Sanchez drops treasonous performance as officials conspire against us (again)

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Well, if you want to put a positive spin on that, you could say that we’ve never really entered the hope phase this season. Arsenal have conceded 16 goals in 11 games. We’ve lost 4 times. We’re 12 points off top. We’re sitting in 6th in November.

The title race is over before we’ve even had time to dream it might be on the cards.

Does that make it any easier to swallow? Not really. It shows that once again the fans were right and the owners are still massively off the pace on the topic of how a modern football club should function. Our board are weak. Our CEO is a puppet, and weak. Our manager is a belligerent old fool who should have quit 5 years ago.

We are a club going nowhere but backward.

Wenger has a cover story though, and it’s a fair one, though I think slightly disingenuous if we’re honest. The game was ruined by two poor decisions a season after the same game was ruined by two poor decisions.

The first howler was a penalty given when Monreal fairly shielded the ball from Raheem Sterling. It was an appalling decision and one that Arsenal almost never get. Obviously, the penalty was going to go in, and Aguero was going to score it.

The second one was even harder to stomach because Lacazette had pulled a goal back for us. David Silva was slipped into the box by KDB, he looked around at the lino because he knew he was offside, our defence and midfield threw their arms up, Silva passed to Jesus who finished from 6 yards. Poor discipline from professional players who should know to play to the whistle, not their hopes. But still, it was offside, it shouldn’t have stood.

Playing City is hard. There aren’t many teams on the planet who would take points away at The Etihad this season. You really can’t have poor refs giving away #FAKEgoals. It’s absolutely ridiculous we’re in 2017 and I’m still debating the need for video replays. Who is enjoying that result? Who thinks karma will work its magic for us at some point? It’s a nonsense. We need the VAR (Virtual Assistant Ref they have in the Bundesliga) over here next season. It’s criminal that this particular result can’t speak for itself. The context of it is we were robbed.

The reality of it is different. Manchester City had many gears, and they switched off at 60minutes, presumably to conserve energy. I highly doubt there was any situation where we came out of that game not losing. Out of 27 games against top 6 teams, we’ve only won twice. Arsenal had some moments, but we were largely average in the final third and we really struggled to maintain a solid shape at the back. Kolasinac was poor and he’s giving me the same jitters Mustafi was at this point last season.

We did well for the opening 17minutes. I thought we pressed smartly, boxing City into the corners as they tried to play out, overloading them well. Problem is, as soon as we conceded on 18minutes, our heads dropped and we stopped defending as a unit.

Our game plan wasn’t helped by the insane decision to play Coquelin as a centre back. Last season Wenger was crowing that he’d just unearthed a £50m defender for £2m, asking us to accept his scouting genius can be delivered at bargain rates. This week, he’s putting his least talented midfielder in ahead of him. Sad fact here, Coq was the worst player for on-the-ball composure out of the whole back 5. A really bizarre decision and a damning slight on Rob Holding.

Wenger also opted for Alexis Sanchez. Can I see the logic? Damn right I can. On paper, with no context or common sense. He’s a £90m striker who on his day, is a far superior talent to Lacazette. However, the reality is Alexis is behaving like a c*nt behind the scenes, he doesn’t give a fu*k about the wellbeing of the squad, and Wenger was expecting him to perform against a team who have been offering him an escape route and a double your money contract.

That. Is. Mad.

How was that ever going to pan out? He put in an abomination of a performance, losing the ball 15 times. He did more for City’s counter-attacking than he’s done for us all season. It was an unabashed treasonous showing. The FA should take him to task for conspiracy or unsporting behavior. What the hell was Wenger thinking in keeping him at the club past June? Who were the muppets saying that was a big club chess play? He’s not even delivering goals, he’s offering Chamberlain levels of shite in front of goal. I’d prefer to see Eddie out there.

… and for the life of me please don’t play that ‘HE WAS THA ONLY WUN SHOWIN PAHUN OUT THERE’ because that’s false. He played for himself, and he looked like a fu*cking brat.

Ozil at least had a go in stages. He still infuriates me. Watching his total lack of intensity for his defensive duties makes me want to cry into a pillow with an Invincibles DVD playing softly in the background. Same with Aaron Ramsey, at the highest level, he just doesn’t cut it. A good player, not a great one. I love this xG rating people bandy around. When Bendtner was missing chances, he was just a donkey. Ramsey is doing the same and he’s some sort of genius waiting to break into world class. Give it up people. He’s 27 in December, 3 seasons younger than Cesc.

But look, here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter who we chop out or chop in. This is Arsene Wenger’s mess. He’s an average manager that will do enough to convince Stan K he’s not a bad manager. We’ll be in and around the top 4 come what May. It won’t get that bad. Which is a shame, because that’ll keep him here for another year or 10. Wenger is the specialist in doing just enough.

His team don’t believe in themselves. His methods don’t translate on the pitch. His grip on the club is slowly alienating the passion the fans have for their days out.

I am indifferent to yesterday. It was expected. Bland. With no hope of it changing in the short term.

Roll on Spurs…

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  1. Don

    Gunner dna

    Mate anyone that doesn’t whine or bitch or defends any aspect of the club is labelled an AKB
    It’s like a religion now. Like anyone that doesn’t go along with this sjw lunacy is labelled a nazi.
    Any positive outlook on the clubs future
    Any defence of certain players
    Calling out the ref after another pathetic, error laden performance
    It becomes a sport in itself fending of these nutcases
    Like I said said earlier to Highbury Legend
    If you can’t watch football without becoming obsessed with Wenger or having the inability ti separate the club from the manager then I don’t think sport is for you
    I’d recommend a psychologist

  2. Kwame

    Same! Same!! Same!!! Owner- couldn’t be bothered. CEO – opportunist. Manager – clueless dinosaur. Fans – cry babies refusing to act.

  3. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    or having the inability ti separate the club from the manager then I don’t think sport is for you I’d recommend a psychologist

    That’s the problem – the club is the Manager. Too much power.


    Asked about the club appointing a director of football figure, Wenger said: “No. I don’t know what director of football means. Is it somebody who stands in the road and directs play right and left? I don’t understand and I never did understand what it means.”

    It was then put to him that there might be some restructuring. “No, no, no,” he said. “Sorry, no. I’m not prepared to talk about that. I’m the manager of Arsenal Football Club and, as long as I’m manager of Arsenal Football Club, I will decide what happens on the technical front. That’s it.”

  4. TitsMcGee

    I think he absolutely is trying to be the best in the league and is genuinely baffled by why his team isn’t at the top ”

    Nobody can be that thick? 13 seasons of bad luck ?

    He’s washed up in terms of winning the league and he knows it. Therefore he goes out and tries to get top 4 with the smallest outlay possible so as not to put his job in jeopardy.

    I.e I only spent X and I brought AFC the Champions League.

    Case in point signs 2 players after finishing miles off of top (and Spurs in 2nd) . Why? Because he was only 2 points off of 4th and he figures we’ve strengthened enough to make up that “gap”.

    There is more competition for top 4 now than at any other point in his tenure and it’s no coincidence he fell out of it last season for the first time in forever.

  5. Ishola70

    Don it’s all well and good stating that fans should be able to separate Wenger from Arsenal FC but you know as well as everyone else that the club is Arsene FC.

    This is the way it is.

    His every fibre is ingrained into the club after so many years in residence.

    The club can become Arsenal FC when he departs.

  6. TR7

    I really hope Conte becomes the manager of Arsenal if Arsene ever departs. He’s exactly what we need. A hard task master, great tactician and obsessed about winning. Also is neither overly defensive or recklessly attacking in his style. I know we have mediocre players but he will still squeeze out 30% more from our squad than Wenger currently does.

  7. Gunner2301


    You sure that wasn’t a penalty? I didn’t see the match but in the replay it looked like it to me and it may have been a goalscoring opportunity. I don’t think it makes much difference we all know how the season will play out. The familiar excuses are already being wheeled out and were just in November. No progress until the regime is changed that’s the too and bottom of it. While we watch the spuds take advantage of our ineptitude.

  8. GunnerDNA


    “Mate anyone that doesn’t whine or bitch or defends any aspect of the club is labelled an AKB”

    I’m immune to that kind of behavior, and sometimes I understand the frustration but what gets me are the fans who think things will change when we act like everything at the club is extremely bad and you’re commit a crime whenever you make a honest assessment. My first away game was in March when we lost to West Brom, it is an experience that will live with me forever. So I get it, we all need change because we are all Arsenal fans and want to see the club challenging to be the best. But at the moment what are the options, I can’t just get up and stop supporting the team. On the plus side when you meet some of them in person they are some good people, so at times its sill to disrespectful. I met the guy Ty at an U23 game at the Ems in August, and to be honest irrespective of his views he is a cool dude who is a real Arsenal man. So its best to just agree to disagree

  9. Trigger

    Its now at the stage where the paying fans are the ones hurting the club, I’m sorry to say this, but the money is all that counts to the board and manager. Until the sheep wake up the shit continues.How anyone can bitch like they do on asernal fan tv then still go the next week is unbelievable.
    WAKE UP!!

  10. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Ty might be a nice guy but he, above everyone else, should see the mediocrity after all he goes to every game and spends his hard earned cash on the Arsenal.

    I’d love to see Ty’s house. I bet it’s Arsenal wallpaper, Arsenal curtains, Arsenal Lampshade, Arsenal coasters, Arsenal plate, Arsenal mug, Arsenal cutlery… ad infinitum

  11. Champagne Charlie

    I didn’t take umbrage to what Alex was saying because I rate Xhaka, he’s been poor this season and I’m not defending his errors. I questioned Alex because he’s always aimed disdain at the running of the club which I agree with, now he’s talking about insignificant aspects in relative terms.

    I agree it was essentially a hiding to nothing, which is all the more reason to radicalise the approach and look for a response. Coquelin in a back there was concession of competence imo. There was no response to the tie that loomed. Now we’re clutching at dubious decisions as means of deflecting. The pen was soft as fuck and the goal was offside a mile at that level, but if you watched Chelsea vs United in the afternoon you’d have witnessed something we have none of. Competitive spirit and edge, typified by Bellerin who patted Aguero on the back when he got subbed in a ‘good game mate’ style interaction. Not on my watch would that occur, be mates after the fact. Before and during if you’re friends with them then you can find another club. Joke behaviour

  12. Champagne Charlie


    Conte is a whinging twat who spits the dummy far too often. We can appoint better IMO.

    Simeone would turn us on our head, total shift in culture and I think it would be a supreme marriage.

    We lack defensive acumen and a desire to run and fight. He brings that in spades, he’s suffer no fools and our pampered culture would be challenged by guys who have to work and run. That’s the foundation from which to establish success, our final third football won’t be lost on the back of that.

  13. Bay Area Gooner

    “Watching his total lack of intensity for his defensive duties makes me want to cry into a pillow with an Invincibles DVD playing softly in the background.”

    I do this every damn fucking night

  14. Bay Area Gooner

    Good morning from sunny California.

    Watching that game reminded me a lot of how we would get our assess hand to use by Barca. It was the relentless press, and the loss of the ball back in those days that killed us.

    Same thing on Sunday. Make my stomach turn

    Ramsey was shit, OZil shit, Alexis gave the ball away too many times.

    I did think that Iwobi was good. He uses his size and skills well and I hope he improves his shooting.

    CIty midfield is amazing. They tore us to pieces. We should have played 5 in the back. The 4 in the back was a mistake.

    Still not sure what the fuck Xhaka is doing.

  15. Bay Area Gooner

    Anyone think that Alexis just dropped his sell on value with that performance?
    Was hoping he would have a good game. More sell on value in Jan.

    Oh well. He is already checked out. he also does not look fit to me for some reason.

  16. WengerEagle

    Sanchez was awful.

    As for Ozil, simply embarrassing. Hysterical he was labelled the best no.10 in football up until the last year or two.

    Check out Kevin De Bruyne to witness a proper CAM and a matchwinner.

  17. WengerEagle

    As for the game itself, same shit different season.

    I’ve watched that match literally over a hundred times from a Wenger side, nothing changes until he’s gone regardless of changeover of players as we’ve all seen over the last decade plus.

  18. TR7


    I agree with your take on Simeone. My only beef with him is his slightly ultra defensive approach. Or you can say Wenger has spoilt me a bit with the brand of football he has served over the years (except for the last 3-4 years). I feel Simeone will be too much of a compromise on the style front. Conte and Poch are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum if you are talking about style. Pep is of course everyone’s dream choice.

  19. Alex Cutter

    “I’d recommend a psychologist”

    Said the jackass with kids (shudder) who got binned last month for going on a racist tirade!

  20. TR7

    Am I the only one who thinks Sanchez has actually deteriorated as a player rather than ‘he has mentally checked out’ kind of thing. All the deficiencies in his game that we saw yesterday were always there and we see them every time he plays against big teams.

  21. Carts


    “I read that 10 of the players who played when we last won away to a top 6 side (incidentally being Man City) are still plying their trade at AFC. City have 4 survivors from that day.”

    Wenger’s loyalty to his players goes hand in hand with his self preservation.

    No one is asking for whole sale changes, every season, but the way Wenger has absolutely wasted our resources away is negligible

  22. Don


    It’s Arsene F.C. if you perceive it to be. I don’t. It’s arsenal football club. And that is not th point. The point I was making was that it doesn’t consume my life. How many come on here howling with rage about some old bullshit and blame every problem in the world on Wenger
    Isis- Wenger
    Russian hacking scandal- Wenger
    Knee gate-Wenger
    I don’t care. Arsene Wenger doesn’t actually affect my life that much. It’s just said that so many grown men have such little else going on that this consumes them to such a point.

  23. Don

    Oh here we go
    Cunter is back.
    It wasn’t a racist tirade cunter, it was an allegedly homophobic tirade and it was bull shit. But please. Do tell. Back up your bull shit cunter. Provide proof that I was binned for going on a racist tirade or the only proof you’ll provide is that you confidently and foolishly make assertions that have no bearing on reality.
    No haven’t you got some rimming to do you little anus licker?

  24. Don

    Oh here we go
    Cunter is back.
    It wasn’t a racist tirade cunter, it was an allegedly homophobic tirade and it was bull shit. But please. Do tell. Back up your bull shit cunter. Provide proof that I was binned for going on a racist tirade or the only proof you’ll provide is that you confidently and foolishly make assertions that have no bearing on reality.
    Now haven’t you got some rimming to do you little anus licker?
    Try and dig me out ya little mug

  25. WengerEagle

    Likely TR7.

    He also played like shit for Chile this year, turns 29 in December and he has a LOT of miles on the clock, especially considering how explosive/individualist a player he is.

    He’s played over 650 (654) career matches in Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain and England with his national apps factored in.

    That’s not far off Messi’s 720 odd and he’s 1.5 years older or Ronaldo’s late 600’s by Alexis’ age.

    Physically it’s near impossible to maintain that style of play for too long and unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have technical genius to fall back on once his physical powers fade.

    He’s still a very good player but his next move will be sideways, he won’t play for a much better side than us IMO.

  26. TR7


    Yes, would happily take any of Sane, Mane or Salah over Alexis and Ozil.

    Sane looks like an absolute class player to me – my favorite player in the City team. The guy will overshadow his team mates in about an year or so IMO.

  27. Pierre

    Ishola 70
    “for most of that match Ozil in the attacking set-up was most times the one running onto goal on the ball receiving the last pass. How crazy is that”

    Have to say That baffled me… I said exactly the same thing to my son during the game. Surely it should have been özil giving the final ball or even better, özil should have been on the bench. That game yesterday doesn’t suit özil, so don’t play him… Horses for courses..
    Kolasinac Defensively worries me, he switches off too easily, great going forward but…..
    . Monreal needs to give them all a lesson in how to react to dangerous situations and how to read the game.

  28. WengerEagle


    Yeah Sane is a beast, him and Sterling add so much dynamism to that City attack because they can do everything well and are exceptional athletes, especially Sane who must be in the top 3 speedsters in the BPL.

    Sane has scary potential considering he’s just 21.

    Then you also have Gabriel Jesus who will be a world beater, he’s already basically averaging a goal a game without penalties for club and country and he’s 20.

    Phil Foden looks pretty special too if you’re going younger again.

  29. Shaun

    Funny how shearer is stating that Wenger should apologise for labelling Sterling a Diver, I can’t remember anyone asking Pullis to apologise when calling Sanchez a cheat earlier this season

  30. Relieable Sauce

    – From Football365

    Blaming referees for your own deficiencies
    “I would say, overall, once again the referee made the decision today with a soft penalty and an offside goal,” said Arsene Wenger after defeat to Manchester City.

    I get it. I understand that managers blaming referees allows them to avoid both introspection and the prying questions of the media. It allows the manager to control the headline, because blaming officials always sells well. But it stinks.

    Manchester City’s third goal was fractionally offside, with David Silva’s leg hanging beyond the last man. But that did not mean that Arsenal had to stop playing and expect a whistle that never came. It was also not the reason Arsenal lost the game.

    “We are used to it. Last year we had two offside goals against us and now once again.”

    Oh spare me the sob story, Arsene. That line of “we are used to it” is so utterly pathetic from a high-level Premier League manager. We are used to Arsenal losing against the best teams and folding when put under any concerted pressure. We’re also used to Wenger’s team selection and misguided loyalty to certain players making far more difference to Arsenal’s seasons than refereeing decisions.

    “I feel they don’t work enough. The referees don’t work enough, their levels drop every season at the moment. Overall, it’s unacceptable what happens.”

    Yeah, this is where I really got angry.

    Referees get decisions wrong. They are only human, and I would urge you to try The Times’ recent video game where you play the role of the assistant referee giving offsides for evidence of just how hard it is to do even one aspect of the job in isolation, and under no pressure.

    But they are not alone. Players get things wrong, such as Nacho Monreal getting the wrong side of Raheem Sterling and bundling into him. Managers get things wrong, such as leaving the best striker on the bench for a huge away game in favour of Alex Iwobi, before watching said striker score after being introduced as a substitute. Wenger is currently being paid £8m a year for the privilege of that wisdom, and Arsenal have already lost four games this season. That’s two more than Burnley, with similar fixtures.

    To say referees make mistakes is one thing, but to say that they don’t work hard enough is another. It accuses them of a lack of professionalism which is unacceptable. And Wenger owes them an apology.

    Being a referee has never been harder, especially in a league steeped in dishonesty where players and managers appeal for every ball. They are constantly abused by players, managers and supporters, which has set the tone for that culture to be replicated at grassroots level. In turn, that has led to a shortage of referees across English football.

    So the next time Wenger wonders why he thinks refereeing standards may be dropping, perhaps he could embark on a little introspection. Victimising them and making them the scapegoat for your own inadequacies makes you part of the problem, not part of the cure.

  31. Do One Gambon

    Going to the headline – Sanchez really did play like a cunt didn’t he.
    Its got to the point I just want to see the back of him. For the last year he’s been a petulant little man child, its pathetic really.

  32. Do One Gambon

    “To say referees make mistakes is one thing, but to say that they don’t work hard enough is another. It accuses them of a lack of professionalism which is unacceptable. And Wenger owes them an apology”

    Apology? Try a ban!
    Disgraceful comments from any manager.

  33. graham62

    Don Don Don and GDNA

    “It does not consume my life” speaks volumes.

    I think all of us on Le Grove concur that there are far more important and valuable things in our lives than Arsenal Football Club.

    The thing is, when fans like yourself say things like the above, it says not only a great deal about you as a fan, but also why Arsenal are in the predicament they are in.

    Wenger is, and always has been, the main reason for all of Arsenal’s shortcomings. I am not consumed by Wenger, NEVER HAVE BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. I just openly voice my opinions which are based on the facts placed in front of me and have then acted accordingly(cancel m’ship/no investment/ detach myself from club).

    Read GDNA’s earlier post, at 1617 today. Now read it again and you’ll start to understand where so many fans are coming from on this. Here is a supporter who clearly states that Wenger is to blame for everything, but in the same breath freely admits that it doesn’t really bother/concern him. To me this implies one thing.You don’t CARE!

    Imagine for one moment supporting(not acting on)something that was causing yourself and your colleagues stress at work. Imagine a friend or family member requesting help, but you decide to ignore it. Imagine a car you recently bought had faulty brakes, but you take no action. Now imagine your own football team being constantly mismanaged and, in your wisdom, you decide to sit back and accept the consequences.

    I stated to GDNA that I had only subscribed to LG 7 months back. His reply implied that I had a lot of catching up to do on Arsenal social media(12 years worth) . This coming from a man who apparently only attended his first away game at WBA last season.

    My intentions were never to offend or “fight” anyone on Le Grove, but when I read the counter arguments against my own beliefs, I just shake my head in disbelief.

    To be honest 7 minutes on Le Grove was all the education I needed!

    At least I now realize why thousands(dare I say the majority) of Arsenal supporters have vacated the premises over the past decade.


    Sorry, but don’t need a history lesson from someone who never knew what living without social media was like.

    Thanks though for replying to my earlier blog.

  34. Don


    Wooah there fella.
    Why am I getting dragged into this. I quite like you Graham. You’re old school and I was taught to respect my elders so i tend to steer clear of those types of rows.
    That said I’m all for a wind up so let’s keep things pleasant eh?
    I got no beef with you

  35. HillWood

    Wenger is doing the same to Laca as he did to Perez.
    If this carries on Laca will want to leave after only one season probably for less than we paid for him.
    But more importantly who in their right mind would want to join the club after seeing the bizarre manner in which they would be treated

  36. Don

    Wenger is, and always has been, the main reason for all of Arsenal’s shortcomings. I am not consumed by Wenger, NEVER HAVE BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. I just openly voice my opinions which are based on the facts placed in front of me and have then acted accordingly(cancel m’ship/no investment/ detach myself from club).

    What problems? Like winning two doubles and going a season unbeaten? No. 49 games unbeaten
    Giving us Henry
    Giving us paddy v
    Giving us Freddy and bobby
    Giving us rvp
    Never finishingbelow 5th
    Being our greatest manager of all time.
    Building us a new stadium and training ground? Making us one of the most affluent clubs in the world? Winning more FA cups than any manager ever and winning more prems than any manager bar sir Alex?
    Context needed there
    Even now at his lowest ebb he is still in the top 5

    I agree he has to go but is and always has been the reason for our shortcomings is disingenuous and only tells a tiny portion of his story.
    Like I said
    He has to go but he’s not my obsession. He’s merely Arsenal’s current underperforming manager in my eyes
    I also feel that Kroenke Gazidis and the current board are far more responsible and far more reprehensible as far as afc are concerned
    Wenger will go but with this lot at the top then we never will be again. That’s why I advocate boycotting the club until they are gone.

  37. London gunner

    Maybe laca isn’t being played because he is massively limited and wenger doesn’t want to be found out that are a record buy is a dud…

    I’m not saying this is the case but it’s a possibility.

  38. Don


    There is another but he says the most un-don like things that he can’t possibly be confused with me. At first I thought he was trying to pose as me but now I just think his name is don

  39. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Do One Gambon – precisely the behaviour he displayed at Barca.

    It’s obvious, Alexis wants to play and win and loves to play to win. He’s not evil, he’s disillusioned that he’s playing for someone who clearly told him one thing and did the exact opposite, as Wenger does as a given.

    How many players have been sold a vision only to realize the guy controlling it can’t deliver cause he doesn’t know how? Anyone that loves to play and wants to win will be gone over the likes of Walcott and his ilk, who are happy to collect a bloated paycheque for doing little. RVP got the heck out when it became obvious Wenger had no intention of building a real winner, same as Cesc.

    Sanchez may be acting the role of a prick, but it’s Wengers false promises that is the enabler. Time for him to go? Should have been in August or earlier, but that’s Wenger’s failure, he truly belies he can deliver the goods, even if they are years past their best before date. This is all on Wenger, all of it.

  40. Don

    I don’t get all the Sanchez hate
    And I do t think he was as bad as is being made out here
    He always played for himself and gave the ball away at times but his assist record is staggeringly high for someone so selfish…

  41. WengerEagle

    I don’t really rate Laca but he can’t be any worse than Sanchez/Walcott/Welbeck/Giroud are against teams with a pulse when we’re not at the Emirates.

    Our attacking options are grim at best, shite like Iwobi getting games shows how far we’ve sunk.

  42. WengerEagle

    I do have a soft spot for Sanchez because he’s a warrior that plays with his heart on his sleeve, he’s a risk taker and when it works, he’s great to watch.

    He can be a liability in certain matches though, still at least he’s 10 times more useful than Ozil is even when they are both having stinkers.

  43. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger has no options available up front because his recruitment of supposed replacements for RVP have been abject failures.

    He’s a horrible evaluator of talent. In his eyes he needs time to properly evaluate a player before pulling the plug on a transfer or signing (he likely detests that others can do this faster than he’s capable), like years in terms of time.

    Wenger’s only real enemy? Time itself, it waits for no one and Arsene’s ego likely can’t stand that.

  44. WengerEagle

    Come on Don, he was terrible.

    Got off just 1 shot all match that was off target, failed to pull off a single successful dribble, gave the ball away more than twice as much (7 times) as ANY other player on the pitch between both sides.

    Pass success rate way down in the mid 70’s.

  45. Don

    Wenger eagle
    He had no support
    Look how many times he picked up the ball and turned. Even when he did have support and pooped off the ball he ran on and the attack just fizzled out. I’d be fuming too if I were him. I don’t think he was that bad. He looked positive and linked to make things happen. His game had a sense of urgency and purpose. So he lost the ball. I remember a couple of occasions in the second half that stick out but if we had 2 more sanchez’ in our team we’d win a hell of a lot more

  46. London gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    I try to refrain from bashing Sanchez. You bring most top class players into this side and they will struggle…

    Arsenal isn’t a side that will bring you good performances out of the players against top sides…

    If Sanchez was playing for city or even Chelsea I’m sure he’d smash in chelsea/city Arsenal, Man united and Spurs.

    I really rate Sanchez phenomenal athletically and a massively underrated tekkers.

  47. London gunner

    Hill wood

    That’s without doubt. Really bizarre case perez looks a baller every time he has played. Great left foot, good in combination play… never had a bad performance yet has disappeared in to some kind of black hole vortex

  48. Paulinho

    “I do have a soft spot for Sanchez because he’s a warrior”

    This is the problem I have with him though. In these type of matches he’s more bark than bite.

    He does the tortured soul routine of dropping deep and looking to provide to the inadequate minions around him, when the reality is he bottles staying high up the pitch because he knows he hasn’t got the ability (or at least doesn’t back himself) to control the ball high up the pitch in tight spaces and and score. Also never makes a run in behind because again that would entail taking the ball down under pressure and finishing in one move almost. He just doesn’t have that composure so dropping deep excuses him of all that responsibility and he can pretend he’s doing it due to lack of service. Only against dead fish like Sunderland away from home will he display off the ball movement make a run across the defence and head home. Against the big boys it is a case of after you sir. No wonder the likes of Ramsey are completely confused by his intentions in these matches like these, because he’s not the Sanchez he’s used to playing with at home to Burnley, who is ruthless and cold in attacking areas.

    Thing is, when we signed him I predicted he would go missing in these games and he’s completely lived up to it. It’s actually irritating that he hasn’t once shoved my criticisms down my throat at any point in the last 3 and a half years in that regard. Before every big game away from home I say the same thing and he goes out and plays exactly the same way.

  49. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s fair, definitely truth to that notion.

    Problem goes way beyond players at the club and there’s little doubt that more could be extracted from much of our crop from a better manager, I however don’t think that Sanchez should ever be above criticism when he has a shocker.

    Great case in point is Marcelino (who I mentioned as someone I’d like to replace Wenger on here) at Valencia, look at the transformation that they have undergone, from relegation/mid-table scrappers to legitimate top 4 contenders at least, they sit in 2nd I think.

    He has Zaza looking potent, ffs.

    Clever recruitment, sharp and flexible tactics and he clearly instills his players with massive confidence and belief.

  50. Don

    Coffee cakes

    I don’t think he is a horrible evaluator of talent but I do think he’d a horrible evaluator of value in the modern market. He’s also a horrible evaluator of leadership skills and defensive awareness and goal keeping capabilities.
    Literally. In over 20 years only two keepers were a success for him
    Manninger and Lehmann. Both of which played no more than 3 seasons at the club.

  51. Don


    Really?? Sanchez doesn’t have the control or composure to run behind so he drops deep?
    Christ almighty man. I know he’s not everyone’s favoured guy atm but fuck me he can do both of those things with aplomb and much much more
    You don’t score the goals he has and attract the clubs he does without being a bit special.

  52. WengerEagle


    In his defence, our midfield is complete and utter shit and has been since Fabregas and Nasri were sold.

    He’s not the most intelligent player which i think is more down to his lack of movement off the ball than courage. Giroud funnily enough more often than not picks the right time to make a run, he just can’t compensate for his embarrassing lack of pace which is why he is useless against a high defensive line.

    Definitely truth in what you’re saying and I agree that he’s a liability against top teams that smother us though.

    Said earlier that he’ll be making a sideways move if he leaves us, he wouldn’t get into the top sides in Europe.

  53. Pierre

    “Graham. You’re old school and I was taught to respect my elders ”


    Classic put down.. Not sure Graham is quite that ancient yet but that comment will certainly make him feel it..

  54. GunnerDNA


    “I stated to GDNA that I had only subscribed to LG 7 months back. His reply implied that I had a lot of catching up to do on Arsenal social media(12 years worth) . This coming from a man who apparently only attended his first away game at WBA last season.”

    I guess it’s a disgrace to say I attended my first away game last season because I live in another country. I’m surprised you didn’t tell me I’m not from London too. lol.

  55. Pierre

    I’m with you on sanchez.. The reason his passing and possession stats are poor is because he rarely takes the easy option.
    He is the polar opposite of özil in the way he plays, özil will rarely risk a pass but sanchez is always looking for an opening, that’s why his scoring and assists stats are so high..
    He is underated in my opinion, his final ball is very good, the header özil scored v Everton was a perfectly flighted ball from sanchez, ozil that is an example of his ability to Firstly see the opening and secondly to play the perfect ball.

  56. Paulinho

    “He’s not the most intelligent player which i think is more down to his lack of movement off the ball than courage. ”

    Thing is he’s more likely to do conventional number nine movements against garbage like West Ham away, which leads people to mistakenly thinking he can play that role or score every type of goal longer term in any match or occasion. It’s when he comes up against organised teams in pressure-cooker games away from home that he reverts to his comfort zone of dropping deep and cutting in. Even the way he cuts in is different though: Against lesser sides he moves towards the goal, yet if you look at Liverpool away for example, he actually moves sideways across the pitch instead of forward, and even then he manages to give the ball away.

  57. London gunner


    Your a joke mate… bigging up Ramsey of all players. Just lol.

    Sanchez is 10 times the player Ramsey is.

    Sanchez drops deep because he is a control freak who doesn’t trust his team mates. He doesn’t trust the devlivery from other team mates and with a piss poor Ramsey, xhaka who displaced pass after pass and a missing Özil it’s no wonder he drops deep.

  58. Paulinho

    London – Yeah, because Sanchez is always waving his arms calling for the ball isn’t he?

    Utter bollocks. Sanchez is dropping deep the moment we get the ball. He knows he’s useless at peeling off the last man and finishing, so he does drops deep to get away from pressure, and only against average sides does he look to really come back into it with the ball.

    You would have a point if you were talking about Lacazette. That’s a player than genuinely looks to spin in behind.

  59. Colin Decoteau

    It’s no longer a surprise when arsenal lose, wether it’s at the hands of a top six team or a supposedly lesser team ,the thing for me is , even the fan’s are being dumbedown into submission and like I’ve said before unity amongst fan’s is the key to bring about change unfortunately there are to many fan’s who hss no vision.

  60. WengerEagle


    He does, I have been very critical of his performances away from home in particular in pressure matches.

    I don’t see him as a 9 at all, throughout his career he’s had the most success playing just off of a good centre forward, he had one in Di Natale at Udinese, he couldn’t have asked for a better one than Messi at Barcelona and for Chile at least Vargas has been exceptional as a poacher more often than not (one of those weird players that it complete shite at club level, the opposite of the norm, Maniche for Portugal was the same back in the day and even Klose you could argue to a point was mediocre at club level).

    Santi Cazorla is another player that is absolutely useless in these types of environments too, I remember even in his world beater season in 2012/13 that he was a complete let-down in the UCL and was pretty toothless against the big boys.

    And he is widely celebrated on here, injury do make the heart grow fonder, just ask Rosicky/Wilshere/Diaby.

  61. Do One Gambon

    Guys digging me out over Sanchez

    I get his POV, I get he wants to won, j get he’s disillusioned, I get he was sold a load of lies by the club.

    But he’s a pro athlete on big wages and signed that contract. So he should play the best he can until the day it expires, simple as that. Its his job, behave like a pro.

    He’s acting like a child and has been since this time last year.

    Next year hell have his pick of clubs and good luck to him.

  62. WengerEagle

    Said it before, Lacazette would have been great in our 2007/08 side that created a boatload of clear-cut opportunities every match.

    As much as I liked Ade, he missed two sitters for every goal he scored that season, if there is one thing that Laca is it’s a lethal finisher.

  63. graham62


    Ten years back I had two good hips and could still run the 100m in under 12 seconds. Now I have an artificial left hip, a dodgy back and am just happy to walk along the seafront to grab an icecream.

    1996-2006 is not the Wenger of 2006-2017. As different as CHALK AND CHEESE.

  64. steve

    As always it’s the usual suspects with the same lame excuses. No wonder the club ain’t getting anywhere with cunts like Don,
    Sanmi, Pierre, ThePuma9, Wallace, Champagne Charlie, Alexanderhenry and
    Loyika in its fanbase.

  65. Paulinho

    WE – Completely right about Cazorla. I remember him dying on his arse around Xmas playing number ten in his first season. Lost to Swansea at home and Man City and in both games he was completely anonymous. Remember we brought back Rosicky to play in the hole that season and shifted Cazorla wide because he was struggling so much.

    On Sanchez, it’s probably because he’s pretty well-rounded individual that he is rated so highly by fans. He’s more destructive than a Sane or Sterling against mid-table sides, yet if you were building a team to win top honours you would choose Sterling or Sane because there is less of a drop off against top sides in tight matches. For instance Sterling can take the ball in tight areas in a place like the Bernabeu, and move with the ball for a while before finding a teammate, whereas tunnel vision Sanchez will overrun the ball and get dispossessed, leaving the team open to being countered. His individualistic qualities become a liability against a certain standard of pressing and marking.

  66. WengerEagle

    Ozil won’t leave, not a chance we rid of him.

    He has it so good here, why would he leave?

    Bloated wages, still massively over-rated and celebrated by a large portion of the fanbase when he gives his customary 1 of 10 odd proper performances a season against crap like Everton, low expectations even though the club is a sleeping giant lives in a nice part of London, moddycoddled by uncle Arsene, has his German mates there in Mert, Mustafi.

    At best he finds a new home in Istanbul or Gelsenkirchen, no top club would touch him even with Keyser’s dick.

  67. Marko

    My thoughts on Sanchez is I personally believe that the first half of his Arsenal career was fantastic first season good second season brilliant but since then since he realized that he was completely wasting his time and what is left of his career at this club masquerading itself as a serious club his performances dropped. Oh and he’s also been made a bit of a scapegoat for things that are honestly not his fault. Just my opinion. He’s still had a better Arsenal career than Ozil who since day one has had consistency issues.

    Anyway to the guy who says who do we get to replace them with well in all honesty until the manager changes it’s all kind of irrelevant. I personally wouldn’t mind a Lemar, Forsberg and Fekir hybrid going but Lemar is too expensive, Forsberg is at a serious club with ambitions who currently sit 2nd and Fekir is owned by a difficult owner

  68. WengerEagle


    Yeah that’s a good desciption of the pros and cons that Sanchez brings to the table.

    Ultimately he’ll provide you with plenty of memorable moments over a season, spectacular goals/assists, matches where he savages an opponent like Leicester away last season but he does time and time again come up short when the stakes are high to the point I’d bench him in matches in the knockout stages of the UCL/away to Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, United, City.

    He’s a high risk/reward player but the rewards are only really against sides that we are equal to or better than.

    His goal/assist stats over an entire season will always look better than Hazard’s but I’d know who’d I’d rather have away to an Atletico Madrid/Bayern Munich.

  69. WengerEagle


    Lyon will always be a selling club, Fekir is very gettable.

    Also are you getting mixed up with Sanchez’s 2nd/3rd seasons? Seem to remember his 2nd season being subpar with last season being his 3rd here.

  70. WengerEagle

    ION, how shit have Suarez and Benzema been this calender year?

    People’s perceptions take a while to change even if they don’t properly follow players, bet if you asked 100 footy fans who the best striker in the world is 70 plus would still say Luis Suarez.

  71. loyika

    @ Steve

    The club ain’t going no where because of fake Moppets like you who do nothing but come to moan on a blog and that’s it.

    If I am wrong please do tell us what you have done to try and change things? (besides posting bunkum on Le Grove?)

  72. graham62

    Said it before, will say it again, if Wenger had seen what we all saw that night back in Jan, when Arsenal drew 3-3 at B’mouth, Sanchez would have gone in the summer.

    Instead of seeing “I’m getting out of this shit”, Wenger saw a passionate South American. What an ###hole(Wenger that is).

  73. Marko

    Also are you getting mixed up with Sanchez’s 2nd/3rd seasons? Seem to remember his 2nd season being subpar with last season being his 3rd here.

    Thought it was his first two seasons that were good. Memory gets a bit foggy. He scored 20 league goals I thought his second season. I dunno but yeah Fekir would be a good Ozil replacement. Oh and Timo Werner to replace Giroud guy is on his way to being the best striker in the world

  74. Paulinho

    WE – Suarez has looked flat for ages. It’s like he needs to be given license to move around and make a nuisance of himself to find his mojo. So many of good moves at Liverpool started with him lumbering around like a drunk near the touchline and sparking into life.

    Griezmann is an interesting one. When you analyse his game he doesn’t have any real standout qualities, so can’t say I’m surprised he has stalled a bit.

  75. WengerEagle


    Werner is class, was great last season and has started this season well with 7 goals. Huge scope for improvement too as he’s not polished/precocious like M’Bappe is.

    Yeah that was last season he scored 24 on the league, think he only scored 13 odd in 2015/16.

    Fekir’s killing it this season, looks better than ever which is always nice to see for a player after an ACL injury, pretty rare really.

  76. Carts


    Just don’t see how Ozil sticks around even with mega wages on offer. Perhaps, getting rid of Wenger and then he might.

    As limited as Ozil is, even he knows it’s a downward spiral from here on out.

    I see him probably signing for BvB as well as a few other clubs (no elite ones, though).

  77. WengerEagle


    Think Suarez has suffered the most from Neymar’s absence, he’s also lost a step physically which is the difference between him wheeling away after out-smarting defenders and now failing in this respect.

    He’s a pure 9 and his best work is done in the final third, too often this season he’s dropped deep to the midfield where he is pretty ineffective. Doesn’t help that Barcelona have an average CM, Neymar was so good that he compensated for this giving Suarez tonnes of chances.

    The opportunities have dried up and he was never a prolific finisher, even in his good days.

    Think Messi’s goal count will dry up a bit this season too, not to a huge extent but I don’t remember him firing blanks in so many matches before this season, he’s glut scoring more and more which are padding the stats a little bit.

    As for Griezmann, he’s been very average indeed. Again, most people won’t catch on for about a year if this form remains because of his name. He’s always been overrated tbh even if he is a very good player, I’ve heard him being talked about as a top 3-5 player on here which is ridiculous.

    Reputation protects underpeforming players big time, look at Rooney in his later United years, Benzema, Thomas Muller, Suarez, Griezmann now.

  78. WengerEagle


    He’d be a squaddie at BVB, they’re in a bit of a crisis themselves and I don’t see their new gaffer lasting long.

    If he leaves he’s unlikely to be moving to a better club than us as he isn’t even a guaranteed starter with us, I just don’t see why he’d leave for a lesser club for less money unless he wanted to move to Turkey where he’d have a good crack at winning silverware with Besiktas or Gala.

  79. Carts


    To be honest, you’re out here screaming VAR, yet a VAR would’ve meant Kolasinac’s pthetic push on Sterling could well have resulted in a penalty.

    VAR would’ve also rendered Monrel’s lumbering foul on Sterling as a legitimate foul. No attempt to play he ball + his feel clearly impeding Sterling’s left leg.

    The offside is the only decision that shouldn’t have stood. No one is defending that decision

  80. Dissenter

    Sanchez does well when he plays off another very good mobile attacker like he does for Chile.
    He tries too hard for Arsenal because out midfield is shit. He tries to do too much when the easier option would seem to be rational.
    He doesn’t trust the players around him. That’s why the squad holds him in contempt.

    Sanchez is the only world class player we have.
    How do I know he is world class?- a club was ready to offer 60 million for the last year of his contract, no amount of le-grove dissing can trump that.

  81. Carts


    The curious case of Ozil: hard to predict but I think there’ll be a twist in the Ozil saga, one that’ll surprise a few

  82. Carts

    Re: Messi

    Watched Barcelona over he weekend hints Sevilla. Had £20 on Messi to score 2 anytime.

    More chance Messi scoring an own fucking gol that evening. He was deeper than an anal bead!

    Barcelona look gash!

  83. Carts

    “Anyone watch UFC 217?”

    I’m not soppy, but Rose Namajunas’ post fight comment actually made a grown man shed a few tears.

    Fuck Bisping.
    For some reason I like Cody; but TJ’s weaponary is something to be admired!
    JJ talked a lot of shit, meh!

    Something about those title fights that tugged at my heart strings.

  84. WengerEagle

    Hahaha Carts cracked me up fella (ass-related pun intended).

    Messi’s having to do it all on his own and he’s not as dynamic as he was a couple of years ago, he can’t turn on the magic as often and you’re seeing more and more Barcelona looking very laboured, PSG and Juventus thumped them last season away from Camp Nou.

    Paulinho for 40 million was madness and Gomes for 50 million was just hilarious.

    Must be pretty funny for Real who’s midfield cost a combined 56 million in Kroos, Modric and Casemiro.

  85. WengerEagle

    Was great wasn’t it?

    Rose pulled off the shock of the night of shocks in beating JJ emphatically at her own game, more impressive than Holly KO’ing Ronda even.

    Cody is a stud and will be back, think he’ll beat TJ in a rematch and that they’ll fight at least 3 times before TJ hangs his gloves up but credit to the lad, stiffed Cody good and proper after being wobbled.

    Was so happy for GSP, I actually have time for Bisping even if he is a bit of a knob but is there a more likable fighter than GSP? GOAT for me.

  86. Carts


    Messi is carrying that team more than ever. Just looks like an impossible feat, now.

    Their midfield has never been the most athletic, and with iniesta slowing down, massively, i just don’t see what Barcelona will get from Rakitic, Paulinho and Gomes.

    Instead of calling for a Referendum, they need to be calling the Barcelona helpline for an explanation.

  87. Carts


    I frequent a couple of MMA forums and a few ITK posters seem to think that Cody’s chin is knots non-existent due to being KO’d stiff a few times in sparring. If that’s even half true, then that doesn’t bode well for future fights with strikers like TJ, Lineker and Assuncao.

    Mind you, when he rocked TJ, if not for the round drawing to a close, he would’ve hammerfisted TJ to a TKO. Clearly that made him overconfident in the second round whereby he was caught with a kick he probably trained for for the last 12 weeks

  88. E54_

    “Arsenal have conceded 16 goals in 11 games. We’ve lost 4 times. We’re 12 points off top. We’re sitting in 6th in November.
    The title race is over before we’ve even had time to dream it might be on the cards.”
    You say this. Yet you have the nerve to cuss out Sanchez? Ok lets take this slow.

    1. He had contract negotiations, which ended in him NOT signing anything and then announces “I’ve told Arsenal my choice, it’s up to them now”

    2. It was reported by various sources through friends and family that he was “VISIBLY DISTRAUGHT” after the transfer to Man city fell through. we all saw his face and body language for chile soon after. (His heart had already left Arsenal so to cuss him for “not caring” is hilarious to me.)

    Now, love him or hate him. Was he honest? Yes or No? Did he give Arsenal at least a full Months worth of time to make a decision by informing them of his decision?
    Wenger and the board decided to keep him. They said we will not sell. Now the fact they couldnt replace him with lemar in time is irrelevant to Sanchez. Its not his concern what this Billion Pound Organisation will do once he leaves. He’s not the CEO or Manager of the team. His only responsibility was to inform Arsenal at an appropriate time of his future intentions and be honest. He did. End of story. Everything that happens after that last meeting between Sanchez his agent and Arsenal, everything that happens after that is Arsenals responsibility.

    Ok to lay out an analogy.
    You and your partner are having problems. SHE TELLS YOU to your face.
    I dont love you, I’m out. Now weeks later you see her with another dude. Mabey in a club dancing. loosly dressed. How in the hell can you blame her for doing any of this. She told you shes moving on yet you’re upset and cuss her for doing what shes doing. You’re the one who refuses to accept she doesn’t like you anymore, don’t be weak and pathetic and petty. Move on. We decided in true weak mentality fashion, to be weak, pathetic and petty.

    Sanchez – “I won’t sign any new deal, i want to leave. Sell me now before I’m worth 0.”

    Arsenal – “We will not sell”

    We don’t handle rejection well.

  89. Carts

    Special mention to GSP.

    GOAT, for sure!! Don’t fancy his chance v Whittaker though, unfortunately. That kid is a nightmare!!

  90. WengerEagle


    Yeah I’d believe that, TJ caught him flush but he went down like a sack of Spuds which doesn’t exactly scream that he’s got much of a chin.

    As they say though, the best chin is the one that doesn’t get hit and a world class fighter in Dom Cruz couldn’t touch him for 5 rounds or even get near, his speed and timing is insane not to mention his freakish power in his right hand. He was unlucky as you say that the round didn’t go 10 seconds longer or we’d be talking about a Cody TKO win instead of TJ.

    Think that this fight will ultimately humble hima and make him better long-term, he needed a reality check and a bit of adversity to grow further after stomping his way to an 11-0 record and embarrassing Cruz in a fashion we’ve never seen before.

    Lineker hits like a freight train but I think that Cody is far too fast and clever for him to touch, if he takes it seriously he beats Lineker every time, same goes for Assuncao I reckon.

    TJ is his competition for me and we’ll be seeing plenty of fights between the two barring a rejuvenated Dom back on the scene or a new kid on the block.

  91. WengerEagle


    Agree, Whitaker is just about the worst match up possible for GSP with his insane TDD and hand-speed, don’t think that fight happens because GSP is no fool and knows that’s a bad match-up.

    Reckon he goes back down to 170 and has a go at Woodley, again don’t see this as a great match-up for him with Woodley’s blacksplosiveness and elite TDD.

  92. Carts


    That kick landed flush on the ear/jawline – proper spazz-up your equilibrium for you! But yeah Cody is definitely a stud with bags of confidence and amazing hands. Only 25, too.

    I guess he’ll either rematch Dom or fight someone like Assucao/Lineker. I think he beats Dom, but will have to not underestimate the other 2. Styles make fights and all that!

    TJ v Might Mouse will be some fight. TJ said cutting 10lbs is light work cos he reckons he’s a small bantamweight, as it is. O_O

    GSP, if he goes down to 170 gets, Woodley in a heart beat! Stylistically, Woodley is all wrong for him. Power and explosiveness might overwhelm him.

  93. TonyD

    From the Mail

    “Manchester City are operating on a different level to their Premier League title rivals and Arsenal never seem far away from tripping themselves up… how have the top six fared 11 games in?”

    On Arsenal

    What is the mood of the manager?

    Stubborn is probably the best word for it. Wenger, the man who won’t call it quits, was highly critical of Raheem Sterling as he labelled him a ‘good diver’ following their loss to City. The Arsenal manager will claim that they are still in the title race but, realistically, it’s looking unlikely that the Gunners will be in the mix after Christmas.

    Funny how Wenger criticises Sterling yet wanted him in part of the Sanchez deal.

    Read more:

  94. Colin Decoteau

    Unity is strength and the longer you stay divided is the longer you suffer ,so let’s not fool ourselves the manager,the board and the owner are United in one thing and that’s in taking your money and non of them give’s a damn about what you as fan’s think until it impacts them,so you fighting amongst yourselves makes no difference to them , but you have not tried uniting against them to give yourselves a chance of seeing the impact of fan power.

  95. Leedsgunner

    Wenger has no management skills to speak of anymore… Want proof? Sanchez and Ramsey, why don’t they pass to each other? It’s clear they don’t rate each other.

    Look, they don’t have to be best friends but they need to put their differences aside for the team when they cross the white line.

    Instead of bring them in and sitting them down and knocking their heads together he takes the easy road to avoid confrontation. I can’t see any other manager tolerate such foolishness.

  96. Wallace

    Paulinho makes interesting observations, but heck if a player’s not scoring a hat-trick in the crunch away game against the league leaders he’s immediately dismissed as average.

    seriously, how many players have been consistently excellent in tough away games in the PL? Drogba, Hazard(on and off), Suarez(on and off)….even Ronaldo at Utd had the flat track bully reputation.

  97. graham62

    Sanchez was always an accident waiting to happen under Le Fraud. How can you fit a warrior with a mindset of giving 100% into a system that crumbles at the merest sign of trouble.

    Impossible, for even someone like Sanchez,to motivate himself anymore.

    Could you??

  98. Redtruth


    If you don’t believe Arsenal Football Club can make it without Wenger then f*** off to Untold.
    And f*** Wenger’s legacy, he only won 3 league titles which is hardly a dynasty……joke…

  99. raptora

    “While others applauded the fans for turning up to watch that crap these were the 1st two in the tunnel.”

    But then again, they are fighters who were too upset of the loss.

    Don’t get me wrong. I know they are playing and acting the way they are cause Wenger didn’t sell them in the summer and because Wenger is Wenger and not someone with a tighter grip. That being said, their play, focus, desire, class, team play… they are nowhere near to their own standard. It’s all on Wenger for not getting rid of players that don’t want to play for you or the team, but f*ck me, is this a bad professional showing or what?! Absolutely unacceptable and I’m sick of their primadonna bullshit. I’d rather watch the British core – Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck + Iwobi than those two acting bigger than the club.

    Henry had this period too at the bottom least the season before he went to Barcelona. Even he had a bunch of fans irritated by his soloistic, egoistic play when he stopped playing with his teammates and started playing for himself plus doing the primadonna crap. And that’s effin Thierry Henry. Even he was not bigger than the club. No one is.

  100. raptora

    Btw vs Chelsea two months ago we played a simple yet effective game. None of those two superstars were in the team. The amount of turnovers and unforced errors they had is beyond obscene. When your two highest paid players are more of a problem for your team than a help, then you have a huge problem. We go out with the squad vs Chelsea and in my mind Welbeck and Lacazette would have given them a whole different game than those two. Both were assisting City for their counters. In a game where losing the ball on the back foot is damning yourself, they kept doing it, and doing it, then Ramsey or Iwobi would lose the ball once and those two would start waving their hands in desperation.

    They can help us vs the minnows at home since Alexis’ multiple giveaways wouldn’t get punished and Ozil can have more time on the ball than off it. Play them in the tough games and they will bury us.

  101. Redtruth

    Ozil and Sanchez behaviour hasn’t altered Arsenal’s results, they’re still shit against the better teams and dispatch the rubbish teams just the same as the past 7-8 years.

  102. Don


    I’m in total agreement regarding welbz
    We miss his energy and industriousness badly.
    Got to be looking to start him and jack as soon as we can
    Our season is already over so we should be looking at top four and maybe a Europa cup if we can.

  103. goonerboy

    Can accept a tightwad majority shareholder a billionaire who will not invest a cent of his own money to improve the squad- can even accept the clubs financial policy. When it comes to the playing side- it is obvious this team is massively underperforming in relation to its potential.
    We need a coach who is 10 times more pragmatic than Wenger who can’t/ doesn’t coach the whole team to defend – so when we play a team who don’t let us have the ball we play like a bunch of clueless muppets- like we did against City. No amount of excuse mongering about the ref can alter the fact that we were thoroughly outplayed and well beaten.
    We need a coach who can raise the performance of the whole team – week after week-for me there is only one person- Diego Simeone.
    Instead of spending millions on individual players- who won’t make a difference-we need to spend it on acquiring a proper coach/ and a modern backroom.