Arsenal in striking distance – dare to dream?

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I like it when we go through a period of calm after our usual hurricane start of the season. Swansea started out a little stormy, we totally dominated proceedings, yet still found ourselves 0-1 after switching off. Abraham capitalised on Koscielny’s poor first touch, he weighted a perfect pass into Clucas who made easy work of a rash Petr Cech decision to come off his line.

Wenger instructed his team to be ‘quicker, sharper, with more penetration’, at halftime and it did the job. The team reacted with vigour, a Mesut Ozil shot bounced out to Kolasinac who showed great composure to side-foot into the far right corner. He had plenty of time to think himself into a miss, so props to him that his inner Chamberlain didn’t conspire against him.

The second goal came shortly after from an unexpected source. The boot of Aaron Ramsey who has an incredibly poor record in front of goal. The messenger was Kolasinac who crafted a well-weighted pass at the front post, with Aaron on hand for a deadly near-post finish.

Arsenal managed to avoid any dramas closing out the game outside losing MoTM Kolasinac to an injury. Hopefully, that’s not too serious.

Arsene racked up his 400th home win and took our Emirates record to 13 wins in a row.

Great news that Mesut Ozil is now joint top chance creator with KDB, dropping another promising performance, doing his bit for the team. Maybe the awareness he’s not prime meat in the shop window is pushing him to do a little more to show he’s worthy of a big move when he ups sticks.

The table is starting to shape up as well. Exactly as I said it would a few weeks ago. We’re nailed on to be in and around the top 4 this season.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 2.51.06 PM


The fear is that us being a point behind Spurs and level with Chelsea allows our familiar friend ‘hope’ to show up. Its just walked up the garden path with a bottle of scotch and two tumblers. Fans are starting to whisper that we might be in the title hunt. Don’t buy into it. Even if we beat City – which feels more likely the more they win – I think we’ll deliver exactly what we do every season. Disappointment.

Once we creep past Christmas and heads start thinking about the World Cup, we’re in big trouble.

Still, if you’re a ‘take it as it comes’ kinda supporter, enjoy the moment. Forget about your worries and your strife. Look for the bare necessities. The simple bare necessities of fandom.

Right, see you in the comments my darlings.

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  1. TallestTiz

    Thank you DeShorti..
    I’ll soon teach you how to win the coveted Tro4hy in ArseneWorld

    On the other hand, special shout out to all my wives, mistresses, girlfriends and concubines for making the trophy happen.

  2. TallestTiz

    Would have broken DM’s record tonight….

    But, DeShorthi cut it Short

    Pedro, Koscielny is becoming a cause for concern nowadays…

    Per is always a moment away from dropping something heartbreaking

    Xhaka is always trying to be Xhaka

  3. Pierre

    City playing away to napoli on Wednesday night.. Tough game

    We play our 2nd string on Thursday night against red star..

    Will it have a bearing on our match on Sunday.. Maybe.. We will need all the help we can get..

  4. Samesong


    City playing away to napoli on Wednesday night.. Tough game

    Loos tough on paper but I think Citeh will handle them Sane sterling and Debryne are too much at the moment

  5. Goobergooner

    Hahaha the jungle book quote have me a good chuckle there Pedro.

    Nothing wrong with a 2-1 win at home though. Hope kola is back in no time though.

  6. loyika

    If by some miracle we beat Citeh then we will beat Spurs at home.

    A’las we i doubt we beat Citeh away (draw is the best we could hope for) definately more certain of a draw against The Scum at the Ems.

    Would be ok with 4 points from the 2 games but 2 points can be tolerated, the thing is not to lose eitherone of those games.

    I know 1 win and 1 loss would be 3 points and better than 2, but i am more concerned about the mindset of the players after those 2 games, scale through and they will have belief that they can hold their own against anyone (bar Liverpool) bad result against either (especially The Scum) and it will be open season on the squad again.

    Hope the Young Uns wrap up qualification to the next round of the Europa on thursday.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Joshua has got some work to do.

    The best thing he could do is invite the Klitschko’s into his camp or go into camp with them, literally cannot think of someone better to teach Joshua head, jab and feet than Wladmir.

    He said he would help him as well.

  8. raptora

    AJ not as dominant as everyone thought he’d be. AJ had openings and everyone saw that he can be beaten. He has a lot of work to do. Good fight by Takam. Fury wants a game for the title is what I heard. If AJ fights like today he will lose.

  9. Jamie

    City are 9!! points ahead of us after 10 games.

    What is there to hope for? Finishing the season back in the top 4 which, all AKBs know, is like a trophy.

    Et tu, Pedro?

  10. Pierre

    ” Kolasinac hasn’t done so well in his last 2 games now he has had time to be wengerised”

    Today’s performance puts that one to bed.. Plus he is having to sensibly manage playing with a dodgy hip the last few games so he can’t be marauding up and down the touch line….

  11. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Pierre…Example? And then some, says the old man with bubble gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

    Too easy says the kid named, Pep.

  12. Nigel Tufnel


    Could you leave a remark in the comments when you put up a new post?

    Would be very helpful, get everyone on the same page.

  13. useroz

    Audit gooner –

    Very reasonable expectation we should’ve got 6 pts out of the Stoke and Waford games. So 6 dropped. Should have 25 and 4 behind City and that’s fair. Looking back it wouldn’t have been hard at all. Just flashes of stupidity say by Xhara.

    Xhara is limited no doubt. Take yesterday’s game for example we were on crab ball al 1H and probably half of 2H and only Xhara’s long balls added some quicker, forward momentum and penetration to our attacks. Also beat the parked buses. The winning goal was case in point.

    If we have a young ish Cazorla the problem would’ve been alleviated…

  14. Shaun Wilson

    I used to support Arsenal with a degree of passion, to the point that if we were, say 2-1 up with five minutes to go, I would invariably get so tense that I couldn’t watch the last five minutes. Yesterday, I realised that I had performed a mock rigid fist pumping gesture a la Wenger, after Swansea scored. I also turned off the game after we got our second in the hope that we might get beat 3-2 in the closing stages.
    I still love Arsenal but I just want this awful situation were we don’t play the football we once did and compete realistically for titles like we once did, to end.
    This might begin with the removal of Wenger – it might not, but until he goes we are well and truly fucked.

  15. gonsterous

    ah the usual good run leading up to Christmas which convinces Wenger we don’t need to strengthen the team. after January is when it all comes crumbling down…
    would be nice if we got to the final of the Europa league.. nice night out with my friends at the pub…

  16. Pierre

    Shaun wilson
    ” but I just want this awful situation were we don’t play the football we once did and compete realistically for titles like we once did, to end.”

    It seems like you have a classic case of plastic fan syndrome..

    I suggest that you go and support man city for a few years and when they “Don’t play the football they once did” then go and support the next team that are top of the league and when “They don’t play the football they once did” then go and support whoever is top of the league and when “They don’t play the football they once did”…….and so on.

    That should cure it…

  17. Pierre

    Shaun wilson
    “I had performed a mock rigid fist pumping gesture a la Wenger, after Swansea scored..”

    Lets say Wenger leaves at the end of next season and a new manager comes in and does quite well but our football is still not up to the quality of the Henry /Bergkamp era….. What you gonna do..
    Are you still going to give first pumps to every team that scores against the Arsenal until we reach the desired quality whilst still proclaiming that you love Arsenal..

  18. loyika


    Quite right, i can understand moaning and getting angry but sometimes we act as if its expected that we compete all the time?

    In this stead Liverpool supporters should all commit sucide or fans of clubs like Leeds, Villa, Newcastle and so on…. Being angry with the Management and BoD is alright and right now necessary, but making it seem as if the World is coming to an end is a bit OTT!

    Enjoy the games as they come and save your energies for more important things in life.

    Until the match going fans decide to skip games nothing will change in the short term, so folks should try not to get to worked up over something that seems beyond our control. (specifically those of us that don’t have the priviledge to go for games both home and away)

  19. useroz

    Passion is a funny thing and some have more than others… but having the silent owner from hell, rubbish BoD and king wenger certainly take most enjoyment outta watching games.

    Frankly don’t care what other fans would do in similar situations…. Afc fan bases are quite cosmopolitan and diverse meaning not united. The vigorous protests Manure fans orchestrated would never (well, never say never?) happen here unfortunately.

    Any of you seen the CIES ratings/ benchmarking?

    Quite evident why our defense is shit despite huge possession, if you believe CIES…just diff ways to explain/ tell the same o…

  20. Pierre

    Do you think Man Utd fans give fist pumps when the opposition score because they yearn for the days of beckham, scholes, giggs, cantona, Keane.

    What about… Liverpool.. John barnes, Ian rush, Souness, hansen..

    Or Spurs… Jimmy greaves, Danny blanchflower, cliff jones, dave mackay

    Maybe Chelsea….. Drogba, lampard, Terry, cole

    Can see it now… Fans in pubs all round the country /world celebrating the opposition scoring against the team they purport to love…
    Sounds stupid doesn’t it but read Le Grove and you will find a good percentage of Posters doing exactly that… And proud of it..

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Kind of a daft comment because all those sides are trying everything possible to become a big team again, United and Chelsea in particular. Spurs are a side on the up, and Liverpool are trying to become something more.

    Arsenal are the only team happy with 4th best, so happy they change nothing, not their transfer approach, not the manager, not the coaching staff (aside from very, very minor changes across four years).

    Arsenal fans literally watch the same season every year, you cannot say that for any of those teams above.

    No one in the EPL can feel the frustration Arsenal fans do because no club behaves like Arsenal.

    I don’t fist pump losing, I don’t fist pump anything, I have watched two games and one half of a game of Arsenal this season because I don’t give a fuck, I have gone from watching everything and being up on everything Arsenal to total apathy. That is so damning on Arsenal and Wenger and Kroenke because I am nowhere near alone.

  22. Bamford10

    No chance we contend for anything. Playing well for one half against Swansea is one thing; playing well and getting results against the better teams is quite another.

    Wenger out.

  23. Pierre

    fair enough, we all feel apathy towards our club at some time(even me) that’s human nature but celebrating when arsenal lose or opposition scores or one of our players is injured is pretty sad in my view.(and I’m not accusing you of that)

  24. gonsterous


    I don’t think anyone celebrates us losing. we mostly just smirk cause we already know it was going to happen. what hopes do u have this season ? top 4 if we are lucky. Europa knockout stage and statistically we are on the verge of losing the fa cup. this isn’t a one season thing. this is 10 seasons and counting…

  25. Pierre

    “I don’t think anyone celebrates us losing. we mostly just smirk cause we already know it was going to happen”

    OK, let’s look at the cup final v Chelsea. I would say possibly 80% of Posters on here predicted not just a defeat but a heavy defeat..
    So when you say “You know its going to happen”… You don’t.
    And the same could be said for the semi final v city.

    This weekend we have city and no one really gives us a chance, media, fans etc.
    Now, our record v city since we lost 6-3 is played 9
    Won.. 4
    Drawn. 4
    Lost…. 1
    Not a bad record, does that mean we will beat city, of course not but it shows we have the team to compete with them.

  26. Paulinho

    I never thought that they needed him.

    Sterling is actually a better all-rounder than Sanchez, without the angsty-ego, and gives you more from wide areas. Also Sane as well bring that clear conciseness to him. If Sanchez goes there their collective level drops markedly, for the potential trade off of him cutting inside and adding some explosiveness that may or may not improve them overall (probably not).

    If Sanchez thinks he can go there and do his cutting inside routine, and be indulged, then he’s bit deluded. I can still understand him wanting to go though, at least he might actually win something of importance even if he doesn’t play all the time.

  27. S Asoa

    “Pedro, Koscielny is becoming a cause for concern nowadays…Per is always a moment away from dropping something heartbreakingXhaka is always trying to be Xhaka ”
    Perfect assessment. Looks like you have not been giving adequate attention to the tits of your wives, girlfriends and concubines since not missed much of the match

  28. SuperSwede

    What about Thursday?

    Is Ospina back or is Macey handed another chance after his impressive display against Norwich?

    Does Chambers step right in with Holding and Debuchy in defence or is Elneny the third man? One alternative if Chambers is back is to utilise Debuchy as wing back. Another one is to bring Elneny back to the midfield role that suits him so much better.

    Usual suspects as wing backs; Nelson and AMN. Beteende them in central midfield LeCoq and who? Elneny, Wilshere or Willock?

    Giroud will lead the line, supported by Theo and Iwobi or Wilshere depending on the midfield pairing.

    Whats very interesting is it starting to become competitive even among the senior players to get a starting role in the 2nd string. That can only be good for the overall performance


  29. Leedsgunner

    Honest to goodness, this Graham fellow is just excellent. Sign him up Pedro, it would make your podcast even better.

    Good fight back, but Man City is a different class.

    Shame we threw away points versus Watford, Liverpool and Stoke. We would be dictating the title had we won them.

    This team is mentally fragile. That’s why we occasionally lose to supposed weaker teams out of the blue but we very rarely win versus better sides. (Chelsea 3-0 game being the exception last year.)

  30. Leedsgunner

    *title race

    If we get to the cup final of the League Cup or the FA cup we should hold KRONKE OUT, BOARD OUT and WE DEMAND OUR ARSENAL BACK by thousands and shame those on the board into resigning. They will be there, hoping to bask in our boys’ success… the success they are happy live of off, despite not believing in the club.

    Shameless. The lot of them.

  31. loyika

    @ Leeds?

    Do you believe the Stadium going fans will do any of whst you just suggested?

    Like the team, we supporters like building ourselves up for a fall. If the team get to any those finals what you will get is the opposite of what you suggested (and deep down you know this)

    Last season was the most vocal some got (both live and on Social Media) looking at things as they stand, apart from some low attendances in some games and the events as potrayed at the AGM, i don’t see a major uprising springing up, unless something drastic happens with performances from now till season’s end.

    But if you are saying we get to either the League or FAC finals, that means the team are doing ok and i doubt you will get the required numbers to even attempt that stunt.

  32. E54_

    CartsOctober 29, 2017 13:56:32
    Yet to watch MOTD or goal on Sunday, so I can’t comment on Arsenal, yet. 3 points is good nonetheless.
    Was the same old arsenal. We’ll win some, we’ll lose some, we’ll never COMPETE for the league. Which Wenger and his supporters always conveniently exclude from the conversation. They say, “we can’t (win) all the time” or “in the past we never always (won)” always forgetting to talk about the COMPETING aspect.
    We lost yes. But we competed. We were credible rivals to which ever team eventually won.

    Not so much these days.

  33. E54_

    Lets count from the actual year the winning team received the trophy.
    In brackets is how long Arsenal haven’t won the League.
    We also never competed but lets just count how many years NOT WON.

    14.18- (As of now its looking like City)
    15.19 – (City/Utd/Chavs)
    End of Wenger contract.
    At this point there will be 5 years to go until it becomes 20 YEARS no League Trophy. (Probably not competed either)
    How far do you Wenger Ins really want to take this?

  34. loyika


    E54…me thinks you should be directing your question/statements to Stan Kroenke and the Board.

    They are the ones that gave him a 2 year extention and not anyone on Le Grove and definately not any Fan. So going on about Wenger In is just silly.

    What many are saying is there was support for Arsenal before Arsene and there will be when he is gone.

    Now lets say he goes and the club doesn’t still push on? What next? Do we all pack it in and call it a day? It helps when you seperate support for the team from support for Arsene and the Board.

    Complicated yes i agree, but it can be done. I love my team and despite some useless players on board i love the Arsenal as a collective.

    Tired of the Manager and his fanning about and hope he packs it in at the end of this underserved contract extention and disgusted with the BoD (which Arsene is also a part/member of)

    So you see it can be done. Point is whether you want the team to win or lose doesn’t matter, even right now coming 4th, 5th or 6th won’t change much in terms of what the BoD does in terms of the Manager.

    So frankly if we talk a good game on sites/blogs like Le Grove and yet every game time we still get almost a capacity full stadia? I ask who is decieving who?

    If folks “pump fist” when when the opposition score while watching the game on the telly at home and yet 80% of the stadium cheer when we equalise or score the winner then who is the fool!?

    Fact is (for now) there is a feeling of helplessness from the fans to change things at Board level, so we just resort to name calling on SM to relieve pent up anger and tensions. Thats basically what the whole AKBs and WOBs stuff is about.

    Just seems an avenue for peeps to feel good with themswlves that what they say matters. When actually its nothing more than “banter” at the end of the day.

  35. Pierre

    “Yet to watch MOTD or goal on Sunday, so I can’t comment on Arsenal, yet. 3 points is good nonetheless.”

    As E54 said “same old arsenal”

    13 wins at home on the bounce, same old arsenal…

  36. Samesong

    Spurs bottled it against United yesterday Alli should of buried that chance. They will always forever be bottlers like us.

  37. Zfree

    Pierre and others

    I’d like to think we could get positive results against city and spurs but problem I have is no chance with 50 yr old Mert in the middle and a couple 30 year olds (one with an injury the other playing great but a little deal with say Alli or Kane in the air) alongside him. Add in Xhaka and its clear to see the attacks will come raining down.

    I don’t know how much better I’d be feeling with Mustafi fit as he was a bit hit or miss early on, and can’t fathom why we didn’t seemingly even shop a top quality CB last summer. I guess all I’m saying is, a good showing, a good moment or two, maybe some luck, yes we can absolutely get results but I don’t really even feel that with our current defense.

  38. Carts

    Re: AJ v Takam

    I agree with someone who mentioned that AJ had problems with Takam, something to be expected.

    10 weeks prepping for Pulev; then 12 days to prep for Takam. I thought AJ showed a much improved jab and mixed up his punches quite well considering Takam’s style.

    However, AJ has got a lot of work to do: his footwork needs work – as he’s too flat footed. His head movement has improved but i wouldn’t use a 6’2, Takam, with a 2” reach disadvantage as a metric.

    Lastly, I really do hope Robert McCraken knows what he doing with AJ seeming to get heavier and heavier each fight.

  39. loyika

    @ Zfree

    I would be surprised if we got something against Citeh at the Etihad, but hey its football and at the end of the day its 11 vs 11 on the day. Just hope we keep it tight and are clinical with our chances (and we will get chances against Citeh)

    As for Spurs, far more confident as we are at home and everyone will be up for it. That game will be a blood and thunder match up. Same scenario as with Citeh, we need to be clinical because you know if Kane is back he most likely will score.

    Xhaka in the middle worries me for both games though…

  40. Zfree

    Montreal lol damn autocorrect. As worrisome as Xhaka and for me Mert are, we’ll see them in both.

    Spurs defense will be harder to break through and as you said Kane will probably net one or two against our frail defense. We’ll see what happens over this next few weeks.

  41. loyika

    Funny enough Kane doesn’t worry me that much (bar his usual goal against us) Who worries me in their team is Son…our defense will have to watch that guy.. has “Red card for defenders” written all over him and we both know how Kos can’t help himself with those kind of attackers.

    But like i said, as the game is at the Ems I feel more confident we can get a result against them. Having said that, we might also feel good about playing them at Wembley, since that has become like our second home (lol) of sorts

  42. loyika

    Not trying to be a “Meany” or bad, but i feel we should also target Aurier’s wing. Guy is also rash in his tackles and we might get alot of joy on his side of we play.

    Funny enough I predict/see some sending offs in that game… hope its more for Scummy players than ours though.

  43. Wallace

    we can’t live with City if they’re flying. no-one can. the Spuds might overpower us for parts of the game, but I think it’ll be close.

  44. graham62


    Re: 15:02 post

    Never cheer or “pump fists” when the opponents score, but find it impossible to cheer when we score. Totally drained of positivity.

    Loyika, going to the stadium doesn’t make you any more special than someone sitting at home watching the game on TV. Infact, in many peoples eyes, it makes you less of a supporter.

    My thread yesterday highlighted the Mortimer/Randolph scenario at the Emirates. A full stadium(not any more) where the away support show more passion and make more noise, than the bored and passionless home fans, doesn’t make for stimulating viewing.

    Kudos to all of you who continue to plod along to the home games, but, come on, you’re only fooling yourselves if you think your benefitting AFC.

    The footballing world knows who are the real “fools” in all of this.

  45. Ishola70

    “Not trying to be a “Meany” or bad, but i feel we should also target Aurier’s wing. Guy is also rash in his tackles and we might get alot of joy on his side of we play.”


    He look ragged against Man United and overall looks a weak link in the side.

    Funny enough plenty of folks rate him but again think it is a player who is championed going forward in an attacking sense.

  46. loyika

    @ Graham62

    Not bigging up those that get to go for games over anyone else. (they go because they priviledged to be within the vicinity either in region or by being in-country, or having made some sacrifices to follow the team home and away)

    Those that don’t get to go for games live are still important and make their own saxrifices to watch or follow the team as well.

    However just saying it defeats the purpose for everyoneelse if those at homes and pubs or viewing centers are screaming for change and yet people still go for games? The counter arguement from Stadium punters would be – “but you all still watch at home or fill up pubs and same viewing centers to watch the same game/team)

    Its a “Catch 22” situation. The situation won’t change till fans boycott games in mass (regardless of how the team are faring) that will take a lot of sacrifice on their part, but the question is, are they willing to do it? And is one even right to require/ask them to?

    That is the only message that will get to the BoD, they will live with the rest (online commentaries, pundits and journos and bloggers)

    The Stadia going punters have all the power, its whether or how they chose to utilise that said power that will determine what happens with the club.

    Fact is, if we can’t affect change when Stan K is just the majority shareholder, only heaven knows what would happen if or when he becomes sole owner? And that sxenario is slowly but surely approaching.

  47. Pierre

    Anyone think that Kolasinac would be a beast in centre mid… Has all the attributes

    Big, strong in the tackle,strong in the air, technically very good, good passer, quick over the ground…

  48. Ishola70

    Looks like Man City have a better young Spanish right back than Arsenal.

    Maffeo on loan at Girona.

    Straight swap Bellerin for Maffeo.

  49. loyika

    @ Ishola

    True right!! And this is sadly where Arsene fails as a manager (game after game and season after season)

    If he was “Street smart” he would tell/instruct his players to get at Aurier, especially Alexis and Ozil as they do like at tumble at the slightest touch those 2.

    Now i wouldn’t want to be advocating cheating or for trying to get a player sent off, but we need to have a plan for Spurs beyond – We can beat them playing our way – I would say that Kos should be told not to get bogged down by Kane (as he will score anyways as he always does against us) or else he of all people risks a red card or coming off injured as he always does in these high profile games.

    I really don’t know how we will win that midfield battle? Do we go with Jack and Rambo? Do we risk Coq? Elneny and Rambo? I am just not feeling Xhaka against Dembele and Wanyama… he might surprise me though.

    This is where i wish Carzola was available…. As for the game against Citeh, will only watch for the entertainment that game will throw up. (Lolz) Either we will play the perfect game against them and face them down or will go all “Liverpool’s b@tch mode 2” and end up with a spanking being handed out to us.

  50. loyika

    @ Pierre?

    Kola to replace whom in the middle? Also i doubt Refs would forgive some of his tackles in midfield like they do for him in his present position.

  51. loyika

    @ Pierre

    Maybe against Spurs that might be something to try because they have some “Bruisers” in M/F as well, but against Citeh? We will be down to 10 men in 5 mins. KDB and Silva and co will be diving all over the place.

  52. graham62


    Thanks for responding.

    “The stadia going punters have all the power”…………EXACTLY!!

    A half empty stadium would have a massive affect. Even SK would twitch at that.

    What SK doesn’t realize is that, here in the UK, the fans hold all the power. The anger is simmering and I sense, and hope, that after last weeks AGM debacle, supporters will rise as one to put an end to this nightmare.

    It is Wenger who is, ultimately, the spokesman for the fans. Not the board, not the owner, not the CEO. It is our manager who should see and listen to those who, to all intense and purposes, control his destiny.

    Fans of other clubs, in a similar position to ourselves, would never tolerate such inadequacies and mismanagement of their club. Arsenal fans have shown how weak and submissive they are over these past few years. Turning up the heat by boycotting games and not investing in the club will have a massive affect.

    To some extent, this is already happening.

  53. Otto Von B.

    Well, 3 points and no complaints. No disrespect to the Swans, but these are teams we should be turning over every week, the fact that we don’t or fear we cannot in the real indictment. How are the mighty fallen.
    Much to my surprise we still can qualify from our EL cup group. We have no chance in the league and much as I would like us to win our next 2 premiership games I feel we will get a paddlin’ unless our performance vs Chelsea is repeated.
    We need to do so much work on the personnel front it is unreal, but AW and the other brains trust members are in “one expensive signing and a bargain bucket name” mode. New manager and owner please! We can dream.

  54. graham62

    Rooney taken off after 73 mins. Everton 2-0 down.

    The guy is a liability on and off the pitch. One of the reasons why Koeman went (Did RK actually want Rooney in the first place?).

    Take Rooney out of the equation and you’ll see a different team.

    Sorry Wayne, but you ain’t got it anymore.

  55. Marko

    Looks like Man City have a better young Spanish right back than Arsenal.Maffeo on loan at Girona.

    Looks an excellent prospect for sure. Not quite giving up on Bellerin but wouldn’t mind an upgrade in the form of Ricardo Pereira

  56. Pierre

    Kolasinac does have a pretty good football brain from what I have seen of him.. Is he a reckless tackler, not at all.. I think he scares the shit out of the opposition just with his sheer size and power… In saying that, to play him in centre mid v city or spurs would be too much of a gamble at this time.. It was just a thought.

  57. Pierre

    “Am I the only one who thought Ramsey’s goal looked like a failed attempt to control the pass versus an actual shot?”

    I would say yes, you are the only one who thought that…. (no doubt someone will prove me wrong)

  58. loyika

    I think Rooney was a “Vanity project” by Everton… the boy came back home kind of stuff.

    I think he should have stayed at United and ended his career over there (even if as a bit part member of the team)

    I wonder if he wants to go into coaching/management? Don’t see why he insists on wanting to still play? Guess he feels if geezers like Milner and Barry can still play then why can’t he. Definately not for the money, accolade or fame.

    @ Pierre

    It is a good thought, but more for Spurs than for Citeh, but i doubt Arsene will take that risk unless through a mass injury crisis in M/F.

    Vardy? Well Xhaka would love playing with a player like him in terms of sending long passes into space for Vardy to chase, but agreed, was one of the strangest purchases that ever was mooted. Would have been banter to see how it would have played out if it had happened. I guess if he gave his all most supporters would have taken to him (even if it was only for effort)

    The fact he is English would have also helped with the fans i guess. But hey, we will never know how it would have turned out.

  59. alex cutter

    “You ever notice that theres much less commenting here when we win?”

    It’s cute that you think you’re the first one to make that observation.

  60. graham62

    Nigel Tufnel

    The reason there is less commenting is not because Arsenal won, it’s because the MINORITY of supporters still have a connection with the club, whilst the MAJORITY just can’t be bothered, as they know what the eventual outcome will be.

    This is true, whether you like it or not.

  61. Marko

    You ever notice that theres much less commenting here when we win?

    This blog like most have suffered the last few years when it became clear that the club were going to keep offering the shite manager a new contract and the club didn’t care about competing. Apathy amongst the fan base is so blatantly obvious and you get a lot of people simply not caring about the club anymore. Sad but true. The banter in this place back in the day was good now it’s just full of I told you so twats and masochists like Pierre who can’t see the forest for the trees. Case in point champagne charlie dropped off the face of the earth because he’s sick of the shite he sees.

  62. Pierre

    “Case in point champagne charlie dropped off the face of the earth because he’s sick of the shite he sees”

    Charlie dropping out of Le Grove had nothing to do with you then!
    The trouble with Charlie is that he tried to have an intelligent coherant conversation with you but he saw sense in the end and I’m sure his life is much more rewarding without you in his life.
    Me, I will have a football conversation on here with some, normally the one’s who don’t throw the AKB abuse at anyone who says something positive about the club.

  63. SUGA3

    Of course Szczesny is a huge talent, just our coaching was and still is a bit shit. Szczesny performed better upon his return from loan, winning us way more points than losing them.

    Later on, he actually started regressing, sure, he might have himself a bit of an attitude problem, but the talent has always been there. He will be in the top five GKs in the world for yonks, just watch.

  64. Marko

    Charlie dropping out of Le Grove had nothing to do with you then!

    We were civil at the end there think it had more to do with finally being fed up after the summer we had. At least he could see it for the shambles it was unlike you who tried to pass off keeping Sanchez and Ozil as some kind of win.

  65. Pierre

    I’ve never been happy about the contract mis management of sanchez and özil.. I reckon if we had got a striker in like lacazette and a top quality midfielder a year or 2 ago then they would have stayed. Its always been my belief that giroud and Ramsey have been holding the club back the last few years though give Ramsey his due, he is starting to look the part.
    I am fine with keeping özil and Sanchez for this season, it’s not my money they are throwing down the drain.
    I do still hope they will commit to us.

  66. graham62

    Just to make it clear, I last visited the Emirates on November 18th, 2012 (very nearly 5 years ago).

    I stopped trusting in Wenger on Feb 23rd, 2008 (approaching 10 years).

    I cancelled my membership to the club in 2013 and have not spent a penny on AFC since (4.5 years of non-investment).

    Am I happy to do this?…………………………………….NO!

    Do I think it’s the right thing to do?……………………..ABSOLUTELY!

    Do I love my club?…………………………………………………..UNCONDITIONALLY!

  67. graham62


    Ozil and Sanchez, JUST GIVE IT A REST!

    If they go. they go. If they stay, they stay. Whatever happens, it’s still a ####### mess!

  68. graham62

    There’s only one person who’s been “holding the club back these past few years” and that’s Arsene Wenger.

  69. Pierre

    “There’s only one person who’s been “holding the club back these past few years” and that’s Arsene Wenger.”

    If I say that the reason sanchez and özil haven’t signed is because we didn’t buy a top striker and midfielder, then who do you think I hold culpable for that…and you don’t have to be a mastermind to get this right… I’ll give you a clue..
    He’s French and he’s not your most favourite person in the world..

  70. useroz

    This is Wenger madness…

    From BBC gossip…

    Arsenal will offer 18-year-old striker Eddie Nketiah a new five-year contract that will take his salary from £2,000 a week to £15,000 a week.

    What’s happening?? Is Eddie worth 50m now?

  71. Nigel Tufnel

    So if it’s true that there is a general apathy from most gooners, why then, are there loads (hundreds) more comments and interest here on legrove when we lose?

  72. TonyD

    “Fact is, if we can’t affect change when Stan K is just the majority shareholder, only heaven knows what would happen if or when he becomes sole owner? And that sxenario is slowly but surely approaching.”

    Scary, sad fact that needs stopping. Agree boycotting is the only answer.

    Earlier post – Kolasinac or any player shouldn’t be playing with an injury. We have a big enough squad and Swansea did not warrant Kola’s playing. Should have been saved for City if 100% injury free.

    Agree I thought Kola would be perfect as a DM or CM after his first 2 games but only for select games as a tactical selection.

    I agree with others CC saw the light. His posts made more sense as did his arguments.

    “What SK doesn’t realize is that, here in the UK, the fans hold all the power. The anger is simmering and I sense, and hope, that after last weeks AGM debacle, supporters will rise as one to put an end to this nightmare.”

    So true and I hope that, too

    City & Spurs
    A Chelsea performance is needed for both games, but I think City are worthy of their 9 points above us and will have to have a seriously off day for us to even draw.

    Sanchez will be playing for himself in that game, especially now City have said they’re not interested in a January move. Ditto Ozil for a potential Manure move.

    More chance of points against the Spuds but it depends on how badly we lose to City.

    An empty stadium against the Spuds would scare the shit out of Wenger, Gazidis, Chips and the Kroenkies. Never happen but would really make a serious point.

  73. Wallace


    “Arsenal will offer 18-year-old striker Eddie Nketiah a new five-year contract that will take his salary from £2,000 a week to £15,000 a week.”

    it’s premier league football. it’s meant to be insane. we were paying Donyell Malen 30k a week for the two years he was looking quite promising for our academy sides. and the reason we were doing that was because Chelsea had blown everyone out of the water with the salaries they were paying.

  74. Wallace

    wouldn’t want anyone thinking it’s because I’m some Brexit meathead, but if there are a bunch of promising young English kids coming through it won’t hurt our chances for them to see Iwobi*, AM-N, Willock, Nelson & now Nketiah getting some game time with us.

  75. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal have been told they have missed their chance to sign Monaco star Thomas Lemar.”
    Ze famous “I almost signed” list.


  76. Marko

    Arsenal will offer 18-year-old striker Eddie Nketiah a new five-year contract that will take his salary from £2,000 a week to £15,000 a week.

    We never learn do we. One decent cameo appearance and we bloat his wages and if he doesn’t work out I wonder how many years it’ll take to offload him? Probably why Akpom is still here too. And Wallace before you say this is the norm find out how much Ben Woodburn or Jonathan Leko or that lookman kid are on all brighter talents but I doubt that they’re on 15 grand after about 40 minutes. But I suppose you have to convince players to stay at arsenal somehow we’re struggling with senior players but at least we can fool young players by throwing money at them

  77. N5

    “Arsenal will offer 18-year-old striker Eddie Nketiah a new five-year contract that will take his salary from £2,000 a week to £15,000 a week.”

    Same bloody story. Kid scores twice and suddenly his wage get increased 7 fold. He looked OK against Norwich!! FFS lets give him a 5 year deal then!!

  78. Wallace


    “And Wallace before you say this is the norm find out how much Ben Woodburn or Jonathan Leko or that lookman kid are on all brighter talents but I doubt that they’re on 15 grand after about 40 minutes.”

    Lookman’s on 23k.

  79. Wallace

    “Liverpool will give teenage sensation Ben Woodburn a huge pay rise on his 18th birthday. The Reds want to secure their young star – who shot to fame by reigniting Wales’ World Cup challenge – on a long term deal to keep him at the club for at least the next six years.

    And talks have already begun on a deal that will see him given a full professional contract, which could be worth around £25,000 a week, when he turns 18 on October 15.”

    – Mirror

  80. Buckhurst Gun

    Thing is , Eddie has been banging them in for the under 23’s and in this day and age , if you don’t get in quick with the promising kids , then city or some other big club will come in and poach , on the flip side you could say we have to keep them hungry but that’s not how it works any more

  81. N5

    @Wallace, I think with Arsenal, we do it so much more often though and often to players that don’t warrant the payrise. I can understand that its usual to promote to first team when a player shows promise and I get you need to adjust their contract to reflect this promotion, but why 5 years at … amount and not 2/3 years at double their current, so 2K going to 4K with a 2/3 year contract that had add ons such as hitting certain quota of games, promise, goals etc.

    Jumping straight to 5 year 15K when we’ve got so many players in our first team sitting on the fringe getting paid way to much to move on and not good enough to get games. I though Dick Law leaving showed change! I don’t see any yet?

    Maybe he is a real talent, and I liked how both he and Nelson looked, but jumping to such a massive wage so quickly when they already have contracts protecting our interest is silly. Why raise a player to 15K when he still has 3 years on his current?

  82. N5

    Buckhurst, they’ll do that anyway buddy regardless of what we pay them. They can’t buy our team out from under us if they so wished. I get what you mean about protecting your interest, but if any of the big buck teams (Bayern, Real, Barca, Citeh, United) come in for a player, it’s hard AF to keep hold of them regardless of contract situation.

    Just look at Cesc.

  83. Buckhurst Gun


    I think cesc was different , but if we tie Eddie down now to 5 years , if he blows up and in a years time Barca come calling he can’t throw his toys out the pram with 4 years to go , I know it’s happened and does happen but he’d have zero leverage at least we’d have some power …. I don’t agree with paying him that money but that’s the prem now , and football in general … look at mbappes mum wanting 7 mill … no matter how much people disagree with how football is going , it’s only going to get worse on that front

  84. N5

    Isn’t that the truth Buckhurst Gun, it’s a real shitfest now of everyone wanting a bit of the pie. I’m surprised in this current climate we’re not paying the refs 10K a week yet.

  85. raptora

    “Cologne have been ordered to pay a settlement to Arsenal over damage caused by their supporters during the Europa League tie at the Emirates Stadium last month. Five arrests were made over the course of the evening and Arsenal launched a full review of the events.
    Cologne were charged by UEFA over crowd disturbances, setting off fireworks, throwing objects and acts of damage by the visiting fans.
    UEFA also imposed a one-match away supporter travel ban, suspended for two years, in the event of further disturbances and fined them €60,000(£53,000).”

    Finally some justice re that game in September. Scenes like those should not repeat.

  86. useroz

    Not saying talent wouldn’t command crazy fee and pay rise(s) but Afc flops more often than not though and our kids (why more of ours?) pick up attitude problems with bumper deals almost rule rather than exception. Even the bang bang iwobi dared say in an interview he lacks motivation?? Huh??

    Wonder what Rasford is on? Not a striker but what about the Trippler spud? And some… these guys already play not only in the first team squad and doubt if they are on much more than 20 to 30k pw.

    Btw, Bendtner, Ampkon (and what’s the Spanish kid again?) scored tons in UXX too….and all flopped.
    Aa some said wenger seems to enjoy doing this more…

  87. Marko

    To be fair Woodburn is already a Welsh international he’s not really comparable to some lad who’s got about 35 minutes under his belt. The worry is another Sanogo situation where the lad gets too much too soon and then proceeds to do fuck all until his contract expires cause we can’t sell him because of his wages

  88. T-Bet

    Hope is a dangerous thing but I for one am not fooled.

    Let’s be honest, any team with a hint of quality or character will take this Arsenal team to pieces.

    We have been lucky the last 2 games have been against poor opponents but even they managed to score with their first shot! Imagine what City will do to us! Spurs worry me as well, hopefully Kane’s leg falls off before the game!

    Also, what is with all the statements coming out saying this team has character? If you have to keep saying you have character, let me make this clear, you have no character! Anybody who has to keep saying “I’m the King” is not the king!!

    Anyway nice to win, roll on Europa to see the bright stars of the future!

    Sir Chips out!
    Kroenke out!
    Gazidis out!