Wenger sends warning to Sanchez and jibes at Chamberlain in one sentence

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I’m going through a weekend free time drought at the moment, but after this next one, my pitch is done and I can return to being a drunken reprobate. Sanchez is in EXACTLY the same situation, but more footballish. He’s going through a goal drought. One I think he’s going to end against his potential suitors this weekend. Is Wenger concerned? Never. He’s more interested in talking about Brexit and the impact of a society addicted to instant gratification. However, he had some encouraging words for his departing star man.

“He runs after a goal at the moment so he’s a bit frustrated when he doesn’t score, like all goalscorers,” Wenger said. “I’m not worried about it. He works hard and it will come back quickly. You can never try too hard. At the moment he’s marked well, they double up on him, but he still creates many dangerous situations and the goal – he just has not to worry too much. I know you always say that to strikers and they still worry but over a longer period he has always scored and that will come back.”


Wenger didn’t end there… he started to get deep and pointed.

“I am not concerned because I am not suspicious of the performances or the desire to win of a football player”

“When you are a football player, you have a social contract with the rest of the team and I never question that. Once you don’t respect that, it’s difficult to say that you play football.”

I like that. Shakespearean like. A barbed comment aimed at the shameful Chambo performance against Liverpool? Maybe.

Do I worry that Sanchez will play with the handbrake on? No. I don’t think he has it in him to shut down. He’ll also want to impress a coach that has sporting values (Pep). The Spaniard won’t want to see Sanchez throw in the towel. It’d say too much about him as a bad character. Real world equivalent of slagging off your boss in a job interview.

I expect a performance.

I also think City are beatable. They conceded two sloppy goals against WBA this weekend, which is pretty poor considering their goal return over the last few seasons. They also go away to Napoli, if they lose there, which is entirely possible, they’ll be on edge about protecting that unbeaten run. We are also primed for a shot of hope heading into a heady period of games against more serious teams.

I like that we have nothing to lose. No one expects anything from us. In fact, I’d say most think we’re going to land a massive spanking.

More on that game as the week progresses. Our second stringers, that give me life, are playing Belgrade this week at home, so I’m hoping for another fun encounter there, and maybe some minutes for Nketiah and Jack!

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  1. DM

    My connection also went dead as I typed my first comment, so I had to switch to my phone… But i didn’t wanna be accused of using excuses so I graciously congratulate you! 🙂

  2. grooveydaddy

    We’ve got a slight chance. Wenger has beaten Pep on the odd occasion…

    But those times were the best (or close to it) games we played all season. We’ll need a similar effort to turn them over up there

  3. SuperSwede

    I want to see a sparking display against Belgrade on Thursday. It’s time for Jack to build on that world cup hype. Lets order some intricate one-twos between him and Giroud and a dazzling hattrick from Feo.

    Is Chambers back in contention?

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘My connection also went dead as I typed my first comment, so I had to switch to my phone… But i didn’t wanna be accused of using excuses so I graciously congratulate you!’

    Dear Gawd

  5. Marko

    Sure City are beatable absolutely true but we’re humiliate-able that is absolutely true. Do we have it in us to score against City yes but we also have it in us to conceded 3/4/5/6 goals

  6. N5

    I hope that something happens at the club soon to get conversation going because the 1st, 2nd and so on bit on a new post is the only time the comments move quickly currently.

  7. Buckhurst Gun


    Yep was just about to post the same thing , he’s had a one game goal drought since his last strike , what’s all the fuss about ?

  8. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with Pedro frankly the departure of Oxlade Chamberlain is no great loss and on current evidence he is not making any impact at Liverpool.

    He has not managed to complete a single full game in EPL or Champions League.

    So he will face the prospect sooner or later where he is sitting on the bench at
    Liverpool, which is certainly not a progression on being rotated and having had considerable game time at Arsenal.

    His future looks to be on a downward spiral and Arsenal made £35 million on the deal.

  9. graham62

    Nigel Tufnel ((from previous thread)

    It’s always a privalege to liase with fellow supporters who have a clear concept of the ethos and culture of Arsenal Football Club (and life in general), but in the case of you Nigel, it seems that even when you’re hit squarely in the face by something that is so obvious, you still can’t quite fathom things out.

    When a cancer takes hold(because that is what the regime is at Arsenal) and that specific cancer thrives on WINNING games, you would want it to end,……….right? Now if LOSING games meant that you could help eradicate this evil, most right minded/caring people would be happy.

    DO WE WANT ARSENAL TO LOSE?…………….Deep down, of course not.


    So, the reason there are “loads(hundreds)more comments and interest after a loss” goes to show that we have far more caring right minded individuals on this site than you may think.

    Now do you get it???

  10. Pierre

    I’m getting worried about you. I reckon you need to take a step back from it all and realise that it is not possible for fans who want the arsenal to lose (for whatever reason) will never see eye to eye with the loyal fans.

  11. Gooner63

    The thing i hate most about Wenger – is how he has brought mediocracy to the club and made it acceptable.

    Not long ago it was us and Man Utd battling every year to win the league

    Now 3rd – 6th is classed as success and acceptable.

    Would Adams, Winterburn, Viera, Petit, Overmars, Bergkamp, Henry etc settle for 3rd-6th every year – i think not.

    Being 2nd best to Spurs is 10000% not acceptable

    But so many of our “fans” accept it and still sing Wengers name

    Should be ashamed

  12. Carts


    perhaps you’re right in your assertion on Ox, but the fact is that plenty of posters, including Pedro, if I’m correct, were against the sale of Ox.

    This weird notional-life line that Ox would eventually come good was nothing more than a soundbite that has been on repeat for the last 3 seasons.

    Now, it’s evident that Klopp preferred forward line is Mane-Firmino-Salah, followed by Sturridge then Ox. It’ll be interesting to see what Klopp does with Ox over the next 12-18 months. I’m hoping it’ll reaffirm my belief that Wenger ability to influence a player’s attributes is a thing of the past.

  13. David Smith

    Gooner63, as for Spurs, in all but one season so far, Wenger has chewed them up, spat them out and trod them into the dirt, sometimes at their own ground.
    Wengers true failings involve other teams

  14. graham62


    As I’ve said on numerous occasions before, I have little or no interest in what you think or feel. However, a couple of little pointers for you.

    Firstly, you are not a loyal fan. You may think you are, but in reality you are the complete opposite.

    Secondly, just like others of your ilk, all you seem to do is sit and make snide childish like comments, which are sort of pathetic, as well as somewhat repetitive in their nature. The “medication” take on things is wearing a little thin now, don’t you think?

    Have you actually noticed (you probably haven’t because you’re so far up your own ass) that you are the only one on this site that keeps coming up with so much irrelevant crap and then congratulating yourself for doing it. I get the feeling you just like being the centre of attention.

    What a prat you are. KEEP IT UP!

  15. Pierre

    Lighten up Graham, I never thought you was that gullible to fall for the “loyal fan” remark….

    Anyway, you are continuously slagging me off and making snide remarks about me on here but it’s water off a ducks back to me.. ..

    If you give, you should be able to take it….

  16. Gooner63

    The trouble is David Smith

    We need to start worrying about now and not what we did in the past, Spurs in terms of players, manager, owner, soon to be stadium, are so far ahead in terms of looking forward.

    We havent beaten a team in the top 10 this season and fans are acting like we are great.

    Man City n Spurs next – lets see what happens

  17. Carts

    Someone posted a YT link of Wenger and his famous platitudes. Saying that I feel sorry for those in attendance would be a Straight up lie.

    Wenger has been remixing those same canards for years, now! Don’t wait 365 days in hope one of your heavily filtered questions get answer by that cunt Keswick.

    Boycott the home games

  18. Nigel Tufnel

    I didnt expect it, but you just came out and admitted that you hate Wenger and his regime so much, that you prefer Arsenal to lose, so that it will mean their leaving sooner, or more likely.

    I suspect a few others here feel the same, but would never admit it.

    Many others here are just very negative and like to tear into the manager, club, and players when we lose.

    I want us to move on from Wenger. I love the man, but it’s not working out. I want Kroenke out the most. But i can’t help but love the boys and wish them to do well. Unless i think theyre not giving their all to win. No excuse for that.

    You have my respect for your honesty.

  19. Emiratesstroller


    The problem with Ox is that he is a “utility” player and not particularly brilliant in any position.

    His preferred position is central midfield and I would have thought that his physical build would have suited him playing there. However, he has never shown the football brain or discipline to be a success there.

    I know that it is fashionable to blame coaches when a player fails to make the
    grade, but in the case of Ox just like Walcott both players were given the
    opportunity to establish a place in team in their preferred position and neither
    managed to do so.

    The reality is that are many players who look promising as teenagers but fail
    to progress. It is not just at Arsenal. Southampton have produced a lot of talent
    over the years with Arsenal buying three of their best young players, but when
    you analyse other prominent players who have left them and moved to Liverpool or Man Utd they have not exactly set the house on fire.

  20. TonyD

    Brilliant piece by Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail.

    Good to see the press biting back instead of its usual John Cross subservience

    “Arsenal’s AGM is an invite to come and give them a kicking… they need an executive with the remit to operate as Arsene Wenger’s equal or a reform”

    Football, as Gary Lineker said, is a simple game. Chase a ball for 90 minutes and, at the end, the Germans win.

    The Arsenal AGM is very much like that, too. Have a row for two hours and, when you’ve finished, Arsene Wenger’s the manager, Stan Kroenke’s the owner, the best player is probably leaving in the next transfer window anyway and you still haven’t won the league since 2004. And now it’s time for lunch.

    This year’s session was a classic of its kind. Over 300 shareholders voted the chairman Sir Chips Keswick out, only for Kroenke to use his 67 per cent holding to vote him back in.

    Then it was announced that chief executive Ivan Gazidis, in addition to his £2.6million salary, had received a £919,000 bonus – for the first season since 1997-98 in which Arsenal failed to qualify for the Champions League.

    ‘Ivan is doing a fantastic job – we’re fortunate to have him,’ said Sir Chips, at which point Gazidis seized on the mood of whimsy to announce that metrics showed Arsenal to be ‘the most consistently over-performing team in the Premier League.’ Which may have come as a surprise to Sean Dyche.

    Finally, to guarantee that everyone went home uneasy, Wenger announced that, despite signing a two-year contract, he would again review his position at the end of this season. For, having admitted that uncertainty over his future was harmful to the previous campaign, there is no reason why he shouldn’t do exactly the same thing this season.

    And on it goes. Kroenke told the supporters he was about winning trophies not making money, but viewing his American interests if his money-making was on a par with his trophy-winning he wouldn’t be able to afford a hot dog at Leyton Orient.

    In the NFL, a league in which 40 per cent of teams make it to the play-offs, Kroenke’s Rams franchise – formerly St Louis, now Los Angeles – haven’t gone there since 2004. He bought a very strong Colorado Avalanche hockey team that has tailed off into insignificance, with a single play-off appearance in seven years.

    His Denver Nuggets basketball franchise haven’t made the play-offs in four years, when 16 of 30 teams progress each season. As for the Colorado Rapids MLS franchise, they won the championship in 2010 but have been inconsistent since, missing the play-offs in four of seven seasons. There is little that bodes well for a big, title-winning splash at Arsenal.

    Yet there is a glimmer. If not exactly of hope, then certainly a window of opportunity. Next summer, it has been announced, Dick Law, Arsenal’s chief transfer negotiator, is leaving. This could be the ‘catalyst for change’ Gazidis was talking about last season.

    Without doubt, Arsenal have a vacancy in the recruitment area. A director of football, to take the pressure from Wenger. He will resist it, as he always does. Wenger believes he should direct football and, for many years, there was no argument. But not lately. Arsenal’s buying is ordinary. Their squad is weak in comparison to their rivals. Increasingly, they need that change.

    This is not yet a poor season. Results in Europe are good. Arsenal are in fifth place in the Premier League, a point behind Tottenham in third. Yet nobody considers them title contenders.

    They travel to Manchester City on Sunday with many fearing the worst, considering Liverpool lost there by five having put four past Arsenal two weeks earlier. The fear is that Arsenal will drift as Kroenke’s American interests drift. Colorado Avalanche were the best team in the NHL when he arrived. Where are they now?

    Arsenal need one of two things. Either an executive with the remit to operate as Wenger’s equal, and not be marginalised; or a transformation. A restructuring of the way the club operates, a new coach, a director of football, a new regime.
    Alternately, they can stay as they are, playing their simple game. A furious racket once a season and, at the end, another team wins. Again.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5033177/Arsenal-s-AGM-invite-come-kicking.html#ixzz4x3bokYDC

  21. N5

    BBC are pushing an Ozil vs De Bruyne stats comparison: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41791338 and coming to the conclusion that in the attacking play Ozil is as good as De Bruyne.

    I used to be one of the people that defended Ozil with stats but reading this makes me feel sad how much agenda/propaganda people will push.

    Stats are good in lots of ways, but in comparisons like this, they don’t pain anywhere near a full picture. How big where the games? what was at stake? and so on.

    Ozil is always protected as the man that produces in a ninja like fashion. We can’t always see it, but he’s always contributing!! But when it really matters, when it’s against a top team, is this the case? is it with De-Bruyne?

  22. Geekaybee

    Apart from the silly ones at the begining I love you all. The cut and thrust of the responses make brilliant reading and I learn a lot from them. Keep it up Gunners.

  23. Pierre

    I agree that debruyne is a better all round player, maybe the best in the world at the moment in his position. Great player.

    The only thing those stats do of özil and debruyne , is make a mockery of all the criticism that özil was receiving for his performances this season.

    It has always been my belief that, if they stay fit, özil will have a stand out season and his link up play with lacazette and Sanchez could be something special.

  24. N5

    Pierre, it seems the comments on BBC support that he’s one of the best in the world but that his nonchalants annoys gooners hence his criticism.

    For me that’s not really a problem, Henry did this a lot at Arsenal at times but he backed it up by being a beast in front of goal in every game, not just the ones that didn’t matter.

    I loved Ozil and I still would love to see WC2010 Ozil show up at Arsenal but sadly I don’t think it’s happening and stats that people share just muddy the water as to what is really the situation with Ozil.

  25. TR7

    De Bruyne is efficient and hard working but not an exciting player to watch. To be honest I am a bit surprised by the success he has had in last 2-3 years. Doesn’t seem to have a lot in his locker but still impacts games. Dele Alli is another player who I think is very limited but just by his sheer desire and hard work impacts games.

    Ozil, on the other hand, has amazing touch, passing ability and ball control but lacks the courage to run with the ball, take players on and most times doesn’t show the level of application required to consistently impact games. He was imperious against Everton and at the very least he should perform at 70% of the level he showed in that match on a regular basis.

  26. Wallace


    “I used to be one of the people that defended Ozil with stats but reading this makes me feel sad how much agenda/propaganda people will push.”

    how is it propaganda? they’ve both created 30 chances, DeBruyne in 840mins, Ozil in 560mins. that’s not propaganda, it’s just facts.

  27. Wenker-wanger

    @ graham.
    You have completely and comprehensively explained the case for fans wanting arsenal to lose.
    This team is Wenger’s arsenal….a specific arsenal not really recognisable to The Arsenal we have been brought up with. In my opinion a weaker, less spirited less manly outfit .We hate the wengerisation and continued failure to even fight for the prem.Our misery is down to one man only: Wenger. Remove him and we may get our arsenal back. Losing a run of games may indirectly get him to walk. That’s what logically could happen.
    People failing to understand how much we genuinely feel for arsenal but want us to lose for a brighter future, don’t really get why loved ones would want to pull the plug on a suffering member of their family. Its the same thing, morally..
    To argue loyalty, is really the limited standpoint of an eleven year old that’s not mature enough to see the bigger picture.

  28. Pierre

    People find it difficult to admit they are wrong, and they have been wrong about özil this season

    Keown, for some reason has had an agenda against özil and has made himself look a fool for his comments.

    He’s gone very quiet now…

  29. Wenker-wanger

    Strangely enough arsenal have the potential firepower to score 3 against city…. If the defense can hold their amazing strike force we can win it.
    I do want us to win this one, as I want the invincibles to be arsenals title not city’s.

  30. N5

    Wallace the propaganda comment was just an aside in false reporting and agenda driven commentary, not really related to the Ozil stats.

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When ozil goes he will shine in his new team season one

    Then get bored an lazy again

    He will never be a true athlete footballer

  32. Jim Lahey

    @RR –

    After hearing some things coming out of the script reading sessions for the next season of GoT, I would like to revise my who lives until the end predictions! ha!

  33. HighburyLegend

    “People find it difficult to admit they are wrong”

    Other find it difficult to admit they are also posting on Untold.

  34. GoonerDave

    Thanks for posting that, I missed it. There was open and aggressive dissent among shareholders at that A.G.M. and it is very significant.
    If the A.S.T. call for protest and boycott of home matches, Kroenke is cooked. There is actually a glimmer of hope.
    Yes, Ozil and Sanchez are in stupid contractual situations, yes we have a manager who plays the owner’s game and has too much power, but long term we are absolutely ruined if this man gets full ownership. Dead.

  35. Jamie

    “People find it hard to admit they are wrong.”

    Fabulously ironic from Pierre. Kind of like when he told everyone we would be “eating our words” right before we lost to Watford. After a couple days of radio silence, he emerges to ‘qualify’ his statement rather than admit he was wrong.

    Will he admit he’s wrong about Ozil if we lose against Man City and Spurs, with Ozil’s usual disappearing act against decent teams? Unlikely.

  36. Troy McClure

    If our manager had any balls, even old shriveled up ones, he would drop Ozil for someone who can play defensively. Then when City defenders are tired, put him on to open up the defense with a pass, and maybe Giroud to do some battering ram work on a central defense that is not particularly physical.

  37. N5

    Pierre, RE admitting we were wrong.

    I remember a long time ago I’d been pretty down on Ramsay since his transfer and was convinced he was a dud and then he had that breakthrough season where he couldn’t stop scoring.

    I said on here that I’m sorry for saying he wasn’t Arsenal quality and that he’d made me eat my words, only for him to type the following season and then onwards.

    With Ozil I was the other way around, defending him over and over before I decided enough was enough and I’d use my eyes rather than these stats I kept using and just watched him. He can pull his stats playing anonymously. Imagine what he could do if he applied himself. World Cup 2010 will give you an idea.

    My point is, I’ve been both sides of the argument and neither of us are right or wrong, we’ve just got differing opinions. The one who’s right/wrong is the man who keeps selecting Ozil as he is the one that selects him for the benefit or detriment of the team. He believes in him, so that’s that.

    Me, you and everyone else can discuss his pros and cons but we don’t need to argue about it.

  38. S Asoa

    All unconcerned

    I’m getting worried about you. I reckon you need to take a step back from it all and realise that it is not possible for fans who want the arsenal to lose (for whatever reason) will never see eye to eye with the loyal fans.”
    Will the tigers and the sheep see eye to eye ?
    Aye Sir when the sheep in heaven and the tiger ponders where to start loving it.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Admitting we are wrong… who cares?

    From time to time we all get things wrong and right… at the end of the day I want what is best for the club.

    No man is bigger than the club, that includes me and my ego…

    I’ve been really hard on Jack and Theo this year because to me, they are too inconsistent and too injury prone for the EPL. If it was up to me I would cash in on them.
    However, I will be the first one to congratulate them and cheer for the club’s success if they start playing well and scoring goals and making assists. Why? I’m an Arsenal fan and I want to see the club doing well.

    Am I a hypocrite for doing so? No, just another fan who expressed an opinion.

    In the UK, we live in a free society, where we can express opinions, even wrong ones.

  40. HighburyLegend

    “No man is bigger than the club, that includes me and my ego”

    lol that’s the kind of thing that wenger would never say.

  41. graham62

    I have no qualms about those you have differing opinions from my own but I will react to those who are patronizing or condescending in their tone.

    @Leedsgunner / @Nigel Tufnel

    Not my opinion, but I respect your points of view.

    Now wasn’t that civil.

  42. Pierre

    Nice to see my “admitting you are wrong” Comment has livened things up a bit on here.
    I was actually referring to keown’s “downed tools” Comment about özil so you don’t all have to get your knickers in a twist.

  43. Leedsgunner


    We’re probably on the opposite ends of the Wenger spectrum but I respect you just the same 😉

    Keown often speaks before he thinks… if he thinks at all. Amazed that he’s carved out a living as a pundit 😉

    Love him as a player but as a pundit he is meh.

  44. graham62

    Keown was a great player, but not a great pundit. Hospitality benefits at AFC weigh him down too much. Will never be too critical of Wenger, as it would bring to an end his regular days out at the Emirates.

    Lee Dixon, on the otherhand, is top notch and says it as it is.

  45. Pierre

    The “eating their words” comment was related to the criticism of özil I think you will find. Nothing to do with arsenal’s results, though I do think our run of played 11, won 9, Drawn 1,lost 1 is not to be sniffed at.
    And Jamie, I always said horses for courses in some games… Should özil start v city, I would leave him on the bench as he struggles in away games against teams who play the high press. Wenger will probably start him though.

  46. Guernsey gun

    Agree with comments re known. I still can’t get over that he said live on bbc tv in February 2017, when we battered Sutton 2 0, that we wouldn’t want to lose Wenger to a Barca or Real Madrid. Just think about that, as if those clubs in 2017 would be interested in Wenger for any part of their clubs. After I stopped laughing I remember feeling sorry for Keown. I think he’s headed too many high balls and the Jeff Astle charity should take him under their wing.

  47. graham62

    Best pundit on TV?

    Souness/Neville/Dixon/Murphy/Savage/Redknapp/Carragher/Henry(?)/Shearer/Jenas etc………………Who do you think?

  48. WengerEagle


    Named him as someone that could do a job for us here a while back, Marcelino doing great things at Valencia even if it’s early days yet.

    Has them looking unrecognisably better than Neville and co beforehand did, first time in years since they inexplicably fired Nuno that they’ve looked a proper outfit.

  49. graham62

    Best football on TV?

    Easy, GILLETTE SOCCER SATURDAY, hosted by Jeff Stelling.

    Love it when PhilThompson is trying to concentrate on his game when Liverpool are playing at same time. Also when Merse is trying to get his tongue around a foreign players name………………..PRICELESS!

  50. Jamie

    Pierre –

    Fair enough.

    If one of our ‘galacticos’ signings struggles against teams who press us, it seems to me like he’ll struggle against most teams in the league. Basically, give Ozil space in which to operate, or he’s ineffective.

    Against which teams would you automatically bench KDB?

  51. TonyD

    Andy Townsend was pretty good don’t know if he’s still âound. Ditto Danny Mills they were featured lot out here.

    Neville is ok when he’s not telling us how lucky we are to have Wenger.

  52. Pierre

    From yesterday
    “If one of our ‘galacticos’ signings struggles against teams who press us, it seems to me like he’ll struggle against most teams in the league. Basically, give Ozil space in which to operate, or he’s ineffective. Against which teams would you automatically bench KDB?”

    There are maybe 2/3 teams who operate the high press effectively especially at home.. They are Liverpool and city. Spurs at white hart Lane were pretty effective but not at Wembley.
    Consequently there are only 2 games in the season I would omit özil from the team, Liverpool and city.
    Özil is at his most effective the higher our possession percentage is which is invariably most games.
    As for benching KDB, I am not sure why you would bench him for any games, he is a better and physically stronger player than özil so there would be no reason to omit him from the team.