Real greatness explained + Ch-ch-changes coming

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I had a good 2016, but damn, did 2017 come at me fast. As the year closes out, just to really slap me in the chops, Mr. Lovemaker next door added percussion into the mix. He plays his drums so loud he can’t hear me banging on the door, so I’ve turned into a wall smacker extraordinaire. Guy banged on my door to confront me about smacking his wall because he couldn’t concentrate on his drumming. We had an argument, and he suggested that when he makes noise at 2am, I should just throw on some music and chill out.

I had a moment. This offer was so absurd, I thought maybe it was reasonable? Was I viewing noise in the wrong way? Had I become… old? Was buying a special wall banging broom a step too far? Was I preventing art?

The many things that cross your mind when a trust fund kid buys the place next door.

Anyway, talking of absurdity. Arsenal in for Wilfried Zaha for £30m… gimme some of that LoooooooL

The last thing Arsenal need is another athletically capable front man with limited capability in front of goal. The saddest part of rumours like this is you can smell the truth, stinking out your noisy apartment, like the scent of a dead racoon stuck under your neighbours bass drum.

Good news is our scouting nightmare might be coming to an end, with the rumour that Steve Rowley is off at the end of the season. The burdensome Chief Scout has been stuck in 1998 harder than Arsene Wenger. In between fangirling Spice girls and obsessively playing with his Tamagotchis, he’s been killing our summer plans with his nothing offerings. Some of the players he’s passed on over the years would make your eyes water, some of the players he greenlit actually made your eyes water.

Look at the trouble we’ve had with goalkeepers. Look at our slow decline in the French market. We’ve missed out players like Dembele, Auba, Kante and Lloris… whilst holding out for Gervinho, Park Chu Young and Chamakh. Our transfer market game was once elite, it now sits in a lowly position compared to clubs like Dortmund and Juve who trounce us at different ends of the spectrum.

I have no idea who the club is planning on bringing in. But I do hope we have an interesting plan. I don’t know who the best chief scouts are at the moment, but I do know you need a great sporting director to make that happen. I’m not really interested in Marc Overmars, who’d be a Wenger patsy. The Barca guy who is rumoured to be leaving would be an upgrade, but again, how suitable is a man who is used to unlimited budgets and a brand name to die for?

The club looks like it’s trying to upgrade, mainly due to the crop of incumbents being close to retirement, versus the real reason, they’ve been underperforming. Regardless, change is coming because we have more open positions than the US State Department.

Final thing I want to cover off is the weird revisionism that’s creeping into some of the fanbase about Olivier Giroud. The dangers of spreadsheet fans > those that pour over numbers, without watching games. There’s a growing opinion that AFC and France supporters have been overlooking the talents of Giroud. This is a nonsense.

Sure, he’s scored some great goals. Sure, he’s won some FA Cups. But just to put Giroud into context, and how far we’ve fallen with our view of greatness… look no further than Sylvain Wiltord. Basically a second-stringer, who came as a striker and rarely played there.

He scored 26 goals for France, winning a Euro Championship (scoring a crucial goal in the final) and 2 Confederations Cups

He won two Premier League titles for Arsenal (scoring a crucial goal at Old Trafford away)

2 FA Cups

He won 4 Ligue One titles over 2 clubs

He scored 49 goals for Arsenal

He won French player of the year in 1999 (in a golden era of French football)

Look at those achievements. The guy barely registered at the time. What has Giroud achieved? 2 FA Cups? Contributed to one of the most uninspired frontlines of a Wenger generation? Been part of a team that’s consistently failed in the big games?

He’s been a good player, but a great one? Please. Save greatness for those that deserve it. Like Sylvain Wiltord.

Right, that’s me done, see you on the other side.

P.S. I. Was. There.

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    People do seem to have short term memory when Giroud is the discussion. He’s been a C grade at worst, B- at best player.

  2. David Smith

    Being a scout for Wenger must be the most frustrating, futile existence.
    I would imagine it was Wenger who had the final say on passing on the likes of loris

  3. Jamie

    Only AKBs think Giroud is a ‘great’ striker. He most certainly isn’t ‘great’.

    Solid return on investment, scored some decent goals, but should never have touted as RVP’s replacement. He was bought to replace Chamakh, who left the following transfer window. Except he wasn’t, because Wenger is a cunt.

    The glory years of having worldies playing up front seem like a lifetime ago.

  4. alexanderhenry

    To be fair, we payed about £10 million for Giroud in the middle of arsenal’s self harming austerity period. Even back then £10 million for a centre forward would get you the footballing equivalent of a rusty austin allegro with 100,000 miles on the clock.
    In that sense, Giroud has over performed and I’ve always considered him to be a useful and effective squad player. We could have done a lot worse for that money.
    Andy Carrol and Christian Benteke at £35 million a piece spring to mind.

    Even flavour of the month, Pochettino spent £30 million on Sissoko last season.

    Giroud certainly doesn’t qualify as a Wenger bad buy. Xhaka does.

  5. norfolkgooner

    Kanu’s jump amazing.. watching it live back in 02 I thought for a second he’d actualy leapfrogged over a standing Wiltord! What a team that was.

  6. TitsMcGee

    Giroud certainly doesn’t qualify as a Wenger bad buy. Xhaka does.”

    They’re both not good enough and I think that is the general gist when it comes to Wenger. Whether he buys someone for 10 and they’re better than expected or buys someone for 40 and they’re not as good as expected it’s all the same thing.

    An average group collectively.

    The “value for money” trophy doesn’t amount to a hill of shiite at the end of the day.

  7. karim

    Fekir is the signing we need, been banging that drum for ages !

    People were waiting to see how he would come back after his bad injury, he’s even better than before !
    11 goals and 4 assists, best player on the pitch every single week-end.
    Has a deadly understanding with Lacazette too.

  8. E54_

    He’s been a good player, but a great one? Please. Save greatness for those that deserve it. Like Sylvain Wiltord.

    1. Not fair, Compare Giroud to players of his own generation. He is one of the few players who have actually won a league title. I’m no Giroud supporter but he’s done more than half the flops you champion, support and give passes to.

    Cesc AppealNovember 12, 2017    21:53:13

    And I guess Wenger though.

    And why would he though.

    2. You could ask the same for Lacazette. Why in the hell did he come here. He has already been ‘put in his place’ by Wenger
    Giroud is still No.9 starting CF for france. What exactly does he expect to achieve here. The very fact he signed for ‘Wengers Arsenal’ is suspect.

  9. karim


    Right, heard about the Barça interest.
    Still, we were seriously linked with him at the time, his father even said we would be first choice.
    When I see Bernardo Silva or other former ligue 1 top players struggling for game time, I dare think we’re still a good option.

  10. Cesc Appeal



    I just think the state we’re in we are a really unattractive prospect for anyone right now aside from a player below our level.

    Look at us from the outside, past it manager clinging to power with half the fan base wanting him gone, no longer in UCL and not looking likely to return, no longer a league title competitor and with Sanchez and Ozil both running their contracts down to escape.

    The flip side is if you got rid of Wenger and put in a good DoF you could actually become an exciting project for players, sort of reinvigorating a formerly good club.

  11. Sandy

    Your first 2 paragraphs are spot on- then you miss the point.
    The whole problem at our great club is Kronke not the DOF or Wenger ( though he has a lot to answer for recently).

    As long as parasite Kronke owns our club we are a mid table , Europa League outfit,
    Under Kronke- we dont challenge for the league, never got past last 16 UCL, cannot attract world class players, lose our best players and probably worst of all , We as supporters havelowered our expectations to parasite Kronkes level.
    He wont sell out as long as his asset is appreciating, thanks to TV money mostly.
    Basically our club is fucked and unless the fans rebel seriously the downward spiral will continue.

  12. Goobergooner

    Alex (from last post),

    I know where you’re coming from, but it really is as simple as this:

    Wenger makes every footballing decision at this club. Kroenke will have his say on the financials yes, certainly. And he also controls the board room and makes the big decision to continue hiring an out of date manager.

    But in terms of football he hasn’t got a clue, which is why Arsene is left to his own devise and is why we are not competing at the top. There is too many footballing matters controlled by a man who used to be great, but has struggled to keep up with the times.

    I want all of Kroenke and Wenger and the whole board out of my club, but fook me dead, I will dance with joy in the streets the day we sign a new manager and can get some fresh ideas and a new vision for how our team play.

    Wenger is done. And I 100% believe we can improve with a modern back room setup and using our resources more prudently with a new manager. And once we get rid of the socialist wage structure, we should be able to (with better scouting, or at least actually buying players we do scout) bring in better talent.

    I’m not one to let this whole scenario get to me, it is just I’d really like to properly enjoy this club again. And it only takes one man to leave for me to get excited again, and it isn’t Kroenke.

    Peace out my friends.

  13. Redtruth


    You are wrong…Wenger always struggles when the competition is tough…Champions league and Premier league post Abramovich prove Wenger is not a top coach.

  14. alexanderhenry


    I don’t necessarily disagree with you. You never know, Kroenke may hire someone really good.
    My post on the previous thread was in response to an article someone posted a link to, in which the author claimed that Kroenke has ‘no immediate say’ in running of arsenal. This is not true.
    Basically, there is hope amongst certain arsenal fans that all the club has to do is get rid of wenger and everything will be just fine. I hope I’m wrong but I do not think that is the case.

    Only time will tell.

  15. Redtruth

    Kroenke has no say in the running of Arsenal which is why Wenger has his full support.. If he had genuine interest in the club he would have sacked Wenger and replaced him with a football man.

  16. Goobergooner

    It is pretty sad that we have to go back 10 or more years to properly reminisce about our great club.

    Don’t get me wrong, FA cups are great. But they are only great achievements if you aren’t looking at the bigger picture of what a great football club should be.

    Put into context with out PL and UCL achievements, we are well and truly under achieving.

    Soooo much disdain for Gazidis hahaha

  17. Goobergooner


    Fair call my man.

    I wish the bold Arrow of time wasn’t moving so slowly on Wenger’s time in charge haha.

  18. peanuts&monkeys

    ppl here are such donkeys, they STILL do not realise even a Messi and a CR7 playing jointly for this ArseneFC team will still end up between 5th and 8th. The AKBs’ luck have run out finally.

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    I have started fallin in love with Dortmund. You knwo what guys…10 continuous days without ‘arsenal news’ and without LeLosersGrove and without any EPL coverage is showing its effect. I’m glad that I had kept ArseneFC out of my arms’ length for the last 3 months or so…Try this.

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    the LeLosers here just cannot do without basking in past past glory….all ofa sudden today they are in search of Wiltord’s greatness. These are AKBs’ ways of keeping you still trapped in this false fraud world of ArsenFC.

  21. Jamie

    peanuts&monkeys is triggered. He “keeps Arsenal at arms’ length and out of his thoughts” by spamming the comments section with four consecutive posts.


  22. Elmo


    The sad FACT is that Wenger has beaten submission into us all.

    Had you not endured the last decade of Wenger’s exhibition in wielding total power and neutering of all those who think they can challenge him, then you would have knocked the tosser next door out by now and urinated on his front door to assert your dominance and territory.

    It is Wenger’s fault.

  23. HighburyLegend

    The title at Old Toilet, what a f*cking awesome memory!!

    “Mr. Lovemaker next door added percussion into the mix. ”
    lol Pedro at first I thought he was making too much noise having sex.

  24. Danny S

    In the seasons Giroud was relied upon as our main striker, he would go on long streaks where he wouldn’t score, then score in a few clumps, then disappear again.
    Hes a very capable plan b, but nowhere near what we need.
    You speak to idiots on Arsenal facebook though and youd think he was CR7.

  25. Jim Lahey

    Not resigning Cesc was a ridiculous decision. Wenger once again putting his own interests ahead of the club.

    Regarding Giroud, we all know he isn’t good enough to win us the league, but for what we paid for him he has been fantastic. A great option from the bench.

  26. Jim Lahey

    @Jamie –

    He is a Spurs fan, that for some unknown reason has been allowed to post on here for years!! I have an ongoing theory its actually an alias used by Pedro! Ha!

  27. Chris

    Will anyone else have a little chuckle if Italy don’t make it tonight? It would be a shame for Buffon, but a World Cup without Italy and Holland would be strange.

  28. Mark

    Would like to see Fekir at AFC, but won’t get ahead of myself with all the rumours. He had a great partnership with Laca, and could help to get the best from him.

  29. grooveydaddy

    Kroenke’s LA Rams now, all of a sudden, look like genuine Super Bowl contenders.

    Their secret? Firing a long standing head coach, and hiring a young, dynamic one.

    Maybe there is hope for Arsenal after all?

  30. karim


    I swear I hadn’t seen the latest rumours about a deal ” almost done ” when I talked about him.
    Now, I’m getting carried away !

  31. Cesc Appeal

    International break everyone, come on.

    We all know transfer rumours go into overdrive as the press try to cover for the total nothingness.

    Messi wants Alli apparently as well, we’re doing a deal for Zaha as well, United are doing a deal for Asensio.

    Seriously, why would Fekir want to come here? If he keeps this form up he has the pick of Europe.

    Arsenal are a fading club, everyone knows that.

  32. karim


    Let me be clear about it, I seriously doubt Lyon would sell him in January anyway, not to mention our power of attraction these days.
    He’s their captain, has been unstoppable since August and is fighting for a starting spot in the NT ( which he fully deserves ).

    But then, he’d be worth a mega offer next summer as far as I’m concerned.

  33. karim


    He’s already suffered a potential career-ending injury and maybe that has changed his perception.

    Running the risk to sign for a mega club is not a small thing, especially when your name’s Fekir ( not really a big name, is he ? )

    A leading part in the rebuilding of Arsenal can be an exciting project when his father’s a fan and his former striking partner already there.

  34. David Smith

    Hopefully the Rams will inspire Kroenke.
    Read some reports that Stan expects Wenger to challenge for the title to continue enjoying his support, we shall see if that’s true

  35. Chris

    Don’t get too excited about the Rams. They have had an unexpectedly good start but they won’t even end up winning the NFC West. They’ll be gone by wildcard weekend.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    That is true.

    But the counter is the serious injury might make him think make the move now because you never know when your career might be up.

    He’s seen what has happened to Ozil, seen that Sanchez wants out, does he want to take the risk under a busted manager of regression?

    Not trying to piss on anyone’s chips here, but I don’t think Wenger is a pull anymore, but for some good fortune I think Lacazette would have been an Atletico player personally.

  37. Little Mozart

    Mike Dean the Ref for NLD!! Kane and Alli already ejaculating. Its hard to ignore this conspiracy again Arsenal, innit?

  38. Cesc Appeal

    The only conspiracy against Arsenal comes from the owner and manager to use it for the own ends, f**k the fans, f**k the football, f**k sport, f**k ambition, we’re alright.

  39. kc

    The Rams Are Not Super Bowl Contenders. What a ridiculous statement. They’ve been given one of the easiest schedules all year on purpose. They could easily drop 3 out of their next 4 games.

  40. karim


    Italy were pushing hard before half-time, hope they’ll do it even if I may regret that in 7/8 months time lol !


    You’re definitely right, Wenger is no pull anymore, Arsenal may not be what it used to be ( far from it actually ) but there’s huge potential right there imo, which makes the situation even more depressing.

    We’ll see.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    If it was me I would try for Goretzka on a free in the summer and then Barkley as well, along with Danilo from Porto to completely change our midfield four to something stronger and more controlling.

    Bellerin, Ramsey/Wilshere, Danilo, LWB

    That has a far more solid look to it. Would shift Kolasinac to LCB and try to bring in a faster LWB.

    Danilo being a tall, strong, very mobile CDM frees our midfield up a bit more, decent on the ball as well, release clause of £37 Million I think.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I could not agree more.

    We have the money, we have the location and considering we’re sleeping right now a new manager and new set up in the club would be as exciting as when City and Chelsea first took off.

    Players would want to come in and be the ones to reinvigorate us.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I mean, if I fully got my way I would bring in N’Zonzi as well on a release clause of £37 Million and totally change out that middle four.

    Losing Coq, Elneny, one of Ramsey or Wilshere and maybe Xhaka as well.