Pep’s Premier League beliefs are a worry

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via @Arsenal

via @Arsenal

The talk should be focused on the upcoming challenge we have at Redstar Belgrade, but instead, it is FOCUSED ON THE MEGA GAME WE HAVE ON SUNDAY against Manchester City.

Test of all tests if this season is anything to go by.

Belgrade is already shaping up to be a run out for the reserves, which as you know, I am all for. Wenger is going to have to rest all his senior defenders as we’re in a spot of bother with Mustafi out for Sunday. That leaves us with the daunting worry of having to watch Per deal with the pace and intricate footwork of City’s front line at the weekend… or, offering the role to Rob Holding.

There’s a piece in The Telegraph that says part of Pep G’s Premier League belief black book is that you have to score three goals to win in the Premier League and that most of the action happens in the backend of the game.

The best way to get at Arsenal is to overwhelm us in the first 20minutes, then bank on our spirit hitting rock bottom and going for all-out destruction.

That said, we’ve come back a few times this season. So we have guts there if we’re not intimidated. My main concern is that we love going a goal down. I’m also concerned that we’ve been swept up in the ‘we’ve done really well this year’because the reality is we’ve won a bunch of games we should have. Lost 3 we shouldn’t have. And drawn a game we’d usually have lost.

My guess is that we’re going to be attacked aggressively in the first half, especially since it’s at home. If we can push the game through to 60minutes, we’re in with a chance if they’ve come at us with intensity. They suffered in the semifinals of the FA Cup because they blew their load early and tired. We need to re-up those vibes. Big question is how the midfield plays. We can’t have Ramsey playing like a 12-year-old. We need his spirit from the Chelsea game. He needs to measure his runs and take a more calculated approach to his positioning. We cannot have Xhaka defending the back 4. Makes you wonder if Wenger will opt for some double pivot love with Coquelin?

Spurs, United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Southampton are coming up over the next few months, so we’ll certainly be tested. A powerful win at City could be a catalyst for a successful festive period, or it could be a defeat that cracks a squad that has wafer thing commitment to the cause.

Plenty to mull on. I’d appreciate your comments below. BIG LOVE.

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  1. WengerEagle


    Tbf to the lad he DID take his goals well Dream, agree though our talent pool is pretty damn shallow when we’re salivating over a tournament where Carlos Vela used to look like Messi.

  2. WengerEagle

    That’s a fair shout.

    Only other comparable ones ability wise I’d say were Sergio Aguero at Atleti, Pato at Milan before injuries ruined him and Anelka here.

    Aguero was the only one out of the 3 to hit that elite level and you could even put forward an argument to say that he has underachieved on his potential albeit only slightly.

  3. alexanderhenry


    On spurs’ ability to keep their best players, don’t forget they move into their new stadium next season. That will make a huge difference to their financial clout and profile.

    I predict they won’t embark on an austerity period like arsenal

    Arsenal are well on their way to becoming London’s third biggest club

  4. WengerEagle

    He (Aguero) has certainly underperformed at national level for Argentina and he has yet to really produce match-winning performances in the UCL when it counts, not in the way Suarez and Lewandowski have for example.

  5. WestLondonGoon

    Brady left in 2014 I think.

    The problem with our youth teamers is that they have a couple of promising displays in the league cup and suddenly they are on £50k a week – have more money than they know how to spend, think they’ve already made it, and bang, their desire has gone. The lower/non leagues are littered with ex-Arsenal academy graduates who have fallen by the wayside.

    Until they are 21, 75% of their net wages should go into a trust fund for after they have left the club.

  6. N5

    Spot on WLG.

    Eddie is case in point. 20 minutes 2 goals, 5 year contract / 45k a week.

    Dick Law has moved on but the contract hand out is as it always was.

  7. Dream10

    Jim Lahey
    Wpuld like the video 1000x if Icould

    Wenger Eagle
    Yep. Aguero was a prodigy. Like Anelka and R9, he was fully formed at 19. Anelka is the type of striker I love. Elite speed off the ball and a clean finisher. Not sure Tony Marshall will ever be as good.

  8. Redtruth

    Buckhurst Gun
    “WHAT HAVE SPURS WON ? A big fat NOTHING , look at united , last season played dire dire football looked awful but won europa, ask any spud fan and they would take that over ‘putting the pressure on ‘
    It’s about actually winning silverware

    I couldn’t agree more, which is why 20 years of Champions league football was such a waste of time.

  9. WengerEagle


    I think that M’Bappe is more cerebral than Anelka ever was even if he might not possess Nic’s blistering pace and finishing ability.

    He’s an elite dribbler and his off the ball runs are as good as anyone’s in the game right now.

    If he can polish his finishing he’ll be a 30 goal+ 10-15 assist season player by the time he is in his early twenties and after that so long as he keeps his head, sky is the limit.

    Martial IMO is an elite talent too but he doesn’t possess M’Bappe’s killer instinct in front of goal.

  10. Dream10

    With a solid performance tonight, Debuchy makes the XI on Sunday. More mobile and better in the duels than Mertesacker and Holding. Can’t have young Rob chasing Sterling or Sané, arguably the best players in the league over the last month, on either side of the back three. Salah and Mané destroyed him at Anfield.

  11. Chris

    I think it is abundantly clear he wasn’t being serious.

    I do hope to see him tonight though. The issue is even for games like this that Walcott continues to get minutes at the expense of a player like Nketiah, yet at another top club Walcott would be long gone to somewhere like Sunderland or West Brom

  12. N5

    “Ronaldo and Zidane were the two players I grew up trying to emulate down the park each Sunday!”

    Ha ha, mine was Baggio. I remember playing down the park with a mate the same age and he was a scouse, when he scored he shouted “Toshack” which still to this day cracks me up when I think about it. We’re only 38!!

  13. Chris

    People who ar so sure Kane and Alli and even Pochettino will leave Spurs, how can you be so sure?

    As much as it isn’t pleasant to state, they are a club on the up with a new stadium just past the next set of lights whose popularity is increasing all the time and will come to even more attention in far flung places because of the NFL deal. They are outperforming us on the pitch and off it.

    I think their top players and coaches will want to be part of that for at least the first couple of years of this new era. If nothing major is won, then perhaps at that point their top names will look at places like Madrid et al, but until then I honk they are here to stay.

  14. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Remember asking Louis Almeida about Guedes when he was at Benfica.
    He scored the winner for them at Atleti in CL group stages. He said he was not ready for a move at the time.

    He is fast and seems like a terror in the final third. Shame, as he’s already at a top club like PSG, so he’ll likely be traded between the elite/CL clubs over the next few years. Once these talented players join one of the big boys, they move from one to another every couple of years. It’s an exclusive club and we’re on the outside looking in, even if we’re in the CL annually. Be a Barça/Real/Bayern/Juve/PSG or pay big wages like Chelsea/City/Utd. We’re shit out of luck.

    He looks a top prospect, doesn’t he?
    Haven’t watched much of the CL except City and Real. Any other talents catch your eye?

  15. Danish Gooner

    The long austerity period by Arsenal seems like a complete joke when you look at how Spurs are handling their building a new stadium economy.We missed out on a 25 mil Rooney and he wanted to come and we missed out on Ronaldo,tevez,mascherano etc on the lack of money

  16. Chris

    Danish Gooner itniant like we were inactive in the transfer market circa 05-08. Look at the names we brought in. Exciting young players from top European leagues at the time. Rod icky, Nasri, Adebayor, Hleb etc. There are many reasons why bey failed to prosper but he club weee putting the same money relative to the time in an effort to secure top younger talent.

  17. Chris

    Sorry N5 but it would be nice for once for him to produce some kind of substance behind his warped logic that doesn’t involve personal attacks.

  18. Chris

    Perhaps that is examples of over priced players but it hardly means the game has regressed does it? Overpriced players have been prevalent throughout the history of the game.

    Anything else to back up your belief?

  19. Pierre

    Danish goner
    “The long austerity period by Arsenal seems like a complete joke when you look at how Spurs are handling their building a new stadium economy”

    To be honest I think it’s panning out quite similar .
    We moved into a new stadium,similar to Spurs.
    We had a very good young side (rvp, ces,ade,nasri,song ,cliche etc) , similar to Spurs.
    We fell short in the league ,similar to Spurs.
    We beat Real Madrid , similar to Spurs.
    We failed to win trophies ,similar to Spurs .
    We were unable to keep our best players due to the failure to win trophies and other teams paying higher wages …that’s next on the list for Spurs .

    The only thing that will not be similar to Spurs is that pochettino will not stay loyal to Spurs and see it through. He will be off as soon as the top players start leaving .

  20. HighburyLegend

    For those who thinks that we have a chance to win the europa league this season, you can already add Atlético, Dortmund and Napoli to the other contenders.

  21. Chris

    The similarities are there Pierre but as said previously I don’t believe the departure of key names in the Spurs are up is inevitable as many would think, at least until after an initial period of lack of success a few years after their stadium move.

  22. Chris

    Can anyone else not picture a scenario on Spurs blogs in 10 years time bemoaning Pochettino having stayed too long when they are struggling to get top 6? Smiley face

  23. Redtruth

    We have a far more illustrious history than Spurs
    Spurs haven’t won a title since Pierre was a teenager in 1961.
    I expect Arsenal to win titles Spurs have no.pedigree when it comes to winning titles.

  24. Chris

    Red Truth that is incredibly insightful stuff, including yet another dig.

    Anything useful to say concerning the football regression theory you have?

  25. Leedsgunner

    Jerge Bird’s excellent blog predicts the following line up for tonight.



    Nelson-Coquelin-Iwobi-Maitland Niles



    I agree with most of it except two things: Instead of Cech, I would give Macey a run out… and instead of Elneny, I would play Julio Pleguezuelo a natural centre back tonight.

    Is it true that if we win tonight the two remaining games in the group, Cologne away and BATE Borisov are effectively dead rubbers?

    If so, I would use them to blood youngsters like Nketiah even more along with Nelson and Ainsley Maitland Niles in their strongest positions… AM and CM respectively. Plus I would use those games to give match fitness to Mustafi, Chambers, Welbeck and the Jeff.

  26. DivineSherlock


    I get what you said earlier , I like that too but nobody on here gave shit about that when Arsenal were moving stadiums and losing best players and still competing. That period still gets included in the trophyless since 2004 era. Whatever you think about Spurs right now our team is better than them and you’ll see soon enough when we play them

  27. HighburyLegend

    Merson predict 2-3 as the final score on saturday…

    That’s nice from him, but I think that we will be closer to 2-6 lol

  28. Dream10


    After the int’l break. So, Welbeck and Mustafi could play some part against the Spuds. Europa League duty for Chambers

  29. Goobergooner

    Just a pipe dream, but maybe the club have signed Wenger on his 2 year extension plus payrise but plan on him walking ( or let go) after a year so he can claim a 10 mil payout that wouldnt look suss on the books.