Jack defends an Arsenal team he should be starting for

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Jack Wilshere is piping up in the media.

“I look around this team and you can’t question our character,”

“People try and put us down, they always have.

“We did certain things wrong at Watford but we certainly didn’t want to let the lead slip. We will move on.”

Good on ya Jack. I think if you were honest about the squad, you’d totally agree it’s average, but I like that he’s taking a bit of leadership for a team he’ll no doubt be leading tonight when he drops another 10/10 performance.

Character has always been an issue with Arsene teams. Even back in the day, we often struggled to recover from bad defeats. Remember how bad things went after Rooney cheated to break our 49 game unbeaten run? Countless examples pit our history. Wenger has never been curious enough to study why our teams lack a backbone. For him, it’s a simple choice, you bring big characters into the dressing room to fix the attitude, or you hire nice boys that’ll keep things ticking over but never push beyond ‘ok.’

Wenger has a squad full of quiet names who don’t care for pushing themselves forward. Not all the players, of course. But a chunk large enough to continuously have lapses of concentration when it matters.

The manager doesn’t help, it must be said.

“We don’t listen too much to what people say, I know who my players really are.

“I love my players and I trust their strength of character to respond quickly.”

His continued protection of substandard performances might seem noble, but it clearly doesn’t work does it? Many managers use the press to let the fans and players know what the standard is. Wenger doesn’t. He mollycoddles, tolerates the lapses and we are where we are.

I’m still enjoying not being in the CL. I stand by my comments over the past 5 years. What’s the point in playing in a competition you have next to zero chance of winning? It’s not like we learn from our mistakes and redress the issues. That’s why Europa will be more fun. We have a better chance of winning the competition, and I quite enjoy seeing the kids properly tested.

Hopefully Wenger takes that approach this evening. Give me some Rhys and Maitland-Niles! I don’t even mind a bit of Theo at this level.

One man who is happy to see Wenger is the Belgrade coach.

“Even if they fielded a rotated team, that wouldn’t mean that they are underestimating us – Arsene Wenger doesn’t ever underestimate anyone.

“We’ll host one of the best clubs in the world, a club that competes in, what is for me, Europe’s strongest league.

“It is a sell-out, our fans have already won. Now it’s up to us to do the same. We’re in it together.”

It’s like going on a date with a substandard person, so damn grateful. Should be fun.

See you on the other side. x

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  1. kel

    Let me say this again,
    Jack wilshire is an average footballer, here’s my proof (Arsenal fans love stats to validate our players). He went to bournemouth and got dropped landed 29 games, 2 assist, and a big fat ZERO goals, in a piss poor team he should have been bossing now if that is not the epitome of average then I don’t now what is.

  2. Samesong

    Walking to station I see a man with Arsenal headphones on surely its not Ty from Arsenal fan tv. Lo and behold it’s Ty. Didn’t get into Wenger out stuff but he was a pleasant guy.

  3. Guernsey gun

    Who TF is on the bench, looks like we are down to the bones already, only city and spurs looming. Still only #1AW.

  4. N5

    I know it’s early doors, but I get the feeling Wally is going to frustrate tonight. Two touches runs one into a defender and passes the other to no one.

  5. N5

    Struggling to see who will be able to pick this team apart. They have so many back that we need someone creative to find space.

    So far it’s long ball and hope Wally can run fast enough.

  6. N5

    So many passes and nothing!! The movement is really poor tonight.

    JW looking up for it in positive news but he needs to stay on his feet if he can.

  7. useroz

    One theo wally…. 5 yard out gaolie on the ground and he fluffed it and hit the goalie. Wtf?!

    You and I could have scored…

  8. useroz

    Seriously 3 just stood there and watched the guy headed the goal without needing to fuckin jump…and hit the post!

    Wenger can go to hell

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Good post, Peter.

    There’s something that really grinds my gears about Wilshere…probably more than any other player. Even Walcott.

    He comes across as one of these “if you cut me, British Bulldogs will come running out of me” types. Full of bluster and bullshit.

    Here’s a man who has contributed the square root of fuck all for his whole career and yet he has the gall to tell us how ‘characterful’ his little band of wankers are. Give me a break. Sheesh, this cretinous arsenal squad are crying out for clip around the ear (unless in Scotland).

    As for the aquatic one…”I love my players”. Fuck off, Arsene. Please just fuck off. You might love them but they are doing their damnest to make you look like the complete moronic bastard you really are.

    Can my club just hurry up and die so it can be finally buried.

    Piss off.

  10. N5

    “Give me a break. Sheesh, this cretinous arsenal squad are crying out for clip around the ear (unless in Scotland).

    Ha ha, very good 😀

  11. useroz

    Holding should have blocked the cross.

    Good save by Cech and good block by a youngster…

    Walcott looks lost. Did Wenger tell his boys this is only Europa and we are allowed to win…

  12. E54_

    Why are we taking this tournament so lightly? Yes its good to see the young players but, we need to be winning this trophy? No? Are we so smug that we think we’re above this competition?we’ve never won it. We’re the richest club involved. We should be aiming to win this whole thing, no?

    Because if we are not trying or caring to win it. The only other option is the league? But we all know we are not winning the prem. So what are we playing football for? Top 4. Fa cup again. What are our realistic targets this season.

    I’m stunned at the line up!

  13. TR7

    Maitland Niles has been impressive so far. He’s mobile and has got decent technical ability.

    Nelson is a good talent as well. He has got more flair than Iwobi and plays with purpose – does not make usual square side ways passes unlike many of our academy players.

    And Theo is getting worse day by day, horrible player.

  14. follow the money

    We won’t win Europa. It will gain the same significance as the CL with the team and wenger and we will get the same result. Wenger is the most incredible conman. Never in football history has an underperforming fraud convinced more people he’s a good manager and for decades

  15. Danish Gooner

    it is incredible we have gone from players like Vieira,Bergkamp,Pires,Henry ,Adams;gilberto etc to Elneny,wilshire Feo,Giroud etc the level of players have dropped incredibly

  16. London gunner

    I genuinely think Europa is are best chance of getting cl football.

    Just think we are miles behind Man City, man united, spurs and Chelsea once they regain their form.

    Europe aka cup football is our best opportunity for CL football.

  17. Paolo

    The only way for this misery to end is surely for things to get soooo bad either wenger or Stan crack

    What’s point of wanting us to win tonight?

    Cunt face wenger will be all smug if he wins with this line up whereas in reality this is another embarrassing night for AFC

    As soon as 3rd placed teams come into competition we’ll be knocked out.. aren’t Dortmund gonna be in it? Lol

    I’m a gooner for life but am cheering on every other team that we face until the 2 cunts killing our club are finally gone…

    Club is a joke to rest of football

  18. Danish Gooner

    Wenger killed our chance of a trophy when he failed to replace Sanchez and ozil.No brilliant players are available in January,so the summer will be where we will do our bying if scrooge can find a player or two.

  19. TR7

    We wouldn’t win Europa even if we tried wholeheartedly. It’s convenient for Arsene to play second string starting 11 so that he has an excuse ready when we bow out of it.

  20. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal won’t win the Europa. Not good enough.

    Top four in the league will be next to impossible but with Chelsea falling about themselves and the scouse bastards being scouse bastards…there is a chance.

    In life however, I’ve always maintained that one should get to where you’re going under your own steam and not by others misfortunes…Wenger and Arsenal will, and have taken fourth as a win. It’s sad.

  21. Relieable Sauce

    Amazingly Arsene-ale are the favourites with the bookies for the Europa…Cup!(??), when in reality they should be 1 000 – 1.

    Wenger would probably then put a tenner on it and go balls out to win the thing. Money grabbing cunt.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are stinking the place out…and this is a country ravaged by ethnic cleansing.

    That’s how bad we are.

  23. London gunner

    Glad we scored tbh…

    And despite how shocking we have been tonight we are one of the favs to win this tourney (depending on which CL teams enter the comp next round)

  24. E54_

    Agree with most of you regarding Europa.

    When the UCL teams drop in its going to be hard but this is our best chance of getting into the UCL anyway.

    If not. Then We are literally playing for forth. Now looking at it from that point of view. Can you really blame ozil or sanchez for not sigining on? If they can see what we can see then its as obvious to them were you going for 4th spot this season and thats it. For WC players that will never be enough.

    They want out. Wenger kept them. So they are basically downing tools forcing wenger to sell them.

  25. Danish Gooner

    At the moment it looks like Atletico could enter in third place,they will be massive favorites for the Europa League if this happen.

  26. loyika

    Nice work out for the lads, many of them need these opportunities (can’t understand why we are so grumpy seeing the Young uns get some game time under their belts!? Should do them good)

    The seniors in the team did okish as well considering. Elneny did well in that position and Theo was Theo. Happy for Jacky boy, hope he gets game time against Everton.

    And big ups to Giroud. Might not be what we need as a Centre forward, but he does his job with no fuss and has scored some “Worldies!” in the Red and White. Hope he gets the “Puskas” thingy as an individual token. Way better than Benteke for sure. (lol)

    All in all a nice workout and a routine win. Nothing more to see.

    Now for the first 11 to put up some kind of performance over the weekend and finally get Koeman the sack (One only hopes)

  27. Marko

    Weird to think Walcott is on so much money when he isn’t good enough or trusted to start for the first team. Major discrepancy

  28. ArseneisaFraud

    Theo is a Yes man, someone who has accepted that being mediocre is OK… As long as he stays, AW has one less person to worry about as Theo is one of the last people to rock the boat.

    Hilariously he’s also a bit delusional: like the time AW told us that Theo was a striker (I presume that the request came from Theo as he is a fan of TH14).

    He’s basically been corrupted by AW.

  29. Wallace

    should have pulled Willock and moved AM-N into the middle at the start of the 2nd half. another moment of real quality from Wilshere. decent performance from a very makeshift side.

  30. London gunner

    Did jack have a good game?

    His dribbling and pre assist for the goal looked so superb.

    Also Walcott gets a lot of hate compared to love the welbeck gets, but I’ve never seen welbeck pull off such a nuanced technical assist that Walcott did with the back of his head no less.

    Topped off by the fact the once disdained giroud with a fabulous goal.

  31. ArseneisaFraud

    According to SSN, Reiss Nelson was Man of the Match.

    Let’s hope that he doesn’t get Wengerised…… then again what am I saying. They’ve all been Wengerised: just look at Walcott and Ramsey: 10+ years at the club and none have truly progressed.

  32. loyika

    Problem with Feo, he only comes alive when in the box, any whereelse he is hit and miss, while Welbz is the opposite, great any whereelse on the pitch, totally useless in the box.

    Giroud just does his bit when given a chance (still slows our game down though on the counter) but put him any where near the opposition end and he is a handful on his day.

  33. loyika

    Koeman is toast this season with or without a loss to us. I doubt that they will lose against us though. If it were at the Ems i would say yes, but at their end, you just know he will have his players fired up for that game.

    But i feel he is in “Jose 2015/16” territory as in nothing he is trying is working out and his team are not getting the rub of the green.

    With the amount of money he was given, if their form doesn’t pick up i can see him gone by christmas.

    Williams deserved a red card though for that incidence.

  34. E54_

    This is why Wenger for all these years never worried about top 4. Everton Spurs Liverpool. For years have been telling us New owners or new manager or new players they’ll push for top four.
    They always flop. Mabey Spurs and Pool have finally got their s*** together but for the last 20 years. Wenger never had to build a proper robust competitive team because those other teams would always let you down in the end.

  35. HillWood

    I only saw the second half.
    Wilshire looked decent,
    The team looked competitive.
    Fantastic goal from Giroud.
    But as we all know they will embarrass us soon enough

  36. loyika


    @ Wallace!? Let this Deeney thingy go bruv… frankly the guy is a dumbo for those comments and only wanted to get his time under the lights as some sort of “Hard Man”

    Frankly he ain’t even all that (and as stated, should be spending his time trying to get back into the 1st 11 of his team rather than trying to come across as being smart mouthing off against opponents) I see his skillsets has put him in line for consideration to join the 3 Lions in Russia next year? NOT!!

    There will be some that see nothing wrong with how he went about making such comments even if 80% of other ex-footballers came out to say he should shut it!! So bringing it back up is not going to change the minds of those that felt he was a Genius for coming on Telly to act the Hard Man.

    Let it go Bro, we have bigger things to worry about than Watford..

  37. Elmo

    Everton are desperate for a recognised striker.

    Giroud almost moved there this summer (Arsene let the player decide for reasons unknown).

    If the club had brains, we would be asking Everton for £40m for him in January and hoping that Wenger gets the sack so someone else can spend it.

  38. Marko

    I didn’t read the article but already I know it fits with Wallace’s narrative. Don’t worry about the person making the comments Wallace worry more about the fact that what he said was true

  39. loyika

    @ Marko

    If Donald Trump told you that the World was round would you say; “Gee Donald!! I never knew that… Thanks!! I really have learnt something new today”

    We are not kids and Troy Deeney is not Barney the Dragon… Did he tell you some/anything you didn’t already know from his interview? So why should we be worried about something we all aready flipping knew? because Deeney said it? Does that hold water in anyway?

    Just trying to understand this logic of reasoning…

  40. TitsMcGee

    “I look around this team and you can’t question our character,”

    “People try and put us down, they always have.

    “We did certain things wrong at Watford but we certainly didn’t want to let the lead slip. We will move on.”

    Jesus . After 12 years of “learning from mistakes ” it’s surely disingenuous but that’s standard procedure after a loss. RoBert Pires was doing his Baghdad Bob routine in the media this week as well. Craig Burley ripped him for it as well rightly so.

  41. loyika

    I am all for stating “truths” about the state of the club (as i am sure Wallace is) but a truth is Deeney was a muppet for coming out with those comments in the studio, other player have gone to do studio interviews after a game, non that i can remember have been that stupid.

    If he was an Ex-player who was either a pundit or basically just asked a question and he gave that answer you would hardly hear a bad word from 95% of peeps, but as a player still playing? Its just dumb.

  42. HillWood

    Deeny highlighted what everyone knows-Arsenal are soft.
    Watford are the latest in a long line of Arsenal crumbling when the pressure is on

  43. loyika

    @ Hillwood

    Thats the clincher right there – He was saying what everyone knows/knew alresdy.

    Doesn’t excuse him from being a muppet now does it. Did Fergie take kindly to Roy of the Rovers Keano stating home truths on MUTV?

    Ex-players making honest comments/opinions about any team – all for it.

    Current players stating opinions about opponents while still playing – Muppets (don’t care whether its about Arsenal or not)

  44. TitsMcGee

    I am all for stating “truths” about the state of the club (as i am sure Wallace is) but a truth is Deeney was a muppet for coming out with those comments in the studio, other player have gone to do studio interviews after a game, non that i can remember have been that stupid.”

    You seem a little butt-hurt there.

  45. TitsMcGee

    Weird to think Walcott is on so much money when he isn’t good enough or trusted to start for the first team. Major discrepancy”

    As pointed out he’s a yes man. Nobody personifies the modern Arsenal flat track bully player more than the average Walcott on ludicrous money.

    Wenger couldn’t sell him even if he wanted to because nobody is gonna eat the amount of money we are wasting on him.

  46. Redtruth

    “We are not kids and Troy Deeney is not Barney the Dragon… Did he tell you some/anything you didn’t already know from his interview? So why should we be worried about something we all aready flipping knew? because Deeney said it? Does that hold water in anyway?”

    Allardyce was taking the piss out of Arsenal when he was managing Bolton.
    Bayern players were mocking Arsenal players before the knock out game..

    Everyone knows Arsenal are a soft touch and joke.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Last night’s result confirmed only that Arsenal can put out a second string team in this Group of the Europa Cup and still win.

    As Pedro states our Squad is mediocre. In the EPL our first string team are average and on the evidence of the weekend’s result lacking the grit to hold onto a victory against Watford a team we should be beating with our eyes closed.

    Arsenal under Wenger is a club rather like the England National Team. We can put out two or three teams who can win meaningless games, but when we
    meet the top teams in the games that matter struggle.

    Bluntly Arsenal need to focus their financial resources on improving our starting eleven. That means raising the transfer and wage thresholds to buy the best that money can buy.

    Under the current regime that will not happen.

  48. jasongms

    “Deeney is a hero and a real gooner”

    I’ll second that!


    Not surprising that the usual numbskulls are flapping about because one guy had the temerity to critique their god

  49. jasongms


    Yeah was reading that big LOL if he does move on a free to man united.

    Wenger ” it’s the ideal situation” … And still, you have Arsenal fans that somehow entrust him with their club. Fcuking bizarre

  50. Colin Decoteau

    After the game Arsene wegner made a point of highlighting the character of the team ,well i would suggest we all take a look at some of last season’s games when the mental strength of the team was questioned and on many occasions Arsene wegner would contradict himself by stating before the game how strong mentally they are and after a loss in the same game would mentioned that the players were not mentally strong enough .we all know the man is a liar ,but what frustrats me is after years of his lies there are so many shallow ,mindless ,jackasses continuing to buy his lies like it’s the gospel ,would go so far as to suggest they are not real fan’s and i would go in further in suggesting that many of the players are young impressionable and behaving like Arsene wegner is some kind of brainwashing cult figure ,so for jack to be defending the character of this spineless setup would suggest he is trying to arselick his way into Wenger ‘s good books and by the way about jack being this special talent ,well in my opinion with England having limited talent anything better than average in this country is seen as special .

  51. N'gambo

    You call that a win? A fluke goal in extra time against a third rate team from mittel-europa?

    Anyone fancy us against City? 7-0 and the worthless jerk would still have a raft of excuses.

    Just. Fuck. Off. Already.

  52. DESNJ

    I’m being punished twice. Not only do I have to watch Europa League but as ex-pat in US, I have just had to endure the absolutely direst commentary I have ever heard.
    (awkward pause…..)
    Twat who keeps calling Petr Cech Peter: “As Alexei said earlier, if Cerna get the go ahead goal, this place is going to explode”

    Turned sound off when he said something about Wenger pulling novices out of a fish tank.


  53. HillWood

    I would rather listen to what Deeny had to say than the usual bland moronic shit served up .
    Each to their own

  54. Ces1ne

    Just get Nelson away from wenger as fast as possible before he walks the same path as Einsfeld, Crowley, Zelalem, Gnabry, etc……. Not saying they all would’ve/could’ve made the grade, but by now we know the youth thing is a farce/mirage that for some reason no media/journo has exposed.
    Before wengers minions try to dispute it………wengers youth talent/development is even more of a joke as the 1 that he’s still a top manager.
    Can’t use Akpom bc he’s not proven yet, so plenty of time for wenger to ruin him EVEN MORE than last season & any other “youth player” his minions would use would be a joke due to how long it’s been (Cesc) or how hit/miss they are (Jack).

  55. Ces1ne

    STILL butthurt about Deeney (telling the truth)………wtf is wrong with wengers minions???

    When we finish 6th at the end of the season no doubt those “rude”, “false” & “disrespectful” (LOOOOOOOOOOL) comments made by Deeney will be used by someone as an excuse why we “lost mental strength” in tight situations or some other rubbish…..ignoring the goal he scored to secure the victory for a club actually punching above their weight against us.

    Cling to another straw, the “woe is us” one is in the garbage where it belongs.

  56. Wallace


    “You call that a win? A fluke goal in extra time against a third rate team from mittel-europa?”


  57. Wallace

    I’d use Ozil as an impact sub between now and Christmas then sell him in January when he’s starting to sweat on his WC place. let Welbeck, Iwobi & Nelson fight it out for his place until then.

  58. Don


    You see that from wilshere? Can any other of our midfielders do what he did last night??

    Now are you starting to see? He is our best midfielder
    You laughed at me in the summer
    He’s proving me right
    Come on jack
    Get back in the first 11 and take control of that midfield

  59. TR7

    Now reading Ozilch will move to United in January. Why the hell did we even bother getting him to sign a new deal? It’s not that he is of any use to our side.

  60. raptora


    We saw how well being used as an impact sub turned out last weekend alright.
    Ozil could even start games, I have no problems with that. But at home, vs the Bournemouths, the Brightons, the Huddersfields.

    Guy is a complete egotistic, in love with himself twat, that would shy away from not from a 50/50 but from a 80/20. I would never want someone in my team who has done stuff that Ozil has. Last year at Everton he missed a chance to settle the game in our favour again – he fluffed it with a shitty shot, then proceeded to make way and watch Ashley Williams score in the soon to be turnaround. Did the same vs Watford with especially that look behind himself, while the ball is coming at his feet so that he could protect himself from a shadow challenge that never came, I brand that one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen in football.

    He should be frozen again. It’s no coincidence that we’ve had some decent games lately including the Chelsea draw, and we have been playing some decent football without him in our squad. We were leading in the score even when he was brought on. Then we lost and he was the main culprit alongside the person who put him in.

    Next games are as follows:

    Sun Oct 22 Everton (A) EPL
    Tue Oct 24 Norwich (H) ELC
    Thu Nov 2 Red Star Belgrade (H) EL
    Sun Nov 5 Manchester City (A) EPL
    Sat Nov 18 Spuds (H) EPL
    Thu Nov 23 FC Cologne (A) EL
    Sun Nov 26 Burnley (A) EPL
    Wed Nov 29 Huddersfieled (H) EPL

    From now till the end of November Ozil could start vs Norwich in Carabao Cup and Huddersfield at home in the EPL. The only two games he could play. If he starts vs Everton, Man City, Tottenham or Burnley he will make us play with a handicap. If Wenger plays Ozil vs Koeman’s Everton and we lose giving the dutchman a much, much needed lifeline, it will be another visible sign of just how past it our manager is.

  61. Carts

    So if Ozil goes to Utd, they’re going to have Mata, Mikki and Ozil as option for #10 dog?

    For £20m though lol. So that’s £40m for both Ozil and Sanchez??

    Wenger is going to stretch that £40m as wide as possible because besides offering insane age and creating a massive disparity we simply don’t have the pulling power imho

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Does everyone remember when John Cross said Sanchez and Ozil staying was dependent on Wenger singing a new deal?


    Mourinho is stupid if he brings Ozil in, will actually weaken his side considering the pairing behind him would be Matic and Pogba, the former is a strong CDM but the latter does like to roam a bit etc and as Arsenal fans know, Ozil will do nothing in the out of possession side of the game.

    United would be better off doing what we should have and looking at someone like Goretzka for the middle, or trying to get someone like Pjanic off of Juventus, someone who has the creative ability but is still sturdy in CM, then look for a Lemar type wide playmaker or get Mkhitaryan playing out there again.

    Ozil would be a mistake, even on a free unless the coward was happy with a little bit part role.

  63. Samesong


    I actually think Ozil would play for United like he does for Germany in terms of effort.

    This is Arsenal you can do what you want here.

  64. Carts


    I echo Samesong: I think Ozil will more than turn up for Mourinho. Mourinho is a top cunt when it come to addressing players that aren’t taking orders.

    Look what Mourinho did to Mikki last season; same goes for Martial; He’s doing the same to Lindelof. Özil will play out of his skin!

  65. uk

    In fairness to Deeny, his statement was made in reply to Wenger stating that Watford only won bcos the ref gave them a helping hand. He was just telling Wenger his own theory of why they won.