2nd string Arsenal are my escape, and I love it

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via @Arsenal on instagram

via @Arsenal on instagram


Jack Wilshere combining with Olivier Giroud to score the scorpion MKII. INCREDIBLE TEKKERS.

Seriously one of the most beautiful goals I’ve seen since the last beautiful goal Olivier scored, or the last one Jack scored against Norwich.

Do we really care about the game? No. It was a touch boring. There was an exciting redcard for some naughty elbow action in the face of Coquelin, but overall, it was pretty much another non-event we passed with colours. Not flying ones. Just colours.

Also, it was away from home in a loud place. Have you ever tried to work in a loud coffee shop in Paris? Nor me, but I’d imagine it’d be troubling.

MAJOR PLUS: Jack Wilshere continues to stay fit, continues to contribute and continues to lead us down the merry path of false hope.

Regardless, I’m game for some PASHUN at the moment. I love Jack. I love Maitland-Niles. I love Reiss Nelson. Those guys are the true underdogs. Elneney and Debuchy back in the side? Such a tragic story. But when you see it through the prism of hope, suddenly you become emotionally attached to the outcome.

I’m more into shit Arsenal than real Arsenal. It’s my escape.

Anyway, short post. Too busy for life. See you in the comments and please, please, do share your opinion so we can fight.

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  1. Ishola70

    Conte has to take Bakayoko off.

    He is an absolute liability in the middle.

    Being swarmed and just lost the ball again.

  2. Southernpeople

    Richarlison is a great talent, but he misses a lot of easy opportunities. He’s young though, give a year or two and he’ll be huge.

  3. Marko

    If this Ricarlison fella had his shooting boots on Watford would be out of sight. Playing well. Goes to show what a young energetic manager is capable

  4. Ishola70

    Chelsea’s bench looks a bit pathetic.

    Conte needs to bin Bakayoko but doesn’t have a decent straight for straight swap on the bench.

    I’d bring on Christensen and put Luiz in the holding midfielder role.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea are going to have to buy a CDM in January, they have lost Matic who is one of the the best in the league and took a gamble on Bakayoko which just does not look like paying off.

    N’Zonzi is sat on a £37 Million release clause, that is who I would go after. Sit Kante next to him, I would maybe look at a CB as well like Koulibaly because Chelsea’s defence just does not seem to be all that this season either.

  6. Ishola70

    Get out of jail for Chelsea.

    Always think a poster on here is extremely harsh on Batashuyi.

    Talks of him as the worst player on the planet lol

  7. Ishola70

    “I would maybe look at a CB as well like Koulibaly because Chelsea’s defence just does not seem to be all that this season either.”

    I think they have decent options at CB. Rudiger is decent.

    It’s the midfield that is the main problem for them if they keep putting Bakayoko in there.

    Same situation as Arsenal with Xhaka.

  8. TR7


    Why that’s not true? What is Bakayoko really good at? Has got a poor touch,can’t quite keep possession of the ball, poor passer, doesn’t read the game well,not quite quick either. He is a big unit, that’s all.

  9. Ishola70

    Chelsea should have been beat but turned out great subs from Conte.

    All he needed to do extra was take out Bakayoko and put Luiz in his place and he would have had the three perfect subs rather than the two.

  10. Rob

    2006-2016, “Jödge me in May”

    2017, No need to wait. October has already made things strikingly clear.

    This IS ze next lövöl.

  11. Coach 15

    Couldn’t agree more re STH,you only have to look at West Ham last night. Before the game the 2 clowns that own the club were saying we back the manager for the duration of his contract,and that is down to see whether bilic can keep them in the division,thus ensuring premier league money and no extra compensation payments.
    Less than 24 hours later they’re at a hastily called board meeting to discuss the managers position.
    This was triggered by fan unrest all season,a mass walk out after 70 mins,and the possability of relegation if the form is not turned sharpish.
    One fundamental in this is MONEY. Loss on matchday revenue and potential relegation.
    Income is all these rich C#NTS are interested in. We as supporters can only influence any decision by withdrawing extra match day revenue and merchandise purchases.
    A half empty stadium for home games,will put pressure on the owners pocket,and will have a significant visual pressure on the manager.
    Will it happen I doubt it very much

  12. Samesong

    You know if Richarldson had those chances against us he would of buried them. Chelsea got away with it today make no mistake.

  13. Marko

    Granted he’s struggled so far his Chelsea career and the injury in the beginning of the season didn’t help things but last season he had a great season with Monaco whereas xhaka has been poor the last two years

  14. TR7

    Unfair score line for Watford, should have put the game to bed in the first 10-15 mins of 2nd half. Batshuai makes a case for starting ahead of Morata.

  15. Samesong

    I don’t quite understand why Silva brought on Gray in the 89th minute he needed a fresh forward to put pressure on David Silva earlier who was struggling.

  16. Ishola70

    “Batshuai makes a case for starting ahead of Morata.”

    He’s just cemented his place as super sub.

    While I don’t agree with Wenger Eagle I think it is that feels Batshuayi is pure rank I don’t think he is consistent enough for a starting place. Unlikely he is going to oust Morata.

    Sub role seems to suit him.

  17. Ishola70

    Chelsea bench was weak in regards getting Bakayoko out of the game but of course a player like Willian can be a complete game changer and he showed it again today when he came on.

  18. Sanmi


    Bakayoko has always been pants. Your monaco illusion was against lower teams in Ligue 1.

    I have watched him on the average 14matches. A good number of those was with Monaco. He’s fucking slow. Doesn’t decide on time. He only has one illusion which is he appears strong but he’s not particularly strong on the ball.
    Worst of all he can’t distribute doesn’t spot a pass atleast our own shitty xhaka can spot long range passes

  19. Sanmi

    I gave xhaka the benefit of doubt for a number of matches now I have resigned that he’s shit.
    I’m sorry I have to do the same for Bakayoko. He’s just shit too.

    Why did they sell Matic exactly?

  20. Moray

    Matic was nearing the end of his contract and Chelski decided not to let him run it down and leave for nothing (what a bunch of losers!)

  21. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea did the right thing if Matic was refusing an extension and wanted to go, it just seems as of now that they have replaced him wrong.

    A club with Chelsea’s resources should not really have banked on Bakayoko solely either.

  22. Ishola70

    Man United looking as average as last season. Course no Pogba but all you got to do is mark the big lump Lukaku out of the game and you got a chance no question.

  23. TR7

    Nothing gives me more joy than see United lose, especially Mourinho’s united. I know their bubble will burst sooner or later anyway but I hope they lose today.

  24. Ishola70

    Huddersfield playing it well.

    Letting United have the ball but breaking it up in the middle at the right times and looking efficient on the break.

  25. Sanmi

    This United team is nowhere near city, they’d get trounced 5-0 if they dare attack. Mou won’t even think of it.
    The bad part is, they don’t have good defenders fit either.
    Linderlof vs Aguero or Jesus is suicide. And that man utd midfield will be battered

  26. Pierre

    It’s a one horse race.. I said it a few weeks back

    The difference between pep and jose is simple..

    One plays with no fear of losing and the other has total fear of losing and it shows in the way their teams play.
    Jose will never win the league in this country again however much he spends.
    2 years ago he left Chelsea when they were in 16th place, last season finished 6th and this season he will do his usual and become more and more negative as the season progresses.
    At Chelsea he sold debruyne, Lukaku and salah.. Those players are worth probably 250 Million now…
    I wonder how long it will be before The man u fans will turn on him..

  27. Sanmi

    In early season when man utd was winning they were playing bottom teams that wanted to attack, Leicester and westham.
    Now they face top 10 teams and organised defence teams. I really want to see them vs Watford

  28. TR7

    Been saying all along City and Spurs are the two strongest teams in the league. Either City win it on a canter or if there’s a title race it is going to be between City and Spurs.

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    I wonder how long it will be before The man u fans will turn on him..

    Funny how you write this expecting to see Maureen pushed out in part by the fans and even more hilarious when you think that we seem incapable of doing the same.

    I wonder why??? ….. (Cf comments from AKB’s last season when some of us were trying to do the same for those who need a little reminder).

  30. graham62


    So please tell, why do you still keep going along to to the Emirates?

    Am now 55. Have supported the club since 1968. What about you?

  31. Paulinho

    Said it when he signed for them around three years ago: As long as Juan Mata plays a semi-prominent role for Man United then they are not a real threat for the league.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Jose will never win the league in this country again however much he spends. I wonder how long it will be before The man u fans will turn on him.’

    Says Pieboy- the Arsene dickrider and outspoken champion of the ‘True fan’ brigade. The lack of awareness is tragic.

  33. Pierre

    Hey dumbo Ramsey
    You’re just another septic tank that knows sweet FA about football (that’s the ENGLISH version that you are play with your feet).

    Football (the ENGLISH version) will never take off in the U S of A, it’s much too complex a game and you all start getting withdrawal symptoms if a commercial break is not on the screen every 5 minutes.
    Stick to what you lot know best, rounders and netball .. Tragic

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    Pieboy, yep, football is too complicated for anyone other than the mighty English to understand. We see evidence of this in every international tournament.

    Keep the comments lacking in awareness coming.

  35. Pierre


    “Funny how you write this expecting to see Maureen pushed out in part by the fans and even more hilarious when you think that we seem incapable of doing the same.”

    The Arsenal fans are not in support of Wenger, only a very small percentage wanted him to sign a new contract and most can see it is pretty pointless protesting whilst kronke is in charge so they carry on supporting the club.
    Winning 3 trophies in 4 years is a good Return but it is not enough and that is why Wenger should be replaced by someone with more ambition to breathe life back into the club…..

  36. Elmo

    Matic was nearing the end of his contract and Chelski decided not to let him run it down and leave for nothing (what a bunch of losers!)”

    Bingo! Only Arsenal think it’s a good idea to let players with expiring contracts run them down, sulk for a year because they have nothing to motivate them, and leave for nothing.

    Chelsea may have failed to adequately replace Matic, but that’s an individual scouting error. Their overall strategy of selling the player for £40m and reinvesting in a younger player on a fresh, long contract was exactly what any competent club does.

    Arsenal, meanwhile, have two star players who don’t want to be at the club, are feigning injuries so they don’t have to play, and who will leave for nothing in the summer, with insufficient resources to replace them. We are in no position to sneer at other clubs.

  37. ArseneisaFraud


    So by your own admission Wenger sould have have been replaced by end of last season. It is a shame that those who tried to say anything last season, were agressively being put down by some in the terraces.

    Anyway to move on, I think that the best way to show our discontent is to effectively not turn up at the EPL games. It will be hard for the STH, but one season where game after game an empty stadium is being shown on live TV, sponsors will not be happy and stadium revenue in some form will drop (merch, food and drinks). This can hopefully stir something up. When can this happen? I don’t know. I suppose it has be a combination of events AND most importantly the will of the STH to make things change.

    Who do we target?

    Either we aim for Wenger, and once gone it will force Kroenke’s hand to do something and reveal to us his “plans” for the future.

    If we all aim for Kroenke, it will be much harder, but if sustained may do sometning. Unfortunately in this scenario only relegation can force him to sell, as by the fact of dropping down will most certainly have an impact on the financial value of the club.

  38. raptora

    Selling Matic was a wrong decision no matter what anyone says. I read that Conte was left furious by the decision of the Chelsea directors. He wanted Matic to stay. And Matic would have stayed if Chelsea’s decision wasn’t to let him go.

    The differences between him and our two problematic players were as follows:

    1. Matic was not in his last year, but had 2 years left. We sold Chamberlain for big money in his last year. They could have banked on him next year and get ~ same amount of money.

    2. Matic was absolutely instrumental for them in that midfield with Kante. It was the pair that won was securing their backline so well that Diego Costa can win them all of those 1 to nothing games and that made their defenders look world class.

    3. You just do not sell a top player to a direct title contender. Especially when Matic was the Messiah that Pogba was waiting for to come and free him from most of his defensive duties.

    Terrible decision by Chelsea to sell to Man United, a player that was so vital for their game style. A player so important can win you titles so if they could only get 1 more year out of him and maybe sell 5m cheaper next summer, who cares?! It’s a freaking title. And Chelsea is suffering now. Leaking three goals to Burnley, three goals to Roma, two goals to Watford all at home and two goals to Crystal Palace away. It was unthinkable last season. Matic has been terribly missed. Talking about something like – 6 points difference now than to what could it be if he was still their player.

  39. raptora

    “Mourinho has failed to win all 19 Premier League games in which his side have been two goals behind (D1 L18) – that draw coming against Newcastle in September 2015 when managing Chelsea.”

    Talking about mental strength. Of course no one wants to go 2:0 down and you try your best for it to not happen often, but vs mouninho if it happens it’s done and dusted. That’s a pretty bad statistic for the so called “the special one”. If when your team has gone behind, all they’ve done is to wave the white flag, means that when he gets in a losing position he has no answer for turning the game around. Limited.

  40. Ishola70

    And yet with these problems Chelsea have they will most likely finish above Arsenal come the season’s end.

    And yet this average Man United will most likely finish above Arsenal come the season’s end.

    Really puts in perspective the failings of Wenger.

  41. Ishola70

    There is no man better for the job.

    There is no manager out there that could finish higher in the league than Chelsea and Manchester United.

    You can probably put Liverpool in there as well by the end of the season.

    Said it before Gazidis would have been put in the stocks in bygone days for his blatant bullshit.

  42. Pierre

    Nothing else other than to be patient.. Problem is, Wenger is a stubborn sod…i was convinced he would leave last season and go out on a high.
    He always seems to pull himself out of the shit when things look bad.. He could quite easily go to another top club and be appreciated by the fans..
    Whatever anyone says on here, Wenger is not a bad manager , and his style of football is still good although not of the level of previous his sides, of course he has his faults which we all know but it’s time the club moved on with some new ideas. There is a negativety around the club and in the media which needs to be lifted as it pulls the players and fans down.
    Wenger doesn’t help himself, he never is fully prepared for the start of the season and consequently the vibe amongst the support is bad at the start of the season , he never learns.
    He contradicts himself regularly and his dealings in the transfer window are poor. This latest window was amateurish and this leads to situations that we have now regarding özil and Sanchez who are waiting for top class players to arrive so they can possibly commit to the club.
    Obviously he has too much power and ultimately that is down to kronke as he is happy to give Wenger all the power.

  43. Ishola70


    “He could quite easily go to another top club and be appreciated by the fans”

    This is where the path veers of from reality.

    There isn’t a top club that would be interested in the services of Wenger now.

    The man is nearing 70 years old and hasn’t won a domestic title for well over a decade. He hasn’t been champion of Europe.

    Maybe years back but not now.

  44. Ishola70

    And that plain fact that no top club would be interested in hiring him now is why those that allowed him to stay on and the man that sealed it and the slime that championed it should all be totally ashamed of themselves.

  45. graham62


    The reason I personally don’t give a #### what you say is when you come out with things like –

    “He could quite easily go to another club and be appreciated by the fans”

    WHAT A LOAD OF CROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you realise how stupid that sounds? Wenger’s reputation is ‘zero’ amongst top clubs in Europe. Not one would touch him with a barge-pole.

    Jeepers creepers Pierre, are you really that ignorant, or do you thrive on confrontation?

    Fans from other top clubs mock us because of one thing…………Arsene Wenger. Stan Kroenke doesn’t come into the equation.

    Name me one club who would open their doors to a seventy year old, deluded, disfunctional, has been?

    Come on Pierre, make my day!

  46. Cesc Appeal

    No way Wenger gets into another top club, steadily declining for years, knocked out of the round of sixteen in the UCL every year for what six years, humiliated often, not even in the UCL now, double figures back from league winners constantly, average of thirteen points a season back (likely more now), only world class stars in squad deserting him, cannot negotiate the modern transfer market, demands power the like of which no modern club would give him, does not breed a culture of competition and top level accountability, and he is approaching seventy.

    All the legends of other clubs can lick his arse from a distance, because they don’t have to live with him. If you listen closely, they talk about him like a retires great which tells you all you need to know.

    There is not another top club that would touch him, would be the single biggest retrogressive move for any of the big European clubs.

  47. graham62


    Almost forgot. Stop patronizing others by pretending to know the English language /Footballing culture, when infact you can’t put a basic CSE grade 5 sentence together without making a grammatical error -ref 19:10 post.

    “that’s the English version that you are play with your feet”

    Where did you go to school?

    Oh yeh, that’s right, somewhere on planet Pierre.

  48. Sanmi

    There’s a strange call from United fans for mourinho to go for ozil. They say ozil better than Mkhi and mata. That Lukaku needs an ozil feeding him.

    I’d say Wenger sell him to united! We don’t need him