Two ways Usmanov’s shareholding could change hands

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Well, it is a damn slow news week, so this won’t be very long today.

Some excited chatter about Usmanov saying he might pass on his shares to a more interested 3rd party. If that were to happen, there are only two ways I can see it being of interest to the fans.

1) He sells to a consortium of good people who earn themselves a board seat and some sort of say at the table.

2) He sells to the fans, and we earn a fan seat in the boardroom, a little like how things operate in Germany

I’m not sure either is going to happen because both are a pain in the backside for Stan K.

The most depressing owner in the world of sport has very little interest in making us successful, and he’ll do all he can to make sure he’s protected from making good decisions at the club. Having a fan group on the board would be noisy. Having an ambitious minority shareholder on the board would also cause too much racket.

Stan just likes to buy in, and watch everyone else work to make his asset appreciate. The most soul-destroying business approach you can imagine. A billionaire happy to suck the joy out of every entity he’s involved in.

This little excerpt is about his hockey team.

The Avalanche’s awful 2016-17 season ended Sunday.


It wasn’t just awful.

It was historically awful. It was toxic. It was a dumpster fire that only could be extinguished by the schedule — the end of the schedule.

What is the point in owning teams, that millions want to enjoy, and doing nothing to make them competitive? It’s parasitic behaviour, except the host never dies.

I remember fearing a leveraged buyout, but at least when the Glazers did that at United, the success of the approach was predicated on making the club hugely successful. What hope do we have? Merely existing is good enough for Stan.

Sad thing is, the fans aren’t even asking for anything outlandish. Just a more aggressive approach to winning. Some accountability. Smarter investment. To not see us going backwards. Why wouldn’t you want to make your asset more valuable by doing the most with the tools you have at your disposal?

It’s almost perverse.

The fan ownership scheme would be appealing, but I’m not quite sure we’d be able to raised £525m. Does anyone know who the richest Arsenal fan in the world is? Dangote? Does he fancy going in on this one? How much could fans raise via a fanshare operation? Not enough, I’d suspect.

Some thoughts four ya. I won’t go into the Sanchez / Ozil talk. No one has anything informed, all the papers are guessing because web traffic is down this week.

Right, I’m off, see you tomorrow.

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  1. Bankz

    Boomslang is on run of form.
    He could be our 50million pound striker in 2 years time.
    Go Boomslang….Go Boomslang!

  2. alexanderhenry

    Excellent article Pedro.

    Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal and at last most arsenal fans now understand this.

    It’s what I’ve been saying for years of course…

    But anyway,

    There is only one certain way to get rid of Stan:
    Don’t give the club any money whether it’s through season tickets, shirts or arsenal tea cosies.

    As soon as the club becomes a depreciating asset he’s gone.

  3. Seg

    While Stan would not go out of his way to make the team a success, it doesn’t mean he would be averse to the success of the team, if by some miracle it becomes successful in spite of him, right?

  4. graham62

    Who’s worse, SK with his unique self-indulgent business ethos or, Arsene Wenger, for lapping up all this shit and continuing on his merry way?

    Remember, one is in it for Financial gain and the other is in it for…………………………FINANCIAL GAIN!!(was going to say, the love and knowledge of football).

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    Alexander, don’t bet on it. The usual suspects will be on soon to call you an apologist, sympathizer etc.

    No easy cure for dumb-cuntitis.

  6. Pedro

    Alex, you’re conflating two issues.

    Stan is a problem, we all agree

    Wenger is his biggest failure

    Move Wenger on, and it’ll be a different Arsenal.

    As for fans not paying in, it’ll never happen.

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Move Wenger on, and it’ll be a different Arsenal.’

    I suppose his American teams’ mediocrity is down to coaches too?

  8. Leedsgunner

    From the previous thread…

    Alexander Henry

    With due respect, we all know what you said.

    You said Wenger couldn’t spend the money because Kronke was tight and he wouldn’t allow Wenger to spend it.

    You said it once, you said it twice — in fact you kept on saying it.

    In fact if we paid you a £1 for the number of times you said the same thing, you could buy Kronke’s stake in Arsenal easy. 😉

    Like all good tall tales it had an element of truth in it.

    Kronke was tight.

    Despite his stinginess had Wenger asked for it, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Kronke would have obliged because he trusts Wenger implicitly with all footballing matters.

    But here’s the rub, the reason why Kronke LOVES Wenger. He knows Wenger won’t ask. Wenger’s arrogance won’t allow him to ask to splash the cash because he wants to win it his way. This is hypocritical of course because when Wenger’s skin and reputation is threatened he is more than happy to splash to save face.

    That’s why Wenger is as complicit in this mess as Silent Stan. He has made Arsenal FC all about him rather than the club.

    Wishing you the best.

  9. TitsMcGee

    It’s almost perverse.”

    I’ve been saying it for some time now but Arsenal are moving full-speed in the wrong direction. It’s at a crossroads and until the situation is made untenable we are buried for the foreseeable future.

  10. Carts

    Option 2 would be ideal.

    Fuck knows, how we’d go about it but we’d require a figure head who’ll be accountable to the fans. Take for instance Dein.

    Incorporate AST; have x hundred thousand fans dump x thousands of pounds or what have you into the account. Buy Usmanov’s share.

    For the love of God, why can’t this be done?

  11. Do One Gambon

    So the game somehow gain 30℅ from usmanov, then what? If usmanov isn’t allowed on the board what makes anyone think kroenke will let anyone who buys thoughts shares on the board? So there still wouldn’t be any one to have a say in the clubs direction.

    Were fucked until kroneke either sells himself or dies, its as simple as that.

    I’m so glad I witnessed reasonable success in the late 80s to early 00s because I sure as hell can’t see anything like it for the foreseeable future.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger wanted Kroenke right, when the whole buying shares, power struggle thing started Kroenke was Wenger’s choice, right? Not saying Wenger had the descivie say at the time, but his word would have been absolutely huge and since that time Wenger has been Kroenke’s partner in this all basically, his power has increased year on year to the point where he has enough power to appoint the CEO, he has the final say in Kroenke’s ear as long as he keeps profits ticking along.

    Wenger is getting off incredibly lightly with the fans I think. Not only his managerial performance is poor now, but what he has done in terms of power at the club and its long term future is going under the radar, he has f****d the club basically.

    Paid £8.5 Million a year, more power than any manager in football history, massaging his own ego everyday, no dissent, no accountability and all the while being lauded by half the fan base when he is one of the chief architects of this misery. It actually makes me sick, I really despise Wenger, total fraud in every sense.

  13. Do One Gambon


    They do say the anti Christ would be the great deceiver….

    Not that I’m religious. Just the description remind me a bit of Wenger

  14. alexanderhenry


    ‘Move Wenger on, and it’ll be a different Arsenal.’

    Yes, it will be different.
    Will it be better? Will arsenal challenge for the PL and/or CL? Let’s hope so.

    ‘As for fans not paying in, it’ll never happen.’

    ..cue Kroenke doing a classic villain laugh

  15. David Smith

    Graham62, who’s worse out of Wenger and Kroenke?
    From a sporting standpoint, I would argue the former. Wenger was once a great and successful football man, but to ensure his own survival, he goes along with the biggest leech in sport, a man who has no ambition to win, as Wenger once did ,a long time ago. Kroenke is not fit to even be in the presence of Wenger in his first term, bit our manager has lowered himself to the owners level to stay in the only life he knows, destroying his legacy and reputation in the process, Wenger will leave a tragic figure, when he should have left a hero, one of the greats.
    But who can do the worst damage to the club, Kroenke by a massive margin. Wengers time is nearly up, at least relative to how long we could have one of the vampire family of owners at this club.
    We need rid of both of them.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I do not think Wenger’s time is nearly up, maybe as a manager, but Wenger and Kroenke are joined at the hip. Wenger will be moved to board level, literally no doubt in my mind. Some pile of shit like Howe will be appointed and Wenger will be CEO/DoF/manager.

    Kroenke owns the majority of the club but Wenger runs it day to day and that is all he wants in life, total power, all the attention, no standards, no boss.

    With no Wenger, no Kroenke, with no Kroenke, no Wenger.

  17. ArseneisaFraud

    My last 2 posts from previous thread because as a drunk I did not notice that Pedro posted a new post:

    Kroenke bought into his “values” BS which was all about making sure that the net spend was always in profit which Kroenke loves as he probably made very clear to him (and the BoD) that he won’t be putting a penny into the club.

    But what is clear is if AW was to go it would force the club into getting someone who won’t rock the boat; and this will be very difficult as most managers will be expecting some form of investment (i know this is debatable). On the other hand if Kroenke leaves the club, AW position will be untenable very quickly, as we all know.

    What I do suggest is that we do form an Anti Kroenke protest as we need to start applying some form of pressure via clear show of discontent about how the club is run. The aim being: to start tarnishing his image.

    And most importantly:

    WENGER OUT!!!!!

    KROENKE OUT!!!!!

    I want THE ARSENAL back!!!!!

    We all need to UNITE. Who knows what we can do.

    Usmanov needs to sell to the consortium. We need people who are going to do it the right way and who fully support the club that is: The Arsenal!!

    Pedro: Do you know who are behind the consortium? We need to make sure that they mean to bring The Arsenal to the glory that it fully deserves!

  18. David Smith

    Wenger upstairs would kill the club and next manager, but sadly, that may not bother Kroenke.
    But, when things go really wrong, Kroenke is now a big target,it could get ugly.
    No Wenger,no Stan, would like to think that, but his record in the U.S. suggests otherwise

  19. David Smith

    Would be interesting to know who the consortium is, I would imagine Pedro is sworn to secrecy as he has met them.
    Bet I can guess one of them though

  20. Cesc Appeal

    David Smith

    Half the fan base is still sentimentally sedated, they will not shout or protest or do anything because they think it is ‘disrespectful to Wenger’.

    With him out of the way, finally, the fan base would be virtually united in protesting. Wenger’s approval ratings finally tanked in the last couple of seasons, but Kroenke’s approval ratings have always been very low, like seriously low.

  21. Marc


    Apparently the camera’s didn’t show it but on Sunday the Clock End had more empty seats than full with over 5 minutes left. The fans might not be showing anger but they’re doing something far worse – disinterest.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    That is the exact place I’m in, the only Arsenal games I have watched this year were Leicester and Liverpool.

    We are the most boring club currently masquerading as a top level football club, if we were a colour it would be grey, nothing to be interested in at all, poor manager, poor owner, no infrastructure, no future.

  23. ArseneisaFraud

    Cesc Appeal

    I know exactly what you mean. Everything feels so drab at the club at the moment.

    To me the culprit is definitively AW who introduced to us Kroenke to suit his power mongering cravings.

    I feel that we need to get together and start being vocal against Kroenke. We can’t let this fucking leech destroy OUR club. It may sound futile but: what I care about is the FUTURE of the club and I don’t want to stand by and see this club rich with history being sullied by the wont of 2 greedy bastards.

  24. Elmo

    As you say, Pedro, the fan shareholding thing is unrealistic.

    The sad fact is billionaire money is beyond the realms of co-ordinated masses of ordinary people. Take the 60,000 people in the Emirates and imagine they earn on average an arbitrary amount of £30k net. Even if you got them to contribute their whole year’s wages, you’d still only raise £1.8bn, well short of the kind of money that might entice Kroenke to sell.

    Seeing as in reality when you’re asking for even £100 you’d struggle to get 10,000 people to commit, the chances of ownership by the fans is absolutely zero. The only small hope would be the consortium of high net worth fans, but Kroenke has no incentive to give them a seat on the board and finding an extra £2bn in wealthy local Arsenal supporters to mount a bid for the full shareholding isn’t going to happen.

  25. ArseneisaFraud

    Is in’t it curious that Kroenke doesn’t want to allow a minority shareholder to have a seat on the board? What kind of motive could Kroenke have to disallow this? Could it be to be prevent any discovery that his plan is to laden the club with debt to try and pull off a Glazers type scheme? (A smart way to clear debt from one company to another….).

  26. NEEG

    relegation would remove both Wenger & SK. We are not collapsing yet but year 2 of Wengers latest contract might just start that process.

  27. graham62




    We can moan and groan about our owner’s lack of competitive ambition but it is Wenger who has led us down this path.

    A manager with a miniscule of common sense would have achieved far greater things with the resources and players at his disposal over the past ten years.

    Many of you still feel guilty criticising a man who is not only failing the club but, more significantly, it’s fanbase.

    SK’s ownership prowess has nothing to do with our consistent and predictable on pitch capitulations.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  28. ArseneisaFraud


    We all know that AW is a complete utter failure when it actually comes to scting like a top manager…. we are just adding on top of that narrative that Kroenke’s got to go as he is also damaging the club.

    Don’t worry we are not absolving AW from anything at all, on the contrary we are accusing him of allowing this to happen.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    The problems at Arsenal are much the same as is the case with the Conservative Party.

    The club’s leadership is uninspirational and there is a high degree of staleness. The fundamentals of how the club is run from a financial perspective are almost certainly correct, because Arsenal are a profitable and stable business.

    However, the people who run the club need also to recognise that Arsenal is
    first and foremost a FOOTBALL CLUB and both entertainment and performance on the playing field are important to the people who support the club.

    The FA Cup may be considered by the major shareholder and board of directors as a measurement of success, but that is only one platform. The higher
    levels to be achieved are qualification for Champions League, EPL Title and
    ultimately Champions League.

    The Champions League Qualification is an absolute minimum, which we failed to achieve this season for first time in 20 years. That should be within
    our capability this season.

    The League Title is currently not within our capability with the current team and for us to get to that level the club would need to be able to compete with
    both Manchester Clubs in transfer market.

    The current major shareholder is clearly not willing or perhaps able to do so.
    The idea that you can live with within your means and use exclusively current
    bank balances and revenues is moonshine. Both PSG and Man City blew that
    argument out of the window this summer.

    Every player in the global market has a price if you throw money at the transfer market. Not even Real Madrid nor Barcelona can compete now at the top
    level without same level of investment.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Arsenal feel like they are being run for the sake of it, as if Wenger and Kroenke sigh when the football starts as if to say ‘go on then, I suppose we have to’. There is zero passion or invention, no real hunger to move Arsenal to the next level, is the next level, is the next level.

    Gazidis has come out before on the Usmanov issue and said that there is harmony at board level they do not want to disrupt. I mean, that just thinly tells you everything, they just want to be left alone to carry on doing what they are doing.

    Wenger and Kroenke are enemies of Arsenal, and the fans need to start seeing them that way.

    If you had told Arsenal fans on the first game at the Emirates that by the time we were financially strong etc and paid off the worst of the stadium so it did not hinder us anymore we would be in the Europa League and Spurs will have overtaken us, I think there would have been a few spewing up on the terraces.

    The move to the Emirates was literally a move into the hands of Wenger and Kroenke and it has been disastrous for us and our future unless we can get rid of both of them.

  31. ArseneisaFraud

    I totally agree with you Cesc Appeal. It is just so disheartening to see The Arsenal being run in such an unpassionate way.

    But you’ve said it all:

    “Wenger and Kroenke are enemies of Arsenal, and the fans need to start seeing them that way.”

    They are litterally sucking the life out of our club.

  32. graham62

    Footballing fundamentals should concern us more than financial issues.

    Get this sorted out and the rest will follow suit.

  33. steve

    The problem is there are way too many braindead deluded Ty’s in Arsenals fanbase. Wenger could and really should have been pushed out a long time ago. That’s on the fanbase.

  34. alexanderhenry

    David Smith

    There is a way out of this.
    If arsenal really start to do badly a lot of fans will stay away. That means season tickets not being renewed, shirt sales and other merch plummeting, no CL football with the extra revenue that guarantees, a lot of bad press and increasingly nervous sponsors.

    When other big clubs do badly they invest, but Kroenke will probably do the opposite which will send arsenal into a downward spiral.

    When he realises that the only way to make arsenal competitive again will be through significant investment, he’ll sell up.

  35. graham62

    Fan’s who continue to plod along(in misery)to the Emirates are, imo, beyond “braindead”.

    They are traitors.

  36. Micheal

    I like the idea of a fan-driven buy-out and for us to follow the German model of ownership. Sadly, I fear that English football has become far too expensive and the hopes of a fan-led buy-out are simply impossible, I regret to say.

    Arsenal FC at present is worth around £1.6 bn and it is fair to assume that if slimy Stan or Usmanov want to sell up, they would need a decent premium on the current price to accept any offer. For argument, let’s say they would sell for a combined total of £1.8 bn.

    If we could dig up 100,000 fans wishing to put their own hard-earned money into the venture, the average investment would work out at £18,000 per head. Nor would donors get any interest on their equity investment.

    It is always possible a few rich individuals might stump up more than the average £18,000, but how many ? A random figure of say, 50 wealthy people putting up £100,000 each ? That would raise a paltry £5m – which would hardly make a dent in £1.8 bn.

    Borrowing the money is another option. Borrowing £1.8bn at an interest rate of say, 5%, would cost £90 million a year – before paying off the debt itself. Apart from that, what would the grease-ball bankers wnat in return ? Wenger to stay ?

    Perhaps there are some mega-rich Gooners out there who might put up £1 m each. All we need to do is find 18,000 mega-rich Gooners.

    I am very sad to say that the numbers for a fan-led buy-out do not add up.

  37. David Smith

    Would normally agree AH, but trouble is. He just lets his US teams spiral downwards and in most cases does very little.
    Do take the point that things subtly different here though.
    He is probably just about the worst owner we could have

  38. Don

    Another attack at the natural history museum.
    What will it take to protect the public from these people? That could be my kids
    My dad had my little one there this summer. It could be them. Angry doesn’t even come close. Fuck them and their warped, bull shit ideology.

  39. Gooner63

    I dont think people should get hung up on the financial side at present

    Firstly, lets get a new manager in, with new assistants, with tactics, decent training, more than just plan A, and see what happens.

    If the new guy does well then investment from Stan wont be so much of an issue if we are getting around 50mill for transfers every year – they may be enough to compete for at least top 4 with a decent manager

    Cant see us ever competing for major trophys unless someone who is 100% football mad buys us

    How does anyone compete with the Man Citys and PSG of this world

  40. graham62


    As I have already highlighted, we could “compete” providing we have a manager with the relevant abilities to lead the team forward.

    Believe me, there are many manager’s out there who have such abilities.

  41. Sanmi

    And so we have officially qualified for Russia2018!

    Up Eagles!

    By the way, what is the best app for streaming?
    Who knows

  42. Sanmi


    Police says this isn’t an attack.

    But nevertheless, I’ll still lend my opinion on the matter. Till you deport these guys Europe will never be free

  43. kristoman

    i just read this on justarsenal and thought to myself, why are fans not like this. This is him replying to an article about arsenal false dawn

    I congratulate the writer of this
    article on the best , most grounded
    in realism article I have read on this
    site and many othr sites too. Among
    myriad great points, the one that
    stood out the most to me was the
    one saying this: “The supporters
    must take some responsibility for a
    club’s stagnation if they have
    continually failed to make the club
    accountable for their poor decison
    making both on the pitch and in the
    boardroom…” This idiotic fauz
    loyalty, to people who are steadily
    destoying our club and letting it drift
    remorselessly away from our top
    rivals, infuriates me constantly, as I
    know the damage they are doing by
    their stupid wilfull blindness and
    inability to see what other countless
    thousands of the realists among us
    CAN clearly see! This was a brave and
    noble article spelling the clear truth
    out fearlessly and without favour. It
    takes guts to write the clear truth,
    on a site with many immature fans,
    who have neither direct attending
    experience or knowledge -either
    from personal experience or by
    research- of the honourable club we
    have had over the decades , until this
    present regime hijacked and ruined
    our reputation for being an inclusive,
    with fans, club. Yes, we have had far
    worse teams than right now for
    perhaps 46 of my 60 years attending
    Arsenal matches, home and away.
    But throughout our history(til this
    present corrupt regime) we treated
    the fans as the valuable people the
    club knew them to be. I stopped
    going last season , unable to
    stomach the stench of lies and
    corporate greed which is steadily
    strangling our once honourable club.
    Arsenal is deep in my blood and
    always will be. But the betrayal of
    decency and we fans and sale to the
    ghastly snake Kroenke and his oily
    charletan henchman, Gazidis, is too
    much to bear in person. If I wrote in
    public my true thoughts about what
    would be banned AND EXPECTING THE
    POLICE TO CALL ME. I refuse, unlike
    countless “wet behind the ears
    know nothing armchair fans” to
    excuse and support this cancer
    slowly destroying our club and I
    therefore call upon all true
    supporters with the club in their
    heart (not merely at their keyboard
    fingertips) to reflect again on the
    wisdom and truth of this refreshing
    article. AND resolve to do whatever it
    takes to help force this corrupt
    regime from our club!

    I wish all this wenger asslickers can just think beyond the stench of wenger shits and see how will are’going downhill.

  44. Goobergooner

    CA… This!!

    ” Wenger is getting off incredibly lightly with the fans I think. Not only his managerial performance is poor now, but what he has done in terms of power at the club and its long term future is going under the radar, he has f****d the club basically.Paid £8.5 Million a year, more power than any manager in football history, massaging his own ego everyday, no dissent, no accountability and all the while being lauded by half the fan base when he is one of the chief architects of this misery. It actually makes me sick, I really despise Wenger, total fraud in every sense.”

    Also, Alex henry. We get it, you love yourself. You make me just as sick reading you think you’re the hero.

  45. Uwot?

    A few here have dismissed as impossible/unrealistic a fan led buy out based on x amount of fans coughing up x amount of money.i understand the maths but might argue with the possible numbers that might actually invest that would technically make it possible.iv’e often heard we (Arsenal) have a worldwide support of approx 6 million fans.if true & I can’t verify.surely a reasonable percentage investing x amount would do the trick.i’m not going to do the math.if both barca & Bayern Munich are fan owned how did they manage it? Just curious.

  46. Kay

    Get rid of Sanchez + Ozil in January and bring in Martial + Goretzka.

    Summer get rid of Ramsey + Walcott and bring in Draxler + Lemar + VVD.

    Kos – VVD – Monreal
    Belerin – Xhaka – Goretska – Sead
    Lemar – Laca/Draxler – Martial/Draxler

    Bench – Holding, Wilshere, Iwobi, Giroud + 1 wing back

  47. Kay

    “For a team like Arsenal, we need to be aiming for the top four and we need what they bring.”

    Quote from Iwobi.

    Arsenal Ambition!

  48. Sanmi

    That’s the realistic ambition of all top clubs in England bar man city or chelsea.
    Chelsea- because they are the defending champion
    man city- because they have the most expensive squad.

    At the beginning of the season is took a tour of all rivals ‘ blogs. Even man under was aiming for the top 4. But as the season progresses, then clubs begin to readjust targets based on realities on ground.

    Don’t say it like it’s absurd not aiming for title at the beginning.
    If we are still like 6 point off the top in February. You will start seeing talk of titles. If we are closers to relegation you will start seeing talk of survival.
    If chelsea is 5th by February, you will start seeing talk of top 4.

    Only 2 clubs at the beginning of this season has the epl trophy as the goal. Chelsea and man city

  49. Kay

    Yes Sanmi, I do agree with that. But at least they should avoid coming out with such statements in public.

    What does it say to the fans who have already lost interest? (i.e majority of WOBs and realists)

  50. kc

    CA is spot on. Wenger and Kroenke are definitely hurting this club. But my biggest disappointment is with the London gooners for allowing this to happen by continuing to show up for games and re-uping their season passes. For what? Overpriced mediocre football? The fans have to start taking some responsibility for this by now. It’s been going on far too long.

  51. Jamie

    kristoman –

    That guy made some fair points in his comments on justarsenal. I was totally with him until he threw out his ‘I’ve been attending games for 60 years’ bullshit.

    Why do some (younger) supporters feel the need to exaggerate the length of time they’ve been a supporter? As if his 60 years vs someone else’s 20 years being a supporter holds more weight.

    He’s supposedly at least 65. Check his writing style. If he’s a day over 35, I’m a talking monkey.

    Why lie about how long he’s been going to matches? It makes me want to ignore all of his subsequent opinions.

  52. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The reality is that sadly nothing will change at Arsenal Football Club. Kroenke will remain majority owner, Wenger will remain manager for years to come, and Gazidis will stick around simply because he can and knows how to lick boots to ensure his stay. In the end it comes down to those who always have had the ultimate power and control to affect change, the supporters. Sadly though, they are collectively too weak minded and feeble to either be bothered or care.

    In other words, get used to things, it’s going to be a long ride.

  53. Uwot?

    Hello?hello?anybody out there? All this rabbit about potential buyouts/ownership.can we,the fans,accomplish this? ( see previous post)

  54. Micheal

    All this rabbit about potential buyouts/ownership.can we,the fans,accomplish this? ( see previous post)

    Sadly not possible. Too expensive. The numbers don’t add up.

    It would take about 100,000 people each stumping up £18,000 a head. Or 50,000 giving £36,000 each. Ain’t gonna happen.

  55. Elmo


    For a team like Arsenal, we need to be aiming for the top four and we need what they bring.”

    Quote from Iwobi.

    Arsenal Ambition!”

    Lol – reminds me of when Iwobi was interviewed last season when Wenger was under immense pressure and he responded that the manager should remain because ” he’s always finished fourth.” Just illustrated how the lack of ambition was so deep rooted that the kids coming through the academy were completely indoctrinated in it. Imagine being a talented youngster in an organisation with a history of success and at 18 years old thinking to yourself “fourth is great.”

  56. Do One Gambon

    That’s the whole point uwot.

    We may have 6m worldwide fan base but how many have the money to buy into a fanshare ownership?

    The vast majority are going to be too busy trying to make ends meet in their own lives without sliding into debt let alone having a few thousand stored up to plow into a football club they’d have no real say in. Just a vote I would guess on some decisions.

  57. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The fact that I posted some 10 hours ago sspeaks volumes. Six postings tells you of the indifference of supporters. Kind of renders this site obsolete outside of Pedro who at least tried to rally the supporters.

    My oh my how support has become indifferent.

  58. Frankie Coffeecakes

    Let’s face it, as long ax we don’t get relegated, who honestly gives a you-know-what?

    Pretty much…

  59. Goobergooner

    I’d like to sincerely thank Arsene and Stan for how boring this place has become, because their sporting venture is a fucking drag.
    This fallen out hero and Stan the soul sucker out of our club please and thank you

  60. peanuts&monkeys

    @ KC:

    “But my biggest disappointment is with the London gooners for allowing this to happen by continuing to show up for games and re-uping their season passes. For what? Overpriced mediocre football? The fans have to start taking some responsibility for this by now. It’s been going on far too long.”

    Be careful. N5 and few other hardcore AKBs will pounce on you.

  61. Pierre

    I would have thought certain posters on here would have been wishing mustafi well after his injury, the way they were all queueing up to show sympathy for morata a couple of weeks ago… Too much to ask I suppose for an arsenal blog to show goodwill to one of my their own..

  62. graham62

    If the bigwigs in Hollywood ever get round to making a film of how not to run a professional football club, they should not look no further than the excellent model that is AFC.

    Titles please –







    Any more?

  63. Emiratesstroller

    Same old story Arsenal are now going to be short in Centre Back Department following injury to Mustafi. What has happened to Chambers this season?

    Watching England in last two games they look absolute garbage. If we think that Arsenal are poor just take a look at England performances.

    The midfield is even more square and backward passing than us and their wing play is equally poor. Apart from Kane we could not score for our life even against the weakest opposition.

    The only player in the England squad apart from Kane who would be remotely
    interesting to buy is Butland. He might be a worthwhile replacement for Cech.

  64. HighburyLegend

    “‘if he can play from now until December at the top level’”

    Without being injured ??
    That’s worth a bet lol


  65. Denisk Birdkampf

    This England team are so bad, its a shame that Iwobi chose Nigeria from a purely selfish veiwpoint, but was good to see him doing well and coming on to score their winner over the weekend. Not that its likely he would have got a place in the England lineup, although he deserves it, Southgate too busy shoe horning shit Spurs players in for his masters. How Winks and Dier get called up is beyond a joke.

  66. Bamford10

    Mustafi picked up a serious injury yesterday and could be out for some time. Does this mean we revert to a back four?

  67. Bamford10

    Various reports online that Marc Overmars could be leaving Ajax and returning to Arsenal in order to play some as-of-yet-unspecified role at the club (DoF?).

  68. HighburyLegend

    The world’s people must stand up and oppose the Kroenke administration’s plans for destroying our club.

  69. Marko

    Within 24 hours of Mustafi going down with injury we have a report of Overmars joining the club at the end of the season. It’s like they’re getting ready for the wheels to fall off by propping up change at the end of the season. Expect a similar story in the next few weeks of defensive signings to placate worrying fans. Not like we couldn’t see this coming we’re pretty bare back there. Any sort of injury to Bellerin and we’re fucked Kosielny or Mustafi and we’re banking on a soon to be retired snail and two young defenders who blow hot and cold.

  70. Denisk Birdkampf

    Im pretty sure most of the world would and do oppose Trumps plans for war, whatever they might be, actual citizens that is. Wont do a damn thing to stop it though. Will be utter madness if its North Korea

  71. Jim Lahey

    Where is Mathieu Debuchy? The guy wasn’t a world beater, but he was a decent RB.. What is going on with him? Never a mention. Is he fit? Is he playing football? Why wasn’t he sold during the summer?

  72. David Smith

    Overmars, if thats true, suggests either Wenger isnt getting every thing his way, or Ivan and co know something we do not.
    Perhaps Ivan, from his Colney office is going for the creeping irreversible change concept, in the face of the man in the game who is most resistant to change, but agree, Wenger could well soon put an end to this one, even if others are trying to put it in place

  73. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    In the next post Pedro will claim that Gazidis is behind the move for Overmars. Come on people – the link comes from The Star quoting a report from TuttoMercatoWeb.

    The only way Overmars arrives is as Sanchez’s replacement on the left wing.

  74. Denisk Birdkampf

    Overmars coming in as a sporting director wouldnt be a huge surprise if its signings related, coupled with Fahmy. Dick Law was finished a while ago even before he quit. Good news if true and he has the credentials for the role.

  75. S. Asoa

    Think something wrong with the web site .
    Maybe it is blocking some posts areawise or whatever .
    PS2- where is Pedrito ?
    Still inebriated !

  76. HighburyLegend

    “The only way Overmars arrives is as Sanchez’s replacement on the left wing.”

    Ah ah ah excellent!!

  77. TT

    “The only way Overmars arrives is as Sanchez’s replacement on the left wing.”

    This would actually be funny if it was not true but tbh it possible the senile one might try it……