Mesut gunning for Jack

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via @Arsenal

via @Arsenal

Very odd Mesut Ozil story doing the rounds today, it centres around his desire to have the #10 shirt off the back of Jack Wilshere if he’s to stay on.


Seems like a super insignificant ask. Like, almost a bit embarrassing if I’m honest. His next 5 years appears to hinge on what number is on his back?

Reality is, he should have the shirt if Wenger sees him as the better player. Just seems a little bit odd that everything would come down to this.

For me this highlights a few things. Firstly, that shirt numbers are important and players pay attention. Wenger has a bit of a history leaving big numbers with sidelined players. Remember Chezzer keeping the #1 despite being on loan? The manager should probably address this. It’s like a less serious version of not giving a fu*k about captains.

Secondly, it tells you that Ozil doesn’t have much on the table. There are a whole host of things that should be preventing him from staying on with the club, that certainly shouldn’t be one of them. Mesut is basically saying, I’ll stay on for another 5 years of bullshit if you give me something really pointless.

I’d move him on. We could make a better use of that stonking wage, and we could maybe buy a player that could do more than one thing. I know he offers a lot going forward, I know he’s sublime, but look, he’s limited and he hasn’t developed his game to suit an elite PL team. Give him treble your money stinks of desperation.

Robert Pires is doing his best to communicate he doesn’t have a mind of his own, and would be wholly unsuitable for the role of Sporting Director.

“For me, he’s still the man,”

“He has done well for a long, long time.

“Sometimes it’s difficult with a lot of pressure from the fans and media, but he’s always very relaxed and confident. He always believes in the players, and that’s a positive.

“We lost the last game against Man City, but City have played really very well since the beginning of the season.

“I feel that there is still good quality in this Arsenal team — maybe we just need more spirit and commitment.”

His beautiful face so buried up Wenger’s rectum he’s lost all sense of direction. I don’t want to dive too deep into this, because it’s propaganda, but how can he say Wenger is still the right man for the job?

It makes me love him like, 2% less.

Right, that’s me done today. I’ll see you on the other side!

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Referee issues are so far down the list, even if you think there is some form of bias, that is out of our control. The main issue is that we are failing totally on issues within our control, manager, transfers, tactics, coaches etc.

    Like a boxer getting in the ring having struggled to make weight, having done no cardio work in training, having not watched any videos of his opponent, getting his arse whooped and then complaining he felt the referee was a bit harsh on him in the fight.

  2. jasongms

    @Cesc Appeal


    And then unsurprisingly implements the exact same training’ program again, with the same results.
    As an organic pattern evolves, one starts to see a pattern of subjective bias, which fans call a referee conspiracy. Little do they realise that the problem stems from the original lack of training/ tactical nous, to begin with…

  3. E54_

    Mesut gunning for Jack?

    ha! Why hasn’t Wilshere signed a new contract? He can walk for free with Ozil and Sanchez. Shambles.
    So i thought our backroom staff had improved our fitness record?

    Danny Welbeck
    Injury type: Hamstring strain.
    Out since: Limping off in the second half against Watford on October 14
    Expected return date: Tottenham Hotspur (h) on November 18.
    What Wenger said: “Welbeck will be back after the international break.”

    David Ospina
    Injury type: Groin problem.
    Out since: Watford (A), October 14.
    Expected return date: Tottenham Hotspur (h) on November 18.
    What Wenger said: “Ospina is not very bad, he has a grade one [groin problem] so it’s just a couple of weeks.”

    Santi Cazorla
    Injury type: Achilles
    Out since: October 2016
    Expected return date: January 2018
    What Wenger said: “The first signs are positive, but still he has not played for one and a half years.
    “He is not in full training yet, he needs a few games with the reserve team. So I think if all goes well, it will be after Christmas.”

    Calum Chambers
    Injury type: Hip.
    Out since: The win against Doncaster on September 20.
    Expected return date: Tottenham Hotspur (h) on November 18.
    What Wenger said: “Calum is back full training but not fit enough to play.”

    Shkodran Mustafi
    Injury type: Groin injury.
    Out since: Germany’s win against Azerbaijan on October 8.
    Expected return date: Tottenham (H), November 18.
    What Wenger said: “We have to be a bit more patient with him. Normally all three (Welbeck and Ospina) should be available after the international break.

    Rob Holding
    Injury type: Thigh
    Out since: Manchester City (a) on November 5.
    Rob Holding celebrates. (Image: David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
    Expected return date: Tottenham (H), November 18.
    What Wenger said: “Holding has a thigh strain.”

    Per Mertesacker
    Injury type: Illness.
    Out since: Manchester City (a) on November 5.
    Expected return date: Tottenham (H), November 18.
    What Wenger said: “Mertesacker came in Saturday morning sick.”

  4. E54_

    Again… why is Jack Wilshere being allowed to run down his contract. Why haven’t Arsenal offered him one. If they have, why hasn’t Mr. Arsenal Jack Wilshere signed it?

  5. HillWood

    Welbeck looks like another sicknote. Plays a couple of matches gets injured and out for a couple of months.
    That’s on top of his inability to score goals.
    It’s a shame because he’s a decent player otherwise

  6. Bamford10


    We explained away the figures. Learn to read, you waste. The notion that the referees are biased against Arsenal is laughable. Absolutely laughable.

  7. TitsMcGee

    There’s definite referee bias against us more than for us”

    Pretty silly.

    You don’t conspire unless you benefit from the conspiracy. Who benefits from refs intentionally forking us over? It’s very UNTOLD.

    Perhaps we have poor defenders/techniques ? Since you know by everyone’s account(players and journos) we actually don’t do any prep on opposition and Wenger let’s them “figure it out ” on their own.



    I dont think theirs a referee conspiracy against us.
    but i sure as hell think wenger has pissed enough of them off over the years for it to effect the odd decision.

    i remember reading about Brian Clough & also George Graham telling his players
    to praise a linesman or a ref when they made a good decision.
    its just a small thing but psychologically it sticks in there head and subconsciously helps sway decisions your way.

    Wenger is known for moaning at 4th officials who are basically referees.
    who will be refereeing his games over the next month.
    they might not benefit from arsenal losing but they might get a bit of satisfaction out of seeing wenger lose his rag and his team drop points.

    its not an excuse we’re still miles from challenging but Wengers moaning certainly doesn’t help.

  9. Pierre

    There is a no doubt that players can influence a ref during a game and that’s where we let ourselves down.. We are too nice on the pitch.
    When we had adams, bould, winterburn etc they would never allow the ref to give some of the decisions we get now. Our players now just shrug their shoulders and accept it.
    Look at the great man u and Chelsea sides. They new exactly how to pressure the refs without getting a card. Chelsea players would take it in turn to hound the ref and it worked.
    Arsenal players are too naive and they give refs an easy ride.

  10. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal players are too naive and they give refs an easy ride.”

    lol just another “Wenger kind of excuse” for poor results.

  11. Pierre

    “Referee issues are so far down the list”

    Maybe on your list they are but for some, what happens on the pitch is more important than whats happening off it…

    Each to their own I suppose.

  12. graham62

    The fact that some of you are now using referees as an excuse for our frailties is inexcusable and, frankly, rather embarrassing.

    What next? Maybe the discrepancies between home and away ballboys when throwing the balls back. The development of the ball itself and the more ‘breathable’ Football kits. What about the fumes omitted by the referees marker spray?!

    You know, when fans start to blame refereeing decisions on Arsenal’s obvious weaknesses, you have to stand back and accept that some gormless people are more concerned with trying to justify things, rather than acknowledge we now have a manager devoid of ideas and the intelligence to move the club forward.

    Please, just give it a break!

  13. graham62

    “gormless” may have offended some(one) of you. Sorry about that.

    Maybe DISFUNCTIONAL would have been a better word to use.

  14. Pierre

    Not offended at all.. No need to apologise.
    I promise I won’t mention how biased referees are(and they are) towards arsenal again.. (until the next dodgy penalty)

    Over the last 24 hours I have been called
    “a waste”

    Would be nice to see a bit of humour mixed in with the abuse.

  15. James wood

    I am afraid you might as well give up on Jack and Santi
    Like Diaby and the great Ledley King ( yes I know).
    Players just don’ t come back after injuries like they have had
    at least not to the level required for the Premiership.

    So why are they still on the MENU here. It’s all false hope.?

  16. Do One Gambon


    Not silly at all. No one really benefits. I think a few of the refs just don’t like us/arsene very much.

    Its not a long term conspiracy to stop us. I also think a lot of it is phycoological and they don’t even realise they’ve done it.

    Just my opinion.