Ozil proves the haters wrong (sorry mate) | Arsene destroys Koeman’s Everton

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via @Arsenal

Who said Le Grove couldn’t see into the future? Raise your hand?

You know nothing!

Yesterday I successfully hedged my bets in so many directions, I couldn’t possibly be wrong.

  1. Wayne Rooney to score.
  2. Ozil to show the haters who is boss
  3. Xhaka to make unforced error

I mean, all very predictable. What wasn’t predictable was quite how dominant we’d be.

Everton were abysmal. Mesut Ozil created about 962 chances in first ten minutes. Jokes aside, we created 17 chances in the first half, which was quite ridiculous. Sanchez, Lacazette and Ozil looked so good… Ramsey was off key, but he still made chances and found space to show off his incredibly poor finishing.

The game still didn’t go to plan in the normal sense of a dominant performance. Firstly, we couldn’t finish a roast dinner. Secondly, Wayne Rooney capitalised on Xhaka being fouled/dozing off in the middle of the park, he worked into shooting distance and launched a shot reminiscent of his original fizzer 15 years ago. So predictable.

We did manage to claw a goal back before halftime, the bang average Jordan Pickford proving out his Richard Wright credentials when he parried an Alexis shot back out to an alert Monreal who buried an inside post first-time rebound. A brilliant finish by any standards.

I was a touch worried going in at halftime. We were dominant without anything to show for it, Sanchez was sulking at Ramsey, even Ozil didn’t look pleased at some of the Welshman’s play.

However, my battered housewife fears were wasted, we came out in the second half and drilled Everton into the ground. Ozil led the fight with a sublime goal that saw Lacazette and Sanchez link up to feed him a headed first goal of the season.

Everton went down to ten men when Gana picked up a red for being a thug. It was all downhill from there.

Lacazette was found by a simple Ozil ball from out on the right, a crisp finish from the Frenchman ending his away-day goal hoodoo. Jack Wilshere came on and gave us some of that vintage Project Youth love when he found Ramsey through the middle, the Welsh wizard capped a fairly average game with a smart inside post finish sending Pickford the wrong way.

We still had time for a ding-dong moment, Monreal laying the ball off for Petr Cech – sunshine, bright light, poor communication, keeper dispossessed – Everton score a consolation. Really dim.

The final goal for Arsenal came when Kolasinac chipped a wonderful ball to Ramsey from just inside the Everton half, he laid off Sanchez and let the Chilean have a moment in the sun, burying a shot across goal after crafting some space for himself.


A great win. Wenger dropped some serious Wengerball, reliving the sort of football that endeared himself to the fans in the early years. The style was sublime one touch magic and the passing was telepathic at times. Mesut Ozil looked every inch the £43m player we’d hope to have signed. Everything just looked so easy.

We still have major issues in midfield. Granit Xhaka has gone from being just an ok midfielder, to a massive liability. He has similar split character traits to Mesut. On the one hand, he does so much to help us build the play from deep. His passing technique and ability to craft space is truly exciting. On the other hand, you can count on him to gift the opposition a goal at least once a game. Was it really his fault that he was fouled? Yes and no. Sure, he should have been given the foul, but look, he does that sort of thing every game, where is the awareness? Communication on the pitch from others could have helped and Per didn’t exactly shower himself in glory, but Xhaka is a problem and only Jack can solve it.

Second concern is the Aaron / Ozil conundrum. Those two are like kryptonite to each other. It’s like a version of Lampard / Gerrard. They just don’t have an on pitch chemistry. We really miss Santi Cazorla, and that’s the truth. Here’s the thing though, we won’t have that problem much longer because Mesut is off, problem is, Aaron is a good player, but he’s not and likely will never be a great one. A challenge only the summer and some big dollar will solve.

Finally, as much as I want to join the ‘we’re back in the race’ bandwagon, I have to be real to you. Everton were a joke yesterday. They are a pushover side with no direction or passion for their manager. Don’t read into the next few games thinking we’re going to take down Pep at the Etihad. Let’s see how the holes in our midfield deal with a destructive Manchester City in a few weeks.

Still, I’m going to enjoy that win. We’re no doubt top 4 contenders this season. That’s progress from where the summer finished.

Also, can we all please take a moment to laugh at Liverpool and The Ox.

Finally, here’s the podcast. We’re a bit rough after a few weeks off, but some easy listening for your commute in this morning.

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  1. GoonerDNA

    I don’t think Xhaka was fouled in the build up to Rooney’s goal, Gana got a toe on it.

    Anyway I’m re watching the game now, Ramsey and Xhaka need to be dropped straight away. Xhaka isn’t just a liability he also isn’t very bright, Ramsey can’t pass or shoot and doesn’t understand positional play at all.

    Jack and AMN please!!!!

  2. WestLondonGoon

    Early post caught a few out……my head hurts again. Good day out yesterday, but don’t pull the wool over your own eyes, Everton were awful, it isnt just a cf problem.

  3. Lewis

    Pedro, I’ll be in NY for the first time the weekend of the City match.
    Recommendations for bars to watch the game??

    Arsenal are so hot and cold this year, doesn’t feel like we have it in us to put together a run of 10, 15, 20 games unbeaten. We’ll stutter along, get out usual 70 something points and it’ll depend on other teams if that is enough for Champions League.

    Hard not to enjoy days like this though.

  4. Pierre

    There are times in your life when you are so pleased to stick to the courage of your convictions, and for me, yesterday was one of them.
    I have taken so much abuse on here for showing support to özil but I would not be swayed, I stuck to my beliefs.
    Every chance he created yesterday, every exquisite touch on the ball, the sublime passing, the link up play brought a smile to my face.
    All we need now is for Wilshere to join the party and we will have a a fantastic foursome of sanchez, lacazette, ozil and Wilshere.
    Those 4 will love playing with each other, all on the same wave length.

  5. Wallace

    “Also found it really depressing seeing the front 3 link up well because from Jan it’s all going over.”

    possibly. the most likely scenario is that they both leave next summer rather than mid-season.

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @Pierre – Stuck to your convictions? More like a love sick puppy, you moronic fool. Even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut is more like it, Your an annoyance, end of.

  7. Pierre

    Frankie cupcakes
    I do understand that you may be one of those who feel slightly embarrassed after your recent comments so if it helps you to overcome your embarrassment by throwing more abuse at me then go ahead.

  8. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘There are times in your life when you are so pleased to stick to the courage of your convictions, and for me, yesterday was one of them. I have taken so much abuse on here for showing support to özil but I would not be swayed, I stuck to my beliefs.’

    Well done, buddy! You are getting an icy cream, or do you want a chocky?

  9. Bamford10


    That you think Ozil showing well against a struggling Everton vindicates your faith in him is hilarious. Let’s see what he does against the best teams and in the biggest games. I say he will disappear and disappoint, just as he has throughout his time at Arsenal.

  10. GoonerDNA

    Wallace, If Wenger wants to let both leave for free then I think he’s leaving end of season too.

    Bitter sweet

  11. chris

    We do not hate Ozil. Nor are we wrong. Next tough match against tough opposition … he will again go missing. Ozil is what he is !

  12. graham62


    The other day I said I felt slightly sorry for Ozil. I still do.

    You don’t get abuse on here for your support of ozil, you get ‘stick’ because of your undeniable support of the system.

    Ozil had a great game, but rather than give yourself a well deserved pat on the back, maybe you should be thanking a certain Mr Deeney(although Everton were so bad yesterday, I reckon I could have created a few chances for Arsenal’s front three!).

    Respect has to be earned, not requested and maybe if you stopped ignoring the blindingly obvious, other bloggers would be a bit more tolerant.

    Come on, based on your observations of Everton over the past decade, JUST HOW BAD WERE THEY?!?

    However, kudos to you.

  13. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘That you think Ozil showing well against a struggling Everton vindicates your faith in him is hilarious.’

    Hunger gives way to desperation. Crumbs of leftovers tastes like a five star meal and horsepiss tastes like sweet water.

    Who has ever denied Ozil’s ability to boss shite opposition? This chap who calls himself Pierre talks like a child. Atleast children and babies have the excuse of being innocent to the ways of the World.

  14. GunnerDNA

    All the midfielders at the club are average players, Santi is great on the ball but also have his weakness. Xhaka is the best one to play the holding role, his range of passing and his powerful shot gives him the advantage over all the others. It was his shot on goal that deflected to Nacho for the opening goal. If he is coached properly and watched films he could be a good player.

  15. GoonerDNA

    GunnerDNA, how is Xhaka the best player to play the holding role when he isn’t very mobile and makes shocking defensive decisions

  16. GunnerDNA


    All the others have major weakness that will result in the same mistakes Xhaka makes. Coq is weak in possession, Elneny is also slow and easily bullied, JW is more suited in a more advanced role and have fitness issues, Ramsey thinks he is a striker and AMN is not better than any of the above in my opinion. Xhaka just needs coaching, he can be a good player, he was fouled for Rooney goal, but he did well yesterday. I honestly think this Arsenal team is not as bad as it seems, the players just need to be coached properly.

  17. N5

    That’s more like it from Ozil. That’s the fella I loved at Madrid and has evaded showing up at Arsenal since his arrival.

    He’s still got it, now he just needs to do it against the teams that are playing good football too.

    Very encouraging front line though. Such a shame that Alexis will most likely be off in January.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    First off, beating this Everton side wasn’t and shouldn’t be difficult…and they did that sort of well.

    The result against Everton is par the course for Arsenal under Wenger. Lose one or two, win a few and then lose a couple. The win against Everton sets up us being utterly humiliated against city, only for us to show “mental strength” when we beat Branislav Oktagon 3-0 in the Europa League.

    We can all laugh at Liverpool, Klopp and The Ox but here’s the thing. It won’t take Liverpool 20 years to work out that Klopp is a twat and he is sacked, not will it take 7 seasons to work out that Ox is just a really poor footballer.

    Arsenal might finish fourth again and Wenger will get another 10 year deal but the fact still remains that we as a club are fucking full as ditch water.

  19. N5

    “not will it take 7 seasons to work out that Ox is just a really poor footballer. ”

    To be fair Guns, Wenger never worked that out and I don’t think he would of, let alone over 7 seasons, he offered him a criminal pay rise to stop him leaving.


  20. Jim Lahey

    @N5 –

    “Very encouraging front line though”

    Was great seeing the three of them starting together, hopefully this will be the beginning of a run of games for the Trio!

    On Ozil, the guy has all the talent in the world, apart from Santi he is the best footballer at the club. The guy makes passes that no one else even sees, however he isn’t motivated at all. 🙁 But that is rife throughout the entire club and all stems fro an unmotivated manager.

    Also there is a problem in the team, Ozil and Sanchez clearly dislike Ramsey and are reluctant to give him the ball. You can have that level of distrust in the team.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    That’s what’s I meant mate. Liverpool won’t take too long to work out that Ox is shit. Wenger on the other hand is still trying to lure Denilson back to the club.

    Beating Everton was a crap shoot and as good as it looked, we still struggled until they went down to ten.

    City, spurs and united will all have our number this year and that means arsenal can not ever win the league.

  22. N5

    Jim, I remember in Ozils first and even second season, me, you and Romford arguing in favour of Ozil, providing countless stats to support his worth, but eventually I got sick of doing it. His attitude stunk out the Emirates and I refused to keep fighting a losing battle.

    However Sunday gave us a flash of the brilliance that we all know is there, which adds to why we all get so frustrated all the time. He’s like a boxer having the worlds strongest right hand only punching with his left!!

  23. N5

    Guns, City is a frightening one for me. They are scoring for fun and our defence has been inconsistent at best, incompetent at worst. I wonder if we’ll see another 8 goal turnover whilst the maniac is in charge?

  24. HighburyLegend

    “A great win. ”
    Against a poor team, for a change…
    “Ozil proves the haters wrong”
    Against a poor team, for a change…

  25. Cesc Appeal

    I mean, Everton are now in the relegation zone, they are playing that badly this season. By all means Arsenal fans can enjoy the win and the football, but lets not try to talk about any of those fucking ‘turned corners’ we seem to be perpetually spinning around all season long or that that was the ‘real Arsenal’.

    Everton have struggled against basically everybody this season, they lost at home to Burnley a couple of of weeks back, Lyon in mid-week, drew at home to Apollon, you have to go back a whole month to find a victory where they scrap.ed past Bournemouth at home 2-1.

    Enjoy, but the forecasting of future Arsenal performances or the ‘vindication’ of Ozil based on a result against what you could argue (on form) is the worst team in the league is a bit much, and actually is standard Arsenal.

    Lets see how this lot do in a couple of weeks, away to City and then at home to Spurs the week after. Massive, massive games. Our season could be literally dead and buried by the 18th November heading into a January window where Sanchez would almost certainly demand to be allowed to leave then.

  26. N5

    Cesc, that was the “real Arsenal” mate, the Flat track bully team that’s fan base forgives all once every poor team beating.

  27. Jim Lahey

    @N5 –

    Oh yeah I was very much team Ozil for a long long time! I really hope he proves us all wrong and kicks on with this new forward line up.

    It has to be frustrating for him too, I know he is lazy, not up for the fight, goes missing, but the amount of chances he creates is astonishing. He creates so much and watches as the players around him do nothing with those chances, in the first 15 minutes yesterday the guy should have had at least 2 maybe 3 assists.

    We all know his flaws and we rightly criticise him for it but what he is guilty of there is another player at the club earning roughly the same amount of money who is even guiltier..

  28. N5

    Jim, I always wondered what it must feel like to have his talent and have Dat Guy, Feo or L’Oreal as your options. From Ronaldo, Benzema and Di Maria.

  29. Cesc Appeal



    But it amazes me how people still try to come out with ‘I told you’ about the team or Ozil. And I just think, are you that stupid? That deluded? That blinkered? That up Wenger’s arse?

    This is standard fare.

  30. raptora

    I’ve read in several sources that there are groups in the team and one of the groups is a disruptive one. The french – Giroud, Koscielny, Coq – are involved in one of the groups, then it’s Alexis, Ozil and Mustafi maybe in the other one?! Possibly Ramsey and Wilshere are not in the Alexis Brigade. I think Nacho is in group 1 as well. Anyhow it’s just speculations but it sure looks like some players just refuse to combine with some of the others. If someone can clear this up it will be nice to hear how things truly are at the moment and if any separation exists.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    City, United and spurs in that order. Chelsea, Liverpool and is fighting for the minor places but I think Chelsea will turn things around.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    If only

    We could get Sanchez and Ozil to renew their contracts we would have an outstanding front line. If you factor in Giroud, Welbeck, Iwobi and Nelson as squad players there would be no need to invest in this department.

    The midfield is still short of quality albeit that Wilshire once he is match fit
    is an upgrade on both Xhaka and Ramsey. The problem will always be that he
    is injury prone.

    The defence and goalkeeping department needs investment. We do not have
    on our books a genuine world class player in back division who can lead the line and Cech is now clearly in decline as a goalkeeper. His reaction to mispass by Monreal, which cost us a goal highlights that his reflexes are no longer
    what they were.

    On a different matter I get the impression that Mertesacker is now taking a
    major role in dressing room and as spokesman of team. That has become apparent since Watford game and also when Ozil appeared at end of game to
    receive his award.

    I do think that Mertesacker will be a good choice as academy manager. This
    is a player who is articulate, personable, intelligent and of course a high achiever in his football career having won 100+ Cups for Germany and also
    the World Cup.

  33. N5

    Exactly Cesc. If Ozil finally showed yesterday what he’s been capable of then people shouldn’t feel vindicated with it finally being revealed, they should be equally as cheesed of that he’s either not bothered too or not cared too show that in his other 99% of games.

    One swallow does not a summer make or whatever the saying is.

  34. N5

    @Raptora, I believe that’s been a situation at Arsenal for quite some time. Didn’t Reyes say that Henry didn’t like him so the whole team made him feel so unwelcome at the club. The homesick thing was an excuse made by our ever hardworking spin team because bullying didn’t sell the Arsenal way.

  35. GoonerDNA

    GunnerDNA, I agree that we have limited options for the holding role, IMO I would like to see AMN and Jack I think it’s a better balance.

  36. raptora

    Tbh you missed couple of good Everton games.
    They got a point at the Etihad and they deserved at least a point in their loss vs Man United when they missed 3 great chances just to get buttblasted starting from the 83-th minute.
    Not saying they were good tonight, but both of those games were away and they played some good football holding the best team in England atm and outplaying Man United in big patches on their own stadiums. It’s not like they are going to get relegated or something and we played some great football the whole game. It’s not like we’ve been doing that even versus terrible teams too often lately.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Now, it would be interesting and I would pay money to see an Anchorman style fight between the groups.

    Ozil in a fight. Haha. Finds nearest table and cowers under it.


    Not to mention the fact you expect it. Against weak teams that allow Arsenal to play Ozil comes to life. Usually with those types you say when the creative player plays, Arsenal play, but I think it is the other way around, when Arsenal are allowed to play, Ozil plays.

    Ozil for me is just the perfect symbol of this Wenger era, just sums it up in a pair of glow in the dark boots.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Everton are shockingly bad, I really cannot believe how bad they are. One of the shocks of the season so far.

  39. N5

    CA fully agree. He’s a fully Wengerised player. No fight and all bully.

    In teams that have a tough defence, you need Ozil to find space or pick apart/find the cracks. But he’ll be out floating somewhere near the corner flag looking startled (or surprised depending on eyes), but not part of the actual game.

    However get a team with acres of space and poor organisation and Fish eyes becomes a Ballon d’Or nominee.

    Get rid of the #10 full stop.

  40. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Ozil remains an enigmatic player at best, always has been Happy to collect a paycheque, but indifferent as to how he will earn it, if and when he decides to actually put in a shift. Truth is, Ozil could have been one of the greatest, he has more than enough talent, but he’s so ridiculously lazy that it ruins the potential. Million Dollar Foot, 10 Cent heart best describes Ozil. Wasted money on a wasted talent that will never be.

  41. raptora

    I know. Playing at Goodison Park has always been a hard game for anyone and every year they take a scalp or more of the big teams and by outplaying them too. The way we destroyed them yesterday, at their own ground, should not happen. Koeman is a goner in my eyes. I don’t think that he will be able to steady the ship.

  42. N5

    Frankie, a lot like Jack W and his one night in Barca, Ozil I remember for his World Cup in 2010 vs England and that’s the Ozil I always think of when I think of historical Ozil. Was he this lazy for Madrid too?

  43. Leedsgunner

    I’m pleased as punch we won but let’s not go overboard.

    It’s one game and only three points… and frankly we’re just repairing the loss to Watford with that win.

    I reserve the right however to celebrate like a headless chicken if we play like that versus Tottenham AND Man City next month. That is a real test.

    Playing a lost disinterested opposition is one thing but doing over two title rivals in quick succession is something worth hoping for.

  44. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Things that make you go hmm. Klopp knew he has a collection of sieves on defense so what does he go and do? Relieves Arsenal of a pure stiff in Oxlaide-Chamberlain. If your Arsenal you have to laugh.

  45. HighburyLegend

    @Guns : “fighting for the minor places ”

    That’s how you call the 4th spot, a “minor place” ??
    How dare you ??

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Completely agree.

    In world football now it seems if you are a creative player you are going to be required to step up and be more, do more. Look at Eriksen over at Spurs, Hazard at Chelsea, you cannot anymore say ‘this is what I like to do and this is all I’m going to do’ and get away with it. Look at Alli yesterday, been playing for England as a CF basically, for Spurs as an attacker, yesterday drops into CM and puts in a shift. That is what you have to be now.

    That is why I always push for a total central midfield rebuild, we have Xhaka and Ozil in our midfield who both are so one dimensional it hurts us, then factor in Ramsey as well and it means only one-quarter of our midfield quartet is any good (Sanchez) all round.

    I would have liked to have seen say N’Zonzi, Matuidi, Lemar and then a Goretzka or someone young and interesting like Zielinski come in, build a four out of them and watch the difference in terms of industry, physicality, interchange etc.

  47. Frankie Coffeecakes

    @N5 – he flustered Mourinho more than enough times with his lack of heart and fight, this much is true. If Ozil believes the grass will be any greener at ManU with Mourinho again? He will long desperately for the Country Club days at WengerTown. Ozil is and always will be a waste of money.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Their team is not even that bad, is it? I mean you can point at holes, the ST, I would say their wing backs currently as well, but the rest of it is pretty good.

    They just seem flat and lacking, it looks like the players don’t want Koeman or there is some fracture between the players and manager.

    With the right manager Everton could become a very good side, should have gone for someone like Keita Balde Diao for £27 Million in the summer though, no doubt they could have beaten off Monaco with wages and a starting spot.

  49. Leedsgunner

    I’m just dreaming here but if Lacazette managed to convince Griezemann to sign for us in January he would be worth the transfer fee right there.

    A statement signing like that might make Sanchez think again as well.


  50. Leedsgunner

    Considering how Liverpool capitulated to Spurs, I’m more embarrassed than ever that we lost so badly to that lot.

  51. N5

    CA, I think Alli was once a #10 lite, who has evolved/adapted his game specifically to work in a modern match, Like you say he’ll drop back into the CM and put in a real shift.

    The ‘#10 position leaves your midfield to exposed if the player is as lazy as Ozil and as you’ve said before it’s outdated and not effective.

    When I saw the price Matuidi was going for I was so disappointed we didn’t bring him in. He’s been a long standing favourite of mine and I know he’s getting on, but you’d still get more from him in half a season, than 3 from Ozil.

  52. Leedsgunner

    Wenger praised the team yesterday for its work offensively and defensively. I agree with the first bit but we should have never conceded the goals we did. Stupid lapses in concentration cost us a clean sheet.

  53. Jamie

    Smug Pierre is smug! Too funny.

    Remember when he dropped this clanger before the Watford game:

    October 13, 2017 21:54:35
    So many people will be eating their words..

    Then we lost. But now he feels ‘vindicated’. Hilarious in its ridiculousness.

    Let’s see how Ozil fares against an in-form City, not an Everton on its knees.

  54. Guns of Hackney

    Highbury legend

    If it’s not first, it’s a minor place I’m afraid. Alas 21 years of reframing what winning is, has totally distorted most arsenal supporters views.

    Anything less than winning should be considered losing. It’s a brutal truth but truth none the less.

  55. N5

    True Frankie.

    Someone on here said the other day about how Maureen would not allow Ozil to play this way at Manure.

    He doesn’t care about publicly digging out his bad performing players and that would be hard for ol’ ping pong eyes to send out a snarky tweet about!!

  56. steve

    Lol Pierre feels vindicated because his loverboy Ozil decided to show up against one of the worst teams in the league.

  57. Leedsgunner

    “CA, I think Alli was once a #10 lite, who has evolved/adapted his game specifically to work in a modern match, Like you say he’ll drop back into the CM and put in a real shift.”


    The real question is if Alli was here would Wenger provoke such a change from him? I doubt it.

    More than one former player from the Invincibles era have said recently that Wenger takes a hands off approach and more or less expects the players to coach themselves.

    No wonder so many of our squad looks stagnant… Walcott and Wilshere especially.

  58. WengerEagle

    Ozil has a great game for the first time in a blue moon and suddenly he’s back?

    Give us a break, consistency is what sets the tiers of class apart in players, at best Ozil is a Part-Time CAM specialist, at worst he’s a non-entity/liability.

    Yesterday was the first time he has really turned up in HOW long?

  59. Cesc Appeal



    We all know Sanchez is going, but Wenger did not have the balls or ambition to make moves this summer to sure us up for years to come.

    Just like last year, his own selfish desires are put first and now the future of the club is shaky.

    Could have gone to PSG and demanded £50 Million and Matuidi for Sanchez early in the summer when he was in Paris.

    Gone straight out and grabbed N’Zonzi for £37 Million and you have completely rebuilt your central midfield for no expenditure. With Oxlade going you could probably have got Lemar early on at £50 Million and with the outgoings been at neutral net spend having brought in Kolasinac, Lacazette, Matuidi, N’Zonzi and Lemar.

    This summer was shockingly bad in terms of the future of this club because you can already feel the excuses coming in May in June about how our values mean we have lost out on money and now we have to look to our values and promote youth because values, and values are important and there is a great value deal at Tesco right now on wine, values, values.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    No way would he.

    Unless the player has self determination and drive Wenger rarely seems to progress them and what is telling is that the make stupid mistakes you would expect of an eighteen year old with half a season under his belt even when they are twenty-six with seasons of experience.

    Ramsey is the perfect example of that for me, just has not progressed or learnt anything as a player in terms of the fundamentals of football.

  61. N5

    Leeds, yeah I read a similar thing. Wenger’s approach seemed to be more of a “go out there and do what you do” to the players. Amazing he’s paid a top 3 wage if this is true.

    Midweek watching Feo, I was gobsmacked, the kid with the potential (said in a smug, sarcastic tone), looked so far behind even our next best player that how Wenger hasn’t been fired from a cannon into the sun for that alone is beyond me. Nelson looked double the player Feo is and he’s half his age…

    So if we use Feo as an example of Wenger’s development CV, then no he’d never get a player like Alli to change unless Alli just did it without any Wenger input.

    Pinocchio or Pochettino however you spell it, is obviously much better at this side of management.

  62. N5

    Ha ha CA, value value value it’s always value over value plus value = value and that’s why we had to sell Alexis, he didn’t have the Arsenal valueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  63. Pierre

    Lets get it right

    My argument re özil was that he was being heavily criticized the last 2 months despite only playing 30 minutes of football…everyone was at it…

    I said wait until he plays a full game and if he is rubbish then fair enough..
    I also said people will eat their words re özil as I don’t think he has downed tools and I also think he will stay at the club.

    I also said judge the team when lacazette, sanchez and ozil are fit and playing together… Sanchez now looks fit and considering that it was ozils first game in 2 months, he was exceptional… Lacazette will score a hatful of goals this season now those 2 are fit and if you bring Wilshere into the equation then we could break down any defence and possibly look as good as City going forward.

    Well, I am going to enjoy watching them as at long last we have a strike force to excite.

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    People have got to stop overestimating Ozil’s abilities. Fucking come on, you’ve watched him for four years now, he is as limited as Xhaka. It doesn’t matter how great a player is at one attribute if he lacks several others that are necessary. The more rounded a player, the better asset he is to the team.

  65. N5

    Pierre don’t let it get you wound, it’s just Le Groves way. We’re all just old jaded bastards now that have seen it just to many times now to allow a single performance excite. It’s aged most of us horrible and turned the rest of us into cynical middle aged snipes. It’s Wenger’s fault, not yours, you’re just getting stick because you’re still smiling.


  66. Leedsgunner


    The very sad thing is had Wenger had the foresight to keep on Pires and Adams on in the coaching staff — Walcott would have progressed so much more as a youngster.

    Theo’s main problem was and is his lack of self awareness. He is the ultimate example of the modern day Arsenal player… someone who thinks he is better than he really is.

    There’s only one player who can have that arrogance rightly… and he wants to leave.

    Losing Alexis is a massive blow to the club.

  67. N5

    PS Historically Jack has been made of glass and like Diaby, Squid, Djourou and many many more, I can’t see Arsenal ever getting on top of it. For that alone, I don’t think I’ll ever get overexcited about Jacks return either.

    He is a good player yes, but will he be consistent? I doubt it, so again, he’ll be another player that once again I’ll just wait and see on.

  68. N5

    Leeds, quite right.

    It’s the constant sycophantic management approach that Wenger and Bould employ on their players that’s done this.

    It’s the football management equivalent of when we tell our kids that there drawing of a stickman is the best picture we’ve ever seen.

    However, unlike Wenger, I wouldn’t then allow my 6 year old to hand hers in at the local art gallery and to then leave my home for a home that would help her develop her stickmen figures plus give her more sweets.

    Is the analogy still working or have I gone to far?

  69. Paulinho

    “In teams that have a tough defence, you need Ozil to find space or pick apart/find the cracks. But he’ll be out floating somewhere near the corner flag looking startled (or surprised depending on eyes), but not part of the actual game.However get a team with acres of space and poor organisation and Fish eyes becomes a Ballon d’Or nominee.”

    That’s basically it. He only fancies it if he sense weakness and timidness in the opposition. If he plays against opposition that are well-drilled and committed, with the crowd behind them, he goes hiding to the flanks.

    Like yesterday, he wouldn’t have made that run for the goal at 1-0 and Everton were holding onto something, he would’ve jogged towards Sanchez and looked to create an overload out wide and crossed to someone else.

    Same as Watford away lat year. Watford were half alseep, Ozil saw that, and made a run for the header.

    Scoring the goal he scored yesterday can only happen once of twice a year because if the opposition prepare for it, he will retreat and go wide.

  70. Pierre

    I do realise most of you are cynical gits,if I wasn’t on here to defend the club who else is there… Wallace, but he’s too nice, never gives it back…. Where’s Don or champagne Charlie.

  71. N5

    Pierre. I know it may not seem like it at times but most of us, still do love Arsenal. We may have a strange way of showing it I agree, but my blood is red and white. I’m just exhausted with the Stan Kronke machine as it currently is.

  72. Rambo Ramsey

    Pierre, you are a daydreamer as opposed to a realist. That’s basically it.

    Reality: Ozil has been getting same and deserved criticism throughout his time at Arsenal.
    Cuckoo Pierre land: An injured Ozil is unfairly being targeted by horrible people.

    Reality: Asserting himself against struggling opposition has never been a problem for Ozil. Criticism directed at this player is something else entirely.
    Cuckoo Pierre land: Ozil owns a shite team. Boom, that answers all his critics.

    Reality: Ozil is gone and most fans aren’t gonna be bothered much.
    Cuckoo Pierre land: Ozil will sign on and Arsenal fans rejoice. Oh how blessed we are.

    Reality: Arsenal struggle in both the defensive departments. We are Nowhere near the best teams.
    Cuckoo Pierre land: Performances against Watford, Stoke, Liverpool and about 70% teams we’ve faced – Ignore, Ignore, Ignore
    Performance against a 17th placed team- Hype, hype, hype. Arsenal are the shit.

  73. graham62


    Walcott would have progressed under any half decent manager and system.

    Then again, Walcott only has himself to blame for not leaving when he had the chance.

  74. graham62

    Seeing that Pierre is blowing his own trumpet, I reckon I could have got far more out of Walcott over these past ten years than our nutty professor.

    The definition of a wasted commodity.

  75. Dream10

    Disagree with Pedro that Ramsey and Özil are a Lampard/Gerrard type pairing. In fact, both have played well together when Ramsey has been fit. They complement each other well imo. Ramsey and Alexis is more closer to a Lampard/Gerrard combination. They’re the two most likely risk takers when we play at home when we play against a side parking the bus or holding on to the lead. Thir chaos factor is absolutely necessary and more of a factor in forcing a goal than a Xhaka/Cazorla/Özil. But, we experience issues in counterattacking play with the both of them. They’re so insistent of making something happen and forget about making the right decision. Ramsey a couple of bad passes to Alexis, who then tried to punch a hole through the Goodison turf in frustration. Alexis is not without blame either, as he failed to find Ramsey on at least three occasions when made unbelievable runs.

    With our current crop of CMs, even with a fit Cazorla, we’re not going to control an away match vs Pool, Utd, City, Spurs or Chelsea. Counterattack/set pieces is the likeliest route to goal. Shame our two most forceful players have wonky decision making in space.

    Ramsey was class away against Chelsea with Welbeck, Lacazette doing the running in behind.

    Sanchez most complete spell for us was when Özil, Walcott did the off the ball running and he had the ball at his feet.

    We’re not beating a good team away from home unless we can counter well. Chelsea away at City Las season is the perfect example. City wiped the floor with them for 60 minutes. De Bruyne should have made it 2-0. But he missed a chance which no player would ever missed if repeated 1000 times. Chelsea ended up winning 3-1 with two counterattacking chances all match. Pedro/Willian and Costa did the off the ball running with Hazard having the ball at his feet. The made the most of their scraps despite being vastly outplayed

  76. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Why bother, Rambo? Pethair lives in his Wengerland Dream, why spoil it. He’s posting to annoy because he knows it will get a rise, it’s what pricks do.

  77. N5

    “Koeman sacked.”

    Not surprised. He should have stayed where he was. He got greedy and he got found out!! Karma can be a big ol’ bitch.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Damn it.

    Said yesterday evening or this morning he would be sacked. Everton left it too late by a couple of hours.

  79. N5

    “The sweet irony of Wenger sealing Koeman’s fate after Koeman getting the better of him mostly.”

    He’ll be sitting behind his oversized desk today with his Burns like claws held together in the famous “excellent” pose and with a smug smile on his face will be thinking “Ronald this is what happens when you make Arsene look like a fool repeatedly”.

    Cockroaches and Wenger will be the only things to survive the North Koreans.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Hold on, when do we play West Ham?

    Bilic is safe until the 13th December, lose to Arsenal and he is gone.

    I think it is a thing of owners looking at their manager’s, pointing at Wenger and saying ‘that guy, you lost to that guy. Troy Deeney slapped that guy upside the head’.

  81. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Everton will go for Ancelotti. He will be interested in returning to the Premier League. As for Koeman, he was massively overrated to begin with. Next on the block will be Bilic and Hughes.

  82. N5

    Frank I can’t for a minute see Ancelotti going to Everton, he’s way above them,

    I’d have assumed someone like Benitez would have been a safe bet but he’s got Newcastle playing some bloody good football so it would take quite a lot to tempt him.

  83. N5

    Everton, take Wenger he’s a brilliant manager. Ask any AKB for an unbiased opinion and you’ll see how mad you were not just being managerless rather than not having Wenger.

  84. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I can see Ancelotti at Everton, N5. They are not that bad a team and really only need a system to play in. My only concern will always be the aging Rooney, who is a liability no matter where he plays. The challenge may entice him to come on board. Money likely won’t be an issue.

  85. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Heard a God awful rumour the other day N5, David Moyes could be up for a return. There is a sentimental attachment to him from Kenright, but that would be a massive step backwards for them.

  86. N5

    Frankie, I would be disgusted that Arsenal kept a human peperami in a sleeping bag jacket and a team like Everton who lets face it are more our level now than United and City etc get a manager of his class.

  87. Ughelligunner

    For me, the reason why spuds are doing well isnt because they have improved but because the quality of the football teams that were better than them ( Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool) during the Rednap years have dropped drastically to spuds level. Posh and Totenham havent done anything new. Totenham always had a mixture of young talent ( Modric, Bale, Berbatov, Carrick, to name a few) who go on to be worldclass and a few profectionals. Spuds always had good squad who couldnt finnish in top 4 four years ago and backwards because the quality of the best team were far much better than that of spuds at that time. Now you have a certain lukaku playing for man utd and Henderson wearing the captain band for liverpool, we know of arsenal. Pochetino and Totenham are enjoying an era of shit big sides in Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool, Just no wonder Leicester won the EPL.

  88. N5

    Frankie, Moyes! I’d forgotten about him!! Jesus if he goes back there that would be a massive step backwards for them, agreed.

    I don’t really care about Everton, but I’d hope they’d not be stupid enough to re-employ that ballbag.

  89. Ughelligunner

    For the England team to have more of spuds now compared to five years ago, should tell you how shit the big teams have dropped in level of players.

  90. TR7

    Anyone who will try to shoehorn Rooney in to his side will have to pay for it. The guy was a great player in his heyday but an absolute liability now. Koeman did the wrong thing by abandoning pace and power formula of Everton and going for guile and experience (Rooney and Sigurdsson). Not having a genuine striker only compounded the problems.

  91. Frankie Coffeecakes

    You would not be alone in that disgust, N5. There are some seriously good managers that we could have had by now, but our petrified manchild manager is afraid of the dark so he’s likely to remain until he dies. Lord knows our douchebag owner won’t fire him, and our scumbag CEO is too gutless and weasel to do anything other than collect ridiculous bonuses for doing shitall.

  92. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Then again, Everton could go with that ultra safe bet of a manager in Allan Fucking Pardew!!!

    That parasite will apply for any job.

  93. WengerEagle

    Poch gets a hard time on here because of his lack of silverware- it’s partly justified but he’s strangely rated below Tuchel who has won fook all nothing and didn’t exactly pull up any trees at Dortmund- he took them backwards last season and they finished way off the pace of Bayern and even behind RB Leipzig on a very medicore 64 points.

    QF UCL exits both years too.

    He’s overhyped due to his hipsterish fan following when in reality, Poch has done a far more impressive job at Spurs than he did at Dortmund.

  94. Frankie Coffeecakes

    I can’t see Dyche leaving Burnley, N5. He’s too invested into the program. Then again, dangle the carrot in front of some and they will jump at it. In this instance, I’d be very surprised if Dyche considered it.

  95. Zfree

    If Everton are so desperate for a striker they throw 40 plus mil at us for Giroud in Jan, I’ll be pissed when Wenger doesn’t take it. You just know he won’t, will wanna show reverse loyalty to his countryman. Giroud is the wrong side of 30, slow as ever, not worth nearly 40M now and won’t be worth pennies in another few fears. I really think we should cash in if Everton are silly enough to offer big money.

    Lacazette can play more than 70 minutes a week. And frankly after January there aren’t too many more EL teams for Giroud to look semi competent against. He’d be found out and his “value” would plummet between Jan and the summer.

  96. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Everton under a new manager is not going to be interested in getting older, zFree. They will have but only one objective, to get out of relegation fights and having Giroud is not going to get them there.

  97. Paulinho

    Had a feeling things would go wrong for Everton when they splashed out so much on Sigurdsson. Spending big money on players like him, that have zero standout qualities in the flair aspect of the game, always end up having a negative nett impact because you create higher expectations based on slightly improved free kicks and corners.

    It was shown at Spurs that his dead-ball orientated game wasn’t enough a the top level. Should’ve just stayed at Swansea where lower expected eeks more out his game.

  98. Zfree

    Probably true, Frankie. Guess we should have tried to do it back at the end of the summer. Am I making it up or was there some report swirling for a week or two that Everton were maybe interested in 40M for him?

  99. Zfree

    Also though, they won’t be in any real danger of relegation. Look at Everton’s fixtures between now and Christmas. Plus it’s looking like they’ll be making early exits from all other competitions haha so a solid 4 months of nothing to focus on but the league. They’ll be safe but still probably finish 10-12

  100. TallestTiz

    Jim Lahey October 23, 2017 11:13:35

    Also there is a problem in the team, Ozil and Sanchez clearly dislike Ramsey and are reluctant to give him the ball. You can have that level of distrust in the team.

    I disagree. Yesterday, I was actually getting infuriated at the countless unsuccessful attempts by Alexis to find Ramsey’s Inbox runs when easier pass options were available

  101. Marko

    There are times in your life when you are so pleased to stick to the courage of your convictions, and for me, yesterday was one of them.
    I have taken so much abuse on here for showing support to özil but I would not be swayed, I stuck to my beliefs.

    You are an unbelievable melt. I mean he’s had good games before but the fact remains that he has had far more anonymous games for Arsenal than people like you would care to remember. Another fact is you may be all mouthy now after a decent game against piss poor opposition but I guarantee you that when he comes up against decent opposition like City and Spurs and he goes on walkabout again no doubt you’ll be quiet as a mouse until the next home game against weaker opposition. It’s what fans like you do and it’s the kind of thing that keeps the manager in a job. Problem is people like you don’t want to admit it but it’s the games against Watford and Liverpool and Stoke and Bayern that tell you more than the games against Everton or Brighton or Bournemouth at home

  102. TR7


    Yes, I would rather Everton stuck with players like Bolasie, Deuloeu, Mirralas and Barkley who offer pace and power. Rooney and Sigurdsson duo is too slow to hurt teams. Besides as you said Sigurdsson is no David Silva either that his ingenuity will make up for the loss in power and pace. Also, buying too many new players in one window and then trying to fit them all in is tricky, it takes time to build a new chemistry and style.

  103. Wallace

    nothing wrong with Ozil and Ramsey. maybe Alexis and Ramsey don’t get on, but they were all excellent yesterday so don’t see it as a problem.

  104. Paulinho

    TR7 – Yeah all those dozy Everton fans who took Barkley for granted and thought Sigurdsson was some sort of ‘end product’ upgrade can see now football isn’t as simple as that.

    Barkley may have been wasteful and not everything came off, but he could take people on and carry the ball up the pitch. That breathes life into a team. Sigurdsson is another sideways pass merchant when confronted with bodies in the middle third.

  105. Chris

    It was a good watch yesterday, it was nice to enjoy an entertaining game in which we were dominant. And to be fair to the team they showed good character not to let Rooney’s goal get them down after dominating opening proceedings.

    Credit where it is due to Ozil, he played well and the goal was sumptuous. A cynical mind may say he was putting himself on audition but if he, Sanchez and Lacazette link up like that for the rest of the season, if we keep hold of the former two, it may be enough for top four seeing as Liverpool and Chelsea look a bit flaky. Liverpool especially.

    Justs enjoying the W, let’s see what the next couple of games bring before Coty away.

  106. Pierre

    Frankie coffeecakes
    “Why bother, Rambo. He’s posting to annoy because he knows it will get a rise, it’s what pricks do.”

    Dumbo Ramsey is too stupid to realise that

  107. Pierre

    It’s so easy to wind up the Wenger obsessives on here.. Say something positive about Arsenal.. Easy

    Posters like leedsgunner, West London goon, N5 and a few more are real supporters who have been there and done it, as I have… Respect to them.. But the ones who sit on their keyboards slagging off arsenal day after day are an embarrassment to the club…

  108. Leftsidesanch

    Blind praise and lack of foresight doesn’t make you more of a fan Paul. “Pierre” – do me a favour!

    Some of us have had enough of the same thing year in and year out and want different, why? For the good of Arsenal football club. Wheres the embarrassment in that?

  109. Dissenter

    “Dyche should stay where he is.
    certainly not going to make Leceister or Everton better.”

    Are you serious
    He’s taken Burnley as far as they can go and has been bemoaning the lack of opportunities English managers get at the top-most clubs.
    How do you turn down a club with new management that can spend 140 million in one summer?

    Sean Dyche has to leave Burnely for Everton if he’s ambitious.
    Everton is as good an opportunity any young English manager will ever get.

  110. Marko

    It’s so easy to wind up the Wenger obsessives on here.. Say something positive about Arsenal.. Easy

    Has nothing to do with Wenger to call you up on your bullshit. You getting erect after one good Ozil performance in god knows how long is funny considering he’s what 7 months away from leaving the club for free he’s been delaying or flat out refusing contracts from the club for at least the best part of 1/2 years. Great that finally we got to see Ozil, Lacazette and Sanchez playing together (late October) shame it’ll only last between 2-5 months. Anyway great stuff