5 things that need to go right for a win against Manchester City

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You can’t deny it. You’re scared. You’re scared and excited.

Be honest with me. You think we can win, don’t you?

Yeah you do. You think this could be a turning point. Where Wenger bares his teeth. The moment our season goes from unfocused and loose, to uncomfortable and profoundly hopeful.

It’s the moment you fall in love with a girl you know isn’t really interested in you. You gotta enjoy the ride while it lasts. Accept the unread Whatsapps, endure the overly touchy ‘best friend’ likely called Zach, and welcome the inevitable long-term heartbreak that awaits.

I know the drill with Arsenal. I know where this is heading. So why am I convinced we can will pull off this feat?

Because this is England.

The Premier League doesn’t respect form. It doesn’t respect reputation. It always, always, always throws Arsene Wenger a survival bone. AND IT LOVES POPPIES.

So let’s see what happens today.

Some things we need to pull it off.

Petr Cech

He needs to find some of that Chelsea form that made him a Premier League winner back in the day. A great keeper but one that hasn’t really show his best self at Arsenal. Can he resist the urge to hoof the ball at every chance? Can he keep us in the game when we need him to? Will he ever save a penalty? He’ll be tested tomorrow, so a lot rests on his shoulders.

Aaron Ramsey

Stepping out of the shadow of Mesut Ozil, can the Welshman deliver on his Xg rating, can he prove to the mainstream fans – who called out Ozil early doors – that he’s more than just a potentially great player? He needs to calm his forward roaming instincts, he needs to sit a little deeper and he needs to find a way of playing nicely with Ozil and Sanchez who don’t exactly love him.


For one game, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could avoid an unforced error? I can’t imagine there’s any situation in which Pep wouldn’t recognize that he’s a real liability. I’m sure he’ll be pressed into a corner at every opp tomorrow, so this is a big game for him.


Can the front three we dreamed of combine to deliver a good result against a top team? We have a number 9 who can finish, the greatest quarterback of all time, and a Chilean dream machine who is one of the best in the league. If the mechanics behind them can function efficiently, then there’s a chance we could come away with something.


If we go down early, can he react?

Can he set the team up with a kernel of an idea?

Can he offer a surprise?

Maybe. Probably not.

So let’s pray he’s feeling Churchillian when he delivers the prematch team talk.

Right, over to YOU.

See you in the comments.


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  1. Carts

    Lacazette must be seriously scratching his head at Wenger’s shite.

    So he signs on for £50m (odd); £150k p/w wages, but he’s about to see Ozil and Sanchez walk out the door in a few months, while his manager through a together impromptu tactics and drops him for big games!

  2. Cesc Appeal


    No he was doing an Ozil, he put all his energy into looking super interested by moaning at the referee, because that is passion.

    Any idiot can actually pull their finger out in a game and contribute, if you want to earn the big bucks you show your passion by useless complaints whilst coasting through a game.


    I thought they looked quite leggy, particularly in the second half.

    I still think they have a fall coming, better sides will exploit their central midfield and defence, they will give you chances.

    People need to remember that as well, this was a side that had not travelled and most had not played all week against a side that went to Italy and played against a top level team.

    People blaming referees are really missing the point. Wasn’t there some referee blaming after Liverpool away as well?

    So much of it I lose track, with competent referees we would have won the league at least six times after the past ten years.

  3. Bamford10


    I said earlier that I could possibly see it as soft, but it remains a clear pen and not something supporters can whine about.

    The third goal is something else entirely.

    However this is all beside the point: Wenger set us up to fail, today and this summer.

    Why anyone is here criticizing Wenger’s critics is beyond me. These people are pathetic.

  4. rollen

    November 5, 2017 16:34:38

    Remember when people told me Ozil was better than DeBruyne?

    lol that was true for many years.
    then Ozil sign for Wenger…

  5. GunnerDNA

    Bamford, I just don’t rate them like you all do and whenever I see the BS I’m going to call you out. I have noticed in the past you of all person like to jump on any waves that the media is riding because you seeking cheap popularity. Saying Benteke was a top class striker and going at length to justify your opinion. You need to be humble and respect other posters opinion because if I’m being honest most of them know what is going on at Arsenal than you do.

  6. Don


    I’m not criticising wenger’s critics
    Just think the penalty was a soft penalty and that the red was shot
    We were shit and deserved to lose

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Walker was a good signing for City as well, gives them something different.

    Still not fully convinced by City, but have to say it is impressive they are doing well with Delph at LWB which is not ideal and having Kompany out.

  8. TitsMcGee

    Did we score a second goal?

    So even after all the moaning about the referee we still lose 2-1 . That score would have flattered us as completely second best on the day).

    Cowardly excuses.

  9. Carts


    Ah, gotcha. To me Xhaka’s reaction reeked of pretentiousness.


    Talking of Ozil: I had to laugh at his attempt at cynicism when he bodied Delph. That weak fool waited till the ass-end of the game, after 4 years, to throw his weight around.

    What’s most sad is that Wenger will canoodle that mob into believing that they gave a good account of themselves given the “parameters” that were set by the officials.

    We lost that game before a ball was kicked. First 10 min we pressed a bit; realised that we have no on field leader, while Wenger just yaps into Bould’s ear instead of getting up and showing that he cares.

  10. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Tits – but you know that Wenger will say that at 2-1 they were in it. The third goal deflated and demoralized them. You know, the same group of players that Wenger’s swears his life on that have ze mental strength to overcome such things. Right?

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Typical lazy coward stuff, does fuck all for ninety minutes and thinks a shoulder barge on a player looking the other way will make it seem like he’s ‘tough’ and ‘cares’.

    Bloke is a tosser who honestly is not worth the wages he’s one now let alone worth a pay rise.

    That’s the problem, Wenger will be filling their heads with the stuff the bellends on here are going on about, ‘it was the referees fault my babies don’t worry,’ and that is exactly why we see shit like that third goal. Offside, absolutely, but goodness me play to whistle, you are taught them from the time you first kick a ball. Disgraceful the way they just stopped playing.

    I saw more energy in the protestations about the penalty and offside goal than I have done off this shower all season.

    As with everything at Arsenal, all about PR and appearances, very little substance. They could have done their talking having had an extra week off to rest and prepare, they didn’t and City ran out comfortable winners in second gear with very blunt end product compared to their usual selves. De Bruyne in particular missed three or four sliders in two on two situations breaking he never normally would.

  12. Carts

    Let’s not kids ourselves, City will endure a customary blip.

    They’ll probably drop 7-10 points across 5 games – draws and loss(es).

    It’s the bouncebackability they’ll, ultimately, be judged on.

  13. Bamford10


    One, I don’t base my views on what the media say. For better or worse, my views are based on what my eyes tell me. If someone like you challenges an obvious point — like City are a top team — I might point to the fact that this is a consensus view, but that doesn’t mean that that’s why it is my view. That is quite another thing.

    And you’ve called no one out on anything. You’re wrong on every point.

    You’re just another AKB (or erstwhile AKB) that doesn’t like the kind of commentary that goes on here.

    Until you say something sensible, I have no reason to respect your views. Sorry.

  14. Bamford10

    That Wenger doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s doing is conclusively demonstrated by two basic facts from today’s game: one, Francis Coquelin was in the starting XI; and two, Alexander Lacazette was not.

  15. GunnerDNA

    Bamford10, You are so predictable! Who are you to prove anything to in regards to Arsenal. We both live in the US, my last game was Stoke away, yours? Until you can answer keep fronting and wearing the most consistent Le Grove poster crown. You are as waste of oxygen. Go and cry to Pedro to ban me you #softie

  16. graham62


    Are you the lawyer of Le Grove? Who are you and where did you pop up from? Typical PC brigade operator. Are you employed by LIBERTY or some other Human Rights organization.

    A few words of advice. Check your own posts before mouthing off to others about BS. Can’t also decipher what you’re actually saying. Basically a load of bollocks.


  17. GunnerDNA

    Sometimes its laughable seeing you challenging fans who are supporting the club from birth. With your you-tube knowledge lol

  18. Don

    Sometimes its laughable seeing you challenging fans who are supporting the club from birth. With your you-tube knowledge lol


  19. Buckhurst Gun

    Can somebody please tell me why lacazette didn’t start , I just can’t believe Arsene fucking Wenger – what are his motives ?

    Was he asked in his post match ?

  20. Don

    Highbury legend

    Dont get twisted bitch. Some of us have a life
    Some of us bitch on the web about a game of football played by 11 men you’ll never know and who will never give two shits about your opinion and the money you may or may not pay towards their wages
    Chill your batty.

  21. loyika

    Arsenal win, we fight, Arsenal draw, we fight, Arsenal lose, we fight!!

    Lol! Ohhhh to be a Gooner!! (in the Wenger Era)

  22. Elmo

    Great hatchet job from Shearer on Big Weng.

    The Arsenal press being completely incoherent because players only press in ones or twos rather than the whole team, meaning half the team can easily be eliminated with one pass, leaving the opponents outnumbering defenders.

    Also said Weng owes Sterling an apology for smearing Sterling as a renowned diver when footage showed Monreal first clipping his leg and then barging him.

    Our defending looked even more hapless on the highlights. How many times did we give away possession in our final third? How many times did we sloppily concede possession in their third and then be facing a player behind our back line in two passes?

  23. Wenker-wanger

    Glad. Shearer has slaughtered arsenal’s pressing tactics pathetic execution and the lacazette omission. Just short of actually condemning Wenger’s incompetence.
    Whilst this pencil necked idiot is in charge, arsenal will fail.

  24. ArseneisaFraud

    Now I am not making any excuses, but considering AW comments about refs not ‘working enough’, I wouldn’t be surprised if a slew of decisions do not go our way now…. starting off with the game vs the spuds. That should help us sharpen our knives vs AW.

    The crazy thing is, is that bad decisions don’t only happen to us … but hey, let’s have a moan vs the refs. We should in fact be prepared for this.

  25. loyika

    Buckhurst Gun

    Arsene doesn’t even know why he picks the player he does.

    Its not as if we have any insider info but not playing a Striker (either Giroud or Laca) is just baffling? My issue is why does he keep playing Alexis and Ozil if they are proposedly leaving when the TW opens.

    Also we don’t play with any urgency, we were stronger as a defensive unit and had our moments, but our slow build up play was pathetic to watch.

    Its as if we feel we have all the time in the world. Like people said, those guys had a rest mid week and should have been all guns blazing from the off. Laca should have started no question, also think Jack should have played as well.

    We knew that Citeh would hug possesion and try the press when not with the ball, yet when we got the ball off them we looked like we didn’t know what to do with it in the final 3rd (due to no out and out striker)

    Arsene only has himself to blame (as usual) We had conceded the game before a ball was kicked with that line up imo.

    Oh well, on to the visit of The Spuds. Hope Laca gets to start in that game (also hope Welbz is back for that as we could use his running energy against those bruisers)

  26. raptora

    Man City has had some ref help so far this season though. The “play till you score” game vs Everton where the added time was 4 mins or smth and Sterling scored in the 7-th minute of added time. Then Sane’s red card for the high kick on Ederson. A penalty not given to Watford and an offside goal in the same game. And now a laughable penalty and a meter offside goal vs us. The only time the refs somewhat made an error against them was the red card of Walker vs Everton. I mean it’s whatever. It’s just that the EPL has to be the standard in the football world and lead the innovations in the search of a just game, instead they are a bunch of wussies afraid of using video replays. It makes you wonder if they are doing it on purpose and there is a black market in the deep core of the organization.

  27. loyika

    @ AiF

    I very much doubt a Ref would blatantly call a decision against us at home against the Spuds, knowing what the game means and the tension.

    If that offside was given at the Em the pressure from the home fans could have made Mike Oliver want to even things out.

    Hope the game against the Spuds is officiated and played fairly. Let the best team win on the day.

  28. ArseneisaFraud


    AW is absolutely to be blamed. I wouldn’t be surprised that the players do not practice with specific training tactics to prepare against the team that they will play next. It’s the same training sessions that they do over and over again. I seem to remember that AW has said that he expects players to learn during the games that they are playing in. Which I am pretty sure is not the way to prepare any team.

  29. Wenker-wanger

    Hope the heat gets turned up to furnace level against Wenger in the forthcoming matches. The Burnley game may be the straw that breaks the French camels back!

  30. Chris

    Why?…. would even Wenger prefer to play Alexis who doesn’t even want to be at the Club let alone on the pitch to Lacazette?

    Simple….to show all we poor supporters that he can do whatever he likes no matter how stupid and will never be accountable.

    Wenger out!

  31. Elmo

    So far against top 10 teams (Liverpool, Chelsea, Watford, City): P4 W0 D1 L3

    Our next four matches are against members of the top 10 (Spuds, Burnley, Huddersfield, United). Why would we expect more than between 1 and 4 points from those four games?

  32. Carts


    I said it earlier. : watching arsenal these days reeks of impromptu tactics.

    Let’s say Wenger expects the players to adapt to conditions as the game progresses, surely he should be involved in the dissection of the opposition from he touch line similarly to Pep.

    For all intents nd purposes, Pep could well be over cooking it with the sign language, from the touch line. But let’s not kid ourselves, City’s pattern plays is a joy to watch.

    Pin stones and Otamendi into the corner flags, Fernndino steps in to receive the ball; quick round the corner/1-2 to Silva or KDB; then the opposition is shitting bricks.

    In our case it’s all a bit, hope for the best

  33. Nigel Tufnel

    You all see what i say about the number of comments after a loss as compared to the wins. Incredible.
    But i do love more comments to read. It’s just the angry ones that get tiring. Critical, i expect, and still enjoy reading, because its usually good observations.

    The guys who just say so and so is just sh.t, are not illuminating discussion..

    And believe me, plenty to criticize this week.

  34. Ishola70

    If Abramovich jettisons Cont, he’ll simply walk in to the AC Milan hot seat. It’s that simple!

    Yeah most probably. Just wishful thinking on my part.

    If Conte gets frustrated at Chelsea because he can’t buy certain players what would he be like at Arsenal.

    Would like him as manager though. Like that he stands up to player power. Apparently today the players put in a real shift for him but people were questioning this because of the Luiz situation.

    It will all end most probably with Conte leaving but at least he has stood his ground on certain things and not let certain players run the dressing room while there.

    Would be a shame to see him leave EPL. Has been good for the league as far as I’m concerned.

  35. Wenker-wanger

    Arsenal 12 points behind…..could be mathematically out of winning the prem by February!…. Logically out of it by Xmas.
    Well done Wenger…..your kind offer to lead us for another 2 years is proving to be a pointless gesture. Just fck off please.

  36. graham62

    GDNA (GunnerDoNothingArticulate)

    So what if I called paying EMIRATES fans disgraceful.

    Boohoo, take me to the tower. What a wimp!

    Don’t need a clown like you educating me on what I can/can not say.

  37. David Smith

    Today was another rusty nine inch nail,in his wooden box.
    Wenger will walk this summer, partly because of appointments user ping part of his role, partly because of the teams failure, and partly because even Stan won’t now give him another deal after this one, meaning the whole world knows he is a lame duck manager next season. Wenger is incapable of the building job now needed at this club.
    Wenger may be deluded, but he does have pride and an ego, and his Ozil Alexis thing has been proven beyond wasteful, especially if the season goes as wrong as it looks to be going .He could have got lemar earlier in the summer for 50 million , but dithered, and he had lined up lemina, but dithered again. Looks to me like he tried to leave selling Sanchez until the last minute so he was under no pressure to replace, but he or they fucked that one up as well . believe me he will not be manager next season , pride comes before a fall, extreme hubris comes before a high speed tumble down the Grand Canyon.

  38. graham62


    You must be somewhere in Silicon valley, sitting in a darkened room(most likely in the basement), surrounded by posters of Batman and Robin, wearing a dressing gown and slippers.

    Can I also suggest that you go out and purchase for yourself an English Dictionary, because you definitely need one.

  39. Dissenter

    We need to accept the loss and move on the the next trashing in two weeks.
    Yes the referee was poor but such is life.
    We beat Burnley home and away last season with dubious goals; handball in the last minute and a dubious penalty at home.
    We scored the first goal in the FA cup final from an initial Alexis Sanchez volley ball block.

    Even Guardiola is mocking us.
    “‘They tell me it was offside and I don’t like to win in that way, so it’s like this, but sometimes Arsenal win in Burnley 0-1 with a hand, so sometimes it is like this. The way we like to play, we did it really well.”

  40. Ishola70

    Lemina has been doing well at Southampton so far according to reports.

    Looked a half decent player at Juve.

    15m Southampton got him for.

    Meanwhile Arsenal stuck with the 40m flop who plays in the same position.

  41. graham62

    David Smith

    There is no limit to Wenger’s ineptitude.

    You think you’ve sunk to the darkest depths, only to find out your still in the Children’s toys department.

    The trouble with people who think they are clever,and are superior to everyone else, is that they are basically STUPID!!

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger was probably delighted when he saw that offside goal, gave him something to latch onto and talk about. Not the fact Arsenal lost again away at the top six, not the fact Arsenal again looked out of their depth away at a top six side, and even worse this year the fact that Arsenal’s first time didn’t travel mid-week or play a game for a week as compared to their opposition.

    Fits with the self preservation narrative.

    The thing now is that its a new level of low, no pundits, no fans no one makes a fuss about Arsenal losing anymore, sort of expected and people just talk about it as if City beat some midtable side.

  43. GunnerDNA

    graham62,”You must be somewhere in Silicon valley, sitting in a darkened room(most likely in the basement), surrounded by posters of Batman and Robin, wearing a dressing gown and slippers.Can I also suggest that you go out and purchase for yourself an English Dictionary, because you definitely need one”

    Ok Mr intellect I heard you. You’re barking up the wrong tree, but I’m going to be the bigger person and don’t get personal because you are just hurt because I pointed out that you should be ashamed of your comments about the paying fans. You can shout abuse from the London Eye I could not care less because you prove you’re fake like a 3 pound note, to me you’er nothing but hot air. You know nothing about me but look at your comments? A 60 plus year old man acting his shoe size on a football blog lol. Have a word with yourself mate

  44. Dissenter

    I think Wenger needs a ban from the FA to solidify his new victimhood.
    He an idiot for making too much of this.

    He’s antagonized all referees now because he more or less smeared all of them with that silly remark about “I feel the referees don’t work enough” , “The level drops every season at the moment and, overall, it’s unacceptable.”

    Had this been Mourhino then all hell would have broken loose.
    Ban the shameless slithery man for 5 games. I thought he had a suspended sentence from the previous ban.

  45. Dissenter

    Isn’t Wenger bringing dishonor on the club?
    It’s understandable for manager who’s competing actually whines from time to time.All he does now is whine; he sits on the bench doing noting but looking like a doofus until he gets up to gripe at the fourth official.

    Ban him from the touchline and press conferences for a lengthy period. Maybe he will leave if he can’t give his pseudo-professorial press conferences.

  46. David Smith

    Graham62, don’t think Wenger is stupid, his early successes go against that theory, but the problem, the board, or shall I say owner have not managed the manager.
    David Dein and his colleagues knew Wengers strengths, and let him go for them, but they also knew his weaknesses. And made sure they negated them eg David Dein persuading Wenger to sign sol on a wage that broke his socialist wage policy.
    Stan lets Wenger do what the fuck he wants to , more than likely against the wishes of his board, but have a feeling by June, Stan will realise he has made a big mistake,.
    Stan wants money from streaming rights, he needs a fairly successful club to maximise that. Wenger could go well below the threshold for that success level this season , I firmly believe if he does, he will walk to avoid paying the price. What did Wenger promise Stan behind the backs of the board this summer, and can he live with that promise? And what happens if he does not?
    Hopefully replaced by Ancelotti Arteta rather than Martinez Henry

  47. Pierre

    “. Also you think calling into question referees ability to do their job will benefit us in the future?”

    The same thing went through my mind and then I thought, it will make no difference, the refs will carry on doing what they have been doing to us for the last ten or so years…
    It started when Mike Riley was the ref away to Man united all them years back when they beat us to stop our 49 match unbeaten run and since then Riley has been in charge of the refereeing in this country..
    Have a look at that game on YouTube and you will see that the man is clearly bent at 2 bob note.

  48. Relieable Sauce

    “We are not allowed to do back heels, so it is always good, simple passes,” De Bruyne told Sky Sports ahead of the game, and it is a salient point. Other players would have tried a convoluted flick to try and create an opening when 25 to 20 yards out, but by keeping it “simple”, the opportunity presented itself. With the help of Fernandinho, he provided the foundations for an impressive victory.

    * Speaking of convoluted flicks, how many moves broke down at the feet of Aaron Ramsey? No Arsenal player was particularly efficient in possession at the Etihad Stadium – substitute Jack Wilshere recorded the highest pass-completion percentage (90.9%) – but there are few more frustrating footballers than the Welshman.

    His display was not helped by Sanchez, with the pair continuing their bizarre on-pitch feud which involves constantly refusing to pass to one another when in acres of space, but Ramsey was far from blameless. The 26-year-old often comes across as trying to be too clever when, as De Bruyne for example has realised, the “simple pass” is sometimes eminently more effective. Against a team that cherishes the ball, his shortcomings were evident.

  49. Pierre

    I thought the game was a good competitive game of football..and no, city were not in 2nd gear… A team playing in “2nd gear” do not close down with the intensity that city did..
    Arsenal’s main problem in the attacking third throughout the game was our final ball.
    Numerous times we were in good positions only for the final ball to let us down.
    Wenger’s decision to leave lacazette out was baffling as was his decision to play coquelin at the back. Especially if holding was fit.
    Özil should not start away from home against teams who operate the high press.
    Also, Kolasinac is obviously not 100% fit and is carrying an injury so should not have been risked.
    Despite the fact that city were the better side in the first half it always felt that we were in the game.
    The offside goal was probably the turning point as the game was sort of on a knife edge at that point. Both teams were looking dangerous and it felt for the first time in the game that the Arsenal players believed they could get something from the game.
    To me, what pissed me off is it’s not the fact that the bad decision/s stopped arsenal from winning the game as City would have probably won the game anyway. It was the fact that the officials spoilt what could have been an exciting final 20 minutes..

  50. HillWood

    Wenger is doing the same to Laca as he did to Perez.
    If this carries on Laca will want to leave after only one season probably for less than we paid for him.
    But more importantly who in their right mind would want to join the club after seeing the bizarre manner in which they would be treated

  51. DaveB666

    Lacazette = what is it now 6 goals in 12 games – top Arsenal goal scorer but Le Fraud won’t start him – you know what playing him might make us better and put some pressure on us improving – we dont want that do we!

  52. Bamford10


    It was already 2-1 when the offside goal occurred, and the only reason we scored one at all is because City went to sleep when they went two up.

  53. Bamford10

    11 games in and we are in 6th place, 12 points back of the leaders, with 27 goals in goal differential between us.

    This is how Wenger responds to finishing fifth.

    What a farce.

    Who spends £53m on a player only to leave him on the bench against the best team in the league?

    Who spends more than £200m a year on wages yet relies on a Francis Coquelin against the best team in the league?

    Wenger is so fucking clueless; that he still has a job is one of the greatest absurdities in all of sports.

    Other teams train on how to press properly. A lot. 30-45 minutes a training session, a couple of times a week. Not Wenger. Pressing for Wenger means him saying, “OK, today we press them.” That’s it.

    Complete joke.

  54. Redtruth


    Wenger’s excuses go way beyond ‘dodgy’ match officials.
    Handbrake, fatigue, accident, naive defending, lacking maturity, financial doping, fan pressure affecting confidence etc….
    Why are so many duped into believing this snake.

  55. jasongms

    Clearly, the only difference in quality between the two teams were the managers.

    You put Pep in an Arsenal kit and we probably come away to a draw at the least. Being saying it since 2008, Wenger is living off the goodwill created by that invincible season, and no one has had the presence of mind to tell him it’s over.

    Feels at times that we made a deal with the devil, one heavenly season for a lifetime in purgatory. And in case you don’t get the analogy, Wenger is the devil …
    (not that I believe in all that, think its a bunch of bs mar’self lol )

  56. TitsMcGee

    Just funny to me that Klopp gets ripped recently but they are ahead of us in the table lol

    For all of the “purists” we have scored 20 goals in 11 games while conceding 16 (1 fewer than the leaky LFC). Everyone else in top 4 have allowed 10 goals or fewer.

  57. TonyD

    “Right here dick head
    Some of us have a family to attend to and working life
    We all can’t just sit around in our pants, watching football all day, playing games and wanking on the interner”

    Jack Russel Don is back to his best.

    Who works on a Sunday? Just kidding you have to do what you got to do.

    I get the family bit, Don, but VCRs and Sky recording: have you heard of either?

    The bottom line is we got away with one penalty shout with the 2-handed subtle push on Sterling in the first half, and the other one was rightly given. When you watch the replays Monreal’s leg makes contact with Sterling’s calf as well as his arm leaning on Sterling’s shoulder.

    If anyone can’t see that, they are in serious denial.

    I watched this on a 65inch TV screen in HD for the poster who thinks we all watch poorly streamed games. Thailand screens all the PL games in HD every week live, with several repeats.

    I don’t think City played in 2nd gear but they were a bit slower in the 2nd half and looked jaded from the Napoli game.

    Having said that, they would have outscored us had we levelled the score.

    For all our pressing we just gave the ball back when getting the ball and had nothing in the final 3rd or their box. Similar to United against Chelsea.

    Refs’ decisions even themselves out over a season; we’ve had our share of decisions going our way, haven’t we? Several have already been pointed out in this post.

    If City had had a week’s rest, we would have been thrashed. KDB and Sterling’s final balls on the 2 v 1 counters would have been better executed, but tired legs came into play because the game was played at a high tempo.

    No one has mentioned we got 5/6 yellow cards mainly for cynical fouls, which could have lead to City expanding their lead.

    I said a couple of weeks ago that Sead shouldn’t be played if he is carrying an injury or any player for that matter. Cazola should be testament to that. I also said that Sead’s performances have been suspect in his last 4 games.

    He’s a donkey at defending and in my mind is more of an attacking midfielder.

    Sanchez and Ozil have no right being in the team. I’ve said all along they should be in the reserves until they leave. The reality is they should have been sold in the TW; there was no upside to keeping them.

    Lacazette should never have been on the bench and Coq at CB was just asking for trouble.

    Wenger once again got the selection totally wrong. Another gamble going south in spectacular fashion. Las Vegas would love him.

    I certainly don’t think Wenger has endeared himself with the referees, nor do I think there is a refs’ conspiracy against us. We wouldn’t have got dodgy decisions going our way if that were true.

    Having watched our game against City, Liverpool, Spuds, United and Chelsea this weekend, not in my pants I’d hasten to add Don, I concur with the poster who said we’ll end up in 6th place – maybe even lower.

    So onto the International break and we’ll have to see what injuries affect each team. We normally are poor after such a break, so we’ll just have to see what we do against the Spuds and what Wenger’s next gamble is going to be. Probably a rusty Mustafi and Cech at CF.

    I agree with Pierre that had the offside goal been rightly disallowed the last 20 minutes would have been much better entertainment for us and the neutrals.

    If I were Pep, I wouldn’t entertain Sanchez at all. I sure he wasn’t impressed with Sanchez play and attuned and arm flapping yesterday.

    Wonder if Keswick enjoyed the game? Sterling job you’re doing for our club.

    Gazidis will have to go back to his overachieving merits spread sheet again. He could well be busy with that in the next 6 weeks me thinks!

  58. peanuts&monkeys

    “meaning the whole world knows he is a lame duck manager next season.

    Le Losers: wasnt he any different in 2012? if you could keep accepting his failures for 5 years, please do bear with him till 2019. Can you? please…considering all that he has given to you Le Losers?

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Fact is: your loser club is just a name who only one in 7 years can beat anyone from the top-6. face it. Losers, your club is actually around the evertons and the watfords…at that level for last 3 years,…your proud stadium doesn’t allow you to accept that right??

  60. Don

    Tony D

    I watched the game live. But because I’m not sat on or grove commenting all day then I’m hiding. It would take an awful lot more than an arsenal loss to make me throw a blanket over my head and go into hiding.
    Literally only had a bit of peace after half 8
    I work every Sunday mate. Has to be done. Got to keep mrs Don in the life she has become accustomed to!!!