Forensic analysis of Sanchez handshake shade

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This is Wenger leaning into a handshake with Alexis…

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.15.22 PM

This is his hand at the exact point Wenger realised Alexis wasn’t paying attention.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.15.28 PM


Note how he stylishly recognizes the shade before turning his handshake into a finger point.

A sight to behold. Sharp, incisive and subtle. What an etiquette superhero.

You can critique Wenger for many things, but knowing when to bail on a handshake is not one of them. A true professional.

The whole thing is a non-event though. He had cold hands. Instead of getting some gloves, Alexis used his sleeves. Survival 101 in office world when you’ve opted for a jacket too light and you’ve not had the foresight to buy gloves, and the overland train station is as cold as a hug with Theresa May.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.19.34 PM

Anyway, that was fun.

I am too deeply engrossed in pitchland to write anymore.

See you on the other side my darlings, for tomorrow, we hit up the Europa League.

Also, throwing some more LOLs the way of the hipsters who said Pep was over. He just beat the best team in Italy at the moment. City are likely the team to beat this year. He just needed to tighten that defence and have a year to embed his ideas.

Also interesting to note that my commentary on PL football was right… hire best in class managers with a vision and you’ll have best in class performances abroad. The PL has the most money and the best ideas these days. We’re finally going to be competitive in Europe.

Shame Arsenal can’t see the benefits of a great manager.

Right, see you for a preview tomorrow.

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  1. Do One Gambon

    Yeah pep teams do play amazing to watch football, no arguments here

    But, like mourinho (not in the style stakes though!) he’s always been at the best clubs and tends to spend the most money to do it.

    There will always be a little black mark against those two for me, though I’m sure others will disagree, which is fine.

    I just think to truly be the best, they should be able to win well without the equivalent of a championship manager cheat code.

  2. graham62


    “Shame Arsenal can’t see the benefits of a great manager”

    Shame Arsenal can’t see the benefits of a very good manager.

    …………………………………………………………………………..a good manager.

    ………………………………………………………………………… adequate manager.

    …………………………………………………………………………..A MANAGER!!

  3. Dissenter

    I usually come to read the post 2-3 hours after the counters are done with the comments section.
    Nah…I’m just mad that I didn’t get here first.

  4. raptora

    Has said here numerous times that we should have bought Dzeko when we found out that he was available. Way better than Giroud in every part of the game. Scored 39 goals last season, 29 in Seria A. This season he is 10 games, 10 goals. Insane for a player that has a lot of other qualities than just your typical fox in the box and scoring sitters. Giroud is probably in top 5 among the heavy CFs in Europe, with Mandzukic, Diego Costa and Icardi in there. Dzeko has been looking like maybe the best in his role for a while now. Would have been a great signing 3 summers ago when he went to Roma. He literally scores when he wants.

  5. grooveydaddy

    We’re not winning Europa League.

    As it stands Dortmund, Monaco, and Atletico will drop in after group stage…

  6. grooveydaddy

    Maybe even Napoli if they don’t get a result at home against City…

    We’ll be lucky to get past the QF’s.

  7. Bamford10

    PSG’s front three of Mbappe, Cavani and Neymar is pretty sick. Mbappe is just fantastic to watch. What a player.

  8. Wallace

    “As a player if your attitude is questioned, it’s horrible. I don’t think the comments were justified. All we can do is perform.”

    – Jack Wilshere on Deeney

  9. Leftsidesanch

    The irony of accidentally clicking on the Arsenal hospitality link on their main page) through this website and the pop up reads along the lines of ‘We value your feedback’.

    Laughing out loud in disgust, if you did then this fraud would have been dispatched of a long time ago.

  10. Mark


    (I know how you like to spell peoples monikers wrong)
    To compare Kane’s strike to Ozils is ridiculous, and embarrassing. Do you seriously believe what you type??

  11. Wenker-wanger

    Djeko… Been an admirer since he got 4 against spuds for city.
    How he slipped away is a mystery.
    He is so mobile and quick for a big man…..I like giroud but compared to djeko he is an oil tanker to a speedboat.

  12. Wenker-wanger

    Where are those akbs?….
    Are they lurking in wait for the next home game against bottom half of the league opposition?

  13. Cesc Appeal

    How many times have Arsenal players come out over the last few years against criticisms of their character?

    The fact they constantly have to talk about how mentally strong they all are points to the fact they are not.

    What a boring club.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe a few home truths will kick there ask .

    Tell them they ain’t as good as they think they are . Over paid over rated lucky to be at a club like Arsenal other wise they would be playing in the championship .

  15. Leftsidesanch

    Nobody likes hearing the cold harsh truth but any manager worth his salt would get Deeneys words typed up and pinned onto the dressing room HUB board or whatever they use for motivation purely.

    More than likely everyone at Arsenal will disregard the comments because it’s only Troy Deeney who plays for Watford. The same Watford who knocked us out of the FA Cup two seasons ago and are unbeaten in two vs Arsenal in the league. They can’t turn their noses up at Watford based on the last few results against them.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lacerzette joins a long list of disappointing French strikers signed by le dunce

    Kaka diwara

    He started the French Revolution with class signings but has missed the boat in recent years gone by .

    Only one conclusion

    Rid of it.

  17. Pierre

    “To compare Kane’s strike to Ozils is ridiculous, and embarrassing. Do you seriously believe what you type”

    Get it right.. I didn’t compare the strike i compared the chance and both were comparable in difficulty.
    Kane was 12 yards from goal, no defenders within 3 yards and the goalkeeper was already halfway down before he struck the ball, he could easily have dinked it over the keeper or feinted to shoot and walked the ball in.
    Özil shot weak, the keeper Stood up so ozil had less options but the keeper chose the right way

    If you don’t believe that the keeper had already commited himself before kane struck the ball then look at the link from Wallace or raptora yesterday and pause it as kane strikes the ball.. The keeper is already diving to his left….which confirms my point

    Anyway, my main point was how pathetic to criticise ozil for that miss when their are probably 50 or more chances missed over the weekend… How about Lukaku v Liverpool, very similar miss and strike as ozils but I don’t hear or read anything about it..

  18. HighburyLegend

    From Jackie Boy (not in Vegas, for a change) : “our team has shown that it is able to rebound quickly and we will do it ”

    ZE specialists in bouncing back lol

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This is the only trophy Wenger should go for as it will get him back with the big clubs in the big cup .

    Prem no chance
    League cup , rub off
    Fa cup only goes for personal gain

  20. N5

    So has Arsene finally managed to destroy everybodies passion for the game? Le Grove having tumbleweeds is a massive sign of the current situation.

    Keep on keeping on Pedro even though it must be difficult currently.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hello lad

    I think he has

    Drained to a point of who cares ?

    There must be thousands like it
    Where’s the next generation of fans gonna come from
    I remember 76
    14.000 at Highbury

    Those days could come back

    At least the club sacked terry

  22. HighburyLegend

    Yes, I feel sorry for Pedro, and at the same time, hats off to him for finding the (mental) strength to continue.

  23. N5

    RSPCA, I watched the game at Watford the other day and couldn’t care less when we started losing. I didn’t even feel the least bit annoyed. I shook my head, turned off BT sport and got on with my day. Life has changed so much in the past 2 seasons. What was once a huge focus of mine during each week is now a stop, glance at score, shake my head, turn off laptop.

    Such a shame.

    PS I thought the guys might find this funny. My dad was invited to ‘watch the players arrive at the ground’ event (it’s a way of getting all the supporters clubs engaged I guess). But it said as the players got off the coach you had to remain behind a line and not speak to them!! My dad emailed back whats the point and no thanks!!

    He added do you remember the days that Wright would sing with the fans, or the guys would sign programmes at the Marble H@ll. What’s the point watching overpaid kids wearing massive headphones getting off a coach and not even looking your way.

    So much disconnection from the fans now. It’s so different to what it once was.

  24. Leftsidesanch


    What a pointless exercise. I can bet you half of them players with their headsets plugged in probably aren’t listening to anything.

  25. N5

    Left, it’s one of the most bizarre invites I’ve ever heard off. It’s under the ground in a dark car park and you’re behind a line watching players from a distance walk off and into the stadium. Who thought this would reconnect the players/fans. Such a boneheaded idea.

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Tonight’s game should be interesting, a once great club now fallen on Hard times. A large stadium not always full, in a league where corruption has had its moments.
    A European trophy winner back in the day, but now with an unstable manager at the helm.
    A team that’s seen better days with players not really good enough, trying to regain former glories.

    But enough about arsenal, red star should give us a game tonight!!!

  27. Ughelligunner

    Pep plays fantastic football, but never will he do it with walcot, Giroud, He wont even accomodate cech, a keeper who cant use his legs and cant save a pk. Worldclass Players make the managers job easier. After pep threw out all the underperforming players at man city including the young ones (thought he would coach worldclass into them), my conclusion about him was confirmed. i always knew he is the attaking version of mourhino.

  28. Ughelligunner

    Is there a way Over Thousand Arsenal home supporters can cause a stadium evasion leading to stadium ban for Arsenal fans in the epl? This would call Kronke’s attention much more than a few protest.

  29. N5

    Ug that’s not a bad idea actually but it now comes with arrests. In the years gone by you could have run on with signs saying Kronke out or what not and maybe got banned from the ground and a slap from the police, but now the conviction is something that will follow you into you working life too.

  30. N5

    Forgot to add. That’s why you see so few of them now in the English leagues, even lower down the divisions. It’s just not worth it. It used to be quite a common thing for champions to storm the pitch etc.

  31. graham62

    R.S.P. C.Arsenal

    Lacazette is a very good player who, unfortunately, is being led by a clueless buffoon.

    Remove the cause of all the shit and the flowers will blossom.

  32. Rambo Ramsey

    Pep the genius, spends over half a billion pounds, fills his team with the best players money can buy, watches this bunch of top players do the biz on the pitch, Pep the genius.

  33. Wallace

    don’t really use twitter for football, but gambon’s just popped up on my feed. somebody I follow ripping into his brexit nonsense. think he’d do well to exit that exchange asap.

  34. Wallace


    “Pep the genius, spends over half a billion pounds, fills his team with the best players money can buy, watches this bunch of top players do the biz on the pitch, Pep the genius.”

    and stealing all of Mourinho’s thunder in the process. no wonder the latter’s sounding peeved this week.

  35. Chris

    Even if you were allowed to speak to the players as they entered the ground I don’t think I would have gone.

    Mainly because there aren’t many Arsenal players I actually like anymore.

    I can’t rand what the club has become.

  36. graham62


    We all appreciate what you are doing. Don’t get disheartened by the boring predictability of it all. We may not agree with everything you write, nevertheless, the time and effort you put in, and variety of your posts, always makes for interesting reading..

    As for the handshake, it’s Kolasinac’s reaction, or lack of,that caught my attention.

  37. Ughelligunner

    thks N5, just thought when over a thousand fans evade the pitch during the game, it would yield a sanction, all the fans needed to do is just sit there and dont fight back or maybe leave the pitch peacefully and repeat in the next match. I believe if the evaders are shouting kronke out rather than wenger out, they will have more stadium support rather than the usual wenger out vs wenger we trust divide.

  38. Paulinho

    Always thought Coquelin and Wilshere had the potential to be a good partnership.

    Be interesting to see how they get on tonight.

  39. Wallace

    Wenger’s Europa team has been more of a 3-4-1-2 than anything. think Jack will play just in front of Coquelin & Willock.

  40. arsene's used sock

    “HighburyLegendOctober 19, 2017 09:59:38
    Le Grove is so dead these days…
    It reflect the state of our club, I guess.”

    I can’t bring myself to watch games, my head won’t allow it despite what my heart is saying

    seeing as I lack any real context because of those circumstances I don’t see much value to posting what everyone is already saying, especially cause lads are still able to bring themselves to watch games ergo you all have much more context than I could ever muster

    I’m just speaking for myself here but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same for a lot of people who are done with wenger.

  41. Colin Decoteau

    Jack said he knows the players and they have character ,that’s fine and we respect that ,but we watch the games and they show little or know character, so as a fan i wonder if jack would be as honest and tell us if his defence of the team is his way of trying to get back into Wenger’s good books for the sake of his England place for next year’s WC ? I very much doubt it .

  42. HighburyLegend

    Not even interested in tonight’s game.
    We must have done something very bad for paying such a high price, as fans…

  43. graham62

    arsene’s used sock

    We all feel the same way. Tonights game…………..WHO REALLY CARES?!?

    Just a quick one. The fact that Celtic only lost 3-0 to BM last night, does that now mean they are above Arsenal in the pecking order?

  44. Pierre

    What a miserable bunch of wankers you lot are on here… I knew it would happen, lose a game and all the dads army brigade Return “we’re all doomed”..
    Lets have a look at the depressing comments
    “WHO REALLY CARES”.. I do actually along with hundreds of thousand other real supporters.
    “NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN TONIGHT”.. go and watch your harry kane highlights.
    “I CANT BRING MYSELF TO WATCH GAMES”….. Well don’t then.

  45. N5

    Calm down Pierre it’s not one game is it, surely you understand that. You’re happy some aren’t it’s all good. Chill winston.

  46. graham62


    You’re ignorance holds no bounds.

    One day the reality will hit you in the face and then you’ll understand.

    You are THE ONE who is fighting a losing battle. We should call you ‘the follower’. Someone who is so ignorant, that you would follow the club to the top of the cliff, before deciding to jump.

    A pathetic, embarrassing, deluded individual, pounding on relentlessly with your boring charade against reality.

    Where’s your detailed response on the Celtic scenario? Although, WHO CARES!!