Sanchez drops treasonous performance as officials conspire against us (again)

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Well, if you want to put a positive spin on that, you could say that we’ve never really entered the hope phase this season. Arsenal have conceded 16 goals in 11 games. We’ve lost 4 times. We’re 12 points off top. We’re sitting in 6th in November.

The title race is over before we’ve even had time to dream it might be on the cards.

Does that make it any easier to swallow? Not really. It shows that once again the fans were right and the owners are still massively off the pace on the topic of how a modern football club should function. Our board are weak. Our CEO is a puppet, and weak. Our manager is a belligerent old fool who should have quit 5 years ago.

We are a club going nowhere but backward.

Wenger has a cover story though, and it’s a fair one, though I think slightly disingenuous if we’re honest. The game was ruined by two poor decisions a season after the same game was ruined by two poor decisions.

The first howler was a penalty given when Monreal fairly shielded the ball from Raheem Sterling. It was an appalling decision and one that Arsenal almost never get. Obviously, the penalty was going to go in, and Aguero was going to score it.

The second one was even harder to stomach because Lacazette had pulled a goal back for us. David Silva was slipped into the box by KDB, he looked around at the lino because he knew he was offside, our defence and midfield threw their arms up, Silva passed to Jesus who finished from 6 yards. Poor discipline from professional players who should know to play to the whistle, not their hopes. But still, it was offside, it shouldn’t have stood.

Playing City is hard. There aren’t many teams on the planet who would take points away at The Etihad this season. You really can’t have poor refs giving away #FAKEgoals. It’s absolutely ridiculous we’re in 2017 and I’m still debating the need for video replays. Who is enjoying that result? Who thinks karma will work its magic for us at some point? It’s a nonsense. We need the VAR (Virtual Assistant Ref they have in the Bundesliga) over here next season. It’s criminal that this particular result can’t speak for itself. The context of it is we were robbed.

The reality of it is different. Manchester City had many gears, and they switched off at 60minutes, presumably to conserve energy. I highly doubt there was any situation where we came out of that game not losing. Out of 27 games against top 6 teams, we’ve only won twice. Arsenal had some moments, but we were largely average in the final third and we really struggled to maintain a solid shape at the back. Kolasinac was poor and he’s giving me the same jitters Mustafi was at this point last season.

We did well for the opening 17minutes. I thought we pressed smartly, boxing City into the corners as they tried to play out, overloading them well. Problem is, as soon as we conceded on 18minutes, our heads dropped and we stopped defending as a unit.

Our game plan wasn’t helped by the insane decision to play Coquelin as a centre back. Last season Wenger was crowing that he’d just unearthed a £50m defender for £2m, asking us to accept his scouting genius can be delivered at bargain rates. This week, he’s putting his least talented midfielder in ahead of him. Sad fact here, Coq was the worst player for on-the-ball composure out of the whole back 5. A really bizarre decision and a damning slight on Rob Holding.

Wenger also opted for Alexis Sanchez. Can I see the logic? Damn right I can. On paper, with no context or common sense. He’s a £90m striker who on his day, is a far superior talent to Lacazette. However, the reality is Alexis is behaving like a c*nt behind the scenes, he doesn’t give a fu*k about the wellbeing of the squad, and Wenger was expecting him to perform against a team who have been offering him an escape route and a double your money contract.

That. Is. Mad.

How was that ever going to pan out? He put in an abomination of a performance, losing the ball 15 times. He did more for City’s counter-attacking than he’s done for us all season. It was an unabashed treasonous showing. The FA should take him to task for conspiracy or unsporting behavior. What the hell was Wenger thinking in keeping him at the club past June? Who were the muppets saying that was a big club chess play? He’s not even delivering goals, he’s offering Chamberlain levels of shite in front of goal. I’d prefer to see Eddie out there.

… and for the life of me please don’t play that ‘HE WAS THA ONLY WUN SHOWIN PAHUN OUT THERE’ because that’s false. He played for himself, and he looked like a fu*cking brat.

Ozil at least had a go in stages. He still infuriates me. Watching his total lack of intensity for his defensive duties makes me want to cry into a pillow with an Invincibles DVD playing softly in the background. Same with Aaron Ramsey, at the highest level, he just doesn’t cut it. A good player, not a great one. I love this xG rating people bandy around. When Bendtner was missing chances, he was just a donkey. Ramsey is doing the same and he’s some sort of genius waiting to break into world class. Give it up people. He’s 27 in December, 3 seasons younger than Cesc.

But look, here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter who we chop out or chop in. This is Arsene Wenger’s mess. He’s an average manager that will do enough to convince Stan K he’s not a bad manager. We’ll be in and around the top 4 come what May. It won’t get that bad. Which is a shame, because that’ll keep him here for another year or 10. Wenger is the specialist in doing just enough.

His team don’t believe in themselves. His methods don’t translate on the pitch. His grip on the club is slowly alienating the passion the fans have for their days out.

I am indifferent to yesterday. It was expected. Bland. With no hope of it changing in the short term.

Roll on Spurs…

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  1. Bankz

    How anyone(including Pedro) thought we’d win yesterday is beyond me.
    The club and the team under Wenger right now is a total joke,the sooner we accept that, the better

  2. loyika

    @ Bankz

    The fact that its like errrrr “Football” and also its not as if our record against Citeh is that bad.

    I hazard a guess that if that game was played yesterday at the Ems (or a neutral venue) we get a draw as the Ref might not have dared give some of those decisions anywhereelse.

    But it is what it is, in hindsight Arsene’s selection didn’t pay off and the defeat ended up looking like an inevitable event.

    I agree with Pedders, some of the decisions could easily have been avoidable but these things eventually even themselves out over the season. We will also get some decisions that go our way so can’t complain.

    Really in the end we didn’t do enough to get something from that game and Citeh deserve their win.

  3. TitsMcGee

    Wenger is the specialist in doing just enough.”

    Been saying this for years. He’ll never get us relegated but he’ll never win the league again either.

    Get ready for another L vs Spurs. A draw at best. No better than 1 point from 6.

  4. Leftsidesanch

    Maybe the heavens are opening up for that clown Wenger looking at Spurs injury list. If they still get points at the Emirates what will his excuse be?

  5. Danny S

    At what point does wenger look at his available players and think ‘I’ve only got 1 fit CB I trust, and a decent Fill in (Monreal), so I won’t attempt to play 3 at the back’?
    Perfect opportunity to play a flat 4 with Coquelin just charging around in front of them, which if you absolutely have to play coq, is the place he does the least damage.

  6. Guns of Hackney

    1. It was a penalty. Period. The rules are clear, are they not? If a player ‘fouls’ another one in the area, it is an infringement and ergo, has to be a penalty. If it was outside the box it would be a free kick…so inside, yep.

    2. Wenger can embarrass himself time and time again for all I care but…blames the referee after a 10-2 aggregate loss to Bayern. Yes Arsene, the one dubious decision equals 10 goals??? So just the 9-2 defeat, yes? If city and sterling wasn’t so wasteful, we should have been 4-0 down by the time any refereeing decisions ‘cost us the match’. Twat.

    But for the believers out there who still consider this doddering old cretin their saviour, Arsene and Arsenal can walk away from this match with a moral victory because ‘the ref cheated’.

    Shame and embarrassment are keeping Wenger in the job. Not his, but the fans’ shame and embarrassment. To admit now that they were wrong would be a climb down of epic proportions, and certainly not one that Arsenal fans are capable of.

    I don’t support Arsenal anymore. Not at all. They don’t care about my or your support, so why do you care about them?

    This will go on and on and end very badly.

  7. Micheal

    Fifth rate, disinterested owner
    Fourth rate, ineffectual CEO,
    Third rate manager
    Second rate, poorly managed team
    First rate Fuck-Up

  8. Don

    Tony DI watched the game live. But because I’m not sat on or grove commenting all day then I’m hiding. It would take an awful lot more than an arsenal loss to make me throw a blanket over my head and go into hiding.
    Literally only had a bit of peace after half 8
    I work every Sunday mate. Has to be done. Got to keep mrs Don in the life she has become accustomed to!!!

  9. TitsMcGee

    On top of all of the mediocrity Ivan comes out and does his best Baghdad Bob routine at the AGM.

    The lunacy of the situation is what gets me. Charges highest ticket prices in Europe and then in same breath touts top 4 as a success.

    Like APPLE telling a disgruntled customer who just spent £1000 for a new iPhone X “well the phone turns on innit?”


  10. TitsMcGee

    Yes Arsene, the one dubious decision equals 10 goals???”


    Almost forgot about that. The man is such a snake. Shameless. However that’s why his players love him and defend him at every turn. He protects them and shields them from the big bad world.

  11. graham62


    Wenger is the reason we lost yesterday. Saying the officials conspired against us is a cop out.

    Your posts heading should read- IGNORANT WENGER CONTINUES TO DESTROY THE CLUB.

    Lacazette must already be thinking what the hell he has done to deserve this.

    A farcical situation gathers even more momentum.

  12. HighburyLegend

    “I am indifferent to yesterday. ”
    And you’re far from being the only one.

    The only ones who still happy are the akb’s.

  13. TitsMcGee

    If you read any novels regarding the invasion of Berlin in the last days from eye witness accounts there are striking similarities in the finger pointing between you -know- who and our cowardly leader.

    Unfortunately for us days are years but it will end the same way metaphorically.

  14. Bergkamp63

    Talk about death of a 1000 cuts,

    We have not beaten a top 6 side away from home in over a 1000 days now !

    As for “we will be in and around top 4”, we might be “around” top 4 but certainly not in it, the gap will start to grow over the next few weeks and we will be slugging it out with the likes of Liverpool, Burnley & Watford for a Europa league spot !

    I love the way that Iwobi gets to start ahead of Wenger’s £45m striker Lacazette BTW ! Comical.

    Even more comical putting Coq in defence ! Why not put Cech up front as striker why your at it !

  15. Guns of Hackney

    How much is Sanchez worth now? Either a paltry £15-20m in January or nothing in May. Ozil, probably less.

    Economics professor? CEO running a billion pound club?

    Arsenal will be taught across the world about how not to run a business model.

    Economics trophy.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Why pay £50m for a forward and leave him out for the two big games this season?

    Iwobi isn’t a pub footballer. Now that’s not his fault…but it is the manager’s fault.

    Wiltshire new five year deal.

    Ramsay. Boom.

    Ozil…£500k pw. Have it.

    Wenger. 10 year, £15m a season deal. Oh yes.

  17. Wallace

    apparently Holding & Mertesacker were injured which was why Coquelin started at the back. guessing his greater athleticism got him the nod over Elneny. not really got an issue with Iwobi starting, but for Ozil surely, not our main goalscorer.

  18. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The referees didn’t cost us this game, Wenger’s wet noodle tactics and an enemic front third cost us once again. Enough already, Arsenal under Arsene Wenger will never be good enough to beat better teams. Oh, and did I forget to mention, we were beaten by a far superior team yesterday. No conspiracies required, we simply were not and are not good enough.

  19. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Pedro pushing the referee narrative?
    seriously though….

    This blog is turning into Untold 2.0 with all the pre match positivity and referee conspiracy theories.

  20. Ishola70

    “As for “we will be in and around top 4”, we might be “around” top 4 but certainly not in it”

    Yeah Pedders has been using this term for a while now.

    Probably thinks home form can see to it.

    But tbh thinking this team with this manager can get top four has to be seen as highly optimistic at this point.

    As said before will most likely be about Europa League in whether this team can get back into CL and there has to be doubts in whether Wenger can get the team over the line in that competition.

    The odds atm are that Wenger will fail for the second season running to qualify for Champions League. Under those circumstances see no point in him continuing.

    Of course his advocates/sympathisers will jump on the FA Cup if Wenger looks to win that trophy again.

  21. peanuts&monkeys

    ” ….superior talent to Lacazette. However, the reality is Alexis is behaving like a c*nt behind the scenes, he doesn’t give a fu*k about the wellbeing of the squad, and Wenger was expecting him…. ”

    This kind of scathing attack on Sanchez would not have come on Le Loser Grove had he been an English. I am sorry to say this…but put a hand to your heart and come back on this, Losers.

    For 2 consecutive years this guy has been playing his heart out, he has been asking for top quality players around him, top quality manager for the team, so that he can win trophies here…and you giver him this cunt of a manager and super cunts AKBs as fans.

    serves you right, Losers.

    Fuck you!!

  22. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wenger’s attack on the refereeing yesterday was cowardice at its worst. Accusing them of being unprofessional is beneath any decent person being upset. It’s worthy of charges of poor conduct and deserving of a touch line ban. And his continued attacks on officials, complete with making physical contact with one last season tells you Wenger has serious problems.

    Being a referee is very difficult in a game where both players and Manages do their best to cheat as a given. Wenger crossed the line yesterday big time, and for someone who continues to use referees to deflect away from his own gross failings as a manager, that’s beneath contempt. Arsene Wenger is a mad charlatan and a disgrace. It’s more than time the FA threw the book at this arrogant clown.

  23. Paulinho

    Sanchez playing like shit in these games when he was ‘fully committed’ as well.

    He wasn’t purposely making a hash of passes, or attempted crosses into the box, and his off the ball movement has always been crap as well, which is why he can never play number nine. Doesn’t threaten the channels enough.

    He’s almost as flat-track as Ozil, which is why there continually underwhelming in these matches and simply not deserving of the talismanic billing they are given.

  24. Ishola70

    Park Chu-young’s left testicle
    “The ‘in and around the top 4′ trophy.”

    I forgot.

    There is a hint of possibility of grabbing the “finishing higher than Liverpool” trophy.

    Just a hint though.

  25. HighburyLegend

    “This blog is turning into Untold 2.0 with all the pre match positivity and referee conspiracy theories.”

    @Park, we are not there yet, but we’re certainly getting closer to it each day…

  26. Don

    Highbury Legend

    On the contrary, it’s the Wenger haters who are happy after a result like this. I don’t hate then man. I can’t. Not after what he had given me as a supporter but he needs to go. He’s done. He’s taken us back to the position he found us in and we need something new. Watching arsenal these days is as dull as watching England. There is nothing football related for me to get excited over anymore.
    Can’t stand the glee with which your type approach these results.


    You’re a gent as always sir

  27. Don

    “This blog is turning into Untold 2.0 with all the pre match positivity and referee conspiracy theories.”@Park, we are not there yet, but we’re certainly getting closer to it each day…

    God forbid anyone may try to be positive at all about anything

  28. Frankie Coffeecakes

    So as to understand, Wenger believes Wilshere should be given time on the England squad, a call-up if you will. Yet he overlooks Wilshere time and time again for first team PL games. In fact, he thought so highly of Wilshere yesterday that he played Coquelin over him and only brought him on at the 78th minute, when the outcome was all but decided.

    Anyone else finding this type of thinking and decision making bizarre?

  29. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    God forbid anyone may try to be positive at all about anything.

    Don, have you just woken from an eight year coma?

    It’s 2017. We’re bang average and we’re ‘competing ‘ in the Europa League – Google it. Our two ‘World Class’ players want to leave and probably will for nowt. Oh and Walcott is still showing potential.

  30. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Don – “He’s done. He’s taken us back to the position he found us in and we need something new. ”

    Excellent analogy!

  31. Wallace


    “In fact, he thought so highly of Wilshere yesterday that he played Coquelin over him”

    yeah, but at centre back. think Wilshere’s probably cool with the bench if the alternative’s starting in the middle of the back 3.

  32. Don

    Don’t understand having a pop at Pedro
    He was spot on with his assessment even if I think he was a little harsh on Sanchez
    He got the ball. He turns. And no one is making runs. Play Lacazette and wilshere yesterday and I think we have a better looking forward line. Ozil should be nowhere near this team in a game like this.
    I thought he was awful yesterday
    Under hit his passes. Where is the assist king? Wanker. Fuck him and Ramsey off. Go on about jw stealing a living?? At least he cares. At least he tries
    At least he tackles
    What is this xg thing too with Ramsey?

  33. Frankie Coffeecakes

    He could have played Debuchy, a natural defender. He had and has options. Point is, he makes odd choices on hunches rather than logic and the results reflect.

  34. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I don’t like Elneny as a defender but Wenger has been playing him there in the Europa. Why choose to blood Coq in a new position away to the league leaders?

  35. Don


    No. No coma. But I won’t berate anyone for a positive outlook. There is nothing wrong in that. Gimme positive over a moaning nagging miserable slut any day of the week.

  36. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If we win Wenger would hail himself as a visionary and let everyone know how he converted the Coq from a midfielder to a libero.

    We lose and it’s the ref’s fault.

  37. HighburyLegend

    “it’s the Wenger haters who are happy after a result like this. ”
    We are certainly not happy, as we know he won’t be sacked anyway.

    I honnestly don’t know how you still can watch his face without being sick, plus his ridiculous press conferences and his ridiculous excuses for any defeat, his lack of reaction during the games… Plus the fact that he is trully convinced that “he built this club”…
    You must have been wengerized, I don’t see any other explanation.

  38. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    No. No coma. But I won’t berate anyone for a positive outlook.


    What about a realistic outlook?

  39. graham62


    It is now seven months since I subscribed to Le Grove and in that time I have been involved in many interesting and feisty communications with fellow bloggers, specifically surrounding my own RIGID beliefs around Arsene Wenger.

    For me it has never been about being an AKB or WOB, it is all about FACTS. What I see and feel is so obvious that it doesn’t take an Einstein to tell me otherwise. However, lets look at the counter arguments which have been thrown back at me, and a number of other posters on a regular basis over these past few months –

    1. Wenger is not to blame.
    2. Show Wenger respect for his achievements.
    3. Wenger is passionate about the club and puts the interests of the club and it’s fans, ahead of everything else(specifically his own needs)
    4. We must trust in Wenger.
    5. Wenger is tactically proficient. Look at what he did from 1996-2006.
    6. What can fans do. The business moguls rule the roost. In other words, sit back and let it happen.
    7. Wenger speaks 8 languages and has an honours degree in Economics, so he must know what his talking about.
    8. Wenger loves the club.
    9. The players believe in Wenger.
    10.The Assistant Coach believes in Wenger.

    I could go on, but I think you get the jist. Now look at all the facts associated with each of these points and what answer do you come up with? Simple…………….RIGHT?

    Now on Saturday I got ridiculed and mocked because I stated that any fan who still goes to the Emirates,in the name of AFC, should be ashamed of themselves. I highlighted that it was a “DISGRACE”. I stand by this and whilst others condemn me for saying it, calling me a “traitor” and a “troll”, I don’t give a damn.

    The facts are there for all to see. Wenger is the DISGRACE and by accepting the status quo, many of you are basically showing you don’t give a shit about the club. You would rather sell off your club to “lunatics” rather than FIGHT THE CAUSE.
    Shame on you all.

    This is where RED TRUTH comes into it. All his one line posts are clear to us all. Some take offence, but the majority actually see it as merely stating the truth. Out of all the bloggers on this site, he is the only one who consistently says it as it is.

    Those that ridicule RT are wasting their time. The master of Le Grove RULES OK?!?!

  40. HighburyLegend

    “Wenger haters”… Yes I hate the man, I hate him for what he’s done to our club since a decade. We are the favourite laughing stock of european football, but if you’re fine with this situation, well good for you.

  41. loyika

    @ Frankie

    Arsene has done nothing more than what Fergie, Jose and others have done as regards making comments about refs.

    Accepted that he needs to be punished for his comments as ultimately that’s not the real reason we lost (contributed to it) but lets not make it seem as if he is saying something new that other Managers have not?

    Hell, Fergie even got so powerful that he could influence which Refs were picked for some of his important games and the FA were scared as fcuk about crossing SAF.

    Major difference with SAF and Arsene and also Jose is the fact they are not winning the EPL regularly like how Fergie was with United.

  42. GoonerInNY

    Complaining about the ref is the province of Untold.

    As Pedro pointed out, City coasted for the last 30 minutes. Had the refs not given a penalty and called the offsides, City would have played differently.

    The officiating wasn’t a big part of the story of yesterday’s game. Wenger making the same mistakes over and over without learning is the story.

    Learn from playing Ox against Liverpool? Nope. Sanchez starts and his one major signing sits. What top manager would have played Coq at CB yesterday? None. But the arrogant f*#@ thinks he knows better.

    What a Dumpster fire of a club.

  43. loyika

    @ Frankie

    I think Henry and Reyes also had that same issue? And RVP said Freddie never liked him, and who could forget Ade and Bendtner refusing to pass to one another in that infamous game up at Birmingham. (if i remember that game clearly, i believe there was a pass on by one to put the other through clear on goal and the pass wasn’t made and the chance went. I think this was some minutes before Cichy’s decision to stick a leg out and gift them a pen, we know the rest of the story)

    Shyte like that is common in footie, case in point Neymar and Cavani and so on. Manager’s duty to sort it out really.

    I think Alexis’s time is up (been up for a long while) and he should be sold in January. Its a known fact that many in the squad don’t get along with him, so would be best for all if he was sold.

  44. HighburyLegend

    “Major difference with SAF and Arsene”

    One of them was a great (and proper) manager, the other one is a fraud.
    Nothing else to add.

  45. Dream10

    Not a Coquelin fan in the slightest, but if Holding or the BFG started, it would have been worse. He made three or four recovery tackles to cover mistakes of erratic passing of the players ahead.

  46. Danish Gooner

    The most disappointning thing about Yesterday was how incredible easy it was for Man City to rattle our defense with passing over the top of our defense ,again and again we were rattled by Raheem of all players,we showed Zero resemblance of a team with defensive capabilities and Koscielny was such a disappointment yet again in a top game and it becomes more and more obvious that Sanchez should have been replaced in the summer(a joke of a decision by Wenger) another wrong decision by Wenger it us now more like that when he makes a decision On anything it is the wrong decision,he has comleyely lost his mojo and should resign before it becomea laughable and furthermore we are now a team incapable of winning away from home against any Half commited outfit ,sad days at Arsenal and it Can not end soon enough.

  47. HighburyLegend

    “he has comleyely lost his mojo”
    Breaking news!!

    “should resign before it becomea laughable ”
    Far, far too late…

  48. Skinnywill

    What concerns me is that Wenger actually believes that we only lost because of the officials. If he does then we are truly f&%ked.

    I have never liked the excuses he has always come out with after the game (he has done this for the majority of his reign) as I feel it gives the players an excuse, which is now clearly reflected in the team.

    What he should be saying is that we are “The Arsenal” and we are falling behind the standards expected and himself and the players need to address this.

  49. HighburyLegend

    West Ham Chairmen’s statement to Bilic’s sacking : “We see this as an exciting opportunity to appoint a quality manager to the position to inject fresh ideas, organisation and enthusiasm”


  50. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I will state it again, poor refereeing did not cost us the match yesterday. It’s the same guy who spends 23.5 hours a day watching football videos who still hasn’t got an effen clue as to how to set up a team nor how to change tactics on the fly, who cost us YET AGAIN another match against a top opponent. Soon enough every team will be a better opponent.

    Lord give us the strength to suffer this fool!!!

  51. Dream10

    Danny Murphy rubbishing the complaints of Gooners who complain that Sanchez doesn’t perform away from home against CL level opposition

    Fan: “He pads his stats against the bottom teams. Doesn’t do anything away to top 6 or against Bayern, Barça.”

    Murphy: ” Load of nonsense. He’s a top player who would walk in to almost any top team. Goals, assists, fighting spirit. Guardiola wouldn’t offer 350k/week based on one match. Would make City XI ahead of Sterling/Sané

  52. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Maybe West Ham should hire a qualadee Manager – oh say, Arsene Wenger! Yeah, he will turn that club around lickety split!

  53. Danny

    During the Red Star match I commented how shit Coquelin was and then Wenger starts him yesterday.
    Fuckin’ Useless
    As for the penalty, well what about the penalty they didn’t get after 10 minutes?

  54. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Hate to say this Dream10, anyone would would easily be a better choice than BungleBritches Sterling. He’s the only reason it wasn’t 5 or 6 to 1.

  55. Frankie Coffeecakes

    One might get the impression that Wenger somehow believes he will sign both Alexis and Ozil. Of course when both are off 8n the summer you can equally imagine that Wenger will issue a statement to the effect that neither really represented Arsenal “Values”. You know that Mr. Cult of Personality will somehow slip it in to cover his own grotesque bungling of it all.

  56. TitsMcGee

    Kolasinac was poor and he’s giving me the same jitters Mustafi was at this point last season.”

    I’ve maintained that regardless of who we sign said player will always be sucked into the collective attitude of mediocrity at the club regardless of talent/form before they arrived. It’s human nature.

    Like starting a job and the first 3 months you are early every day. After you notice your colleagues coming in at 945am everyday with no repurcussions (sp?) then you start to arrive later and later as your guard is let down.

    There is a culture of mediocrity at Arsenal that is actually cultured and fostered.

  57. Dream10

    Frankie Coffecakes

    He didn’t have the best match yesterday, but Sterling has been as good as De Bruyne, Sané over the last month and half.
    He’s contributing on the scoresheet in terms of goals + assists & continuously provides width. Thought he was overrated, but I was wrong. He’s got a very high ceiling

  58. Marko

    apparently Holding & Mertesacker were injured which was why Coquelin started at the back. guessing his greater athleticism got him the nod over Elneny.

    Again another dumb decision from our inept manager. He played a guy who’s never played the position over a guy who he’s tried out in preseason and Europa league games? Makes no fucking sense. From the get go he set us up to fail

  59. RJM

    Yeah quite right. Wenger slagging off Stirling. He shoild be grateful. If he wasnt so shit it would have been another 5-1 Wenger special..

    Title race is over 4 everyone…. and just as well as Spurs had as good a chance as anyone else.

  60. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Not to mention a really great coach and manager. Give him to Career Killer Wenger and he’s a footnote in football history. For the record, he was crap yesterday, really pungent crap.

  61. TitsMcGee

    The only reason Wenger went with a back 3 is because it worked in the FA Cup semis.

    Anyone who has read anything on Pep would realize that Pep would have been ready for it yesterday.

    Completely lazy, unimaginative “tactics”. Wenger is throwing darts in the dark at this point.

  62. Bamford10


    The obvious point is that he should have played a back four (instead of rigidly sticking to the three and shoe-horning Francis Coquelin into the CB role).

  63. Bamford10

    Eleven games in and we are in sixth place, 12 points back of the leaders, with 27 goals in goal differential between us.

    This is how Wenger responds to finishing fifth.

    What a farce.

    Who spends £53m on a player only to leave him on the bench against the best team in the league?

    Who spends more than £200m a year on wages yet relies on a Francis Coquelin (as CB!) against the best team in the league?

    Wenger is so fucking clueless; that he still has a job is one of the greatest absurdities in all of sports.

    Other teams train on how to press properly. Intensively. 30-45 minutes a training session, a couple of times a week. Not Wenger. Pressing for Wenger means him saying, “OK, today we press them.” That’s it.

    Complete joke. Wenger out.

  64. gonsterous

    I liked mustafi and I like sead. I think they will benefit under a better coach.. in fact, so will 90% of the players…

  65. Bamford10


    Oh, and both United and Spurs are 8 points behind City. 8 points. What about that prediction you were so proud of? Hilarious.

  66. Don

    Highbury Legend

    Yeah I’ve got the antidote. I don’t know. If arsenal losing a football match is so important to you that it consumes your entire life then I might suggest getting out more?
    Have a few drinks? Get laid? Get married? Have some kids? Work harder? Achieve something? How about rock climbing? Hiking? Sperlunking? If your life becomes an obsession over one man that you’ve never met then football ain’t your thing.

  67. Don


    It’s november you tool. City are looking good. And what did I say? I could be wrong. Let’s see. Long way to go. You just stick to the kids and bullshitting that you went Harvard and try not to worry about us big boys
    And if we want to talk about ridiculous calls
    Er benteke better than Giroud
    Kane not worth £50m
    Kane won’t score against Madrid
    PSG a more prestigious club than united
    To name just 4

  68. HighburyLegend

    @Don : you are the perfect individual, with your perfect life, but please stop giving lessons to people you don’t know, thanks.

  69. TR7

    Our midfield is so bad that probably a 36 years old Tomas Rosicky will outperform all our midfielders. Not one bit of good play from Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka yesterday. We have been a flat track bully for ages but still in the past we would have our midfielders playing well in spurts against big teams. The current bunch is just hopeless.

  70. Danish Gooner

    But noone at Arsenal is concerned about not winning the CL theyy are concerned about not being in it because it is a Money maker but they dont have that surging raw need of a CL win, as long as we make Money ,its okay.This is the massive difference between us and Clubs like Real,Barca,Juve,Bayern that dont tolerate not being around the top of the pile that is why Carlo A got his sacking as soon as Bayerns board saw what was coming,they have no sentiment put in to Carlo A like Stanley have in Wenger,12 years of abject failure wont walk at Bayern let alone 3 months.Stanley just lets Wenger bungle his way from abject failure to another,just look at the cl horrendeously outplayed by Bayern more then once,flapping against Monaco,totally humiliated by a shadow of a Milan side,run over by Barca several times the list goes on and on and on.

  71. Bamford10


    PSG are a more prestigious club than United at the moment. You are living in the past.

    And I will concede that Kane is doing better than I granted, but I stand by my claims that he is not world class, that he is not good enough to shine for a Madrid or PSG and that he is not the £100m+ player Dissenter thinks he is.

    And neither is Alli.

    You keep telling us that Spurs and United are the class of the league, though.

  72. Bamford10


    That they do want CL money, though, is one reason Wenger could be in trouble if he doesn’t finish top four.

  73. Danish Gooner

    Great Clubs learn from their mistakes in the cl they very often get hammered in their first season but alreday in their NeXT season they show a great deal of improvement like Spurs . Leicister even impressed in their first season ,Monaco is anohter great example of a team that improved very much in their second season and Porto on a shoestring budget always makes it far in the cl but Arsenal have actually regressed in the cl topping it all of with that abject 2-10 defeat against Bayern probably the worst most embarrassing night in Europe of all time.

  74. Leedsgunner

    Was yesterday the first game in our club’s history where we felt hard down by due to refereeing incompetence?

    Err… no. It was a regular occurrence under SAF remember?

    That’s why when we are away we have to play our best. Take the officials out of the game by scoring goals which are undeniable and don’t give away silly penalties…

    We didn’t. We were sloppy and undisciplined — so it cost us.

    No one owes us three points, we have to earn them. The game is done, stop your moaning Wenger and move on.

    We know the only reason you are complaining as loud as you are is because in doing so you take the blame and the focus away from yourself.

  75. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I’d take one more year without the Champions League if it meant Wenger would be sacked at the end of this season.

  76. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Don – “If your life becomes an obsession over one man that you’ve never met then football ain’t your thing.”

    So let’s talk about the positives from yesterday’s match, shall we –


    Well, I am still impressed that Mikel Arteta still has that perfect coif of his, not a hair out of place and not a hair missing. That’s the only positive that I took from yesterday’s match, a match that we had absolutely no business participating in with expectations of getting a result. And why might that be?????

  77. TR7

    A great read -George Graham talking to the Guardian.

    “Could a manager speak to a player today in the way Graham did at Arsenal? “There’s this myth that because players are earning fortunes they can do what they want. I disagree. Most players, most people in fact, want to be led. Now, because they are strong financially you have to be even stronger. These new managers are great. Conte is strong. Guardiola too. Klopp is another.”

    “The trouble is we have very poor defences now. There are few clubs in England that are good going forward in possession and good at defending. But I like Tottenham. They’ve got the best defence in the league. And I really rate [Mauricio] Pochettino. He’s quality and I like the way he goes about his business. He doesn’t go over the top because the club is more important than him. I love their intensity at Tottenham.”

    “I don’t bother because nothing changes. What’s the point? There’s no board at Arsenal. There are questions they’re obviously not going to answer. I heard [chief executive Ivan] Gazidis say they were over-performing. Over-performing?”

  78. Champagne charlie

    Indifferent has been the state of things since Lemar brushed us off deadline day and we had to keep the Chilean turd. That was this seasons “oh fuck” moment, that totally extinguished any false hopes of big Weng signing a new deal and changing things up a touch. Same old.

    No point growling at players in this side, the management and ‘system’ (loose use of the term) is garbage as ever. Every player we’ve bought the last two/three years has had an unfair go of it in the clusterfuck of a game we try and play.

    Kolasinac/Xhaka were german team of the year stuff and neither have a proper role here. Kolasinac is somewhere up the left and Xhaka somewhere in the middle. Lacazette was best ST in France over three years and he has to watch a crybaby cunt play up top instead of him (only because said crybaby has no defensive acumen and Iwobi was drafted to plug it). Mustafi was close to being booted in the summer because he doesn’t rate what’s going on, that’s 4 established players who should be first XI cornerstones in a recognised shape and system. Unless you’re Arsenal.

    Biggest improvement we can make is Ancelotti to come in, command respect from the board, and change from the players. Because the current hierarchy, of by some miracle appoint a young phenom, are never in a million giving him license to radicalise Arsenal. No, we need to hope for wily, commanding, and just plain better. Big Carlo needs to whisper sweet nothings into his pal Arsenes ear pronto.

  79. Danish Gooner

    The days of winning the cl on the cheap is gone, top 8 teams in the World are splashing the cash and they all hire the very best managers .If Arsenal had an ambitious plan about winning the cl inside 5 or 6 season they would hire the right manager give him a war chest and let him build it slowly, at the moment when wenger leaves it is a car crash,,no Money a seriously poor squad etc,it will be several years before we challnge for the Next cl.

  80. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @ Bamford – Arsenal could get relegated and Wenger still won’t be fired. He’s got a job for life, isn’t it obvious by now? No other team would put up with the nonsense on display week in and week out as they do at Arsenal.

  81. alexanderhenry

    I have to admit I’m really not so sure that we’re a shoe in for fourth anymore.
    We were never going to win the PL of course but that’s not the club’s goal.

    Finishing fourth and getting all that CL cash is though. If wenger fails this season the pressure will be enormous for him to resign or for Stan to sack him.

    Also, a word on Xhaka. I’m still bemused by him.. What does he offer exactly apart from two or three decent passes per match?

    I’d rather see wilshire in there playing in that deeper role.

  82. alexanderhenry


    Don’t be silly. Yes he would.

    The fact of the matter is that we’ve never had a genuinely bad season under him
    If this season is that season I don’t think he’ll survive.

  83. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    All the muppets on arsenalfantv should stop whinging and vote with their feet. Stop going to the bloody games. Simples. They’re all inflicted with Stockholm syndrome. Sadomasochists.

  84. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @DanishGooner – “If Arsenal had an ambitious plan about winning the cl inside 5 or 6 season they would hire the right manager give him a war chest and let him build it slowly”

    That’s what they are doing now with Wenger as that manager!

  85. Champagne charlie


    Why are you singling players out as if that’s close to being a luxury we have at this club? We could only hope to be in a position to question why a certain player is in the team as primary concern.

    Need I remind everyone that our board stated Wenger has overachieved the last few years, which makes you wonder what their targets are if we’ve managed to surpass them and win nothing big…..

    Meanwhile the pr line is we’ll be up there with Bayern soon. But yes, let’s worry about why Lacazette isn’t playing 90mins or why Ramsey isn’t world class. Like any of that actually matters much

  86. Frankie Coffeecakes

    No matter the outcome, Wenger stays alexanderhenry. Come on, You know what I and others know, Arsenal are run by individuals who don’t count common sense as an admirable attribute. Wenger is an institution, only he will decide when time is up. That’s how this will play out – by all accounts he should have been shown the door years ago.

  87. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Arsenal Premier League defeats per season:

    2011/12 = 7
    2012/13 = 7
    2013/14 = 7
    2014/15 = 7
    2015/16 = 7
    2016/17 = 9
    2017/18 = ? (4 as at 5 November)

  88. Leftsidesanch


    Refreshing brilliant article. We’re now at a place where everybody is questioning Arsenal as a club and the motives of the men in charge. It helps our case when we underperform on the pitch so soon after Gazadis stupidly said we are overperforming.

    While not suggesting its anything close to being imminent, this reign of terror for me at the emirates is in its last throws.

  89. Carts


    “not giving offside on the third was comically inept, but it was definitely a penalty. well beaten.”

    Alert: Hacked. This account has been hacked.

  90. Leftsidesanch

    No surprise we lose such a large amount of fixtures for a club of our size every year. I read that 10 of the players who played when we last won away to a top 6 side (incidentally being Man City) are still plying their trade at AFC. City have 4 survivors from that day. Results haven’t been good enough and these players aren’t improving but there is a blind persistance to stick with them in the hope it all clicks. Even more so after years of failed attempts to challenge there is blind optimism that Wenger will suddenly address his “blind” spots and it all clicks too. Utter madness.

  91. TitsMcGee

    2011/12 = 7
    2012/13 = 7
    2013/14 = 7
    2014/15 = 7
    2015/16 = 7
    2016/17 = 9
    2017/18 = ? (4 as at 5 November)”

    That also goes to show how much wiggle room Wenger has. He can lose 7 times a season and still attain his goals.

    We’ll end with no fewer than 7 and no more than 9 this season. Right on par with every other season.

    Has a club ever won the title with 7 + losses? Pretty safe to say that if it ever has happened it doesn’t happen often.

  92. Carts

    Our back for should’ve read:


    It doesn’t take a UEFA Pro license to work that out.

    You’re playing a team that have a severe penchant for scoring goals; nothing screams ‘do your worst, Pep’ than plying Coquelin CB.

    I bet that mute potato, Bould, stood there on Friday morning, on his online banking app making sure he’d been paid, instead of questioning Wenger’s sanity.

  93. jasongms


    “I’ve maintained that regardless of who we sign said player will always be sucked into the collective attitude of mediocrity at the club regardless of talent/form before they arrived. It’s human nature. Like starting a job and the first 3 months you are early every day. After you notice your colleagues coming in at 945am everyday with no repurcussions (sp?) then you start to arrive later and later as your guard is let down.There is a culture of mediocrity at Arsenal that is actually cultured and fostered.”

    Excellent analogy and you’d be hard-pressed to argue against it. Imagine going into work lining up next to Walcott talking about his coffee machine and his penchant for a strong latte.

  94. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Number of seasons at Arsenal:

    11 Walcott
    9 Wilshere
    9 Ramsey
    7 Koscielny
    7 Coquelin
    6 Mertesacker
    5 Giroud
    4 Monreal

  95. Don


    How many champions league finals have PSG reached, let alone won? Zero
    They are no more prestigious than any middle eastern oil club.
    You wouldn’t know. Only a true European would understand the prestige of a historical giant like Manchester United.
    Even arsenal have reached a final
    You’re reaching kid

  96. Wallace

    with Mustafi, Mertesacker & Holding all out I don’t have a problem with Coquelin playing in the back 3. I’m sure Wenger’s not the first to experiment with a defensively-sound CM in the central position rather than a ball-playing CB. it’s bringing in Iwobi for Lacazette that bugs me far more.

  97. graham62


    The thing is, there is not one single Arsenal fans who still trusts in Wenger. Unfortunately, too many supporters are too scared to act, because they fear the consequences. Fringe benefits outweigh the needs of the club.

    Weak, passionless, deluded, blind, disruptive, scared………….You can add so many more negative traits to those who are aiding in Wenger’s cretinous legacy.

    Yes folks, it really is happening.

  98. TheBayingMob

    Cunt Manager. Cunt Players bought and protected by Cunt Manager. Cunt Owners protecting Cunt Manager. Cunt Ciub supported by Cunt Fans still thinking Cunt Manager will get his mojo back and Aaron Ramsey will deliver us unto Messi like performances.

    That’s the long and short of it,

    I used to love going to the Arsenal, now I just see Ashburton Cunt Stadium. Half our fans are cunts. Is there another club that has an equivalent of Untold?? Run by fair ies and c0ck ends? Probably not …

  99. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    He’s been experimenting with Elneny there – so why choose Coquelin, who hasn’t started a Premier League game all season, away at the league leaders?

    Unfortunately the squad is full of dross. A truly uninspiring group of players.

  100. HighburyLegend

    “Weak, passionless, deluded, blind, disruptive, scared”

    That’s everything Don is not, thanks to his very perfect life.

  101. graham62

    Wallace/Pierre/GDNA/loyika etc etc

    Justify your loyalty to us all. Is it based on personal gain? The fear of change? The respect of Wenger?………………………………………What exactly?

  102. Ishola70

    Did I read on here that individual players can’t be criticised because of the overall regime?

    That’s taking it a bit far but I suppose yes the regime can be seen as responsible for signing the shit player in the first place.

    Xhaka is shit full stop. He is immobile, immature on the pitch, suspect mentality. Only has a left foot. Totally unsuitable. I’m sure he is a lovely fella off the pitch though.

    lol I know where this is coming from though. It’s people who were raving or rating players previously and when they see that they are in fact duds they want to deflect from that simple fact.

  103. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Cech, Ospina, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Chambers, Monreal, Mustafi, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Xhaka, Coquelin, Elneny, Giroud, Walcott, Iwobi, Jenkinson.

    Stale, mundane and uninspiring.

  104. Wallace

    Park Chu

    Coquelin’s better defensively and more athletic than Elneny, I’d imagine is the reason. Elneny if we were going to be dominating possession, but don’t think anyone was thinking that was happening…

  105. Wallace


    “Justify your loyalty to us all. Is it based on personal gain? ”

    £25 for every positive post. jumps to £40 the two days after a bad defeat.

  106. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    Don’t you think Koscielny in the middle of Debuchy and Monreal would have been more effective than Coquelin in the middle of Koscielny and Monreal?

  107. Guernsey gun

    Poor old santi just seen the pics of his leg and what happened post surgery. Anyone who thinks he’s playing any level of football is mentally deranged. Queue clueless handing him a new 2 year deal in the summer then. Re the match city were like a cat playing with a mouse, anytime they liked they would have finished us. Never in it, never were but dreamers keep on dreaming.

  108. Ishola70

    I understand what Wallace is saying in that he was more concerned with the omission of Lacazette in relation to the inclusion of Coquelin.

    Both silly decisions but for most of that match Ozil in the attacking set-up was most times the one running onto goal on the ball receiving the last pass. How crazy is that? A proper goalscorer on the bench and we have to see Ozil as the man that in that set-up that is seen as the goal getter. The prolific Ozil. Ridiculous from Wenger. Ozil was continually running past Sanchez in the game onto opposition goal.

  109. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Poor old santi just seen the pics of his leg and what happened post surgery. Anyone who thinks he’s playing any level of football is mentally deranged.

    Santi pisses all over Ozil.

  110. Wallace

    Park Chu

    “Don’t you think Koscielny in the middle of Debuchy and Monreal would have been more effective than Coquelin in the middle of Koscielny and Monreal?”

    definitely maybe. guessing there’s an issue with Koscielny playing in the middle as he did play there for a few games, but more recently it’s been anyone but. and also maybe Wenger was worried about the Sane/Debuchy match up…

  111. Champagne charlie


    I have a problem with him playing there. Would much rather revert to 4 at the back and put Coquelin ahead if we don’t have the personnel available to play 3.

    Think it was an overestimation of Coquelin ability (again), and a total lack of stones to do the radical. That’s where the managerial youth comes into play imo. They change things when things need changing.

    Imagine if we’d have said ‘ok city are mustard right now, let’s go two banks of four and have Olly and Lacazette up top to really fuck them about. Kill them with quick transitions. They won’t expect that.’

    Instead it was ‘uhh don’t have a central defender, let me put a poor midfielder in there and hope it works because it’s risky changing things up’. It didn’t…

  112. Champagne charlie


    Try addressing people instead of hiding behind sweeping statements.

    I said it’s a waste of time crtiticising individual players and I stated why. I also rate Xhaka as a central midfielder because I’ve seen how he plays in a structured and competent team. I’ve not seen him in that at Arsenal and as such I’ve seen him be top drawer, and bottom drawer. I can figure out why because the same can be said of a number of our players.

    So instead of saying Xhaka can’t do this, Ozil isn’t about that, Mustafi is shit at this, Giroud can’t offer that, Ramsey is shit here. I extend sight outside the Arsenal vacuum and can see the pattern in it’s true light. Our system is confusing, our roles are undefined, and our players are sold a notion of fluid leadership that facilitates a pass the buck mentality. So acknowledge that instead of thinking you’re a blog hero chirping at others for their views about certain players. Your Xhaka “analysis”can be levelled at 99% of players playing in the league.

  113. Wallace

    Champagne charlie

    I think City beat us quite comfortably however we line up, but yeah, with so many CBs out going back to a 4 would have made more sense.

  114. Don

    Highbury Legend

    You’re either flirting with me or nipping at my balls.
    Like I said, I’m not sure this football lark is for you. Try croquet….

  115. TheBayingMob

    I don’t think we have ‘bad’ players; some of them are average, some of them are better than average in a shite regime under Wenger.

    I also don’t think Arsene goes out of his way to be ‘just good enough’; to be purposefully bad at something to a set standard would actually mean you were quite brilliant at it, and this is not Arsene; I think he absolutely is trying to be the best in the league and is genuinely baffled by why his team isn’t at the top (ergo, always someone else’s fault), but like all dictators and especially an egotistically old one entrenched in the fantasy bubble world of professional football, he is painfully unaware of just how out of touch and shit he is.

    But in saying all that, and for all the cries of our terribly impoverished club, he actually has a wealth available to him; it would be hard for anyone at Arsenal with the resources available (of course, the club are not state funded by oil money, but at the same time we are wealthy in real terms) it would be hard for anyone to fail too badly.

    For me, based on the resources he has the wage bill he has been afforded he is actually doing possibly the worse job possible; problem is he thinks he is performing at the level of a genius. Second problem is a lot of fans have fallen for that as well, and remarkably think the same thing. Third problem is all those fans are genuinely terrified there is no one else on the planey who could keep the club (with it’s wealth of resources) at the same level or higher; whereas in reality a batty old gran with dementia wouldn’t do much worse …

  116. Ishola70

    lol CC

    I think you took umbrage at Alex H post because he was questioning a player that you were defending heavily on here at the start of the season.

    I agree that the system is unsuitable and the whole set-up stinks and it can be hard for a player to shine in these circumstances.

    Nonetheless Xhaka has been seen to put in poor individual performances riddled with individual errors.

    How many games did you see of Xhaka at Borussia Moechengladbach?

    This looks a classic case of a players weaknesses being hidden by a fellow player at a previous club. Both at Moechengladbach and international level.

    The team do not need such a player in the side.

    He should be dumped pronto not because the set-up is poor but because Xhaka is full of individual errors and fvck-ups.

  117. Gooner63


    So now its the officials who conspire against us

    Firstly, it was a penalty – you cant shield a ball from behind or level with a player, at no time was monreal in front to be able to shield.

    Offside goal – well yep – but then again city could easily have scored 5 more

    What fans should be complaining about is how a manager buys a 45mill striker and so far has failed to start him vs Liverpool and City – HUHHHHHH!

    Secondly – fans still no realising we still havent registered a win vs any club who were in the top 10 when we played them.

    Thirdly – and this is the one that really hurts as an arsenal fan – seeing other fans happy that spurs have got some injuries so that we may get a result against them

    We should be getting results against any full team they put out.

    Why wont we – because we have a manager who has no idea on training, tactics, motivation or what even his best team is.

    Made me laugh to watch 3 players putting their foot in and giving other players a bit of a bollocking – who? 3 of our most placid – Monreal, Ozil and Lacazette

    The rest – just rolled over again after 1-0

    Sad times………..

  118. GunnerDNA


    “Wallace/Pierre/GDNA/loyika etc etc Justify your loyalty to us all. Is it based on personal gain? The fear of change? The respect of Wenger?………………………………………What exactly?”

    If you noticed you are the only one mentioning AW, because at 60 plus yrs old you attached yourself to group to which I’m opposite, that’s why everyone that have a positive or logical opinion you call AKB. My position on AW is clear that he should have been fired years ago. I refused to dedicate my days talking about AW and saying the same thing over and over which is unlikely to change. I support Arsenal, if you sit wherever you at and think I’m some AW loyalist and doesn’t want change you need help. The problems the club is facing is clear for everyone to see. The manager keep making the same mistakes with training, transfers and contracts but you sit home thinking you have to come online and fight with other fans because you’re the only one knows what is happening. You claimed you joined Le Grove 7 months ago, BOY you 12 years late. You have a lot of catching up to do in regards to Arsenal social media. Good Luck!

  119. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If Ozil put as much effort into trying to win the game as he does sulking, shrugging his shoulders and taking it out on the officials I would be happy for him to sign a new contract.