Wenger contemplates next move…

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)

Arsene Wenger perked me up a dream this morning when he let the world of international bodies know he’d certainly take up a role at their establishments, maybe, one day, hopefully.

“Maybe, yes, I will do it at some stage. But until now I’ve liked to be involved every day in the life of a club, because the real test is there,” he said.

“Four or five weeks… OK it’s a different experience, it’s more concentrated. But I believe the real experience to manage a team is on a daily basis.

“But I will not always have the physical strength to do that, so maybe I will move into that [international work].”

However you want to paint this sort of comment, it’s clear Wenger is thinking about the second coming. I can’t believe he’s not thinking about a mega payday in China, having already exposed himself to the Japanese league. I also think he’d be very suited to international football. He’d be a great England manager because the nation has pretty much accepted him as one of their own. I also think it’d be more forgiving of some of his tactical inadequacies. At that level, football is what it is… you have a short time period to make it happen.

I also found it very interesting reading a man so aware of his mortality.

“Maybe — you never know,” he said. “I haven’t decided that, to me it’s just a fact that my life is linked with football.

“In what way will depend on my physical state. But until the end of my life I’ll be in football. I don’t know in what kind [of role], as a director, as a manager.

“As long as possible as a manager, but one day that will stop. But I will stay in football, of course.”

I mean, he’s in peak physical condition, so no chance he’ll be fading into the slippers, but at least he knows he can’t go on forever… though it often feels like it.

Hopefully he can drop a couple of NLD wins before he drops into a new role.

Some GOOD news on that front. Danny Welbeck is fit for the weekend. I kind of feel like he’s exactly the sort of player to light up the game. Powerful, awkward, and into the big occasion. He’s also in contract, so he’ll give a fuck.

A front three of Sanchez, Laca and WELBZ. Would he dare? Or will we see Ozil in there somewhere?


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  1. loyika

    @ Tony D

    Sorry to bring this up (again) mate but statements like Poch being “Streets ahead on all levels” is just so wrong?

    How is he streets ahead? Win ratios? Trophies? Oh tactics? Player purchases?
    Stature in the game/-football world? How exactly Bro?

    What have Spurs acheived? Pep, Jose and even Conte, I have no arguements with because they can back up their talk with their CVs, Even Kloppity but Poch!?

    Trying to turn Spurs into a competing team is not a real accolade you know? He has been at Spurs for how long? Only finished ahead of us once in that time, lets see how he/they do this season before we start proclaiming him being “Street’s ahead” of anyone. If we use that analogy will we now say he is “Street’s ahead” of Zidane? Yes Zizou won La Liga and UCL but as Cech said a trophy is a trophy regardless of which one it is, winning some battles and ultimately losing the war doesn’t make the fighter “Street’s ahead” just means that said Fighter has some good moves for some fights but all ultimately amounts to shyte by the end of the tourney.

    Anyways its how you feel about him so fair enough, but frankly I don’t feel anything about Poch (right now) and definately won’t put him “Street’s ahead” of anyone of the Top 6 Managers in the EPL.

  2. Thorough

    We just made light work of Argentina from 2 goals down. It’s amazing what one can achieve with a bunch of slightly above average players whom are:
    – Ready to fight every minute till the game is won or lost.
    – Properly trained and
    – imbued with confidence

    Nigeria 4 Argentina 2

  3. TitsMcGee

    He has been at Spurs for how long? Only finished ahead of us once in that time, lets see how he/they do this season before we start proclaiming him being “Street’s ahead” of anyone. ”


    He’s doing a fantastic job at a club that doesn’t have our or any other “top” club’s budget. He also has a plan/modus operandi which places him ahead of Wenger by default.

    Let the Spurs hate cloud your mind if you want. They are headed full speed in the right direction while we are pulled off the side of the road taking selfies.

  4. Gooner63

    Love when arsenal fans say wenger is better than poch over number of trophies won

    sounds like liverpool fans, having to go back in history to find an escape

    Poch v wenger now, arsenal v spurs now – only one lot going forwards

  5. raptora

    Eriksen has been a better footballer than Ozil for a number of seasons now. Laugh how much you want. 10 goals and 3 assists in 12 qualification games for Denmark. He is the biggest reason that his nation will go to the World Cup. Great couple of seasons for spuds while our star has been giving eff all to us. Says a lot that Ozil went this low.

  6. David Smith

    I tell you, there are circumstances that mean he departs in the summer.
    Agree on international manager, doesn’t have to worry about tactics, architecture and morality, or at least values.
    If England screw up this summer, they will dump Southgate and hire Wenger at an instant.
    End of season reviews, talking international management, new staff coming in in roles he doesn’t approve of, it’s happening!

  7. David Smith

    Loyika, you should know better than say a word against Spurs or their manager on this forum!
    But agree with you, Wenger is a spent force, but Poch will not be around with them long enough to achieve at Spurs a mere fraction of what Wenger has achieved , nor will some of his players
    Arsenal will soon be on the up, unless Kroenke does something stupid that is, again .

  8. loyika

    @ Tits and Gooner63

    Alright then so its Spurs vs Araenal now right is it….no issues, lets see who ends up with what season’s end.

    Or does all Poch have to do is get Spurs to finish above us (without winning any trophy? Is that his “Claim to fame”

    Eitherways for me Pep, Conte, Jose and Klopp…YES! Poch…NAY!!

    Poch and Spurs are like the England team, all hype but at the end of the day wins fcuk all (@ Senior level)

  9. loyika

    @ David Smith

    Like i asked, is his claim to fame the fact that he has Spurs competing? Brilliant as that might sound i could say “Twitchy” had them on the up as well during his time as Manager so Poch ain’t pathing the “Red Sea” with Spurs.

    Wenger is spent, of that everyone is in agreement but if you are going to compare someone to him at least let it be a Manager that has actually done something of note in World/Club footie, I am sorry making Spurs better than Arsenal is not the kind of noteworthiness that moves me, but to each one their own.

    P.S. England games vs opponents are boring as fcuk…. contrast that with the German vs France game.

    Brazil played Japan and there were goals, play England and its a snoozefest, Germany play France and yes you have it – goals, played England….another borefest.

  10. Gooner63

    i guess it depends on if your happy with a few fa cup wins

    13 years without a league win gets u 7m a year at arsenal

    Failure to get top 4 gets u a 2 yr extension

  11. kc

    LMFAO at bitter Arsenal fans taking shots at Spuds with the pathetic state of affairs this club is in. I’d take Pochettino over Wenger every day of the week and twice on Sunday. You pathetic London Gooners deserve everything that comes your way after we get trounced this weekend. Worst fans ever.

  12. HillWood

    Fuck off Pedro. Don’t give him ideas
    Wenger leaving Arsenal only to end up manager of my national team would be my worst nightmare

  13. TheBayingMob

    “Worst fans ever.”

    Ye, basically if you think of a bunch of pussy whipped husbands getting together an empty pub on a Tuesday to drink shandies that’s Arsenal fans in general. I’m not too sure of what the synonym for pussy whipped by Wenger is? Broken-Zipper Whipped?

  14. David Smith

    Loyika, if I was going to wax lyrical about another Premier League club, it certainly would not be Spurs.There is one head and shoulders above any, yet City barely get a mention on here. Strange.
    Have heard all this before the Arry Love in, the AVB signing shows real ambition, media driven, some supporters go along with it, especially when we are doing badly, but we all know how the Spurs hype never comes to anything., or at least nothing substantial in my lifetime
    We are told that it is winning and silverware that counts, let’s see what Poch delivers
    We may be shot, our manager may be long past it, and our owner might not give a shit, but no need to let angst elevate the unworthy.

  15. loyika

    @ David

    Thats my main point…you won’t hear a word from me if the comparism was with Citeh or United (at least Jose wins stuff) and Chelsea, but Spurs!?

    Just beats my imagination? I thought the idea was to strive to get back into the elite of clubs like the Bayerns, Barcas, Juves and co of the footie world? Guess we have set our sights very low, so its Spurs and Poch that are the “Standard!”

    If all Arsene has to do right now is to show his employer he can outpace Spurs once again in a 38 game league season then i think he won’t be too fussed (because he knows that even if he can’t achieve that the liklihood is that the Spuds will still finish the season potless, but they did beat Madrid though)

    Anyways, to each one his/her own.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    So he has already started dropping hints about becoming a ‘director’.

    I guarantee you he will end up DoF, it will be his last hypocritical f**k you act to the fans.

    We have to drop Ozil for the weekend, Spurs will bully him all game long, very powerful side, we need to match that and then counter effectively if we have any chance at all.

  17. Relieable Sauce

    How many times have Arsenal challenged for the EPL over the last decade (10 years)?

    See, it’s not all about the “divine right” to win things – you wretched akb cunts.

  18. loyika

    @ Gonner63

    Lets do this shall we – You have your choice of Managers to pick to replace Arsene from Pep, Jose, Conte, Klopp and Poch, please honestly list out your top 3 pick to be considered from that bunch of Managers.

  19. loyika

    Challenged for the EPL title? Is that now a trophy? Sounds like the new “4th is a trophy” mantra.

    Wow the actual winners must be really concerned about the challengers as they (challengers) seem to get more praise than the team that actually wins.

    Jeez even Leicester have more “Swag” to call upon.

    Now not wanking over Tottenham equates to being labelled an AKB? Lolz, heard it all. Can only help but laugh.

    Only on Le Grove!!

  20. David Smith

    Agree 100% Loyika .

    As for Wenger, Maybe the Italians could do with him, they are born knowing how to defend, so he won’t be able take that away from them . Know there was the recent non playing of Lacca, but I believe Wenger would have played Insigne against Sweden
    As for Wenger becoming director, can see the fears, but really cannot see it happening, he will want to manage for a while yet, a director at Arsenal doesn’t do a lot, and it sounds like they are ready to recruit sporting director type roles. Perhaps an honorary director role when he retires from France, China, or wherever when he’s 80 .
    Wenger is toast at Arsenal and I believe it is finally sinking in with him, judging by recent comments. may also sink in with those above him if they dont shift Ozil Alexis in Jan and take that loss. Keeping those two and losing them on a free would mean Wenger would be under huge pressure to get back into the CL at the very least , from a financial view if nothing else, Kroenke might understand that

  21. loyika

    @ Gooner63

    Laughed out loud at your “100 mil” statement….Is Pep more of a “Cheque book Manager” than Jose though?

    But fair enough, thats your choice. Cool (even though you shifted the goal post with the money statement. Lolz. Like a keeper moving off his line before a pen is taken)

  22. Gooner63

    i think you have just answered your own question Loy

    “Just beats my imagination? I thought the idea was to strive to get back into the elite of clubs like the Bayerns, Barcas, Juves and co of the footie world? Guess we have set our sights very low, so its Spurs and Poch that are the “Standard!””

    Wenger has forced us to set our sights low – we are now at this current time worse than Spurs, could well finish worse than Pool and miles behind City, Chavs and Utd – in terms of players, managers

    All 5 of those are trying to go forwards

    Arsenal by sticking with Wenger are going backwards

    And we should always compare ourselves with Spurs – because they are our mortal enemy and they are leaving us behind –

    Seriously how many Arsenal players would get int the Spurs team?

    Defenders – 0
    Midfield – 0
    Attackers – Alexis? – and hes leaving – the rest 0

  23. Gooner63

    “Laughed out loud at your “100 mil” statement….Is Pep more of a “Cheque book Manager” than Jose though?But fair enough, thats your choice. Cool (even though you shifted the goal post with the money statement. Lolz. Like a keeper moving off his line before a pen is taken)”

    pep has always been a cheque book manager

    not sure how i shifted anything by saying they cant have 100mill to spend like they do now

    Jose is a far better tactician than Pep – and with our 40mill a summer budget – we would need a tactician – thats why my order

  24. loyika

    @ David

    I don’t trust Stan K enough to pull the trigger (do you!?)

    And i don’t trust Arsene enough to do the right thing and walk by himself (you seem to)

    Arsenal is like a drug to the junkie Arsene, i doubt he will push himself to get sober. I still believe deep down the power to get rid still rests with the supporters.

    If the apathy continues only then can I see Stan and the BoD getting twitchy! We are in agreement that the only way Stan will make a move is when/if the finances are being hit/affected (both in the short term and prospects for long term stagnation)

    Thats all Stan cares about. If Arsene’s failure are fcuking around with the bottom line only then do I feel he will grow a pair and start making demands off Arsene. (which would translate to presurre on him which should finally push him over the edge)

  25. Relieable Sauce

    None of those managers will realistically join Arsenal.
    Would only be interested in Pep or Poch myself out of those options.

    I think it’s more important to get the structure right, ala the top Euro NT’s – France, Spain, Germany…and now maybe England??

    But turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.
    Self preservation is all that matters to these con-men.

  26. loyika

    @ Gooner63

    Sorry I disagree on the how many of our players will get into that Spurs team. Unlike you i don’t see anything special about that Spurs team.

    They are workman like and thats all. That’s my honest thougts and it has nothing to do with it being Spurs, have the same feeling towards the United team.

    Citeh are light years away (€£¥ comes into play with them, I know) The Pool team (without the defence) are also quite good. The Chavs are just that; Chavs!!

    We have a good crop of players that if managed properly would get into any team (well most of them)

    Are you saying players like Laca, Ozil, Monreal will not get into Spurs? Sead? Even Rambo?

    Comeon Bro, we ain’t that shyte as a squad.

  27. David Smith

    Hard to see either Loyika, but cannot help wondering if Wenger has won the cup ,asked for one more shot , been granted it perhaps with an agreement he will leave if he doesn’t meet requirements.. Cannot substantiate anything, just a gut feeling, based on his comments,his demeanour, him keeping Ozil and Alexis with the huge financial risk, the way the money was stopped mysteriously at the end of the window last summer.
    I believe these DOF type appointments will be a key signal, arrivals mean Wenger has compromised, as we know he doesn’t do compromise, hopefully means he will soon depart, hopefully this year.
    after this summer, wenger has one more year, with all the uncertainty that brings,as Wenger has admitted, if they want to keep him, may as well give him an extension, if not, may as well let him go rather than another uncertain unstable season. If Wenger fails again this season, will make it very hard to sell to sponsors,who matter to Stan and co ,an extension.
    I genuinly believe he will, under whatever auspices, walk of he does not challenge for the title, win a trophy, get back into Europe CL, or at least two out of three. Of not, what’s the point

  28. loyika

    @ Realiable

    I disagree, all of them would jump at the chance to manage Arsenal. Only issue with Pep (and probably Conte) might be money. (as Gooner63 pointed out)

    But they would be left to their own devices to manage however they wanted too without presurre from the owner. That my friend is every Manager’s dream.

    Besides I believe all bar Poch and Jose were once named Managers that were being considered to take over and I feel each would have jumped at the opportunity of given the chance before their present positions.

  29. Gooner63

    Are you saying players like Laca, Ozil, Monreal will not get into Spurs? Sead? Even Rambo?

    so your saying
    laca is better than kane
    ozil is better than eriksen
    monreal is better than verts or ald
    sead is better than rose/davies (you may just get that one on his good days)
    rambo is better than alli

    are you sure your not Arsene wenger in disguise ?

    get real bud

  30. loyika

    @ Gooner63

    Yes I am. Poch has players that fits into his system and how he wants them to play and sets them up, thats doesn’t equate as being better players now does it?

    Whats your definition of better? Spurs are workmanlike with hardly any flair, is that better?

    Every team have players that fit into their system and way the manager sets up their team. On our day, i would rather watch our team in full flow than the Spurs team on their day.

    But thats just me.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    AND…The, Didn’t Spend The Budget Trophy goes to Arseeene…al (FC)


    Congratulations!… Buying titles is easy…virtue signaling your way to 4th place is much more of an achievement….(whilst back-binning one of the highest wages in sports history) – and only 3 titles to show for it and 0(ZERO) European trophies, in over 22(twenty two) years…TWENTY TWO YEARS!!!
    AT ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB!!!…You know…they used to be the best team in London…London, England.

  32. loyika

    @ Reliable!?

    Errrrr!? What are you on about? I said compare Arsenal to teams that actually are Elite and not Spurs?

    At least we have 3 titles? What do Spurs have? Even Leicester and Blackburn have 1 a piece they can hold on to.

  33. loyika

    We need to be back to the level of actual winners like Chelsea, Citeh and United (in the league) and Pools level in Europe (lolz) and not the level of Spurs.

  34. loyika

    @ Gooner63

    Watching Spurs is like watching The 3 Lions, you know what you will get – Grit, Hardwork, blood and guts and hard running. (maybe one or two moments of magic once in a blue moon) nothing else. (funny how 50/60% percent of their team actually makes up the England squad innit)

    Give me a Brazil or Spain any day. Even the Germanys mix/change up their game most times.

  35. David Smith

    Loyika, correct, Spurs have done nothing. And their ability to sustain even what they have is a matter of serious conjecture.
    Their allardycian tactics work to a degree in this league , but we shall see how they do over time. The media , perhaps rightly slaughtered Arsenal when they went year potless, seems like another team, or two get an easier ride.
    Seems like you have stirred something up on here!

  36. Gooner63

    Give me a Brazil or Spain any day. Even the Germanys mix/change up their game most times.

    and you think Arsenal play like these?

    lmao – i knew u were trolling

  37. Relieable Sauce


    Why compare us to elite teams when we’re not even a spurs’ level? Seems a little presumptuous if not deluded.

    It’s clear that the manager, owner, bod and fans don’t want to behave like an elite club. So why the pretense ? from you, a “fan”.
    I understand why wenger and co do it.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Self-preservation game this weekend.

    One of those very few games where Wenger knows he actually has to get something out of the team or risk a lot of pressure coming down on him.

    A really bad result against Spurs at home, which is very possible, will really piss off the entire fan base and would act as a real moment in time to mark our collapse as a club.

    Wenger knows he can go away to big sides and get thump, chat shit after, deflect and PR the shit out it with ‘how we respond’. This game is one of the few that is different, adds a little spice to things.

  39. loyika

    @ Gooner63!?

    Where did i say we played like Brazil or Spain? I said i preferred watching a team like Brazil compared to England, like i prefer watching Citeh to Spurs.

    Heck on our day (like against Chelsea at Wembley or against Everton) iI prefer watching us to Spurs on their day, but guess you don’t, so can’t help you with that.

    Seems some folks just love them some Spurs regardless. As someone said earlier, Spurs winning the game will heap pain on Arsene (Lolz)

    I leave you all to it then.

  40. loyika

    @ Reliable

    Wasn’t comparing us to the Elite teams, was saying that those are the teams we should strive to be like and hold up as the example of where we want/need to be and not Tottenham “flipping” Spurs.

  41. Relieable Sauce


    We (Arsenal FC) SHOULD have the best youth academy in the league, if not the world – what with the insane amount of continuity an’ all.

    I mean…continuity is king isn’t it? One of “our”, “values” I do believe…?

    – Give youth a chance.
    – Continuity/cohesion.

    Are they our values?
    Can you think of any more?
    When it’s clear the two “values” listed above have bore absolutely no reward – short or long term – you fully understand what a naive and gullible fanbase the club have and why they will continue to get away with it.

    Fair play to them.

  42. David Smith

    Did Spurs fans indulge in a wankfest over Arsenal when we were brilliant and they were complete muppets, the latter at least, true for all but last couple of seasons?
    Not the Spurs fans I know, their bitterness from those years of complete false hope and inferiority. haunts them til this day . In fairness to them, much of that false hope and hype has been media driven, remember even in AVB and Arrys era questions about how many of ours would get into their side, a well worn tactic.
    Our club need serious changes at the top, and won’t progress until that happens, but even our failed manager has won trophies in recent years, unlike some. If you want to cream your jeans over another team, I would suggest heading to Manchester, not Middlesex

  43. Elmo


    Exactly what I thought when I saw Wenger mentioning the term ‘director.’

    He’s fully committed in his mind to working in the game until he literally keels over. He’s made peace with the idea that he may have to stop managing one day, but sees the natural progression to be controlling the administration and direction of a club from the board. He has no intention of being a quiet senior statesman, acting as sage of a club, always available in an out of the way smoky office for a chat, like Matt Busby.

    I think he will be pushed out of Arsenal in a couple of years and then be handed the France job. He will, of course, fail dismally, even with what will then be the best international squad in the world, culminating in humiliation at the 2022 WC which he will blame on the exceptional circumstances of the conditions and media circus in Qatar. He might dabble for a few months with club management in the final payday leagues, but will soon return to throw a spanner in the cogs of progress from a director’s seat at Arsenal.

    I’d be pretty confident that 15-20 years from now, you’d find managers at Arsenal threatening to walk away because they’re being undermined from above.

  44. Ces1ne

    Appreciate all u do Pete…..but you’ve gotta stop being excited about “DatGuy” coming back (again).
    FFS…..I & many other supporters I know take his “comebacks” sarcastically ……it’s nothing against Welbz, but in NO way/shape/form should his possible return be celebrated or be seen as a possible change in our fortunes on the pitch.
    Glad to have ya back Danny, but………..

  45. Pierre

    I suppose you could say that erikson is a flat track bully.
    3 goals against a team made up of misfits hardly makes him world class.(though give him his due, they were quality strikes)

  46. Pierre

    Looking at our front 3 of sanchez, lacazette and ozil compared to spurs, kane, Alli and eriksen, I would say pretty similar in quality… Too be honest I think son is more of an attacking threat than Alli so hopefully he is left on the bench.
    Dembele and wanyama are stronger than our midfield but wanyama is injured and I don’t think dembele is fully match fit so Ramsey and xhaka should be able to hold their own there.

    I think it will be Defensively where the game is won and lost…
    The balance of our defence is vital… If its Bellerin, kosielny, mustafi, monreal and Kolasinac then fine… If he has to start tinkering with the defence, that is when the problems start as I don’t believe Wenger trusts holding, mertesacker or chambers so hopefully the back 5 will be fit.
    We will have a pretty strong bench of Welbeck, giroud, Walcott, Wilshere, iwobi so that could have a bearing on the result.

  47. Wallace


    “Jose is a far better tactician than Pep – and with our 40mill a summer budget – we would need a tactician – thats why my order.”

    Guardiola improves players. surely that’s a more important ability to have when you can’t compete with the biggest clubs financially?

    Mourinho’s tactical acumen boils down to ‘the team who make the least amount of mistakes will win’. a criminal footballing philosophy for a manager who has spent the amounts he has.

  48. TR7


    “Jose is a far better tactician than Pep – and with our 40mill a summer budget – we would need a tactician – thats why my order”

    Jose without money to spend is about as good as Tony Pulis. Pep and Poch are better than him.

  49. TonyD

    Well you got it kicked off here, bro. I was missing Garham62 but you’ve picked up his mantle lol.

    My recent post have all been about the here, now, and the future; not rhetoric of past glories.

    I’ll stand by what I said that I want nothing less than a win agains t the Spuds – ugly or otherwise.

    Right now and going forward Poch is streets ahead of Wenger with what he has achieved on a shoe string purchase and wage budget.

    His team selections and tactics fit what he has at his disposal – he players in their best positions and doesn’t leave his best players on the bench when they are needed most.

    I doubt he’ll be at Spurs long enough to win elite trophies as I’m sure the big clubs are already taking a close look at him.

    So here’s my thinking let’s say we look at what Poch achieves over the remaining contract Wenger has.

    It takes time to assemble a winning team from virtually a nothing squad.

    If you offered me Poch tomorrow to take over from Wenger, I’d bite your hand off. I liked what he was doing at Southampton and he’s continually improved from then.

    Yes, I’d like Pep but I think Jose only works well with money. He was great at Porto and an innovator at Chelsea due to the money he had, but I think he is decline. I can’t see Jose winning the EPL this season, but I wouldn’t rule out the Spuds although City look better at the moment.

    There is no way Pep would come to us after watching the shit show going on with Gazidis, shit head Chips and co. he wants an ambitious club: that is not us at the moment and why we are so unhappy.

    Let’s see what happens over the next 18 months and then resume this conversation.

    Please God, Buddha and or any other God Wenger doesn’t stick it to us and become DoF or any other title at the club where he can continue his destructive reign.

    I still see it as a lucky draw for us on Saturday. Wenger just has luck when he needs it and, as I said, I don’t want to lose to the Spuds.

    However, if we do lose, it’s a win for us in as much as that might just be the result that finally unites the fan base to seriously boycott the 3 home games I mentioned weeks ago.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    If we could somehow manage to get Wenger installed as a DoF at a rival club that would be more devastating than any attack in military history.

    The problem is finding a club stupid enough.

    Right now that is a list of one, Arsenal.

  51. Dissenter

    Alex Iwobi is maturing very quickly. He’s one of the few talents to emerge from our crumbling academy.
    The Nigerian manager knows how to use him better that Wenger.

  52. Buckhurst Gun

    shout out to Redtruth for twisting my words on the last post – I love the fact Ive finally been ‘redtruthed’ and I feel like one of the family now but I stand by my thoughts – you cannot want spurs to win – I detest that shithouse club

    Fuck spurs

  53. kel

    The fact that arsenal fans revel in Danny boy coming back really highlights how low the quality bar is at Arsenal. Danny is a very very average player who will never get anywhere near any of the the top teams bench YET he’s muddling around at Arsenal. These are the reasons we haven’t won anything major for so long and it’s not coincidence.

  54. Leedsgunner

    Arsene Wenger mouthing off and saying he would like to finish off his career as an international manager. This is just attention seeking hot air.

    I doubt he would take it. His ego is too fragile to take any criticism.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Not only that, he could not handle the lack of attention.

    Press conferences a few times a year as opposed to a week, no finances to control, to platform to spew his nonsensical drivel, very limited power etc.

  56. N5

    Agreed dissenter, Iwobi looks very promising! Watch that get kicked out of him with the square peg round hole tactician at the helm!!

  57. N5

    Agreed Leeds/Cesc , your litrally opening yourself to criticism on a whole new level managing a national team!

    Why you look at me would implode under that kind of scrutiny!!

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Arsenal fans would have to write an apology to the people of France if he became their manager.

    ‘We’re really sorry for what is about to happen, but at the same time really not because it was the only way to f**k him off from our club.

    Sorry, but not sorry.

    Arsenal fans’.

  59. loyika

    @ Cesc

    Very much doubt it.

    He is quite revered in France with many picking Arsenal as their second favorite team back in the days.

    He did quite a bit to help the French National team in terms of using Arsenal as a vehicle to groom them (if that’s the right word) – Paddy, Titi, Wiltord, Giroud and some others come to mind.

    I believe its a whole different ball game with Int Teams which he is well aware of (as people like Sampoli are finding out with Argentina, even players are not immune a’la Messi with The Argies as well)

    Its more a sink or swim scenario so most National team Managers know the deal before hand with some just seeing it as a box to tick off before they final call it a day. I think Jose also takes that view point as well, just that some Coaches like SAF and Conte all dipped their hands into it in between managing club sides.

    I think Arsene will just do it to say he did but won’t have any illusions of trying to stay there that long more like he will round his future up either coming back to be on the BoD of Arsenal or go into Punditry full time.

    Arsenal FC is his drug of choice and i predict he might pass away with that needle stuck in his arm.

  60. loyika

    Besides i don’t think managing the French National team and some others is as difficult as say managing England or Brazil with all the baggae that comes with those jobs and the hounding nature of the British/Brazilian press.

    Karim could weigh in on this i guess.

    He could also go for a big pay day by managing an Asian, Middle Eastern or African National Team which won’t put so much expectations on him beyond qualifying for competitions they feel they are capable of.

    But make no mistake, if he does go into managing a national team he will be doing it as something to tick off his “Bucket list” and for one final pay day as a football manager. Unless he manages France or England the pressure will not be much on him in terms of deliverables. (he definitely won’t manage in South America or any other European National team)

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is going to go down as one of the most important figures in football, but I think by the end of his life for all the wrong reasons.

    You can already see ‘the man who built a club up and then destroyed it’.

  62. loyika

    I am sure if he had his way he would run for either a FIFA or UEFA post, also as a way to “Show up” Platini whom i believe he dislikes for calling him out years back.

  63. loyika

    We usually like to portray Arsene as a buffoon or Mr Magoo type, whereas he is a cunning, conniving Bast@rd Politician sort who gives out an act as if he doesn’t know what he is doing, while deep down you can tell he has things planned out all to massage his ego and fulfill his selfish desire to get whatever he wants.

    As you said Cesc, his ability at “Self preservation” is like no other and i think Jose is the only other manager that comes close to hm in changing narratives when it comes to how they are perceived or what they feel should be considered important with the press falling or hanging onto the words they speak.

    I don’t even think Fergie comes close to this act of manipulation like Arsene has got down to a “T”

  64. Leedsgunner

    Iwobi, is sadly transforming into an Özil.

    Timid and ineffective when he’s playing for the club (under Wenger as the manager) but he is a completely different player under a manager who gives directions, tactics and a plan (under international duty).


  65. Cesc Appeal


    No he did not, but he certainly elevate the club in his first seven or eight years, its been a downward slope since, a plateau at first, then a gentle decline, turning into a steep decline on and off the field.

    That is what he will be remembered for, refusing to give up power and worse, refusing to allow his power structures to be eroded and his position to become more vulnerable by allowing the modernising of the club to take place.

    Wenger will go down as a man with a massive ego, hugely stubborn, outdated and a man who seemed to think that his early achievements meant he could put himself before the good of an entire club.

    A manager who felt he owned a club without having to buy it.

  66. Cesc Appeal


    The difference as well is those managers actually exist in a real manager’s world.

    Wenger is invincible at Arsenal and is not an actual manager really, so he’s a coward really. He wants to espouse his nonsense as if he’s some expert when he does not even do the job really.

    There is not another manager at another top club who could have survived what Wenger has been allowed to survive. I mean, you can point to many times over the past few years where another manager would have been fired.

    That’s why Wenger aggravates me so much, constantly mouths off, constantly plays the hard done by card, and constantly tries to claim he is super ambitious and feels the pressure when really he’s a gutless coward playing the game on easy mode.

    Kroenke too.

  67. Leedsgunner

    “‘We’re really sorry for what is about to happen, but at the same time really not because it was the only way to f**k him off from our club.Sorry, but not sorry.Arsenal fans’.”

    V. Good Cesc, simply the finniest comment I’ve read today.

    Coming to think of it, I think there is only one organisation that is wrapped up in their own self importance like Wenger is.

    Forget managing an international team… Wenger should be aiming higher than that.

    I present to you, FIFA’s next president — Arsene Wenger.

    He would love it. It would give him the ultimate platform to pontificate to his heart’s content without doing too much damage in the real world.

    I suspect under the Wenger years

    1. Transfer windows would be banned
    2. The World Cup would be renamed the Wenger Cup
    3. The Jules Rimet trophy would be recast in his own image
    4. The official history of Arsenal Football Club would be rewritten so that Wenger would have signed Zlatan, CR7, Yaya Toure etc for Arsenal…
    5. All EPL Champions since 2004 would be deemed invalid.
    6. The 4th place trophy would now be deemed more important than the winner’s final trophy.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Hand in glove.

    Spot on.

    Or one of those EU or UN officials whose position is pretty much untouchable and yet they mouth off about the performances of elected officials and real agencies and people existing in pressurised conditions.

  69. Pierre

    So, because iwobi scored a couple of goals for nigeria it means the nigerian manager is using iwobi better and showing Wenger to be in inept.
    Do Le grovellers use the same reasoning for Pochettino and eriksen.
    Eriksen scored a hattrick for denmark last night taking his total to the highest scoring player in the qualifiers.
    Does Eriksen score anywhere near that ratio for spurs, of course not… Has he ever scored a hattrick for spurs, of course not.
    So, going by Le grovellers reasoning, Pochettino is obviously an inept manager because doesn’t know how to get the best our of his players.

  70. Leedsgunner

    “That’s why Wenger aggravates me so much, constantly mouths off, constantly plays the hard done by card, and constantly tries to claim he is super ambitious and feels the pressure when really he’s a gutless coward playing the game on easy mode.”

    Yep. Hilarious. Want an example? Last season, we limp in to 5th position. Wenger, looks completely shellshocked and defeated — I would put it to you he thought he would pull off the Great Escape and sneak into 4th yet again — giving him the chance to gloat to everyone and anyone… except he can’t. He’s finished 5th, the lowest he has ever done in his Arsenal career. It’s egg on face time.

    What’s Wenger’s response?

    Is he humble? Is he contrite?

    He still maintains that he has a great group of players… that he is convinced that these same group of players are strong enough to challenge for the title.

    Yep… it sure looks like that this season doesn’t it?

    How come there isn’t anybody in media challenging Wenger on this?

  71. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Hand in glove
    The sun shines out of our behinds
    No, it’s not like any other love
    This one is different, because it’s us

  72. Elmo

    Just imagine what it will feel like to watch Wenger spouting another stream of pseudo-intellectual nonsense and being able to think that he is not your problem and the concern of another club and another fanbase.

    It will be even more cathartic than for the first time hearing “we want Wenger out” bellowed from several hundred mouths in the winter night last year.


    If Wenger became head of FIFA he would re-structure international football altogether. Remember he’s big into open borders and globalisation; he’d probably try to cement his legacy by changing eligibility for a national team from country of birth / ancestry to residency at that point in time.

  73. TonyD

    I thought Wenger was just reminding everyone that he good enough to manage any international team ergo ” I’m still a top manager”.

    The FIFA about is a great call. He’d be in his element.

    Maybe he’s waiting for one of Chip’s cronies to suggest him for a knighthood.

    Sir fcuking Wenger. He’d love it, would he? People calling Him Sir.

    Him following in SAF’s or Sir Mo’s regal footsteps.

    Definitely get the FIFA presidency then.

  74. Rrobbins

    Wow comments really woke me up. Can’t get too high given fear that the wrong squad will be chosen for the derby. With so much unrest; so many players about to leave; its feeling so damn empty……even for a derby.

  75. Mark


    Deep down I think you’d find That most posters who say they want Spurs to win to heap pressure on Wenger, do not really want to lose to Spurs. However the frustration from the Shitfest that AFC has become makes you voice these things.
    To some that’s like blasphemy, but I can’t understand how some just continue to ignore the glaringly obvious about all that’s wrong at this club.
    Get behind the lads, just accept he’s going to be here for a while…

    Well, I can’t just accept this any more and am sick to death of feeling this way about a team I loved.
    This indignation about ” Never saying I want Spurs to win ..” to some is the same way I feel about others blaming Kroenke not Wenger, being happy with the status quo & their acceptance of mediocrity. Banging on about historical success when we’ve won 3 FA cups in 13 years !!!

    I don’t care what we won over a decade ago, cos we aren’t close to winning or competing in a manner of a proper football club.
    Anything that can help remove this cancer from our club is a positive thing .
    I’m past this never say anything positive about Spurs. They have a manager who is doing much better than ours, not making team selections from outer space, and is has a vision.
    A Spurs win will put pressure on the fraud to get the hell out. That’s is what is meant by heap the pain on Wenger.
    Unless you are happy with the short term successes which mean fuck all in the long run .” Ok we’re shit but at least we didn’t lose to Spurs…”
    And you think that makes you more of a fan than me or others ??

    I’ll say what I like Thanks, cos I am a real support who wants his club to compete to the best if it’s ability. That means with a proper manager who does whatever is within his power to make this club successful & is accountable for his performance.

    Until then I’d take us not winning another game all season if it helped get that wrinkled old prick out of here.

  76. Mark

    Pierre, you make very simplistic arguments which do not hold any water. The amount of goals scored in a game by a player does not tell the whole story does it. Do your comparison of Iwobi & Eriksen is flawed from the outset. The poster made the
    reference to the way the manager has Iwobi playing, rather than just about goals. It’s possible to have a great game be very influential in a game and not score.

    As opposed to how he plays with AFC , has little direction or awareness of what his role is.
    But again in the way you use information/stats to colour the truth is not surprising, your supreme leader has taught you well.