Big name retires Mesut Ozil

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You know when you say:

‘I’ll only believe it if it’s on or in a David Ornstein tweet’

Well, the equivalent for football hipsterism is when football word magician Barney Ronay drops an opinion that sends shockwaves through Crouch End’s elite craft pub fútbol gatherings.

Today, he gave up on football’s most elegant enigma: Mesut Ozil.

He basically said it’s over. The dream is finished. Time to move on.

‘Özil is available to play now and may well shimmy back in with a goal or two, or an impudently brilliant assist against Watford on Saturday. But Arsène Wenger really does have to try to sell him in January. The idea of this Arsenal team as some high-grade Özil-centred machine has flickered at times. But that ship has sailed. This is over. It’s done.’

The guillotine poetically positioned above the quivering neck of Ozil.

‘Özil’s significant failings are strikingly English in nature. What has happened at Arsenal is that he has failed to develop, has failed to add any further gears to his game. Football has changed a lot in four years. But Özil is basically the same player with the same skills, the same needs, the same strengths and flaws. This is a kind of laziness. But it’s not to do with running or energy expended on the pitch; more a familiar, and very native lack of curiosity, a complacency, a failure to learn.’

Any last words?

‘We’ve all heard the one about needing special privileges too, the idea Özil’s work is so finely graded as to be almost invisible to the uncultured eye, like the most delicate component of some purringly over-engineered luxury car.’


The party was fun while it lasted, but now it’s over. Question is, what does Arsene think? Has he seen that we’re playing better without his overly indulgent toy? Does he recognise that the German quarterback had temporarily broken up with us to sample the other fishy delights in the sea, only to find he wasn’t in the sea, he’d stepped into a really small puddle with next to bites on his expensive rod.

Mesut, we don’t want to be your pension fund in a world where your type can’t thrive anymore (#10s).

Anyway, I thought that was amusing. The football hipsters of Arsenal should just retire. First Xhaka, now Mesut… it’s really not going well. Maybe they’ll get lucky with Ramsey?

Onto Watford:

‘I haven’t seen everybody, because some players are coming back today and some are in tomorrow, like Alexis. The minor problem we have is with Sead Kolasinac. We’ll check him today – he has a hip problem. We lost Mustafi for about four to six weeks and I don’t think he’ll be available before the next international break. Ozil and Welbeck are back in the group in normal training.”
Gotta love that, WELBZ back in contention. Likely too early for him to start, but I am very excited about this being a breakthrough year for a fitter Danny, with more responsibility. His strength, hustle, and good positioning will hopefully start to pay off in front of goal.
No Mustafi and maybe no Kos who has a test tomorrow, so Per Mertesacker or Rob Holding will slot in. I’d imagine it’ll be the Englishman as the first choice, Wenger seems quite averse to using Per unless it’s asking him to boss an FA Cup final. I’m game for that, Rob has been having a tough second season, but he has it all to be a great player for us.
Hopefully there’s no hangover from the international break. Watford are a smarter team under a very good manager. We have more quality, but I’d imagine there’s more of a plan from Marco Silva, and probably more time to work on it because he’ll have less internationals to greet this week (guess, I fucking guessed that).
It’s gonna be a tough game, if you want more on Watford, read this. If you just want to jump into the comments and call me a hater… BE MY DAMN GUEST.
See you all tomorrow, not before kick off though.


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  1. HillWood

    It has taken this stupid arrogant French cunt 21 years to realise a football match in England lasts 90 minutes.
    Go fuck yourself Wengie

  2. Frankie Coffeecakes

    One can only imagine Arsenal without their supposed best players, Sanchez and Ozil…wait, yes we can….wait, it was on full display today…nice!!!

    Wait to go, Arsene…way to dump 100 million out the door waiting on those two to declare they are your love children and loyal to the reich!

    Honestly, what has any decent Gooner done to deserve such a rotten manager as Wenger?

  3. graham62

    What the #### are we doing?!?! Sitting here doing sod all, while our club is being ripped apart. I implore every Arsenal supporter to boycott the club. Stop pretending and show some balls.

    Get this clown out of the club. He deserves nothing but ridicule and disdain from us all.

  4. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Pierre….Waldo….all the same. There to insult your intelligence on a weekly basis, but oh so quiet when things get tough. Way to go, Pie-air….you sanctimonious sack of nothing worth mentioning.

  5. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Can’t wait for Wenger’s we got robbed and jobbed comments. Can’t wait for the insanity laced diatribe from our good brainwashed friends at Untold…Da Refs are to blame!

    Well, how much more is the average supporter going to take???

    The circuit is now complete…Arsenal are but a weekly joke.

  6. Gooner63

    lol i just love it

    people blaming ozil – instead of blaming wenger

    everyone including wenger should know by now that Ozil is a luxury player

    Wenger should know by now that 1-0 up you dont take off your main striker
    Wenger should know by now that at 1-1 – you dont bring on holding when your getting swamped in midfield – just go to 4-4-2 and strengthen the midfield

    Dont blame the dodgy penalty

    Blame the fact that despite dominating we once again failed to put the game beyond an average team


    Ask the manager

  7. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Arsene Wenger hit out at a “scandalous” penalty decision after Arsenal lost their way and slumped to a 2-1 defeat at Watford.”

    Scandalous only to you, you lousy excuse of a manager! Your team played to lose pretty much 90 minutes of the match. Where was Nozil? Where was Dirty Sanchez? Not ready of course….scandalous indeed!

  8. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Explain something to me…Granit Xhaka? Jesus fucking wept when he started. The only thing that kept him from balling his eyes out was Ramsey not starting. What a shit show Arsenal have become under the direction of One Arsene Wenger!

  9. Bamford10


    I thought Spurs were better than City? Looking forward to taking your money on that wager.

    And I’d just like to note that I had DeBruyne as one of the best three players in the PL upon arriving at City and got push back from some here. No doubt about that now.

  10. Bamford10

    Also, check out the goal from Fernandinho today. Who was the dickhead here who was suggesting that he and Fernando were interchangeable, that he wasn’t a good CDM, that we had better in Xhaka or Coquelin? What a farce.

  11. London gunner


    What I loved about debruyne’s brilliant assist for Sane’s goal isn’t just the mind numbingly beautiful execution of it but the fact it came from a tackle by debruyne

    He keeps winning back possession before delevering master class passes.

    He is an all action warrior and a maistro genius all in one

  12. Guernsey gun

    Brilliant from deeney, sums it all up we are a bunch of fuckinf pussys. I hope don cc, and all the rest of wengers rim crew are looking forward to 5th November, it’s going to be facing ugly. Oh yeah and Koeman needs a result…..guess who they are playing next?

  13. TitsMcGee

    Watford wage bill for 2016-2017 £ 31 million
    Arsenal wage bill for 2016-2017 £200 million”

    Shhhhhhhh. You’re not supposed to point that out. It only works as an excuse when a team with more money than us beats us 😉

  14. Guernsey gun

    Only one arsene wenger according to the rim crew…..away form looking good at least we have scored 1 in 5. I reckon we could nick a result at city, you know with jack showing de bruyne what a cunt he is…….Jesus wept this is what some of the cunts on here will be spouting.

  15. ArseneisaFraud

    It’s good to see AW being fucked over by Sanchez and Ozil. The team we saw today is the kind of team we will all have the pleasure to enjoy watching once they have both left the club.

  16. David Smith

    I think everyone needs to stop fretting and face reality.
    We are now a fully fledged Stan Club, as we all know, just have to ask a supporter of Avalanche/nuggets/Rams what that means.
    We have long known what Stan is, but he will increasingly show his true colours.
    If Usmanov sells to him, he takes us private and hides the club in Delaware, of he AU doesn’t, probably means Stan gives even less of a shit about the club than he would normally
    This Wenger/Kroenke shit show will get a lot worse believe me. He doesn’t care , but maybe he should, England fans are showing what happens when the lifeblood falls out of love with a team
    The only hope for this club is to be rid of the Wenger/Kroenke thing for good, and hope this consortium can buy their way in, but that is the longest of shots.
    A man that has once done and won so much is reduced to helping an American venture capitalist kill the club, how does that sit with your French socialist principles and values Arsene?

  17. Ishola70

    David Smith doesn’t like to slag Wenger off.

    It’s easier for him to combine Wenger with another.

    And there you have the problem at the club in a nutshell.

  18. Ishola70

    How about my old chum Xhakattack? How has he been getting on?

    Noticed he’s going slagged right left and centre for his performance today but he looked damn good to me on the edited highlights show lol.

    What were you thinking Stan paying all that money for a Swiss/Albo footballer. lol Swiss footballers never amount to anything. Nothing money bean about that signing. Over to you Arsene.

  19. Dissenter

    It’s all Wenger’s creation, that is the banality of stupidity that has befallen the club.
    We’ve become the small ambition club that’s afraid to take risks.
    We have a situation where we were afraid to sell players with one year off their contracts because we “can’t find anyone better”. Wenger even went as far as suggesting it was the ideal set-up.
    This is only going to get worse. Ozil and Sanchez will preserve themselves for their Bosman transfers. They will be stupid to do otherwise.
    How did Watford find Richarlson? He cost them only 11 million and is paid 25k weekly.
    £200 million wage budget and the squad is till shambles; aging defense, sub-quality midfield and a 35 year old goalie who’s on the way down.
    We are not allowed to say it’s Wenger’s fault. We have to ascribe the fault to Kroenke.

  20. David Smith

    Ishola, for the record, I hold Wenger in far greater contempt than Kroenke, and for me , that really is saying something.
    The reason, Kroenke doesn’t give a shit, but Wenger is supposedly a football man, who for his own selfish reasons, is going along with what’s happening at this club. His punishment, a seriously tarnished legacy in his own lifetime, I believe that will cause suffering to an ego clearly so fragile.
    But, if you ask me who is the most harmful to the club, Kroenke every day of the week. Wenger will be gone soon enough, Kroenke, or Kroenke junior will not, and just imagine who those two fuckwits will replace Wenger with.
    This club is ruined until there is no Wenger or Kroenke anywhere near it.

  21. Dissenter

    Wenger’s solution for the midfield is to wait for Cazorla to return back from injury. Never mind that he’s had 8 achilles tendon surgeries and hasn’t played a game since October 19, 2016.
    There’s a lack of imagination and balls at Arsenal.

  22. David Smith

    Whatever the many faults in Wenger, it is Kroenke who keeps him here, reportedly against the wishes of the English board members including his CEO.
    The buck stops firmly with the owner for keeping Wenger in this position.

  23. Ishola70

    We don’t know if there will be a disaster after Wenger David Smith.

    What we do know is that this club is suffocated by one person really and his name is Arsene Wenger.

  24. Elmo

    We know that he is absolutely coated in Teflon, but is there any chance that Wenger might be sacked at the start of December if he loses the forthcoming games against Everton (A), City (A), Spuds (H), Burnley (A), and United (H)? That would make 6 defeats in 8 PL games, which even for Wenger might attract another round of extreme pressure.

    The Everton game next Sunday is going to tell us a lot about how this coming hard run of PL fixtures will play out. If we collapse again against them, it could be the start of a sequence of spankings.

  25. David Smith

    Ishola, the club is being suffocated by two people, one is a serial suffocater of sports clubs, the other, a sad, egotistical stubborn , drunk on power, scared shell of a hasbeen too frightened of his own mortality and abundance of spare time to walk away , and only kept in place by said serial suffocater.
    Wenger , at present, is only ruining one club, Stan wrecks many, Wenger was many times a winner, Stan, ok maybe once, or more of you include lacrosse.
    Wenger clearly needs replacing, but who do you think Stan will pick? Allegri? Conte? Tuchel? Jardim? J Lowe? My money is on Martinez/Henry.

  26. ArseneisaFraud

    … Kroenke is responsible for leaving AW as manager. There is a reason for this. AW sold him the: we will be stable by finishing 4th and make money. Where it gets interesting is that Kroenke has failed to understand that there are financial repercussions for not doing well. Something that does not exist in american franchised sports. This is where we are all heading for a bumpy ride. Once AW gone, who will Kroenke appoint??? No decent manager will play along with their scam.

  27. Ishola70

    I’m not really interested to go over this again David Smith.

    Wenger is a past it football manager at the real top end and has been for many years. These failures show up constantly in the teams he constructs and buys and players picked for the team.

    I mean FFS Xhaka lol. What a village idiot footballer. Got talent but what a village idiot he is on the football field. A perfect highlight of how Wenger fails and keeps failing at the top end.

  28. David Smith

    Arsene is a fraud, agree, no decent manager would work for Kroenke, as posted, my guess, Martinez, Henry. Stans son has a bit of a thing for Henry apparently., goes a bit screaming schoolgirl in his presence.

  29. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Come on David….Stan is the money and Wenger is his puppet on a string. Ain’t no thang but a chicken on that strang!

  30. Dissenter

    Henry has no business at Arsenal
    We need a proper manager not some old boy who’s never managed at the level required.

  31. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Let’s put things in perspective, shall we. This was fucking Watford that we lost to. Watford!!!

    Wenger can wax injustices all night all he wants but he just got his cruddy marble bag handed to him with mink gloves. What an absolute tosser Wenger is. Any other real owner would have put this Vincent Price look-alike out of his lousy misery years ago. Instead we have to listen to this slapnuts incessant whining day in and day out. Just leave already you pathetic sack of useless.

  32. Ishola70

    It’s amusing isn’t it that this complete belief that really Kroenke is the main evil has only really manifested itself in the last couple of years coming to a head when Arsenal failed to qualify for Champions League.

    How can such an obvious evil be only really identified so late in the day.

    Kroenke comes to London and sees fans sing Wenger’s name at Wembley. He knows nothing about football and cares even less.

    For a man whose powers have so obviously waned over the years and has been involved in the game for so long I see who the real villain is in this shoddy episode. The man who should be really ashamed of himself. So I agree with you David Smith in one aspect.

  33. Frankie Coffeecakes

    To Stan Kroenke Arsenal is a safe investment. Afterall, success is assured no matter the results on the pitch. The weak and feeble minded supporters have assured that for life. Until the fools turn on the club, Kroenke gets richer every day. Thing of beauty, courtesy of the London 60K Club.

  34. Elmo


    Yep – I remember the Sky Sports lads making that comment at the Liverpool away match last season: what was on show that day was what Arsenal will look like not too long in the future when Sanchez and Ozil have walked away. No stars, a few above average PL players (Kolasinac, Lacazette, Giroud, Wally, Monreal, Bellerin) mixed in with plenty of genuinely average PL players (Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Welbz, Coq, Elneny, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding), and a couple of declining pensioners (Cech, Kosc).

    The club desperately, desperately need the academy to produce some real talent to provide a new narrative for the future, because beyond the current ability to pay relatively high wages, there is just no reason why a world class player or top youngster would want to come anywhere near us at the moment, even once Wenger goes. It’s a tragic indictment of his work in the last 5 years that he’ll be passing on a situation much, much worse for his successor from a footballing perspective than the one he inherited (solid defence, Bergkamp, Wright, mental toughness etc).

    And surely if you are the board or Gazidis, alarm bells must be ringing that the excuse of the club “not being ready” for the radical post-Wenger transition can’t be trotted out a year later. They should have a clear new model for the division of powers ready to go, a list of their favoured managerial and DoF candidates, and a general plan of which players need to be moved on in the next year.

  35. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Wrong in your assessment of talent, Elmo. Not one of the current squad are above average as you put it. Marginal talent courtesy of a marginal manager.

  36. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The only plus today was BFG and his header. Otherwise, a pedestrian result from a pedestrian squad, led by a less than pedestrian manager.

  37. Elmo


    By above average I mean better than the middle PL player (Ryan Shawcross, Leroy Fer, Harry Arter, Flappyhandski).

    That makes Wilfried Zaha, Jamie Vardy, Seamus Coleman and Jonny Evans above average.

    After this season we will have no star or leading PL players, but we will have several players in the above average PL player group, and a large number in the average PL player group.

    We are not talking about the average player in the CL knockout stage, we are talking about the bog standard, genuinely middle of the road PL player.

  38. ArseneisaFraud

    The problem with the academy “producing” is that it has become Wengerised. This was apparent vs Doncaster where the hyped up kids have all had a cameo role… for the worst. None of them had an impact.

    The BoD got screwed over by Wenger and Gazidis is complicit. The BoD is Wenger Out but have very little power now unfortunately. (No shares: no power/voice).

  39. raptora

    October 15, 2017 01:02:30

    It’s good to see AW being fucked over by Sanchez and Ozil. The team we saw today is the kind of team we will all have the pleasure to enjoy watching once they have both left the club.”

    I assume you meant to type “enjoy” because we played bad today? With all honesty we were leading the game by a fair amount up until one of the two players you say that Wenger was “fucked over” got introduced to the game. Afterwards we couldn’t pass the ball twice in a row. Mr “world class” missed a golden 1v1 with the keeper completely alone and unchallenged then went missing, just to show up in the end with this outrageous piece of skill and geniousity – .

    Thing is we stopped pressing from the front, we never really hold on to the ball, we were never dangerous again in the game, we stopped getting first and second balls, no one to conquer some space with the ball in their feet, no speed, no directness, no one to put the opponent under pressure, to get a foul or corner, no one to cover Funny enough those are all the things that the maestro cannot do. Not away. Not in tough game. Not when you have to show balls. Not when you can just hide and never show up after things go south.

    People on twitter –
    “And some people say we have 10 men when Ozil is in the team when he’s not playing, where is the creativity?”

    “This half may have killed the ‘Arsenal are better without Sanchez & Ozil’ narrative.”

    “This is what we will be like next season without Ozil and Alexis Get used to it lads”

    “good work to get the goal before the half, still lacking creativity, this is what it’s like without ozil man we’re asking for theo to start”

    “Mkhitaryan was being compared with Coutinho, De Bruyne, Eriksen and Ozil . Guy is Willian, Pedro level.”

    God forbid, to every comment of sorts there are 5 idiots slating the german.

    Ofc not everything starts and ends with him, as the picture is much, much bigger than him, but the dude has been a burden for the team (whatever the team is good or bad, and however past it the manager is) for at least a year. I don’t think there is a similar football player to him in the world football and I don’t remember any. And this is not a compliment since we’ve seen /are seeing/ far better passers than him, supremely better finishers than him, ultimate leaders, players you look up to, big people who would do whatever it takes to win.

    I just want the dude to never play an EPL game again for us. Ever.

    Or one day I hope to be intelligent enough to understand the higher worldly brilliance of Ozil.

  40. raptora

    Martin Keown:

    ‘I feel he (Ozil) was at fault for the late goal conceded,’ the former Arsenal defender told BT Sport.

    ‘I don’t know whether there is a future for him now in this Arsenal team and I know it looks like I’m coming for him all the time but he really should have finished the game off.
    The top players are ruthless and they don’t play for fun. I don’t know if he’s got that ruthlessness in his make-up. That ball has got to be in the back of the net (speaking on missed chance).

    ‘That should be game over, Arsenal have won the game. People might think i’m coming for him but you’ve got to be clinical in those situations. Is he really bothered there?

    ‘He’s just missed an opportunity to win the game for Arsenal and everything that happens afterwards wouldn’t have happened. I don’t know if he cares enough or not but he’s certainly not ruthless enough.

    ‘There’s only one outcome isn’t there? When it comes to January surely Ozil will be gone.’

    Has a chance to rub it on all of the haters by deciding a tough away game in a clear 1v1 vs the keeper – proceeds to show himself up once again by the ditherer he is and it’s not enough but he has to do it TWICE in the same game for half an hour of game played.

  41. ArseneisaFraud

    It’s not that we played “bad”. We were not incisive enough, which for a supposedly attacking team, to not be like this, is a complete travesty. As has been mentioned by Frankie Coffeecakes, we were once again very pedestrian against Watford.

  42. follow the money

    Kroenke pfffte with the resources and wage bill wenger has had he should have won the pl 6 times and the cl twice over his tenure if he is a great manager as some claim. But he isn’t. He’s a serial underperformer. I’ll say it once again. If it wasn’t for David Dein Wenger would have won zero league titles. The success Wenger enjoyed was down to him, not Wenger

  43. GuNZ

    Another day, another shambles. I will be in the UK for three weeks in November. Arrive in time to see the Man. City game in a pub of my choice and then it’s international break thank fuck, until the Spurs game.

    Fucking shambles. Absolute fucking shower . . .

  44. GuNZ

    There is a young Irish lad who plays for North Shore United reserves here in Auckland. He is a dead-ringer for a young David O’Leary. I told him so but he didn’t know who David O’Leary was so I pissed in his beer when he wasn’t looking.

    I have taken up lawn bowls because Wenger is such a cunt. Lawn fucking bowls! At least the beer’s cheap in the club.

    And I expect Elton John’s laughing his fucking head off as he’s giving it to his boyfriend up the chugger. I bet he made his catamite wear a Giroud face mask. Even Elton wouldn’t plug Wenger.

  45. GuNZ

    And as for that cunt Özil, he’s looking more and more like a lamprey every day. Look one up if you don’t know what I mean. I used to like him. But then again I used to like Wenger (yes, I’m that fucking old).

  46. GuNZ

    Right, Half way through a bottle of Sauv Blanc after a skin full of Lion Red down the pub at lunchtime. I’m going to progress to the cointreau after the vino. The missus is away in Aussie for the weekend as the youngest daughter is up the duff. That daughter’s a West Ham supporter so I don’t really give a stuff but I’m looking forward to seeing my other Gooner daughter in London in November.

  47. GuNZ

    My missus asked me to undergo plastic surgery to make me look like Giroud but I said I could do it much cheaper and super-glued a load of hair from the local barber’s around my face to make me look like a cunt.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Same old story.

    Poor team selections.
    One paced midfield
    Too many injury prone players
    Lack of quality
    Manager devoid of ideas

  49. Emiratesstroller

    I would add to the above maxim “poor workman blames his tools”.

    Whenever Arsenal make a cock up Wenger will always make an excuse and blame someone else for the outcome.

    For once he needs to take responsibility for recruitment or lack of it, poor team selections and lack of intensity in this team.

  50. HillWood

    When Wengers contract was up he bypassed the board and went straight to Kroenke begging for an extension.
    Stan, the only man at the club with the power to tell him to fuck off , gave him another 2years .
    Wenger, who we consider to be a fraud must be delivering Stans requirements

  51. Goobergooner

    “My missus asked me to undergo plastic surgery to make me look like Giroud but I said I could do it much cheaper and super-glued a load of hair from the local barber’s around my face to make me look like a cunt”

    Hahahahahahaha GuNZ you hilarious prick!

  52. Rambo Ramsey

    Wilshere the Savior? Fuck me, its like some of you forget the past.

    There’s a reason Wenger shits himself at prospect of using Wilshere in PL. Its okay though, once he signs that 150k a week 5 year deal, he’ll be thrown in to play and spend about three quarters of that term nursing injuries.

    Just like his buddy Danny Welbeck, another crocked donkey of a player.

  53. Wenker-wanger

    Just a few points to comment on in the cold light of day with emotions removed.
    Ozil: potentially still a great player with certain flaws. Noticeably a lack of fight and ruthlessness in front of goal. A gifted but luxury player.
    Wenger: continued demonstration of tactical incompetence, disastrous player mismanagement.( the ozil mindset referred above made even worse by Wenger’s lack of motivation and player selection and set-up.)
    Wengerisation: players start to dramatically lose form and enthusiasm at varying times in their arsenal career. This “affliction” occurs when the realization hits them that other players have no spirit for the fight particularly in away games. “Wengerisation” is only overcome when a player wants to perform to catch the eye of a big club looking to rescue the player from the black hole wenger has put them in.This upturn in performance precedes transfer. Cesc, nasri van persie,Sanchez to name a few.

  54. Coach 15


    Never mind son,you can still play your guess how many empty seats there are at the home games.Should keep you occupied for the 90 minutes.