Why Koeman sacking is an Arsenal blessing

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So it happened, Arsene buried Ronald Koeman’s career with a chokeslam from the top rope. Why does that matter to you? Because you just know that the Dutchman would be there sniffing around the Arsenal job if Wenger ever decides to leave.

‘A safe pair of hands’

‘Has managed in Spain, Holland, and the Premier League’

‘Knows the PASHUN’

I took a hit on Le Grove from the readers when I suggested he was a dinosaur, but it proved out. Boring training, arrogant persona, and a bit of an old-school mentality saw him well and truly found out.

Interesting part of this story is first it shows how well Southampton run as a club. When our T-rexmegasaur leaves for pastures new, you wouldn’t go amiss looking at the fine work Les Reed does over there, and either hire him or innovate on his approach. It also shows you how ruthless the game is now and it gave a taste of what we could have expected under Usmanov if he’d been our sugar daddy versus Stan ‘I CAN’T QUIT YOU’ Kroenke

Manager isn’t cutting it after 10 games with a summer spend £140m > BOOM. He’s gone.

Even Everton are more ruthless than Arsenal.

There are fans out there crowing that Arsene has seen of another manager a lot of fans really liked, but the real story isn’t that he’s seen off a manager, it’s that he the last manager in the world football who can’t be sacked. It’s also a sorry old story when a manager as average as Koeman is seen as a better option than Wenger.

What Everton are doing is normal in an era where club owners want instant success. Is this approach perfect? No. Should managers be given more time? Probably. Has this approach stopped major clubs winning major trophies? No.

You can’t use Arsenal’s stability as anything other than a textbook way of how not to win things in the modern era. Players need progress as much as the fans and owners. Ronald Koeman was boring, and you could see that in the way the players responded to him on the pitch.

Olivier Giroud won the Puskas award for his absolute hero of a goal last season. It just goes to show, you can’t beat Arsenal fans in an online poll.


We play Norwich in the League Cup this evening. If you thought it was going to be a run out for the kids you’d be WRONG. Wenger wants some of his big guns to play, you would suspect because if he can land a cup treble of blandness this season, he’d get another two-year deal (FA Cup, League Cup, Europa League made famous by Liverpool)

“I always used [the EFL Cup] to give a chance to young boys. We went to the final with a very young team and nearly won it,” he added.

“I always focus on winning trophies in the Premier League and FA Cup domestically, and always used the League Cup as an education for our young players.

“But with this team I have the squad to go further, so let’s see. Let’s focus on winning the match against Norwich and then we’ll see where we will go.”

If he wants to win the kids cup, fine. I just worry that he’ll break important players chasing something that’s really not worth it if we’re in with a chance of pushing for top 4. We’ll see though, I think he’ll use it for fringe first-teamers, rather than throwing Ramsey and Ozil into the mix.

Finally, The AST are planning ahead for more of Wenger in the future, their ask? That the club sort that before the end of next season.

“Arsene Wenger himself admitted that the uncertainty around his contract situation was highly disruptive to the team’s end of season performances. What has the board learnt from the way this was handled and will a decision on the manager’s future be taken any earlier than May 2019 in a bid to avoid more confusion?”

You just know he’s here for another decade and it’s painfully hateful.

Right, see you in the comments and listen to the pod if you land a chance. Also, if you want to follow the band who do the opening, look here. The Pacers – Mirror Man (North Londoners)

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  1. Pierre

    On Ramsey you’re missing something rather obvious
    Two words

    The question is, will Wenger put Jack in the team in place of Ramsey and, sad to say, the answer is probably no.

  2. loyika

    @ Pierre

    If you were Arsene would you? Jack just looks a minute away from an injury and anytime he falls to the floor everyone has a “Oh No!” moment. The way the manager is easing him back in is correct in my opinion.

    Rambo might not offer the finesse of Jackie but he makes up with it with his engine and an eye for a goal (or being in the right place in attack)

    @ Graham and Samesong

    If Everton were going to go for Dyche they might as well re-appoint Moyesie…. Agree with Samesong, with the money Everton have now they need to be going for top cadre of Managers (doesn’t make sense to sack Koeman and then bring in Dyche?)

    If they want to go “English” they could try Gary Neville?

  3. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘The question is, will Wenger put Jack in the team in place of Ramsey and, sad to say, the answer is probably no.’

    Why don’t you support the manager’s decision and back the player? What horrible, whinging fans we have.

  4. Pierre

    Although I think Ramsey is having a decent start to the season, yes I would start Jack just to see how he links up with sanchez, lacazette and özil.
    Ramsey has more energy without a doubt but Jack has better vision, is more disciplined, better passer and more of a team player.
    Ramsey is also stronger in possession and is less likely to be overpowered in possession.
    Do we need someone bombing forward from midfield at every opportunity, not really. Ramsey’s runs often congest the space around the penalty area, it would be interesting to see how having Jack in the team would create space instead of congesting the space.
    Its a Pity that Ramsey cant be educated into playing a holding midfield role as I feel he has all the attributes for the role except lack of discipline which of course is probably the most important part of playing holding mid.

  5. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    ‘or being in the right place in attack’

    Every time Ramsey is in the right place for attack he leaves a gaping hole in midfield.

  6. Jim Lahey

    Just on some of favourite Arsenal goals over time, some of mine (that I think haven’t been mentioned) are Pires Vs Villa, Eduardo Vs Burnley, Nasri’s brace Vs Fulham, Nasri Vs Porto. But my all time favourite although it was in a friendly was RVP Vs Inter.

  7. T

    I will be hugely surprised if anybody who started on sunday is on the teamsheat against norwich. Let alone start the game. Jack will definitely start and elneny probably too. The attack will most likely be giroud, Walcott and iwobi.

  8. HighburyLegend

    We have to thanks Giroud, because his beautiful goal has allowed Arsenal to be represented in such a prestigious ceremony, the kind of ceremony where we have NOTHING to do lol

    Oliver, you’re often painful to watch, but once again, thanks alot for this jewell!!

  9. Paulinho

    Yeah it’s a pity Ramsey can’t have all the ambition and individualism knocked out of him so he can play more like Granit Xhaka; that way he can get nice ratings from WhoScored and load of twitter likes.

  10. N5

    As much as I want Jack to progress, he just makes me nervous. He’s made of glass and at the risk of sounding like a broken record from yesterday. Diaby, Djourou, Squid, TR and many more have historically proven just how bad we are at managing our more fragile players.

    Jack could and should be a top top player. However I feel he’ll always be remembered as that guy in Barca.

    Commentator midweek said Jack is the best English midfielder since Gazza. This is exactly what’s wrong with British media. Building players up to massive heights and putting massive expectations on them.

  11. N5

    Jim, mine are Henry vs Manure, RvP vs Middlesbrough and Kanu vs Chelsea.

    So many great goals over the years. L’Oreals was sublime though. An absolute gem.

  12. N5

    See all the ex-players with little to no managerial savvy are sniffing around the vacant Everton and Leicester jobs.

    Giggs and Neville are reported to want them.

    How about Tony Adams guys, he’s managed teams, some of them didn’t even lose their first game.

  13. Pierre

    “Yeah it’s a pity Ramsey can’t have all the ambition and individualism knocked out of him”

    Though I do understand what you are saying, there are very few players over the years in world football who would be allowed so much freedom to express themselves from centre midfield neglecting their defensive duties.

    Platini, zidane, gazza are players that come to mind.
    Scholes, lampard and gerrard had a certain amount of freedom but they always arrived late in the box so consequently were rarely out of position if the attack broke down.
    Does Ramsey time his runs into the box, that’s a matter of opinion I suppose but to me he is more often than not arriving too early so is often caught out of position.

    If Ramsey finishes the season with 15/20 goals then I suppose the argument would be that it works.

  14. N5

    Oooooh yeah HL, DB10 vs Newcastle won best ever premier league goal so god knows how I forgot about that one!!

    Yes that’s my favourite.

  15. TR7

    Koeman always was an average manager and his style is boring. Made an exciting Southampton team look a tad boring and made a complete mess of things at Everton. Southampton are so well run that they made Koeman look like a good manager rather than the other way round.

    Sean Dyche is also no match for a club of Everton size. Burnley,Leicester etc. are his level. If I was Moshiri, I would be looking at someone like Silva.

  16. N5

    TR7, I fully agree mate. All this Everton stint has shown us, is that had it not been for Pochettino, Koeman would have been found out much earlier.

    It does highlight also just how good a manager Pochettino is! Shame he manages the scum.

  17. TR7


    Yeah mate, in complete agreement with you on Pochettino. He is an amazing manager. Koeman merely reaped the fruits of the tremendous work put in by Poch. Hard times for Dutch managers in the league – LVG, De Boer and now Koeman.

  18. N5

    After writing my last comment, I just checked out the stats on Southamptons managers and Koemans pisses all over Pochettino. So I’m going to quickly readjust my comment to Pochettino laid a solid foundation for him, pretend that’s what I meant all along, put my fingers in my ears and run away.

  19. N5

    *forgot to add, pisses over him with win percentage, but I’m still going to stick with the fact that Pochettino laid the foundation down from him 😀

    TR7. I wonder what that is with the Dutch here? is it to small a snapshot to make a statement like “The Dutch can’t manage the EPL” or is it more just poor planning?

  20. TR7


    No, I am not casting a doubt on the ability of Dutch managers. I am merely pointing out for different reasons things haven’t worked out for 3 Dutch imports off late.

    I think LVG did a decent job . Entitled Manure fans hounded him out using the pretext of “boring football” but the same set of fans seem to be content with what Maureen is offering. LVG had built a strong foundation for their build up play from the back and just had to add some flair up top which he had started working on with players like Martial, Rashford etc.

    Koeman is staid and average anyway. Not sure De Boer picked the right job. He’s more of a coach than a manager, not someone you would hire to see you through a relegation dogfight. He should have taken the job of a more stable club.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Everton could be a really exciting club, they have some decent talent, backed by money, they just need a really exciting manager and they could start to creep on the top sides in the next couple of seasons.

    Trying to build a new 60 000 seater stadium as well.

    Someone like Tuchel would be a real statement of intent.

  22. N5

    Vicky, sorry if that came across like I was leading you into something. I was thinking that they so far have had very little luck here and just wondering out loud really what could be the reason.

    LVG I fully agree with. His falling out with RvP seemed to be a massive influence in certain people no longer playing ball with him. He was treated quite unfairly. He does resemble Baron Greenback, but toadlike or not, the can’t complain about his defensive football whilst then patting Maureen on the back for it.

  23. N5

    Oh and RE De Boer, I feel no matter what he would have done he’d of ended up being shitted on. I can’t understand any manager going to Palace.

  24. N5

    Cesc, Tuchel is another like his Dortmund predecessor that really divides opinion on here, but I agree with you. That’s a real statement of intent, also imagine how sweet it would be for the Toffee’s/Tuchel to beat their enemy with Klopp at the helm.

  25. Cesc Appeal



    I am not a massive fan of Tuchel, but I think he is a decent manager and exciting prospect. Certainly would be a big name for Everton to land and as you say the Merseyside derby would have some added spice with the manager who replaced Klopp at BvB going up against him.

  26. Uwot?

    Guys,guys,guys.prefer team goals.& that honour has to go down to little Jackie wilshere against the carrot crunchers( Norwich ) a couple seasons back.absolutely the best “team” goal iv’e ever seen .in any league,at any level.what could have been sigh!

  27. Ishola70

    Very sceptical on Tuchel.

    As Wenger Eagle said recently he seems to be the hipster’s choice.

    As said previously there seems to be good vibes now from managers from South America, Italy and Portugal that show good tactical acumen and install work ethic into the teams they manage. I think this is the area where Arsenal should be looking for the next manager.

    God knows what this current lot will come up with though especially if Wenger has input as well in who will replace him.

    Someone who can work within self-sufficiency and tries to play football the right way? That is so namby-pamby. Or they might continue to take advantage of the fans emotions and install an ex-player who is unproven.

    The Dutch managers now just reflect the football overall in Holland. Not up to that much.

  28. ArseneisaFraud

    “He does resemble Baron Greenback, but toadlike or not,…”

    What a reference to Danger Mouse, one of my all time favourite cartoons.

    Re favourite goal, the goals that still sticks in my mind are RvP’s goals vs Chelski when we beat them at Shamford bridge 3-5. RvP had a hat-trick at that game!

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    I suppose it would mean that Everton could become more competitive (hopefully) and push us from 5th to 6th spot comes end of season.

  30. ArseneisaFraud


    Don’t start jinxing it otherwise we will never see the end of him!!!

    We should be calling AW “Lucky Number 4” (i am thinking of the film Lucky Number Slevin here) considering he will see the end of all the managers in the PL!!!

  31. David Smith

    Just reading some of the ASTs questions for the AGM, one wants Wengers fate sorted much earlier next year.
    They should be careful what they ask, Stan could easily step up and give Wenger an extension on the spot

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Better this way though, pressure this early means they cannot try to cower away and deal with in the summer when they don’t have to look the fans in the eyes and they totally disregard sporting goals and ambition.

    It was incompetence to have allowed the carry on last year, if they did it again, what on earth can you say about the lot of them?

  33. N5

    Yeah David just read that on the BBC comments:

    Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board will be asked at Thursday’s annual general meeting to make a final decision on the club’s managerial future well before the end of next season. (Daily Telegraph)

    I’m happier with this (although I won’t be if on Thursday he says his intent is to stay for another term)., it stops Wenger the narcissist making it all about him.

  34. graham62

    These past few months, I have come to the conclusion that AW has a divine power assisting him.

    What other explanation can be given when so many other managers in the EPL are being sacked, or are living on borrowed time.

    You just know that Wenger is lapping it all up, sitting in his ivory tower, whilst the rest of the footballing world runs in a logical and sane manner.

    God this is so frustrating and boring.

  35. Arsene's Nurse


    54 Macey
    2 Debuchy
    35 El Neny
    16 Holding
    61 Nelson
    34 Coquelin
    10 Wilshere
    30 Maitland-Niles
    14 Walcott
    17 Iwobi
    12 Giroud


    32 Akpom
    43 Da Silva
    50 Iliev
    62 Nketiah
    63 Osei-Tutu
    65 Sheaf
    69 Willock

    Source: BBC


  36. Sanmi

    Just got this from a man utd blog:

    Lukaku is someone you excuse. If anything, I’d say it is he that needs to up his game! In the tough games, when a striker feeds off scraps, he needs to be the man to perform. His inability to control well (first touch) when a ball is lumped to him and then hold up play, lay off well and create something from nothing is not what it needs to be. If he’d buried the chance against Liverpool, I bet this thread wouldn’t even exist! If you want to contrast go back to the times when a van Nistelrooy or Ronaldo or Rooney scored with the sole chance in a game we struggled in to somehow eke out a 1-0 win for us. People remember all the routs – but let’s not forget that for a while Fergie had built a team that thrived on defending stoutly and sneaking the single goal of a game. If I’m not wrong, we even set some sort of record with a run of those!

    The Lukaku bashing is gathering momentum

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What ever happened to the young polish kid we signed who wenger was converting from a midfielder to a centre back ?

  38. zaco

    “What ever happened to the young polish kid we signed who wenger was converting from a midfielder to a centre back ?”

    Bielik is currently injured

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    October 24, 2017 20:20:44

    3 CBs, not a single one defending in the lead-up to that goal.
    You mean 1 CB, 1 RB and 1 CM.

  40. Alex Cutter

    “What ever happened to the young polish kid we signed who wenger was converting from a midfielder to a centre back ?”

    He got drafted into the Polish military, and died tragically on a submarine on which the Poles had installed a screen door.

  41. zaco

    Alex Cutter
    October 24, 2017 21:08:38

    “What ever happened to the young polish kid we signed who wenger was converting from a midfielder to a centre back ?”

    He got drafted into the Polish military, and died tragically on a submarine on which the Poles had installed a screen door.
    that was an irresponsible thing to say

  42. Paolo

    Can not believe there are tens of thousands of people that have paid to be inside that stadium tonight?

    Line up is an embarrassment as is the whole club these days

  43. Arsene's Nurse

    Tippy tappy nonsense. No-one apart from Wilshere wanting to take them on.

    Why on earth are we playing 3-4-3 against Norwich at home? Same problems – zero movement and lack of ideas. Too formulaic.

  44. Coach 15

    ‘Is there plenty of empty seats’ ?

    Ask Emiratestroller,that seems to be what he likes to spend his money doing.

  45. Marko

    I personally would like someone at the AGM to ask when is enough enough for the manager? At what point do any of the cowards running the club decide he’s taken us as far as he can? What is sackable

  46. raptora

    Pep’s even put KdB in as a substitute vs Wolverhampton. I said a while ago that him playing the same old players again and again might play out bad for him in the end. This Cup game is useless. Wouldn’t have bothered me a tiny bit if we were to lose vs Norwich playing our subs. But Pep playing a bunch of his top attackers in a meaningless game instead of giving them the odd midweek break is beyond me. I’m no one and he is Guardiola but still.

  47. Relieable Sauce

    Superior fitness and a large squad gets Arsene-al out of sooo many sticky situations.
    The fitness guru gets out of jail again.

  48. ArseneisaFraud

    That was another drab victory. I can’t believe that the team finally woke up at the 86th minute. What shocks me the most is the absolute lack of urgency in the team. And as we all know this is all down to AW. The man is so cushy with his £10 m p/a that he is litterally incapable of motivating a team to do anything.

  49. raptora

    City’s 4 subs were KdB, Stones, Walker and Sane in addition to an already strong starting lineup. Still needed Bravo to save them in the penalty shootout so they could go through.

    As for us. You see how our team looks when there’s no one creative or sharp in the lineup. Wilshere tried but it was not enough. Iwobi was supposed to be one of the creative and dangerous sparks in our team, as one of the senior players, but nope – he was no where near that.

    Feo looks like a veteran playing the last season of his career. No ambition from him. There is a WC coming right around the corner and as of now he is out of the national team. He doesn’t care. He’s done.

  50. Thorough

    It’s so sad that the teenagers look like veterans and the veterans look like deers in headlight. Giroud and Walcott continuously disrupted our attacks. If we get a lower league team I’ll gladly give the attack to Nketiah, Akpom and Da Silva.
    And btw, Wilshere, though better than the dredges we have in the midfield, isn’t mustard. We can change all of our midfielders and look 10x better for it.

  51. Relieable Sauce

    Wolves v Man City…. hmmm.

    One effectively owned by an oil rich nation and the other a football Super Agent.
    Super smart from the Super Agents to create a grossly overvalued market where they broker the deals – and now it’s apparently ok for them to own football clubs.
    Playing the super rich at their own game and winning?

  52. loyika

    Citeh go through on pens. Whoever came up with this “ABBA” pen style needs to be put down. Doesn’t make sense and no way is it far more exciting than the original way of taking them.

    Well done Eddy Nkethiah..Get in Lad.

    Jacky Boy also got a good workout under his belt.

    Besides that no other worthwhile take away from this game. We played, we won (eventually)

    On to the visit of The Swans over the weekend.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Instead of moaning about how the team was asleep most of the game, I want to congratulate Eddie Nketiah on a fantastic performance. Thank you for demonstrating to your superiors what it means to play to the whistle.

    You deserve the plaudits, but make no mistake you haven’t made it, the hard work starts now.

    He’s an academy product I’ve wanted to see in the first team for a long time. Very very pleased for him.

    Theo, you should take a hard look at yourself. Nketiah injected the energy and bite that you should have done as the senior player out there.

    Where’s your sense of stepping up for the team? You were the future once, now you are the definition of forgettable.

  54. ArseneisaFraud

    This is what too much money and 0 accountability does to you. He knows that regardless of how he plays or whether he is picked for a game or not, he will get payed his obscene £140k a week.

    As for Eddie, he indeed woke the team up. Unfortunately I’d rather he ended playing elsewhere before he gets completely Wengerfied. One just has to look @ Iwobi. He seems to have been completely Wengerfied already.

  55. Nigel Tufnel

    Pedro, Grovers,

    I know it’s crazy, like the man himself, but what about Bielsa?. Looks like he will be available again.

  56. TonyD

    Happy for Eddie, but another lucky get-out-of-jail card used by Wenger.

    Graham 62
    Nothing divine about Wenger, He did a deal with the devil about 13 years ago

  57. Pierre

    Theo Walcott seems to be taking a lot of criticism for his performance yesterday but though he didn’t play well, I feel he was pretty Unlucky with at least 3 maybe 4 offside calls, all onside but given offside.

    Each time he was behind the back 4 and in possible goal scoring/making opportunities. l am not criticising the officials as all were very tight calls but were perfectly time runs but it shows the fine line between success and failure for Walcott as his game revolves around making those runs to beat packed defences.

    The perspective of his performance would probably have been totally different if they had resulted in goals or assists for him though I’m sure there are some on here who will think otherwise.

    Giroud, coquelin and iwobi were poor last night whereas the kids did themselves justice, the keeper did well.

  58. HighburyLegend

    @Pierre, you dirty akb : your “hero” walcott is just the shadow of the player he once was, and it’s far from being new.
    The sooner he will leave, the better for us.

  59. Leedsgunner


    You make some valid points about Theo, but I would counter by saying, as the senior professional attacker in the side, Theo’s judgement on when to make his runs so that he isn’t offside should have been much better.

    Last night, Theo looked like the rookie, and Eddie looked like the seasoned pro if you examined the positions they got themselves into.

    Although Walcott shows flashes of brilliance at times,at 27, he should be so much better than he is.

    I’m not anti Walcott, particularly…. just anti Wenger coaching.

  60. graham62

    Never thought I would be on here defending @ PIERRE for his perceptions on Walcott, but here goes.

    1. I’ve always liked Walcott……..BUT-

    2. A wasted commodity under Wenger.
    3. Psychologically shot to bits by our deluded master.
    4. Mismanaged and misused.
    5. Not a natural wide player, more a striker
    6. Basically has been made into something he wasn’t.
    7. Should have left Arsenal 2/3 years back.
    8. Has become a scapegoat and the butt of jokes, mainly because of the above.

    Walcott had the weight of the world on his shoulders from a young age. Being picked for the 2006 WC squad was his downfall. Sven and AW combined to ruin his early development, but let us not forget the many memorable moments he has given us over the past decade.

    I will never mock the guy but, under any other manager, he could/would have achieved so much more.