The Manchester City stat that gives Arsenal hope

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Look people, you can come over here, jump on my #SecondStringHeroes for being average against a nothing team in the Europa League… but here’s the thing, I don’t care. You are wrong. You don’t f*cking get it.

Arsenal are progressing in Europe. We already won our game away from home. We’re through the the last 32 with Lazio and Dynamo Kiev (blast from our Wembley CL past). Things are just fine.

Was the game perfect? No. Giroud and Jack were both guilty of missing fine chances. We worryingly let them in a few times. The game was a bit smelly, you know, ‘I stepped in something walking the dog’ and you’re not quite sure if you’ve shaken it off type of smelly.

But look, it’s job done. So who cares? More experience for the kids. Some energy in the legs of players who wouldn’t have landed a game last season. The quadruple still well and truly on, and if you want my view, highly likely.

We all know that the real focus this week is for Sunday.

Chelsea face a make or break game against United after a dirty 3-0 drubbing away at that excellent Roma. Conte rumoured to be a total disaster behind the scene. Will his players turn on him?

Arsenal take on one of the most well-oiled Pep machines we’ve seen since Barcelona.

Lucky for us, he took a full squad to Napoli and started Aguero, Sane, KDB and Gundogan. That’s a slog. The players will have landed early Thursday morning. They’ll have rolled into bed at 4. Had a terrible nights sleep. Not ideal prep, unless you’re one of those freaks that thought international travel was fine when Aguero took in a concert 48hrs before a game.

> FYI plane travel isn’t great

Arsenal players on the other hand have had a week off, none of our first team players were anywhere near the first team last night. That will have given time to Arsene to formulate a master plan of dastardly deceit.

City has conceded 4 goals in two games. They conceded those goals off 10 shots on target.

If we can snipe at them, and be at our clinical best, we can score. The main issue is going to be how our backline holds up, and more importantly, how our porous midfield deals with the pace, power and trickery Pep has beaten into them.

City are on their best ever run, going 22 games in all competitions unbeaten. Here are some more stats that’ll make you do a panic wee.

  • Manchester City have made the best start to a Premier League season after 10 games, collecting 28 points (won nine, drawn one) with a goal difference of+29.
  • The Citizens are now unbeaten in 21 games in all competitions (won 17, drawn four) – the longest run without defeat in their history.
  • Guardiola’s side have now won their last eight Premier League games by an aggregate score of 32-5.
  • City completed 844 passes in this game; the most by a team in the Premier League since the start of the 2003-04 campaign.
  • West Brom, meanwhile, have lost 15 of their last 16 Premier League games against Manchester City (drawn one), conceding 43 goals in this run.
  • Sterling has scored nine goals in all competitions in 2017-18; the most of any Manchester City player, while only Harry Kane (13) and Romelu Lukaku (11) have netted more among Premier League players.
  • Sane has had a hand in 11 goals in his last seven Premier League games for Man City (six goals, five assists).

The genius of Pep even extends to getting the most out of Raheem Sterling, a player I always liked but worried about attitude wise.

Even better than that, he’s made the John Stones fans look like heroes, turning him into one of the most accomplished young defenders in the world this season.

He really is the best in the business.

BUT, Arsene is a wily old fox. Sometimes he surprises you. He’s the kid that turns up and aces the test with no practice, don’t worry what happens when he discovers weed and Rick & Morty in February. Just know he has it in him to surprise people, especially when NO ONE expects him to drop a winning performance.

I’m starting to get excited. I’m currently heading into a dilemma where the fear is work are going to ask me to come in on Sunday. It’s me vs the machine at this point. Can I say no?

Yeah I can.

I can right?

They’ll understand?

‘But I need to drink all day’

Let’s see how that works out.

For now, see you on the other side… and for fucks sake, listen to the damn podcast, and click subscribe so I don’t have to keep asking you to listen.

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  1. raptora

    And I saw couple of posters saying that we do well vs City – this City is a very different side to the one we beat at Wembley. Don’t get me wrong – I think the title is yet to be decided and City have won nothing yet mkstly because their players won’t be able to handle so many games up until March. But at this very moment they are playing some top class football. We are not. It has to be a really, really bad day for them and some absolutely fantastic day for us so we can take anything out of Sunday. I knew we’d win the FAC just like I don’t see us getting anything in day and a half from now. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. TheBlaster

    City are good but they’re not Guardiola’s Barca. If we play our football and specifically press properly we can stick it up em. They’re not great on the back foot. All you have to do is get them on it. We wait to see whether we turn up on the day.

  3. E54_

    RedtruthNovember 4, 2017    01:19:35

    Our football is flat track bully football. Our destiny is in Man City’s hands.
    pretty accurate assessment tbh. if they turn up. its over. if they make mistakes and lack cohesion. We got a chance. I’m gonna say it. I think it should be LACAZETTE – GIROUD – SANCHEZ

    Yes… Giroud. They may pin us back so we’ll need someone to hold the ball up top to give us a chance to get out.

  4. jwl

    “The quadruple still well and truly on, and if you want my view, highly likely.”

    Never mind sunday drinking, I reckon Pedro is an alcoholic who consumes drugs as well if he really and truly believes Arsenal winning quadruple is highly likely.

  5. Colin Decoteau

    I would like to start by saying well done to Tottenham against real Madrid give credit where credit is due . Now about the game on Sunday ,thanks for the stats but with respect i don’t need stats when my eyes can see clearly that man city on current form are streets ahead of arsenal and like Arsene and arsenal way back all those years ago pep and man city are raising the bar it’s up to rest now to step up and as we all can see under arsene ,the board,some fan’s and the owner the club is going backwards.

  6. TonyD

    Jamie C writes an interesting article on Pochettino, which I fully agree with.

    Hating the Spuds as I do, I can only hope he’s snapped up in Europe and not the PL. I’ve always said that I wanted Pochettino for us since his Southampton days, and that has not altered in the least regardless of Him yet to win a trophy:

    They will come; I’m sure of it. Just please let it not be with the Spuds!

    That would be too bitter a pill to swallow.

  7. Bamford10

    Incredible what is going on in Spain. Arrest warrant issued for Puigdemont, who has fled to Belgium. And now the head of the Spanish military has hailed Spanish soldiers “of all epochs” and said they will do what is necessary to protect Spanish “democracy” — a statement whose implication is clear: the Spanish ruling elite is prepared to bring back fascism and military rule if need be.

  8. graham62

    My local ‘adopted’ team, Brighton & Hove Albion, are at Swansea today. It’s nice to have an affiliation to a club that respects it’s fans, plus a team that gives 100% and is well drilled.

    Up the Seagulls!

  9. Ankit_gooner

    Yes the fatigue issue is what gives us a chance.Also,they have let in some soft goals.Soft goals against stoke,that west brom game which they won 3-2,the scoreline suggests a close game but it is probably one of the most one-sided 3-2 victories in history.But that fatigue factor gives us a chance.Lets see what happens.
    Predicting a 4-0 victory to city though.I think xhaka and ramsey will be outnumbered in midfield and then sterling and sane will be played in behind,cutback to centre and goals.

  10. Wallace

    I think they’ll beat us, but if they thump us after playing in Naples midweek, that’ll be embarrassing. that said, over the course of the season they might well prove to be the outstanding PL side of the last 10-12yrs.

  11. ArseneisaFraud

    I have been considering for a while to go and see Bromley FC more often. Watched them 3 times last season (a mate of my cousin was a Bromley FC supporter, would travel away etc. He’s now gone back to Sunderland (where he comes from)) and one thing that has always stood out for me (bar how ‘shit’ the football can be but then again, they do play in the Vanarama league after all) is the passion and the motivation shown by the players when playing.

    Will we show some passion and motivation even when we do go down 1-0? I sure hope so, but I do worry that we can be in for another drubbing of epic proportions.

  12. graham62


    If you put it like that, I suppose I am “purple”.

    Just waiting for all this crap to come to an end.

    I know there are nany others on this blog who feel exactly the same. So, if you have a local team, give it a go. You won’t regret it.

    Ignore those who say you you must stick by your team through ‘thick and thin’. That stage passed me by long ago.

  13. ArseneisaFraud

    Same here graham. It grinds me down to be watching us struggle against teams like Doncaster or Norwich…. bit still I will go down to the pub to watch the game vs MCFC.

  14. graham62


    There are a few posters on Le Grove who will call me a traitor (we all know who they will be) but, when I see those same miserable faces scattered amongst the Emirates FAITHFUL (yeh right!), you know it all makes sense.

  15. graham62


    The bit that “grinds me down” most, is the FANS. Those that still waddle along to watch the team are a disgrace and are shaming the great name of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.

    I don’t need individuals on here to come on and argue otherwise. I am generally a happy go lucky character, but when it comes to loyalty, trust and respect, I have very rigid priciples.

  16. graham62


    Incompetence, in any form, should not be tolerated. At AFC, incompetence runs rife along every corridor of the club.

    We, and especially our manager, are the laughing stock of world football. When you are being ridiculed and mocked by others in the game, you know you have serious problems.

    PS: Thanks for the therapy.

  17. N5

    I’m in Hastings G62. A lot of the guys I used to go to Arsenal with now go to Brighton. Although it’s been harder this year to get tickets due to the promotion.

    Brighton, Barnet and Reading have had significant attendance increases, which isn’t a coincidence.

  18. Wallace


    “The bit that “grinds me down” most, is the FANS. Those that still waddle along to watch the team are a disgrace and are shaming the great name of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.”

    oh, do shut the f*ck up.

  19. GunnerDNA

    I’m wondering what the comments are going to be if Arsenal get a result against City tomorrow. Man City spending over the last couple of years is embarrassing, so I’m not surprised they are winning games. They buy a super squad and pay them massive wages, so they have a bigger squad than most teams but to me they are not special as most fans see them. Most of the players in the starting 11 are players that will loose form soon, the only addition they make that is impressive is their GK, they can be beaten. They are not a super team, most of the games they have already won they should be winning, so there is no surprise. All the overreaction from some of those garbage ex-players in the media that feeds fans BS is hilarious. They contradict themselves on a daily basis, its laughable.

  20. N5

    DNA, Pep has got them playing very nice football though and I know the money spent is a joke and it must be nice to have bottomless options, but City/Chelsea/United managers before him have shown that money doesn’t always buy you a working team. Too many individuals normally.

    This is where Peps City differs (IMO), they look like a team, they are hungry and in it together. They are scoring for fun and yes they can be scored against, but they are scoring so many more than they are letting in hence their massive goal difference.

    I would assume it’ll be a big kicking against them, but we all though what Wengers like. He’ll probably pull a draw or a win and then use this as justification to re-sign at the end of the year.

  21. Leedsgunner

    “The bit that “grinds me down” most, is the FANS. Those that still waddle along to watch the team are a disgrace and are shaming the great name of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.”

    I know what you are trying to get at with this, and I’m sure RT shares your view but to call people a disgrace for watching their football team is really harsh.

    Living so far away from London, to watch Arsenal live is a rare rare joy. Am I a disgrace?

  22. N5

    “Living so far away from London, to watch Arsenal live is a rare rare joy. Am I a disgrace?”

    Yes, but not for that reason 😀

  23. graham62


    Sorry about that. Must have touched a nerve.

    It’s amazing the affect you have on people, when you highlight the truth.

  24. N5

    Yes thanks Leeds. All moved now into the new home so can finally spend some more time doing other things!! hence being on here more recently.

    At bloody work today though and I’m the only one here!! what a grind that is.

    How are you mate?

  25. GunnerDNA

    N5, I agree, but what they are doing now is great but defending wins championships. They have being labeled the best PL team ever and its just laughable. They are suspect in CM and defence, so for me they still have a lot to prove. Pep get a lot of credit but I would love to see him work with a team with limited resources. Klopp get criticized but I have a lot of respect for his bravery to try and assemble a team.

  26. N5

    GunnerDNA, fully agree mate. I’ve been saying for a while it would be interesting to see what Pep could do with a team that had little to no money. We’d probably still see some pretty football but little else.

  27. graham62


    Harsh, I don’t think.

    Whether you go to one game or every game, doesn’t make a difference. By the way, we haven’t been a football team for years.

    Just keep lining the pockets of those who don’t give a toss.

  28. Dissenter

    It seems Arsenal are trying to force Wislhere to commit to a contract extension.
    Shouldn’t we wait for him to PROVE HIS FITNESS.

  29. graham62

    Not my intention to wind people up, but a few ‘honest home truths’ adds a little spice to the occasion.

    Brighton’s game just an hour away. Getting quite excited!

  30. Number9


    ‘Brighton’s game just an hour away. Getting quite excited!’

    So what you’re saying is you’re a Brighton supporter? Is that right?

  31. GunnerDNA

    Graham62, you claimed AFC haven’t been a football team for years but you on a AFC social forum campaigning against match going fans. I guess you haven’t seen the data that came out the last AGM. You are fighting a loosing battle that will result in you getting sick. Arsenal is global, and the powers that be think the club is overachieving so its pointless for fans to worry about what you have no control over. It is very rude and disrespectful to tell other fans how to support a team they love, you need to have a word with yourself.

  32. Leedsgunner


    Fine… I’m happy to be labelled a disgrace for going to a very occasional game to a football team I love… a disgrace it is then.

    I passionately want things to change at Arsenal. I want Wenger to go, Gazidas to resign and Kronke to sell up… but what happens if this exodus takes a while? What are we to do in the meantime?

    Is your solution to have nothing to do with the Arsenal until the regime goes? Who’s that Kronke? Wenger? Gazidas? All three? So if Kronke decides to give his holding to the next generation… aren’t you basically asking people to stop being Arsenal fans altogether?

    Is that what a true Arsenal fan should do? Stop being a fan?

    I repeat, that sounds very harsh.

    Not trying to wind you up, just trying to understand your POV.

    Wishing you the best.

  33. Wallace

    “I think Raheem is enjoying scoring goals. He’s not scared, he’s not afraid to take a risk. And now he’s seeing how fun, how good it is to score goals. Now he’s more focused on that.

    “Mikel Arteta is working many, many hours and days after training specifically about the last action on the pitch – that control in the last moment to make the right movement in the final three or four metres.

    “Raheem has wanted to stay there on the training pitch, to improve, to practise, to shoot at the goalkeepers. It’s part of the mentality he needs. He knows a striker has to score goals and he has to do that if he wants to achieve the next step.

    “You won’t survive in the high level teams in his position if you don’t score goals.”

    – Guardiola

  34. Marc

    It’s strange that the most vocal people on here who criticise fans who actually go to matches aren’t willing to make any sacrifices themselves. They all watch matches on TV but don’t seem to realise that the clubs now value TV money over real fans who attend matches.

    I don’t know any Arsenal fan who doesn’t want serious change at the club but to criticise those who attend matches for supporting the regime is stupid.

  35. N5

    “lawyers taking their sweet time”

    Sorry to hear that buddy, surely you know someone who can give them a kick up the assssss!! or was you just using irony there?

    I’ve got someone who can help. His name is Cesc Appeal and although property isn’t where his skills lay, he does work for Oreo’s.

  36. N5

    Marc, I must admit I got sick and tired of being told I was the problem. It’s amazing how short sighted it is. If we, the fan wasn’t there, the stadium would just be full of tourists and be even more soulless.

    I didn’t renew my ST this year and gave it to the supporters club so I can take it back if and when Wenger ever does fuck off, but I can understand why those who don’t have such an option, keep hold of theirs.

    Once gone, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back again.

  37. Leedsgunner


    I learned a while ago, if you tell another lawyer who you’ve hired that you are lawyer… they basically tell you to look at the documents…. and switch off their brain.

    Can I pay Cesc in Oreos? 😉 If not, I’m not interested. 😉

  38. Marc


    I’ve got friends who have ditched their ST’s and it was a real wrench for them. I’m sorry who felt pushed into that position but I respect your choice. Ultimately I always come back to the conclusion that those telling people not to go fall into two categories – either don’t have the option of going because of geography or wouldn’t go even if they lived in Islington irrespective of current manager / owners. Either way I don’t think they understand the attachment fans who go really have with the club.

  39. Bamford10

    Those who malign Guardiola overlook a number of things: one, when he was at Barcelona, not only were they the best passing team in the world — indeed, arguably the best passing team in the history of the game — but they were fantastic in pressing and winning the ball back. It was Guardiola who instituted and taught the five-second rule pressing approach upon losing the ball. Those who watched that team’s 5-0 decimation of Madrid know that not only was their passing remarkable but their organization, spacing and pressing made it impossible for opposing teams to keep the ball against them. That Madrid team was loaded with superstars and yet they struggled to string more than two or three passes together.

    Sure he has great players, but what would those players be doing under Wenger, or Moyes? Not what they did, not what they are doing.

  40. Marc


    I think the criticism of Pep stems down to his history – at Barca inherited a group of fantastic players, at Munich took over a dominant team in what’s almost a single horse league and has then gone to City which is like a real life version of Football Manager – just spend what you like until you win.

    He’s no doubt a talented coach but he’s never “built” a team from the bottom up.

  41. GunnerDNA

    Marc, I agree. The current situation at the club is frustrating, but if you read the coverage from the AGM and watch the video clips you will realize how the owner and the Directors value fans. AW should have lost his job years ago but he is actually the only person that came out that meeting with any credibility. So, it is pointless that if you can’t find the motivation to support the team to try and go at other fans who still fancy supporting the team. The season tickets will still be sold out and the ones who don’t fancy renewing slots will be given to the everlasting waiting list, and the stadium will still be a major tourist attraction.

  42. N5

    “You’re a hypocrite, there are thousands who have switched allegiancies to other clubs, are they traitors.”

    I’m not sure I follow Red?

  43. N5

    Redtruth, They gave up following Arsenal because they were sick and tired of being force fed shit sandwiches. That’s their call, I would watch other teams, but I wouldn’t support them over Arsenal but everyone is free to do what they wish.

  44. GunnerDNA

    It does not matter what Pep implement, he needs to build a team. It is not rocket science that if you can afford to buy the best players that it will be easier to adapt to whatever system the manager choose to implement. He basically buy his current position in the EPL this season and still wanted to weaken Arsenal on the last day of the transfer window when his team didn’t need the player. The managers that deserve any credit for any form of coaching are the managers from Burnley, Watford and Spurs. They all need to win something but they are doing a good job at utilizing the players at their disposal, without stockpiling the best talents imo. It hurts to mention Spurs but I’m just being honest.

  45. Bamford10


    “The managers that deserve any credit for any form of coaching are the managers from Burnley, Watford and Spurs.”

    Sorry, but this is nonsense. One, even if he has great players, a good manager does a lot more than just select an XI and send them out on to the pitch. This is what some of you seem to imagine. Heynckes had fantastic players at Bayern; was he not a great manager. Of course he was. Look at how well-organized, how intelligent, how efficient his teams were.

    Two, many of the managers who do well with lesser players couldn’t do well with – or couldn’t improve – teams with the best players. Just because this or that manager does well with a Watford doesn’t mean he’d have City playing as they are if he were at their helm. This is a misunderstanding of what managers do.

    Three, how many great managers have had to build from nothing or have to do without much money? SAF was a fantastic manager; did he have to go without? Did he have to manage average players? No, he always had good players.

    As I said previously, Guardiola has a blind spot or two, but he is clearly a great manager.

  46. Bamford10

    This discussion of attending or not attending is a bit beside the point, IMO. To each his own. Will not going change things? No. Do those who don’t go still often watch the games on TV? Yes. One should do what one wants to do, but when it comes to speaking up for or against Wenger, anyone who does not speak against him is a problem. IMHO.

  47. Coach 15

    Got to agree with RT,your a hypocrite N5.
    In your words, served shit sandwich.but you won’t give up the ST.
    nothing is going to change.
    Your an enabler to this regime,at least you don’t go and play the guess how many seats are empty game with ES

  48. Bamford10


    How is giving up an ST going to affect the status quo? Someone else will buy it up and nothing whatsoever will change.

    N5 – I think you’re fine, if it helps at all. It’s those who do not criticize the status quo — or defend it in one way or another — that are the problem IMO.

  49. Bamford10

    Mirror article says Arsenal scouted David Silva in Doain for a long time but decided not to go after him because of his size. The silliness, irrationality and contradictions at Arsenal know no bounds.

  50. N5

    Thanks B10, I’ve got no real concern with what red or someone who’s comments I’ve never read thinks about my choices.

  51. ArseneisaFraud


    The bit that “grinds me down” most, is the FANS

    I know exactly what you mean. I just wish they had more balls to want to see some change happen at the club instead of accepting the current status quo.

    Incompetence, in any form, should not be tolerated. 

    I totally agree. It’s just a shame that our management is more interested in money and short term gain than looking to actually become the next Barcelona or Bayern.

  52. Bamford10


    Except their decisions re Wenger and re Alexis and Ozil show that they are neither overly focused on money nor on short term gain. In truth, they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. Or better, some of them do, but Kroenke calls the shots and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, believes in Wenger.

  53. GunnerDNA

    Bamford, “Sorry, but this is nonsense. One, even if he has great players, a good manager does a lot more than just select an XI and send them out on to the pitch. This is what some of you seem to imagine. Heynckes had fantastic players at Bayern; was he not a great manager. Of course he was. Look at how well-organized, how intelligent, how efficient his teams were”

    Our opinions differ, so its no nonsense! It much easier for managers to work with better players, so irrespective of your respect for Pep, my opinion will not change until he stop buying success or working at clubs with unlimited resources.

  54. GunnerDNA

    The club does not care for shareholders who have been shareholders before the owner or the current board knows anything about Arsenal, so if you honestly think they care for fans you honestly you have serious problems.

  55. grooveydaddy


    City paid over £30mill and offered wages of £160k/week in 2010! I’m sure that put us off much more than his diminutive stature.

  56. Dissenter

    Wenger didn’t consider David Silva at that time because project fox-Abu Diaby was still on.
    Now the projects are fix Cazorla and restore Jack Wilshere.

    Wenger is always trying to remake something that is long gone.

  57. Wallace

    wouldn’t be as fun, and pains me to say it, but reckon Benitez would get more out of our squad than Wenger does these days.

  58. Micheal

    The rant about “traitors” who turn up to watch games is madness.

    To have any serious impact, the Emirates would have to be empty for a game that is live on Sky or BT. Otherwise who would notice a few empty seats, apart from the headbangers on here who think a partial boycott would work. It has to be total or not at all. Arranging that stunt is probably impossible.

    Insulting people who turn up to watch is bollocks for the sa

  59. ArseneisaFraud


    Except their decisions re Wenger and re Alexis and Ozil show that they are neither overly focused on money nor on short term gain. In truth, they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

    In this case there are 2 factors in play. 1. These 2 players are our 2 international poster boys. Losing/ selling both sends out a terrible message that 2 “highly” valued players want to leave. 2. AW strategy is to never buy more than 2-3 players. I think this is more to do with AW trying to show that he is always making a profit more than his BS that buying more than 3 players can affect team harmony. So having to sell two players who then both need to be replaced by two more expensive players would have meant that AW would have ended up posting a deficit.

    I have thought of another possible reason actually. It could also be a complete gamble by AW in the hope that we find ourselves in a very good position in EL and PL and then attempt to convince both players to stay.

  60. Thorough

    Sorry to butt in as per replacing Sanchez and Ozil. I’ll absolutely get Lemar and sorry I’ll give him the Ozil role i.e. playmaker/support striker. I’ll then buy either Zaha or Demarai Gray to slug out the left wing (or Sanchez role) with Lucas – who by the way is still our player and should get more playing role especially because I expect one or both of Theo and Giroud to be gone in the summer.

  61. Dissenter

    Oxlade scoring his first goal in 28 league games
    Extremely lucky goal, lumped the ball at the keep and got the rebound.

    I’m not sorry he’s gone.

  62. alexanderhenry

    Interesting and revealing assessment of the AGM from AST member Tim Stillman;

    There’s no doubt that revolution is in the air at the moment but Arsenal fans have no leadership .
    The AST are pretty much the only body who can if they choose to, become a genuine headache for the powers that be at the club.

    I’ve been disappointed with their ineffectiveness in the past, but let’s hope they can galvanise fans.

  63. alexanderhenry


    Good point.
    Despite not selling Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal made an £18 million profit in transfers this summer. That put us as second lowest net spenders.

    I’m sure that made Stan very happy. He probably sent Wenger a stuffed endangered animal as a gift.

  64. graham62

    Those of you who condemn me for voicing my opinions on Arsenal fans attending games, NEVER seem to read into what is really being said. This annoying trait seems to be prevelent amongst those of you who would prefer to sit on the fence, rather than show some balls. You always seem to have an excuse, which in itself is pathetic, drugged by a system that has no concern for you or your loyalties.

    I’m not stopping any of you from going to matches. I’m merely highlighting that I feel it is a disgrace that fans still go to games, which, as a long standing gooner of nearly 50 years, I have every right to say. Whether you think it’s disrespectful/insulting of me to say such things, is your perogative.

    Some tell me to f### off, whilst others say I’m unwilling to make sacrifices. Do you mean like support a regime that has systematically destroyed the club over the past decade and ‘pretends’ to have the concerns of it’s fans at heart. Those of you on Le Grove(Wallace/Pierre/ES etc) say that you passionately disagree with something and yet continue to support it at the same time. Where’s the logic in that?

    I could come on here and talk adout 3:5:2/4:5:1/4:4:2, players performances, possible team selections etc etc, but, for the most part I choose not to. Why? Well because, put simply, it is a complete and utter waste of time.

    Wenger has ruined my club over the past decade and as long as he stays, I will continue to voice my strong opinions and total disdain towards him, along with others who have consumed my club, and if that means hurting the feelings of a few sensitive supporters along the way, SO BE IT!

    PS: Brighton won again. Up to the heady heights of 8th.

  65. David Smith

    Certainly is revolution in the air, to the point where I may be in a minority, but sincerely doubt Wenger will be here next season, unless he challenges for the title, gets back in the ECL, wins a trophy. I reckon he needs two of those three , or he goes. Perhaps there was even an agreement to that effect
    Cannot see this level of achievement happening for Wenger again, at least at this club.
    If Wenger fails and stays, next year with the uncertainty of his future will be even worse than last spring, in that event, no point in keeping him on, even for an owner like Stan. Keeping star players to the last year of a contract , and his flunky backroom staff may yet be a gamble that backfires. He appears to have won a power struggle, but what did he promise to win that?
    Worth watching for new DOF appointments, and what Ancelotti. does as indicators of his future.
    Only an opinion, but think if Wenger does well on these expectations, he gets a new two year deal this summer. If he fucks up, he goes.
    So he goes

  66. ArseneisaFraud


    He probably sent Wenger a stuffed endangered animal as a gift.

    lol. And it was stuffed with dollar bills!!!

  67. GunnerDNA


    “I’m not stopping any of you from going to matches. I’m merely highlighting that I feel it is a disgrace that fans still go to games, which, as a long standing gooner of nearly 50 years, I have every right to say. Whether you think it’s disrespectful/insulting of me to say such things, is your perogative.”

    “I could come on here and talk adout 3:5:2/4:5:1/4:4:2, players performances, possible team selections etc etc, but, for the most part I choose not to. Why? Well because, put simply, it is a complete and utter waste of time.”

    Fans going to games and supporting the club are a disgrace, BUT the fans who think they can change the owner and board by typing couple sentences on a online fan forum that the owner or members of the board probably does not have a clue exist is doing the right thing. If after being a fan for 50yrs and this is your view I will tell you that your are 13 yrs late, its not your fault.

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    No-one objects to you having an opinion about the club, manager, owner or even team, but when you condemn and criticise people like myself as TRAITORS for going to matches something I have been doing for a lot longer than you have been allegedly a supporter then I draw the line.

    It is bad enough reading on a daily basis the crap of RED TUBE someone whose
    sole enjoyment and contribution is to attack genuine supporters.

    I have now made a decision to stop reading and posting on Le Grove. It is no
    longer an enjoyment to read the constant diatribes of those like RT who contribute absolutely zero to debate apart from criticising those who have a different opinion to themselves.

  69. GunnerDNA

    Emirates, don’t let other fans dictate how you support the club, do what makes you happy in this life. Sometimes I find it hilarious when I read fans going at each other over things they have no control over. Arsenal is a massive franchise and will continue to be.

  70. David Smith

    Redtruth, Wenger only survives on his own delusion and the lack of ambition of the owner. I don’t honestly think either give a shit about the fans. One is concerned only with his own survival, the other with exploiting new revenues soon to be in place.
    What will change will be wenger costing money, through under performing and wastage through poor contract management, poor transfers , poor commercials, declining appeal and poor coaching, it’s been happening for a while now, but about time something got through to the leech who owns this club.

  71. Relieable Sauce


    Yet I bet Arsene-al FC are still appreciating as an asset. Top 6 PL teams are blocking an equal share of foreign broadcasting rights. What does that tell you??
    The goose can get fatter yet, and Stan and wonga know that they aren’t in any danger with the drips that still support Arsene-al FC.

  72. Pierre

    Not many more Posters left for you to irritate is there Graham62…

    It was good to see your club Brighton get a good result…. good club, good fans who always bend over backwards to make you feel welcome..

  73. TonyD

    N5 reading your posts late last night after the PL games, as I’m 7 hours ahead of GMT, was interesting, as pretty much they always are.

    On a digressional note I used to live in Westfield in the 90s before moving to Shenfield because the road down from Tunbridge Wells to Westfield/Hastings was just too much to deal with; Shenfield accorded me the quick access to the M25 I needed.

    However, moving away I found I missed the excellent fish & chip restaurant down by the Hastings fish drying/smoking sheds, which was voted by I think the Telegraph as one of the best in the country.

    I still miss it and wonder if it’s still there?

    Thanks for this link:

    Although I’d read much of this years AGM in the press, it was good to get a first hand opinion, and more so the comments thereafter, which were a blog in their own way without the banter we get here.

    Watching the last home game on TV 6000 miles away I, at times, tuned into the supporters when the camera shots panned on them or picked out individual supporters.

    The joy and agony etched on their faces reminded me of my few times at games. I say few because of either my geographical location or my business commitments when in the country.

    Point being there was no “Wenger knows best” attitude that I saw, just passionate fans following their beloved club to watch a game and be in the moment; not for once being affected by the clueless and belligerent regime who are tearing our club apart.

    As I watched I quickly realised that the task of organizing an empty Emirates Stadium is quite frankly pretty much insurmountable. I’ve advocated boycotting 3 games because I believe it tells Wenger, Chips, Gazidis and co that we do have a collective voice who are prepared to damage the club somewhat by hurting the club’s finances in order to validate some form of change.

    In the first instance that would be pressurising them to bring in a new manager and hopefully a DoF.

    Forgetting all acronyms for a moment, I actually do believe that Wallace, Pierre, Loyika and EmiratesStroller etc do actually want Wenger gone, and I don’t see them as traitors for going to games. You may think me deluded, but reading their posts over time, it’s easy to see that they are intelligent, and as passionate as you and I for the well being of the club: now and in the future.

    As I do, they take what pleasure they can get game by game. Pierre’s alto ego often makes a lot of sense with his post match observations. I enjoy the banter with him and others.

    Opinions are exactly that; beliefs as to how something is or should be done. I think that stark/harsh labelling people as traitors is taking an opinion too far.

    You’re just hurting inside and feeling helpless as we all are.

    You’re in the UK and maybe you could with others find a way to orchestrate a way of communicating with the game attending supporters, maybe in cohesion with the AST, to boycotting three consecutive home games.

    I believe you’d find more people in support of this by asking for help and a joining of collective minds far more satisfying than just antagonising people with what they see as insults and being lectured to being told what to do.

    Graham you and I and obviously ES are of the older generation in our late 50s, early and late 60s. I wouldn’t be surprised if ES is in his early 70s. Our ages doesn’t make our love for our club any better or less than the newer generations supporting Arsenal. It’s just our perceptions that differ in some ways.

    Back to my game/supporter observations I don’t see any of us having the right to deny the pleasure of going to a game. If they can derive some pleasure from attending such, then so be it. Everyone needs a release from their daily grind.

    The minute I see an AGM is approaching my blood boils. This AGM took us to new levels of animosity primarily against Keswick – I refuse to acknowledge his ‘Sir’ title until he starts acting as a nobleman of the people and takes a leaf out of William’s and Harry’s book.

    Right now Keswick is something of a relic from Elizabeth 1st era looking down on common people. He should be ashamed of himself.

    The paradigm of power is shifting in football’s financial income. Soon the axiom will have completely shifted to TV revenues and the fans will have no say in the running of a club no matter what.

    Once world streaming is in place the sponsors will be happy to have their products viewed along with the clubs’ continual branding.

    People will still go to games as the tourists go to ours. I believe you see that, Graham, as much as I and many of us do.

    I also believe that continental super leagues are not that far off either; maybe in somewhere to between 15 and 20 years.

    Like you I don’t get into formations and what Wenger should do because it is fantasy thinking while Wenger is around.

    General Legrovers
    Sorry once more for a long post I hope I haven’t bored the pants of you all. It’s just my humble opinion.

    Still see todays game as a 4:1 loss but as old Greavies says, “It’s a funny ol game” one that always continues to surprise us and always will. Still, I’m looking forward to the game and I think United will beat Chelsea by the odd goal as they did the Spuds.

    Teams who win the EPL tend to win games they shouldn’t and City are doing just that. I have to give kudos to Pep for turning round City from last season.

    I used to think that if we lost enough games Wenger would be kicked out, but history has shown otherwise, so my view on that has changed: game by game it is for me.

    In business my gut has rarely failed me, and for many months my gut has told me Wenger will be gone by January or next summer at the latest.

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking to keep me going to the next season.

    Keep up the posts and banter chaps for which I thank you all.

  74. TonyD

    Be interesting to see if this has an effect on the West ham board:

    “The London Stadium was nearly full to its 60,000 capacity for the visit of Jurgen Klopp’s side but by the full-time whistle there was only approximately 15,000 inside the ground.

    Despite there being such few Hammers supporters inside at the final whistle, boos could still be heard from around the stadium following the 4-1 defeat.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  75. graham62


    Your “bend over backwards’ jibe in ref to Brighton fans was a big mistake.

    I will be back to you later!!!!

  76. alex cutter

    “I have now made a decision to stop reading and posting on Le Grove. ”

    My fingers will miss the workout they get from scrolling past your biblical-length diatribes.

    Anyone want to getting a betting pool going for how long ES’s self-imposed exile will last?