Keown choke slams hipster fave as Usmanov delivers middle finger to Stan K

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Hurrah, just when you think you’re out for the count, ol’ bloody Alisher Usmanov comes rolling in with a haymaker for Stan Kroenke. David Ornstein, busting out the news that matters once again.



Woooooah, I feel like Finsbury PR are speaking to my heartstrings, plucking Champagne Supernova at Wembley in 1996. Beautiful work.

I like that he’s digging his heels in. There’s no real reason to do it. He has no power, control or influence. But look, he’s invested in Arsenal and the returns on his 30% are stable and his investment will keep growing. The guy is mega rich, he’s not going sell up to some American, even if the Russia/US thing looks a little tighter than usual.

The argument that Usmanov is the same shit sandwich as Kroenke doesn’t hold water for me. If I had a choice, it’s the Russian (Uzbek) every day of the week. I’ll take someone who has just dropped £150m into Everton over a guy who leeches into sporting entities and sucks the joy out of all of them every day of the week. Football is football. Let’s not take the moral high ground about a sport that pays the average player 59% more a week (£44k), than the average worker in Britain earns a year (£27.6k). The whole thing is a fucking circus.

Give me the guy who is going to lend me some joy at the weekend over someone who looks at my club like an expensive second home in France ANY day of the week. It’s not two bad choices, it’s one guy who wants to be a winner, and the other is just happy watching the business grow over the club. There aren’t many good billionaires out there. Whether they’re facilitating elections on behalf of foreign agents, exploiting 1.4m poor people on the taxpayers dime, or racketeering… the only difference tends to be warped perception of right and wrong.

Anyway, at least we still have our AGMs.

Talking about players, exPSG defender Alex reckons Arsenal should snap up Lucas Moura.

“If I was in his place, I would have already left to make an impact elsewhere.”

“Spanish football could suit him – he could take advantage of the space with his speed and technique.”

“Even if England does not seem favourable, I would like to see him at Arsenal. They play cleaner football, more technical.”

He can play on the right or the left wing. He was a big deal back in the day (was it United who went hard for him?). He’d certainly be an upgrade on Theo and if PSG are shifting on players, damn, I’d take a chance.

Finally, Keown is all about the #OzilOut.

‘I think it was Belarus the other week, he didn’t fancy going. He didn’t want to go. ‘Suddenly he was injured again, he played nine minutes against West Bromwich Albion on the Monday, so how did he get injured there?’

‘I think in some departments he’s already left. Psychologically, mentally, he’s already left the football club. Maybe Wenger is now trying to do the best deal he can to get some compensation for him. ‘I think he doesn’t want that sort of player around the youngsters in the group.’

‘They played exceptionally well at Chelsea, where [Alex] Iwobi did a really manful job – I know he hasn’t got the talent of Ozil, of course, but suddenly Arsenal could compete in both departments defensively and attacking -wise. It was probably the best performance I’ve seen in a couple of years.’


Funny how many of the Oziltoligists are weirdly desperate for him to come good at United to prove that he’s the best and his whole tenure at AFC has been on Wenger. Gotta give it to the hipsters, they’ve backed some duff horses these past 3 years. Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey look great on a chart, but damn, it’s hard to defend the output with actual progress.

Finally, Ivan G’s not so secret pay packet was revealed and his bonus was £919,000. He’s a pig at the trough, the same as Wenger. Amazing that he’s earning a bonus of revenue that’s collectively earned. He has the highest paid CEO job in the world, despite dropping out the CL, delivering average commercial growth AND celebrating the extension of Arsene Wenger’s contract saying he couldn’t find anyone else better. Tragic.

Right, that’s me done. Last chance to have a crack on our podcast!

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  1. ADKB

    I’m beginning to like this Usmanov guy. How can a 30% stakeholder in a football “company” not be on the board? He’s being treated unfairly yet remains a “fan” of the club. I hope the truth comes out very soon. It always does, but the sooner the better.

  2. ADKB


    If only Arsene “Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have” Wenger were this competitive, eh? 🙂

  3. Al

    You would think Keown has definitely heard something from an insider to come out that strong against Ozil.

    I share Keown view also, I’d rather see out the season with Iwobi/Wilshere or whoever then Ozil who is definitely leaving come the end of the season.

    And let’s not make the comparison with Alexis because we can see that Alexis gives 100% in every match which is something that can’t be said about Ozil.

    Just to wrap this up but it really should be a sackable offence that we didn’t recoup anything on a player like Ozil who was always going to be a passenger in his last year

  4. Pierre

    Yeah I read keown’s comments yesterday about özil.
    My view is that I think he is trying to justify his comments after the stoke game. He slated özil after that game even though özil created 4 chances for his team mates and had 93% pass completion which means he obviously wasn’t that bad.
    Since that game keown, for some reason, has been making sly digs at özil during his commentary even though özil hasn’t even been on the pitch.
    The last game özil played was Liverpool away and he was dire along with the rest of the team.
    Unless keown has some inside information, he is in danger of making himself look stupid with his continuous anti ozil rhetoric about him being frozen out by Wenger.
    We will see in the next 3/4 weeks if that is the case or has he a knee injury which they are being careful with.

  5. alexanderhenry

    That’s a very revealing statement from Usmanov.
    His third option of possibly selling to a third party who shares his views on arsenal, hints at the kroenke buy to sell scenario- maybe.

    Apart from that I like the way Usmanov has used this statement to highlight just how bad an owner Kroenke is. His hints at how much better he’d be at the job are welcome but frustrating for arsenal fans.

    How many trophies would arsenal have won over the past ten years if he’d been in charge?

  6. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Careful what you wish for Pedro – Usmanov would most probably give Gazidis the elbow.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    I have said for a long time that I did not think that Usmanov would walk away and certainly not for the money that Kroenke is allegedly offering.

    I repeat also that until now Kroenke has not rocked the boat despite not receiving a seat on the Board or being paid a dividend. Kroenke manipulates the latter by paying his company a “consultancy fee”!!!

    However, by Usmanov keeping his 30% share Kroenke could now come under
    serious pressure if club’s revenues drop as they must surely do. He could go to
    Court over this.

    Usmanov is in fact now forcing Kroenke to do something about the club.Kroenke needs now to decide whether he will increase share
    capital or lend money so that the club can invest in new players.

    Simply relying on bank balances is at best a short term solution particularly if
    we cannot compete in transfer market.

    I believe still that Kroenke could sell in foreseeable future if we are continuing to fall down league tables and failing to qualify for Champions League. This guy is unlikely to invest his own money in team.

  8. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Pedro’s post from yesterday…

    Let’s see what neutered Ivan has to say about the rebirth. He has a plan, I promise. It’ll be more impressive than the ‘do nothing, it’ll grow’ strategy.


    Todays post from Pedro…

    Finally, Ivan G’s not so secret pay packet was revealed and his bonus was £919,000. He’s a pig at the trough, the same as Wenger. Amazing that he’s earning a bonus of revenue that’s collectively earned. He has the highest paid CEO job in the world, despite dropping out the CL, delivering average commercial growth AND celebrating the extension of Arsene Wenger’s contract saying he couldn’t find anyone else better. Tragic

    Make your mind up Pedro. You honestly think Ivan has a plan? Ivan is Arsene’s bitch.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting from Usmanov.

    That last bit about potentially selling to a third party who shares his view of where the club should be heading is telling, may be conversations happening behind the scenes that we do not know about.

    Fingers crossed, because right now this club is completely boring, a total turn off and I do genuinely worry about its future.

    If you are a kid right now who is more attractive, Spurs or Arsenal? Difficult question, but logically seems to be only one answer at the moment, Wenger is not exciting, Kroenke is not exciting, Arsenal are existing not living.

    On Ozil, great if he has downed tools, f**k him off out, should have tried to get rid of him in the summer.

    Seeing some stuff about trying to move Sanchez on in January which would be the most Arsenal thing to ever Arsenal having resisted offers in the summer. This Draxler swap deal thing though is total crap, Draxler in this current market is a £35 Million or more player, Sanchez in January will fetch £15 – 20 Million.

    I know it is PSG, but no way.

    Should have gone for the £50 – 60 Million and Matuidi deal in the summer, with hindsight could even have tried for £50 Million and Aurier and f****d Bellerin off to Barcelona for £40 Million. Grabbed N’Zonzi and Lemar with the money. That would be without even thinking about Oxlade’s sale and our remaining transfer budget after Lacazette.

  10. Son of a Gunn(ers)

    I firmly believe that Kroenke sells one day, not all of his shares as he of course still wants to collect a dividends but i think he defo sells the majority of his shares eventually.
    His son Josh was apparently pushing for dialogue to be opened up with usmanov so i can see him getting a seat on the board at some point then hopefully eventually buying up Kroenkes shares when he sells.

  11. ArseneisaFraud

    Glad to see Usmanov standing strong.

    I wonder if Usmanov is thinking of teaming up with the consortium to buy a percentage (and therefore a controlling majority) of Kroenke’s shares as I wouldn’t be surprised that, when it sll goes tits up, Kroenke will want an astronomical amount for a portion of the shares he will eventually have to sell.

  12. Dissenter

    Usmanov has a luxury customized A340 jet that he named “Bourkhan” after his father. The plane is worth $500 mllion.
    He doesn’t need the money Kroenke is offering.
    Usmanov has been clear from day one about his approach to Arsenal. He was once the figure of scorn from Wenger-supporters every time he criticized Wenger and the club hierarchy but he’s who’s been proven right.

  13. Emiratesstroller


    Usmanov is twice as rich as Kroenke. If he took over the club he would certainly invest in transfer market.

    He is a different personality to Abramovich. He lives quite a lot of the time in London and owns at least two residential properties here including one in Highgate, but his main focus is Russian sport. He is the only Russian who heads an International Sports Federation [Fencing]. That gives him considerable clout in Russia and with Putin.

    There is of course concern about his past rather like there was with Roger Levitt when he was Arsenal’s largest shareholder. That is almost certainly the
    reason for him not being appointed to Board.

  14. Don

    Would be hailarious to put some faces to names on this site
    Why doesn’t Pedro throw a Le Grove Party.
    Would love to see what Bamford is really like. And marko.
    And champagne charlie. And red. And TR7 and N5

  15. David Smith

    Taking it at something approaching face value, very interesting from Usmanov.
    If it really is true that Kroenke wants, or needs to leverage Arsenal for other projects, this makes it a lot more difficult for him to do so, and impossible to do it on the quiet.
    Maybe, just maybe this vampire, this will cut and run if he doesnt get what he clearly really wants.
    Everyone now knows exactly what Stan is, he wont care about that, but sponsors and others might. Fans in the stadium will turn on him, rather than just blaming a decrepit sad shell of a once great manager.
    Getting rid of wenger is one thing, but his days are very numbered, but the Kroenkes could continue to suck the life, soul and joy out of this club for decades, Usmanov has just given us a small chance of being rid of these leeches , I repeat, taking his words at face value

  16. Leftsidesanch

    Dream, interesting article there. Always thought that ludicrous summer would be detrimental to the clubs short term future, and now it looks like it will have an effect even longer than the short term.

    Only one Arsene Wenger…well thank the heavens for that.

  17. S. Asoa

    Viva Mr. Usmanov . Spoken a true fan and not what the vested projected when the majority shares were for sale.
    From a distance express my gratitude to Arsenal Supporters Trust. Your judgement was right , in our desperate times.

  18. Goobergooner

    Hahahahaha I love that pie throwing statement. Cracks me up.

    But s.asoa you aren’t wrong. And the last however long since news of stan making a bid, has shown more unity between fans than I have seen in a long time.

    It’s about time all fans had the same target at the top of the heirarchy.
    In such a negative time for the club, it is actually nice to see the fanbase coming together.

    I mean wobs and akbs are still going to have their little differences, but we really all do love the club in our own ways. And we all know Kroenke is bringing us down.

    What better time than the present to all come together as fans and get this prick out. Easier said than done, I know. Especially for me as I live in gold coast Australia.

    I will be supporting you guys in any way I can though!

    Up The ARSENAL!!! let’s get this great club of ours back on track.

  19. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    From last post

    They said the same about dan Crowley

    An where’s he now

    They were all raving about him

    Gave it sometime players never achieve there potential

    This is jack at Arsenal

  20. Cesc Appeal

    At least there seems to be a real focus on the ownership of the club now, Arsenal are not just being allowed to continue this scam as they have been for years pretending to be a football club, Wenger pretending to be a real manager, Kroenke pretending to be an ambitious owner, all getting away with it.

    Seems there are interested buyers as well, which is hardly a surprise. Arsenal are operating at average levels right now but anyone of us can see the club’s potential to become a really massive club on and off the field.

  21. Dream10


    Yep. That summer was an utter failure. It was probably the last the summer where top players could be purchased for relatively decent prices. We purchased Ozil and Sanchez for a combined 75-80m in ’13 and ’14. Minimal activity in ’15. In ’16, we purchased Xhaka & Mustafi for a combined 70m. Massive downgrade.

    We don’t have much cash available for next summer as well, even with CL qualification. Half the squad has contracts expiring in less than two years, so won’t be surprised if the bulk of available money goes towards contract renewals. It’s also the end of a cycle for this squad. The majority of our better contributors will be 29 or above. Ozil, Sanchez, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Giroud, Walcott, Cazorla, Cech. There’s a chance we lose 9 regulars for less than 50m pounds. That is ludicrous. Of the current 180m cash balance in the club’s accounts, it is estimated that only 95m can be spent freely.

    Not enough money to replace the best performers, so we’ll likely be going to future seasons w/ Chambers, Holding, Ospina, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, Iwobi, Coquelin, Elneny, Mustafi, Bellerin being key players.

  22. Bankz

    The mrs has been around so Arsenal issues,Legrove matters and certainly Wenger’s talks have been pushed down my list for now.

    If only he was half this competitive and not just an excuse making machine in human form.
    If only…

  23. Don


    You cannot compare Crowley and Wilshere
    Jack’s done it at prem level, internaational level and champions league level. He has excelled in games against the very best opposition in the world
    He hasn’t done it every time he’s played for reasons we have already discussed but he’s done it.

  24. PieAFC

    Great to hear a statement from Usamanov.

    It is interesting to see a lot of attention is finally being put on the owner of this club. Media speculation about control etc.

    We’ve been sleeping for a long time, hopefully more articles and information will be released in the next few months.

  25. Dissenter

    Why don’t you change your avatar to something that crystallizes your love of Wilshere. You’re a singe issue poster now.
    I suggest “Wilting Wilshere.

  26. Do One Gambon

    “We will see in the next 3/4 weeks if that is the case or has he a knee injury which they are being careful with.”

    Fuck ozil. He’s got a knee injury, play him. Get every drop of playing time we can out of him, let him break down with a year long injury then see what club will offer him a contract.

    Same for Sanchez. Ive been watching him close. Yeah he tries… For himself and then berates anyone who makes a stray pass completely forgetting he gave the ball away for the umpteenth time 30 seconds ago.

    In short – fuck em both. I’d love to see one of them broken without a club next summer.

  27. Denisk Birdkampf

    Oh dear, this England side are just a joke, no movement no passion. Rashford showing glimpses of something, but the rest are just awful. Pathetic showing

  28. Cesc Appeal

    England have a decent side when everyone is fit, not great, but decent.

    The thing is as well as on field issues at major tournaments the managers seem incapable of fielding their best eleven, you always get a Rooney forced in there, or we play some really cautious line up that we had not in qualifying.

    I think in Butland, Walker, Cahill, Jones, Rose, Dier, Henderson, Alli, Rashford, Lallana, Kane we have a decent side. Not great, but capable of more than we have seen.

  29. ArseneisaFraud


    How did England play? Missed the game due to work…. will be watching the highlights later on but I am curious about the overall game play: was it good was or was it meh? … and how did Ox play?

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Was a really poor game to be honest, lots of possession for England but no cutting edge at all, was clear we lacked a bit of invention, bit of an edge, bit of brains. Something like Alli brings, or Lallana when he plays often.

    The scoreline was basically fair, England deserved to win, but goodness me was it a dull affair.

    Like I say though, I feel we have a decent enough side, but you just know we will rock up to the World Cup in some weird line up with four CDM’s or something. At least Rooney is no longer around to be crammed in.

    Stones is a liability in my opinion, Jones has impressed me for United so far this season, he deserves it more than Stones who fails at the fundamentals of being a CB in my opinion.

  31. Relieable Sauce

    Anyone notice a game plan for England tonight ?
    Absolute gash. What are they doing during these great St Georges Park meet-ups
    They’d be better off going down the pub with some old pros to watch and discuss past seasons on TV.

    Rashford was/is poor at LW. Shouldn’t be playing there imho.
    Why not play him in his natural position if your going to call him up to the senior squad ? Fine for MU, not for England.
    He is ideal as genuine competition to Kane at the very least, if not a worthy strike partner.

    Hart as #1 is disasterous, Forster probably warrants a fair crack at the whip but we have this favouritism bs going on again.

    Write off the competition before it starts.
    You know the drill.

  32. ArseneisaFraud


    “but goodness me was it a dull affair.”

    lol I know exactly what you mean. I thought when seeing that Alli had not even been selected, I knew we would make things difficult for ourselves.

    It seems that the Ox was shit considering that you haven’t mentioned him.

    Yeah I am glad to see that we finally have got a team that’s young and hungry.

    I hated how Rooney was shoehorned during last Euros. To everyone then, Rooney was seen as finished with playing for England as his style didn’t suit us anymore yet he was just shoved in as he sells shirts. Money before football, eh? Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Oxlade was poor again tonight.

    Sterling played in the hole behind Kane and it just did not work at all, I think for me we are better in a 4-3-3 type set up with Alli slightly deeper than we have him now, think he is a bit wasted that far forward, almost plays centre forward for England.

    I think if you have Dier deep, Henderson as a more cautious CM type and then Alli as a deeper CAM in a staggered middle three we would like far better, Rashford on one flank, Lallana as a wide playmaker on the other side and Kane through the middle.

    You also have fluidity with Alli and Lallana being able to switch out, and the same for Rashford and Kane (though Kane out wide is obviously not great Rashford switching in gives the CB’s something different to think about suddenly with his pace and dribbling).

    Walker, Rose, Alli, Rashford and Kane are our real weapons and we should get the most out of them.

  34. ArseneisaFraud


    lol!! And to be honest the ads were longer than I had anticipated, which definitively means they had little to play with.

    One thing I noticed is that the better chances we had were all finished in a selfish manner when a better option was available which could have brought more danger and the probability of scoring a goal. The one goal we had came from a cross. At a higher level they should be combining with each other more often.

  35. Relieable Sauce

    Surely McGuire should be getting in this England team, Stones hasn’t improved defensively – or anywhere else from what I’ve seen, Cahill is too soft and doesn’t command a back line let alone the team, as with Smalling, Jones too injury and accident prone.
    Hart behind them as well…Dear oh dear.


    Oh yeah, we’re good in attack…apparently.

    Why aren’t we playing 442/4411/424 then EPL style ???

    Accommodating players the sponsors are pushing no doubt, ala Nike with the Brazilian NT.

  36. TonyD

    Gave up watching England many years ago because they are the originators of our ‘Ground Hog Day’.

    Clueless inexperienced manager at international level who plays our potentially best players out of their best positions or selects players who simply will never be international level, such as the Ox.

    The bosses of the England team (FA) never pick the right manager for the country, Big Sam et al, and when England do qualify for a WC or EC they’re lucky to get out of the group stages where when they achieve this, they embarrassingly cannot perform and are quickly on the plane home.

    Finally, these days our young aspiring talent are opting to play for other countries through their distant relatives because they don’t fancy playing for England.

    Am I the only one to make the connection between England and The Arsenal?

    At least with our great club that once we are rid of Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke, we can become great again and achieve far greater heights than the England team will ever hit.

  37. Dream10

    Massive goal for Alexis. An 86th minute winner in a difficult situation. Bet this goal means more than any goal in his Arsenal career

  38. Terraloon

    Dream 10.

    Very interesting post regarding thensquad refresh however your estimate that £95 millionof the cash reserves is available is I believe way off.

    As at 1/6 £42.7 million was still owed on historical transfers and £35.9 million has to be kept on deposit as part of the stadium financing agreement. That reduces the nett down to £78.6 but and a big but those cash reserves include season ticket monies for the 2017/18 season as well as advance sponsorship monies.
    In the Last published accounts the club say that was around £100 million of the reserves is transferred into cash flow as the year progresses.In effect before transfer trading pre season little if any of the reserves remains available to be spent on either uplift of wages or indeed player accusations

    Ok the likes of the Ox generatedcash but the signing of Lacezette will have accounted for most of that surplus.

    A big issue not being discussed that much is that for obvious reasons no CL qualification bonus was paid last year meaning if indeed CL qualification is indeed achieved that bonus has to be paid before 1/6 and therefore the club will have to have left enough wriggle room in wage budget to fund what I understand could cost around £10 million. That sum itself is more than the allowable £7 million cap.
    This trading year is going to be quite a challenge . The loss of CL money will hurt far more than some realise if that stretches to another year then there will be a real issue.
    As you point out the challenges or should I say cost of upgrading the numbers of players whose contracts are fast approaching conclusion is going to be enormous .

  39. HighburyLegend

    “This England team needs creativity
    Jack wilshere and Ross Barkley required I think”

    Another priceless quote from the Don lol

  40. raptora

    “Massive goal for Alexis. An 86th minute winner in a difficult situation. Bet this goal means more than any goal in his Arsenal career”

    Surely but it has to be like this for every football player. Work is work, you have to be professional and to give your best, but playing for your country it should mean a bit more than that.

  41. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Spurs could almost pay for their new stadium next summer selling Kane for £200m to Real, Dele to Barca for £150m and Erikssen to somewhere for £100m.’

    Don’t forget Wanyama to Bayern for 75 million.

  42. ArseneisaFraud

    Ryhs Jaggar

    Yeah Englands’ defence was pretty shit last night. At one point there was enough space to fit a tennis pitch on the left handside when Slovenia counter-attacked.

    We got away from quite a few situations where any good side would have punished us.

  43. raptora

    “Also unavailable: Jones, Rose, Lallana, all of whom would likely start.”

    I would play Welbeck any day of the week instead of Lallana, Sterling, Chamberlain on the wings. You make a front three of Welbeck, Kane, Rashford and you are suddenly powerful, tall, fast, dangerous. Lallana could play for Alli or Chamberlain as CAM with Dier and Henderson behind him. I’ve never liked Alli as a footballer so I would not play him if I have no injured players in the position.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Lallana plays well for England, mostly. I like him out there as a wide playmaker who can then rotate with Alli who I would have deeper.

    Would have had Welbeck on the flank, but Rashford is really coming on now in my opinion, Welbeck is still a good option though.

    Walker, Cahill, Jones, Rose
    ——–Alli, Dier, Henderson
    —-Lallana, Kane, Rashford

    That is actually a decent enough team in my opinion.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    Decent enough team to “qualify” for World Cup but no to have any major impact in Russia.

    England have a similar problem to Arsenal in that there is a lack of depth in the squad in contrast to countries like Germany, France and Spain.

    I think that Arsenal will sooner or later bring back Wilshire into starting lineup in EPL games particularly if Ozil continues to be a problem. If he avoids injury then I can see him brought back by England as well. At his best he is the
    most creative midfielder they have got.

  46. Paulinho

    Still don’t rate Rashford that highly, and still wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him end up at some middle of the road club in a few years.

    Yet to consistently impact games from the start, and the vast majority of his good work comes when he’s put on against tired defences. Just your typical Chamberlain style talent that makes a career and reputation of little cameos that suit his superficial skill set.

  47. Don


    My man, couldn’t agree more
    This England side sorely needs a JW pulling the strings and needs a dominant centre half/leader too
    Where are all the big personalities out England teams used to possess?
    Dying breed is the leader in our country
    Get me out there
    I’ll ruffle some feathers

  48. Jamie

    I’d take Rashford in a heartbeat. the kid is just about to turn 20! Already more clinical than Welbeck up front, and does a similar job on the left wing.

    I suspect he and Lukaku will be at Utd for years.

  49. Goobergooner

    Pointing!….That’s what they’re learning at St Georges Park…How to point.

    Hahaha reliable they have definitely been working on it

  50. raptora

    Rashford, as Paulinho said, could go either way. There is still need to maintain or improve his play in the years to come. Same goes for Alli. The likes of Wilshere, Walcott, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Luke Shaw. There are a lot of English players in the recent years who have peaked in their teenage years. That’s a huge problem since they not only stop progressing, but some of them even deteriorate. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed by the FA.

  51. Dissenter

    Jack Wilshere delusional syndrome is playing on a loop on this site, being propagated by the one and only Don.

    The lad will be in the sick bay by November 1st, maybe Don can set up camp opposite Colney to cheer him in rehab.

  52. Leedsgunner

    “Do you know someone affected by JWDS, with a donation of just £1 a month…”

    Very droll. 😉 Shame the manager is a keen sufferer.

    Wilshere is a typical tool used by Wenger to convince himself and his fol;lowers that we still are a big club with a big squad.

    When we start our season Wenger looks the team sheet and he chooses to see a big squad.

    He chooses to forget all the times when our key players were out with long term injuries at key times in the season. When these players then come back from injuries at the end of the season (when it doesn’t count for much anymore) — Wenger then trumpets their returns as a new signing — then he confidently predicts that these players are now past their injury problems and that a title challenge is definite on for NEXT season.

    Always winter — never Christmas. It’s always NEXT season for Arsenal. We’ve been running on fumes of hope for what 13 years now?

    “The club of NEXT season.” — should be our new club slogan as Wenger says it every year… and enough of his lackeys lap it up.

    Of course while he promises success NEXT season, Wenger is happy to pick up a new contract THIS season.


  53. Cesc Appeal

    ‘There’s now a good chance that Messi and Argentina won’t even make the 2018 World Cup, insanity.’

    Somehow he will still win player of the tournament.

  54. WengerEagle

    Haha would you expect anything less CA?

    Love Messi but he’s been on the decline for the last 2 seasons and anyone who disputes that hasn’t been watching him enough.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    For all the negatives that have been posted on Le Grove about the way that Arsenal are being run I think that the best piece of business this summer was the sale of Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool for £35 Million.

    Ox may be “theoretically” a talented young player, but he has yet to prove that
    he has the football brain and ability to make an impact in games.

    His performance for England yesterday was abysmal and frankly he has not
    shown anything since he joined Liverpool which suggests that we made a mistake in selling him.

    Indeed I think that his departure has had the opposite effect, because Bellerin
    has started playing much better since Ox left the club and he has reverted to being first choice right wing back.

    The lesson to be learned from this disposal is that perhaps Arsenal need to be
    a lot more ruthless in their transfer business. We have held onto Walcott far
    too long. He may be a useful bench player from time to time who can score goals, but his general work ethic and input when he plays is a major negative.

    If we get an offer for him in January or the Summer we should let him go.

    Frankly Arsenal need to start rebuilding their team and squad with younger
    and harder working players.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I remember the last time and even he looked confused going up to collect the award, Robben should have won it in my opinion.

  57. WengerEagle


    Think it was more the context, he was obviously gutted that they had lost a Final that they arguably should have won (more clear-cut chances between Messi himself, Higuain and Palacio) and was probably mildly embarrassed that he had to go up to receive an individual award right after losing the Final.

    I think that along with Robben he was the best player in the tournament so I had no real issue with him winning it, could have went either way and Messi likely shaded it because Argentina progressed further.

    Still was a strange sight though as you say.

  58. Don


    I’d gladly cheer him on to fitness

    Ok. I’m taking notes
    In a few weeks you may all be singing a different tune.
    I’m not going to lie, I’ll be rather smug and gloaty if that happens
    Bamford is off the hook on this one as he likes a bit of Jack

  59. WengerEagle

    You’re a boxing fan right CA?

    What you make of Haye-Bellew 2? Personally think that it’s the rematch that nobody asked for and am a little perplexed by Bellew’s motivation outside of a payday.

  60. Micheal

    I feel we were absolutely correct in selling the Ox in the summer after he turned down a contract. Also, moving on Walcot and Ozil are next.

    But, for crying out loud, we have known throughout the summer that Ozil was not going to re-sign and that Walcot lacks a top footballer’s brain. Why do we wait until the winter window to conduct business should have done in July or August ? And when our options on finding suitable replacements are severely reduced ?

  61. grooveydaddy

    I think Argentina will just about squeak through. A win at altitude in Quito is a big ask, but certainly not beyond them.

  62. peanuts&monkeys

    “Klopp has got blind spots for sure.”

    then imagine the quality of others like Theo, Ramsey, Iwobi…who dont even get offers from even championship teams. What absolute dross Arsenal is carrying!! OMG!

    Le Losers

  63. Leftsidesanch


    I don’t think Haye had anywhere to go but to avenge his defeat to Bellew. Bellew is still a title holder (Emeritus now I think) and theres also stiff competition at Cruiser. The Ward/big fights at HW were never a go imo. This fight prob makes most sense for Bellew and most rewarding financially.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    It is strange. As you say Bellew must be going for a big payday because there is not really anywhere for him to turn now.

    Haye has to win otherwise he is a total joke really, big payday again for him, but if he is outboxed then it is over for him really.

    Did you catch the Golovkin fight, what did you think of the scoring?

  65. WengerEagle


    Well they can’t buy a goal at home lately and Ecuador are no mugs, very strong team at home especially.

    I think that you’re right and they’ll ultimately squeeze through but I won’t be putting any money on it, put it that way.

    Their saving grace will be one of Colombia/Peru dropping points or perhaps both if they draw, still means that they must win mind.

    Think if Colombia beat Peru by 2 goals that they can sneak into 5th place with a draw in Quito.

    Paraguay are right up their arse though, only 1 point behind the Argies with their last game being a gimme at home to Venezuela, the worst team in SA. They’ve beaten Colombia, Chile and Argentina all away from home which is pretty remarkable.

    IOW, Argentina need to win to guarantee a spot and I see it being a 50-50.

  66. WengerEagle


    Yeah true Haye is likely the biggest payday that he’s going to get but I would just be surprised if there is a lot of genuine interest in the fight after the way that they were sucking each other off outside of the ring in the aftermath of the first fight with all of the shit that they talked.

    Just makes it hard to buy into their rivalry when you know that it’s totally manufactured and really, it’s not a fan favourite fight as much as Haye wants to pretend that it is.

    Like with Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for example their was genuine animosity towards one another that made it extremely anitcipating, not to mention they were arguably the two best fighters in the whole UFC roster if you looked at their track records.

    If the fight is high quality enough then shit talk is at the back of people’s minds but let’s be honest, Haye and Bellew are two decent fighters but far from world class, Cruiserwight is a very weak division, arguably the weakest.

    My prediction is a late KO win for Haye but it won’t be an exciting fight.

  67. Pierre

    Going by keown’s reasoning, If Wenger has frozen özil out, that must also mean that the Germany manager has frozen him out as well as according to keown he doesn’t have a knee injury.

    Anyone believe that rubbish

    Özil along with kroos are normally first on the team sheet for Germany.

  68. WengerEagle


    Yeah I have Haye winning the rematch but he’s far from the best in the world, AJ would starch him and Fury in his prime would have too (hard to believe how fat he has gotten, his fucking voice has changed).

    Interested to see if this Deontay Wilder chap is the real deal or a can, my suspicion is the latter.

    Yes I did, GREAT fucking fight, an absolute war. I had GGG winning by 2 rounds but Canelo pushed him extremely close and I can understand why it was scored a draw, felt he landed the better power shots too.

    Joke of a scorecard by that broad who had it 118-110 to Canelo but you’ll always get that shit in boxing especially for the more marketable fighter, as great as GGG is he’s 35 now and Canelo is a superstar in a country with over a hundred million people in his mid 20’s.

    GGG is my favourite fighter, I think that he’s actually overrated though. Jacobs made him look human and Canelo went toe to toe with him.

    But fuck me does he provide exciting fights.

  69. alexanderhenry

    Dear Pedro and all le grovers

    It’s encouraging to see the debate shift on here. There is now a lot more awareness of just what a disaster kroenke is

    I’m not gloating but I’ve got to say that I’ve been posting about kroenke ever since I joined le grove- 4 to 5 years ago I think.

    Before I appeared on here he was hardly mentioned. Now he’s bigger news than wenger.

    Methinks a teeny bit of credit is due.

    I won’t hold my breath of course.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Your view was pretty much mainstream aside from the fact you sneakily tried to excuse Wenger by trying to state he was being actively restrained by Kroenke.

    Kroenke is a bad owner because of his hands off approach, you have tried over and over to insist that he is actively restraining the club. His wrong is that he is allowing the club to be restrained through lack of care. Kroenke’s wrong is basically having a lack of ambition and being the biggest pro-Wenger fan there is.

    So your view is not the one now being taken.

  71. Pedro

    AH, exactly what CA said. No one has come to the realization that you are right about your weird framing of the Stan issue.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Alexander Henry

    With due respect, we all know what you said.

    You said Wenger couldn’t spend the money because Kronke was tight and he wouldn’t allow Wenger to spend it.

    You said it once, you said it twice — in fact you kept on saying it.

    In fact if we paid you a £1 for the number of times you said the same thing, you could buy Kronke’s stake in Arsenal easy. 😉

    Like all good tall tales it had an element of truth in it.

    Kronke was tight.

    Despite his stinginess had Wenger asked for it, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Kronke would have obliged because he trusts Wenger implicitly with all footballing matters.

    But here’s the rub, the reason why Kronke LOVES Wenger. He knows Wenger won’t ask.

    That’s why Wenger is as complicit in this mess as Silent Stan.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke lets Wenger get on with it. That is his flaw.

    If you have a really great, hungry, progressive manager in charge I doubt we would be so negative about Kroenke.

    But that is the problem, Kroenke will not move for that type of manager, and Wenger exists because of him.

    They are both equally to blame for the state of this club and we need both gone and in all likelihood you are only likely to see one go when the other does.

    Kroenke is weaker if Wenger goes, Wenger is weaker if Kroenke goes.

  74. ArseneisaFraud

    Kroenke bought into his “values” BS which was all about making sure that the net spend was always in profit which Kroenke loves as he probably made very clear to him (and the BoD) that he won’t be putting a penny into the club.

    But what is clear is if AW was to go it would force the club into getting someone who won’t rock the boat; and this will be very difficult as most managers will be expecting some form of investment (i know this is debatable). On the other hand if Kroenke leaves the club, AW position will be untenable very quickly, as we all know.

    What I do suggest is that we do form an Anti Kroenke protest as we need to start applying some form of pressure via clear show of discontent about how the club is run. The aim being: to start tarnishing his image.

  75. ArseneisaFraud

    Considering how quiet the blog is tonight i thought i would add something:

    WENGER OUT!!!!!

    KROENKE OUT!!!!!

    I want THE ARSENAL back!!!!!

  76. MGooner

    Peter, you were among the ones who were rejoicing when Stan got to buy the majority of Arsenal shares because Usmanov is a bad guy with a shady past.

    What happened to the shady past now? If it was bad then, it should be bad today also for the sake of consistency, right?