Wenger will sink the ship, but board won’t let him drown

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Well guys if you were expecting to come here for good news…

Just kidding, you’re here for the misery, no one comes here for good news.

I spoke to some people in and around the club yesterday and the sad reality is sinking in… Wenger is here, no matter what.

We literally have no escape from a man who has shaken free from the summer coup attempt on his power grip.

Wenger’s not going anywhere. He’s Justin Belfort in Wolf on Wallstreet. He gives zero fucks about you, the press, and his players. This is the Arsene Wenger show and you’re all buckled in until he mortality catches up with him in 30 years.

Ivan Gazidis thought he was being a smart arse last season, dropping the catalyst for change comment before Arsenal beat City and went on a run that culminated in a beautiful victory in the FA Cup final.

He had his wings clipped by Stan K after that when the owner went over his subordinate to give Wenger a new deal AND a £2m payrise despite delivering next to nothing in terms of elite progress.

Basically, there’s no way he’s going to do that again. He’d have to quit if he landed an arse spanking that embarrassing again.

Then you have the realities of the league.

Chelsea are having big problems with Conte falling out with people behind the scenes.

Ronald Koeman is predictably out of his depth, with no one enjoying his methods or arrogance

Liverpool are bang average and Klopp is going to stutter all year

United, City and Spurs are the league standouts, the rest will just have to play catch up.

… and look, we’re 2 points off 4th. That place being occupied by a Watford that’ll tank at some point.

Here’s the sad reality, we’ll get destroyed by City in a few weeks, we’ll have a rough couple of months, but come March next year, you just know we’ll be within striking distance of 4th, and we’ll most certainly qualify for some sort of Europe again.

Arsenal are bad, but we’re not bad enough for the board to enact change.

We are not a sporting entity that wants an expensive manager. We’re not into ambition. We’re here for the media payday, and Wenger can keep us ticking along just fine.

Next season will be carnage though. The players we have now don’t believe they can win. Imagine how that’s going to look when we lose our two best players and replace them with substandard players? Imagine how it’s going to look when the rest of our ‘big names’ go into the final year of their deal? Imagine the banter when a 27-year-old Aaron Ramsey lands a 4 year deal on 250k a week! Imagine how bad it was last time we went into the last year of a Wenger deals… now multiply that with worse players.


Wenger is the never-ending story.

I cannot tell you how depressing that is. I don’t need to, because you’re all now living this.

We are not doing a podcast this week because I am deep in pitch mode. We’ll return the week after.

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  1. Ankit_gooner

    Think wenger will extend his contract.If the board can extend his contract even when we drop out of top 4,then that means they will always offer him a contract regardless of performances.And wenger will always choose to stay because he has nothing other than football in his life.No expectations and a lot of money=dream job.
    As for getting top 4 this season,its definitely possible.Its chelsea,liverpool and us for the 4th spot.We can do it,its definitely possible.
    Won’t be easy to sign good quality players because who in the right mind would want to move into this chaotic atmosphere?

  2. loyika

    @ Leeds

    Nice idea, especially number 2.

    Not sure how it can be planned though, would be tricky, this is where the AST come in. If they AST were strong they could reach out to the main Supporter’s group at the Rams.

    How do American organize their supporters groups though? Is it one major one or everyone just does their own thing?

  3. graham62


    I don’t care what you think or say, most of it is irrelevant garbage anyway.

    You’re as Predictable as Wenger himself. Spouting off what’s going to happen, when infact you haven’t got a clue.

    You are one of the reasons why Arsenal are in such a predicament. You’re repetitive nature at condeming others is so boring. I think most observers on here see you for who you are and are fed up with your lily livered, leech like, appraisals.

    It’s getting to that time of year where you have to start to think about hibernating. So my advise to you is, curl up in a little ball and try and stir yourself when all hell breaks loose.

    Plan your next pathetic and embarrassing course of action.

    Not long to go now.

  4. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    No it wasn’t as bad as people expected!

    “Embarrassing that Almunia was our starting keeper for a few years.”

    Do you think Wenger watched the 2006 UCL final back and saw Almunia being beat twice at his near post and thought “Yeah… thats the guy I want playing in goals for the next 4 years!”

  5. Leedsgunner

    “How do American organize their supporters groups though? Is it one major one or everyone just does their own thing?”

    I have no idea… can any of the American Grovers help?

    Think about it though, it would be hilarious if at a Rams game there were “Kronke Out, Wenger Out” signs. Then the same in Denver Nuggets games, the same for Colorado Avalanche games… and so forth so basically make it so that whatever season, whatever sport, Kronke can’t ignore the fact that he is not wanted at Arsenal FC.

    We are often told that we have a world wide fan base second to none. We should use that muscle to our advantage.

    We are often told that no man is bigger than the club.

    Surely that includes billionaires too?


  6. WengerEagle

    Lol as if you wern’t a huge fan of him too and singing his praises.

    Difference is I admitted after overwhelming evidence that he is crap and I was wrong, you still haven’t swallowed your pride.

    This from the guy telling us Feo was going to crack in 25+ goals last season.

  7. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    Hey remember that time you were wrong about a player?! Well that totally eclipses the fact I have been wrong about our manager for the past decade!

  8. WengerEagle

    Haha oh but the first 7-8 years cancel out the last 12-13 though Jim, you should know that.

    Remember that hilarious time that Wenger said once it got to the stage where he was more of a hindrance than a help to the club that he would walk away?

  9. Relieable Sauce

    Northern Ireland v Switzerland
    Denmark v Republic of Ireland
    Croatia v Greece
    Sweden v Italy

    About as good as it could get for the Irelands, fancy both to get through.

  10. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    “Haha oh but the first 7-8 years cancel out the last 12-13 though Jim, you should know that.”

    Arsene Wenger is the human version of The Simpsons… Lost its substance years ago, but continues on as it still makes money.

  11. Jim Lahey

    @WE –

    “Denmark then Jim, I’d actually fancy us over the Danes who are pretty bang average.”

    Pretty happy with that draw! We can fucking bore our way into the WC! Would you go to Russia if we make it?

  12. Wallace


    “Difference is I admitted after overwhelming evidence that he is crap and I was wrong, you still haven’t swallowed your pride.”

    but he’s not though, is he? he was one of the best midfielders in Germany at 22/23. ‘he’s good, no, no, hang on, he’s shit…’

    which way’s the wind blowing today, eh?

  13. Leedsgunner


    “When is Djourou’s testimonial?”

    Playing for Arsenal or Arsenal.com? He was on it practically everyday talking about how “they were going to learn from this.” after every defeat…

  14. WengerEagle


    I’m not judging him over a handful of games am I though? After watching him week in week out for over a year I surmised that he’s just not particularly good.

    Nice attempt to deflect btw.

    It’s a little bit worse though to still expect a hopeless sprinter that cracked 20 goals once in his entire career the year he padded the goals with Carling Cup goals may I add to bang in 30 odd goals off the back of nearly a decade of mediocrity I would have thought?

  15. London gunner


    Can’t tackle, poor, ponderous and slow with the ball under his feet, turns in two metre circles, can’t handle being pressured and has poor decision making.

    Tacked on with that he is rash and Ill disciplined. With poor athleticism…

    Very limited player who pulls of a few Steven Gerrard Hollywood passes.

    We need much better in central mid.

  16. London gunner


    I get you don’t like Walcott and I even understand it, but then I don’t get how you and most of this blog make a thousand and one excuses for the mediocrity that is dat guy welbz.

    It’s like having a go at benteke whilst singing the praises of Andy Carrol…

  17. WengerEagle

    The Bastards have already won is the problem, we are literally the only club in Europe that are incapable of hounding out a manager.

    Everyone is now in the acceptance phase, even go on the fan channel AFTV and look at the difference from a season or two ago to now.

    After getting our pants pulled down at Anfield yet again, nobody even seemed that bothered in the interviews after the game, only counted a handful of Bludfams in your mans interview which is when you know the fire’s gone. 😀

  18. WengerEagle


    Ain’t a Welly fan either, just think that he’s more useful against certain sides and in some away games than Theo is.

    Walcott pads his stats in easy games/dead rubbers, but we have enough players already that specialise in this, particularly Giroud

  19. Wallace


    “And Lol to Wenger only should have been moved on this summer, you’re literally more than half a decade off in your timeline there.”

    2011/12…you’d have dumped him before the money started coming through?

  20. London gunner


    Mad to think we could have bought griezmann if we’d used that vela as a bargaining chip.

    Suppose none of it really matters even with greazy up front wengers still losing the league.

    It’s interesting to see Arseblog are actively wenger out and they have a large platform.

  21. WengerEagle


    Yes, he was buying pretty poorly in the years before spending more money even.

    The last young gem he signed was Nasri back in 2008, that’s a long while back even in 2012 nevermind now to which that fact remains unchanged.

    Besides Koscielny and Per, we bought nothing but mediocre players year after year up until Cazorla.

    For every good player he signed I could reel of 2-3 scraps of deadwood too and that is being generous.

  22. WengerEagle


    Yeah but you would have to wonder if Griezmann would have developed into the player he is today under Wenger, from a technical standpoint perhaps but mentality wise no way, Simeone has moulded him into a killer and the lad is tough as old boots.

    His ability to play with his back to goal was basically non-existent at Sociedad too, he has made huge strides in his all round make up in Madrid.

  23. Jim Lahey

    Walcott for me is pound for pound the worst player Wenger has ever signed.

    On Welbeck, he was mediocre at United, he is mediocre at Arsenal. Waste of £16m.

  24. Jim Lahey

    “2011/12…you’d have dumped him before the money started coming through?”

    Absolutely, money can’t buy tactical competence.

  25. Jim Lahey

    “Bang average players have a FAR longer shelf-life under Wenger at Arsenal than they had at United under Fergie, no disputing that one.”

    We have had so many over the years who have just been allowed to leech from the club. I mentioned Alumnia had 8 years earlier, Eboue had 7, Bendtner had 7, Denilson was there 5 years. Walcott is at what 12 now?

  26. WengerEagle

    And I don’t buy the whole his hands were tied behind his back spiel in previous year before 2013, what were his excuses for signing a GK and not a single outfield player in summer of 2015 (only European club not to sign one), summoning a guy in Kim Kallstrom who was years past his prime and had a broken back (literally) as the sole acquisition in Jan 2014 mid-title race when we were hurting for reinforcements, and then this summer, didn’t we turn a net profit ffs???

  27. Relieable Sauce

    Welbeck might make a good wing-back, as a forward its a waste of a key 1st team starting place at any club with top ambitions.
    It’s not like he has made the position his own, it’s the easiest option – and thats how wenger likes it.
    Same thing happening with Iwobi. There’s your Ozil and Sanchez replacements right there.

  28. graham62


    “Per” is a liability and a joke. Wouldn’t have got anywhere near Fergies team. One great game in six years.


  29. WengerEagle


    Chamakh, Park, Santos, Gervinho, Sanogo, list goes on.

    As for leeches, don’t get worse than Diaby who was earning a solid wage for years before it turned into a pay as you play deal.

    He buys the loyalty of average players and had done for years with this socialist wage shit.

  30. WengerEagle

    Whatever way you chop it up, the man has spent a LOT of money these past few seasons and we’ve a worse team now than before so why on earth would you ever trust him to spend money?

    And Sanchez our only real quality player will walk for nothing in June as will the lad he chucked 40 million on 4 years ago.

  31. Redtruth

    I can’t see Arsenal finishing in the top 4 not when they are dropping points to teams which in the past they have been solely dependent on making the top 4.

  32. Ishola70

    Looks like more and more Arsenal fans want to see Xhaka dropped from the team now. All the different Arsenal fan websites.

    You have to be very, very concerned that Wenger and the club spent a tidy sum on such a player.

    I can only assume that Wenger like some posters on here read the articles of him being in the Bundesliga Team Of The Year in his last season at Moechengladbach and thought yeah he’s our man.

    There was certainly no proper scouting done on him as an overall player.

  33. Ishola70

    And he needs to be dropped.

    If Arsenal want any chance of making a go at challenging for top four it ain’t going to happen with Xhaka in the team.

    Far too much of a liability player.

  34. Bamford10

    Yeah, Xhaka is more and more looking like a too-limited, error-prone player and a bad buy. Flattered to deceive in the Bundesliga. Aside from long passing he does nothing well, and even his long passing isn’t all that — and it’s certainly not enough to make up for his deficiencies.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, given up on Xhaka.

    Was excited when we got him, certainly he has not been helped by Wenger’s incompetence, but too timid, too rash, yet another one of our players who is quite happy to be backing guitarist and let others have the limelight and be centre stage, we basically have a squad of them aside form Sanchez and it is no wonder who wants out and into a different band.

    Wenger just has not been able to build a central midfield since 2011, and even that had big issues in that Song was not discipline enough as a CDM with Fabregas then either Wilshere or Nasri.

    I do think Wenger’s great ability was being in the right place at the right time and having a backdoor into the French market at the exact right moment, modern fitness techniques and having David Dein to compensate for his pussiness.

  36. TitsMcGee

    think it was the one you were raving about Xhaka 24/7.”

    The same Xhaka that your savior bought for £30+ million.

  37. Samesong

    Bamford I disagree with you the spanish league is not as competitive or have the greatest of defenders as the prem Kane would smash it over there.

  38. TitsMcGee

    I do think Wenger’s great ability was being in the right place at the right time and having a backdoor into the French market at the exact right moment, modern fitness techniques and having David Dein to compensate for his pussiness.”


    He’ll always be linked with the first half of his career but as time goes along it’s quite clear Wenger has no clue whatsoever on how to build a squad. He just came about right at the same time that the French NT had their best football generation.

    Proof of this? He’s been completely out of his element since those guys left and it’s no coincidence that the years since have been completely barren of EPL glory.

    Does it really take 12 years to build a squad?