proud that the vast majority enjoyed that win (even knowing it was just one game and we hope the lads do same against Burnley and United) I really don’t care what Spurs did right or wrong. Will leave that bit to those folks that know more about such things than i do.

    Besides all that, how are you amd your fam doing?

  8. Number9


    The manager isn’t without fault. You also need to look at the players. To be a champion you need that inner desire to want to push yourself week in week out.

    I’m sure they all want to win the league but in that squad who’s prepared to run through a brick wall every 3 days?

    Sánchez? As limited as he is Ramsey? After that I’m struggling.

  9. Frankie Coffeecakes

    very True, #9. Sustaining an inner drive belongs generally to the elite and sometimes crazed (for those less talented but with great heart). Taking a real good look at Walcott sheds more of a light on what’s wrong at Arsenal than what’s right.

  10. Samesong

    Loyika your getting a emiratestroller on me with those lengthy post : )

    I am the matrix and I knew spurs would Bottle even more so their manager would get selection wrong.

    No more spurs big ups they will go back to flat track bullying and then probably draw with us at Wembley.

  11. Samesong

    And 100% with loyika until spurs win something then their trophy cabinet looks like this

    Pressing Chelsea trophy
    Above arsenal trophy
    Beat Real Madrid trophy

  12. Frankie Coffeecakes

    It’s that second trophy that they hold dearest, Samesong. Still doesn’t top the 4th Place Is Like a Trophy though.

  13. TonyD

    I saw yesterday as a good win, but I expect that kind of performance every game. It’s why we never challenge for top honours because those performances are a rarity not the norm.

    That fact that you have to research Spuds blogs for adoration of our performance speaks volumes about you.

    If you’re happy with that then I’m happy for you, but I am in no way satisfied with a performance like Saturday’s from our club every couple of months.

    My essay as you call it covered my various thoughts about the team, performance and players.They are exactly that; my opinions just as your opinions are yours, which I don’t call you out for even though I disagree with most of what you say.

    I’d rather have Winks and Son instead of ant of Ramsey, Walcott, Welbeck, Coq, Xhaka and JW. Plus other I can’t think of now.

    But that’s just me. Sure we should have better than those Spuds’ players and we will once Wenger has gone.

  14. Bamford10


    “I am sure you must agree that Mr Wenger got his tactics spot on today.”

    Complete nonsense. Wenger didn’t do any “tactics” against Spurs. He selected an 11 and put them out there. Selecting an XI ≠ tactics.

    Did he select a winning 11? Yes. Indeed he finally played Lacazette, Alexis and Ozil as a front three together, an arrangement that anyone with a brain could have settled on. Strangely, it has taken Wenger some time to settle upon this rather obvious arrangement. Why did he not go with it against City? Because he is a fucking moron.

    We won yesterday because the team played with passion, energy and spirit. Wenger gets no credit at all. He picked a decent 11. Great. He didn’t do any “tactics,” though, as he doesn’t do this and doesn’t know how to do this.

  15. loyika

    @ Samesong

    Sorry mate, just got a bit worked up over this “Spurs are the standard BS!”

    I respect TD and his views, was just a bit miffed at his statement on whether I partook in a silly alledged sing along and basically what that had to do with my initial comments!?

    @ Red

    We all would

  16. Number9


    ‘Wenger didn’t do any “tactics” against Spurs.’

    ‘Wenger gets no credit at all. ’

    Why would anyone take you seriously with comments like these?

    So it wasn’t a tactic to have our front 3 push up against the Spuds back and press from he front (just like against Chelsea in the final) and make them go long?

    You think Alexis, Laca and Ozil just woke up on Saturday morning and all decided to press, together, just because they felt like it?

    Moronic statement.

  17. Bamford10

    As for Pedro’s cheeky headline above — “Wenger bosses Pochettino” — I’m going to chalk that up to post-win enthusiasm and a desire to be snarky. Arsenal bossed Spurs. That is all. Nothing to do with Wenger.

    Wenger selected a winning XI. Kudos to him. Given that he has better players and a far larger wage bill, this is not all that impressive a feat.

    All of the credit goes to the players. None to the manger, who did nothing.

  18. Bamford10


    If we pressed for a period of time yesterday, that was likely a players’ decision, not a Wenger decision. And even if it was a Wenger idea, there is no chance in hell Arsenal trained on that this week. None. That is not Wenger’s approach. They played 5-aside for 90 minutes, as they always do.

    I also remember our “pressing” against City. A complete shambles, and clearly a team that doesn’t train on pressing.

    I find it funny that there are still people trying to salvage Wenger’s reputation. Sorry, gents, but you long ago lost that battle.

  19. Number9


    ‘If we pressed for a period of time yesterday, that was likely a players’ decision, not a Wenger decision. ’

    So let me get this straight. You’re saying that Alexis, Ozil and Laca were the ones to wake up on Saturday and decide to press as a 3? Have you heard yourself? You sound ridiculous.

    Sometimes you just have to suck it up and give credit where it’s due for this game. You’ll have plenty of time to be a contrarian wanker when we don’t play well and get beat but right now after yesterday you just sound like an absolute tosser.

    ‘And even if it was a Wenger idea, there is no chance in hell Arsenal trained on that this week. None. That is not Wenger’s approach. They played 5-aside for 90 minutes, as they always do.’

    So banford knows for definite that arsenal didn’t train this week with the Spuds in mind. Which team of the 5a side were you on to know what they did in training all last week?

    Just to let you know your deluded opinion isn’t fact.

  20. TonyD

    Good reply bud.

    The singing jibe was a red mist moment at knowing yesterday was a minority game performance for our season.

    Yes I hate Wenger with a vengeance but my life isn’t ruled by it. Far from it.

    We’ll see what happens at Burnly and with United.

    I loved the game and the win. I loved beating the Spuds, but I guess living 6000 miles away lessons the animosity one feels being at NLD games, especially WHL.

    In my travels I’ve run into Spuds or had to deal with Spuds at corporate business level. That doesn’t mean I’ve softened towards Spurs or NLD, neither do I check their results unless it directly affects us as a club.

    We’re going to have to agree to disagree about Poch: I think he will be a good possibly great manager in the future, as I did when he was at Southampton.

    Time will tell with that one.

    I’ve always been an in depth kind if guy: therefore, I read deeply into things and why outcomes have happened. My businesses and earlier corporate working life has always incorporated much research.

    I’m the same with the International rugby and watched Saturday’s game again today with my son who missed it because of the time zone here to see the weaknesses and strengths of the Aussies’ game, as well as to teach him about the game.

    I guess what I’m saying is I look at both teams performances in detail: hence the comments I made.

    I meet many Aussies and Kiwis here. An Aussie sells properties and land for me I’ve invested in, and we often get deep into the details of our teams when we meet in Bangkok.

    If ever you come to Thailand I’ll meet you in Bangkok for a drink to continue this conversation. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting few drinks and time.

    Family and life are good here, how about yours?

    Be well bud.

  21. TheBlaster

    I have to concur a bit with Bamford. Wenger’s style is to allow players the freedom to express themselves, which includes f**king up. The performance of particular teams has largely fallen to the leadership and organisational skills within it and just the luck of the draw having players who listen to each other. While the invincibles were certainly scouted as great players, maybe it’s the personal chemistry between them that made that team legendary. Like the classic line up of a band.

    It is a bit debatable whether our current star players have the kind of personal chemistry to make a great and reliable team, talented as they are. It is awesome to pull performances out of the bag like the FA Cup and like yesterday, and perhaps that happens out of a sense of pride and proving a point to fans and press, but I’m not convinced our stars play for each other naturally.

  22. Ishola70

    lol that wasn’t a world class save from Cech at the end of the match from Dier.

    Cech had plenty of time to see it coming, it was at a good height for a keeper to save and not going in any corner. Wasn’t even a bullet header.

    But it was derby victory day yesterday lol so we will overlook the hysteria. Quite understandable.

  23. Ishola70

    Going back to the top four topic tbf to Pedro he has been consistently bullish that Arsenal will definitely be in there seriously for top four all season and obviously this win yesterday has convinced him of that fact that it will be gained.

    I must remain consistent with my views. I have no real faith in Arsene Wenger and when terms brandied about regarding him such as past it, done, finished by so many on here including myself and by posters who are more sympathetic to him may I add then it should come as no great affront to posters like Loyika who has also branded him as finished, past it that it can still be thought that it is more likely that Wenger doesn’t get top four. So many of you will have to have serious re-thoughts about Arsene Wenger. Terms such as past it, done, finished etc are not apt at all if he gets top four.

    As for Totts FC as we mentioned before the match anyone with half a brain knows and realises they have no pedigree to reach the pinnacle. What they have shown in recent times though is that as someone recognised on here earlier they have become more adept at flat track bullying than Arsenal in recent times. They don’t pick up enough points in the big away matches and this happens so often with them. What they have been able to do though is brush themselves down from these big away match disappointments and get back on track quickly picking up points against the others in the league.

    So will Spurs continue to show better flat track bullying than Arsenal until the end of the season? lol. All will be revealed.

  24. TR7

    The following players can sign pre-contracts in 6 weeks:

    Messi, Alexis, Mata, Goretzka, Özil, Balotelli, De Vrij, Ghoulam, Giménez, Can, Meyer, Shaw, Blind, Wilshere, Ribery, Juanfran, Fellaini, Miranda, Robben, Subotić, Özyakup, Bernard, Chiellini, Barkley.

  25. Ishola70


    Quite understandable that folks get caught up in the euphoria of a derby win but really yesterday was a perfect example as well of why Wenger has a job for life at Arsenal.

    Seen it all before with the cup wins.

  26. Number9

    ‘Messi, Alexis, Mata, Goretzka, Özil, Balotelli, De Vrij, Ghoulam, Giménez, Can, Meyer, Shaw, Blind, Wilshere, Ribery, Juanfran, Fellaini, Miranda, Robben, Subotić, Özyakup, Bernard, Chiellini, Barkley’

    So it seems arsenal aren’t the only amateurs in European football when it comes to solving contract issues.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Did not know Barkley was one of them as well.

    I would be straight in on Goretzka, Barkley and Gimenez (presuming it is the Atletico CB).

    What a pool of talent to agree pre-contracts with.

    Considering we’re losing Sanchez and Ozil for nothing we could go some way to addressing those issues for nothing as well.

  28. loyika

    @ 9

    Nah bro, ours is inexcusable.

    @ TD

    Will definately try to take you up on that offer, planning a trip to the “East” with the Missus and kids for next year (never been up those paths and would love to go at least once before I call time on my stay on mother Earth)

    Fair enough on your points though. And yes we will agree to disagree on Poch (Lolz) but seriously I guess for majority of Arsenal Fans its just the arrogance and media love in with all things Totts that got to everyone. Yesterday was far more than 3 points for both set of fans. (in some way it was good to see it meant same to the team) been a while the Em was rocking as it was yesterday.

    As you very well know as an Old Arsenal supporter (and Pierre alluded to) if you have not experienced a NLD live you might not really get the hatred for Spurs as a club (not on individual human beings levels as I also have a lot of friends from Uni while over in England that are life long Spuddies) Was just satisfying to beat them, I kicked/headed every ball with the team, I screamed “Wanker” at Wenger (like i guess 90% of Arsenal fans) when i saw Coq for Laca. I chanted; “You don’t know what you’re doing” as well at Mike Dean from my home, knowing fully well he actually got the decision wrong and we got the rub if the green in more ways than one. And really it was brilliant, even if it was just for one day bro (you take the little pleasures the team dishes out when they come).

    @ Ishola

    Arsene is finished in terms of winning us the EPL and UCL, with top 4 being the least he owes us as a club and fans before he finally fcuks off to whereever life throws him too.
    Many feel that this team (with or inspite of him, whatever rocks anyone’s boat) should be able to get Top 4 as a minimum. I believe thats what Pedders is saying, I don’t feel he and most (including myself) see it as a given or divine right, but we recognise its doable and the barest minimum requirement. We really have no excuse whatsoever seeing the others fighting for 2nd – 4th.

    Like you said, we just have to wait and see where we end up by May.

    P.S. Can the Reds do us all a favour and put a little dent on the runaway Citeh train? Got lucky with Kompany staying on yesterday (even though i have no lost love for Vardy) But have to say Pep’s team just has the X-factor about them and win games regardless right now.

    Maybe your Genius Poch and his Spur’s Army could also help out here? (Joking Bro)

  29. Ishola70

    lol read my previous quotes on here about Pochi.

    I have said that he is doing a very good job in relation to managing Totts FC.

    Some others have been branding him higher lol. They know who they are.

  30. Ishola70

    Loyika the terms finished past it etc have become more pronounced since the end of last season when he dropped out of CL.

    If it has taken over a decade for Arsenal fans to realise that Wenger is past it in relation to winning EPL and CL then god help us all.

  31. London gunner

    The AKB’s are out in force…

    We are still 6th in the league and 12 points off top..

    With the second worst goals against in the top 6, and the 5th worst goals scored in top 6.

    Whoop de dooo

  32. David Smith

    Been reading Ancelotti has turned down the Italy job.
    Might mean he wants structural reform before he takes it, might mean he is waiting for a job this summer in the EPL. that might be Chelsea, or it might mean something else, as Arsenal , if you believe Kevin Whitcher, have contacted him twice recently.
    May come to nothing, but think CA mentoring an ex player for the top job would work well in the circumstances

  33. Samesong


    Yeah I know what you mean. I just watched the dark tower in Covenant it was ok. Try bob unleashed are you using he skyllar krypton version?

  34. TonyD

    Why does everyone get so up for top 4 other than the obvious financial implications or new posts on this blog?

    We only end up being humiliated in the final 16 if we get that far.

    With our club’s financial world ranking we should at least make the quarters and give good account of ourselves at that stage, but we get ripped a new one when we make it out of the group stages these days.

    Once Wenger has gone maybe it will be something to look forward to again, and in my case watch the live games at 2.45am.

    I just want to realistically challenge for the EPL scrapping it out on the last day of the season to win the trophy at worst.

    Oh for days of yester years to be had again.

    There was a good article in the Telegraph a few days ago about Pep’ s intensive zonal training.

    Made me understand how our pressing was undermined by City’s skill of passing around us instead of being made to go long as was the case for the Spuds Saturday when we closed them down at the back.

    Got to admire what Pep’s doing with City at the moment. Not looking like the wheels are going to come off any time soon.

    Their game with United is a must watch although I could never cheer Manure on. Wanting a draw is the best I could muster.

  35. Number9

    Here’s one for all the Spuds cheerleaders

    ‘Tottenham have won only four of their past 86 games away to Arsenal. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool ’


  36. Chika

    ‘Tottenham have won only four of their past 86 games away to Arsenal. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool ’

    wow who would have thought? Spuds fan boys need to see this.

  37. alexanderhenry

    Let’s not be silly.

    Yesterday’s performance was excellent and Spurs are a very good side. The players AND the manager deserve credit for this.

    When any side plays well the manager always has a significant influence on that. He chooses the formation, picks the team, makes the substitutions, takes training, talks to individual players etc. etc
    Wenger got it right yesterday and Pochettino had no answer. End of argument.

    Does that mean he deserves forgiveness for getting it wrong against man city and very wrong against Liverpool? No, of course not, but suggesting that he somehow had nothing to do with a performance from a team that he assembled and managed is absurd.

  38. Redtruth


    Tottenham have won only four of their past 86 games away to Arsenal. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool ’

    “The players AND the manager deserve credit for this” silly sausage….lol

  39. Rrobbins

    I’m wondering why it took so long for orzil to have a performance like yesterday. I’m wondering why the performances like yesterday do not happen more often? It’s easy to say wenger; do not disagree. Yet something is way off to see what we saw yesterday so infrequently. Do we throw the baby out with the bath water? Do we throw some real money on the table for Sanchez and Orzil? Do we think our mid field will remain disciplined and perform again this way? Just frustrated and happy; happy and frustrated. I guess that’s being a gooner. Hmmmmm

  40. Ishola70

    “Why does everyone get so up for top 4 other than the obvious financial implications or new posts on this blog?”

    It’s just a case that he has to be judged by same barometer. He can’t be judged any higher than just getting top four because he is not capable of winning the EPL or CL so he has to be judged on something. Of course all this means is that the expectations from him are lower than ever before.

    Believe me he will be judging himself in whether he regains top four again. And unlike the views from Loyika and Pedro that top four again is the least we can expect Wenger on the other hand will be delighted. He will big it up as will the club.

  41. loyika

    @ TD

    The top 4 is more in line with what Arsene needs to leave for the next Manager, that is the minimum required of him since he can’t with the EPL or UCL for that matter.

    Would be nice if he could win the Europa but not going to bet my house on that one.

    He owes us leaving the club in a state where the next Manager (whomever that will be) has something to work with and build upon.

    Fergie left a crappy team for Moyes but at least he left them as Champions. Arsene should at least leave a UCL competing team for his succesor.

    @ LG

    And United are 2nd in the league and 9 points behind Citeh, so whats your point? Or you think there is an actual title race going on this year? If Citeh beat the Mancs then its signed, sealed and delivered.

    My take is that everyone else are fighting for sloppy seconds as far as the league is concerned.

    And whats with the “AKBs” are out in force? Don’t you guys ever get tired of such silliness? Win, lose or draw everyone that posts still comes on regardless, so a bit silly to suggest otherwise? Or are you unhappy that we won the NLD?

    Basically lets stop pretending that there is a title race ongoing, Citeh are “Cake walking” this, only thing/issue for them is if they can do it undefeated or if that will be the only trophy they win, but as regards where the EPL is going to this season. ITS SORTED!!

  42. loyika

    @ Red

    Take City out of the equation and you realise every other team has under achieved so far…Mancs (with all they have spent) Chelsea (being defending Champs) and so on.

    As said, league is turning into a cake walk for the Citizens, the rest are just making up the numbers

  43. London gunner


    But the others are still above us and Chelsea won the league last season.

    Man united have drastically improved on their performance in the league since last season.

    Whilst we are 6th we are regressing as a club no matter how much you AKB scum want to make excuses for our poor performances.

  44. David Smith

    The players deserve credit, as do the coaching staff for that result , kept reading we were going to get battered, but of course in the general context of things, we should be doing better. Hopefully this is taken on board. Also noted we looked better with Mustafi.
    Of course the massed ranks of the Spurs lovers on here, and in the punditry in general will disagree, but well done to all concerned, guess that makes us better than Real Madrid, and a few others.

  45. David Smith

    If the mirror are correct, we are getting Zorc as well as Sven.
    Whatever happens, abundantly clear things are changing, and wengers power base is beind eroded

  46. Elmo

    “He owes us leaving the club in a state where the next Manager (whomever that will be) has something to work with and build upon.”

    That’s why the Sanchez and Ozil contract thing is so ridiculous. Both Wenger and the club were aware that the manager’s position would continue to be precarious unless he miraculously turned us into title challengers.

    With that in mind, the idea that he could be sacked during this 2 year contract must be an ongoing consideration. Why then choose to pass up the opportunity to bring in a reasonable amount of money (perhaps £80m) for the two, which could be re-invested, rather than head towards a situation where a new manager could be stuck with a front line of Lacazette, Welbz and Iwobi, with little to no money to bring in real quality firepower?

    In US sports, teams who have taken years building up strength will “take a run at a championship,” which will often involve purposefully stacking their team with extra talent for a year or two, but knowing that the short-term investment will degrade their ability to compete for a spell after that (excluding the few perpetually well-run dynasties). In keeping Sanchez and Ozil into the final year of their contracts, Arsenal are taking the footballing equivalent of “taking a run at a championship,” without being anywhere near to it being a realistic prospect. It would be great to see some exciting interplay from our front three this season, but it just wasn’t the correct decision for a traditionally cautious club who are on the verge of needing to replace a manager and rebuild a squad featuring a number of core players in their 30s.

  47. TonyD

    Not the biggest fan of Graham Poll but good to see his views on Saturday’s decisions.

    Not that they mattered to me, because as far as I was concerned we outplayed and outclassed Spuds.

    At least now we can’t be accused of winning by dodgy decisions.

    Interesting to see Keown now praising Ozil.

    Graham Poll
    “Mauricio Pochettino was understandably aggrieved at some of the officiating at the north London derby, but he wasn’t right on all the incidents.
    Mike Dean was fooled by the way Alexis Sanchez went down under pressure from Davinson Sanchez and awarded Arsenal a free-kick. But replays showed the challenge was a fair one by Tottenham’s Colombian centre half.

    If nothing came from the free-kick the incident wouldn’t be noted but as Arsenal scored from it Dean’s error was highlighted. What really made it worse for Spurs was that Shkodran Mustafi was offside as the kick was taken and he headed the ball into the net. No wonder Pochettino felt aggrieved – he was wrong to highlight Arsenal’s second goal, which was perfectly legal as Alexandre Lacazette was onside in the build-up and Spurs were well beaten.”

    Read more:

  48. Colin Decoteau

    Great victory, credit should go to the manager because he gets a lot of stick when the team loses a game me being one of many who for the last 8 years has called for him to leave and Will continue to do so until he’s gone,but in my opinion it’s 8 years to late .

  49. Colin Decoteau

    Great victory, credit should go to the manager because he gets a lot of stick when the team loses a game me being one of many who for the last 8 years has called for him to leave and Will continue to do so until he’s gone,but in my opinion it’s 8 years to late ,so enjoy the win but let’s not get carried away here ,because Watford,stoke,man city and Liverpool are still fresh in the memory.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    This was Arsenal’s best performance in last two seasons. I would rate it above our result last season when we beat Chelsea 3-0, because the team played well throughout the game.

    I would suggest also that our starting X1 is the team that I would pick for the
    main games in EPL. It looks a lot more balanced particularly in defence. The
    back three played with discipline, understanding and concentration, which has been a rarity at Arsenal over several seasons.

    Ozil and Sanchez had their best game for some time and did show commitment. It is a shame that they have not played this way more often this season.
    Lacazette also had an excellent game and offers more fluidity than when Giroud plays.

    If Arsenal play like this more frequently and hold onto Ozil and Sanchez for rest of season I think that we have a reasonable chance of finishing in top four.

    Frankly the League Title will be won by Manchester City. It is difficult to see beyond them.

  51. Redtruth

    Top 4 is no achievement and yields no benefit as is evident with no league title in 14 years and no Champions league success for 20 years…Irony is Arsenal won a trophy by finishing outside the top 4 yet the usual muppets see top 4 as ‘progress’

  52. goonerboy

    Don’t go along with all the certainty about Man City winning the league- its only November- they look exceptional now but they have plenty of time to pick up injuries and lose form before the end of the season. There are a lot of good sides in the EPL- capable of playing better than they have so far and of beating City on a good day- Spurs, City, Liverpool, United and Chelsea. and maybe us at home.
    We have an advantage over all the others except Chelsea- we are not in the ECL and will field a second tier team for the most part in Europe. The ECL will drain all other sides by April.
    If we play as we did against Spurs- a big if- because Wenger tends to get over confident and reverts to type after a good win. If we play with the defensive intensity and organisation we showed against Spurs-we can beat any English side at home- and in fact- we can play better than that.
    What really matters is starting to grind out away wins- starting now.