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All the news creeping out is about Stan Kroenke and his evil bid to take over all the shares in Arsenal. The trailblazer of average sporting franchises has apparently dropped a whopping £525m bid for Usmanov’s shares in Arsenal.

Fan groups like the AST are calling this a bad thing for the club, and you can’t argue it.

  • No more AGM’s
  • No real need for Ivan to speak to the fans
  • Complete and absolute control forever more for the Kroenke family (Hey Josh)

The press has also revealed that there was a bid from a consortium. Full disclosure, I met with the consortium in New York in May and heard all about their plans. The deal was no joke. They had money, they had people lined up that actually gave a fuck about the club. They wanted to spend the money we’ve had stockpiled. They wanted to make going to Arsenal a point of passion again. They had a plan to take Arsenal to the next level, is the next level, is the next level. They were serious people.

The figures you’re hearing about are absolutely true. £32,000 a share. Proper money.

Stan didn’t want to roll with the bid. He also didn’t want to fuck around with a deal that would have seen the consortium takeover Usmanov’s shares. Mainly because the consortium wanted to take a board seat for the deal and make the clubs a success on behalf of Stan and his hapless band of awfully pointless sports people.

So we are where we are.

What changes if Stan buys Arsenal? Not much. Usmanov can put all his cash into Everton. We’ll still just be Arsenal, which will be average blandness for the foreseeable.

However, don’t be too down in the dumps.

Arsenal is very different to the average franchises Stan runs in the US. If you want to survive in the Premier League, you need to invest and move with the times. I know for a fact that once Arsene leaves, we’ll shift our strategy (by having one), and we’ll move to a model more akin to the elite clubs in Europe.

The manager won’t have a centralised power structure like Arsene Wenger has been lucky enough to secure and double down on. We’ll have a more democratised decision-making process on the playing side. The manager won’t own control for the backroom team hiring and firing. We’ll rework our wage bill to be more akin to a meritocracy. We’ll rip out all the utter dross that infects the ranks. We’ll have a sporting director with vision, connections and experience. Arsenal will hit the heights.

I honestly have no doubt about that.

There’s a reason Arsenal didn’t drop £93m on Lemar, and that’s Wenger. The club is slowly realising that throwing bad money at a decrepit manager in a post-second-game-shit-the-bed frenzy is a terrible way to progress the fortunes of a club. It’s also amateur.

News about Sanchez and Mesut dodging media duties is so fucking unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but it at least clarifies they’re both leaving. Don’t listen to the muppets trying to take ownership of narratives that state those two give a fuck about the club, or are considering new deals. They are not. Anyone you speak to who works at Arsenal will tell you the truth. They all know Ozil hasn’t given a fuck about Arsenal for a while, and they’ll all tell you moving on Sanchez on is probably a good thing because he too only cares about himself and those dogs he clearly shares a bed with.

The cost of keeping those two players on is two-fold.

> Both can’t be relied upon beyond January

> Their presence will create a negative vibe in the squad if not controlled

Wenger is going to need to cope with this problem, and it won’t happen by selling them in the January window. That boat has saaaaailed.

Those two could have Wayne Rooney – off his tits on 16 beers –  acting as their agent, and even he would recognise that the most important thing for the both of them is to stay where they are, not entertain a January move, and the absolute key… STAY FIT for the shop window of the World Cup.

My guess? They’ll both have deals inked or verbally agreed by December. If it’s with English clubs, Wenger has a very serious decision to make for the good of the club. Minds need to be focused on OUR mission. He may need to ignore their personal protestations that they’ll be focused because we know that won’t be true. Nozil and Benchez rings nicely.

The major worry is that without the quality of our best players, we’re very likely to fade this season. If we don’t make CL next year, we start to become a Europa League team and we’ll fall further behind. Big names won’t consider joining a manager who can’t improve them, or offer the prospect of CL.

Will Wenger quit if he doesn’t make top 4? Doubtful.

So what is the plan for the future of the club?

My worry is we’re not a sporting entity under Stan. We’re an asset that appreciates because of media-rights inflation. Ivan and Arsene have grown the revenue of the club to £400m+ just because the Premier League is collectively interesting to people who haven’t had access to TV or fast streaming.

Stan is winning by being average. He doesn’t care about the football, all he looks at is an impressive spreadsheet. Both his most important men are judged on that and will always win so long as Scudamore and UEFA do an excellent job of selling rights. Arsenal is stuck in rut of financial progression under failing circumstances. A bit like Microsoft in the 90s. That won’t last though. Failing to invest in progress always bites in the end.

As fans, we’re stuck in sporting purgatory wrapped in ‘class’ and ‘values.’

Depressing, right?

Well, yes. But please, let’s not kick the chair away until we see what happens post-Wenger. I sense that’s not far away. This season won’t go well. I have hopes the manager will leave next summer. Let’s see what neutered Ivan has to say about the rebirth. He has a plan, I promise. It’ll be more impressive than the ‘do nothing, it’ll grow’ strategy.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments.


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  1. ADKB

    Moooooooooorning Boomslang!

    BBC: “Stan Kroenke, Arsenal’s majority shareholder, has bid almost £525m to buy out second-largest shareholder Alisher Usmanov.”

    Kroenke isn’t going anywhere soon 🙁 Maybe he’ll insist Wenger signs another contract extension 🙁

  2. David Smith

    Of Stan gets full control, this club is finished. The only hope, he wants full control to sell, ACLF put a case for this recently, but have my doubts.
    With the money currently flowing in, he doesn’t need success on the field for what he deems success. He will continue his little arrangement with Wenger for the next four to six years. , unless the fans, and players really turn
    As someone stateside once said, something to the effect of Kroenkitis, once you get it, it’s impossible to get rid of.
    This club is doomed.
    Following a treasured lower league club is becoming a very attractive option.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    No-one is deluded into seriously believing that Sanchez and Ozil are going to stay at club beyond June 2018 when contracts expire.

    The only issue now is whether the club can and will sell them in January, which is last date that they can do so. My view is the same as yours they will stay until end of contract and leave on Bosman. There is absolutely no reason not to do so for all rhetoric about clubs coming in in January.

    Personally I don’t care whether these two players show loyalty to club who pay
    their wages. Modern footballers are selfish people. They serve their own interest. All one can ask is that they fulfil their obligations as professional footballers. In the case of Sanchez I that is certainly the case.

    I am interested what you write about a consortium wishing to buy club. I made
    the suggestion on several occasions that I thought that the club will be sold in not to distant future and I still that may be the case.

    The fact that Kroenke buys out Usmanov if the latter agrees

  4. Emiratesstroller


    might simplify process. Dealing with a single owner is less complicated.

    At the end of day I don’t think Kroenke will want to spend his money on buying footballers and paying them exorbitant wages whether or not they perform.

    If there is a lesson to be learned from Sanchez, Ozil and Ox the club are not able to force them to sign new contracts and obviously if you don’t sell the
    players at least 18 months before contracts expire you are no longer in strong
    position as a club in transfer negotiation.

    Arsenal will need to become as you suggest a meritocracy when Wenger leaves.

  5. thank you and goodnight

    we can not let that wiggy yank cunt take full control at Arsenal. Wobs and Akbs have got to come together to do everything in our power to fuck kroenke off. We don’t want him at our club.

  6. Don


    Completely agree
    No matter your views on Wenger or the way the team plays we can’t allow kroenke any more control
    At this point it has to be every arsenal fan’s duty to drive him out
    If that means not going to games and buying merchandise then fine
    Protests at every singe game. Mass protests not just flying a plane over the stadium

  7. TT

    Wenger will leave when Stan says so and thats no time soon Pedro. He will offer the senile cunt extension to the existing contract mark my words.

    Where you get this optimism from is beyond me tbh.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Who was that African Billionaire that expressed an interest in buying us a little while back? Someone should give him a nudge and tell him the the time is ripe to strike… if Usmanov wants to sell.

    I can tell you this, we’ll go the way of Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Aston Villa and Leeds United if Kronke gains complete control.

    All those clubs were said to be too big to fail… guess what? Where are they now? Mired in the Championship that’s where!

  9. kristoman

    If there is a lesson to be
    learned from Sanchez, Ozil and
    Ox the club are not able to
    force them to sign new
    contracts and obviously if you
    don’t sell the
    players at least 18 months
    before contracts expire you are
    no longer in strong
    position as a club in transfer

    And whose fault was that? How can you leave your players contract situation till one year remaining in their contract before you negotiate is terribly flux. Example Chelsea are already planning of negotiating new deal with hazard while he still has 3 years to go on his existing contract. That is how you tie your best players down.

  10. David Smith

    I am sure Ivan and others do have a plan, the problem is, as long as Wenger has a pulse, Stan, in his ideal world, will thwart the plans of others in favour of Wenger every time.

    There is a long shot that Stan is buying to sell. Wenger could easliy implode this summer like 2011, when faced with the amount of new players and new deals this serial ditherer needs to sort out. A new manager will not be as compliant to stans ways as wenger, an elite manager will not put up with it, and an up and coming will most likely flounder under Stans rules. This could yet force him out, but a long shot, Stan tells us he has never sold a share in his sports mediocrities.

  11. Leedsgunner

    An article about Ravel Morrison — now playing in Mexico. I know Ferguson really rated him when he came through the Man United Academy… apparently he wants to play for Arsenal.

    Worth a punt? Or is he another Jack Wilshere in the making? Bags and bags of talent but his attitude and professionalism has been questioned throughout his career.

  12. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    1 No more AGM’s
    2 No real need for Ivan to speak to the fans
    3 Complete and absolute control forever more for the Kroenke family (Hey Josh)

    Nothing will change…
    1 AGM’s where the questions are already vetted
    2 When Ivan does speak to the fans it’s bullshit
    3 They already have complete control and do what the fook they like

  13. Bamford10

    David Smith

    “A new manager will not be as compliant to stans ways as Wenger …”

    This is nonsense. Wenger is largely free to do as he pleases, and the self-sustaining model was established prior to Kroenke. Please stop misrepresenting the situation.

  14. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Let’s see what neutered Ivan has to say about the rebirth. He has a plan, I promise. It’ll be more impressive than the ‘do nothing, it’ll grow’ strategy.

    Come on Pedro.
    I thought you woke up and smelt the coffee with regards to Ivan. It seems you woke up, smelt the coffee and then carried on licking Ivan’s balls.

  15. ArseneisaFraud

    Don’t pin your hopes on Stan buying Usmanov’s shares so that he will sell later. If he was selling, then he would be looking at selling his current shares at an extortionate rate to either Usmanov, the consortium (which is for me the group we need to support) and Dangote.

    What Kroenke wants is cash flow, like the Glazers have with Manure.

    We need to all UNITE and get rid of Kroenke now before it is too late!!!

  16. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal are in the fast-lane to nowhere going about 90 mph.

    Very serious threat that Arsenal as a competitive entity are over.

  17. Don

    No point moaning about it on Le grove unless Pedro can start an actual movement.
    Vote with your feet
    Stop attending games
    Stop buying merchandise
    Stop paying for tv subscriptions

    Easier said than done I know but if we all care as much as we say we do then this is the prefect time and the perfect way to show it
    You all day no man is bigger than the club, well this is a much bigger threat to Arsenal Football Club than anything Wenger’s done.

  18. Don

    We push Stan out. If this means the whole club is shaken from top to bottom then fine. Fresh money, fresh management, fresh players and ideas.
    But it has to come from the fans. It has to hit the club where it hurts, the pocket.

  19. HighburyLegend

    “let’s not kick the chair away until we see what happens post-Wenger”

    By “post-wenger”, you mean in 5 of 10 years from now ?

  20. Goobergooner

    Just a quick question, as i have no idea at all…

    Can Usmanov sell to anyone? Or can the board and Stan step in and stop any deals from happening?

  21. Bamford10

    Again, if you want to push Stan or Wenger out, you have to create a PR problem for the club. You have to make the Arsenal storyline each week about “Stan out” (or “Wenger out”) rather than anything else. This would have to start small then build.

    I am skeptical, though, that an anti-Kroenke campaign will gain the size of the anti-Wenger campaign, and as sizable as the latter was, it ultimately did nothing.

    As for a boycott campaign, this is not a bad idea, but it would have to be massive for them to even notice it. 500 fans not buying this or that will go totally unnoticed. It would have to be 5,000+ fans not buying this or that.

    At moment I’d say it’s (i) hope Wenger leaves in a year and a half and (ii) hope Kroenke is buying in order to sell.

  22. ArseneisaFraud


    It can work as our division is about AW. Plenty of AKB’s and WOB’s dislike Kroenke. I feel it will be far easier for us to unite against Kroenke than it was against AW.

  23. Goobergooner


    “I thought you woke up and smelt the coffee with regards to Ivan. It seems you woke up, smelt the coffee and then carried on licking Ivan’s balls.”

    thanks for the laugh there Parks favourite Nut

  24. Jim Lahey

    Anything the Arsenal fans can muster in terms of protest against Kroenke will be like water off a ducks back. Isn’t this the same guy that was sued by a State? I think he will be able to handle a couple of banners in the stadium and mean comments made on blogs.

    In regards to not turning up for games. Yeah to the eye it looks effective, but its not hurting the club or Kroenke one bit. 45,000 of those tickets are season tickets and we all know they will be sold out, about 5,000 are away fans, they don’t give a shit and that leaves about 10,000 general sale tickets, which always seem to be hoovered up by tourists and the rest of the fan base that can’t get a season ticket.

    To be honest, we’re fucked. Its been coming for years and now that its here i don’t know what we can do about it.

  25. Don


    A boycott is a big a pr stunt as you’re gonna get. An empty stadium week in week out is A whole new ball game when compared with a few banners and a plane flying over the stadium
    And yes. This is a cause to unite every arsenal fan,
    No matter their views on Wenger or playing staff

  26. Goobergooner

    Totally agree there. As much as i thought at least replacing wenger may get a bit of excitement going, even under kroenke. But this is getting too real that Stans mediocrity is taking over and I really am worried about the future of this club.
    Sport is meant to be fun. Not this bs

  27. Goobergooner

    And you’d have to think whoever comes in would let Wenger go,
    so it really is a win win if we get Kroenke out.

  28. S. Asoa

    Every day we discuss and look at the elephant shitting backside.
    Lots of hot air and nothing.
    Then there are the divisions by the “elite” Londoners mocking other distant fans for being the deprived caste who can’t do anything physical.
    Between these cracks in the elephant’s arse the shit flows and the EVIL KROENKE AND WENGER THRIVE .
    as we hope ” for the best ” like a flippy flopping Pedders the supposed Rock.
    I say throw everything including your bedpan at both Kroenke and Wenger without getting distracted by whatever result. We had 6-7 years of the same so stop enjoying it like masochists .
    Last year at the FA cup game was the occasion to fling all at ” carrot toupee ” .Advocated it then but everyone went into anal fixation.

  29. alexanderhenry


    I’m really not sure where you get statements like this from:

    ‘I know for a fact that once Arsene leaves, we’ll shift our strategy (by having one), and we’ll move to a model more akin to the elite clubs in Europe.’

    I understand you’re trying to be optimistic in the face of something that fans are absolutely powerless to prevent, but
    looking at kroenke’s whole methodology, I struggle to see how things will improve..

    I hope I’m wrong of course

  30. Leedsgunner


    Are you being sponsored by the Ivan Gazidas Fan Club this year? 😉

    I mean time and time again the guy has failed to deliver and you still think he’s going to change the club once Wenger goes. Where do you get his belief from?

    Gazidas is a jumped up suit, and a lackey who is paid very handsomely for not rocking the boat and raising a fuss. He might talk about change but an agent of change he is not. He’s an average lawyer at best. I can guarantee you there are hundreds of lawyers better than him working in the City.

  31. HighburyLegend

    Seems that Maureen wants Ozil for next summer… I guess Mesut will be far much more efficient at manure than he is right now lol

  32. Guns of Hackney

    Pray tell that if Kronke got all the shares…why would he move with the times? Arsene would be at Arsenal forever, no?

    Arsenal are dead.

  33. Mark S

    Pedro-I know this has probably been brought up already, but you skipped the number “26” on the podcast when it comes to revisiting shirt numbers.

    The number 26 has been worn by some ultimate Arsenal cult heroes: Moritz Volz, Igor Stpeanovs, Lord Bendtner, DENCH! (Emmanuel Frimpong), and our current #26-Emi Martinez.

    I was really looking forward to Alfred’s reactions for this number, and then you guys skipped it completely! Would you think about doing a recap of #26 on your next pod? I already gave you the list with Matt gone for the week. If you need help with #29, let me know as well.

    Mark S

    P.S. I appreciate you guys putting out a podcast once a week. I listen to it on my commute to work, and I look forward to hearing each one.

  34. graham62


    Voted with my feet from 2010
    Have not purchased any merchandize since 2008.
    As for TV subscriptions NOT SO EASY.

    It’s simple, all supporters groups/blog sites have to ramp up the volume. Pitch invasion could be done to create media attention. 200 fans waltzing onto the pitch

  35. graham62


    Sorry, “merchandise”

    …………….waltzing onto the pitch during a game, would be a kick in the teeth for the club as a whole.

    Any other suggestions?

  36. Don


    Same here.
    My last match was arsenal v united

    Haven’t bought any merchandise since then either

  37. Pierre

    “I am skeptical, though, that an anti-Kroenke campaign will gain the size of the anti-Wenger campaign,”

    I think you will find it is sceptical (as per the Queen’s English) not skeptical (as per some American English language spelling reformer)….

  38. Micheal

    A crucial point to make is that any person or group which owns over 90% of a company’sshares can make a compulsory order to purchase the minorioty holdings. If Slimy Stan gets Usmanov’s take, he would have aorund 97% and other small holders would be obliged to sell up – either way they have no influence.

    The other crucial point is that owning 100% of a company would allow Slimy Stan to shift the company’s domicile to a tax haven or one of US states where there is precious little scrutiny of financial affairs. From there he can milk the finances, stop publishing accurate financial accounts, holding AGMs, etc.

    Basically Stan would take Arsenal Football Club beyond the reach of normal scrutiny and accountability.

    Slimy Stan is not to be trusted. Beware.

  39. WestLondonGoon

    S Asoa

    Thanks for your support, I think.

    The problem we have as far as protesting inside the stadium is the club know exactly who we are because of ticketing and cameras inside the ground. A lot of us weren’t quiet little wallflowers at a time when football in this country was a very different being – you either ran or stood your ground – we didn’t run and consequently many of us became known to the police as a result, rightly or wrongly.

    We have spoken of certain things that we could do inside the ground but we also know that the club will hand us lifetime bans, pass our details to the police, and we will get country wide banning orders from every stadium in the country. So it’s a catch 22 situation; sit by, do nothing and let the whole thing play out, or protest in a much more direct way, drive Kroenke from the club, but never be able to watch football again.

    Last season, the protests were generally push through the No New Contract message and move the club to not renew Wenger’s contract; this was a message that was picked up, we believe, by several board members. Many of the new breed of fans almost think that Wenger IS the club, as he is all that they have every known, and without him we are nothing, so they didn’t want to disrespect him by joining us. Many also thought he would just walk away at the end of the last contract so didn’t feel the need to add their voices, but Wenger literally has nothing else in his life so, as we all know, cut the board out completely and went straight to Kroenke to say he wanted to stay.

    We also believe that Gazidis wanted change, so to have him spouting platitudes about there not being anyone better in world football, is a clear betrayal of his real feelings. He should have stood down in protest, that would have at least put the cat amongst the pigeons.

    Wenger says he loves the club, but if he really does, surely he can see that Kroenke’s 100% ownership will not be good for the longterm interests of the club? No, he is drunk on the power that is afforded him; power that he would never have got at Madrid, or PSG or any of the other clubs that he purports to have turned down during his years at the club. He is complicit in everything Kroenke does, purely for his own interests and continued employment.

    What we need no is for someone within the club to grow some balls, and speak out about what is really going on at the club. speak out against damage that Kroenke’s total ownership would bring; cause a divide that cannot be ignored by the fans, the press or the sponsors.

    When protests do happen, we realise the very real prospect that we may never be allowed inside the stadium again, but we are prepared for that.

    All we ask is that this time, you support us, or we risk losing the club forever.

  40. Goobergooner


    Get 200 odd disillusioned tourists together who are going for a one off, get a crowd source to cover their fines, and let some kents run rampant on that field with kroenke out shirts on haha.

  41. Danish Gooner

    As much as i hate Stan K and his croonies the Buck stops with Wenger he is the one dithering about the worst example of this being the fact that he could have had Lemar and Mpappe for a pittance but his ego wouldnt allow him because they might have been failures the same Can be Said about Tevez,Mascerano,Ronaldo,Xabi Alonso,Sergio Ramos,Benzema etc the list is endless of players he came within an inch of signing but dithered,as soon as we get a manager that wont dither we Will once again be a success Stan or No Stan .

  42. Bamford10


    I saw that and knew you lot would think that that confirms your view on Kane. Far from it. If Madrid sign Kane — for any amount — he will flop and it will go down as one of their least intelligent signings in years.

    As I said, he will never shine for a top team. He will disappoint. Guarantee it.

  43. Bamford10


    Yes, all fans agree on Kroenke (in contrast to the divide on Wenger) but Stan does not elicit the same antipathy because the evidence of his ineptitude is not constantly on display before one’s eyes the way Wenger’s is. If we play terribly, that reflects on Wenger first and foremost; Stan is an afterthought.

  44. Paul Mc Daid

    When our season is over by Xmas we will have 5 months off an empty stadium and plenty off time for real protest, Stan will be glad to sell with enough abuse.

  45. Bamford10

    I’m not saying you can’t get a big anti- Stan thing going, btw, but there would need to be a galvanizing incident, like news of an attempted Stan takeover/buyout.

  46. Don


    I really can’t see how you thin that??
    His goal to game ratio is staggering
    He’s been golden boot winner twice in a row and is looking a good bet for a 3rd
    He’s breaking records that were set nearly two decades ago by the greatest striker of the premier league era

    I agree nobody should be paying that amount of money for a footballer but if mendy is £54m and Coutinho £100m then surely…..

  47. David Smith

    “as soon as we get a manager that wont dither we Will once again be a success Stan or No Stan ”

    If you are right, such success would make us completely unique among Stan’s clubs
    The one good thing about Stan, he seems to be one of the few capable of uniting the fanbase

  48. Zoran

    I was saying it almost a year ago: do everything possible and hire Levy instead Gazidis.
    No way he would let Özil or Sanchez leave for nothing, as they will comes June. Ox as well.
    This French cunt is offering them 350k a week, they didn’t accept. To Ox he is offering 180k a week, he goes to Pool for 120k a week.

    Can somebody explain me how the hell is Levy keeping his stars such as Kane and Alli on 100k a week? With all the big sharks arround already looking to offer 180m, like Real for Kane. Reed my lips, Levy will sell them Kane, but for 250m, and Alli for 200m and their new Stadium will be financed with those to sellings.

    He keeps Pochetinno, who would find some new Kanes and Allis.

  49. TonyD

    The only place to hit Kroenke is financially.

    Empty stadium will hurt future sponsorships as well as affect the team. The press will have a hay day.

    Granted the club will have season ticket revenue but that alone won’t be enough for the self sustaining model if sponsors pull out.

    An empty stadium won’t get protesting fans banned because no one will be there to protest.

    Can you imagine an empty Emirates for half a season save that of away fans?

    Drastic times call for drastic measures and the above will have the desired effect all round, especially publicity wise.

  50. Carts

    “Personally I don’t care whether these two players show loyalty to club who pay
    their wages. Modern footballers are selfish people. They serve their own interest. All one can ask is that they fulfil their obligations as professional footballers. In the case of Sanchez I that is certainly the case.”

    Fulfilling their obligation goes without saying. However on the other hand, both players will continue to struggle with motivation under Wenger command.

    I’m sure both Ozil and Sanchez have both unequivocally told Wenger that they won’t be extending past their current deals.

    Contrary to what that lying, arrogant fool loves to spew, players leaving on a free isn’t pandemic nor will it ever be. It’s Wenger’s lack of pragmatism and honesty as to why Ozil and Sanchez will eventually leave ( for free or below market value)

  51. TonyD

    Let Ozil and Sanches train alone and play for the reserves.

    Start using our best youth and committed playrts now.

    It’s not like we have a small squad.

  52. TonyD

    With the world cup next year I’d say Ozil & Sanches would want to move in January if they are not getting game time.

    We finished 5th last season with them so why play them?

  53. Danish Gooner

    In the end something Will have to give,a great club like Arsenal is gonna have to sometime step up and win another Championship with or without Kroenke and Wenger.

  54. Pierre

    “More evidence you’re an unfunny, unclever dipshit.”

    Yes, you’re right, only an unfunny, unclever dipshit would come on here and correct people’s spelling and grammar eh Bamford

  55. Pierre

    It’s obvious that most or nearly all the “news” that’s reported about Arsenal is to destabilise the club. I could probably get a find 10 articles this week that will show Arsenal in a negative way.
    Strange how these negative reports emerge when Arsenal are on a good run of results.
    The ongoing reports about özil being omitted from the side are laughable. He’s injured and when he is fully fit he will be straight back in the team and you can quote me on that. He may play in Europa and league cup at first to build up his fitness and then he will be a starter and rightly so.

    Hang on… Just checking my spelling is correct.

  56. Marc


    If things at Arsenal are better than portrayed on here or in the media please answer me a question. Why did the Clock End empty out whilst the match was still playing on Sunday? With 5 minutes left there were more empty seats than full.

  57. Nigel Tufnel

    There are a couple of regular trolls here who are actually funny. Aside from them, le grove ix known fod negativity and self haters.

    The reason many people (gooners) don’t take this site seriously , is because there is such obvious hatred of our own players.

    How bitter and hateful do you have to be to insult Jack Wilshere. He has and is giving everything he has for Arsenal, and if you watch him play, the talent is undeniable.

    Yes, it’ll be a shame if he cant stay fit, but then you should be sad, as Arsenal fans.

    The bitterness here is sickening sometimes. What has Jack done to deserve the sarcastic comments and the negativity. Nothing. He’s just had some bad luck and tough times.

    I have sympathy for our players when they try hard, have talent, and could use some support.

  58. Pierre

    Because the game was over, Brighton never really left their own half in the 2nd half even when they were 2-0 down because they knew they would get hammered if they opened the game up.
    In saying that I am not stupid enough to think everything is perfect, far from it.
    There is a negative atmosphere around the ground /club that probably won’t leave until, Wenger /kronke leave.

  59. Pedro

    Nigel, most Gooners take this site seriously. You should explicitly say ‘my friends’ if you’re going to make outlandish statements like that.

  60. Pierre

    Personally, I can’t wait until we see sanchez, ozil, lacazette and Wilshere playing together.
    The reason I watch football is to be entertained and I just hope the manager is convinced that they can perform together.
    Look at city, their team is full of attacking players, fernandinho is probably the only defensive minded midfielder and it works.

  61. Nigel Tufnel

    Ok, Pedro, my friends on other blogs also, and i know some people here defend and love Wilshere for example… but I dont see how anyone who’s a fan of Arsenal can get on his case.
    He’s not some slacker who doesn’t give his all in games, actually maybe tries too hard sometimes where he should be more careful.
    Anyone here not see his talent when he plays, if not, they don’t understand football. His vision, touch, precision all very good. He defends all the way back in our box.
    How was that stretch, not that long ago, when he was man of the match for the national team 4 games in a row, like 6 out of 7 i think. That’s why i say the talent is undeniable.
    He deserves better than to be dismissed.
    We’re losing Ozil as a creator very soon, so we should be praying Jack stays healthy.

  62. Nigel Tufnel

    You see what i mean. Seg for example… It’s just so cool here to be anti Arsenal.
    Some are so anti Wenger, though they may be right about that, that they begin to tear down every player that he’s associated with… which is all of them. Not a healthy fan attitude really.

  63. graham62


    The reason Sanchez and Ozil want to leave is all down to Arsene Wenger and his ineffective methods.

    Simple really.

  64. Seg

    Saying vision is not one of Wilshere’s attributes as a player is not the same as tearing him down in my books. We can throw superlatives around all we like, at least don’t make things up.

  65. Nigel Tufnel

    But you’re wrong Seg, about wilshere not having great vision. Makes me think you don’t know what you’re watching.

  66. Elmo


    So Usmanov wants to sell to the consortium, but the consortium only want to buy if Kroenke agrees to them being given a seat on the board.

    Kroenke has ruled that out, so Usmanov is suggesting that he will sit on his shares rather than sell to Kroenke, trying to force Kroenke to soften his stance and agree to work alongside a minority consortium of fragmented, modestly wealthy individuals in order to remove Usmanov from the shareholding.

    I’m sure Kroenke has no interest in allowing the consortium in, seeing as his goal of taking the club private is to remove public oversight in order that he can load debt onto the club so that he can direct resources to his other projects.

  67. ArseneisaFraud

    Well one line of thought re kicking out Kroenke: the Liverpool’s story with their previous owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett as it is an interesting one. What we should emulate is the vociferous protests inside the stadium. We should not hesitate to put Anti Kroenke banners up at the next game to make clear to Usmanov to not sell his shares to that leech.

    What I hope is that Usmanov does sell to that consortium which, I am sure could help us in some form to fight off the parasite that is Kroenke.

    And to those that think that we have nothing to fight: we do. What we do not want is for our club to descend into mediocrity. We want to have a club where the owner/ majority shareholder will invest in the club when required. I am not asking for Neymar levels of investing but sensible, intelligent investments like Monaco and Athletico Madrid do, which will allow us to become and to be a club where great football a la Invicibles era can be enjoyed. You know, become the true Barcelona where we play good football and where we do not cheat.

  68. Pierre

    I suppose lacazette’s admission that he turned down PSG puts to bed the argument on here that he only came to Arsenal because no one else wanted him.
    Just thought I’d mention it as it appears to have been overlooked for some reason.

  69. alex cutter

    ” lacazette’s admission that he turned down PSG”

    All this tells anyone is that:

    1) He does a poor job of recognizing a team’s talent

    2) He does a poor job of recognizing a team’s ambition

    3) He hates Paris

    “…the argument on here that he only came to Arsenal because no one else wanted him.”


  70. Dissenter

    isn’t it fraudulent for Arsenal to be using Ozil and Alexis for media/marketing purposes when both are effectively out of the club?
    Sanchez will be able to talk to (and leak information) from January 2018. Ozil had a reputation at Madrid for not caring, he was rumored to fly out to other cities too pursue hot models at the expense of team bonding.
    We deserve all that we get with these two. Both of them ought to have been sold in the summer. This situation was foreseeable and easily preventable.

  71. ArseneisaFraud

    It’s not fraudulent because both Ozil and Sanchez are being paid by Arsenal and have contractual agreements to commit to which includes media and marketing (having pictures taken, etc). So Arsenal’s PR can use their images as they see fit.

    What it is though, it is Arsenal being a bit dishonest in terms of trying to make a last cash in using their name and image.

    So buy your Ozil or Sanchez Arsenal shirt before they run out of print!! 😉

  72. TonyD

    I see the Mail is reporting that Gizidis received a £919,000 bonus despite:

    Our worst placing for 12+ years,
    Not qualifying for the CL,
    Last summer’s TW debacle
    The contract fiasco that is losing the club a further £100+ million to the £50 million from the CL games.
    Lowest season ticket renewal
    His thinking that we can do a ‘Leicester’ to win the EPL

    Have I missed anything lads?

    Seems we are very happy top reward failure. Would never happen in the real world os business where people are fired for much less where Bayern Munich & Chelsea are prime examples.

    Must have been his arse licking begging up of Wenger and Catalyst for Change that did it.

    Your thoughts Pedro?

  73. Dissenter

    I enjoyed seeing the beauty of a real democracy yesterday when the prankster gave Theresa May her P45 whil,she was reading the Tory party speech.
    Kudos to you lot. Your democracy is mor open than any other.
    That idiot (he’s an idiot) would have been tackled to the ground here in the states by all layers of security goons.

  74. Ekpang Bisong

    As a PR stunt Usmanov should ask the fans if he should sell his shares to Stan Kroenke and see when he gets.

  75. Pierre

    If reports are true (debatable), Manchester United (the biggest club in the world) are interested in buying özil.
    I don’t know how many times I have read on here that özil is so shit that no other club are interested in him.
    I suppose it puts that notion to bed doesn’t it.
    Will be interesting to see see who else comes in for a supposedly “luxury” player who doesn’t pull his weight.

  76. Pierre

    Alex cutter
    “” lacazette’s admission that he turned down PSG.
    All this tells anyone is that:1) He does a poor job of recognizing a team’s talent2) He does a poor job of recognizing a team’s ambition3) He hates Paris”

    No, all this tells anyone is that one of the best teams in the world were interested in buying him.

  77. graham62


    Agreed, but at least “that idiot” wasn’t waving a gun around or twetting national security secrets to one and all. So much for a land of democracy!

  78. Don


    Completely agree bud
    Whatever your views on Wenger, it doesn’t mean you should berate Jack Wilshere because his career trajectory is tied in with Wenger’s latest years
    If anyone truly believes that Wilshere is not one of the most talented midfielders in the league (I won’t say world even though that’s my belief) then they don’t understand the game properly.
    We’ve waited nearly two decades for a midfielder like jack in this country

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    We’ve waited nearly two decades for a midfielder like jack in this country

    What an injury prone over paid, over hyped overrated central midfielder .
    If he was not English he would be getting more stick than he does.

    I like many couldn’t wait for jack n sczc to be first team regulars
    Unfortunately with modern footballers they blew there chance .

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tony d

    ThTs the problem with the club last ten years

    Because they have treated financial wind as trophies then when b rated trophies are added on top of the money gains it equals big bonus

    They stadium looks more outdated than the team these days

    Interesting to see that England choose spurs new training ground over the coney …

    Hey same how you doing ?

  81. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I threw the ticket back in 2012

    Ain’t regretted at all

    Had opportunity to go to games, ain’t appealed to me at all

    Watch on tv sometimes

    That’s after 43 years
    Wenger drained my love for the club . When he leaves I may try n get a season ticket again.

    By the way I gave back didn’t lease out like some scumbags do.

  82. Don


    Yes that’s your opinion and that’s great
    But sczeney is now at juve for £8m and who knows what he could become. We may have let one of the world’s best goalkeepers go for peanuts.
    And no. I don’t think wilshere is overrated. Injury plagued yes. But so was overmars until he joined us.
    And Kanu. They said both of them were finished.
    Tell me this, who of jacks age group is up there with him or better.
    Give me a list of the best cm in the world 26 and younger. Hardly swimming in them these days are we?
    I’ve seen Jack play and I know what he can do. I don’t think there’s many cmf in the world that has his skill set let alone many of his age group. The best midfielders are all ageing and heading for the crap heap. Modric, kroos, busquets. Where are the up and comers?

  83. Don

    Would be hailarious to put some faces to names on this site
    Why doesn’t Pedro throw a Le Grove Party.
    Would love to see what Bamford is really like. And marko.
    And champagne charlie. And red. And TR7 and N5

  84. Goobergooner

    But I’ve always wondered about putting the faces to the names. Would be pretty funny I reckon. We would all have such random, outlandish thoughts of what each of us would look like. We would all get there and be underwhelmed I reckon haha