Troy Deeney can see it’s over for Wenger, when will the board?

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“We look at Arsenal now and think: ‘We can beat you’. They’ve got no aura, no fear.”

Weird to start a blog with a Troy Deeney quote, but none sum up the problem with Arsenal under the guidance of Arsene Wenger more perfectly today. We kind of thought we’d make it to the Manchester City game before we started writing out the season’s eulogy, but here we are, in October, having lost 3 games from 8 and drawn 1.

Arsenal weren’t shocking by any standard yesterday, they were just very average. We missed Alexis and the energy of Aaron Ramsey, but we still boasted a huge amount of talent regardless, and we should have buried Watford.

Instead, the narrative couldn’t have been more aptly set by a player who has come to set the tone for Wenger’s failed Project Decadence. £43m Mesut Ozil came on for Danny Welbeck and we fell to pieces. The German fluffed his lines really badly when put in front of goal by Alex Iwobi, Watford went down the other end and won a dubious penalty that Troy Deeney easily converted. The wind was firmly in the sails of Watford and you knew what was coming, a goalmouth scramble, with Tom Cleverley on hand to make it count with a cool finish through a sea of bodies.

So very Arsenal, so very Arsene.

Now, I will say, Watford are going to be a pain in the arse this season for the big teams. They have a very good manager who is continuing the exceptional job he ‘nearly’ did turning around the worst Premier League side of all time. He has a team packed full of power and pace, he’s added a tough work ethic and some tactical nous. Exactly Wenger’s nightmare. This additional quote from Deeney is one that could have been applied to Wenger through the ages.

‘I’ve heard Wenger’s already blaming that [the penalty] as the reason they lost,’ Deeney said on BT Sport .

‘Well, I’m not one to tell Mr. Wenger about himself, but the reason they lost wasn’t due to one penalty.

‘Having a bit of cojones, I think the word is. Whenever I play against Arsenal – and this is just a personal thing – I go up and think “let me whack the first one, then we will see who wants it,’

Oh god, the dreaded, ‘they don’t like it up ’em’, line of attack.

It’s true though. Our squad has no character whatsoever. Wenger doesn’t sign big personalities, he signs players he can control… and worse, he tends to have to sign players who can’t do any better. We’re not winning any beauty contests these days. Our two best players want to leave, a whole bunch are out of contract next summer, and there’s no doubt there’s another batch of stars waiting met out the same short shrift to Wenger next summer.

There’s no spirit because there’s no vision for Arsenal. Wenger runs the club like a personal indulgence, and Stan Kroenke ensures his main man is given all the support he needs to make sure his every whim is catered for. We’re so broken as a outfit, that when the manager lost the dressing room, the club sold the dressing room.

New contracts for his clueless backroom team he’s not changed in 20+ years. New deals for shite players at above market rate so it’s extra hard to move them on when they fall out of favour. Wenger even has a say on who comes in to support him in a backroom revolution designed for fan placation, not the good of the football club.

What you saw out there yesterday is the real Arsenal this season, not a nightmare blip we can pass off as an aberration. We are an above average squad of players who can sometimes be brilliant, but will mostly be average, and will often disappoint you with embarrassing displays of ineptitude. We’re a top 6 side this year, and you just have to deal with that. Well, until the manager leaves because fan venom gets too much, or the owner grows a pair and steps in to make a stand.

Until then, Arsenal are autopiloting deeper into stale mediocrity, navigating its way into beige football purgatory greenlit by a club that has no sporting values, just a deeply unpleasant dedication to an old man who is so painfully out of his depth, he’s being trolled by Troy Deeney.

Are you even angry? No. Nor me. I’m just flatlined, drained into zombie-like indifference. Can someone wake me up when this nightmare is over and the board want to opt-in to being a real football club again?

P.S. Take a read about Napoli who are top of Serie A with 8 wins in 8 playing some of the best football in the world right now. Sarri should be right up the top when it comes to our next manager.

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  1. TR7

    I totally welcome Deeney’s comments. Refreshing and original, not usual platitudes that we hear from experts. He admitted he is not as talented as many Arsenal players but he likes to fight unlike Arsenal’s softies.

  2. loyika

    @ RR

    I actually think Deeney is friends with a lot of the Arsenal players, so to that extent i put it down as just banter.

    Watford will find their level soon enough. The issue with Watford or Deeney is that we (Arsenal) give teams like that the opportunity to make such comments, like we do with the Stokes and Boltons of this world.

    I think Gomes also made some stupid comments after they beat us in the FAC, with Welbz missing a sitter to take the game to a replay.

    I know we will thrash Watford at the home game, but do we have to keep doing the same thing? Win one game and then lose to Stoke, Swansea and Broms of this world in such a wimpish manner? That bothers me more than anything Troy or any of his kind says about our players. Frankly our players especially Ozil bring this on to themselves.

    Say anything about Cesc, Nasri, Bendther, Flamini, Ade and that team but at least they stood up and showed more spine than this lot of players. This is where i can vouch for Wilshere. We might have still lost but you know he won’t take it lying down.

  3. Wallace


    not ‘refreshing and original’ at all. to question the courage of a rival side, especially when that side, 9 times out of 10, dispatches your ass with minimal fuss and says nothing at all about how easy it was, is just c*ntish behaviour.

  4. Rambo Ramsey

    TR7, pffft, projecting himself as the underdog- classic tactic from Deeney.

    ‘I know I’m not as good as them but I will give it my blood and tears’. You can imagine a horde of people going ‘Awww, you go buoooy!’. That’s just become the modern impromptu way of thinking.

    All players will have gone through shit before making it as a professional, chances are the better you are the harder you’ve had to work to get there.

    If Mesut Ozil says ‘I’m not as physical as these donkey types, technical skills are my forte that’s what I will do’. Will you take that as refreshing honesty?

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Troy came from the bottom
    Been inside, came out a better man.
    I read an article on him an he is the most polite courteous man in football.

    He speaks from the heart.

    May not have won big cup

    Neither have we

    May not have won prem in his career
    Neither have ours

    We won fa cup
    He won promotion

    Promotion worth more than fa cup

  6. TR7


    I don’t know whether his utterances show c*ntishness or not but he was bang on the money. We all talk about the weaknesses he pointed out every week but it’s rare for a contemporary active player to say the way he said these things. What exactly did he say wrong ? Watford beat us last season as well. For them to beat us two seasons in a row is massive.


    He didn’t talk about Ozil’s physicality at all. He talked about his nonchalant/casual approach to finish what was almost as good as an open goal. We could have killed the game there.

  7. loyika

    Errr RSPCA!?

    Mert and Ozil are WC winners mate. Troy can’t even claim to have done what most of our players have done so in that sense he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    Only thing is that he isn’t saying anything we didn’t already know, but Wallace and RR are right, if our players came out after beating any team by more than 4 goals and said as much as Deeney did we won’t be praising them for being refreshing and honest would we. Hypocrisy if you ask me.

    Troy has spoken his mind and gotten himself in the media for his comments, good on him, that’s the height of what he will achieve this season. We on the other hand have bigger fishes to fry.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Here comes the tactic again, I cannot argue with what you say so I will argue about who is saying it.

    Deeney was bang on the money, and maybe provided a glimpse behind the curtain as to what professional think of Arsenal, Deeney is an Arsenal fan as well, you could hear that in his voice, tone of frustration.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Get everyone at the club to watch this before every game until the season finishes.

    We need to listen to Deeny — because he is speaking as someone who respects Arsenal at heart. Not to belittle us, but to give us some hard home truths. Lessons Wenger refuses to learn or address with his players. This is a mentality and an attitude issue. No one owes us a win just because we are supposedly a big club. We need to fight for the win. We lost the game yesterday because we didn’t fight and we didn’t focus.

    The penalty is just an excuse to hide behind… no more no less. Wenger will of course blame the penalty all day long. It takes the focus away from his shortcomings.

    On the footballing side this is the reason we will not be league title winners under Wenger — he refuses to address repeated mistakes.

    His players are too complacent and comfortable… except one… and we are losing him at the end of the season.

    Honestly, what a sad pathetic bunch of players.

    Our shirt deserves so much more than this.

    WE deserve so much more than this.

  10. TR7

    ‘It’s not aggression but lack of technical ability which is holding Arsenal back..”

    That explains why we never challenge for the title but when we lose a game against Watford when they were nowhere in the game for 70 minutes it does question our mentality.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is, Deeney is not saying anything revelatory, he is just saying it plainly.

    Whereas pundits tiptoe around calling Arsenal a bunch of flanges he straight up said it, whereas pundits tiptoe around Arsenal’s regression and total stagnation under Wenger and his constant excuse making, Deeney just said it.

    Was great to hear as it is yet more evidence the Teflon is starting to peel away now, still is only the founds who can land the killer blow though.

  12. Redtruth

    Alexanderhenry’s definition of a bad season is for Arsenal to finish in the bottom 4 …

    No, clown, a bad season is not winning or at least competing for the title.

  13. Leedsgunner

    No doubt us Wenger Outters will be accused of over reacting — over a “single game”. I know, I know I’m not a real fan because I dare to criticise the club.

    If this is over reacting, why isn’t celebrating over Doncaster over reacting? Why isn’t celebrating over Brighton over reacting?

    If it is over reacting to criticise over one game, the same has to follow when going over the top over a win.

    I criticise because this is not just one game. This is the start of a trend a trend we repeat season after season after season.

    We are making the same errors and the club is not refusing to something about it…

    Where is the accountability?

  14. grooveydaddy

    ‘9 times out of 10, dispatches your ass with minimal fuss’

    You do realize we’ve lost 3 out of the last 5 against Watford?

  15. Wallace


    “If this is over reacting, why isn’t celebrating over Doncaster over reacting? Why isn’t celebrating over Brighton over reacting?”

    celebrating a win? it’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

  16. Gooner63

    Wallace and Loy just crack me up

    All Deeney is pointing out is that Arsenal have no backbone, we have no inbuilt belief that we can grind out wins

    Too many times we are winning, concede and go onto lose, it makes no diference if we beat them 9/10 times anyway

    He is talking about our performances, year after year where we lose games we shouldnt – not the odd one, loads.

    We dont have the grit to fight, or the technical ability to break teams down.

    Plus – its not hypocrisy – Watford arent expected to be up the top, winning most of their games

    WE ARE

    But fail due to a manager who has no clue – it just how far down he has taken us, when at 1-1 Koz goes off and is replaced by holding – when we could have gone 4-4-2 – brought on a midfielder to get control back

  17. Redtruth

    Playing with a holding midfielder is only playing into the hands of shit teams like Watford and especially in Arsenal’s case a holding midfielder in name only…lol

  18. Wenker-wanger

    You can take deenys comments as helpful or derogatory.
    I prefer to judge them as helpful.
    He speaks the truth as many of us will admit.
    His target clearly is Wenger, in that it’s Wenger’s choice of player at the outset and Wenger’s style and direction of those players behaviour and attitude on the pitch.
    Every manager except Wenger would not accept anything less than a full committment in fight and physicality. Wenger believes that the English style of hardness and physicality isn’t part of his total football philosophy… never was.
    The problem is that unless you are real Madrid, you are not going to win matches on skill alone and scrapping is an integral part of a successful premier teams armoury. Sadly the idiot in charge has never learned his lesson since the days of Bolton Blackburn and other scrappers years ago.

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Mesut Ozil should come out and speak his mind about teams like Watford and players like Deeney.

    Lets see how many of you support that.

  20. Wenker-wanger

    For me Gervinho epitomised everything about Wenger’s player choice…. Cheap, lightweight,feeble, can look good but is largely ineffective……..

  21. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Lets see how many of you support that’.

    Depends if it is accurate.

    Or if he gets half way through the sentence and collapses due to exhaustion.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Always been Walcott for me, over hyped, never arrives, overpaid, no accountability, always tomorrow.

    Ozil is as well now, only wants to do what he wants to do, does not want to do any other side of the game, bottles the big game, over paid, over hyped, over protected, no accountability.

    Walcott and Ozil together just sum everything wrong with Wenger’s running of the club.

    Interested to see how this all pans out, because there is so much apathy in the fan base now, it is everywhere, people are not mad or anything anymore, just resigned.

    I don’t think we can do any damage to Wenger that is worse than he has done to himself, I will always remember him now not as the manager he was, but the egotistical, petulant, childish, control freak, terrified of retirement, holding the club back and fighting progress, getting into bed with Kroenke and selling the future of the club away for his own ego.

    If that is the memory even half the fans have, that is the worst fate someone like him could imagine.

  23. Wenker-wanger

    @ idea that ozil would have the fight to criticize Deeney and Watford is laughable in itself….

  24. Wenker-wanger

    @ cesc….you’ve explained the folly of Wenger destroying his own legacy years ago with outstanding clarity.
    I’m just hoping it’s so damaged that any thought of a statue or stand named after the clown will not materialise.

  25. Gooner63

    “Mesut Ozil should come out and speak his mind about teams like Watford and players like Deeney.”

    Maybe instead of commenting on fans commitment, he should try a bit harder for his club – which ever that will be next season as hes hardly shown commitment to a new contract.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    The way Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis talk reminds of MP’s after the whole expenses scandal broke and they realised how hated they were, that sort of incredulity, shock and ignorance mixed with a feeling of invincibility because of their position in their ivory tower above it all.

    We don’t have a ballot box to punish them, but we do have wallets.

  27. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘lol..the idea that ozil would have the fight to criticize Deeney and Watford is laughable in itself….’

    What is laughable is your power of word association. Stirring shit up in the media does not entail fighting spirit. This isn’t the attitude era of WWE.

    Besides a Mesut Ozil will never be able to express his true feelings regarding these matters. Because….rules. Anything other than gracious words regarding underdogs is equivalent to castration. The media and hypocritical masses will hound him for it.

    Barcelona and some of their players are probably the only top dogs who use their superior complex publicly. And everybody hates them for it.

  28. Pierre


    “And Pierre you are as ridiculous as your name”

    Well Mr leftsidesanch, I am sorry my name is not as sensible as yours Mr LEFTSIDESANCH!!

  29. Gooner63

    So certain posters blame Deeney for being disrespectful over criticizing Wenger for a lack of fighting spirit in his team

    Just checking…………….

    Nopes cant find where the same posters criticized Wenger over his disrespectful comments over Refs and Linesmen over poor decisions

  30. Wenker-wanger

    @ Rambo( titling yourself above your true image I suspect),
    It’s laughable that you believe you can belittle others like me when I am sitting back smoking a cigar oblivious to your cheap insults. And furthermore I pity your obvious lack of comprehension of the point I was making.
    Ozil has no fight. Period.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    grooveydaddy October 15, 2017 17:32:32

    ‘9 times out of 10, dispatches your ass with minimal fuss’

    You do realize we’ve lost 3 out of the last 5 against Watford?

    Lol. Is this true?
    I knew they had beaten us last season as well but didn’t know it was that bad.

    It’s almost as if Wallace hasn’t really got a clue.

  32. Ishola70

    What are you going on about Deeney’s starting position for the second goal.

    His starting position was onside. His starting position is not when the strike from the Watford player gets deflected into the penalty area. It is from when the ball is first struck before the deflection.

    Do these people not know the rules or not.

    Rather than cry about a goal that was not offside be more concerned with Xhaka watching picking his nose at the edge of the area watching Cleverley run into the penalty area.

  33. graham62


    “First Wenger, then unto Kroenke”. I agree 100%.

    Owners will only react when they see the manager being savagely lambasted by the fans.

    Arsenal fans are weak on this front and always have been, especially since Wenger took ‘control’. The farcical, pre-planned AGM’s, which only benefit those with a financial stake in the club, are a complete and utter waste of time.

    The supporters groups, specifically the AST, have little or no affect, mainly due to Wenger ignoring, or should I say, not concerning himself with, the negative feedback that has been prevalent these past ten years.

    Ivan Gazidis is a complete and utter joke and should be held far more accountable when seroius questions have to be asked. What he does, no one really knows, but it is evident to us all that as CEO, he is failing in his duties to react to supporters concerns and grievances.

    As forWenger, what more can be said? He doesn’t care, that is clear to us all. If he did, he would have walked away years ago. He also doesn’t love the club. Infact his comprehension of LLR( Love, Loyalty and Respect) is based purely on screwing around and cheating on those who deserve far better. Relate his personal life to his role as manager and you’ll know where I’m coming from on this.

    He has little or no sympathy for us as supporters, viewing any negatives merely as an ignorant inconvenience. Disrespecting and patronizing those that deserve far better, is the ultimate turn off for us all. Whilst some sit back and shrug their shoulders, others,the vast majority that truly value the club, fight back.

    The tolerance of failure at the club beggars belief. Fans can protest in many forms, but if one person(such as Tim Payton of the AST)were to come out with a clear and savage attack against the regime, things would change overnight. On Twitter, Payton is hardhitting and to the point. As spokesman for the AST, he is PC to the extreme. Where do his loyalties lie?

    Pundits/ex-players, have their limitations and responsibities, supporters don’t. If Payton really valued the club and his role, he must show it. Financial gain(such as Arsenal Holdings plc) should not come into the equation when you are seeing the club you supposedly love, being destroyed.

    Deeney did his part(thanks Troy), now let’s turn up the heat.


  34. Marko

    good of Deeney to put the boot in. hurts all the more when it’s coming from someone who’s done it all like he has.

    The truth hurts Wallace. Could argue that even a shit player can see how awful things are at Arsenal whereas some clueless fans cannot. Also makes it all the harder to attract talented players. Anyway continue burying your head in the sand

  35. Relieable Sauce

    Google knows and they wouldn’t keep us from the truth…

    Google – Arsenal are – and – Wenger is – and take a look for yourselves.

  36. TR7

    Wallace himself time and again has admitted Arsenal have been under performing. Yet when someone attacks Wenger for the same he gets in a defensive mode. It’s strange really.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Honestly, talking about an offside here or there, when we get decisions in our favour as well, as if they were the big issue for the club right now is like your house burning down around you but you are sat in the kitchen talking about Trudy’s rhododendron coming over the fence next door as the current pressing issue.

  38. Wallace


    “His starting position was onside. His starting position is not when the strike from the Watford player gets deflected into the penalty area. It is from when the ball is first struck before the deflection.Do these people not know the rules or not.”

    but it’s a Watford player who deflects it into the area. I appreciate if it had been an Arsenal player it wouldn’t matter, but as it’s a Watford player isn’t it Deeney’s position when it takes the deflection?

  39. Ishola70

    WallaceOctober 15, 2017 19:29:01
    .”but it’s a Watford player who deflects it into the area. I appreciate if it had been an Arsenal player it wouldn’t matter, but as it’s a Watford player isn’t it Deeney’s position when it takes the deflection?

    You were going on about starting positions. Deeny’s starting position was when the ball was first struck before the deflection and he was onside with Mertesacker nearest to him. When he advanced to that deflected shot he had already made a few yards run from onside so it cannot be his starting position.

    Scraping the barrel crying about that goal. It was not an intentional deflection to gain an advantage it just materialised from the shot on goal. He didn’t even put the ball in the net. Someone else did.

    I know there has been rule changes about offsides about gaining advantage but really that’s low crying about that goal.

    Penalty yes can feel aggrieved but the second goal well it’s the rub of the green stuff isn’t it. Nothing to feel victimised about that one.

  40. loyika

    Its not about when someone!?

    Granted everyone has the right to attack Arsene with whatever view, but we shouldn’t be hypocrites because Deeney says something we all know already, while if any of our players went as far as to say such against another team most would call him classless.

    Many blasted Wenger (rightly) when he whined that Stoke were “a rugby team”
    (don’t we all hate Stoke?) Same way pundits came hard on Cesc when he trolled Sparky on whether he had once played for Barca after a game against his team.

    Troy is not being a genius by coming out to say what he did. We all are getting hot under the collar because its against Arsenal. He has gotten his time in the news and good one for him.

    Probably Arsene will be asked about those comments before our game against Everton, so his time in the spot light will be extended during the week (and depending on how we do at Everton, might be extended beyond that)

    Whatever….. Lets just see if or when any of our players come out with such comments about opposition players or teams (regardlesd of if those views are true) if we are as chuffed about him saying the truth.

    Pep called Spurs a (Harry Kane team, even though he didn’t really mean it in that way) and Poch rightly took offence to it (even though many felt he over exaggerated)

  41. Wallace

    Mesut Ozil – Honours


    Werder Bremen
    DFB-Pokal: 2008–09

    Real Madrid
    La Liga: 2011–12
    Copa del Rey: 2010–11
    Supercopa de España: 2012

    FA Cup: 2013–14, 2014–15, 2016–17
    FA Community Shield:[a] 2015


    FIFA World Cup: Winner 2014; Third place 2010
    UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Winner 2009

    Germany Player of the Year Award: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
    Bundesliga top assists: 2009–10
    FIFA World Cup top assists: 2010 (shared)
    FIFA World Cup Golden Ball Nominee: 2010
    FIFA World Cup 2010 Man of the Match: Ghana vs Germany
    UEFA Champions League top assists: 2010–11
    La Liga top assists: 2011–12
    UEFA European Championship top assists: 2012 (shared)
    UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament: 2012
    UEFA Team of the Year: 2012, 2013
    FIFPro World XI 2nd team: 2013, 2016
    FIFPro World XI 5th team: 2014
    PFA Fans Player of the Month: April, November & December 2015
    Premier League top assists: 2015–16
    Arsenal Player of the Season: 2015–16
    UEFA Best Player in Europe Award: 10th place 2012
    FIFA Ballon d’Or: 2010 (13th place), 2011 (11th place), 2012 (14th place), 2013 (16th place)

    but ‘naive finishing’…

  42. Rambo Ramsey

    What is so great about Westworld ( the TV show ), I don’t get it. Looks like another ‘Lost’ in the making–overcomplicated mess.

    That’s the thing I love about Thrones. When a series/story becomes popular, there’s two ways the writers can go. Overelaborate, hungry for more praise. Or take it in a simple and steady manner. I prefer the second approach, though it isn’t perfect.

    George Martin chose the first path and is struggling to tie up his story.

  43. Ishola70

    And even the position he was in after the deflection is marginal for offside.

    You sound like Wenger whinging over the sliggtest decisions against lol

  44. loyika

    We didn’t lose due to any of those decisions (not helpful i know) We lost because we couldn’t kill the game. We lost because we were not ruthless in attack, we lost because we went to shyte (as is our wont) after the Pen decision.

    And most importantly, we lost because yesterday the players didn’t care enough and played like wussies in the final 15 mins.

  45. graham62


    Don’t disrespect Deeney.

    He became an instant hero for the vast majority of Arsenal supporters.

    Brush that chip off your shoulder.

  46. Wenker-wanger

    Kroenke must really hate Wenger……like a sadist refusing to shoot a lame horse…..he just prolongs the suffering.
    Oh when I say lame horse, it’s more accurate to describe him as a one legged emaciated donkey.

  47. TR7

    Lol I don’t know why you are posting players’ list of trophies. A bit similar to Wenger boasting about making 50000 substitutions when his sub decisions were questioned by the media and fans alike.

  48. Gooner63

    I dont believe for one second that our players dont care

    I just believe they have had “over the years” the belief knocked out of them.

    Look at Alexis – hes relatively new, believes he can win every game single handed, fights to the end.

    Wenger just seems to have no idea how to man motivate, no idea on what to do if we concede, no idea how to plan for every game.

    A new manager and lets see about getting them to believe in themselves again

  49. Wenker-wanger

    @ Wallace..good stats on ozil….more evidence to prove Wenger has fucked up another career.
    If ozil had any sense he would push hard for a transfer….I don’t get his current mentality…do you?

  50. Wallace


    “Lol I don’t know why you are posting players’ list of trophies. A bit similar to Wenger boasting about making 50000 substitutions when his sub decisions were questioned by the media and fans alike.”

    just highlighting the inherent ridiculousness of a journeyman forward passing judgement on Arsenal players. bit like Nicklas Bendtner seeking out Messi after that game at the Emirates in 2011 and telling him where he went wrong.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We seldom see eye to eye


    “Never mind the mentality, Xhaka, Elneny, Iwobi are not capable enough footballers to play against even teams like Watford. ”

    I agree

    I thought iwobi had something when he burst on to scene ….
    Not sure now
    He’s got sloppy

  52. Wenker-wanger

    Yeah I’m err enjoying some fine herbs and leaves.
    Life is more than arsenal and the slow strangulation so cruelly inflicted by Wenger……I aim to be alive in 10 years time……I’m thinking this complete fuc# -up provided by the dangerous brothers Wenger and kroenke will be over by then…. Such hope comforts me and allows a deeper enjoyment of the said herbal “Camberwell carrot”
    (Ref: withnail and I)

  53. TR7


    Players far worse than Deeney slate players far better than Ozil when they become TV pundits. People who have never managed a university team let alone a professional football team criticize the Guardiolas and Klopps of the world. It happens all the time.

  54. Dissenter

    Troy Deeney has earned the right to say more than any of us have ever said here. He’s played on the field with our boys.
    What’s with all these sensitivity to criticisms?

  55. loyika


    I should have phrased that better, some don’t care. Its like what Keano said about what he would have done if he were in Hector’s shoes when the Pen was given.

    Rightly the FA is trying to stamp out bum rushing refs and it lookes cringeworthy when ever Chelsea players did it (and when you see Barca and most Spanish teams do it) but it was obvious that Hector knew it wasn’t a pen.

    We slate Mustafi’s defending but I bet he would have been livid if that was against him (probably would have coped a card as well)

    Just the all round acceptance, the head dropping after Troy dispatched the pen and panic as the game rounded up. If we had been battering at their end after that and got sucker punched on the counter, i would take that and not really complain as much, but we didn’t even create another chance for ourselves after the pen and resorted to trying to see out the game and take a point, there by inviting presure on the defense.

    Anyways, game is done and dusted, i just hope it won’t be too much of one to expect the lads to put up a performance at Goodison next game now would it.

  56. Wenker-wanger

    Deeney would manage arsenal players far better than Wenger.
    He could be no less knowledgeable on tactics than le fraud….and on a massively improved management attribute he would instil some spirit and fight in the team.
    Anyone that has played at some decent level of football ( like myself), Essex youth, Fulham etc knows how good a skillful player ozil is…..but that’s not the whole story….skill is meaningless without effective application. That is currently missing, and like great arsenal players before his time, there is a clear decrease in enthusiasm, spirit and performance with time. There is only so much self motivation a player can have after realising your manager knows nothing sensible about tactics, can’t motivate and is an embarrassment. Sanchez’s self motivation finally ran out after the cup final. That’s how it will be for lacazette. Alas

  57. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    I do not know what cojones he is talking about. All he did was score a penalty. Cojones for me is Perpushingb through to head in a blinder despite Cleverly literally hanging on to him.

    I can understand about people like Ozil and Theo, but the Arsenal of today is made of men who can stand their own. Xhaka. Kols. Kolasiniac. Holding. Giroud.

    I would rather blame Wenger for subbing Ozil in when he needed a fighter.

  58. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    Its not being sensitive to criticism, its about not having double standards if any of our lads come out with such statements if we dispatch a team and calling them ckassless and doing what Wallace has done in listing out the achievement of opposition player or team in comparism to any of our lads that makes the statement.

    Imagine if Arsene had come out to call Spurs a “Harry Kane team” we and others would have (rightly) slaughtered him. But in reality are Spurs not a “Harry Kane” team (lol)

    I presume when we beat Watford at home in March 19 (if i am not mistaken) a few might make their own feelings known on/about Troy and his Watford band of merry men.

  59. loyika

    @ Igbo

    I think Troy was alluding to everytime he has cone up against Arsenal and not just about this particular game.

  60. Rambo Ramsey

    It boils down to respect in the end. You shake hands with the player after the match has concluded, you’ll have to shake hands again in reverse fixtures. Stick the sparring to the pitch.

    But hey, if twats like Deeney can go talk shit about other players, I want to see this same freedom of speech without repurcusions given to top players as well. It’ll be interesting to hear what they really think about mid and bottom table clubs, players.

    If Deeney can talk trash about Ozil, imagine how much Ozil can say in return about the English donkey.

  61. loyika

    @ RR

    CR7 and Messi spar because they are of the same standard.

    Not knocking Troy (i think i even once advocated on here for us to buy him like 2 or 3 seasons ago) but he isn’t even on the same pedestal as 80% of our players. Does it makes what he says wrong? No far from it, but as you rightly said its about respect and us not being hypocrites if the shoe gets on the other foot from our own lads.

  62. Dissenter

    Troy Deny didn’t just score a penalty yesterday.
    His entrance changed the game because it got very physical…we seemed to lose every one-on-one after he came in.
    He was asked a question…he gave an answer, same as Wenger does every week.
    The lad grew up a gooner and definitely has a right to his opinion.
    Ozil can say whatever he wants to say. He usually gives his interviews to the German media.

  63. Dissenter

    It all boils down to respect?
    How about players playing for the fans who travel with the team at great cost. How about Ozil not shirking from one-on-one battles.

  64. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    Yet we slate Arsene for opening up his gob and spewing bollocks (regardless of if what he is saying is right)

    Most times we have all called for him to just shut the hell up and say; “No comment” in regards to some questions asked.

    Troy saw a chance to come across as being smart and probably feels the players will take it as banter (as i believe he knows and is friendly with a few of our lads) but he should have diplomatically side stepped some answers or phrased it differently. Basically (and in the end) he wasn’t saying anything which we didn’t already know or felt.

  65. Gooner63


    Deeney wasnt being disrespectful to our players, he was talking about the way our players (which ever 11 are on the pitch) are never man motivated to fight, how once they concede they dont know how to get back up and regain control of the game.

    We dont hunt down players to get the ball, we dont impose ourselves on the game, because they arent trained to do so.

    This is all to do with management not the players

  66. Samesong

    At the end of the day Watford have taken 3 points of us that can make a difference to their survival. And I don’t know when we play them next, but if it’s a relegation scrap I don’t see it being a full on conclusion either.

  67. Wenker-wanger

    Btw, Troy said loud and clear that he has not got the talent of any arsenal player , so the argument of a justified response against Deeney is actually nullified.
    Deeney only slagged off the attitude and physicality of arsenal players, not their talent. And he was right to do so…….the more that le fraud gets exposed in the media, the better.

  68. loyika

    @ Samesong

    I don’t think Watford will be involved in any relegation scrap. Think they are a settled team in the EPL right now.

    See them giving the Chavs a tough game, but believe the Chavs will be far more ruthless with their chances than we were and come through in the end.

  69. HighburyLegend

    At least we still make a lot of people laugh, thats better than nothing. Sad to see our club slowly dying…


  70. Boomslang

    Don’t worry Pierre, your idol is still the manager. You can sleep well and dream of your wildest Wenger fantasies.

  71. loyika

    @ Steve!?

    Not sure what you are on about? No one said his comments were wrong… Some are just saying he should have kept it to himself or expressed himself better as a professional.

    Any and every player has and can express their views on the opposition, but we wouldn’t want and expect them all to come on TV shows and “tell it like it is” now would we.

    Regardless thats its about Arsenal and our weakness, which we all are in agreement that Troy isn’t saying anything which we didn’t already know or feel. The point for most is that Troy would have been best served keeping his gob shut.

    But if him (and any other player) coming into studios to slate opposition teams gets you off, your entitled to getting your pleasures any which way.

    Anyways this should be my last comment on Troy Deeney (tired of talking about him, as i am sure many are tired of reading comments about him as well)

  72. Pierre

    My take on the penalty yesterday, for what it’s worth is this…

    15 mins before the Watford penalty, Welbeck was through on goal and was either pushed, leaned on, obstructed or he. dived.
    The ref gave nothing.
    I think the common consensus is that Welbeck did not dive which means there must have been contact. Whether the contact was enough for a penalty is debatable.
    With the Watford penalty, the common consensus is that the Watford player dived as there was no obvious contact and it was a wrong decision.

    Now, if the first incident regarding Welbeck never happened then maybe I could understand the ref considering the Watford penalty shout even if it was the wrong decision because by denying arsenal the penalty the ref has set a benchmark for himself as to what constitutes enough contact to award a penalty. However, in this case the benchmark for arsenal was different to Watford’s.
    By awarding Watford a penalty the refs integrity is called into question without a doubt, mainly because both incidents were quite similar with different outcomes.

    Of course, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that we fell apart after the Watford penalty despite having experienced players in the team…

  73. tippitappi

    wenger should never have taken that 2 year deal but did because he couldn’t help himself the board should not have sanctioned that 2 year deal but couldn’t help themselves the majority share holder should not have given that 2 year deal but couldn’t help himself the result Watford 2 Arsenal 1 and aside from the usual defeats plus a few extras, one or two left field wins and a few more of those Watford type results that’s the sum total of a weak minded side . Who is going to rescue the club and us from these sharks

  74. Dissenter

    Rhys needs to have his Lithium level checked.
    He’s been making these racially motivated comments forever.
    I don’t run the blog so I will just ignore him and move on.

  75. gmv8

    When will people get it? It is not Wenger, it is Kroenke. Kroenke is the one who went against the advice of the board, the one who gave Wenger a 25% pay increase and a new 2 year contract. The fact is Kroenke doesn’t give a stuff what happens on the pitch, which of course leads to the current apathy we’re seeing on the pitch, but only cares about profit. Any proper owner would’ve looked at the club infrastructure, or hired people who could, brought in people to do the jobs Wenger does, other than coaching, allowed Wenger to at least spend Arsenal funds, and then reviewed Wenger’s performance at the end of the season.

  76. gmv8

    No wonder Kroenke doesn’t own a normal business, if he did, the workers would be paid minimum wage or less, the materials would be bought on the cheap, everything would be continually in the repair shop, and the business would go bust. He is abusing fan’s loyalty at the moment. Everyone seems to think that Usmanov is such a bad man, and we are so pious to be suffering under Kroenke, because he isn’t that bad … what??? the man who tries to make money out of a subscription slaughter channel, killing endangered species, the man who evicts pensioners of a ranch he has bought, who have paid to rent 0.5% of the total land for over 50 years in some cases, and one was so upset at being evicted, he killed himself?

  77. Carts

    When it was obvious that Sanchez wanted out, I was very vocal about the repercussions of keeping Sanchez in the hope he’ll catapult us to 4th. Wenger and arsenal showed a complete lack of foresight. Dissenter was another poster who sent this happening!

    Essentially, he’s an £80m asset, who we rejected £60m for; who we’ll now sell for £20m in January or worse yet, lose for nothing in July.

    Ozil, Ozil, Ozil. What can I say. In an ideal word, Wenger should’ve literally built a team around him. Instead, Wenger continued with his mind boggling approach of combining shit players with average players and adding ONE standout player in Sanchez.

    This was never going to work. Everyone knew this. Only the deluded idiots believed that Wenger could coach ur current crop up to the necessary level (of Sanchez).

    We are so fucked it isn’t funny. As CA, it’s poinyless now

  78. David Smith

    We are a Kroenke team, it’s all over, if you want glory, passion , progession, find a lower league team to follow, because if that’s what you want, Stan/ Wenger won’t give it to you

  79. Elmo


    It’s a given that any move against Kroenke will be a slow war of attrition.

    If Wenger is the only piece on the board that we can remove in the near future, then let’s be rid of him. At least that opens up the possibility of the club structure being modernised, and an idol who became beyond accountability due to past glories being replaced by a manager and DoF with no bank of goodwill to live off and rely on.

    Even with Kroenke stinking the place out, a new set-up offers the chance to be a higher budget Atletico or a Monaco (i.e occasionally doing something special; being someone the heavyweights want to avoid; a destination where young starlets want to pass through). That’s a greap leap above what we have become. What could Monchi and Jardim do with a £200m wage bill, £60m net per year for transfers, and a mandate to rebuild the squad over 2 or 3 years?

  80. TitsMcGee

    Here comes the tactic again, I cannot argue with what you say so I will argue about who is saying it.”

    Glad someone else notices it too. So predictable.

  81. TitsMcGee

    Deeneys comments really hurt some on here lol.”

    Very clearly. It’s also being treated the way any criticism of Wenger gets treated. Instead of reacting to what he said they are reacting to who said it.

    I.e Deeney plays at Watford so his opinion doesn’t count.

    Childish at best, moronic at worst.

  82. TitsMcGee

    If Deeney can talk trash about Ozil, imagine how much Ozil can say in return about the English donkey.”


    Whoa. Temper temper lol

    Classic case of “don’t be upset that he said it but be upset that it’s true”.

    Don’t be upset with Deeney for saying it. Be more upset that it’s true. Who gives a shiite? Henry threw us under the bus earlier in the season. Deeney hasn’t said anything that we don’t say on here and have been saying on here for 10 years.

  83. TitsMcGee

    “If this is over reacting, why isn’t celebrating over Doncaster over reacting? Why isn’t celebrating over Brighton over reacting?””

    Because what else do they have to go on to convince the WOB (and deep down themselves really) that somehow this season will be different from the last 12? 😉

    Beat Brighton. Celebrate and wax poetic.

    Lose to Watford. Blame the refs. Blame Deeney for being too tough. Blame the sky being blue.

    The irony is they give Wenger credit for beating the teams we dwarf financially but then excuse losses to teams that have more money than us.

    The idiocy is scandalous.

  84. gmv8

    @Elmo – that’s the whole problem, I can’t see Wenger moving while Kroenke is there, because there is no manager that will take on all Wenger’s responsibilities, or live with an owner, that doesn’t want to win things, causing all the negativity in the team, or actually keep their mouth shut, and take the blame for Kroenke like Wenger does. I actually think that Wenger might have wanted to leave, which was why Kroenke gave him the pay rise. I think Wenger has a job there for life, if he wants it, as long as Kroenke is in charge,

  85. Pedro

    Sorry about the Rhys comment guys, it was funny when he was just going at me, he let a little too much of his bitter personality spill over.

    Who knew a rapist sympathiser, young person hater, and a misogynist would also turn out to be a bit racist?

  86. Dissenter

    What are you sorry for?
    It’s the price of a medium where people can write freely, sometimes they go too far.

  87. Wallace


    “Henry threw us under the bus earlier in the season. Deeney hasn’t said anything that we don’t say on here and have been saying on here for 10 years.”

    it’s that family thing though, innit. you can say what you like about your sister and it’s hilarious, but some dickhead from down the road says the same and it’s a whole different story, am i right?

  88. Cesc Appeal

    Anything that puts pressure on Wenger and the club is absolutely fine by me, the media attention Deeney’s rough and ready comments are getting is great.

    I don’t care who said it, its true, and even the pro-Wenger fans seem not to be able to argue against that, therefore, it is great, as much pressure as possible to get rid of Wenger and Kroenke.

  89. Ishola70

    ” I think Wenger has a job there for life”

    He definitely won’t go on past this contract,

    Again at the Watford post presser he is looking a very old man. Frail and tbh and bit tottery. When you get to his age you can get very. very old overnight.

    His team will not do anything of real note. He is unlikely to qualify for Champions League next season either from league placing or Europa League. In the Europa League there will be a side that will pick his naive pocket somewhere down the line even if that is the final. The only thing he may manage to win is another FA Cup but those will start to wear thin when people realise that is his optimum now and piling up FA Cups will just be an indicator that he can only win at a certain level and competition. Not top end.

    It’s end days for him. Thank god.

  90. Ishola70

    And it’s a real shame that he is not going to leave his successor a real good situation to come into.

    But that reflects some of Wenger’s personality traits. Traits that overshadow his good ones. Those being narcissism and selfishness.

  91. OleGunner

    “It’s end days for him. Thank god”

    Who in their right mind can genuinely believe this?
    Wenger is currently nailed on for a contract extension after 2019, this Arsenal job is his life and he’s nothing without it.

    You’re kidding yourself if you think he resigns early or think he would give up after 2019.

    We did the same song and dance last season when people thought his position was untenable; he’s got a job for life far as I can tell.

  92. Ishola70

    All those years back when he embarked on his grandiose project youth you may have thought that he would leave in place a team of players that had a good sprinkling of personnel that were Arsenal breed through the clubs own system.

    But no he is going to hand over a mish mash team of players that were not accumulated with any great idea in place.

  93. Ishola70

    We will see OleGunner.

    I predicted on here that Wenger would not qualify for Champions League last season with confidence and that came to pass and I have the same confidence that this will be his last contrast.

    He is an old man who is not offering an awful lot now.

    End days.

  94. gonsterous

    a defeat and this place is full of people commenting. no surprises there. Kronke might be the problem. but so is Wenger. kronke isn’t on the pitch or dressing room motivating the players, Wenger is and he’s doing a bad Job of it… another 2 years of this so good luck fellow fans…

  95. Pierre

    This is not something that I would normally say /think after 7 games but I believe we are all playing for 2nd place.. City and pep will walk the league.. They have a massive squad with quality right through the team.. It would take a massive injury crisis to make a dent in their squad and that ain’t gonna happen as opposing sides can’t even get close enough to city to make it a physical game.

    Pep Guardiola is a class above everyone else. Yes he can spend untold millions on players but he has earned the right to do that because where ever he has gone he has been a success and he succeeds by playing quality football.
    The team he is building at city will dominate English football for years as the likes of aguero /silva/toure /company are being phased out slowly, pep is replacing them with young, hungry, talented players and the thing is, pep won’t stop there. Next summer he will buy a couple of more players to compliment the team and his stranglehold on the premiership will be complete.
    He can then concentrate on Europe and play so called weakened team’s in the prem before champions league games which will give city a greater chance in Europe.
    And there are still people on here who still don’t believe gaurdiola is a class act .
    I am still gutted that we didn’t get him 3/4 years ago, he would have demanded the investment in the team and convinced the owner that by investing, The Arsenal would compete with the elite.

  96. Wallace


    “All those years back when he embarked on his grandiose project youth you may have thought that he would leave in place a team of players that had a good sprinkling of personnel that were Arsenal breed through the clubs own system.”

    Bellerin, McGuane, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Nelson & Iwobi might yet mean he proves you wrong there. time will tell.

  97. Wallace

    yeah, Pep’s adjusted. strengthened where he needed to, and now has a season of PL experience to draw on. think he could have done it without spending the amounts he did, but guess that’s just how it is these days.

  98. David Smith

    Pierre, despite reports and rumours, Kroenke wouldn’t have gone near someone like guardiola, nor will he when Wenger is gone and we all know why.
    Our next manager will be very telling, and not in a good way, Wenger stays not because he is any good, but because he , rightly, takes the flak for the owners complete lack of ambition.

  99. TR7

    I remember all the TV pundits slating Pep last season for taking the EPL too lightly and not respecting it but he has proved them all wrong with his brand of football this season. I am not saying the league is done and dusted but anyway he has shown he can play his own way and win games in the league. GKs and fullbacks were his were City’s weak areas last season and now that they have taken care of it, they are playing amazing amazing football. The way they carved open Stoke’s defense was a delight to watch.

  100. Ishola70


    .”Bellerin, McGuane, Willock, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Nelson & Iwobi might yet mean he proves you wrong there. time will tell.

    Nothing is proved wrong. Project youth was embarked upon many many years ago . Those players you mention now are youngsters currently and most fail. Bellerin is the only first team player out of those mentioned and he is seen as one of the weak links in the side. Wilshere? lol

  101. TitsMcGee

    it’s that family thing though, innit. you can say what you like about your sister and it’s hilarious, but some dickhead from down the road says the same and it’s a whole different story, am i right?”


    Don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t be angry that Deeney had the guts to say it. Be angry that he felt the need to say it because it’s true.

  102. gmv8

    @Dissenter Kroenke is the problem – it is nothing to do with protecting Wenger, you’re crazy if you don’t see that, Kroenke keeps Wenger on to protect himself and take all the flak, while making him money with little protest, would you not only keep on an employee doing a sub par job, failing to meet targets, but give him a 25% increase against the advice of your board? It is very clear, why people fail to see it is part of the problem as well,

  103. gmv8

    As I mentioned before, if you were CEO of a company and employed people doing a sub par job, failing to meet targets, and give them a 25% increase on their salary, your company would go bust. It is only the dyed in loyalty of Arsenal fans, that allows Kroenke to continue with this charade.