Countdown to Spurs begins

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Work have allotted me a new desk space next to a walkway in an ‘oh, I must say hi to Pete’ kind of area. It’s really unnerving. I’ve spent most of the day considering ways in which I can deflect this unwanted friendliness. I landed on a printed Keynote slide :

‘You don’t have to say hi 🙂 🇬🇧

To deconstruct. The smiley face is to indicate this is a LOL, the British flag is to indicate it’s passive aggressive, so has a deep-seated truth to it. A hodgepodge of conflicting messaging that should keep them guessing and walking right on by.

Will keep you posted how this goes down.

We are entering a slow news week, not a lot going on, bar a lot of chewed fingernails as we slide into an epic Emirates showdown with Spurs coming to play at the weekend.

North London Derbies are usually a pretty good time for Wenger to show his red and white teeth. He has a pretty exceptional record against Spurs. In his whole monstrous tenure, they’ve only finished above us once, and their victories have been few and far between.

Hard not to think the tables are turning though, Wenger has been edging his team closer to the slippers and pipe as Pochettino oversees an exciting reimagination of Spurs. His offering is similar to Project Youth, whilst working a desperately low wage bill during a stadium move. He’s the hottest coach on the planet outside Pep in my opinion. What he eeks out of those players is quite exceptional, and I stand by my statement: Wenger has better players at his disposal.

That’s why the weekend could see a very good result from our boys. We have great players. Mesut Ozil is unplayable when he fancies it. Sanchez can be the best in the league when he’s focused. We have a collection of very good players that can play exceptional football

When they fancy it.

Remember that cup final performance?

That’s what we’ll need to take down Spurs.

It has a higher chance of happening in the first game after the international break as well. Spurs are missing Victor Wanyama and Toby Alderweireld. I’ve no doubt Alli, Winks and Kane will all spring miraculous recoveries,  and it appears Jan Vertonghen is going to return. So not a lot of good news there… well, bar Kane looking kind of slow in his last run out.

Our injury problems are a bit less serious, there’s no Giroud, who I doubt would have started regardless. More of a concern is Aaron Ramsey, who didn’t start for Wales. He’s not had a major injury yet, which is rare considering we’re in November. Fingers crossed he’s safe, because we’ll need his energy against a Spurs side who outran Madrid by 10km the other week.

Right, more on the derby as we go.

Have a blinding evening! x

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  1. Thorough

    If I can achieve this then expect a miracle from Arsene “Dinosaur” Wenger in the summer – mega deals for Lemar, Fekir and Gorrezka.

  2. Arse4ever

    Tables have turned Spud’s have a much better overall team than us now…. Sad to say but I can only see one outcome and its not a home win

  3. Little mozart

    They say Italy have and produce the best coaches, well its kinda true but this old guy is more like italys le imbecile version. He was out of his depth.

  4. ArseneisaFraud

    Mike Dean as ref? Add AW comments that he made after the game vs Man City to all this and, well I can only that we are in for an explosive game.

    To add to the fire AW could not help to still go on about this:

    Furthermore check out what he says at the end of the article as it clearly proves how he is still living off the past when highlighting how The Arsenal was the only club to go a season unbeaten.

  5. David Smith

    The game this weekend – Arsenal,have long been going through the death throes of a cycle that will only end when the manager, owner or both are gone, we all know who will go first.
    But the fact is, over two decades, we have humiliated Spurs on so many occasions, taking them on, chewing them up, spitting them out, and treading them into the dirt. No wonder their fans have such a complex of hate against this club, as anyone who has ever visited WHL for this game would have witnessed.
    Winning titles at their ground , even winning silverware and upstaging their moment last summer.
    As his days at Arsenal fade towards an undistinguished end, time for Wenger to step up and do them once more, as he has done over the best part of two decades

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Dembele is apparently fully fit for the game as well which is a big plus for Spurs.

    The only real glimmer for us is Alderweireld being out, might see Spurs switch it up a bit unless they are going to go for it and drop Dier in at CB with Dembele and Winks in central midfield.

  7. Dissenter

    Sad day for football
    Italia won’t be at the World Cup.
    How can a competition with the 32 best teams not include Italy?
    People are going to say they had their chances but they had a cruel group with Spain. England won’t have won group with Spain as well.

    I suppose they can use this pain to revamp their football. They can copy the England example. Who would have thought that England will be U-17 and U-20 World Cup champions in the same year?

  8. Boomslang

    Agreed Dissenter

    Very disappointed Italy did not qualify. It’s the end of Buffon on the international stage.

    Perhaps Ancelotti will be considered for the managerial role. Would certainly be an upgrade from Ventura.

  9. ARgooner

    Hah it’s America pete..just post your favourite trumpism…or the “dont tell me what fkn kind of day to have” sign and they’ll soon go by… expat lived here 26.

  10. Colin Decoteau

    I believe that the more humiliating heaped on arsene wegner and this time at the hands of spurs is the more the fan’s unrest will gain momentum and eventually drive this selfish old man away permanently not even to return as a pundit,so for that reason i want spurs to win,oh and this time he won’t be able to blame the ref as it’s mike Dean he favours no team he’s shite no matter which game he takes charge of,it’s sad i so want this man gone that Tottenham could be arsenals saviour.

  11. Leftsidesanch

    Mike Dean in charge and Kane fit? Wengers little wollies would be lucky to get a point. As long as there isnt any debatable decisions and its a clear loss then theres no hiding place for Wenger.

  12. Pierre

    Colin decorator
    “,so for that reason i want spurs to win,”

    “Totally agree Colin.”

    Obviously, “supporters” like you have never run the gauntlet of hate on the way to and from white Hart Lane….. And you want spurs to win

    In 1971 we had bottles raining down on us on the walk back to the tube after the game but we didn’t give a toss as we had just won the league at white Hart Lane in the last minute of the season and thousands of Arsenal fans had danced on the pitch that night…. And you want spurs to win…

  13. gonsterous

    Work have allotted me a new desk space next to a walkway in an ‘oh, I must say hi to Pete’ kind of area. It’s really unnerving. I’ve spent most of the day considering ways in which I can deflect this unwanted friendliness.

    lmao pedro.. this had me cracking..

  14. Samesong

    Work have allotted me a new desk space next to a walkway in an ‘oh, I must say hi to Pete’ kind of area.

    So Pedro can everyone see your screen when they walk past?
    better not be on le-grove all day then ; 0

  15. loyika

    Apparently Spors winning at the Em will heap pain on Arsene?

    Go figure!!

    In reality I see a draw on the cards, but if the lads are up for this I can see us taking them down.

    As for Mike Dean!? Depends on the kind of mood he is in, that midfield battle should be bloody, if he starts dishing out cards early on i doubt the game will end with 22 players left on the pitch.

    I really hope the supporters are up for this game as well, the lads will really need them. We need to make our voices heard, contest every decision, cheer the lads on and really make some fcuking noise game time. ITS SPURS LADS!!

    We shouldn’t want them and their supporters to leave the Emirates with smiles on their faces. (would rather they destroy the chairs and toilets as a sign that they are really pissed off with the result)

  16. Bamford10

    PSG have reportedly identified four players they want to sell during the winter transfer window in a bid to comply with financial fair play. Pastore, Ben Arfa, Di Maria, Lucas Moura.

  17. Bamford10

    I am not as impressed with Spurs as others are, so I think if we played a decent starting XI, we could get a result.

    Xhaka is a weak link, though, as is CB at the moment. (Is Mustafi back?)

    I guess my money will be on Spurs. 2-1 or 3-2, them, I think.

  18. GoonerDave

    Arsenal fans wanting spuds to win?
    The new breed of precious fan – being right is more important than the team winning?
    Arsenal will have a lot of managers in the next 20 years – you will not like many of them. You will disagree with many of their substitutions, tactics and transfers. Will you continue to wish misery on the club unless you approve?
    Stan Kroenke has already used his controlling stake to quieten dissent at the AGM. He looks for full control and if he gets it, we are finished.
    Although AW’s hands were financially tied for years, he was a willing participant. I forgive him his football failures, but I will never forgive his dishonesty. His twisted sense of morality on this issue should have seen him run out of the club.
    While Ivan Gazidis said that AW was accountable to the fans, AW had signed secret long term contracts with the club to appease bondholders. They have made a mockey of the entire fanbase – all the media guff about AW’s contracts over the years… all the lies.
    The reason our share price soared was because our debt fell. Our debt fell because we sold players, let contracts run down and raised prices. Only Kroenke benefits from this – he must be shown the door.
    All 3 should leave in absolute disgrace.

  19. Wallace

    we’re at least as talented as them, and certainly have more depth, but Poch has pretty much everyone operating at, or close to, their very best, while we play at that level far less frequently.

    would definitely give some thought to starting Wilshere ahead of Xhaka, and Welbeck over Ozil, if he’s fit.

  20. jasongms

    Have to agree with Pierre, we don’t lose too that lot.

    This isn’t about Wenger, it’s deeper than that… Don’t really care if we win another game all season, actually preferred if we didn’t if it meant the back of Arsene

  21. jasongms

    “AW’s hands were financially tied for years”

    No, they weren’t

    “AW had signed secret long term contracts with the club to appease bondholders. ”

    He did?

  22. Paulinho

    “would definitely give some thought to starting Wilshere ahead of Xhaka”

    What, the great Granit Xhaka?

    He is still a regista isn’t he? Surely that gives him immunity.

  23. Dream10

    Expecting the formation to be changed for Saturday. In AWs eyes, Coquelin did an admirable job. Back to 4-2-3-1.

    Bellerín Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac
    Coquelin Xhaka
    Ramsey Özil Welbeck

    We’re winning 3-1

  24. Jamie

    Perhaps for the first time ever, I’m with Pierre.

    Anyone who wishes for a Spurs win against us should ‘support’ another club.


  25. Dream10

    Actually, would be surprised if Mustafi was fit. Unlikely that all our injured players are up to speed. Monreal for Mustafi

  26. GunnerDNA

    Arsenal fans want Spurs to win at the Emirates, unbelievable! Xhaka have his limitations, but suggesting we start JW for him in one of the most important game of the season is ridiculous. Our midfield is so bad that Xkaka is currently our best midfielder, so its best to change the formation that will not leave him isolated. JW is an Arsenal man but we have seen that movie before and it did not go down well. Its best for him to move on or be as a squad player, the club need some proper midfielders. We need to replace most if not all of the current midfielders at the club.

  27. Wallace


    “Xhaka have his limitations, but suggesting we start JW for him in one of the most important game of the season is ridiculous.”

    the Spuds will hustle the f*ck out of us. Wilshere’s our one midfielder who won’t actually mind the pressure. bring Xhaka on later in the game if it’s not working.

  28. loyika

    @ GDNA

    Get where you come from, but at least JW plays with some guts and he will be up for this game and will give his all. Can you see Xhaka playing well against Dembele? Unless Rambo slows his roll and stays back to help in midfield to give Xhaka an outlet for the easy pass i can only hold my breathe at Granit being “Pressed” high up the pitch.

    Jack can escape tackles or draw fouls easily, while Granit… well we all know how that goes. I just don’t trust Granit in that Midfield against Spurs. But hey, he might surprise us all.

  29. GunnerDNA


    “the Spuds will hustle the f*ck out of us. Wilshere’s our one midfielder who won’t actually mind the pressure. bring Xhaka on later in the game if it’s not working”

    That’s where the manager should earns his pay check by coming up with tactics to counter Spurs pressing game, with Xhaka hitting long balls to Welbeck and Alexis and stretching the game and try not to get caught in possession. Having JW trying to trying to maintain possession under pressure in dangerous areas is playing in the opposition hands. imo. I can’t see JW starting in such a crucial game with 20 mins PL action so far this season.

  30. Dream10


    Wilshere looked really slow against Norwich. Looked like he was running in lead boots. His class on the ball is still there (albeit in with a slower burst), but he is even worse off the ball. Bad combo against athletic sides.

  31. TR7

    I despise Mourinho but If we have to beat Spurs ,Arsene will have to take a leaf out of his book. United went toe to toe with Spurs physically ,their energy level didn’t drop at any point of the game, stayed in the game and took one of the few chances they had to eke out a win. If we can’t match Spurs physically we have little chance of beating them unless we play the way we played against Chelsea in FA cup final.

    Play Welbeck, Ramsey , Wilshere and Coquelin who at the very least will apply themselves. Lacazzete must also start, Alexis was horrible against City. I wouldn’t start the Chilean who frankly has been one of the worst attacking performers this season. Not a fan of Ozil but Ramsey doesn’t have it in him to conduct a game, so we got to play him.

    Bellerin Koss Monreal Kolasinac
    Coq Wilshere
    Welbeck Ozil Ramsey

  32. Elmo

    Wenger is going to leave Arsenal in a couple of years, get handed the national job as the grand statesman of French football, then proceed to waste and mismanage their golden generation of players in their peak years.

    Remember the player rebellion under Domenech. Can you imagine Wenger trying to man-manage something like that?

  33. Little Mozart

    I don’t like Arsene, I prefer him leaving Arsenal but for someone to wish we loose against Spuds at emirates is just unbelievable! I’d prefer relegation than to loose a NLD

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    Pedro can’t see why your so confident our forms not great there’s is.
    I know it’s a derby but your clutching at straws thinking ozil and a piss poor Sanchez will turn up.
    Our record against that lot isn’t great recently, and Mike Mr spurs Dean is in charge.
    If xhaka, who somebody said was our best midfielder this season????????
    Is playing it will be like having ten men and denilson back in the side.

    And that’s before you take into account Wenger is still our manager!
    I want us to win, especially against that mob, but at best I can see a lucky draw.

  35. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    Afraid I am going to miss it this evening… Hope you enjoy it though! (As much as it is possible to enjoy watching Ireland play!)

  36. Up 4 grabs now


    Look at all the ridicule Wenger has experienced, especially the last few years, he’s still here.
    6-0 5-1 8-2 the list goes on, we can lose 5-0 on Saturday and nothing will change.

  37. TonyD

    I’d hate to lose against the Spuds but I think we’ll be lucky to get a point.

    No point living in the past; it’s what’s happening now and in the future we should be concerned with.

    Although we played well winning the cup, we took advantage of Chelsea not fully being at the races.

    A repeat Bridge performance might give us the draw is more realistic thinking.

    Mike Dean is too handy with issuing early cards and Xhaka is a liability as are Sead , Kos and Monreal.

    It will be a very high tempo game so returning from injury players will be off the pace.

    Just can’t see our midfield competing for 90+ minutes or dealing with Son.

    Then there is Wenger’s selections and zero tactics other than telling the lads to go express themselves.

    Pochettino on the other hand is streets ahead of Wenger on every level.

    So with the aforementioned I’ll take a draw as a good result for us as I just can’t see us winning without some form of divine intervention.

    1:1 prediction

  38. Redtruth

    Fools like Pierre will never acknowledge the need for real change regardless.of results.

    Up 4 grabs now

    Fickle fans will never bring about change but it’s still good to see Wenger ridiculed…

  39. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If we win on Saturday it will all be down to Wenger.

    If we lose on Saturday it will be the fault of the *
    referee / referee’s assistant / international break / weather / bad luck / injuries / playing with a little bit the handbrake on / Brexit

    * please delete where appropriate

  40. Gooner63

    Wow the NLD’s this season could be doubly bad

    We could lose to Spurs at the Emirates and lose to them at Wembley – not good.

    Then i discovered its nearly xmas – as i saw a christmas cracker joke earlier to day that said

    Q What player will Arsene Wenger replace Alexis Sanchez with.
    A Wilfred Zaha

    lolololloll – the old ones are the best

    But good news – we are after Fekir in January – pretty much a done deal – cant see Lyon having any issue with selling their best player whilst they are battling for the league etc. (sarcasm)

    Ah well soon be 2018

  41. Alex Cutter

    “Anyone who wishes for a Spurs win against us should ‘support’ another club.”

    You and Grandpa Pierre can support my balls. In your mouth!

  42. PieAFC

    Anyone who actually deep down wants them to win over their own hate for Wenger isn’t an Arsenal fan and a cunt IMO. I said it.

    Their fans are vile. White hart lane, the abuse, the hatred you get walking there, same as games at highbury down blackstock, no the Emirates.

    Fucking hate spurs. As much as I do not like Wenger and the current regime and understand in the past results against other sides putting pressure on Wenger is a good thing….

    Against this fucking lot, no chance.

    I hope we put in a shift and get a great result.

    Fuck Spurs.

  43. GunnerDNA

    Asked if there had been a power shift in north London, Cech said: “No I don’t think so. There is always one odd year where things can change, but the most important thing for us is competing against the other teams for the Premier League title and for the glory.

    “We are not competing against Tottenham Hotspur. Two years ago when we finished above them we were disappointed because we didn’t win the title.

    “Our target is to win the title and be successful during the season, not necessarily looking at what Tottenham are doing.”

    Cech added: “They’ve been there in the last few years so now I think they have to make sure they win something to show the progression.

    “Success is ultimately winning trophies. We were under pressure the last couple of years, people talking about winning trophies, obviously we are disappointed not to have won the title but we won FA Cups. Although the season was not always what we wanted, we always had a trophy at the end of it.”

  44. Thorough

    We just made light work of Argentina from 2 goals down. It’s amazing what one can achieve with a bunch of slightly above average players whom are:
    – Fights every minute till the game is won or lost.
    – Properly trained and
    – imbued with confidence

  45. Pierre

    Alex cutter
    “You and Grandpa Pierre can support my balls. In your mouth!”

    Yuk.. Not a bad very pleasant thought. Put me off my dinner..

    Anyway I am only 32

  46. Buckhurst Gun

    Seen some posters saying they want spurs to win ?? Seriously ?? How can you be an Arsenal fan but want those deluded cunts to win ??

    No matter how much I wenger out of here – FUCK SPURS

  47. TonyD

    Absolutely right.

    The Mail is reporting Wenger wants Sterling and Fekir.

    Imo Sterling is marginally better than Walcott and lacks a quality final ball as he did against us. Also, can’t imagine Sterling wanting to leave a potentially great City team and Pep to work under a failing manager who ridiculed Sterling as a diver.

    Fekir is a great player and will no doubt join Wenger’s list of “I nearly signed him”.

  48. TonyD


    Maybe Wenger is testing his options to leave or just his benign sense of humour for us fans.

    Bottom line is no elite club would want him, so international management is possibly all that is left for Him.

    If it stops him being our DoF or another ‘upstairs’ appointment when he steps down or is fired, then I’m more than happy.

    He’d be good for Andorra or the Faroe Isles. Maybe Kroenke can get Wenger the USA job.

    “Arsene Wenger claims he would like to manage at the World Cup when he ends his Arsenal tenure”

    Read more: