International break takes first victim

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I knoooooow I rant about this all the time, but I’m still beyond flummoxed that we’re in our third international break and it’s November. This time, it’s not even for anything important, just a really disruptive friendly.

I don’t mean to be renegade here. But why are we even part of the whole FIFA family? Why aren’t the clubs the all-powerful overlords of football? Why are we at the mercy of FIFA. A deeply corrupt, vile organisation. It’s like paying into a really shite trade union. The sort that’s not really looking out for your interests. The sort that makes you go running on your lunch break.

International football should be for the winter and summer breaks. Keep it separated out. It’s outrageous that fans pay all that money to see their clubs play, only for FIFA brutalise their players 3 times in a matter of months.

Olivier Giroud now misses the Spurs game, for what? A friendly against Wales? Pointless…

There’s really not much to talk about. International break after a loss is like a dinner conversation after a fart.

The 89 film premiere looked bloody excellent, really sad to have missed that, by all accounts, I hear the film is excellent and a worthwhile gift this Christmas. Amazing to see that Arsenal fans will find a way to fight over that as well. If you’re digging out their PR team for sending high profile Arsenal folk there… you really need to remember the job of the PR people.


Their job is to sell the film. They did a pretty good job by the looks of it, plenty of exciting guests at the event, and a lot of nostalgia about a very different era. I was super young, so I can’t say I remember it crystal clear. But I certainly remember George Graham. A great coach who delivered a tremendous amount of success in a short blast of time.

Ahhh… success. The lust for winning. A north star to rally behind! Thems were the days!

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  1. Vegas gooner

    Your Comment Heredidnt we just an international break in October? How many games does it take to put together an England team we know will fall apart after losing to some Asian country in the group stage?

  2. edu

    Totally. I dont know one person that likes the international breaks.
    Ive thought, why dont fifa/uefa look at the schedules, scrap all the int’l breaks throughout the season. Instead most teams could have a winter break. On non world cup/euro tournament summers, because the season could finish earlier, teams could then play several qualifiers in a row…maybe 6 fixtures? int’l managers would have a more concentrated period of maybe a month to work with the players. Maybe fans would have more interest in internationals? Also, question for the pod, which players should be on arsenal’s shortlist for next season? Maybe fekir, jose gimenez?(i know we also need other positions strengthened….).Obviously main hope is for a new dynamic manager but that looks unlikely until 2048.

  3. E54_

    * Will probably go but I’d prefer it if we (arsenal) use the more established International players. I mean lets face it. Giroud is better than Lacazette right?

  4. HillWood

    There were very few live matches back then. I watched the match in my local.
    Not many teams beat Pool at Anfield back then
    There was beer everywhere when that goal went in

  5. Chitom

    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Just placed an order on Amazon as a gift for my wife who’s a big champagne lover.
    And they said Legrove is only good for Wenger bashing

  6. Pierre

    “Giroud is better than Lacazette right?”

    You had me worried for a minute, I thought you was serious and then I remembered its joke Friday.

    Nice try though

  7. E54_


    November 11, 2017    19:09:58

    “Giroud is better than Lacazette right?”

    You had me worried for a minute, I thought you was serious and then I remembered its joke Friday.

    Nice try though
    PierreNovember 11, 2017    19:43:27

    Its Saturday!!!!

  8. E54_


    I’m simply asking the question. If I was Giroud, i could make a very valid case with proof as to why I’m better than Lacazette. I don’t think it’s as easy as you make out. Also I’m not a Fence sitter. Heres one for later in the season. I say by February March 2018, as long as he’s not Injured. Giroud will be our STARTING CF, if not sooner. Laca will be benched or LWF.

  9. E54_

    Also let me qualify my opinion on Lacazette by saying I don’t think he’s a bad player. I say what i say about Giroud and Laca because Wenger has a soft spot for Giroud. He has favourites and this has been exposed throughout the years. Giroud has probably told Wenger he doesn’t mind letting Laca have more starts at the beginning of the season, but soon enough as he did with Perez wally and even SANCHEZ at the end of last season, even though Sanchez was our top goal scorer, He will want to fight for his spot and because hes loyal to Wenger and a favourite of Wengers, Giroud will be given what he wants.

  10. Pierre

    Sadly E54 you are probably right… Giroud will be starting up front..

    It is of my opinion that giroud and Ramsey have held the club back for the last 3 years or so because, as you say, Wenger has his favourites and those 2 come into that category.
    We have been crying out for a top class striker and midfielder but Wenger has stayed loyal to those 2.
    Of course, both are decent players and have definitely had their good moments over the years but with Ramseys lack of discipline and giroud ‘s lack of movement will always be detrimental to the team.

  11. Redtruth

    “It is of my opinion that giroud and Ramsey have held the club back for the last 3 years or so because, as you say, Wenger has his favourites and those 2 come into that category.”

    Wenger has held the club back for at least 10 years, 20 years if you include Europe…

  12. James wood

    If Arsenal had been doing their business properly during the transfer window
    and seeing how interested Liverpool where in the Ox.
    Then Arsenal should have been looking at a player swap for Ben Woodburn.
    We seem to miss a trick evertime and really are the weakest of all the teams in the premiership when doing business.

  13. Wallace

    agree with Thorough’s post from the other day that a Jack/AM-N midfield would be an interesting alternative to Xhaka/Ramsey. shame Wenger hasn’t tried it out in one or two of the Europa League games.

    would happily see some of the fringe players in the squad sold to make way for the more promising kids coming though at the minute.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    From the article:

    ‘And what of our much-coveted Values’? Sadly they are more about self-indulgence and self-preservation than virtue and self-sacrifice.’

    Been saying this for a long long time.

  15. alexanderhenry


    Read the article and I’m not impressed. I agree that the concept of arsenal’s ‘values’ is ambiguous , flawed and basically a PR stunt devised to manage fans’ expectations.
    Every time the club mention ‘values’ it pisses me off as much as anyone else.

    However, we do know what these values are – kind of.

    They are in the main:

    ‘Self sustainability’ , ‘investment in youth’ and ‘continuity’.

    ‘Winning trophies’ isn’t one of them.

    The article didn’t address this clearly.

    Also, when he writes:

    ‘ Stan Kroenke for all intents and purposes has no immediate say in the running of Arsenal football club ‘, I wonder what planet he’s living on.

    Kroenke personally flew in at the end of last season and offered Wenger a new contract.
    There was no consultation or meeting with the BOD, despite the fact that there was an alleged split within it. It highlighted two things: Kroenke’s absolute control over arsenal and the BOD’s lack of any real say.
    To claim that Kroenke has ‘no say’ in running arsenal is therefore nonsense.

    He has more ‘say’ than anyone else. He and no one else sanctions the club’s overall business plan. Arsenal fc does not make any significant decisions without his say so. He can also hire and fire anyone he likes, including wenger.

  16. TheBayingMob

    I’m a bit out of the loop as I’ve been travelling, can anyone tell me when the Premier League break will interupt this International friendly season?

  17. jasongms


    as always you can’t help but come to the aid of your hero, it’s boring!

    The article also goes on to say

    “Yes, he (stan) doesn’t splash the cash like an Abramovich does, yet he also doesn’t take any money out of the club. He is what he is, a silent majority shareholder. He neither hinders Wenger’s football philosophy nor Gazidis commercially. They are both very well paid,'”

    I think that’s a very fair assessment and as for your take on stan flying out to London to see Arsene personally. One could look at that and think wow, who gets a billionaire to drop everything and make a personal appearance so that an employee can sign a new contract. only Arsene Wenger gets that sort of ceremony.

  18. ArseneisaFraud


    We are still in the middle of the international friendlies.. Next game will be on Sat. 18/11 vs the Spuds (KO @ 12:30 pm).

    Where have you been travelling?

  19. alexanderhenry


    And yet he personally reappointed wenger completely ignoring anyone else’s opinion, and has taken money out of the club on two occasions, for ‘legal services’.

    He has also installed his own son on the BOD as well as persevering with sir ‘chips’, lord harris, gazidis and ken friar, and has to refused to allow Usmanov who owns 30% of the club any involvement at all.

    He is the majority shareholder with a controlling stake of Arsenal football club.

    He is the boss.

  20. David Smith

    Just read a tweet suggesting that the club are looking to bring in Villa technical director, Steve Round, you know, ,Villa, a club a division below us.
    If true, suggests possibly another Wenger yes man rather than a cutting edge coach?

  21. jasongms

    “And yet he personally reappointed wenger completely ignoring anyone else’s opinion,”

    LOL, who’s opinion?

    You mean the Wenger out guys that were in the minority and probably still are, or the board / CEO that has never been antipathetic toward Wenger ( as far as we know)

    “he is the boss” No one is debating that as anything other than fact, what is also fact is the absurdity that somehow Kroenke hinders wenger from doing a better job.

  22. alexanderhenry


    Exactly. The BOD have no say therefore. It’s all up to Kroenke. You’re agreeing with me.

    To quote the article again:

    ‘ Stan Kroenke for all intents and purposes has no immediate say in the running of Arsenal football club ‘

    Surely you don’t agree with that, do you?

  23. Goobergooner


    I know where you’re coming from, but it really is as simple as this:

    Wenger makes every footballing decision at this club.

    Kroenke will have his say on the financials yes, certainly. And he also controls the board room and makes the big decision to continue hiring an out of date manager.

    But in terms of football he hasn’t got a clue, which is why Arsene is left to his own devise and is why we are not competing at the top. There is too many footballing matters controlled by a man who used to be great, but has struggled to keep up with the times.

    I want both Kroenke and Wenger and the whole board out of my club, but fook me dead, I will dance with joy in the streets the day we sign a new manager and can get some fresh ideas and a new vision for how our team play.

    Wenger is done. And I 100% believe we can improve with a modern back room setup and using our resources more prudently with a new manager. And once we get rid of the socialist wage structure, we should be able to (with better scouting, or at least actually buying players we do scout) bring in better talent.

    I’m not one to let this whole scenario get to me, it is just I’d really like to properly enjoy this club again. And it only takes one man to leave for me to get excited again.

    Peace out my friends.