Who sits in your NLD midfield?

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I am having a bloody great week when it comes to Arsene Wenger. Yesterday he was putting the feelers out for a possible international job, today it became apparent why.

The board are making him… accountable.

“I said I will sit down with the board at the end of every season and see where we go from there – so that’s not exactly the same.”

Say what Mr Wenger?

“That’s as well sometimes you know, you make a sentence and people turn it the way they would like to see it.

“That’s what I said – I have a two-year contract, I will always try to go to the end of my contract but always have the honesty to sit down with the board and see where we go from there. So that’s quite simple.”

That kind of sounds like a review?

I mean, I will literally read hard into anything when it comes to Wenger leaving. This sounds interesting because it’s almost like a compromise. A little bonus ball for Ivan after having his backside spanked in front of all his CEO friends in the summer. I’d say it wasn’t relevant normally, but the fact he was hawking his international ambitions in the press yesterday adds interesting intrigue to the comments today.

Could Project Forever be coming to a close if he really drops a horror show this season?

Factor in Stan K being very excited about how his LA GRIDIRON team are doing after a major gamble on a young visionary coach… well, the stage could be set for a Thierry Henry / Arteta summer 2018 combo.

I’d be down with that. I mean, providing they padded the backroom team out with some hardened experience.


Anyway, Spurs… I am very excited about the game. The chance to take Pochettino down a peg or two is tantalising. This is such a typical Wenger moment to shine. The press are all whacking skippy over a foreign manager giving life to the England team, without paying attention to the facts… he’s not won a trophy. Unless the ‘we nearly did it’ cup is back in the running?

It’s going to be interesting to see how Wenger sets up his central midfield at the weekend. Is the stage set for Jack Wilshere? An unflattering stat in The Telegraph points out that Xhaka has given the ball away more times than any player in the league this season with 150 stray balls. Weird, because he’s also made the 3rd most completed passes at the same time. Also weird that he’s been responsible for a lot of errors that have led to goals.

Does Wenger cut his losses and give Jack a run against a team he hates, or does he plug away with the Swissman and hope he comes good against the most hardworking team in the league?

I know where my money would be…

Right, recording a podcast later to preview the NLD. Let me us know if you have any questions you’d like answered!


P.S. LOL at Italy not making the World Cup, and SHAME on Zlatan making it about himself. Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how much football heritage you have, sometimes you land a duff crop of players. Amusing some their fans are calling for a limit on foreign players… how very English.

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  1. Bay Area Gooner

    It will be interesting to know who we set up. Defensively, we need to be on it and bring a ton of energy against the spurms.

    I think an early goal for us will make a huge difference. Hard to chase the game after going down a goal. Seems this is the case lately with us

  2. Ughelligunner

    Hatred has made legrovers stupid. People saying the Nigerian Manager knows how to use iwobi, but forget to mention that Ihanacho who the greatest tactitian in the world sold also scored a world class goal. Pep would never have allowed him near a freekick at man city, does that make pep average or lose the plot? some of you forget that if not that iwobi plays for arsenal, he wouldnt have played for Nigeria. The funniest part is, wenger is still reverend outside of the Arsenal no matter how much you paint him to be in declined. Fans will always be fans because of emotional attachment, but that shouldnt make us stupid in our thoughts and comment. Children read legrove and these comment will make them wonder why a stupid old man is still allowed to manage a billion pound enterprise and you are there watching and doing nothin.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    I know where you’re coming from and sympathise, but you are reading far too much into everything Wenger says.

    He has everything he wants here, total power, total backing, no accountability and a fan base to pussified to oust him.

    This is it for him, manager for another few years and then DoF as a last big middle finger to the fans overseeing some puppet manager until he literally croaks it.

    Like I said, Wenger will go down in history as the only manager ever to think he owned a club without buying it.

    He will go down as an indicator to why short term managers is the way forward, as to why legacy managers are completely dangerous and self-destructive if they are not marshalled every season every step of the way. Otherwise, when a crevice of unoccupied power opens up those legacy manager will fill it and then not allow themselves to be dislodged from that space.

    Wenger is a great sludge filling every pocket of power at Arsenal and there is no way he’s slithering off now, he’s so anchored.

  4. Up 4 grabs now

    Rather play with ten men than start with Xhaka, at least we wouldn’t gift the spuds so many chances with him out of the team.
    All jokes aside Jack deserves a shot, man of the match in every game played virtually.
    And can’t be any worse than xhaka. The opposition might not have been the best and spurs will be a tough game but would rather see Jack than the second coming of denilson.
    Would drop ozil and Sanchez as well. Both look poor and we need warriors for a derby not wantaways!

  5. Pierre

    Welbeck could be back, does that mean he will start. Who does he replace. Sanchez or özil, I doubt it….. Lacazette, I hope not…

    There is one fundamental difference between Welbeck and lacazette.

    When Welbeck is through on goal you expect him to miss.

    When lacazette is through on goal you expect him to score.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    We cannot play Ozil at the weekend, just go with Welbeck, Sanchez and Lacazette as an attack and look to counter Spurs.

    Let them have the ball, put in a hard working centre and look to steal it from them and break quickly.

    They could destroy us and I think that is what they will try, we have a chance to catch them out but they are such a strong and hard working team you cannot take to the field with ten men.

  7. Pierre

    In these type of games you will normally find that Arsenal have kept quiet about 2 or 3 injuries so when the teams are announced we will probably be without Kolasinac, kosielny and Ramsey and then Wenger has to tinker with the team and who knows what the starting 11 will be.
    You can guarantee that spurs injuries, Alli, kane, winks etc will all have had a nice couple of weeks rest and will be fit and ready to return.

  8. foreverinourshadows

    Ozil different player for Germany, Iwobi different player for Nigeria, Xhaka still shit for the Swiss and us. Wenger knows how to play players out of position, doesn’t play to their strengths, Wilshire has to start instead of the hapless Tony Swiss, Ramsey does have a good record against Spurs, not confident about Bellerin, would give Wellbeck a run out just for defensive and tracking back and harassing the Spurs defence. Dier is a crap player how he was made Captain for England is beyond me, then I remember Henderson. We can beat Spurs. I wouldn’t start with Sanchez. Iwobi to come on in the second half. Not confident about Kos in defence an accident always waiting to happen, but Coquelin no way. Whatever happens, Wenger will completely lose the plot and put a team that will do sweet FA. Wenger is finished just like the other dictator Muwgabe , whay can’t we have a coup, would love to see that fraud being shown the back door

  9. Bay Area Gooner

    our sell on value of Ozil and ALexis drops each game they play. Both will have a stinker of a game this weekend. I would be surprised if any of them have a big game. I can see this being a hammering of us, or a stinker draw

  10. Bay Area Gooner

    agree with Wellbeck starting. Need his energy and harrasing style.
    Iwobi gives us movement and better penetration in the last third
    I guarantee Alexis will have a shitty game

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Bay Area Gooner

    That would be a big call.

    You might be right as Sanchez seems disinterested, but it is yet another massive question mark as to why Wenger did not sell and reinvest.

    Not that his refusal to actually pulls his finger out of his f*****g cowardly arse and think about the future of the team was not stupid already.

  12. Ishola70

    lol Pedders is going to hit the right note at some point when he keeps saying that this is the sort of match that Wenger will win or get some result.

    Said the same thing before the Man City match.

    Of course a draw against Spurs at home is not a result. Only a victory is a result.

    I would think this match could end up a draw as the most likely outcome but would not be surprised with victory to either side really.

    What looks more certain is that whatever the outcome of the match is against them on Saturday they are very likely to finish above Arsenal again by the end of the season. They simply show more consistency in their overall results than Arsenal do now.

    Was mentioned on here before but Wenger should be targeting Aurier. A bit dodgy defensively.

  13. Ishola70

    I agree with Gunner DNA of course.

    Xhaka is Arsenal’s most important player and it is absolutely paramount that he starts against Spurs.

    The rest of the team should be set up in a way to show just how important Xhaka is. Hell even Cech should be finely tuned to Xhaka’s needs lol.

  14. Bay Area Gooner

    why the hell cant we have a midfield like spurs?? strong fast and technically skilled. Those horses put ours to shame! Slow, pondering, methodical, etc.

    Highly athletic midfielders usually are the ones who make the biggest mark on the game. Chelsea spurs city, all have that.

    As I said before we can do with some Brazilian flavor again in the team. Those guys are tearing it up worldwide for club and country!

  15. Pierre

    Bay area gooner
    “agree with Wellbeck starting. Need his energy and harrasing style.
    Iwobi gives us movement and better penetration in the last third”

    Not that I dislike either Welbeck or iwobi but wouldn’t it be better to have players who are more clinical in front of goal in either assisting or scoring.
    Those 2 do struggle to keep their composure with the final ball or in front of goal.
    Should play sanchez, lacazette and özil.

  16. Elmo

    “we can do with some Brazilian flavor again in the team”

    Our success in the recruitment of Brazilians has been in step with the changing competitiveness of the club under Wenger:
    From Silvinho to Edu to Gilberto (all quality contributors and successful value buys), then descending to the abject sub-mediocrity of Denilson and Andre Santos.

    I suppose the problem is that even modest European clubs are now scouting extensively in Brazil, and anyone remotely promising top level talent will be snapped up for literally £40m+ while still a teenager, while the perhaps less fashionable ‘value’ buys we used to be in for now will go to China for big wages.

  17. TonyD

    I thought Wenger was just reminding everyone that he good enough to manage any international team; ergo ” I’m still a top manager”.

    The FIFA shout is a great call.

    He’d be in his element.

    Maybe he’s waiting for one of Chip’s Toff cronies to suggest him for a knighthood.

    Sir fcuking Wenger.

    He’d love it, would he?

    People calling Him Sir.

    Him following in SAF’s or Sir Mo’s regal footsteps.

    Definitely get the FIFA presidency then.

  18. TonyD

    What midfield?

    We don’t have one worth any salt.

    Xhaka and Coq? pure liability.

    Xhaka and Ramsey? Not enough discipline from Ramsey

    JW & Ramsey? JW probably wouldn’t last the match and Spuds would target him mercifully.

    If I was going to take a gamble, I’d play JW and Sead with Sead being J W’s minder.

    Really like the guy’s honesty, but I can’t see him being match fit after his injury and he’s not a natural goal scorer.

    Let’s face it he’s a Manure reject who couldn’t wait to offload him.

    He’s decent at pressing opposing full backs at best. The problem is as has been pointed out by Dixon, we are not skilled at the collective pressing game.

    Whatever midfield we put out I see Son, Erikson et al running amok.

    I’d go 4.4.2 – park the Jose bus and hope for a counter

  19. Dissenter

    I know you’re desperately trying to put a positive spin on our pathetic squad to make the NLD look interesting.
    This season is when Spuds really break away from us to dispel any doubt of their better organization.
    First they closed the gap
    Then they caught up and started contesting
    Then they started inching away from us
    Saturday is when the gap becomes very obvious.

    Spuds aren’t good enough to win the league [just like Arsenal] but they have become a very stable champion’s league team.

  20. Bamford10

    Granit Xhaka has misplaced 153 passes so far this season, more than any other player in the Premier League. – @afcstuff

  21. Ughelligunner

    Arsenal fans on legrove who always champion spurs are always wrong about arsenal, my years on legrove has always seen the same spurs supporters and they always have a soft spot for their relatives team. see the spurs Line up of Sat 13th Nov 2004 in the NLD below;

  22. Ughelligunner

    Sat 13th Nov 2004; Totenham 3, Lineup ( Paul Robinson, Nourredine Naybet, Ledley King, Erik Edman, Noe Pamarot, Micheal Carrick, Reto Ziegler, Micheal Brown, Pedro Mendes, Jerman Defoe, Robbie Keane. Subs; Anthony Gadner, Simon Davies, Federic Kanoute. Manager; Martin Jol. 4, Arsenal Lineup; Lehman, Cole, Lauren, Cygan, Toure, Ljunberg, Cesc, Viera, Bergkamp, Henry, Subs; Reyes, Pires, Vanpersey. Notice something in the spurslineup that is still in todays Pochetino Squad? More young British players who made the english team, Good players who ended up playing for top teams in europe, good players who can get into big sides. like i always say, spuds appear that they are doing so well because the likes of liverpool, man utd and arsenal now have weak squads compared to days gone by. Spuds Are Always Spuds. Legrove Fans Pls Dont Let Emotions Cloud Your History.

  23. Ughelligunner

    I have always said the spuds have always had a good team no matter the manager, look back at their squad history, the major difference was the top teams always had worldclass players who put them in their places. Nowadays, when you have Lukaku spear heading a man utd attack, Henderson Captain Liverpool and Mertsacker leading Arsenal Line, you do expect totenham to do a little overtaking and people would think the manager is great. Yes they won madrid, who lost at home to Real Betis and away to almight Getafe before playing lonely totenham. Nobody have asked why Southampton always give the top teams a run for their money when they meet them even though they sell their best players every year and Pochentino has long been gone. The media love totenham for one reason alone which has metarmophose into british fans, and that is the overhyped english players running full of energy for totengam. lets see what that does for them in Russia. I will be watching closely.

  24. TonyD

    Wenger is f*****g with the press and fans as he always does.

    No way will he be accountable to anyone other than the Kroenkies who will keep backing Him until the financials go wrong.

    Then and only then will they kick Wenger out.

  25. Ishola70

    lol that Spurs team were shite that season like most previous ones. They finished 9th in the league.

    That is a very weak link comparison Ughe to to the most recent Spurs teams.

    It has already been said that Spurs and their improvement is down to one man and that is Pochettino.

    Spurs at that time were going through different managers. That 5-4 game was the chubby Dutchman’s first game in charge. Says it all that they changed managers in November.

    As for that match Spurs were awful which was great to see at the time. Terrible errors and absolute give away goals they conceded. Pires nice goal though.

    This is why we have Wenger for eternity. Fans who just will not wake up and smell the coffee. Arsenal could well beat Spurs at home on Saturday but as said before they are more likely to finish higher again come the end of the season.

  26. Ishola70

    Just so there is no confusion.

    Pochettino’s recent Spurs sides are nothing like the flaky Spurs teams we all used to laugh at in the past.

    Anyone who seriously thinks that and are giving out tenuous links to those flaky sides of the past to the most recent sides are living in some kind of previous time warp Wenger Wonderland. It’s 2017 and Spurs have a progressive young manager whose work is being appreciated by most in the footballing world while Arsenal has a past it manager who has stayed on past his welcome but is too vain and stubborn to see it.

    But as said regardless of those unfortunate present circumstances Arsenal are capable to put one over on Spurs playing at home. Think as said before that a draw is most likely outcome though.

  27. TallestTiz


    I’m really not sure what midfield combination we can use to beat sp*ds comfortably. It all points to one thing: Our midfield is crap. I’m really getting this impression that Goretzka(if Schalke would want to cash in on him) is coming in January, else summer on a bosman. Also, I see the possibility of a Draxler-Alexis swap in January. Anybody following Kolasinac on social media? He seems to drop the above clue

  28. Nigel Tufnel

    Did you see Argentinas defending? Any of us could’ve had a brace against them. Iwobi needs to show more in the league, against tough defending. He gets enough opportunities.

  29. T

    I would absolutely go with the good old 442 for this game 😀

    Bellerin,bfg,kozzer,kola at the Bäck

    Coq,jack and iwobi in the middle
    Let Jack pull the strings from deep and tell him to sit there. Send coq to shadow alli all game and make his life hell 😀

    Up front welbeck, laca and Walcott.

    Would leave a good bench too to call from!

  30. Frankie Coffeecakes

    More useless banter from Wenger. Yet another attempt to deflect away from his feeble management and otherwise indifferent squads continued lethargic performances. Get turned over by Spurs and he will spin the result away and blame away from himself like he always does. Never once has Wenger ever accepted fault or blame for his failures as a charlatan manager.

  31. loyika

    @ Ishola!?

    Say what? The same Spurs team that “competed” and still came third two season’s back?

    You are just basing all your comments on just last season’s finish. Can you definitely say they will finish second this year? If they finish 3rd behind Citeh or United will they still be considered successful? Or do Spurs and Poch just get a pass with you as long as they finish above Arsenal and Wenger?

    If they end the season without winning something what say you then about Poch? Is his mandate just to “compete/challenge” as you keep stating.

    We all say and know Arsene is done, so no arguments there, but how much leeway are you willing to give Poch as long as he goes without a Trophy?

  32. Ishola70

    Loyika you are in the minority now that won’t acknowledge that Pochettino has done a good job at Spurs. The overwhelming majority of the footballing fraternity acknowledge that he is a very good manager.

    He has actually given that club some backbone. Do you know and understand what a task that is? To give a club like Spurs a club like that who have no real pedigree and have been flaky for most of their existence some sort of backbone. Sure it hasn’t resulted in trophies but what can Spurs expect. And sorry yet again have to say that winning FA Cups in this day and age is no indication of how good a manager is. How can it be? I mean even you acknowledge that Wenger is past it yet he managed to win an FA Cup last season. Doesn’t say much for the FA Cup does it that a past it manager can claim that trophy.

    And you seem to be confusing rating a football manager over a football club.

    I don’t rate Spurs as a football club. Never have and never will do.

    I rate Pochettino as a football manager though.

  33. T

    Yea sure theo hasnt gotten anything done of late but whenever he has played as winger with bellerin and sagna behind he has performed quite consistently and well ovet the years. Besides didnt he give a couple of spirited performances in the last couple of years in the nld? :O im not ready to bury him just yet even thou the new formation has clearly ruined his game 😀

  34. Pierre

    Nigel tufnel
    “Did you see Argentinas defending? Any of us could’ve had a brace against them”

    Ha.. Typical Le groveller Comment.. Impossible to give praise to a young Arsenal player..
    Imagine the reaction if kane or Alli had scored 2 goals away to Argentina.

  35. Wallace


    “Highly athletic midfielders usually are the ones who make the biggest mark on the game. Chelsea spurs city, all have that.”

    they do? De Bruyne, David Silva & Fernandinho? all top quality footballers first and foremost. only the Spuds & Utd have obviously gone the Stoke Pulis/big athlete route in CM. rumours that Mourinho is willing to trade Rashford for a shot at Wanyama recently. which tells you all you need to know about the Portuguese.

  36. Elmo


    Poch is finishing in the top 4 consistently now with a wage bill that is literally half that of the competition (5 other clubs spending £200m+ on wages), while also spending little to nothing net on transfers. It’s what Wenger / Arsenal were doing in the early Emirates years, but more pronounced, since there are far more big spending competitors nowadays.

    You’re right to point out that Spuds haven’t won anything, making them ultimately unsuccessful, and that some potentially exceptional circumstances (golden generation coming through academy at once; outstanding wave of recruitment that will be difficult to replicate) have facilitated their current over-performance. But the fact remains that they are maximising their potential, while at Arsenal we have wasted what was perhaps our great opportunity to take a leap forward into the top European bracket of clubs.

    Yeah – ultimately, forget about Spuds: they are mugs – but we’re not going to get anywhere while half our fanbase think we are still doing pretty well / about where we should be, and the ownership and executive at the club believe we are doing better than we could have hoped for.

    Just a shame Wenger didn’t walk after last season; we could have earmarked a fresh start, drawing a line under the terrible recruitment class of the previous summer (Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez), accepted that Sanchez and Ozil were leaving and sold and re-invested, and begun a complete modernisation without having the baggage of the implied culpability of incumbents preventing changes from being made.

    If we were 7th / 8th for a couple of seasons but fans could see there was a new squad and structure being built up, then most would be optimistic and there would be a fresh burst of life at the club. Wenger signing that contract and ensuring that he will leave an utter mess behind when he does go (no money for Sanchez, Ozil; other contracts unresolved etc) was a critical mistake for the club, and we are going to pay the price.

  37. loyika

    @ Ishola?

    You still are avoiding the question?

    Ok, remove Spurs from the discussion and focus solely on Poch as a manager, now answer please; how long are you going to give Poch a pass?

    Unless you are now saying (conveniently) that you don’t expect him to win either the EPL or UCL with Spurs as its beyond his capabilities to do it with this Spurs team so we should wait until he gets a job like Madrid or Bayern before we can truly judge him? Is that what you are saying?

    Lets stop dancing around the issue. Simple question that has nothing to do with Arsene, Arsenal or even Spurs.

  38. Dissenter

    I have to agree with Pierre’s last comment.
    Iwobi nutmegged Mascherano and then scored a very good goal yet it’s minimized to bad defending.
    This was a young player winning a one-to-one against a legendary Argentine defender, nothing to do with bad defending.

    Arsenal fans never forgot that Oxlade Chamberlain had a good game in an England friendly against Brazil in 2013. Why is this any different?
    Is is because Iwobi plays for Nigeria?

  39. Dissenter

    Wenger the liar revises his previous statement.
    “I said I sit down with the board every end of season and see where we go from there,” Wenger said.
    “Sometimes you know, you make a sentence and people turn it the way they would like to see it.
    “That’s what I said – I have a two-year contract, I will always try to go to the end of my contract but always have the honesty to sit down with the board and see where we go from there. So that’s quite simple”

    Liar liar pants on fire

  40. loyika

    @ Dissenter?

    Could people just answer the question and stop with this “Doing a good job” bollocks…. how long do we give Poch a pass if he wins no trophy?

    Once again not referring to anything he has done with Spurs, referring to him as a Manager. Klopp is being called out more often now because Liverpool expect results not just “a good job”,

    Same way Jose is under pressure at Man United because they expect “Results” and not just the illusion of doing a good job. So unless you all want to say he can only achieve doing a “good job” with Spurs, because it’s Spurs? If that is the case, you all should just spell it out and be done with it, so we keep the convo moving.

    Its like none of you “Poch Luuvies” want to take a definite stand on this issue, hiding behind the “he is doing a good job at Spurs” line as if we should all be impressed.

    Managers are (and should be) judged on what they win (regardless of how we view any of the trophies) and not just on doing such a good job with any team.

    Or is there another rule for Poch that only applies to him? If he is willing to get the accolades accorded to him he should be prepared to answer the real question of winning trophies.

  41. Ishola70

    Loyika your pass for Poch is different to mine.

    You have said previously that you would rate him very highly if only if he would win one trophy any trophy which includes the two lesser domestic cups.

    I have already said that Poch winning an FA Cup doesn’t mean an awful lot in the bigger scheme of things in today’s football world. The bigger picture is that Poch has improved that side since his arrival and believe me making Spurs a consistent side is not an easy task at all.

    As for him being capable of winning the big two trophies while he is at Spurs well he would have to be at the club for a good few more years to probably be able to have a chance at that because as we have said and acknowledged Spurs being Spurs they just don’t have that pedigree. He would go down as one of the real greats if he managed to win a Champions League title at such a club. More chance of EPL title but again quite a difficult task. Does that make Poch an over-rated manager because he will probably not be able to win CL or EPL title with Spurs? Not at all. And I’m sure you agree. If you don’t agree you would just be over-rating Spurs as a football club and I’m sure you don’t want to do that lol.

    I still think your real angle in all this Loyika is to big up Wenger’s FA Cup wins.

  42. loyika

    I remember when Klopp first came to the Prem, we all were waxing lyrical about him and some also asked this question and i do remember folks like Bamford and co said we should give him like 2 or 3 full seasons to see where he is at and fair play to all, 2 seasons down the line many are beginning to (rightly) question his management of Liverpool.

    Is Klopp doing a “good job” over there? In some ways yes he is (but that can be argued either ways) but what folks are going to (rightly) judge him on is whether Liverpool can or do win a trophy and not on whether they can achieve Top 4 as that will and should not be a criteria for a club as big as Pool.

    So you see, if Managers like Klopp, Conte and co can be called out, then why can’t Poch?

    So i ask once again, how much leeway are we willing to give him, so that once that time frame expires we can come back and honestly take stock of what he has achieved or not in that time frame regardless of if he stays with Spurs or moves somewhere else.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Pochettino has been manager since the 2014/15 season, we’re now in the 2017/18 season and year on year he has made them better and better.

    He was taking them from a perennially underachieving side to what we see now, the curve of progression is always going up as they get better and better.

    So that ‘buys him time’. He is not stagnating, he is not regressing, he is making a great side on half the wages of everyone else and with lesser finances in general in the middle of a stadium move.

    That said, he does have to win something either this season or next in my opinion, this season he at least has to get deep into the UCL and challenge all the way for the EPL if he is not winning things. The closet pro-Wenger fans would be pulling themselves around their houses if Wenger managed that.

    But in the next season or two he needs to win things, if that is an FA Cup, then he needs to challenge for the league as well, an FA Cup and 5th would not suddenly make him better than he is now, ridiculous proposition, it would make him worse, it would mean he’s performing worse.

    This is his fourth season with Spurs and look at how far he’s taken them, either the best or next best side in the league at the moment on a fraction of City’s budget with developed talent like Kane and low fee buys like Alli, Dier, Rose etc they have developed and then bargains like Eriksen, Wanyama, Vertonghen etc who have developed into better players than a lot of £40 Million plus signings.

    Dislike them all you want and want Arsenal to smash them, but if you cannot say what Pochettino has done and what Spurs are doing is seriously impressive, you are over the top bias.

  44. loyika

    @ Ishola

    Forget Arsene and forget the FAC.

    How long? Simple question.

    Do we give him 3-4 years? Do we wait till he leaves Spurs to manage one of the so called “bigger Boys”

    Just need an answer which we can both down the line honestly come back to and give our views.

    How can such a simple question be hard to answer?

  45. Elmo

    Klopp / Liverpool are a big club spending big money, so the manager will be expected to win trophies once they have been given time to build their squad.

    Poch / Spuds are not spending big money. Their wage bill is only slightly higher than the PL average, and is half that of the top tier of spenders (City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool); they also spend nothing, or make a profit on transfer activity. Based on those circumstances, and the fact that Spuds are not a big club, dictates that the manager should not be expected to win trophies.

    So as long as Poch keeps finishing in the top 2 or 3 and Spuds keep spending little, he is succeeding. Once Spuds start spending like Arsenal or Liverpool (i.e enough to be within range for a competent manager to periodically mix it at the top), then trophies should be expected.

    If he starts finishing 6th at Spuds, he can be called out. If he moves to Real and doesn’t win titles, he can be called out. While he is finishing 2nd at Spuds and progressing further than the previous year in the CL, he is out-performing a reasonable expectation.

  46. loyika

    Always a caveat with Poch right? “He has to win something but hey lets not forget he is doing a great job?” A

    A caveat that doesn’t seem to apply to other managers who actually have to win stuff regardless of how great a job they are doing at their various clubs?

    A Caveat that doesn’t seem to apply to Klopp, Conte, Pep, Jose? (forget Arsene he is done and dusted)

    Put Arsenal aside in all of this, I will say if say Jose Mourinho managed Spurs his individual desire would be that he “MUST” win a trophy and anything beyond that is failure.

    Not bringing Arsene and Arsenal into this scenario/convo as we all know where we are at as a club, just finding it amusing that we can actually give other managers a time frame to come back and take stock, like we did with Klopp (which was 2 years) but many are skipping doing same with Poch? Shyte seems funny to me.

    And the only reason i keep hearing/reading for this is because he is managing “Poor Olde Spurs!?”

  47. Dissenter

    I find your “has he won a trophy yet” test rather silly.
    -Do you rate Roberto DI Matteo a better manager than Pochettino because his 7 month stint included a fortuitous champions league win?
    Before you answer remember that Wenger hasn’t won a CL trophy in 22 years at Arsenal.
    -Do you rate Roberto Martinez a better manager than Pochettino because he won the FA cup with Wigan even though he also took them down?

    You’re inexorably going down a path devoid of logic.
    Wenger’s last decade has been poor despite the cup wins because the footballing operations of the club that he has full control of as progressively worsened, from the academy to the first team. A million. Cup wins won’t change the fact.

  48. HighburyLegend

    “Let me us know if you have any questions you’d like answered!”
    => when does the old man will leave ?

    “LOL at Italy not making the World Cup”
    Maybe, but seeing Buffon crying was not a LOL thing to watch.

  49. Dissenter

    You know Poch is a good manager when players are willing to accept less money to play under him.
    I’ve always wondered why the likes of Vertoghen, Erickson and Kane are happy to collect less wages to play for Spuds.
    The hassle of having you agent haggle with Mr Levi or the fulfillment of tutelage under a good manager?

  50. loyika

    @ Elmo

    At least you gave it a try (even if you went on about stuff that frankly doesn’t hold up to scrutiny)

    My main take away from all you said is, if he moved to a team like Madrid and won nothing then he can be “finally” called out. That is an answer which one could review at a later date when he makes his move to a “Bigger club”

    So by your reckoning, we should not expect him to win any thing with Spurs? Fair enough, that’s ok. (don’t agree but I can definitely live with that as its rightfully your opinion and views and i respect that)

  51. Ishola70

    You can’t win with Loyika can you.

    First when you say Poch is doing a good job he claims you are championing Spurs as a football club.

    Then when you explain to him that acknowledging that a manager is doing a good job doesn’t mean that you are praising the football club itself far from it then he spins it around and now bemoans the fact that you are acknowledging that Spurs really do not have the pedigree.

    As said I think I know what this is all about. Bigging up Wenger’s FA Cup wins.

    Again I ask you Loyika how can you say you would rate a manager much higher if he wins an FA Cup? You have already told us that Wenger is past it. How can a past it manager win an FA Cup? Would a past it manager be able to win EPL or CL? This is why I can’t take seriously your assertion that your view of Poch would elevate so much higher if only he would win that FA Cup lol.

  52. Wallace


    “I’ve always wondered why the likes of Vertoghen, Erickson and Kane are happy to collect less wages to play for Spuds.”

    yes, up to a point. you’d have to be quite the idealist though if you think they’re going to continue turning down far bigger offers from rival clubs. same applies to Poch, too. you still see him there in 2yrs time?

  53. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    No i don’t rate Di Matteo under any circumstance (as you have stated yourself he was lucky to be at the right place at the right time with Chelsea and ultimately had little input in that team winning the UCL) and Yes i rate Martinez as a Manager, same way i rate Claudio for what he did with Leicester. (even though i also feel Pearson could/should also take some of the credit)

    Frankly I don’t rate Poch. (I am sorry)

    You all can rate him, but i don’t and nothing that has been said will make me change my mind, same way i can’t make you change your mind about him as “the next best Managerial genius!”

    In the end, I believe we will have to agree to disagree (and hold on to our various view points) on Mr. Pochettino.

    Moving on to other discussions/issues……

  54. Samesong

    Alan Sugar: Are they gonna play to win

    I’ll like you to attack us. Then we got a chance of winning.

    Pierce: I’ll like you to shut up


  55. Wallace

    Welbeck & Mustafi also back in the frame. wouldn’t like to guess on the eleven that start the game. just so long as he doesn’t f*ckin’ bench Lacazette again…

  56. Leedsgunner

    “It means Arsenal are in danger of allowing both players to go without receiving any transfer fee and when asked about their futures, and whether one of either might be sold in January, Wenger told beIN Sport: “No decision has been made on that front. Do we let anyone go in January or not? We’ll have to think about that to see where we stand with them at the end of December.”

    A couple of observations:

    1. This shows again that Wenger is foremost reactionary.

    That’s £70m+ of club assts that they haven’t decided on. How this can be deemed good business practice in any sense of the word, I cannot understand. The futures of Sanchez and Özil should have been decided long ago and contingency plans made to protect the welfare of the club.

    Why is the Board letting him get away with this?

    The continual unwillingness of Wenger to make key strategic decisions until the very last minute is costing the club millions.

    2. No doubt the uncertainty of Özil and Alexis will be trotted out as the reason for not signing anyone in the January transfer window. It’s only uncertain in Wenger’s fantasy world where he is still a top manager and we are still a top club challenging for trophies.

    Come the summer when Mesut and Sanchez go off on a free — this will be used as another reason for Wenger being unable to compete in the transfer market even though this farce is completely of his own making.

    It’s so predictable and transpaprent.

  57. loyika

    @ Leeds

    There is no real BoD, (not in the true sense anyways) that’s why he gets away with 80% of the shyte he does.

    His dithering confuses them and so they themselves can’t stand on any decision when it comes to players.

    @ Wallace

    H has to get his back line spot on against The Spuds or else we will be blitz out of the stratosphere. And you are right, barring any unforeseen injury at the last moment under no circumstance must Laca not be in that first starting 11. (But then again we are talking about Arsene “I have made 1 million substitutions” Wenger here)

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Got news

    Sven from Dortmund

    Is on his way over to become director of football

    Just got off plane with signed contract

    Totally straight up

  59. Cesc Appeal

    The appointment of BvB’s chief scout would be something certainly, especially if we are combining that with stealing away Barcelona’s DoF.

    That is a big shake up indeed.

    But you feel it can only have full effect if Wenger goes, I’m not confident the DoF will be given the power to just go around the ditherer and together with the chief scout and CEO get done what needs to get done.

    No point at all in lining up great players and having the ability to get them if the ditherer changes his mind daily and then opts for the cheap cowardly option when all is said and done.

    Good news though, at least. Wenger slithered to Kroenke and got a new deal, but the club is changing around him which is great, he is the past, need to forget him and prepare for when he finally f**ks off.

  60. GunnerDNA

    Every team in the PL plays for 4 trophy during the season, and all the progress that fans talk about Spur is making under Poch for the last how much year they haven’t won anything. Its ok to make excuse to justify an argument that Poch is a good manager and to be honest he is being decent, but in reality they have to win something to show the progression. Arsenal won 3 trophy in the last 4 years and to most of us it isn’t progress and we all know why, but Spurs is progressing because they finish 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th for the last 4 yrs, I just don’t get it. How do we as fans measure progress?

  61. David Smith

    Hope you are right RSPC, that’s significant if so, and a reduction of wengers powerbase
    He is either compromising, soon leaving or both
    Things will soon look up unless kroenke does something stupid

  62. Guns of Hackney

    1. Accountability and Arsenal in the same sentence made me chuckle.
    2. Accountability and Arsene in the same sentence made me vomit.

    Arsene is doing his ‘poor little me’ act. He’s trying to let you know (the fans) how he could go and manage anywhere but he DECIDES to stay here in this little ol’ club called The Arsenal because he’s ‘a genuine man’ and ‘loyal’. Bullshit.

    This arse clown would be sacked from virtually every team on the planet within six months. Fact.

    He needs Arsenal more than we need him and he knows that.

    Do not let a win (maybe) against spurs convince you that he is anything other than a past it old bastard who has sucked every single bit of fun out of the club.

    Win the NLD and this son of a bitch is going to have a 10 year deal on the table.

    For our future, spurs have to hand us our bum on a plate and beat us well. Anything other than an Arsenal loss…and Wenger is here forever.

  63. Dissenter

    So you understand why your trophies standard dismissal of Poch doesn’t cut it.

    I don’t think Pochettino will still be at Spuds in one year.
    That said his presence has kept players that would have otherwise left.

  64. loyika

    No Dissenter

    What i understand is that some football fans are prepared to give Poch some kind of “special waiver” that is not applicable to all other managers.

    Frankly, to each one his own opinion on the dude. I have said my piece on him, we leave it at that and move on.

  65. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    This sounds interesting because it’s almost like a compromise. A little bonus ball for Ivan after having his backside spanked in front of all his CEO friends in the summer.

    Enough with the Gazidis arse licking. Enough with the positivity.

    Pedro is flogging a dead horse. Wenger ain’t going nowhere. He won’t be made accountable.

    I can’t make my mind up – is Pedro so gullible to believe that things might change or does he simply write things to get a response. I have responded so I suppose it works?! Forgive my ignorance but does more responses to the blog = more money into Pedro’s bank account?

  66. Leftsidesanch

    Wenger’s just pulling everybody’s leg here.

    Having fun, correct if I’m wrong but didn’t Lacazette not only start on the bench v Man City but also v Liverpool this season?

    “He didn’t play away from home at City, I think that is the only game he didn’t start. I trust him completely. – Wenger

    It’s comments like this, he just says what the hell he wants and isn’t questioned, even if the reporters know otherwise. Why doesn’t nobody ask him why he continually takes off Laca in games where we need a goal, or the result isn’t in safe hands (of course, with Arsenal it rarely is).

  67. Dissenter

    Will Wenger give these new personnel freedom to work?
    That’s the $64,000 question.

    If they come into a Wenger vs Gazidis dynamic then it makes no sense.

    Wenger will regard them as traffic controllers.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    At least though, if these two are coming in, they are high profile experts in their fields and no way they come in to just defer to Wenger and allow him to take the lazy cowardly option.

    It is a reputation and professional thing for them.

    BvB are renowned for their smart scouting, he will want to carry that on and get acclaim for revitalising Arsenal’s scouting, the Barcelona DoF will have high standards to live up to.

    If this is Gazidis, it is very smart because he is pushing Wenger out indirectly. But I will not start celebrating until it actually happens.

  69. David Smith

    Exactly Cesc, Gazidis tried a less subtle approach last spring, got nowhere. I sincerely doubt he wanted to renew, the same may apply, for all his faults, to Sir Chipps. We hear reports what a mess wenger has made of things behind the scenes, as well as on the pitch, these guys see it first hand, they will have interviewed players fed up with the same training methods and lack of attention to detail .
    I believe Gazidis has chosen creeping change by stealth, the best option, as you allude to, Wenger may, under circumstances, just walk, especially if he knows this contract is unlikely to be renewed, which I for one now will be the case
    I make these points on the assumption these arrivals really do happen of course, we all know wenger could go squealing to Stan and Rowley stays, and Dick Law comes back to help just a bit longer.
    Without new guys in these roles, buying players next summer will be extremely difficult, wenger will oversee all, and spend his time at the WC to avoid buying until too late.
    I have long wondered what stopped Gazidis resigning, a cynic would say his wage packet, but lets hope there is something else, and we will soon find out. Have read the Barca man knows Ivan pretty well

  70. Mark


    Use your eyes to measure progress of this team. How they play, mentality. Have the deficiencies in the team been addressed ie defence,GK, midfield , tactics , up for it , not complacent etc . You should be able to get a pretty good idea of whether this team has progressed just by watching them!

    People think Spurs have progressed for the reasons I’ve mentioned & more. If they continue they will inevitably win stuff.
    Whereas if AFC continue on our slippery path with le Fraud , we most certainly won’t !!

    Already out of contention for the league title, and it’s only mid November !

  71. Gunnerdna


    “Use your eyes to measure progress of this team. How they play, mentality. Have the deficiencies in the team been addressed ie defence,GK, midfield , tactics , up for it , not complacent etc . You should be able to get a pretty good idea of whether this team has progressed just by watching them! ”

    This is bs bro! Arsenal use to be slaughtered for playing pretty football and not winning anything, and you expect me to give Spurs a pass for this, boy you lost your mind. lol

    “People think Spurs have progressed for the reasons I’ve mentioned & more. If they continue they will inevitably win stuff.”

    This is your opinion. It would be better to see if they can keep their team together and how moving in a new stadium will affect them. Most of the players know what other players in the PL earns and will eventually leave if they don’t get better wages. You are too sure about this Spurs organization, calm down and watch how it plays out.

  72. Mark

    Deep down I think you’d find That most posters who say they want Spurs to win to heap pressure on Wenger, do not really want to lose to Spurs. However the frustration from the Shitfest that AFC has become makes you voice these things.
    To some that’s like blasphemy, but I can’t understand how some just continue to ignore the glaringly obvious about all that’s wrong at this club.
    Get behind the lads, just accept he’s going to be here for a while…Well, I can’t just accept this any more and am sick to death of feeling this way about a team I loved.
    This indignation about ” Never saying I want Spurs to win ..” to some is the same way I feel about others blaming Kroenke not Wenger, being happy with the status quo & their acceptance of mediocrity. Banging on about historical success when we’ve won 3 FA cups in 13 years !!! I don’t care what we won over a decade ago, cos we aren’t close to winning or competing in a manner of a proper football club.
    Anything that can help remove this cancer from our club is a positive thing .
    I’m past this never say anything positive about Spurs. They have a manager who is doing much better than ours, not making team selections from outer space, and is has a vision.
    A Spurs win will put pressure on the fraud to get the hell out. That’s is what is meant by heap the pain on Wenger.
    Unless you are happy with the short term successes which mean fuck all in the long run .” Ok we’re shit but at least we didn’t lose to Spurs…”
    And you think that makes you more of a fan than me or others ??I’ll say what I like Thanks, cos I am a real support who wants his club to compete to the best if it’s ability. That means with a proper manager who does whatever is within his power to make this club successful & is accountable for his performance. Until then I’d take us not winning another game all season if it helped get that wrinkled old prick out of here.

  73. Redtruth

    14 years without winning a title is totally unacceprable for a big club like Arsenal.
    I hope we lose every single game after we reach 40 points because that’s what it will take to get the stench out of the club.

  74. Dissenter

    “Deep down I think you’d find That most posters who say they want Spurs to win to heap pressure on Wenger, do not really want to lose to Spurs”

    I have very bad thoughts. I am a sinner. I want Spuds to ***t us on Saturday to expedite Wenger’s exit.
    Now I have to find a priest to confess to.

  75. David Smith

    A spurs win will not expadite Wengers exit, but the knowledge that his current contract will not be renewed, and that people are being recruited behind his back, just might, should those be the case of course
    Since when has wenger ever done anything constructive about a bad result?

  76. Cesc Appeal

    David Smith

    If we lost heavily at home to Spurs that would be a first with Wenger and that would be too much for any supporters, you can almost see it in your head as the last humiliation that really sealed Wenger’s fate.

    It would be an absolutely shit pill to swallow and I could not stand it, the bragging would be unbearable.

    I think it will be a draw, these are self-preservation games for Wenger, there are a handful a season where he knows he has to get something to calm things then everything goes to shit again and a self-preservation game appears and he clams things again and on and on and on.

  77. David Smith

    But Cesc, we have lost heavily before, and he has done nothing, nor has Kroenke. Maybe you are right and this is the time, but still think it will be other factors that will see us rid of him
    Some interesting translation in the link below from a supposed BvB insider on Mislintat, really hope this is accurate, as it sounds like he really is not interested in a club aiming for second place, let alone 4th, dont think he would work too well with wenger in place, Perhaps somethings in the air, or perhaps its all a load of made up bollox , or that its correct and Wenger will be allowed to veto it, as he has done with all other attempts at modernisation, we shall soon see

  78. Mark

    They seem to have a lot of youth team players who have potential to step up.
    They may not win much but it’s looking like 2years in a row they might finish above us. For all the years they couldn’t , that seems like progress no ?

    I’d like nothing better than to be able to rub their noses in shit. But the way we are heading under Wenger that seems unlikely. It’s a Derby game so who knows what team will turn up.

  79. Cesc Appeal

    David Smith

    Losing heavily is one thing, losing heavily to Spurs at home is entirely another and would be like falling into freezing water from a warm room for a lot of Arsenal fans.

  80. Mark

    I refuse to get excited until there’s something more concrete announced. It would be a great day for the club if he does go.
    Let us all pray..

  81. Cesc Appeal


    Has not done anything. Yet.

    But as David Smith was saying, as with the DoF issue last year and him fighting it, the rumours about Arsenal bringing in the BvB head scout and the Barcelona chief negotiator and Wenger potentially being able to veto it.

    Right there is a very smart move on the part of the club, BvB have an excellent record with finding young players on the verge of massive things, and the Barcelona negotiator would have sealed massive deals under enormous pressure.

    The idea of Wenger having the chance to pathetically be able to protect his power structures by refusing fresh blood and importantly real, ambitious football men at executive and high level not beholden to him makes my blood boil.

  82. Leedsgunner

    If losing to Man Utd 8-2 and to Chelsea 6-0 couldn’t kick him out — sorry to break it to all those who are rooting for a Spurs victory — losing to Spurs no matter how badly, is going to kick Wenger Out.

    Why? Stan doesn’t have an emotional attachment to the club therefore it doesn’t bother him in the slightest if we lose face. He only cares if the stadium isn’t full.

    Not obtaining 4th place for a second year in a row might however. Start hitting Kronke’s pocketbook — you might get his attention.

  83. Ishola70

    Leeds the two would go hand in hand losing to them and chances of top four.

    A defeat in this one would be very damaging for Arsenal’s chances of getting top four.